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all in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures . one 0, one east meets the waters of corruption. oh no to 0. ah . well, number one, tennis star live, our joke of it has been told to leave australia a bought a visa application is to blame. ah hello money for you. this is out there. a lot from do are also coming up coping with cove. it, as cases rise across the globe government seeks to find a balance between keeping economies open and ensuring public safety
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ration peacekeepers could soon arrive in kazakhstan to help bring protests under control. as public buildings a stormed and a national state of emergency imposed. and we find out why child poverty writes in argentina with the world number one tennis player is facing deportation from australia. novak jock, which was taken from melbourne's tele marine airport to a government detention hotel in the city, pending his removal from australia because of the the issue. as lewis have appealed the decision. joke of ich had previously received an exemption to play in the australian open from the tournament organizes despite not having any proof of vaccination against coven 19 is yet to reveal publicly whether he has received the job or not. australian prime minister scott morrison has commented on jock mitch's
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case saying on twitter, no one is above the rules, especially when it comes to our borders. he went on to praise australia strict entry policies for keeping down the number of corona virus related death. our correspondence, our clark has moved from australia, sunshine coast. it certainly is an extraordinary twist to in this saga, appears that his team has applied for the wrong visa visa with which he attempted to enter his throat if it doesn't allow for ex unvaccinated applicant. so we're hearing various reports from his team. they'll be falling for an injunction as we speak. but going through the turn of events, we had these try and tennis authority on wednesday and the victorian government confirm. dr. bitches. participation in the strike which starts on the 17th of january. i confirmed that he would be playing and he will so drug which confirmed on his instagram, on arrival last night on wednesday evening around $1130.00. this is when he was
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held by police and his visa with question of course this morning. we just have confirmation from the study and bought a visa has been revoked and he's due to be flown at melbourne the equivalent to being deported 50 because he doesn't have the visa to enter the country in the statement released in the last bodies trying to they'll continue to ensure the to arrive at a border comply with our strength and entry requirements. and he filed to provide the appropriate evidence to meet the interior climate. and this is just the because he's a non citizen of this trial. yes. yes. when you know that he was coming to participate, i had received this trouble exemption and, and this is when the astronomy there was a widespread anger and fuel about is what they're accusing the government of giving him special treatments. the certainly the last a little while the last hour. so the hope net also here in australia greg count is confirmed. the visa has been cancelled following an overview of the exemption
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provided by the victorian government nations across the world are implementing strategies to deal with the on the con, variance money is seeking to find a fine balance between curbing it's spread without imposing overly excessive restrictions. in the u. s. the white house is urging states to find ways to keep schools open despite reco case numbers of the same time, the president's top medical adviser has told people to continue taking precautions . the big caviar is we should not be complacent. since the increased trans, mr ability of very own may be omicron might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress all hospital system. mexico is inching closer 230-0000 deaths from code 19. the number of people in hospital is lower compared to
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previous waves. in italy, anyone over the age of 50 is now being told to get the job. employees in this age group had previously been able to enter the workplace using a negative test result. this will no longer be the case. meanwhile, france reported around 335000 new infections. another national record government is trying to push tough measures 3 parliament. a president emmanuel mccall is now facing criticism after issuing a deliberately provocative warning to on vaccination people. natasha butler reports from pass says such to the so there was an uproar in france, his parliament as emmanuel macros, comments and strong language about on vaccinated people became public, some opposition and peace boot the health minister. while others described the french president's words as vulgar before a debate on the government's proposed vaccine pass was abruptly suspended. the law going up is all to please. we ask for the presence of the prime minister because
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the words of the president of the republic or worthy, irresponsible, contemptuous on a book, very premeditated. it was, this is the reality of the situation. one conflict so, so it was the liberal arts of good in the parisian newspaper. mackerel said that on fax, native people were irresponsible as for the unvaccinated. i really want to piss them off, he said, we have to tell them you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. you will no longer be able to go for coffee. you will no longer be able to go to the theater . you will no longer be able to go to the cinema. frances recorded record numbers of new cove infections in recent days, fueled by the delta, an omicron variance doctor say most kind of it, patients in intensive care are unvaccinated. the french government says vaccination is the best way out of the pandemic. although 90 percent of the population are immunized, the government's targeting those yet to receive
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a job. 3 months before the french presidential election might call risks, alienating some voters brought to the pool to say, he's taking a calculated risk betting on the majority of french people agreeing with them because they fed off of restrictions and want to see an end to the co the crisis center tradition, the french voters don't like aggressiveness, intellectual campaigns, a bubble from a sitting president. so micron took a raise, but it was an assumed risk because this interview was re read and approved by the laissez. it wasn't a gap or an error of communication. it was intentional. he sent a message that the campaign will happened with a certain rhythm and tone for the micro has yet to declare his candidacy for the presidential race. but he is widely expected to run his victory in 2017 was partly due to the image he projected as a straight talker who didn't shy away from control the sea and was afraid to break with tradition. but whether it will be a winning formula,
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this time around is uncertain. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris, a russian lead alliance. a former soviet state says it will send peacekeepers to kazakstan off to the countries president appealed for help to call protests. public buildings happened torched on at least aid security officers had been killed in days of unrest. the violence was initially smoked over a dramatic rise and the price of fuel. gotcha, lopez heard a young has a details. please leave a rear in kazakhstan. hotel hubbard wrote that in several cities as outrage over an increase in fuel prices have spread across the country. while inclusions have food, particularly in the largest city, comedy, with reports of a flyer and gunshots heard, or the mayor's office were demonstrators trying to storm the building earlier in the week would begin as protests against fuel prices has turned into
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a wider comb for government accountability i think these protests already started and to fight energy prices really are about anger, of the contact people about that government, big decades at school, about a government that has created a lot of wealth or small population on sub its own interests. but the vast majority of the population haven't seen the cost of liquid fi, petroleum gas, or l p g, which is widely used as car fuel, more than double to $0.20 a leader. when the government lip, the price caps, but i'm, it political pressure. the government of the oil, which countries the price would go back to $0.11 a leader in monkeys dow in the west and another provinces. faced with a minimum wage of less than a $100.00 a month,
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protestors say the increase is unacceptable. cause exxon's president sacked his cabinet and appointed a new and in claim minister. now he's calling for the one rus to stop the 0. but go out will remove when he calls to attack. civilian and military offices are completely illegal. it is a crime. and that will be punished, power will not fall. what we need is not conflicts, but mutual trust and dialogue, your conflict. the government has argued lpg subsidies are unsustainable in the long term bud. it's plant a phase i'll price caps over 3 years, is being fiercely resisted the central asian country, long known in the region for its political stability, now faces widespread unrest. county a lopez of the young elders here still a head on out, is there a year on from an attack on america seat of power. the u. s. capital police chief testifies to the senate and pledges to strengthen security. united states and pays
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a sanctions against a controversial bosnian serb leader. ah look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by kettle airways. hello, we got a little more clad in the forecast the southeastern parts of china at present service sir thick a barrier, a cloud through the process of moving in across tie while the be a little bit of what was coming through here. that is further north. it still requires a cold and all the wind coming in across japan that does me more snub in the forecasts over the next couple days. make the most of thursday be a little bit of wet weather, just around the far south of japan. it'll skirt its way through just clipping some parts of han shoe and then it's nor the mirrors of honju into guided sing further spells if, when she weather as we go on through friday, for the korean peninsula,
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for much china, the state it does that lossy settle, and try those showers, which make the way across taiwan. they're feeding their way down in to southeast asia, a few showers, not as heavy as they have been over the past few days. or even the past few waste with a few showers. they're coming in to, we're smarter coming into the malay peninsula. you shall scattering showers there across malaysia, down into indonesia some heavier burst of freight. at times now we have got some heavy rain also making his way towards pakistan, feeding out of afghanistan. lot a cloud showing up on the satellite pitcher here is wesley disturbs will continue to drive its way further east was with the risk of flooding and heavy snow. oh, the weather sponsored by katara always, ah selfless act of human bravery, and 10000 precious pieces of literature. rescued from being burnt to ashes in a besieged, sorry ah al jazeera world needs the buzzing women and men
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who risked everything to see their written heritage. ah beloved, looks on out 0, lou ah ah, watching out their reminder fuck top stories. this iowa novak joker ventures facing deportation from australia. old to his entry visa was council g. a technicality. he is appealing the decision. brokovich, have ali a got an exemption to play in the australian open. ozzie refused to give proof of cove at 19 vaccination. us presidents top medical advisors urging people to
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continue taking precautions against current of ours antony pouch. he warned against complacency, despite indications that the on the comm variate may not be as severe as the previous ones. russian let alone says it will send people to conflict stone to the president of the hope to help with the offices in 2 days. upon rest is settled. i rise with on the eve of the one year anniversary of the u. s. capital attack, the new head of the capitol hill, police force has told congress his team is dramatically improved and ready to protect them. almost mango was a retired police chief in maryland when the soldiers occurred and was hired to re fashion the department, so it could withstand any future attacks. john 100 has moved from washington. if
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the attack on the u. s. capital were to happen again today thomas bangor says the newly revamped force could hold the mob at bay. we didn't have the people, we didn't act on the intelligence and we just weren't prepared the way we should have been. and that, that's going to change that has changed and, and the next time that we're tested, we will not be making those same mistakes. the inspector general for the force that protects the u. s. capital complex found that during the january 6 2021 assault, one year ago, officers had ignored intelligence warnings that writers might attack the seat of government. and when they did offices were numbered. outmaneuvered in elect quipped, and while i'm proud of our officers, the events of january 6th did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies with operational planning, intelligence, staffing, training, and equipment. um, anger and outsider brought in to overhaul the camp or to lease told the senate
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rules committee. he's addressed 90 of a 103 recommendations made by the inspector general. though it could take 3 years to hire the $447.00 additional officers. it needs across the u. s. federal agents in nearly every state are continuing to track down the estimated 2500 writers involved in the attacks. they're using 14000 hours of video from reporters surveillance cameras and police body cameras. so far more than $700.00 people have been charged. the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level. accountable under law retired general russell honorary who lit a house review of the failures of the police on january 6th, told us the force was simply unprepared. it was a total federal government. that being said, the law officers and the d. c. police saved out democracy. but somehow,
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the truck defense department where he had ripped out the qualified people and put his all operators in there, found a way not to send the national guard when they could have been there early. we've got to get government straight. president biden is expected to address the attack on its anniversary. he will forcibly push back on the lie spread by the former president, an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters as well as distract from his role and what happens like that turns the tables on the last president who sent the mob to capitol hill in his speech that perpetuated the line that he not frightened, actually won the 2020 election. john henderson al jazeera washington. the u. s. has imposed sanctions on the bosnian serb leda millard. dick washington accuses him of corrupt activities that threatened to destabilize the region and undermine a peace accord was, is facing its biggest political crisis since the war in the 990 s. as dante
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threatened separation of sub dominated areas, both near eliana smell, janik has moved from virginia. luca in bosnia, miller, dadi can member of bosnia herzegovina presidency, says that he doesn't know why he is being punished with these sanctions. and he also says that this will not stop him. i have to remind you that he is been already object of the sanctions from the united states of america in 2016. the reason for that back then was the fact that he didn't act in accordance with the date of peace accord. and this time, in an official public release, the united states explained that they introduced these sanctions because the mil roddic announced that he would return certain authorities from bosnia and herzegovina to republic a substance or to be more specific from the state level to the entity level he said that he would form again the army of republic,
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a sort of scared that he would return the entire tax system from the bosnian, her sabina, to republican from scott, and that he would do the same with the judiciary system. the united states made some other decisions concerning banning travelling to certain citizens of bosnia herzegovina. one of them is milan, the gal tiara, who used to be the president of the high, traditionally a council in boston, her sabina. and right now he is one of the advisors to me. laura dominique also are banned from traveling to the united states. is mr. cook, each who is member of the state parliament. and the reason for these decisions was the fact that both de guiltier and cook each were involved all also in a corruption. cherrmis foreign minister has said iran has squandered a loss of trust time and time is running out to salvage the 2015 nuclear dale talks of resumed anviana between iran and well palace. joseph jabari has al aces from
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vienna. there is a south korean delegation that's arrived in vienna led by the country's vice minister of foreign affairs. they are holding meetings with various parties. of course, south korea is very important in all of this because they are one of the countries that is holding on to anywhere between $7.00 and $9000000000.00 of iranian fund in their country. as a result of us sanctions. iran was one of the main suppliers to south korea when it comes to oil. as a result of us sanctions, in 2018, the south koreans hasn't been able to pay or on for the purchases they've made of arranging oil. amongst other things. this is why as the delegation is here, they're holding discussions with the americans and this could be viewed as a positive step. we still don't know if they will meet with the iranians, but as the 8th round of talks continue, there is a sense that all sides really want to achieve a result as quickly as possible. but the iranians have said that they're not going
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to sacrifice with the result because of time they will stay here as long as needed . the americans from the state department said that they are now talking about sanctions lifting and verification, which of course of course is very important for the iranians in return. they expect iran to return to for compliance of the nuclear deal since they started reducing their commitment in 2019 as a result of the americans leaving the deal. more rockets have been fired as in the wrong key military base hosting us soldiers. 5 rounds targeted the and i'll said base, no casualties have been ported. there been several attempted attacks on us troops in iraq in recent days. it coincides with the 2nd of us 3 of the killing of the top iranian general cut some ceremony. he was assassinated by the us in bagdad. the european union's top diplomats has warned russia could face massive
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consequences for any military escalation in ukraine just a barrel has been visiting the front lines of ukraine's war with russian backed forces in the countries east. and seen as a show of solidarity with ukraine. russia has denied it, has plans to invade its neighbor despite amassing tens of thousands of troops at the border. the conflict of the bullish ha, he's on the verge of getting deeper. and then sions has been building up with respect to the european security. as a whole. russia has been massy grooves, you know, ready, unusual manner. a bunch of island ukrainian border and a joint press conference with the german foreign minister and alina bab, bulk the u. s. sexier. state antony, blinking condemn rushes behavior to educate both germany in the united states,
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she rushes actions toward ukraine as an immediate and urgent challenge to peace and stability. in europe. we condemn russia's military build up on ukraine's orders as well as moscow's increasingly our rhetoric. as a continues to push the false narrative that ukraine seeks to provoke a conflict with russia. that's a little bit like b fox saying it had no choice. but to attack the henhouse, because somehow the hands presented a threat to nearly a 100 hostages, including women and children have been rescued in north west nigeria. they were abducted by om groups more than 2 months ago and were taken from their homes and remote communities in the sites of some far and supportive. li say they were rescued in a joint security operation, targeting the camps of armed groups that have been active in the region child property rights in argentina have stored in the past few years. this is despite the government spending billions on the problem annually. the south american countries
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struggling with a 50 percent, inflation rate and financial instability. teresa buy reports from when a series. yes, children having fun and singing at this daycare center. im when a site is most of the kids come here because their parents are working minimum wage jobs such as urban recyclers or got it. so needles as they're known here in the past year demand for these loping urban recycling jobs have been on the rise. yeah, my name is natalia salazar has been working here for years. she says the waiting list is getting longer every day and thought less her laugh and don't really. we have families waiting to kindergarden. another class is the pandemic devastated us . and the thing that is clear is he inequality that exists itself. we never got why fi computers or anything to help the kid while i from the daycare center opens at 5 pm daily. just when parents need to go out to work,
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that kids are given meals and they participate in activities that will help them in school. all right, so 100 children are brought here every day. they remain in this place until 11 o'clock in the evening. that's when their parents are able to come and pick them up . the fact that so many children whose parents are urban recyclers on the streets shows how difficult the situation is for many families in this country were child poverty rates are close to 65 percent. they got a bonita movement was born out of the economic crisis of 2001 in the past 2 decades, the movement has become more organized and is now a critical part of argentine as recycling efforts. media mon set it up is a mother's struggling to make ends meet. she says it's the only job she has been able to find. it plays around a $150.00 a month on my, on my to live. we pay rent,
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and we try to give our children what we can. everything worries me. i want to give them an education and food. i want them to move forward in life. the pandemic has exacerbated argentina's economic crisis. government handouts and assistance for the poor have increased, but people legged, one of those on sa says argentina needs to do much more. that can be nigel workman, argentina, we're seeing that different governments have assisted at least a 3rd of the population. but the situation does not improve. the problem is the labor sector is not getting better. if our shantina doesn't generate jobs, the people's lives won't get better and to improve the labor sector, there's to be a change in the product of structure and increase in the countries g. d p. in the past decades, argentina has been unable to improve the level market and generate decent jobs, and that's had a huge impact on children in the country whose parents are forced to work in the informal sector and on the streets
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b. so i do see that when the site is india has confirmed its 1st death from the on the con, variance daily cove. 19 infection numbers have double there in the past 4 days more than 58000 new cases were reported on wednesday. if i shall say, most of the new cases are mild, but hospitals are still under pressure. restrictions are being tightened across the country in an effort to slow transmission. hong kong is banning flights from 8 countries, including australia at the u. s. and the u. k. as in apples rising high for 19 cases, it's also imposing a raft of new restrictions from friday, including shocking entertainment venues, gems and clumps of michelle's fair that the army can vary and could be spreading undetected through the community. the click on various symptoms make it very different to its predecessors and south african doctor who foss alerted. the authorities to the strain has said, must the lakes fatigue,
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scratchy throat and night sweats are common symptoms. and while patients with previous variants reported a loss of taste and smell, that does not appear to be the case with oma column, as also no major drop in oxygen levels in the lungs. the world health organization says on the call appears to affect the upper respiratory tract. instead. dr. patrick tang is the division chief microbiology syndrome medicine. he and castle says the latest wave of infections may impact some countries more severely than others. i think the effects of the cranberries are going to be different in different countries and may be given different within different regions of our country because of the heterogeneity of immunity in the population. so if you're in a country with a higher vaccination rate and, and maybe a recent way of, of delta infection, so that everyone has already high levels of preexisting community been effective on
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con, it can be different then in a region or a country that has low back the nation and, and has not had the effect of the delta barrier in the recent time. so i think there is going to be a difference that strategies to approach the different country depending on the situation in which they are in. but overall we have to pay that, that we are lucky with this barrier compared to the previous period. there is absolutely no reason why the virus would want to evolve into last year, or even a more severe version of itself. because that's not really link he that he was deb alicia. and so we are very lucky that the highly transmissible virus is also that you're going to vary your country that's already been hit by a large on conway. ready and the majority is that the rate of transmission and rate the disease in your country are higher within the people that are coming in and
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then make no, no attempt to restrict travel into your country when other places have lower rates, the transmission. and also if you have high levels of immunity either from delta infection, from homer, con, infection and vaccination, then the virus on, on health will not be back to your, for your, for your country. and it makes more sense to maintain the normal function of society and our economy by not in trouble. oh, i'm on the inside with the headlines here on out is era. novak joker bench is facing deportation from australia to his entry. visa was cancelled. he is appealing the decision joker, which says he had earlier gotten.


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