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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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on farrah and a neighboring so called to state police a, they were rescued enjoying security operations targeting the camps of armed groups that have been terrorizing the region. we have more on that story and everything else that we've been discussing here on out there on the website. there it is. al jazeera dot com, and you can see there the spike, in cases in france, turkey and u. k. at one of our top stories, ah, and other top stories on al jazeera, there has been a further day of unrest thing, kazakhstan, demonstrators, storms on the buildings, and seized our lucky airport in an effort to come the protests. the president sank to the cabinet, declared a 2 weeks state of emergency and shut down the internet. the unrest was sparked by a doubling in the price of liquefied petroleum gas after the government took away price caps on new year's day. the rapidly spreading omicron variant is causing
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countries to register. new coven case, sir records every day. the united states has reported more than 869000 daily cove infections as disruptions to schools, flights, hospital care, and other services continue. the director of the u. s centers for disease control says the 70 average of new cases is up 98 percent on last week. we should not be complacent since the increased trans mr ability, ovarian may be omicron might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress all hospital system. french president de manuel macaroni is facing criticism for delivering a deliberately provocative warning to unvaccinated people. he labeled them irresponsible and unworthy of being considered citizens. some opposition appeased,
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described microns words as vulgar and done presidential. the world's number one tennis player nova joker, which is under a police guard at melbourne airport. after arriving for the australian open, he's being held up at the airport because of a mistake on his visa application. on tuesday it was confirmed that job which would be allowed to play this fight, not being vaccinated against coven 19. and the chief of the u. s. capital police says this force has made significant changes since writers stormed congress last year. j palmas my anger was testifying in front of the senate committee, investigating police actions during that incident on january 6th. a congressional report found multiple intelligence failures, as well as a lack of proper equipment and training for capital officers. those are the top stores coming up next the it's the stream one use in half an hour. ah
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ah. and i have family ok to day on the strain. the very 1st episode for 2020 to happy new year. thank you for joining me or some joining us the philosopher and cultural theorists. slab, joy, zack, it's sag nice to have you here. so boy, welcome to the stream. people delight in giving you titles and describing you a couple of descriptions. celebrity philosopher, the most dangerous philosopher in the west, and this one, it tickles me, but i have no idea what it means. elvis of cultural theory,
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out of all of the titles you've been given over the years, which one do you embrace the most? which ones you love? i prefer the most dangerous in the way it was though it was meant as a peak. l b stop, it will be. i think it's for people not to take me. carrie. yes. the, the idea is you will hear from growth from game, but don't expect too much, you know, i, my basic thoughts are very clear. yes. so very briefly, why do i like i don't give a call me eat when we leave in a very dangerous time. and then think really desperate and tragic. do you know they only go may be, can do the work from my jewish frank. i let them know that in our should be our speech. there was a whole here east of jewish jokes about so you might think
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that they are caught up to date then here the as legal play the even if i but you meet your marker sir, right? so why i, i have an image of you as a young boy not ask him why for giving up ideas and suggestions for most of the kids are why is this going to blue? why is this? why does this happen? i kind of rebirth the and your telling other people what the answer is as a young philosopher. what to rove you into that interest about knowledge and ideas and how to explain well that you're very nice, great. my work operates almost in the opposite sense. i'm not searching for and status, i'm reading things, observing them. and then all of a sudden it strikes me. i, i, in my mind,
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i get out of service and then literally i kept to think, to what the question, this is an answer. i am going, this is what the governing go out today. i think we are given all the time guys, these are just 2 problems guys. these are just questions and the difficult think each do i that i quit and that's the task off critical thinking and philosophy today. it's not so much to beaver and what can i say about i don't know a chronology guys, it's this is specialist and so on. but what i can do is in peril, gate, or examine how do we approach the scope out of there if they are largely in most cases in the very way we approach the topic. for example,
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one of them i know this day lately, we automatically identify them that i could do to the topic of tolerate the tractor into a woman. so won't know this is not the program of martin luther king. never spoke of tolerance and so on. so you see, if we defined the program of them, the problem of dollar us, we are already be receiving the problem from, from the standpoint of big lake leave. but i would obsession to be pretty choices and so on. and that's what i can do. look, give, but ask that i questions. so voice, so whether people want to off you the right questions or give you some answers. i am sharing you without online audience right now. so if they're on youtube,
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the comment section is right here. you can comment on some boys, philosophy, his approach to life, how he unpacks life. you can do it in the next 20 minutes to get online as soon as you can also questions and i will share them with our get. let's start with your recent book published in december. it is chords heaven. in this order. for me it feels like a collection of articles and essays and the way that you are unpacking the world and take us through very contemporary issues. how do you see that book? who is it for with becky, they may include, but what they want to develop in the book is indicated by that type that can be sort of that means that even when that he's scared in our well usually looked at dish views. my kitchen include that chevron
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remains in our favor. i don't mean it in your logical sense. i mean it's more in a sense of whether you like you would have been very sick. i just mark see, claim that we know where a few stories will being worked. a brighter future. we'd love to act according to the story until $1.00 and $2.00 probably got lost and so on. but i think that today the mesh is much more dangerous. kevin itself is in the, in the change that we are lacking more and more hostile go. the general orientation there is no, there is less and less space of communications. we no longer share values past due and so on and so on. and both, i think, especially in a society week,
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but i see it says s democratic democracy. it's not just about defense. democracy also means dep. we all agreed upon. basic value was putting keepers and so on, which allow us to exist within the same rate. what you step and you can now not only hear about the spectrum in, do you make that steak is dep chevy? when you seem bizarre of that in the sense of we have now again, it probably comes. they are more and more talking a different language from we've got to put them in a big majority and so on and on. then you know, dialogue and i think this is not something that happens in the develop west. it is more and more check, meaning every ran more and more our is falling out.
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all right. you don't be afraid. ok. but i'm not the i'm afraid, but i'm going to put a question to you please slowly get a think yes. what will be larger for a scholar? i better chose that. oh gosh, i'm lose, you know, was or maybe just lose every network of herbs that you have to obey to belong koses, base in bars, kind of a deeper rules. we tell you how to apply. there which always make to me for example, let's say i met this is not probably true. i but each of the new i invite you to every, probably in advance. yes, i will pay. yeah. when the b i, you are expected to say no, i will pay all the chevy and check on the coupon,
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but it's still a bit. is glass been empty lester at the end i, b, b and b. hopefully it works often you make an offer, which is meant to be rejected, or you're so leaky sam think. but it's just an empty forum. so i let take take a pause for a moment. m the dock. all right, take a point. take a pause for moment because earlier we spoke to his saying, who has read has been in disorder. he's been following your work for the last decade. and he has a question for again, listen to the video and then immediately he's saying he needs an dishonor should be a golfer action, i believe, for the day after tomorrow. and so, like all of us to think after a big progress and rulings, this is a courtesy trellis in our paradise about the land is dos which eliza, he, i've only cross forming the rockies and men and groom dissatisfaction in both
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wanted woman. so my question would be to slower, are we already not living in societies, our phone and the state of exception kills emergencies and civil and race and how we not normalize did well lead to live under these disturbing shadows? i hope it's not a new law for us. it's a very good appropriate question. yes, we are, or they'd be leaving in the permanent state of kept i don't think demick in the sort of got something really new. but i, but i think that the them already found a way to react to peek. we get caused for x which are in themselves not meant to be taken seriously. like did i go menu ross saw the movie, don't look up. i think
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a very good movie because it shows how even those people who think look up, protest and kill and kill one. it's an end date. no, somehow, nothing. we really came. i think the same can be said about the glasgow meeting a couple of months ago. to find how to fight global warming, show all the phrases or be spect becker was here to mask the fact that we are not yet be really to do something the boy i have you know, i have so many questions for you. we're not yet ready to do something, we will talk about it, but we're not doing the action. this is even more paradoxical. really go ahead. we talk about deep sizes in order not to. oh, okay. all right, so this is alex smith. he wants to know what you think about the events where the
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anniversary of january, the 60 insurrection in the united states. i want to add on to that the state of us democracy. and also as a global power, how we should navigate the us going forward. so starting with the insurrection, and we're briefly talking about us policy. yes. okay. it's easy to condemn the cook with the action what they've got, the police being and so on and so on. i think the safe, green cou, i think. but we should never forget that the entire i drink properly more men. i'm counter,
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we're usually come every eat a reply to bit said over be libra, democratic mainstream, give you might get a point. what is going on for almost the gate is that we have even in developed countries, you dies off brought. this is 15 years ago brought us, well mostly let's say goals for catch up like people into what is going on in bell. i was in that astra. they want to become like the developed west. now we have a new way of protest. week express be happy week. the very developed live but to keep them look at for they must seem spain yellow in france and want to go on. this is a negative energy energy,
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or we can all be done slate that into the existing political forums of both a part of the democracy. and that's a very dangerous phenomenon. so democracy is still right. we have to be re invent that democracy that we have today. it cannot. it's not that oppressive. it simply cannot integrate, give voice to beef new be appearing among the broad property. so voice question here on youtube from josephine jennifer who's currently watching you right now. she off, what is your definition of the great reset in the society and global economy? all we as a community ready for a great reset? well, it's a question, but it might, well,
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if you cation with your being that you know what you would really call the great reset the formula proposed by some of them. look at the quality and big part, but a person's and so on. if we're going to be happening, what question, can we use that? can you get less this still a back neoliberalism? no, surely. what we are witnessing today, if the new forums for capitalism which makes capital isn't so different from liberal capitalism that no longer even took because it may be capitalism. some people even talk about best or corporate neil finn values. big figures de like must build gates and so on. yeah. much girl is a new forum of federal done my stuff. we're going through an entire story and we
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are paying the kind of thing to our own fashion topically. if the problem for me it's not great reset in the same st off society believing now cannot go on to be have to change because the problem is that thank east all the may be shipping new forms of social role and it's moving in that direction. we try to find pretty scary. that's why i'm critical towards the united states. because it's like trying can be time, of course, radically critical. you at least know you live in the area and control society. but in the united states and some other develop restaurant guns this, you still think you're somehow free and as they always repeat,
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then press 4 and 3 don't. is the freedom. well, you're still experienced yourself if you are not even aware how tightly controlled manipulate that you are. that's what happened in the day. so bit through very sick look beam some think me know i've come to the stem and what they use use them will be what i call new unique. forget about 20 a cent credit and so on and so on. and you do your literally in half a minute, the program of this new. com, you just listen to the media and they are all aware of what will be done to get out of the day make the 5 global warming we need in some sense to socialized health care to more build
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a scene. it's fear that to fight global warming, market alone cannot do eat. we need some kind of so for the nation, we need international corporation and so on until coming even for me. all the, all these demand we can even publicly know any court actually be met. well, again, economy would have been somehow socialized where our public political life would change. so that if we know we just elect every 2 here or whatever. but the ability to make long, long term plans or project, we need to know really fight global warming. we need some help getting on the roof because not just the next elections, but read,
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read the site. how will be to leave for the gate in that runs and so on. and that will be for me, a sec savoy. i'm thinking part of the great reset is the fact that the entire world is finding itself in a panoramic. so they, we have to think about how do we go forward? where do we go to next? even if we normally would not have done said, i have one more fault for you on video. this is from mac, that minus he's in canada. he has a question for you. have a listen to the video and then go ahead and answer my yes. like you, i'm hopeful that the co, 1910 demick is actually going to lead a lot of people to move towards progressive and left. this causes. but i'm also worried that the opposite might happen. looking historically, we can see that in many circumstances, people don't move towards the left in dire circumstances, they move towards the right instead. and i think you can see that in many different parts of the world. so my question for you is, why do you think that we're going to see a movement towards the left?
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i given certain circumstances. and what do you think we can do as progresses to make sure that we don't see a transition towards the far right? it's a very good element that i grabbed my answer is kimberly that i definitely don't think that it's gonna be that we will move toward the left. what is happening now? are there any questions that you bankin are to please be got the corporate power instrument that times this week is coming. they keep their rounds to prevent the left nice. i like to hear what all my favorite schools have been. you know, mean who said that every sign of faith ever use again like data portentous ada,
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obviously generated by this situation. we are in again, think about global warming. what should be done? i, we aware, for example, in the neck the gate may be sent candidates, so we'll move around that it will be put sharp degrees. so we can only survive through more socialized economy not only commonly centralized, plentiful agent that will be the employee more of the store but, and won't. and so one of us be dose in our counter eat. but the important thing to see is that again, they are already changing society. so we are no longer dealing with the with nearly, but copy and so on and show what
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b chapman i'm i can be here optimist because i am actually me mean babies. i mean, in that it's not guaranteed that includes data, they will not probably even not. history is not on our side. he's moving we have to act. and the only thing i can say is that unfortunately we haven't yet reached the point of awakening. we obviously will have to go through even more here. yes. if or logical crazy and all that much very, very much. you're quite pessimistic. view of the future. i have one more question for you cheap. i want you to answer this as swiftly as you can. life giving woman
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says, i am curious if, because of how you approach the world, does it leave you feeling lonely? and how do you overcome those feelings when it feels like no one but you thinks critically. so what's the impact of your work on you? first i'm not afraid of being lonely. i will tell you something very perverse. i even learn how are you arrived the last 2 years? i think we'll learn some come to enjoy the, you know, take time to reflect. maybe we need more of these marks set in. he's famous, these 11 skimming, going to match. now we have to change. we may be in that range. yes. center. we try to change the way to match. now we can do in the mark. don't be afraid of apparently i'm thinking. and so my optimism, if nonetheless the in spite of all the score from time to time,
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then big mirror goes happening. don't also forget small but nonetheless remarkable. progress is on the left key lamb elections in believe in keela over in the united states. we have now this is that men will just creep that we have now. democratic socialism is that kicked him out. the option you can talk about beat, you are not automatically excluded. zach and can you believe that 25 minutes went so fast that we still have so much more to get from you? but i'm going to leave it fast for now. if you would like to hear more lavoy, isaac, i highly recommend his book have been in disorder published in december, available now. thank you. so the voice of being part of our show today. thank you
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for the excellent questions on youtube as well as we knew she was. well, i see what you did that too. thanks for watching. i see you next time. ah ah. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy? a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people in power investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, or in fact, poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their
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shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a j 0. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center might have when you call home will. but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. if the political debate show that's challenging, the way you think, have agencies fail hating the situation is wasn't one before the different found lice and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket i is and that have company survived. now people are very, how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries say we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there? a part with me mark lamond hill on al jazeera compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the explosion. inspire and i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was. life unequalled broadcasting from nelson have been on
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august 9th, he was born happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, hello, i'm barbara serene london. as these are the top stories on al jazeera catholic stance president has appealed to a russian lead security alliance to help the country overcome what he called a terrorist threat for testers in kazakhstan, sees the airport during the worse than rest, and more than a decade. demonstrations began several days ago over an increase in the price of fuel, but turned into demands for broader reforms. katia lopez for the young reports cecily leave rear inclusive.


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