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tv   Al Jazeera World The Love of Books  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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you know, you can watch out to say we're english streaming life on like youtube channel. last thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and death news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. ah. i mean site endo hall. he had top stories on al jazeera, novak doc of ich, is facing deportation from australia after his entry, visa was cancelled. he is appealing the decision shock of it says he had any. i got an exemption to play in the australian open as he refused to give proof of coven 19 vaccination, and australia prime minister and says no medical exemption was in place. ruesch ah, rose. and there are no special cases. rules are rules. it's what i said yesterday,
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that's the policy the government and has been our governments strong border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is insured. the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from chi, but anywhere in the world we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls. i've the entire period of the pandemic. sara clark has more from australia, sunshine coast. it certainly is an extraordinary twist in the saga and appears that his team has applied for the wrong visa visa with which he attempted to enter a study of it doesn't allow for ex unvaccinated applicant. so we're hearing various reports from his team. they'll be falling for an injunction as we speak. but going through the turn of events, we had these try and tennis authority on wednesday and the victorian government confirm. dr. bitches participation in the strike which starts on the 17th of
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january. and i confirmed that he would be playing and he will so drug which confirmed on his instagram, on arrival last night on wednesday evening, around $1130.00. this is when he was held by police and his visa with question. of course this morning we just had confirmation from the study and bought a visa has been revoked and he's due to be flown at melbourne the equivalent to being deported 50 because he doesn't have the visa to enter the country in the state, but released in the last, our body is trying to continue to ensure the to arrive at a border comply with our strength and entry requirements. and he filed to provide the appropriate evidence to meet the interior climate. and this is just the because he's a non citizen of this trial. yes. yes, when you know that he was coming to participate, i had received this trouble exemption and an unvaccinated status. this is when the salient, there was a widespread anger and fuel about is what they're accusing the government of giving
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him special treatments. the president thought medical advisors urging people to continue taking precautions against corona virus and to the found she warned against complacency to spine occasions. the colon variance may not be as severe as previous ones. the big caveat is we should not be complacent since the increased transmitter bildy ovarian may be oma cron. might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduce severity but could still stress all hospital system. ross and lead alliance says it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan after the president asked for help to qual, protests. several security officers have been killed in 4 days of unrest. it was set off by rising the price of fuel. the european union's top diplomat has wound russia with face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine.
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joseph morale has been visiting the front lines of ukraine's conflict with washing backed forces in the countries east. nearly 100 hostages, including women and children, have been rescued in north west nigeria, abducted by armed groups more than 2 months ago. police say they were rescued, enjoy insecurity operations targeting the camps of armed groups that have been active in the region a fight as banning through an informal settlement in large areas, commercial capital, lagossi broke out in a booty meta, a neighborhood, an area of tightly packed housing along the banks of the logos lagoon, the fire is believed have started a popular market where wood is sold. there were no reports and casualties. daisy headlines coming up next out there. well, stay with us. for
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oh ah oh. oh oh ah
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ah . yes, on the other let's even on, on a blog post i is i did have to la garza who had been blue. thank you. more than isa media assistant for legacy off in the above. is it blue? some say pretty hard to you is us the figure. thank leah block. people call us mac are toyota. ah ah ah
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ah, you know the beauty salon, it put a big wooden. it was a business for the man is nika, in a one, a ghazi, who sort of big we him all a little money with sat there. i was with god said i also am against. it's all it's you is glad you know your gift. this is your sally jam. you wrestle, eat the beauty. it was a is which i nick islam. ski through you know, got equal me at this lemon on you about the blue there got awesome. he elemental with the way the abilities.
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yes m o in archer, velma ariano is, will build or so you should look some be a part of your article slowness calling us those and so my home yosh lodging brought them in the image assist e julia sunday's been reduced will got i meant to listen in my queue, he tuck was on the show side. i gosh, it was sort of luminous. we ought to see all the excel. you're the still did i miss lambs? can oak julia it with him or collusion? keegan on this
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in. ah, yes. in terms of who's a really nice to do, you know the question about the values there to show us. and i said earlier, the ah, the ah, the bush. you do not use that if you need some of this in the, in the post dock or don't know what it will push in. it will put us
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in a illuminate. and if you get as to what to negotiate now, study quite nice when it comes to turn any dentist for nicholas p. o. does he civic lab, the take a saw the sheet obvious. not pontine. you again that had to yup. posted nice is a he had to go, dina. brick was stockton hinder, b, b o t h q, u d, anita place etc, will not be selling out a p negative face. so negative all baghdad. choir per piece saw touching negative was arc of cost him that probably comma done a shim query, a poor pseudo o. cool,
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purely cheat, though. bizarre nuts at patty. thank you. a type port, can you gay video? decoy your port that we did the quote on multi disciplinary last moved in. that's your non last multicultural most oh yes to the my age for either some monkey there thought i can get to tale pommy, pretty child even copies are they arnie some 0. our mean does me show me? yes. logo, so largely quite a lot stuff. the store you get all dogs shot on
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is amnesty today. they in oakland abuse a bridge. it is too no good in the community, but not none yard or sure, or it is called that door that own the door door that need i'm taking a tube, negotiate team to open the door on i on. i know that the debris poses, even though does it. this is sure because it hasn't been the move to accommodate quizzes due to being to leave you a lot. ah
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ah . a yellow becky generation study. zappa cherry had to be a pa guardian, viagra, skinner, boston. ah ah ah, you see them as much as a sort of you on a historian, boston dealer, an empty cell on a touch screen. but underneath the inner part of it then i was asking is if you can
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pass me it cut us more. literally the stamp are more. i play a world of soda. lanier may as a moral they, they had them working on the model cook, j. yosh puller, nika. yes. that nicky, the yellow lou lou he a bit shall she that she me to a but as of what yes. on the soul, you the on a motion, talk with you. how did you ah make it to by he's 30 at 2 but, but it will, he's told you boss they or dollars cash or slang
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b. i dropped it sam blood that we know our strongest son vecchio. but at target should be our case study chad gordon. case study chad. b a. b b, a. take out the segue 3 of its would ideally moments done to back or get done. what seems to be taking that? did cervical get done that board to pay it? done? they said to read che ah tech. would it be the small ease that make it w b, e. o to go ne, tardy, global post global, audi age, body, age. and i just need to put a change in
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but he a garza who's him, they got near b locust. yes. he said a couple that i took him near go. they have lots of unique cities to w, i think are dunstable, that easy to get rid of it. no 2nd, glad be less missed and i dare say dana snazzy, stop palace, live nest, set aside . i sit, so stretch will not be able to locate
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my vet university. it's risky a league or said i will go mostly middle east is up with he still has that a by you you still have to let on. she said i away a little mozilla plus nugget. sweetwater nugget. ned, that she ali said i way, et cetera. but as you yellow is that only is he said, i have a bespoke xena. not ethan's group on this. not only gives coupons last 4 weeks would be able to breathe 2. 6 weeks would be any comb she deco boucher mandate. b lay in that subscript florida. sacrament 7
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e matlab villa clinic ah oh the was unconscious with a little god boy. come allah say ah nissan yet obama. that club she had come. she marched between happy to meet them, yet over that jovial jo, vehicle much abt tardy, or
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he had just i've known lloyd mazda tanya. moreover, for she is a debit the debit. this is the vehicle with the new scheme. that's your knowledge of holiness that i put them all quavius una soraya nissan was okay. well that should be taught me some people at that poor nimble. uh huh.
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good deal. what search and what the status of it or put the subsequent voice where annella's, illinois building, but it is your clear annisa last i stepped east ali g a portrait casual night but he so i bet is this analogy. oppose, grammar? that's club. if you missed the mark, you guys are, you promise me for 7 don't snatched up. that's got me is don't delay, but i'm actually lots of contact prepaid
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clustering. there's no honestly progress no credit when we tv manipulate nazi. yes. that is us enough for the bill. of the villa session and theater course, villalobos shall beersheba
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shaws says no doubt that he only pushed a dish at yahoo . most of it was told to renew some tuna, which will they do was about to go in and manually push dental, told her grad equate to premium. oh ghost. deborah would have to ask the police really to pleaded no, so we grew up. that is said paid so got it. she it's not you read to porto that all i think
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it up routes. mm mm. thing next class possible in your we're does have to lock me below god cachimba bite and god manet b la my api, i said, said dr. domina may mia e my. i poke to have got isa ah b kelly's from namely about at them. i hoped that it
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is impact got to la glenda lesson com. she one me at a cult least in the speech with i do so they said i was a bigger than one, which someone yeah, i mean some direct line neck. yeah. and then i pushed, i'm sad, i have on that jeep swanny kid and he said beds yeesh that killed they dead. and that be a oh today unless smocks night long guest suddenly dashed at rubia to speak in my chin
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code. ah, where keep the like he studied? yen do club piece. oh so you're almost done. got some yeah, actually i did it with my colleague good by with k subscribers. ah. just as a future sandwich, sarah for gyla. so a valeca. good not to you, donna. oh zapata salvage. no good. good other yasandra zeta salas?
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fucking don on thus it nationalist national. let us see people your taste. but hope of pieces was annella's in the next path. dr. daly soup is lunch is lunch any more? watching afternoon, just give without too much eat up with us. i mean, a cynical call all the clear. got it all i, well i guess i thought it was but up now these us as a sheila the jo trellis and instead of the, discuss another butcher as we had to now go to mazda unequivocal donna, small ease, misty little copies. that little will cause little blizzard. our toilet was showing an address with flora given us.
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but i had no, we'll get it was supposed to knock almost the door more at the improv is you'd have to modify the sellers than our as national was welcome to the a monitor, then i stopped. okay. is it so with thought, oddly but, but i couldn't get to the senate wanted to reach out to me. ah, new sub yeah, no,
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no new additional ah. view the such were blow. lucel's he blow such a right of passage present to the generation. michael, north lang. down there i'm to was claiming she was helpless. the woman or after indoors as go so far told of pain, for what fact my name meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the site eventually, but sometimes takes al jazeera correspond the cut from lagos to jerusalem. to my am i,
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the government is trying to do my own home milestone, my own history, my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me, i was 11 years old, a j select on out is era. january on, i'm just here. i do year. we look back on us president joe biden supposed deal in office 12 months on from the capital building by the part of the street. enjoy him out. social media community. s, sierra leone recovery from civil war continues. we mock 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most political complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year of perfect 19,
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we go back to woo hm. where it all began and investigate how far we've come since the pandemic stuff. january on a, just the lot. lou i money inside and dahlia top stories on out is era. novak doc of it is facing deportation from australia, off to his entry. visa was cancelled. he's appealing, the decision took vouch, says he had earlier, got an exemption to play in the australian open as he refused to get pre for coven 19 vaccination. australia's prime minister in says no medical exemption was in place. rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. rules are rules, it's what i said yesterday. that's the policy the government. and has been our
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government's strong border protection policies. and particularly in relation to the pandemic that has ensured the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from covered anywhere in the world. we were one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision, and we have maintained those important border controls. i've the entire period of the pandemic. the as president's top medical advisors urging people to continue taking precautions against corona virus. anthony found, he warned, against complacency, despite indications, the on the con variant may not be as severe as previous ones. the b cambia is we should not be complacent. since the increased transmitter bildy ovarian may be oma cron. might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress all hospital system. a russian lead alliance says i will
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send peacekeepers to kazakhstan all to the president asked for help to call protests. several security officers had been killed in 4 days upon rest. it was settled by rise in the price of the european union's top diplomats is warned, russia would face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. joseph beryl has been visiting the front lines of ukraine's conflict with the russian back forces in the countries east. nearly a 100 hostages, including women and children, have been rescued in north west nigeria and were abducted by arms groups more than 2 months ago. please say they were rescued in a joint security operation, targeting the camps of armed groups that have been active in the region. they see headlines. nice continues here. now is there off the out? is there a weld? ah, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires
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a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with me on the verizon. i saw that. do it for me. that's got it on there. oh, i most clear. well, nobody is able to take it on it, but she'll be able to what i'm a sucker now. she logic individual, any smaller group in the copier group here, bill. all past due from oral surgeon as you
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did most or it could be on a stick. done of data shot i will. yes alleys did i did this guy did. oh, you really do it as much as you would such a deal with it? is it you go to school at the top? though she cut a bullying wendy. to touch any gazelle. secondino any good. it was yielded steady luther peppers
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newsline news use you at the g. d. o you know those will be sh. dead as will be sure not to live chevalier. zaki chill. yes. fuck is you what he had knock lydia, the civic . how can you go vakio copays yet nacley heavier than those would say that his are disgusting. which ed
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dusting in which i will put those you manama leila lubbock. niga morales must have we ship walter, but at the esteem was rowdy. but i'll till the smoke oak would be set or darkness, though she could surely up madras. yet garza was the big about the blue deca. yet he also wanna walk fiddle he slaymen in a dressy west in dallas. ella will toys, glad to go, surely. ah, yes, m deal prelude said that. says macklin upon a cat malebranche don't plugged in where you command. you don't put it in. virginia
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did not lead them. cockle. i pro studies not sad. i have a pod. i yoga not to mean by such k. matthias caseworker there. gov out to a below padaya. oh yeah. dorsey toy below a cutter gum. i'm kinda nicole marsh as evil may so ah yes. in arches tunnel the keys she is the saddam kilometer the liquid big new tick. tock was some use mitchell googe. are you sure? what about welcome grad school girl? ah. some way god sent that aside. iowa. also,
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but the segue soup would sell it the sniper all aimless dimansky nation is any casenita some mo, gauze klein at fuselage either is uppercase knight that he sell believes knew better than that or stay it was that he's that or stay a be a that was some all the furniture for him out, but i was like, oh, ellicott, to leave school girl all idea. good. all they have your name 1st these after. unless you ali sancha does say, oh, the knowledge in the village you now there will be his permanency taco. thus m. o
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roy belmont locke sack and he's all the spawning. erica ah, he'll die. bless you. oh, good god, i'll be sure. we'll catch this as run from dallas. it'll go pc julia. julia moved it up within a p a t ali. can you go? trivia quinn was any. could be 2. 02 . yeah. i missed to be a drug. she fitz yost. good as individual here. brittany. hamish libya love it
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should be local furniture dentist full admonished piece with there with the woody years ah ah what my something up or something about the gas is also covered with dish
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view some or was it just says force circle today you know the story you did was worse than coalition vehicle mature on the med and with that you know, to go but you know, to get to the top, let me do some based on which of georgia that's correct. those check here that someone to which i was for. so what did you want to and as to what are the qualities? ah
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ah, blah. she ah, nissan name is susan from 0. 0, nice, i'm you, susan. ah ah, and you've got in the summer,
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my sons comes humenzki nasty tree, a nasty, a gypsy nevada green, g mail, garage bay, busty e city by had a bad idea. but a ito seen i. e e c. c. me that's are all mad 3 next year. natalie. my mean that blue cross. wow. that sounds nice. i'm not sure. my oldest son in the nissan nissan was to return your bit. no. all the world is you are the avoiding me. you talk and then thursday you can you go to with the video choice ah go support, chill it, gloria to the blue ticket on that some i'll shoot you
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a possibility of the summer that credited that this is the furniture by the name. what kind is ito, premier's tanya ogle, pisa. in what i spent? nobody moves. a lot of the le ledger pos to some live, although it's v. it's up what though, emoji only, so they actually had that group. i'm not each i implemented that me unless you want to keep bucket the or banana
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5 casual video on you my, you banana on the now monday cuba major theme casa authentic with you, but to go either the store, can you gates or no? normally they'll put an aspirin. now with a standup, nick, you're gonna gonna get started. can you give me a call? it was set as a job search at that time on the day. so i yeah. is i'm gonna be all adjusted. it honestly go is it was you would have said you had on a night,
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but in the there's the neighborhood. the aurora with our with emmys. mom was feeling a little i think what is autopay, donna varsity? you watch ragowski though oh. 7 hm mm. upset does that. i did. i am a little said the nic and the nature gordinez,
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who is glad i called that near below. you laugh. sweet will be held, cuffs ah, ali need yet the agenda. nice to monkey viet t. then yet t stat. them yet dash me can that, that the best for these do yet have not clearly fled up or cache mother or she be ah, voicing went almost like a lot
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with a rats yet. that class you 2 hours. yeah. that so it will show vehicle if i just chaos ish, i got the video that the name of the the ship nika for the little guy a large. and then there's the what are the 2 or that sick? and i'm going to our system to load decision as to what are the on that someone at the door booker. i'm aunt pomona. so needless on a daily basis, but he got a lot of these her super girl e visa and
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a little boy. the beauty ah ah, put you on you a little copy, saw he lou, do more than he a premium, an ali motion when you talk, cause that teeth. can you guess a bosh deny it, hoodie and nash that she this pushes the nail most of the us to the southern just now with with so whatever with and serve you want the
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same thing. i want to stop the slaughter. they want to put an end of the violence war. they want to give their children and their grandchildren a chance to lead a normal life to day sight god. the voices of those people with me from nearly 4 years of 230-0042 1000000 refugees, the glacier answer has reached a peace agreement in the war in boston. ah, physically though it see labianca basha ali yet not can you get any of those
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a nice a lot that your we ship it or cheat. goodbye b a n n a dash said good j a
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a a couple of new stuff, some stuff but yet tapes you create some darn near late sky. you that yet not about this say technique.
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hey ah, you majored team, kidney, gunner labella some away. ah, cultural jackie diabetic yes, it was regional up more sub malloy. it put a napa go in a move where kid ah ah yes, i'm sure that i love my industrial gods you placebo,
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big take it pled that'll i got the, the total doctoral yaki on his up like a new yeah. awesome nickel. buddha. so charl with august the until as in nick of nissan, we'll go operation. i get out. you now will not gold mother yet nod auditioning aquesam? ja cb. oh i wish i sybil. b. ed your yet. so do they not shall be brought the eco box? ah not shoot porters flawed whistler. that'll on it. we may bulger the object all the
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ah, he thought he was there but a ged land that document. so steep was stolid. ah, a little p. c. niece emily swayed them. yes us ah no sim. special on you. b b, you take spa, charmaya, colton. nowgoski is special. anya, good. any it does. you know which up yet? but my mom jane, he still goes bush. how an issue with ah ah,
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ah ah ah, some people married for love, the others. it can be a commercial transaction. i mean, we're a 3700 euro payment just for the march concord out there. weld meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe, not necessarily completely register before attempting to organize a sham marriage at a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera.
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ah hello, there we got more savvy. the forecast. forget parts of canada, get parts of well northern areas of the u. s. big area cloud here. nasty little area of low pressure just around the lakes tightly practised boss him. a strong winds coming in cold winds as well. type to struggle. 3 minus 24 in winnipeg on thursday. that's now he makes will make his way over towards the appalachians, heading over towards eastern seaboard for thursday night. the dry weather coming back in behind, but crisp and cold. and i were to was the west. there we go. more snow in the forecast spilling in across the mountain stays through western parts of canada. see some rain there for
4:59 am
a time. also heading towards parts of washington and b. c. but the snow does become a little more expansive as it pushes in across the rockies more snow into those central areas of canada. cold enough i, which was east disabled the up with a top temperature of freezing. and the see if you're lucky, you get up to minus one celsius. so some dazzling sparkling cold sunshine coming through here is more sunshine across the caribbean. la, she finance rye. we have got a few showers in the forecast just around the eastern not is for a time heading over to was hispaniola, jamaica, se they settle and sunny much of cuba, generally fine before the showers, the central america. ah, join the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not for you to feel traits. now it's
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not our responsibility. people lock can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get back on the screen on al jazeera. ah well number one tennis don novak joke, vege has been told to leave australia botched visa application is to blame. ah, had i won money inside this is al 0 live from dough or so coming up. russian peacekeepers could soon arrive in cause like storm to help bring protests on the


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