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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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is thought a be that the he edges eda, the occupied with bank lawyers for britain's prince. andrew advanced to new york court dismissal, sexual abuse case against him. virginia jeffrey says that she was forced to have sex with andrew when she was 17 years old. after being trafficked by convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, the princess lawyers say that she signed a deal with epstein the prevents from suing him the judge assent decide soon whether the case will go ahead. ah, it took him to the summit of adrian finnegan here in doha, the headlines and al jazeera, the u. s. a says, a new global record with more than a 1000000 new cove at 19 cases registered in a day. the huge jump is to, in part, to delays and reporting over the new year weekend. but the u. s. has seen an average of 480000 daily infections over the past week. so
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35000000 people not vaccinate it. and let me be absolutely clear, we have in hand all the vaccines we need to get every american fully vaccinated, including the booster shot. so there's no excuse, no excuse for anyone being on vaccinated. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. so we gotta make more progress. the u. k is recorded more than 200000 daily karone of ours cases for the 1st time. prime minister boris johnson says they'll be no new restrictions for now. but warned of challenging weeks ahead. you, joe has become the 2nd chinese city to be put into total lockdown off to reports of new corona virus cases. the restrictions are similar to those imposed for the past 2 weeks in the industrial hub of she am the main suspects and the assassination of haiti's president juvenile moiz, as appeared in
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u. s. federal court for the 1st time, 43 year old, former columbia military officer, mario palazzios, was expedited from panama. he's the 1st to face criminal charges in the july moda, which triggered a political crisis in hazy court in canada, has ordered iran to pay $84000000.00 to the families of those killed in the downing of a plane. in 2020, iran's military shot down a ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board. many of those were canadian citizens, while had residency in canada. cas exxon's president says he's imposing price controls from gas and diesel for the next 6 months. that they off to tear gas and stung grenades were used against protests as an al massey at least $200.00 of been detained. 95 police officers were injured. others the headlights 40 is fear here after the listening posts coming up, thanks a son ah father
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ah! a mutual love of the arts the stage is set to immortalize fading memories. ah, in a magical race against time. witness our time machine on a jessie una. the paper here on the yard, we understand that there has been a plane crash on the southern manhattan. that was like a 2nd. and never again, going to be the same most new york. it will not be the same and it will not be to say not in the history on this nation, has carnage me. there was an eat, those that took cold that, you know, this terrible attack was
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a big threat to the country and that somehow we were all in this together, the government and the the response ought to be appropriate to what is in fact, the 2nd pearl harbor the climate after $911.00 and meant that if you spoke out against the calls to invade iraq or the war on terror, you are committing career suicide. this is about good versus evil. this is about people who want to destroy us, our civilization, and our way of life. you live in basically created a world in which the united states was able to present itself as a force of good fighting against this international axis of evil. states like these and their turns down lives constitute an axis of evil behind the rhetoric is a reality, which is filled with death and destruction for people in the middle east and
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central asia and south asia. we need to put paper on notice that if they harbor terrorists, they are going to get it. legacy has been creating more terrorism. actually, we've done a long way to go or to achieve our objectives that america has no interest in fighting an endless war in afghanistan. war, the enhanced, the conditions that produce what is supposed to eradicate. we want to fight a war allison and when i could win that war in a week, i just don't want to kill 10000000 people. i know my decision will be criticized. but i would rather take all that criticism, pastors decision onto another president and united states, yet another one, the war that can never really end. ah, one did not have to be a visionary to realize on september 11th, 2001 that the united states was about to change. a strike at the heart of the
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world's only superpower, almost $3000.00 american lives lost in a single day, will have that effect. what was unfair seen was how many people in countries that had nothing to do with the 911 attacks had been affected by what the bush administration called the people who have never set foot in the west have seen their own countries change their own rights. freedom supplies restrict the invasion of afghanistan and iraq turned from a temporary intervention into long term occupations. and we're still dominating. nice like they were in 2000 today, taliban fighters took control of the capital cobble. it was a crusade as president george w bush once called. we've never seen this kind of evil before. but the evil doers
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have never seen the american people. it started with the white house, forging alliances on the airwaves imprint and in intellectual circles. one of the intellectuals who was brought into the white house to help frame the war on terror is bernard lewis, who are not. louis is famous for coining the term clash of civilizations. they want to turn this into a religious war. a war of islam against what they see, see the world of the unbelievers and in the world of the unbelievers. obviously the americans come 1st. another person who was brought in is freed secaria. at the time was the editor, international edition of new suite of the war takes place and it goes well, which i think it probably will. you will also see at the end of this war that saddam hussein was indeed a murderous tire. and there will be stories that will be evidence and in that sense, you will, you will. this will, will look better in history perhaps than it does today. 911 gave
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a new lease and a new life to orientalist ideas and even orientalist scribes. this man can world view of good and evil in away aloud for the bush administration's notion of this. lemme call to replace actually the space that the evil empire of a soviet union had occupied before. and so the idea really was that it was the role of the united states to go in and civilized these peoples. and what these intellectuals did is they wrapped up and made it palatable for the 21st century. it was a time when the line separating american journalism from those in power faded away or was willingly cross november 29th, 2000. and one was a case in point. it is a day that has stuck to for read the car and proper capital. a writer who worked at
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for the atlantic both attended a meeting, organized by the deputy secretary of defense, paul wolf with a gathering of hawks planning, a war and messengers who knew how to sell a brainstorming session. that capital now would mit produced a forceful summary of pro war arguments at the time. the most significant talking point of the meeting with that the united states had to find a way to change the regime in iraq in supporting the iraq war. i build my own test as a realist and have never ceased to remind by readers of that over the last 20 years . i attended no other meetings about the iraq war. and it's correct to say that meeting such as this one, provided an intellectual veneer to the policy that emerged. what rankles me is that with a few exceptions,
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the people who were writing robustly in favor of the war in iraq, they're the editors of some of the most important publications in the united states . right now. they're my friends. i don't wanna single them out, but none of them paid a price not no $1.00. i supported the war because i was a journalist who had gotten too close to my story. i had made several trips in the 19 eighties and i had never experienced tyranny. like i did in saddam hussein's iraq, so i said to myself, what's worse than this? nothing could be worse than this. well, i found out in the years since the invasion that the anarchy in iraq after saddam cell was much, much worse than the tyranny under his rule. whether caught up in a rush of patriotism or addicted to the ratings that rise when broadcaster is bang,
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the drums of too much of the american media bought into the legalize on iraqi w. m. d. 's terrorist sleeper south than the us. and saddam hussein's fictional links to al qaeda new studios were flooded with ex, military officers turned front men for weapons manufacturers urging us to attack iraq, presented as experts were more like profit here at the pentagon, played a ordinating role in getting them on the air. let's turn to retire general. joseph ralston, also jeremy general bernard trainer. he's a retired marine corps lieutenant general. air force lieutenant general tom mac. and ernie who is with us in our foxes, were briefing room. they were beltway band, your former pentagon officials, who make out like bandits when they go into the private sector, and then work for military contractor history. this campaign is brilliant. it
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doesn't involve any collateral damage, no villages, no urban warfare. and it was a scandal that david barstow of the new york times uncovered. he brought in the minutes of the meetings between rumsfeld and the military experts who were going on tv was a completely orchestrated program inside the pentagon, giving talking points to the experts who would go on the media to shape public opinion. ah, anti war perspectives were marginalized, in some cases censor, the new york times was not the only us media outlet to turn into a conveyor belt for a false narrative. but because of its reach and influence at home and abroad, it helped set the news agenda. jill abramson was the times, is washington bureau chief chris hedges, his beat at the time was outside,
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the media was complicit in, perpetuating this mit. you can't make a war on terror. that's o t ology. it's impossible. and yet we reacted we drank from that very dark elixir of nationalism. you have to remember after the attacks of 911, the bush administration perpetrated on, on purpose this kind of fear and how they ended up passing the patriot act. and the 2002 authorization use military force actor. so you had fear, but then you also had american chauvinism. and that was a very deadly mix, that an essence blinded the new york times as an institution. it wasn't just one or 2 reporters right after $911.00. i remember the director of the ca, george tenant, calling me. i was the washington bureau chief for the new york times. and on that call, enlisting my agreement that the times would not do
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any reporting or disclose and of intelligence sources and methods. he just talked to the washing and posts. and he ticked off the networks and everybody had agreed. and the times ended up giving huge play some seriously flawed news stories that were based on for rocky defectors, who turned out to have very little information of value about the current state of affairs and rock me in 2004, the times published an editorial may a copa of sorts admitting that some of its coverage leading up to the iraq war was not as rigorous as it should have been. it said editors who should have been challenging reporters and pressing for more skepticism, were perhaps too intent on rushing scoops into the paper. the editorial ended with
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a promise to continue aggressive reporting aimed at setting the record straight in the us military on leave, a massive series of air strikes on baghdad and other cities in iraq. and it was both shocking and awesome, as it was promised to be swept the nation after the events of $911.00. so much show that journalists felt that they could not ask critical questions. cbs anchor, dan, rather who went on the letterman show and who said george bush is depression and he makes the decisions. and you know, there's just one american wherever you want me to line up, you tell me where and he'll make the call. talk about and media that have completely given up their autonomy. fox news, and rupert murdoch's empire was consistently in favor of the war on iraq. in fact,
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all his editors about a 180 of them took a pro war line in the lead up to the iraq war one, oregon. saddam begins. we expect every american to support our military and if they can't do that, to shut on color or audiences were led to believe the iraq war would be over in months. if not weeks and months. our patients will be one of our strikes that american troops would not end up mired there or in afghanistan, which the us invaded to hunt down to summer. been loudon and al qaeda and where a decade after been loggins assassination. american forces remained when the biden administration finally entered the afghan, establish, and last month american news companies featured many of the same voices. obviously, this is an unmitigated disaster column. we did, our dc defense contract around they had advocated for the invasions and the
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subsequent occupation were now arguing that the us was leaving afghans at the mercy of the taliban. and abandoning american interest on time 911, also birth to a new generation of security centric films and television shows produced to trade unfair the pentagon and the cia have long had an informal symbiotic relationship with all supplying movie makers with military hardware or turning the spy agencies headquarters in virginia into a film set in exchange for the state friendly screenplays. 2 months after 911 in november of 2147 top hollywood executives met with bush advisor, karl rove in los angeles. to discuss patriotic plot lines,
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the industry could craft rove later said it was about showing that the war in afghanistan was not against islam, but against terrorism. that distinction would be lost on most filmmakers, and eventually their audiences. there was 24. it's centered around a counter terror, risen agent by the name of jack bower. and every season is based on 24 hours of trying to avert this terrorist plot. high water wall is torturing people, sometimes killing them. but the audience is led to believe that he has no choice, but to do all these horrific things. so that sure was fantastically popular and played a very big role in terms of creating a terrorism mindset. season for of the show 24 had an ad
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campaign with a muslim family that looked very suburban americas did. please don't, these are not i can't even tell you the shock i felt when i saw that i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of it. drones are being dropped because we are the unionized countries. i'm bated because we are the human eyes because people do not have empathy with brown people. homeland which took over from our 24 round from 2011 to 2020 and marked a shift from the kind of shoot him a cowboy narrative off 24 into obama's, smarter war on terror. all the muslim characters are nefarious and terrible, except for one of the agents who is an iranian american, who proves her loyalty by being extremely patriotic,
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but your current state of mind miss royal to, to him and to the agency, a very live issue. call the director, not to worry. she's a good muslim, right? that showed how cultural knowledge of the enemy, good intelligence and diplomacy were important in terms of winning the war on terror. of course it also justified extra judicial killing. it justify torture and all the rest of it. so now you've got the air for the muslim who is a c h and but nobody stopped and asked for hold it. you know, is this now human? i think us are you making us, you know, like everybody else when you get far, speakers with experience and international finance, i had to help wake him be tell him we really those about how damaging it was for american coaches to be center, but not a single movie about how damaging it was for the people down after $911.00,
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any nuanced discussion of the islam of the world or what it means to be muslim is vanquished. and what we get, in fact, are just these empty slogans and cliches that take the place of real understanding or knowledge. so you get films like american sniper butcher, you've got to say kid on the avenue, the entire premise of the film that these people are terrorists who savagely attack innocence. they're not defending their own country from invasion, kind of mind to move. it feeds very pernicious stereotypes. there are very few films that actually show a nuanced portrayal of what context make terrorism possible. what drives young men to become tears. there are examples of
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film by morgan. maybe i use voices of god. is the policy and film paradise. no, it's not a coincidence that the psalms are not american. these films show the complexity of the socio economic and geo political climate that push certain young men into the hands of terrorists organizations. scientists then of course, films articlemodel d. right. and these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit, and they want to produce what sells in a way. but oftentimes, it rhymes with the official discourse and narrative of the state.
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after so many years of you need dimensional reductive depictions of error muslims and the middle east accordion says have been conditions to expect certain kind of bad guys. i stopped in the blood was those one and it's sprayed everywhere which may explain why the new york times. incidentally, winning podcast, 2018. california was such an essential character who went by the elliot abu, who told the times he wasn't islamic states, soldier and furnish the paper was tailored to violence. and barbara had staggered multiple times. he put them on the cross to leave a dagger in his heart. the podcast was downloaded millions of time, but the story turned out to be a hoax. abu safe was real name is,
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sharon shouted. he is a fraud, a scientist who sold a fictional tale 2 times reporter, meaning color market one she would eventually, when a peabody award for the paper was forced to admit it, got it wrong. blaming and institutional failure, 16 years after acknowledging the failings in its post 9 coverage. promising to be more rigorous, the new york times had done it again. but the point remains online. with this screen, the time has concluded that the episodes of cal feet that presented a child to his claims did not meet our standards for accuracy. and the times stood by telemarketing. his journalism has been called into question before describing her final report. and so since muslims are demonized it's,
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it's very easy for the media to embrace stories however false that cater to that stereotype of muslims. and the new york times did precisely this. when i put out the caliph based on the testimony given by an imposter. it was completely untrue, but it catered to that stereotype. it was lurid. it was salacious. it was audio snuff, poor people being crucified and stabbed in the heart and the blood was everywhere to help it. i just do, i'm a fake killer. now. i didn't give him a chance to repent, stabbed him, but because of the long denigration of muslims with both within popular culture and within the media. it was believable. those stereotypes that play unfair are uneasy sound for the politicians. filmmakers and news networks that acted as travel agents for the war on terror discourse, political leaders,
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the world over have adopted that language. in some cases have copied and pasted the legislation to surveil and ultimately their own opposition. i speak to someone who was always against this sandra g. i always wanted to see the end of dictatorship. but i, like many iraqis did not want to see the destruction of an entire society and the dismantling of institutions that took 100 years to bill. we did not have terrorism before 2003. we did not have car bombs. we have not have malicious running around killing people, the war on terror and the atmosphere it created. it has generated so much unnecessary fear amongst so many citizens. so it's become a very convenient tool to completely crush any kind of legitimate political
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opposition. the fear narrative has become far more pervasive since $911.00. i yeah. it was a terrifying and then the whole country watch thousands of people die on that day. but we remained in a perpetual state of, of the year. there were always new threats that were being played. one of the key accomplishments, i think of the war on terror is really to create a world that is a lot scarier in people's minds than it is in reality. what is really alarming for people who study the war on terra and who have a sense of the actual threat posed by islamist or jihad. this group is the extent
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to which this threat has been overblown and over inflated not just in the united states, but around the world to justify various course of policies. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. remember, we are the most watch, spied upon photograph, monitored population in human history. and when your government watches you 24 hours a day, you can't use the word liberty. you'll have the relationship of a master and slave. and that is the real legacy of 911. the global citizens persuaded by political leaders and news organizations to fear unseen enemies have surrendered some of their basic civil rights in the name of staying safe in september of 2001. the bush administration called the downing of the world trade center, an attack on freedom. however, 2 decades later,
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you've come to realize that the actual sustained attack on freedom lies in so much of what has happened since. it is a war on descent dressed up, disguised as a war on terror. mm. informed opinion. there was a nice abby army federal government to take action to really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought more than has not gonna go machine because of the voice of machine i feel like in, i mean, it's short documentary by african filmmakers from kenya. he raised almost done it down into something that is super and ivory coast colors. i live here
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in scrap yet animal africa direct on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm adrian again in dough hall with a summary of the news on i was 0. the u. s. has become the 1st countries report, a 1000000 corona virus cases in a single day. a combination of the delta and on the chrome variance of driving record infection numbers. us president joe biden says that the key to beating the outbreak is for the unvaccinated to get the jobs. i was serious john henry reports from washington, dc with the latest covariance soaring to record highs. president joe biden began with a warning and i'll give it to you straight as i promise to.


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