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this is the beginning of friendship. this is the beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscrew date on al jazeera. ah for god's sake, please take advantage of what's available. please. the presidential plea, joe biden, tells us there is no excuse of being unvaccinated page 19 infections spar ah, alarm clock. this is al desert life from dough also coming up anger about ha, fuel prices erupt into huge protests and context on prompting. the governments
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resignation. tennis donna, jock of ich, is granted a vaccine waiver to play in the australian open organizes deny giving him special treatment and the 1st criminal charges related to the assassination of haiti's president of an annoyance. so that new as president joe biden has told americans, there is no excuse to be on vaccinated against covered 90. he and lead is around the world to grappling with infection numbers that are rising faster than ever john 100 reports now from washington dc. with the latest covariance, soaring to record highs, president joe biden began with a warning, and i'll give it to you straight as i promised you. i always would. we're going to say as you all have been hearing continued rise in cases then in his address to the nation, he offered reassurance. if you're vaccinated and boosted,
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you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed. the only crime variant is surging, setting a single day record with more than a 1000000 new infections over running test centers, leaving many more wondering if they too were contagious. the less lethal than previous variance and the crown is more infectious, threatening to overrun hospitals and threatening even children who are largely unvaccinated cove. it in a very short period of time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country. so i think it's about time that we stopped downplaying the significance of coven for children. the explosive contagion hit hardest in the u. s. his families gathered for the christmas holiday season, cancelling understaffed flights in setting off a wave of vaccine and re masking mandates across the us where positive coven tests
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have surged from 5 percent to 20 percent since november. many schools returned from the winter break online only, but here in washington ending new york where positive tests have grown from 3 percent to 33 percent. schools are open for business. new york's mayor insists that school is the safest place for children. if you look last year 2020, you witness that the transmission rate was less than one percent inside of school. and how so it was over 15 percent back in washington, president biden ended with a plea for the 35000000 eligible americans who remain unvaccinated. please take advantage of what's available please. in a nation where one's view of vaccination can depend on one's political affiliation, it seems certain that that's the plea that at least for some will fall on deaf ears . john henderson al jazeera washington. india is bracing for another wave of crone
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of ours says it's reported another high of more than 58000 new cases in one day. that is twice the number seen only 4 days ago. nearly a 3rd of those infections came from delia, mom by my thirties, have brought back curfews and other restrictions following the highest code with 19 infection numbers in months. let's cross right away to elizabeth ron m, whose life was a new dahlia and liz. what about these numbers? it seems there rising radically. absolutely not. can it's a warning situation around the country, the eastern city, all the cold cuts in that recorded a positivity rate of 38 percent. that is more than one and 3 people who are being tested, getting a positive result. you mentioned mom by and delhi and mom by they have seen an increase of 700 percent increase in cases over the past week with around just on the 7 percent of people. 7 and a half percent of people who tested positive on tuesday,
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needing hospitalization. now that still about 834 people. and so was that the rise in cases we seeing more and more restrictions all over the country. the southern states was cut. nautica is the latest to join delhi and imposing a weekend curfew were only a sensual act of the seas will be allowed from 10 pm on friday night till 5 am on monday. now, the, what the government is trying to do here is it's taking as it's completed, i guess, somewhat by the fact that the hospitalizations are relatively low, but it wants to keep things that way. so the health ministry has asked state that it expects all the states in the country to be at to begin establishing. re establishing the make shift field hospitals that it had about 9 months ago during the peak of the 2nd wave, re purposing hospital beds to make more room and cove at 19 wards. now the
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problem with what the government is doing though, and it's facing a lot of criticism, is that while many states of imposing more and more restrictions, they have been no restrictions placed on the political campaigning and political rallies that are taking place in 5 states. and india at the moment, including in the largest of the per day, which has a population of, you know, it's the size of brazil. and so that is something that people are watching to hear from the indian election commission, which has been holding me things over these upcoming elections and 5 states. and yet no restrictions has been imposed yet. and we're seeing politicians from all the political parties including communist and the android moiety holding values as they did 9 months ago during the peak of the 2nd wave list post. well, this interesting development about using a nasal spray is the vaccine this is coming from
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a sources have told the news agency a and i that the in the, in pharmaceutical company bought at biotech that it's been given approval by india's, runs the regulatory body to conduct phase 3 trials on this intra nasal vaccine, which means that it is administered through basal drops and that there is no needle required. now this company's adding to conduct a trial on 5000 people. half of them interestingly, had been an oc, elated with their jad core convection, and another half would be who received the indian, made a astrazeneca vaccine called co, the shield. now this is to be used as boosters and india on the started. it's only going to start giving booths to doses, to select people, to health care workers, to those are the 60, with co mobility for next week. it expanded affects nation program to include those between the ages of $15.18 this week. and the indian government has been again, it's been criticized by many independent medical experts who are saying that with
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such an astronomical rise in cases that we're seeing in india right. now that it needs to make boost is eligible for everyone, but the indian government is saying that with only 45 percent of the population receiving, i think it's receiving fully vaccinated. 45 percent of the population of fully vaccinated that it wants to focus on getting more people fully vaccinated before administering boosters. early live that month and so much of his problem that you've really thank you to china where a 2nd city has locked down its 1000000 residents. after reports of new crone of ours cases, country is rushing to contain even small outbreaks. 4 weeks before the aging winter olympics begin. the restrictions in yo joe, in central hannon province, will see most vehicles banned from roads and only daily necessities available in supermarkets. it's similar to what's been imposed for nearly 2 weeks in the
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industrial hub of shyanne. a, china's latest farro epi center resident sir. i've been complaining about food shortages, but the government insist it is distributing enough supplies showing and singular until official war monitor hall 0 cases in communities means a future situation where all new infections are found among close contacts, who are already in quarantine, to achieve 0 cases in communities as to create good conditions for an next step to gradually downgrading virus curves fitness. so hong kong has launched a city wide search for contacts of a person. in fact, we cope with 19 who dance with friends at a new year's eve party. officials fear the alma convent could be spreading undetected through the community. territory has struck her 0 cove with strategy by largely isolating itself from the world and enforcing and st. quarantine. and she also in hong kong about 2 and a half 1000 passengers are being held on a cruise ship for testing. authorities say they identified 9 passengers who had
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close contact with someone who was positive and they will be sent to a quarantine center while efforts are made to determine if anyone else on board has the virus. cuz it sounds president is accepted. the government's resignation after protests erupted over the high price of fuel. and he said, the largest city of our matee tear gas in stun grenades against them. threat as overnight on tuesday resident casem geo. martin give as declared a state of emergency their one is already in place, in other regions, at more than 200 people have been arrested across the country. while many cars have converted their cars to run on liquefied petroleum gas, or l. p g is cheaper than petrol because of government price caps, the government lifted those on sunday. the 3 year transition period was supposed to allow for the gradual end of price subsidies for domestic consumers, allowing the market to dictate prices when they ended on january. the 1st, the price of lpg doubled in some western regions. government accused
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a fuel stations of fixing prices. so many cutler's on tuesday, government officials set the price in the west, would be further cut by about half enough from for his penny, who's a correspondent for radio free europe. he says the protest could have wider regional case. i think this one thought everyone was surprised that it spread so bass and it did, you know, this protest tend to do. they started over at broken our regions, as we mentioned, the dublin and the price of liquified petroleum gas. but it quickly took a political angle where people started calling for free elections, of local officials, started calling for the alter about top officials in the government. so the, you know, they're, they're working to get this kind of under control as much as they can with going to hurt the reputation because the government, but, you know, cause expand is always been fairly stable. they've had moments in the last 10 years where there was some problems with the order was fairly quickly restored for the
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fact that it is a stable country in central asia, which has had some problems. some of the countries in the past, you know, there's going to be ripple effects that are going to come from this. and i imagine all the governments in central asia, of course, there are 607000 kilometer border with russia. so all the governments in those countries are going to be watching real closely. what happens if for no other reason than to make sure they don't make the kind of mistakes that the cause of authority to did by allowing the situation to get us out of and as it did today, the main suspect to the killing of haiti's president, german moist has appeared in the u. s. federal court for the 1st time. a former officer in columbia military was expedited from panama. these, the 1st phase criminal charges connected to the murder in july, the trigger a political crisis in the caribbean nation authorities for arrested dozens of people, but none has been formally charged. my kinda has more on the case from washington d. c. well, he has now been formally charged in a miami federal court having been brought in by f. b. i. agents from panama,
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which is where he was arrested while boarding a flight. it is reported to jamaica. now he is a sum of one of some, 2 dozen former colombian commandoes who were employed by a miami security firm earlier last year. c t u security. they would then deployed to haiti initially it said as a personal protection group, there to protect political figures within haiti. however, it does appear according to prosecutors that this then moved into basically what became an assassination squad and palacio is set to be one of the 5 members who actually entered the compound of the then haitian president opened voici, and assassinated him on july. the 7th. 3 of the others were with him, were killed during that operation. there are another 18 it is believed,
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fill in detention within haiti, they have not faced any form of charges. so obviously a lot of questions for mario palostio in terms of exactly what happened, who was responsible for the actual killing of the haitian president. and very importantly, who was the brains behind this whole operation? now, many had insisted that the u. s. was in some way involved, but the fact that the u. s. has now brought its 1st prosecution in connection with the case a very important detail indeed f b i. agents have been assisting the haitian police for a large period of time. now, in the inquiry into the assassination, but this particular risk, this particular case may cost more light on all the events that happened back in july last year. we've got the weather coming up next. and then in canada, a landmark deal between some members of the indigenous community and the government . the u. s. judge reveals more about when a key ruling will be made in the sex abuse case,
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the gates from century. ah hello, good to see you 1st, we're going to begin with the temperature story across europe. paint on the colors, the darker the orange, the higher the temperature, but changes are now here, a fracture feel for many across europe. that's because we've got this north way in dragon down temperatures, glasgow 3 london, 6 and paris a high 7 degrees on wednesday. ok, let's talk about the precipitation story right now. a slug of rain for the northwest of spain. that's going to drift down portugal from porto to lisbon and sherri de from madrid. 8 degrees are temperatures both by day and night, a below average. and we will get some sub 0 temperatures in there as well. we do have rain coming down through through the belly. eric says sardinia corsica, the northern portion of italy, and along the eastern shore of the atria,
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see we'll see those winds wind up to about 70 kilometers per hour. but look at the warmth here belgrade, 18 degrees. your record for january is 21, so you're getting pretty close to record territory. southerly flow is also popping up the temperatures in turkey. 16 for is stan bulge while for on cra, but a few showers toward the south that includes on talia with a high of 8 degrees, top end of africa. those showers will peter out across that morocco, but still some showers for elders with a high of 16 degrees on wednesday. ok, i'm out of time. see you soon. ah, with frank assessments, this crisis or use continue to weaken luca shanker, even though their campus he believes in the beginning that people expect for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated?
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not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, i forgot you're watching out 0 mind about top storage lisa and u. s. president joe biden has told americans there is no excuse for not being vaccinated against cope with 19. he and other world leaders are grappling with numbers of infections that are rising faster than ever. for the 1st time in 3 months, hong kong was found a case of korean of ours that has not been able to trace health officials say is likely to be the oma from barrett. the search for anyone who's had contact with us
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. because it sounds president has accepted the government's resignation of to protest against price a few more than $200.00 people have been arrested for attacking the government to building south cruise military says north korea has fired at least one ballistic missile towards the sea. on wednesday of the reclusive countries east coast, it previously tested one in october. last week north korean leader kim jogan fell to continue building up his country's military capabilities. it said it's donna at joker, which has received a medical exemption to compete in the australian open. the tournament has strict covert 19 vaccination requirements in place as director says, jock, which has not been granted any special favor. top ranking tennis player has refused to reveal whether he's been inoculated the last year. he said that he was opposed to being vaccinated. go live now to sarah clark in brisbin, sir, was being the response, sir, to this exemption. where the response has been switched to and widespread angle
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cause not just victoria, which is the host state, the strain open, but across the country. and of course, this is coming at a time where strains are struggling to deal with reco number since the pandemic began. and we've also got massive spike and infections in victoria again where the strain open it to be hosted that the victorian government has deny the given joke of which a special treatment. it has acknowledged that some people may find this very frustrating, but they said that they satisfied that he has met the key criteria that is required to warrant travel exemption. so drug bits will and i believe he's on a plane expected to arrive in australia today. they have said that the process was robust and rigorous, and the decision was based on 2 independent assessments. and i should say that the criteria for an exemption for this particular trouble, without a back saying the criteria, he must admit, be 3 particular parts the ad. but he could have the adverse response to the back
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thing. secondly, he could be recovered case of carpet 19 or thirdly, he's undergo on recent major surgery. now a joke bitches repeatedly declined or refused to acknowledge, will reveal his vaccinations status and that's of course been one quite controversial note. but some time last year he said he refused to be told to take it back. pain enabled to travel. so it's not clear what the medical condition is. kenneth stratford and the ceo of this particular toner had said it's up to jock of each to disclose the medical conditions. but they did not. the 26 people that could be tennis stuff and support crew as well as the athletes have applied for this exemption, but only a handful had been approved. and of course that includes a joke that she felt at sir on the recall code numbers. how's the government dealing with this? well, the kind of numbers have hit pandemic records, the strategy of the government been under pressure to address to key issue number one. a lack of these rapid agile test is simply impossible to get,
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and the government been under pressure to make them free and accessible to the general public. and the 2nd thing is the pcr test results. they've been massive cheese across most cities across the street. here to try and get number one, the pci kits, and then the results are delayed. the quick figures before i don't to national cabinets. nissan wells on wednesday, i recorded 35000 cases and i dis queens and victoria have also had big numbers. now the national cabinet has just finished the private so it's got martin who leads the cabinet has my 2 kids, but they will provide confessional access to these rapid adjective tests through the pharmaceutical network. there's also a note now that pci proof of travel across the borders around australia is not required that it's been a key thing putting under the system under pressure the last couple of weeks during the holiday break. that will be now exempt from all states except witness ready for 2 key measures that national cabinet has agreed to ease pressure on on the system.
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a health system of its county struggling are certainly that things are much circling argentina, light countries everywhere is experiencing the surgeon, korean virus infections. more than 44000 cases were reported on tuesday to raise a bo has more now from the capital. one is a long lines of people waiting for a covey test. him. when aside, if they have been waiting for hours as authority struggle to cope with a rise in covey 19 infections, i feel sad at the said he had a moral obligation to get tested after coming in close contact with a relative infected with cove 19 being over here i went to a party and i've heard 3 vaccine shots. my niece told me last night she has covered so here i am, i am working in an office and i have to be responsible. the government has confirmed the army chron variant is responsible for the rice infections etiquette.
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amanda says, the positivity is alarmingly. hi, amanda, but i am in total, we are testing around 300 people of every 150 tests. we do 50 a positive. it's a rapid test, but we are seeing the increase. the city's government started setting up these testing sites and many parts of when, as aires last week, because of the increase and cases. precedents out of, of our members have this hard in the re imposing restrictions. i believe for now of a number of people in the hospitals due to coven 19 remains low, and the death rate has not varied in the past month. and that's why the government is focusing on the progress of their vaccination campaign that began one year ago. many south american countries, i winning the vaccination, race, 63 percent of the regions population is vaccinated and that figure continues to increase. but annually say omicron still poses a serious threat to the health system. reason i can be on the market bills in a country like argentina where the health system is fragile and you see problems
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even in the united states. you see hospitalizations or increasing doctors and nurses are getting sick. the problem is double. i'm looking at the cars from brazil, from pru, even from july when they had a peak 3 weeks ago, and then it went down. well, i can say, is it everyone is vulnerable to this? and that's why leaders in the region are pushing for more booster shots. and preparing for some difficult days ahead. as the army kron variant continues to spread bit, if i will, i'll just see them when a site is kind of there is working to make amends for its past involving the pool and abusive treatments of indigenous people. the government says it will pay just over $30000000000.00 to compensate those taken his children from their families and put into state care to advances more from vancouver. this is history making in canada, a press conference to announce a milestone in addressing miss treatment and discrimination against 1st nations families. i'm very pleased to announce that canada and the parties have agreed to
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significant agreements and principal one that provides fair and equitable compensation to 1st nations children and families harmed by discriminatory under funding. and the other addressing the long term term or form that's needed for the 1st nations child and family services program. it's been almost 15 years since canada's human rights tribunal ruled child and family services had discriminated against 1st nations children leaving hundreds of 1000 suffering trauma and spiraling into poverty. billions in compensation in an agreement in principle and still for those affected. it is mostly an important step forward. we have a long way to go to address the poverty in our nations. and no amount of money will ever be the right amount, nor will it bring back a childhood last. but today is about acknowledgments about being seen and heard
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children taken from their families and put into a system under funded and ill equipped to deliver the basics of life, led to generational trauma, harm and loss. this milestone announcement cannot turn back the clock, but if solidified by the deadline, will build the framework. the agreement, in principle we assigned today will support 1st nations children so that they can have the same opportunities to grow up with their families and communities thriving through their cultures and languages. as a next step and a difficult one, canada and the parties will negotiate a final settlement agreement which will map out how compensation will flow to 1st nations, children and families. will establish a framework for long term funding to improve services for children and families. the parties have until march 31st to finalize the agreement, jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver. opec plus has agreed to continue boosting oil output by $400000.00 barrels per day. the group of oil producers and allies, led by russia,
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took the decision after meeting in vienna to put it into context before the pandemic. the world was consuming $99700000.00 barrels of oil per day. this lump to $90000000.00 per day in 2020, and it's believe to reach 96500000 last year. a bank is predicting demand will exceed pre pandemic levels and reach a 100800000 barrels a day. and 202-2000 jabbar has gone up from vienna. this was a virtual meeting held by the 13 opec members plus 10 other countries, including russia. and they've taken this decision to continue to increase opec's output as they did last july, following the huge slash that they took in at 2020. as a result of the pandemic opec decided in 2020, that to add they will cut output by $10000000.00 barrels of or per day. now as of july,
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they've decided that they're going to slowly start to bring that number back up to make up for that deficits. they're hoping by september of this year, they will be going back to free pandemic levels of production. this is important because of course, opec provides 40 just over 40 percent of the world's oil supply. and this meeting today was just another reiteration of their position that they will continue to increase production of 4 of $400000.00 barrels of oil per day. for the month of february, and that will continue monthly until they meet again at their next meeting will be next month. again, lawyers for brooklyn's prince. andrew have asked to new york court to dismisses sexual abuse case against him. virginia jeffrey says she was forced to have sites with andrew when she was 17 years old after being transferred to by the late convicted such with frances defense as she signed to deal with epstein that prevents her from serene kristen. smith has more not from new york lawyers for
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prince. andrew attempted to get the lawsuit against him, thrown out based on document in a civil suit between job free and jeffrey upstate. that was come to back in 2009 in that agreement. he epstein agreed to pay to fray a half $1000000.00, and in exchange she agreed not to pursue charges against any other quote potential defendants in the case. so lawyers for the prince has argued that that means she can't sue him, but her lawyers push back against that saying that the agreement does not apply in this case because that was in a different court jurisdiction in florida in a state course. the judge, hearing the arguments, actually pushed back very strongly against the defense prince andrew's attorneys, and offered another argument pointing to another clause in the agreement which said
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that any other person was barred from using that agreement. in another court case and see this suggests that he thought prince andrew perhaps could not use this agreement to get the case thrown out. so it's all very technical legal, procedural arguments. at the end of the day, the judge said he would make his decision very soon, and this decision will determine whether or not the case proceeds to an actual trial. ah, this is out there are. these are the top stories and you as president joe biden has told americans, there is no excuse not to be vaccinated against cobra. 19 he and other world leaders of grappling with a steep rise and infection numbers. so 35000000 people.


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