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me be the hero, the world needs right now. i was, i i, i know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic. these coming weeks are going to be challenging, please, where your masking promise to protect yourself and others. going to get through this. another play from the us president for americans to get vaccinated, and where mom defied soaring co greno virus infections across the country. ah, hello melinda. this is out there a life and also coming up the 1st criminal charges for the assassination of the
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president, juvenile, noisy, a former military officer from columbia appears in court. please contact our once again. a protest is back on the streets of 2, john demonstrating against the military out of state of emergency protest. bob's by massive hi. can fuel prices threatening to spiral as a control in kazakhstan? nations across the world are struggling to contain the outbreak of the on the chrome variance, the u. s. has become the 1st country to report a 1000000 cases in its daily italy. these infections have been translated into a large number of deaths spot. it is causing major disruption. thousands of schools are pushing back plans to reopen us. president joe botton says the key to basing the outbreak is for the own vaccinated to get their jobs. and it's also
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a similar story in europe. the uke has reported a record 218000 new cases and says more than a 1000000 people on self isolation, france to has reported record number of cases. government officials have bound to enact a law to block unvaccinated people from hospitality. venues in the coming weeks. john henry begins coverage from washington, dc with the latest covariance soaring to record highs. president joe biden began with a warning and i'll give it to you straight because i promise to i always would. we're going to say as you all been hearing continued rise in cases. then in his address to the nation, he offered reassurance. if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed. the alma crohn variant is surging, setting
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a single day record with more than a 1000000 new infections over running test centers, leaving many more wondering if they too are contagious. the less lethal than previous variance, omicron is more infectious, threatening to overrun hospitals and threatening even children who are largely unvaccinated cove. it in a very short period of time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country. so i think it's about time that we stopped downplaying the significance of coven for children. the explosive contagion hit hardest in the us. his families gathered for the christmas holiday season, cancelling understaffed flights in setting off a wave of vaccine and re masking mandates across the us where positive coven tests have surged from 5 percent to 20 percent. since november. many schools returned from the winter break online only, but here in washington and in new york,
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where positive tests have grown from 3 percent to 33 percent, schools are open for business. new york's mayor insists that school is the safest place for children. if you look last year 2020, you witness that the transmission rate was less than one percent inside of school. and how so it was over 15 percent back in washington, president biden ended with a plea for the 35000000 eligible americans who remain unvaccinated. please take advantage of what's available please. in a nation where one's view of vaccination can depend on one's political affiliation, it seems certain that that's a plea, that at least for some will fall on deaf ears. john henderson al jazeera washington . of course, there's a lot more days to consider than just the record number of new cases in the u. s.
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his criminal offense, maria with a look at some of the numbers behind the headline. a 1000000 coven tases in one day is obviously a huge issue for the united states. but there is a little more nuance and even some slightly good news when you go behind the numbers. so let's start with this. the 1st chance we've got from our world and data . this is looking at cumulative cases of covered 90, not daily tases. this is, everything has been over the pandemic up the top. there we are now looking at $55000000.00 plus cases of covert throughout the pandemic. so if you're getting 1000000 of those cases in one day, in a pandemic, that's the last 2 years. that is clearly a huge issue. the good news, though, if i can use that phrase, is the death, right? it's not going up. certainly not the highs that we saw there. this was a year ago when there were around 3 and a half 1000 deaths a day. at this point, we're now down to about 1200 a day, which is still a lot. but as you can see from the trend, there it is quite erratic to was the end, but it's not going up at any great rate. the big concern is probably when we're
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talking about infection numbers is the positivity, right? let me explain it this way. this graph shows covered tests per $1000.00 people. that's the metric we're using. now this shows that there are 4 out of every $1000.00 people being test at a rate of 4 tests per $1000.00 people. now again, look at the end of the graph. it's not going up, there is no massive increase in testing numbers. and we know there is a problem with testing kit, availability, and the not had states of the testing staying at the same sort of level 4 out of a 1000. but look at the positivity, right? this is the number of cases or the percentage of cases that are positive out of each test. now, down here it was at around 5 percent. this is only be a couple months ago. it is now at 22 percent. 22 percent positivity rate amongst tests in america. that is all micron at work that more transmissible
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contagious variant. dalton, david friedman, is president elect of the american society of tropical medicine and hygiene. he says a balance needs to be strong between public health and keeping the economy going. cases are very hard to track now. many people are doing self tests at home. there are no good mechanisms to report them quickly to public health authorities. so the 1000000 we heard about is actually maybe more than one day's worth, because a lot of reports weren't submitted over over the weekend. so hospitalizations really speak to the impact on the health care system. and the, the, the impact on the population. people was sick in the hospital is another important thing to know because the, the, the i, c use are not full of hospitals are getting to be full again. but for example,
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our hospital only has about 10 people in the i see you right now on ventilators, where is it was 70 or 75 at the pico last winter, we have to run our economy. and most of the people that are out there, especially the ones that are vaccinated, are only mildly ill. and you know, theoretically, could work, but we're not going to break the chain of transmission. and it is a trade off between keeping the economy going and decreasing the number of infections. where as for many people it's, it's just a bad cold for a few days. and we do have this whole tension. a new guidelines came out. you know that how many days you need to isolate at home before you go back to work and it's been set at 5. and that means that a lot of people. busy busy going, who feel well at 5 days are going to go back to work infectious and keep up with
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the cycle of transmission. but at the same time, keep the economy running. as we mentioned, the u. k is recorded more than 200000 daily current of our cases for the fast time prime and the bars. johnson says this is a moment for caution and they will be challenging weeks ahead. but he insists the restrictions in place at the moment or enough, or re challenge reports from london for high school students in england. this is their welcome back to school in 2020, to raise the call. not here waiting for. okay, for, for grades i know your eyes will. yeah. a swore about the nose for every pupils to check that cobit free and ready for class. and in the classrooms mosque sit back and recommended for the 1st time since may rules in england. now aligned with scotland, wales and northern ireland, pupils of war and mosques for months. the u. k is main teaching unions of culture more from the government, resources for testing, staff absences,
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and foster parent ventilators that winston community academies principal is making the best of it. the additional guidance that we had around mass coming in was supportive of that because we really want the children to be here. nothing replaces being in the classroom with other children. and so having that on the actual flight test, vaccinations that are happening all seem to us to be measures to kind of keep schools open and that's what we really won't say be happening. work as it back off to the holidays to the london bridge stations rush hour was noticeably quiet. many people either following advice to work from home or isolating with cove it. there are only 6 or 7 people on the floor were that critical focuses on mostly 95 percent. the people i work from home or how they work. i mean they may be less than half of the office. so, over the last 7 days, more than a 1000000 britons have tested positive coven 19 the government has tasked ministers
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with planning for worst case scenario. one in for people being off work. if anything close to that figure is reached and keeping vital services going is going to be an uphill struggle. several hospital troughs, civil ready, declared critical incidence. it's what help bosses do when they're war, or they can't provide priority services. on tuesday evening, boris johnson said the country could ride out the omicron wave without shutting down the economy saying to but the weeks ahead are going to be challenging both here in the u. k. and across the world, there is no escaping the fact that some services will be disrupted by st. off absences. and if we all play our port in containing the spread of this virus, the disruptions we face can be far less severe than the national lockdown. reasons to be careful, reasons to be optimistic perhaps for the storm, certainly isn't over yet. will reach helen's now to 0 london. more than
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a 100 passengers on board, a cruise ship in the mediterranean have tested positive. the m. s. c. grandiose via is now docs near rome. most of the passengers are from miss lee. those who live in genoa were allowed to disembark when it stopped there on monday, the rest on hospitals and clinics where they will have to stay until they test negative. a 2nd chinese city has been put into a total lockdown after reports. new corona viruses, cases. you joe, as the city of more than 1000000 in central hannon province. the restrictions a similar to those, imposed for the past 2 weeks in the industrial hump of shan. for days residence there have been complaining by food shortages officials. a rush rushing to contain even small outbreaks, with the winter olympics and beijing, less than a month away. the king and queen of sweden have tested positive for coven 19 king, ca, gustavo,
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and queen sylvia. ourselves isolating with mild symptoms of faith and triple vaccinated sweden, so its highest number of daily infections on december, the 30th, just over 11 and a half 1000 people tested positive on the day, the rapids spread up. the only cold variance has put pressure on the countries health care system. argentina is also experiencing a surge, a new crown of virus infections. more than 44000 cases were reported on tuesday. theresa bo has more from the captain when his heiress, long lines of people waiting for a covey test him when, aside as they have been waiting for hours as authority struggle to cope with a rise in covey, 19 infections. and for the last sat at the said he had a moral obligation to get tested after coming in close contact with a relative infected with cove. at 19 being over, i went to a party and i've heard 3 vaccine shots. my niece told me last night she has quoted,
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so here i am. i'm working in an office and i have to be responsible. the government has confirmed the army kron variant is responsible for the rice infections. eddie got amanda says the positivity is alarmingly. hi, amanda. but i have in total, we are testing around $300.00 people of every $150.00 tests. we do 50 a positive. it's a rapid test, but we are seeing the increase. the city's government started setting up these testing sites in many parts of winners. aries last week because of the increase and cases president. how about if i remember have this hard and re imposing restrictions? i believe. for now, the number of people in the hospitals due to coven 19 remains low, and the death rate has not varied in the past month. and that's why the government is focusing on the progress of the vaccination campaigns that began one year ago. many south american countries, i winning the vaccination, race, 63 percent of the regions population is vaccinated and that figure continues to
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increase. but only say army kron still poses a serious threat to the health system. reason i can be aware of the market bills in a country like argentina with the health system is fragile and you see problems even in mannered states. you see hospitalizations are increasing. doctors and nurses are getting sick. the problem is double looking at the charts from brazil, from peru, even from chile. they had a peak 3 weeks ago, and then it went down. all i can say is that everyone is vulnerable to this. and that's why leaders in the region are pushing for more booster shots and preparing for some difficult days ahead. as the army cron variant continues to spread, but he said, well, i'll just see that when a site is south, korea's military says the north has fired an unidentified projectile launch happened off north korea's east coast last week. north korean leader kim john and vowed to continue building up his country's military capabilities. the latest
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launch comes as south korea has been pushing for formal end to the korean war. so head on out his era, we live in canada to tell you about landmark deal between some members of the indigenous community on the government. ah, look forward to really to sky's the with sponsored point cuts on airways. hello, away we go with your weather update for asia. we did see some record rainfall in the south, west pakistan, the threat for that se on wednesday as it leaks into the northwest of india. there are weather alerts in play for the indian states, a punjab and new delhi thunderstorms. hail just really soaking rains that we can find here. so i'm roots are 13 degrees and new delia high of 70. but south of that we do have plenty of sun. we have seen flooding across the top and of sumatra. it's
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really been days of rain here. so thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. that those flood waters in some cases waste even chest deep. but i think the flood threat on wednesday will be southern sumatra, west java, and right across bornea, the ne bonds who not as intense as it has been over the last few days. and we do see evidence of that across coastal vietnam. just a few showers for denying 24 degrees in which men city at 32 fog of rain moving across the yangtze river valley. this is impacting shanghai. we've got rainbows for the west in the east coast of taiwan. but a beauty of a day in hong kong at $22.00 degrees, snow still falling across the western areas of japan, specifically that south west of hope, kado heavy snowfall advisory in play. but as we get through wednesday, that will wind down. ok. i'm out of time, that's all for now. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways in a right of passage preserved through the generation, my cousin was laying down there until was claiming she was helpless. the woman or
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after indoors, if go through particles of paint for what fat my night meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception, do you think people will abandon the so you have to worry about the mistake i al jazeera correspond because oh oh, you're watching out a 0 mind. if our top stories this out, the u. s. has says, a new global rec hall with more than a 1000000 new coven 19 cases registered in one day. a huge jump as june park to
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delays and reporting of the new year weekend. the u. s. has seen an average of 480000 daily infections over the past week. the u. k. has also recorded more than 200000 daily corona virus cases for the 1st time. prime minister boris johnson says there'll be no new restrictions for now, but we warned of challenging weeks you, joe has become a 2nd. chinese says he to be put into total lockdown outdoor ports. and recurrent of ours cases restrictions a similar to those imposed for the past 2 weeks in the industrial hub of she canada will pay just over $30000000000.00 in compensation to members of the indigenous community. they were taken away from their families when they were children, and put into state care. the money will go to the families who are affected in the last 3 decades. cash will also be spent on reforming the current child welfare system. let's go to just events in vancouver now. 30 good to see you. so how
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significant is this compensation announcement? it is monumental on the pathway to reform and certainly the history here is epic for 1st nations people and for the federal government in canada. almost 15 years in the making is this agreement in principle. and if it does come together, will be the largest of its kind in canadian history. as you mentioned, $40000000000.00 and compensation for missed wrong doings and discriminatory practices within the child welfare system. with 1st nations, children, children taken from their family homes, from reserves, and in spaces in places around the yukon. and now compensation will be given 20000000000 for potentially hundreds of thousands of 1st nation families and children who are removed from their homes. who did not get access to services that delayed in receiving necessary and human rights services. as mentioned,
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that human rights tribunal was almost 15 years ago that identified the discriminatory practices. and that compensation was required. another 20000000000 over the next 5 years put in place to reform that very system. now you may or may not remember back in september as recently as september, the canadian federal government was fighting in court against compensation. the government saying that they were looking for the right number for the nation today, saying that there is no right number, but certainly this is a good step in the right direction, acknowledgement and they are feeling seen and heard. and what has equaled decades. as you mentioned, of abusive practices here in canada. many thanks for that, jody van staffers in vancouver. another kind of a story, if you caught in canada, has ordered iran to pay $84000000.00 the families of those killed in the downing of
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the plane. and 2020 wrong ministry shot found a ukrainian passenger plane, killing all $176.00 people on board. many of those on board were canadian citizens, or had residency in canada. around the air defenses had been on jaila days off to the u. s. assassinated rollins, top general cousin ceremony. that's bringing mach arnold in toronto. he is a lawyer who represents 6 families. his relatives died in the downing of that passenger jet. but he, thanks for your time mark. remind us a bit of background to this case. why would there's so many canadians on this ukrainian bound flight? and why did the families hold iran responsible? it appears to be the main way to get from around to canada was on ukraine airlines through key. and i think that accounts for why there was so many canadians, one that illustrated slaves. iran is under canadian law, designated as
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a state sponsor of terrorism. the evidence we gathered proved that this was an intentional terrorist act, and we carry a superior court of justice accepted and made a ruling confirming that it was intentional with terrorism. yesterday's ruling provided us the families, the 6 of the 5 families asking for representing 6 to cease providing them with a compensation decision in the amount of $107000000.00 canadian dollars that included a 100 $1000000.00 punitive or punishment award, significant and unprecedented in canadian jurisprudence, and what was the reaction of the families you represent when the court announced its verdict, our reaction was miss, why it was certainly quite sad. my clients were sad, nothing can bring back their families when this is no money case, per se,
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but they were also delighted that for the 1st time in this case, justice has been done in this private law claim by a judge, but we on terrier superior court of justice, so mixed emotion. and how is this money actually going to be collected from iran? will there be any challenges? well, it is a challenge and not about to reveal to anyone what we intend to do. we are aware of are substantial iranian assets in canada and worldwide. and we have embark upon a process collection otherwise, you know what it has execution. we're going after all the radian assets worldwide, including in canada that we can get our hands on. have you actually had any contact with anyone with the rainy and governments? since the verdict only slowly,
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we hear through the really media that are read does not accept the decision or the jurisdiction of the canadian court. the canadian court has the ultimate and total jurisdiction over this case in canada, and the judgment that we've obtained will be registered in other jurisdictions if necessary. money. thanks for your time. mark ano arnold. for us in toronto, the lawyer who represents the 6 families whose relatives died in the downing of the passenger jet the main suspect and the killing of haitian president driven al mosey has appeared in u. s. federal court for the 1st time, 43 old former columbia ministry officer motto, palostio was extradited from panama. he's the face to face criminal charges in the july murder which triggered a political crisis in the caribbean nation. asian authorities have arrested thousands of others. none happened for me and charged the you unsecure,
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is the council is calling on su don's generals and purchased leaders to sit down and talk as demonstrations. continue against military role. the 2 sides may not be speaking to each other, but it appears the army is sending messages of a different sort. under shapell reports thousands ignore a ban on protests and choose to hit the streets anyway. it's been 2 days since the prime minister stepped down from the resignation of humboldt and not affect opposition. what is built on falsehoods will remain wrong, and the case from the very beginning was wrong. the demands of the protest movement is still united and we are holding the flag of the resistance committee in different locations, sects, and cultures. there's been protest like this since october's military take over when prime minister of de la hm. doc was sacked, then reinstated
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a few weeks later. oh hm. on hm. cinnamon, leukemia. this is one episode of many previous approaches that old condemned the military code. we're trying to continue the course of evolution and achieve complete civilian rule. those of the people's demands fewer bridges were closed ahead of tuesdays. protests and protesters weren't cut off from the internet . a slight de escalation and a cycle of violence that's claimed around 60 lives in the past 3 months. the un security council has told out 0 it may soon take up the issue a we are very concerned about her about dead, the violence used against peaceful demonstrators. we have taken out this over a ham ducks a resignation and but we still woods. i'm continued to encourage the military and the civilian and leaders over over saddam to, to, to get together and to find
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a way forward. the civilian prime minister stepped down because he said he was unable to bring people together to agree a path forward. and it still remains unclear. who will andrew shapell al jazeera but he's in kazakhstan. i've used tig acids. don grenades against protest is angry . it's a rise in the price of fuel demonstrations, of spread to the largest city of al mati after starting 2 days ago in the town of santos, n and fuel coast 1st might hoarding to local media. several protesters have been detained, and mobile internet has been jammed in a video message late on tuesday. the cars, like president said, his government would not fall. but he promised to hold a cabinet meeting to address the demonstrators demands. bruce pania is a correspondent for radio for europe. he says the process could have wida, regional in implications. i think this long time everyone was surprised that it spread. so bows in it. did you know these protest them to do?
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they started over broken our regions, as we mentioned, the dublin and the price of liquified petroleum gas. but it quickly took a political angle where people started calling for free elections, of local officials, started calling for the altar of the top officials in the government. so they, you know, they're, they're working to get this kind of under control as much as they can, which is gonna hurt their reputation because the government, but, you know, cause expand, has always been fairly stable. they've had moments in the last, you know, 10 years where there was some problems with the order was fairly quickly restored. so the fact that it is a stable country in central asia, which has had some problems, some of the countries in the past, you know, there's going to be ripple effects that are going to come from this. and i imagine all the governments in central asia, of course, there is a 7000 kilometer border with russia. so all the governments in those countries are going to be watching real closely. what happens if for no other reason than to make sure they don't make the kind of mistakes that the cars like authority to did by
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allowing the situation to get us out of and as it did today, hundreds of drivers in the u. s. state of virginia, i've spent the night trapped in their cars after slow storm close to highway. state official say they were going to reopen and i see stretch of the i 95, which was blanketed by snow. on monday, mondays, falls moving storm brought almost 5 centimeters, a snowy part of the southeast and mid atlantic. us close in school is grounding flights, knocking out power to thousands of homes. oh, i moline side in tahoe, with headlines on al jazeera, the u. s. s. s. a new global record with more than a 1000000 new cove at 19 cases registered in one day. you jump is due in part to delays and reporting over the new year weekend. but the u. s. has seen an average of.


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