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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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we need to take america to trying to bring people together, trying to deal with people who can left behind. ah, this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm sammy say, dan, this is the news out live from dell coming up in the next 60 minutes. nationwide internet blackouts, in catholics than as the countries president vows a tough response time to government protests. hong kong benz flights from 8 countries, including the u. s. and the u. k. and australia. the grapples with an outbreak of the on the kron corona virus varian
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fronds uproar in parliament off the controversial remarks by the president about the unvaccinated today is about acknowledgment about being seen and heard and relief counted as indigenous people whose children were taken away and put on the state care, as the goblin announces a 31000000000 dollar compensation plan. and it's fort australia's prime minister says there's no guarantee of a joke of it will be allowed to can pay to the australian open joke of it could still be sent home. if he can't prove why he should be exempted from vaccination rules, ah, now in the us, the current chief of the capitol police john thomas mander is testifying in front of the senate rule committee as they investigate the attack on the capital building
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law. here, let's go there. now let's listen. name is what i'm saying. every day. it's my honor to work these women and men who perform so courageously a year ago. and while i'm proud of our officers, events of january 6th did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies with operational planning, intelligence, staffing, training, and equipment. i'm pleased to report that we have addressed a significant portion of the many recommendations issue to the department. in fact, of the more than 100 recommendations issued by the inspector general, we have implemented and are addressing over 90 of them. the staff report issued by your committee listed 5 recommendations directed to the united states capital police. i can tell you that the department has implemented or is in the process of implementing each one of them. i'm prepared to discuss many of the recommendations today, but understanding the time limitations. i'll focus on the improvements that are the
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most impactful and that address the core of the committees findings and conclusions . i provided under separate cover for inclusion in the official hearing record, a more complete formal statement that includes a detailed list of all the departments post january 6th improvements. the committee concluded that an important contributing factor to the breach of the capital was the lack of a department wide operational plan for the joint session. and important 1st step we took to address that concern was the on boarding of a former secret service official with extensive experience in major event and national special security event planning. guided by his expertise. we now take a multi phased approach to our planning to our planning process with a focus on information gathering intelligence asset determination, internal coordination, and most importantly, department wide dissemination of all intelligence and critical information before all large and high risk events. this also includes the creation of the departments
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1st critical incident response plan, which now allows us to more effectively and more quickly obtain assistance from partner agencies. in short, a blueprint for operational planning has been created and put into place for all future significant events. it january 6th taught us anything. it's that preparation matters immediately after the 6th, the department focused on the need to strengthen our frontline officers, the civil disturbance unit or c d. u. for any demonstration that involves violence or the potential for violence, the need for a well trained and well equipped c, d. u is crucial. recognizing the tactical importance of our cd, you officers. we've developed a plan to elevate their status and incentivize them to remain in the unit. the plan entails the creation of 8 hard platoons. these platoons will be permanent units whose members trained together and are deployed together. we've done other things
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as well to strengthen the see to you and make it more effective. one such measure is the establishment of the bicycle response team, which works and coordination with see to you. we can now deploy 100 trained and certified bike officers, as well as 8 trained and certified officials to complement the c d u operations. of course, our 1st responders can't do their job without the proper equipment. therefore, we've reviewed all cd you equipment and upgraded it extensively to protect our officers and enhance our ability for crowd control. our improvements have touched every component of the u. s. capital police department, but few changes are as dramatic as the ones that we've made to the way we gather, analyze, share use, and disseminate intelligence. however, improvement to the department's lead intelligent component. the intelligence and interagency coordination division began before january 6th. the department recognized that the i c d, 's decentralized structure had created informational silos. the continued focus on
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this has yielded significant improvements, including a nationwide search for a permanent intelligence director. the department is in the final stages of that process. we should have somebody on board in the coming weeks. the development of the united states, capital police intelligence product that is now shared with the intelligence community. the issue of a daily intelligence report distributed to all officers and officials within the department. a bi weekly classified intelligence briefing coordination with intelligence and law enforcement partners in advance of large or hope, high profile events, the realignment of task force officers to enhance intelligence, sharing and dissemination, and the authorization for increased staffing. in fact, we've added 9 new intelligence analysts. we continue to be forward looking in our efforts to ensure that the department has a strong and proven intelligence collection analysis and dissemination program. i
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want to thank the committee for it's ongoing support during this process. in particular, your support for the capitol police emergency act. i also acknowledge and appreciate the support that we have received from the capitol police board today. i'm confident that the u. s. capital police department has made significant progress addressing the deficiencies that impacted the departments response when january 6th. and while more work remains to be done, the men and women of the capitol, police stand ready to fulfil their mission each and every day. thank you very much, chief. i want to start by asking do you believe that the department would be better able to defend against the type of threat that we saw a year ago today than the department was back then? yes, absolutely. thank you. and we had a number of recommendations. i'm not going to go through them all. but i know, having reviewed your testimony, having our staff has spent significant time working with your leadership and that
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you are making progress to implement the recommendations that are pertaining to the police department. is that right? that is correct. yes. okay, i'm with, you know, we had the inspector general in center blunt and i had the inspector general in about a month ago or so. and he also issued more than 100 recommendations, which we truly appreciated. and he talked about the progress that he knew of that you had made at the time. and we've of course, after that hearing as is our job, encouraged you at to work with him and to report back on the progress can you tell me are where you are in responding to this and the progress you've made on his recommendations? yes. so at the time when inspector general testified, i think we had about 30 of the wreck of the $103.00 recommendations that were closed, that were implemented that we had finished up at the time. we also had another 60
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recommendations that were basically in progress that we had a detailed plan in place, but the plan had not been completed. in some cases, the plan will could be completed until the f 123 budget is, is approved. so some of these it's going to take time, but the plans in place the, the work is in progress. so we had, we had basically addressed over 90 of the $103.00 recommendations. we still continue to work on those we have since i think closed another 5 or 6 of the recommend ations. we continue to work on all of them. and in fact, we have, i've assigned an inspector to work full time for the next several months to look at the the recommendations that are not completed and to see what we need to do to complete them. thank you. thank oh we've got we've got a plan in place to dress all and you understand we are very laser focused care center but and myself and the rest of our committee on that accountability given
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what happened. and so we appreciate that. i'm sure we'll have the inspector general back and next year and we'll continue this reveal, ah, ah, our report found at 70 or i what we're listening into is a special hearing there of the rules committee of the senate. they're reviewing and half of the changes which have been made to policing on capital hill. the results of the events you might remember, of course, of last year, january the 6th, when that riot broke out, which people tried to attack congress. john thomas manga was speaking, there he is, the u. s. capital police chief outlining some of these more than 90 changes, but she mentioned they've made to policing and vowing that they've made significant progress. amazing deficiencies in their efforts will continue. let's go live now to john 100. he's at capsule building in washington, dc. john, they the chief of police for capitol hill. they're making a strong case that they've,
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they've learned the lessons of january the 6th foreign international audience. tell us why this is so important in us politics right now. what he's trying to do is to convince members of congress that they've made the necessary changes so that if this were to happen again, tomorrow they would be able to take care of it. and that's important because an inspector general who overseas, the capitol police, found that they were ill equipped. they ignored intelligence, warning them that the crowd might come to the capital. i can tell you i was standing outside of the wes entrance to the capital, as those riders burst their way in. and some of them were better equipped than the police. 75 police officers were dressed in their regular uniforms. not the right here at the front line. police officers, head and manner is in a pretty good position to do that because he wasn't part of the capital police at the time. he was retired police chief in maryland, and so he doesn't have to apologize for the failures of that day. he was
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specifically hired as a guy would come and fix those problems. and he says that of a 103 recommendations made by the inspector general of that department that they already begun to address 90 of those and they're working on the rest. this particular committee also had 5 areas in which it said it wanted the capital police to improve. he says they're working on all of those. and those include training and equipment, improving that planning for special events and create a beefing up the civil disturbance unit, consolidating intelligence so that those frontline officers actually understand what's going on. because there was a lot of difficulty in communicating back on january 6 of last year. and better communications so that they could, they could coordinate from leadership down to those frontline officers. all of those are things that these guys have been working on for the past year. they say they haven't completed all of it. that civil disturbance unit, for instance, still needs some work but manners. they are trying to tell them that right now they
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would be able to defend against a similar incident. and of course, the timing couldn't be better because tomorrow is after all, january 6th. and there is some concern about what might happen then. sammy. alright, thanks so much john henry there. let's bring in laura brown. she's a director and professor at the graduate school of political management at george washington university, joins us now from washington. d. c. good. to have you with us. so as i'm sure you know, and our view is around the world know, january the 6th. it shook america, didn't it? do you think most people listening to what's going on in congress right now? have the confidence believe that it will happen? it can't happen again. well, i think there's 2 questions wrapped up in there. it did shake america, the events that occurred last year on june, right? 6 made, i think many americans realize that all of the rhetoric that has been anti government or talk of corruption or just quiet in this trust with those in
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washington who would in fact need to violence. and i think the question of whether it could happen again, i think there is a realization among americans, that violence could happen again. but i do think that you're hearing testimony from the chief maker. it will not. * have the same result. in other words, there's a great deal of information sherry and a new knowledge about what has to be protected in washington to ensure that our elected officials can do the job that they were elected. it seems that almost everything related to the events of january, the 6th in the u. s. right now are politically divisive. there's 2 different narratives depending on which side of the you sit on. how controversial is the
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issue of policing itself from capitol hill? well, it's not controversial in the sense that all members of congress looks to be protected . i think it is the case that i happen to have always been there as a resource to protect those in congress to ensure that they could exercise their constitutional duties of engaging in legislative behavior. but i do think there is a difference in the way, really, i think partisans on both sides. the i are looking at the events of january, their republican still are not willing to admit that there was violence. there was the extremism and there really was the lawlessness and from analogy that was engage with that day. democrats certainly wanting to bring out those major
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problems that did occur. but i think what you're seeing generally is. ringback a, an agreement across the aisle that at least our institutions need to be better protected. even if the republicans don't want to look back at their accountability for the violence that occurred and talking about accountability. are we getting any clues from today's hearing about how the wider investigation is going? well, we will hear the attorney general merrick carlin speaking later today and will also obviously hear more hearing from the january 6 committee that is comprised in the house. i think what we're seeing in the senate is really a discussion about the security threats. the actual information gathering and intelligence process and planning for not just events in washington
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d. c. but really investigating those threats against individual member back in their home districts that have increased to for the last 5 years. brian, i do think it's kind of a different situation. i want to ask, as well, since we thought about congress, how much of a distraction is all of this to the biden administration's agenda to america domestically, you know, this, the sort of domestic issue, how much of a distraction is it to the u. s. on a global stage, well look, securing american democracy is not a distraction, should never be thought of distraction. this is the most fundamental thing we need to do in this country is ensure that our process and our system is. ringback protected so that the people can have their voice and be heard in
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a democratic republic like ours. so i would argue that policy should actually pay secondary priority to what is happening around january. and the law maker should be focus on, much more, i would say seriously, and they have been some way from last year. all right, thank you for your thoughts on that. that's play more still had on the news hour, including why south korea's getting involved in talks to revive iran's nuclear deal . will have the latest from vienna. and the european union's foreign policy chief is in ukraine to rally support. as russia continues to mass troops on the border, and it's more bangladesh pull off, one of the biggest winds in their test cricket history. and we will be here with that story. ah,
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bow cassock stands president is threatening a tough response after the worst unrest in more than a decade. demonstrators, storm government buildings, the cabinet has been dismissed in a state of emergency. it's been declared. the protests were triggered by arise in the price of fuel, but there are demands for broader reforms. cateel opposite began reports. please leave a rear in context of hotels remoted in civil city and can't wait for an increase in fuel. prices have spread across the country while inclusions have food, particularly in the largest city, comedy with reports of a flyer. in gunshot theater, the mayor's office were demonstrators trying to storm the building earlier in the week. oh, would begin as to 10 seconds. fuel prices has turned into a wider cooper government accountability. quickly take
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a little while ago or people started calling, birth free elections, of local officials. i started calling for the ouster about top officials in the government. so, you know, they're, they're working to get this job kind of under control as much as they can. and it's gonna hurt the reputation because a government cossacks down has always been fairly stable. the cost of liquefied petroleum gas, or lpg, which is widely used as car fuel, more than double to $0.20 a leader when the government lifted price camps. oh, but i'm it political pressure, the government of the oil, which countries are the price would go back to $0.11 a leader in monkeys. dow, in the west and another provinces faced with a minimum wage of less than a $100.00 a month, protesters say the increase is unacceptable. isaacson's president sacked his cabinet and appointed a new acting prime minister. now he's calling for the unrest to stop resume but go,
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i told rumor when he calls to attack, civilian and military officers are completely illegal and it is a crime and that will be punished. power will not fall. what we need is not conflicts but mutual trust and dialog on new conflict. the government has argued lpg subsidies are unsustainable in the long term. but it's plant a phase i'll price caps over 3 years, is being fiercely resisted. the central asian country, long known in the region for its political stability, now faces widespread unrest. katya lopez, or the young al jazeera peterson. my of is executive director of erasure. democracy initiative may says of ireland protests of surprise from west kazakstan the city of channels in a new sort of violence because i had never known indisposed so yet independent history. exactly. 11 years ago, over 16 people died in that city in similar products. what is different this time
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is that the protest that they were confined to the western oil producing part of the country they have now this time spread through the rest of the country. they haven't gulf that main cd of because of on almighty and the capital c, the neural time name after the de facto ruler on, neutral under the by who remains the de facto mean political actor income. so what you're seeing now the, the, the formal, you know, the formal excuse for the project is the listing of the cap on liquid liquified petroleum. guess in a country where salaries are pretty modest by world standards. on the other hand, we are seeing increasingly political demands being added to the protesters to the point where their main demand. but one of their main demand is for the, our job, the government, which has things that can happen,
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does not satisfy you longer. so this is a very, very scary situation. it's threatening the spiral of a spiral out of control. and then one men wait, may wonder what the, the government may be forced to do, made before to call on planning reporting to help and step in. that is a big question. the european union's foreign policy is in the ukraine. foreign policy chief father is in ukraine and his warning rush of quote, massive consequences in the event of military escalation, just barrels to day trip come, the russia masses, thousands of troops near the border with ukraine. diplomatic talks aimed at the escalating, the crisis will begin next. week in geneva, camp says it's holding talks with pearl on how to deter moscow from further aggression. the conflict on the borders. he's on the verge of getting deeper and tensions has been building up with respect to the
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b, c. d. as a whole, russia has been messing through, you know, maybe usual manner with lunch around do canyon border. andrew simmons joins us now from london. so how sir beryl had anything new to say on this crisis, been dragging out for weeks now has net well, it certainly has sun deck. there is something to be said for the development of itself, of burrell going to the front line are only a few kilometers away from the russian, a separatist russian back separatists are in this war. there is also, his language has more of a sense of urgency. and his mentioning of massive consequences and severe cost to russia if it should intervene militarily after this true build up, which he described does on an unusual
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a type of build up. he went on to say that de escalation had to happen. and also that the security of ukrainians and europeans in the region is a key factor here. and the european union should be more involved. now, this is an interesting point. it's unusual point to people, perhaps not familiar with the intense diplomacy involved because vladimir putin houser instrumentally, avoided having any dialogue with the european union. and he has agreed to talks with jo, biden's officials and geneva next week, and also to dialogue with nato a but not with the european union. and this is a factor that mr. morale is concerned about. he, he is fearing that there is some sideline in going on. now, let's talk about the indications or the e. you might end up or fears and might end up sidelines in talks. well,
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that's right, and that is a real issue. now, because of vladimir putin sir tactics and also because there's a feeling that really the e u. i mean the, the fact that we have barrel, who is that the top european diplomat, the head of foreign policy for the european union not being present at 2 key meetings next week. a one the 1st between the us and russia officials in geneva. and then 2 days later, nato meeting russia about key issues to do with security. now, when it comes to negotiations, the e u says it represents 27 states in, in europe and, and wants to be part of that key discussions. he, there is even sort of talk in some diplomatic circles of a potential for a sell out in order to get a deal with toots in to keep things under wraps up. but there is no doubt that that
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european states and western pals in general feel that russia has gone too far already on these issues. and it does need to be firmly dealt with. but there's no doubt about this, that it's, it is, it is escalating in quite a, a dangerous fashion, a lot of rhetoric around. but those meetings next week are going to be key to any potential solution. all right, thanks so much. i, andrew simmons, they're still had an al jazeera, the u. k. joining a growing list of countries loosening rules for corona virus tests says cases continue. the surge alan sport will hear from chelsea's record signing, who's had make a public apology for the clumps. fans ah, with hello.
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thank you for joining in your world weather update begins in the middle east. good to see you and maybe read off the bat. you'll notice we've got low temperatures hanging around here, so let's go for a closer look around the golf. we've got it shamal win. so that's a north wind blowing down from iraq. it's putting a cap on temperatures, buffering 18 degrees catherine. so her just a high of 20 and at its worst i think we'll see those winds whip up to about 50 kilometers per hour. ok, off the box. some we're southern areas have been dealing with flooding at toward the southwest covered or this is a port city saw record rainfall, flood waters damaged hundreds of homes and so hundreds of people have been displaced and we could see another round of some flooding rains on thursday. for once again, that southwest corner after turkey in a southerly flow is popping up temperatures here on talia 18 degrees, but we'll get some rain off the mediterranean showers. i should say your temperatures wall above average and we're temperatures will also come up above average is for heart tomb in the days to come and we've got this belt of he juba
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bungie read into logos with a high of 35 degrees, some rock and storms are rounds, i lusaka ferrari and bill away with the high 27 degrees in temperatures, also above average in vint hook up to 34 in the sunshine on thursday. enjoy susan ah, from the al jazeera london group health center to special guests in conversation, this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with conversation with alan, to vote on me. i can be, this is the beginning of friendship is the beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. the silence has been distant. ah denise,
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this is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop a witness documentary on a jesse lou . ah, welcome back here watching out. is there a time to recap on headlines now? the chief of the u. s. capital police says lessons have been learned and the forces made significant changes off the last year's attack on the capital building. j
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thomas manga was testifying in front of the senate committee, investigating police actions during the january, the 6th riots, catholics dance presidents is threatening a tough response after the worst unrest of more than a decade demonstrates is stormed government buildings. the cabinet has been dismissed and the state of emergency has been declared. european union's foreign policy chief is in ukraine and is wanting russia of, quote, massive consequences in the event of military escalation. barrels to day trip comes as russia masses, thousands of troops near the border with you. crime current virus cases are rising across the world as nations trying to contain the surge without affecting their economies. the us said it's finalizing a contract on 500000000 at home koby test kits by the ministration will distribute it for free or u. k. will ease its testing rules in an attempt to shorten isolation,
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periods and counter staffing shortages. government says the change will allow a symptomatic britons to return to work foster may want in france, the parliament suspended a session on the vaccine path following up for or on president to my new my cross remarks. he use the slang term to say, while he wanted to make life difficult, i guess you could say for on vaccinated people. and in the western hemisphere, mexico is inching closer 230-0000 deaths from covey. 19 the latin american nation is facing a rise of highly contagious variant, but hospitalizations remain low compared to the waves. ready but we have full correspondence covering developments across the world. alan fischer is live for us in washington d. c. the dean baba has standing by for us in london, also speaks natasha butler in paris. but 1st, let's go to menu out of apollo is live for us in mexico city. so my new, well,
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what's driving up the case? is there a lot of control the c surrounding tourism? right? there's been a rise, sharp rise and contagion here in mexico, in recent weeks. and there really happened 2 major factors driving this, this latest search, the 1st being the holiday season itself, these large gatherings linked to christmas and new years. and. and what many regard is very relaxed policies by the mexican government regarding large social gatherings in any sort of mandatory prevention policies by the government. and the 2nd being the most important is holiday travel itself, particularly into major tourist hotspots. here in mexico, which are the state of teens and role where the city of kain, kuhn is in the mind. riviera, very popular tourist destination, both nationally and internationally. and then on the pacific side, the state of california, which is a very attractive to respond for,
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for both national and international travelers. mexico city is also seen a sharp increasing contagion, particularly linked to this new barrier to the crime. and the mexican government continues to face heavy chris criticism, especially here nationally from people who see the country is having one of the most relax, a sort of national policies toward contagion prevention in all of latin america. we have to keep in mind that mexico, at no point during the pandemic, has required that foreign travelers present a negative cobra. 1900 tests, and the same is true today making the country itself one of the most popular countries in the world for foreign travelers. specifically, those from, from the united states, but there is more attention being paid now as the country inches closer 230-0000 deaths due to cope in 1900. alright, thanks so much for your apollo. let's go over now to alan fisher. he's joining us from a very snowy white house seen behind you any glimmer of hope in
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a very dark situation. despite all the while behind you. well, if you look at the figures over monday and tuesday, more than 100 k, 1000000 cases in the u. s. on monday, more than 800000 new cases in the u. s. and to do you think, well, that's pretty good. but if you look at the 70 average, which is the much better indicator, and the figures have just come out from john hopkins, they're saying that the 70 average is 553000 new cases in the united states, which is the highest number over the 70 average since the, the whole pandemic began. so you can see there is a deep concern, not least because as we were in the run up from thanksgiving to christmas and new year, we were told that be a serge early in 2022. and that's exactly what we're seeing if there is one bright spot, it is that this doesn't seem to be as awful as covert has been in the past. but the difficulty is that those who would deal with the sergeant hospitalizations,
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they are also being affected as well. so the people that we combat the watched of the pandemic are also because of they've been exposed the cupboards, have to isolate, or they've actually contracted at the disease as well. so you can see that there is a big, big problem. how is it manifesting itself? well, let's take the 3rd largest school district in the united states. that since chicago, the teachers, they are saying they're not going back to school. they should have returned to day, but they're not going back until they're given. i did some, some guarantees about testing and making sure that they are safe, their pupils are safe, and the families of pupils are safe. that's later stand off in chicago and there are many other school districts were schools aren't ready to return or they are going back at to virtual learning at the moment in washington, we've got the supreme court all the justices there. they have received their booster that has been confirmed in the last few hours. and that's important because
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they are going to start hearing in person oral arguments it later this week. so you can see why that is difficult as well. but clearly there is a deep concern, not least, because testing is a big problem here. people still queueing for hours to get test, trying to buy them over the counter. still incredibly difficult. that is a big mistake that the bite might of bite white house made the simply didn't get enough tests in place. with the possibility that there could be a such like home, a cron. and i'm going to thank you for that talking about testing problems. let's go with an a dean barber. he joins us live from london, the dean testing guy in issue in the u. k. 2 another talking about loosening testing requirements. why or send me the background services omicron ripping through her. the population still with katie's rising or we're seeing now an at that according to the latest
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statistics last week, around 3 and a half 1000000 people in the u. k. had covet 19 and the majority of them across the omicron variant, which is so much more transmissible. here in the capital london, it was an estimated one in 10 people last week. and this is putting pressure on work forces around the country as well as on the health system. we've heard from a chain of national supermarket, the one in 10, a vast offer, either isolating or sick. the london fry brigades says that term 10 percent of operational fire fighters were off either isolating or, or sick. and so the demands now really that what they're saying is that for people who don't have symptoms, if they take what they call a natural flow test at home, and that shows positive, they don't have to confirm it with what's called a p c. r test, which is slightly more reliable, they have to isolate, but they don't have to get that secondary test. making those more available to
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people who do have symptoms that have been shortages of all kinds of tests. in recent weeks, the government's under a severe criticism over how it went over the christmas break. it's getting better, but hospitals are very worried. many hospitals have declared what they call critical incidence around the country. and all of this means that the government to sir, is on the pressure to make sure that the tests are really there for people who need them. so that's a temporary measure on the tests. and it's also likely in the near future that pre departure tests for people flying into the u. k. will be stopped as well. that didn't bother in london more to talk about. let's head over now to natasha butler. she's following developments in paris. and they're a bit of controversy because of the president's remarks. right? yes, sir. the french peasant emanuel macro. i gave an interview to a french newspaper in which he made some comments that have caused really quite
6:40 pm
a stir him mainly because of the language he used. he talked to about the cove it crisis and he was addressing the fact that there were nearly 5000000 people in france's still on vaccinated. and he said that on facts native people were irresponsible. and then if he went on to say that he was really going to tighten the screws on unvaccinated people make their life very difficult. indeed, really a hassle and, and harassed them if you like. the word he actually used in france certainly had scattered logical overtones and has been decried as vulgar by many opposition. politicians. in fact, emmanuel macros, comments became a publican and filled it out. while mpg were debating the government's vaccine pass bill in the, in the french parliament now in peace, then i reacted. there was a lot of protest, a lot of shouting in parliament so much so that the debate actually had to be
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suspended. all right, thanks so much anti shabbat leather. that hong kong is banning flights from 8th countries, including australia, the u. s. and the u. k. as it battles rising cove at 19 cases. it's also imposing a raft of new restrictions from friday, including shopping, entertainment venues, jims and clubs. officials fear the on the con variant could be spreading undetected through the community until you go gone, gone back outage already given the very dire situation of the pandemic. we have to grasp, spirit critical moment. we have to contend depend, demik to ensure that there will not be a major outbreak in the community again, 5, now i think we are realizing all micron is a highly transmissible variant. so free when we will be able to contain the spread of alma chron in society, the measures i'm going to announce or may be the most decisive, rapid targeted and comprehensive we have had for the past 2 years and break planet has more now, from hong kong this is certainly the most extensive that we've seen and it really
6:42 pm
goes to show the extent that the hong kong government is keen on stamping out armor chron. i spoke to a top epidemiologist in hong kong advisor. ivan hung earlier. he said that these kind of, that the measures were very necessary in order to keep the virus of bay and to really by the government time, because vaccination rates aren't at where they want them to be. they hang around 70 percent. but if you look at the only population over 80, that's only around 20 percent. so this is about buying time to boost those rights. the hong kong government had planned at to introduce these measures next month, but they have been brought forward and it, let's not forget it's chinese new year, 3 weeks away from now. so these measures are supposed to be implemented for 2 weeks . chinese new year is a looking a bit touch and go for now. but the hope is, is that people will still be able to meet, at least for some kind of festivities, to welcome in the new year. indian politicians say they're convinced the country is
6:43 pm
in the group of another covey wife, elizabeth ferrara, m as more from new delhi dallas health minister. this is the latest public health officials say that india is very much now. and the 3rd wave off the cover. and virus, and that who dr. cases as being driven by the, on the car, buried with 75 percentage of cases. and all major cities being on the cross, the eastern city of called casa, has recorded a highest number of daily cases. since the pandemic we get and positivity range of 38 percent, meaning that one and 3 people who are being tested and that may the city have the virus mon bye, which has remained the worst effect to a city. throughout the pandemic. seen the 700 percent increase in cases over the past week and on tuesday it was 7.7 percent of those who tested positive, needing hospitalization. and while a lot of government health officials are saying that while hospital like the cases are going up at the hospitalization that still low haven't point 7 percent on
6:44 pm
tuesday, that will still 834 people. and the concern and is that with cases going up as they are, that india is undefended. health care system is not going to be able to handle a huge strain on cases as we have seen in the past. we've all ready seeing health care workers around the country, contracting the virus, the latest, 15 up to day, one of delhi biggest public hospitals at the 61 justin, one hospital in by 131 in partner. so to keep the number of hospitalizations down or to try to state their employees in more restrictions, the southern states of canada is the lasers to join delhi in a night curfew on the weekend. talk to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal between iran and world palace of resume to vienna. its the 8th throughout than on tuesday. the u. k. prime minister repeated western warnings, the time is running out dosage of ari has more from vienna. there is
6:45 pm
a south korean delegation that's arrived in vienna led by the country's vice minister of foreign affairs. they are holding meetings with various parties, cor, south korea is very important in all of this because they are one of the countries that is holding on to anywhere between $7.00 and $9000000000.00 of iranian fund in their country. as a result of us sanctions, iran was one of the main suppliers to south korea when it comes to oil. as a result of us sanctions in 2018, as the south koreans hasn't been able to pay or on for the purchases they've made of iranian oil. amongst other things, this is why as the delegation is here, they're holding discussions with the americans. and this could be viewed as a positive step. we still don't know if they will meet with the iranians, but as the 8th round of talks continue, there is a sense that all sides really want to achieve as a result as quickly as possible. but the iranians have said that they're not going to sacrifice the result because of time they will stay here as long as needed. the
6:46 pm
americans from the state department said that they are now talking about sanctions lifting and verification, which of course of course is very important for the radiance in return. they expect around to return to for compliance of the nuclear deal. since they started reducing their commitment in 2019 as a result of the americans leaving the deal, a rocky this hit and the new rocky military base hosting us soldiers, no casualties have been reported. it happened near the bank that international airport. there have been several attempted attacks on us troops in the rock in recent days, when they coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the killing of tuffy rainy in general, cost them sort of money who he was assassinated by the us in bank that the wife has more from bank that according to iraq's military and security sources, that a can you share rocketed to victory basis? that's a home to iraqi you as an international coalition troops in the surrounding area
6:47 pm
of that international airport this morning without any casualties reported to according to the sources and debt. no recent claim of responsibility has been declared as of yet. this is the 2nd attack talking the bays on monday to drones were shot down by the serum at a different system as they were trying to target the base. now the sources said that they captured a rocket launcher in algae, had district in western about a dad that's close to the airport or the vicinity of the airport. they say, did launcher, had a rocket that was set up to be launched at to be fired at the base on canada is working to make amends for its past involving the poor and abusive treatment of indigenous people. the government says it will pay $730000000000.00 to
6:48 pm
compensate those taken as children from their families and put into state care. jody vance has more from vancouver. this is history making in canada, a press conference to announce a milestone in addressing this treatment and discrimination against 1st nations families. i'm very pleased to announce that canada and the parties have agreed to significant agreements and principal one that provides fair and equitable compensation to 1st nations children and families harmed by discriminatory under funding. and the other addressing the long term term reform that's needed for the 1st nations child and family services program. it's been almost 15 years since canada as human rights tribunal, ruled child and family services had discriminated against 1st nations children leaving hundreds of 1000 and suffering trauma and spiraling into poverty. billions
6:49 pm
in compensation in an agreement in principle and still for those affected. it is mostly an important step forward. we have a long way to go to address the poverty in our nations. and no amount of money will ever be the right amount, nor will it bring back a childhood last. but today is about acknowledgments about being seen and heard children taken from their families and put into a system under funded and ill equipped to deliver the basics of life, led to generational trauma, harm and loss. this milestone announcement cannot turn back the clock, but if solidified by the deadline, will build the framework. the agreement, in principle we assigned today will support 1st nations children so that they can have the same opportunities to grow up with their families and communities thriving through their cultures and languages. as a next step and a difficult one, canada and the parties will negotiate a final settlement agreement which will map out how compensation will flow to 1st
6:50 pm
nations, children and families. will establish a framework for long term funding to improve services for children and families. the parties have until march 31st to finalize the agreement. jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver. oh, still had an al jazeera in school despite his refusal to have a covey 19 vaccination. one of basketball's biggest stars is set to return to action and he's here with that story with
6:51 pm
with full ah ah
6:52 pm
5 gold fines' that's catch up on the game, his andy, thank you so much. sammy was being reported by australian media that not a joke of h hasn't made it through border control on his arrival in melbourne. his belief, joke of it, she support same, had requested the wrong type of entry visa on tuesday, australian, i've been organized, confirmed jock, which would be allowed to play it 2 years, 1st, prime from event spinal being fully vaccinated against coded 19 a vaccine mandate is in place to strategy and tournaments which says all participants must be fully vaccinated, all have a medical exemption and organizes have given joker, which the exemption he needs to play. which oakridge has never publicly revealed his vaccination status, australia's prime minister insist joker, which could still be sent home. he has to because if he's not vaccinated, he must provide acceptable proof that he cannot be back tonight if for medical reasons and to be able to access the same travel arrangements is fully vaccinated travelers. so we are white, he is presentation,
6:53 pm
and what evidence he provides to support that if that evidence is insufficient, then he won't be treated any different to anyone else and he will be on the next flight, not so there should be no special rules than that which at all, while you keep asking the question around under what conditions that are being drawn to the exemption, we just not in a position even legally not in the position to disclose other people's medical information. it's ultimately up to him and yet i will encourage him to, to talk to the community about it because it's learning to help him. but it will help the community because we have been through the very top area the past 2 years . will carry irvings expect to make his returns and be a lunch in the little lights from despite his refusal to get a curve at 19 vaccination, his team, the brooklyn, that say the hopeful living can make his season w white to the indiana paces the nets, household having to go home in october after the play declined to get the job, but he's now been given a 2nd chance. the 29 year old won't be able to take part in home games though, because rules in new york require players to be vaccinated. will m b a analyst?
6:54 pm
brenda robinson says, irving may soon run out of cities where he can play the saying they're kind of said everything ablaze if you will, is the new york city mandate, which does not allow unvaccinated players to play in either the barclay center or madison square garden high in indian bay, and i think in this situation, carrier irving because his name is attached to so much stuff. his name rings, bells like sundays at 12 o'clock in that. our folks often want to talk about him for various reasons, whether it's social justice and vaccination status and more. and i don't know that even if it was carry irving than that's would have been as lenient. i think that the only difference between he and some other players is the reason he then you look at bradley bill of the washington wizards. washington's mandates are changing
6:55 pm
across the globe. you're just seeing that that is the mandate overall. so i think, you know, whether his name was carry irving or joe brown in new york city's mandates, or new york city's mandate and across the country, you're seeing the same, say allah ron james. and his ally, like his team picks up their 3rd straight win in the emb yang. they beat the sacramento kings on tuesday. the brought himself in good form. he's got 31 points. 14 of them coming in the 4th quarter. like is winning it 120 to 114. it means they've now one more games this season. they've lost their 7th in the western conference. chelsea, striker raw molina, cocoa has issued a public apology, the team's fans. it follows a recent interview, when at the belgium place said he wanted to leave the london club, the cock who was signed from in some land for club record, $130000000.00 last august. he was dropped for sunday's game against liverpool, but is now back in the school for the upcoming lea kept semi final with tom for the
6:56 pm
fence. i'm sorry for the opposite. the cause. you guys know the connection that i have with this club since my teenage years. so in order to truly understand your your ups, you guys being upset, obviously up to me now to restore your trust and i'll do my best show commitment every day on the been the training ground in the games, trying to make sure that we've been games. he's very aware of what happened and, and what he created and he is in he feels the responsibility to, to clean them as up. maybe we will have a bit of smell still from it. of course he can handle it. he has yet. it has also no other choice. he can not expect. now everybody to be to be super happy . well, also on a little falls, lee kept semi final 1st, like much has been postponed. it was meant to happen on thursday at the m, or at stadium. the movie follows
6:57 pm
a request from liverpool who is suffering an increase in covered $900.00 cases. the club also just cause that training ground due to the worsening situation. bangladesh of pulled off a shock when against world her champion new zealand. on the final day of the contest, the hunt seem bolder for the 169. in the 2nd inning, bangladesh, easily chase down a victory target of 40. to win by 8 wickets is the 1st time they've ever beaten new zealand in its asthma ship. and just as 6 when in 61 overseas. this victory over new zealand, holding time bobbing, already lost the ashes and the 1st 3 tests of our series in australia, england made a decent start. the 4 1st in sidney markwood, dismissing their monosyllabic shane at the end of the rain affected day australia closing on a $126.00. 43. by getting okay, that is high sport is looking for now. 70 thanks so much and a man said sir, for this news our but i'm back in the couple of minutes of another for the show. so
6:58 pm
i do stay with us here on al jazeera. ah, ah january. well, i just, i hear we look back on us president joe biden bus deal in office 12 months on from the capital building might be part of the street. enjoy our social media community at sierra leone recovery from civil war continues. we mock 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line,
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steve clemons dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world . as we enter the 3rd year of it 19, we go back to woo hm. where it all began and investigate how far we come into the pandemic. january on a jesse about african stories from african perspective. most of them are never bored. one that has not been a good machine because of the voice of machine. and i feel like in, i mean it's short documentary spike, a feel make is from kenya, key rates, home of talent, down into something that is about and ivory coast colors. i lived here and scrap yet animal africa direct on al jazeera and to walk to i'll just a while to warm. we listen, design is are making serious efforts in order to in
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t and disrupt the 10 of those. here we meet with global use maintenance. i'm talking about the stormy stuck on how to seat ah. ready protest is, sees the air polls of cassock stands. biggest city almighty, despite the president threatening a tough response. 20 government rallies. ah, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up hong kong bands, flights from 8th countries, including the u. s and u. k. as a grapples with an outbreak of the micron korean, a virus variance.


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