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we can really break through the barriers studio, be on script dates on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera . ah, never before have we seen the world collectively come to its ease, right? americans, voicing their prostration, is a 1000000 coven cases are recorded in one day, the highest for any countries since the pandemic began. ah, hello den uncommon, santa maria, here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera protest, as i'm back on the streets of sudan after new turmoil triggered by the prime minister's resignation. voices get louder for their release of a palestinian activist on hunger strike in jail for nearly
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a 150 days. if they are fearful for not being able to comply with the north end, they have to make up their mind and a warning for the media from hong kong leda as yet another news outlet shuts down. hello ever in the united states has said a new global record of more than a 1000000 coven. 19 cases in a single day. that number has nearly doubled in just 4 days, though as elsewhere it hasn't translated into lodge death rights. testing and other services are becoming overwhelms. we're also looking at latin america argentina, reporting its highest daily tally. since the pandemic began, the south american nation recorded more than 44000 infections. so we'll talk more about that with theresa bo and when sr is in a moment, 1st john hendern in washington dc, we talked about it last out, john, this huge number, which is so hard to, to ignore, but there is
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a lot more nuanced behind it. i guess is what i'm saying. that's right. we've hit a 1000000 cases here in the united states, but the, the peak for a week is expected to hit much higher than that later this month at columbia university has projected a model that suggests in the week of january 9th coven cases, here in the us will reach a confirmed 2.5 to 5000000 cases, then it's supposed to go down those numbers all due to the micron variant, which is just surged here in the us. how bad is the situation bad enough that the president is getting a covered 19 team briefing today and that he's going to address the american public often assigned that things have gone south. the testing right here in the u. s. right now we've 8 teen present in new york city where it was 3 percent a month ago. it is now 33 percent, meaning one in 3. people who go in for a test comes out with a positive result. so that's effecting
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a number of things. but including that, the schools across the u. s. and that's a bit of a mass because we have 50 states. each state has multiple counties in each of those units make their own decisions about when they're going back to school and how so those decisions very dramatically. but a lot of schools are going back virtually only. i've got 2 sons in university here . both of them are going back to school virtually, but the biggest school district in the us, new york city, it's doing it completely different than they are there. eric adams says, the safest place for kids to be is in school. so they're going back to school in person. there's a lot of criticism of that decision, but here in the us, decisions are made on a local basis and that's how they're doing it. but we'll hear more from the president this afternoon. ok. talk to you then about that. thank you. john henderson in washington dc. theresa bo, and when a sire is when you tell us that where you are, is that a line of people there behind you're waiting to get tested? well, there's an alarming increase in infection here. in argentina,
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the government has confirmed that it's fidelity, but also only from that reading stuff wholly in the city of when a fight is also in the provinces across the country. what right here in front of a hospital, well, there's no lines of people that have come here to get tested. some of them have been waiting between 3 and 4 hours in order to be able to get a test. we've been talking to them, some of them say that they have symptoms. others say that they had a close contact with someone who had coven 19. the thing is that most of the people you talked to have someone they know that's currently in isolation or as sick with co read 19 president, i let up a 5 members have discarded for now we imposing restrictions in the country that don't forget that our don't tina was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose very, very tough restrictions for, for moving across the country. well, what he's saying now, with that that's not going to happen. i mean the number of people in hospitals, because of coven 19 remains. know the death rate has not varied in the past now.
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and the government now focusing on the vaccination campaign that began that one year ago. and he's now focusing on booster shot at nationwide across latin america . we're also seeing an alarming increase in brazil. the cruise lines offended their summer season bullshit because of to weld brakes in 2 different vessels. we're hearing also that in several parts of the country, governors are maintaining some restrictions to prevent the spread of only crony mexico. i offer food on order. it says that he wants to keep the government is also focusing on booster shots and the government has enough. so vaccinations for latin america at this point, a crucial many of the about government in the region are reluctant to re post restrictions mostly because of the economic consequence they have in many of those countries. and that's why they're focusing on this a booster shots that are so necessary to fight only crimes and coven 19 in general
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. thank you to write about reporting from when it cyrus. india is imposed a weekend curfew in delhi. after thing the highest coven infection numbers there in months, the measure means non essential movement in the city is banned. deal is chief minister, is among the latest to test positive a day after speaking at an election rally. where very few people with theme wearing masks, experts suspects this more transmissible on the con variant has now begun to overtake delta. more from me to tell she's in the deli at this point, you know, deli corbin or 900 is absolutely massive. the numbers i would say now have not been seen in several months. so what is going to happen is starting this weekend. you can't really move around, shops will be shots, and this is, as i said, in addition to already restrictions that people are obviously not happy but given her bed. and the only one very is government says it had no choice to do that. it
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has got a lot down for now, and that's probably because my zation have been low now. many of the cities in the country are under some form of restriction in one by, for example. and that is in your financial stop this one of the hard to produce there is it cap and public gathering and in go which has enlarged as a major over $900.00 plus for schools have been shot colleges have also been shot to the end of the month and a nice guy, a few has been imposed to the end of the month. now in the u. k, children are going back to school for the 1st time this year, but with the number of positive cases rising exponentially. last week, heads of schools, fear staff, shortages, more than a 1000000 people are now in isolation in the u. k. is more from rory challenge. he's at london bridge train station. this is the big factor work event rush hour in london's main train stations again. then. well, i must have missed it and i've been standing it's, it's about 730 this morning. well, in time for russia,
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there are many reasons why people haven't come rushing back to the office pace again. one is that i've been told not too far as johnson, as the prime minister said, that anyone who can work at home should work after that. the fact that over the last 7 days, more than a 1000000 brits tested negative. so he says a positive 9 team, a huge, huge number and the government has asked ministers to put in plan a worst case scenario of one in 4 brits being off work. sometime soon now, if that actually happens, then the prospect of keeping vital services like the transport network and health service running properly is going to be a real uphill struggle and it will help organizations have more evidence is emerging, however, that this salma cron variant is milder we are seeing more and more studies pointing
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out the only corners, in fact, in the upper part of the body. like other ones, the lungs will be cause severe pneumonia. it can be a good news, but we really require more saturday school prove that. we had a good number of studies coming up again, what we had on the scene still got the new agonies, hospitalisation, and severe d. c. and that's what book is where the science the challenge has not been of a v by the initial impression. those wonderful populations, now, sedans, political crisis, appears to be deepening following the resignation of the prime minister. security forces a fire tear gas at demonstrators rallying against the military. thousands gathered in khartoum on dorman and port sedan del, handled, resigned as prime minister on sunday, saying the political deadlock is threatening sedans, very survival or from mohammed valve. he was at the protest in abdomen, outside culture. this is where a huge crowd of a protest is sir,
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marched a few minutes ago. they passed here, but we have that we have the remnants of them behind me. and until now it's calm. they are marching comedy and chatting against the military rule of sudan. we also understand that in other parts of costume, in southern khartoum, and also in body or crowds of protest has gotten it than they tried to march towards the presidential police. they were met with tear gas. a little bit of tear gas has been used also here in the street. well, we start, we have also seen a 2 or, or 3 signs of ease at used by the government. the bridges are not all closed. not all the bitches are closed today and it's annette was not to cut off out in the middle of this post procession to date. and we don't know what's gonna happen because the bottom is not doing the last hours of the afternoon. that's when they fired bullets. that's when they killed people. that's when the crowds get bigger
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and bigger and more ah, more excited. so it's, it's another day it was not shuttled by the way, but the assistant cavities, as they call themselves, they have decided to increase the that the number of days when they say div protests are they, they want to use it as a kind of war of war of attrition against the government at trying to densities all of the military and force them to respond to the demands of the street as they say, which is the complete withdrawal of the military from rural and sidney to the civilians. the palestinian authority is under pressure to try to intervene, to save the life of a prisoner on hunger strike in an israeli jail protest. physically for the release of hisham abu, how ashes his condition deteriorates, has been refusing food for more than a 140 days. protesting his detention without trial, he was arrested under stringent his ready laws that allow authorities did set to detain any one for months or years without charge. we spoke to molina and sorry
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about this, the international advocacy officer at the, at the me or prison. it support and human rights association. she says the palestinian authority needs to do more to release people held in his ready presence without charge. there is absolutely no clear charges to why he is still in detention. he was 1st arrested in october 2020 and his administrative detention was renewed twice to reach till now under detention. and we say arbitrarily because there's literally no charges or trial happening. so he's not aware of the charges. and this is why we also say so administrative detention does a me amount to tortured and ill treatment because it imposes psychological torture . not only physical torture on the palestinians where they are the pain for an indefinite period of time. not knowing when exactly, then be released, and most importantly, not knowing why they are there. he shamela watched,
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spent 8 years in prison. he is a former prisoner 52 months of them, which is almost half the years spent in prison when under administrative detention, meaning without any charges. so the arbitrary nature of the israeli occupation policy of administer the detention is illegal and illegitimate based on international laws or any laws in the word. basically, there is ways to take on the prisoner's issue on an international level and with, with the israeli occupation. however, we haven't seen the palestinian authority take on its powers as a state to hold the occupation responsible. only recently when he sham has entered 140 days that we're seeing slight action by the p. now a caught in canada has ordered iran to pay around $84000000.00 to victims. families killed in the dawning of a plane in 20. 20 damages were awarded to 6 families with canadian citizenship or
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residency. ron's military shot down the ukrainian passenger plane, and i mistook it for an american cruise missile, killed all a 176 people on board. this was 2 years ago, at a time of high intentions between teheran and washington. there at the mc killing of a top iranian general, and he, us drones strike will check the world whether next and then, well, torrential rain in indonesia, which is false more than $20000.00 people to leave their homes. and hoping for smooth run, just one month to go when looking at how china is preparing for the winter. in the games in a pandemic. ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle at ways. norton soon after the rain's, been pretty heavy throughout the season,
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although it's lightened off now by the satellite evidence still flooding in the air, and bender ha, and that could be more showers. but the folks, the heavy stuff seem to be further sas the next day or 2 in some sumatra. java and borneo. that's all right. it's going to move around this focus. winter proper has hit japan as you well know, there's been significant snow in our cars. honshu. however wednesday sees the wind not as strong. so sharon is not as many. there'll be a few in northern home to this rain the far south actually record. well see that right? edging by the end of wednesday, it having been in shanghai for the previous time for us. and yes, you do get read in shanghai in january. it's not that unusual for that band on its way out, leaving a dry spell for china. and most of india's dry as well, where you are expected to be wet in towel. now do i need minstrel anchor um, i mean showers largely because the energies in this direction. this is the frontal system that brought flooding throughout the gulf states. and iran is now bringing grain to sudden pakistan and this western part of india because it's doing that the
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air caught in places like new delaware, that s been still for a month or so to be turned up the call to improve whether not oh, the weather sponsored by cataract weighs 2020 a year of luck, downs, and social distance. and you can't reach across the screen and get a leeway explorer. is one of the global pandemic biggest side effects. below lena, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effect on physical and mental health and discovery. unique ways of keeping control, being alone together. episode to of all have a lot. down on al jazeera lou ah
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ah, on al jazeera, these all the top stories, the united states, to set a new global record more than a 1000000 code with 19 cases in a single day. a huge number that hasn't translated into lodge death rights box testing and the services are getting overwhelms indies, imposed a weekend curfew in delhi, after seeing the highest coven infection numbers and mumps experts to suspect the will transmissible alma con variant has begun to of take delta and in other news security forces in sudan to 5 t a gas at crowds demonstrating against the military and concern sedans. army chief is calling for an urgent caretaker government. days off for the land are resigned as prime minister to hong kong, where the leader carry lamb is rejected. claims the territories press freedom faces . extinction follows the closure of a 3rd independent news outlet on monday. editorial leaders from citizen news say they're worried about the safety that journalists in october. the outlet was
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accused of misleading people about the national security law imposed by jing. i read news about because of the closure off um, online medium press reed. i'm in hong kong faces extinction or hong kong, freep free press faces collapse. i just cannot accept that sort of allegations, but nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong. and journalists and media organizations light or of us, half tool respect and comply with the law if they are fearful off for not being able to comply with a lot. and they have to make up their mind and take the necessary positions brick clement with more now from hong kong citizen uses winding up its operations in the building behind me and will now stop updating its website after it said, it could no longer continue sizing the safety of its staff. it's the 3rd media outlet to close after stan use last week. the arrests and raid of its new for and
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the 4th closure. 1 of apple, daily and june, last year, citizen years described itself as a small boat in tremendously rough seas. it's found a chris young said that he hoped it would not deterred young journalists from taking part in the industry. and that there still a role for media here in hong kong. however, it's still unclear whether the remaining outlets, like hong kong free press can survive in this environment. chief executive carry lamb said that it's not about press freedom that it's about upholding the national security law. while hong kong authorities deny there's a crack down here and say they are not targeting the media. the hong kong jealous association says that attacks on the press threatened the status of hong kong as ages world city. hong kong was once known as the thriving hub for media outlets. but since the national security law was introduced in 2020, that changed. and now there are big fears over where the independent journalism
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here is being crushed. i caught in hong kong was also sentenced. lawyer chow hung tongue to 15 months in prison. she was convicted of inciting, an unauthorized gathering to commemorate the chinaman's square massacre. charles, arrested last year, just to tell you before the june anniversary of the 1989 cracked down in by jing she was convicted on similar charges in december. police have banned the annual chinaman vigil for the past 2 years. citing corona virus restrictions now to ritual reins force more than 20000 people to leave their homes in indonesia. several districts in north ha, you've been inundated by water authority. so one child has died. the support from jessica washington. yeah. kiko in indonesia ha, province days of unrelenting rain has forced and some people from their homes. at least 15 sub districts are affected. many parts of indonesia experienced flooding during the monsoon season, from november to march. but some people here told al jazeera they have never seen
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floods like this is about our landline. this time it's really bad. we are taking refuge. some of us are going to our relatives houses because the war is up to 2 meters high in our homes. local authorities are providing food and other essentials to only legal fees every 5 years and we have resources in our warehouses and so far it's still enough. we distributing it to the people to day and tomorrow. he says it is difficult to know how many people are impacted by the floods due to communications being affected. i will see the number of people taking refuge is in the thousands. we do have some issues because many areas are currently experiencing blackouts. thousands of homes have been damaged in north archery, as well as a school. many have been evacuated to a nearby press base,
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anxiously waiting for waters to receive the head of north chaise. disaster mitigation agency told out 0 the region has flooded several times in recent months . and the deforestation has made the area more vulnerable to severe flooding. as people struggle to cope with rain is being forecast for later this week. jessica washington out to 0. jakarta and rain and flooding is also devastated. thousands in neighboring militia. the rain started on sunday causing rivers and several states to rise to dangerously high levels. at least 50 people have died in flooding since mid december. when 25125000 have been deployed most, influencing in color them, but it is quite severe flooding. we talking about 7 out of 13 states that have been affected now according to figures from the national disaster management agency and the moment around 15000 people at flood relief centers. but that doesn't reflect the total number of people affected by the floods. at its peak,
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around 125000 people were affected. and for some states, this is not the 1st way for floating. it's the 2nd, even 3rd wave of flooding. during this monsoon season, which typically lost between the months of october and march and this season has been unusually heavy rain around mid december rain that lasted for several days and the government was caught unprepared. it didn't do enough in terms of flood preparedness, even though the major article agency had issued whether warnings wasn't flood warnings issued to people. and in many places, aid didn't reach people in time. in fact, the 1st people there, what volunteer groups or individuals that has been a lot of anger directed at the government because of this. now in terms of damage, you've seen pictures of buildings, vehicles submerge. there has been tremendous impact in terms of damage caused by these floods. and this is coming on the back of 2 years of pandemic,
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prolonged periods of lockdown. so it is having severe financial strain on many families. and it's not even over yet. the department of irrigation has forecast. there will be high tides in several parts of malaysia to run through till wednesday . and in some places where the river, water levels in rivers are already high. this could potentially worse in flooding. the magnitude of setting fire to south africa parliament building as appeared in court before the case was adjourned until next week. the fire started on sunday at the back of a complex which houses the old assembly chamber and did flare up again on monday to lean both with open coat tom. while the man charged in connection with the parliament fire here in cape town has now made his 1st appearance in court. mister xander, a mafia is charged with 5 counts, including arson, house breaking and theft. well now that case has been postponed for a week and mister mafia will be held in custody until then. now this is allow,
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this is to allow investigators to conduct a proper investigation because up until now they haven't really been able to access the scene. that's because it was burning until late monday evening as a flare up following the original fire that ignited early on sunday morning. now to provide a bit of context as to why this is so significant to south africans. this is the building where parliamentarians gather to debate, policy and legislature, and it also serves as a historical key point as it is where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. it's also where our presence there, rem, oppose a every year delivers his state of the nation address, and he's expected to conduct that speech next month. well, many might expect that this will no longer be the scene for that speech. now, this is also understandably raised a lot of concerns around safety across all political parties and the general public about how easily accessible it is for people to access monuments like this. and of course, there are also
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a lot of questions still surrounding this case. those questions expect to be answered right here at the magistrate court in cape town. opec plus has agreed to boost oil output by $400000.00 barrels a day. the producing group and allies, led by russia took the decision after meeting in vienna, just to put it into context before the pandemic, the world was consuming 99700000 barrels of oil a day. it's slumped to 90000000 a day and 2020 last year. it's believe have gone up to $96.00 and opec is predicting demand. however, will exceed pretty pandemic levels. in 2022 will get up above 100800000 barrels a day. more on this with us to barne vienna. this was a virtual meeting held by the 13 opec members plus 10 other countries including russia. and they have taken this decision to continue to increase opec's output as they did last july,
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following the huge slash that they took in at 2020. as a result of the pandemic, opec decided in 2020, that to add they will cut output by 10000000 barrels of oil for day. now as of july, they've decided that they're going to slowly start to bring that number back up to make up for that deficits. they're hoping by september of this year, they will be going back to free pandemic levels of production. this is important because of course, opec provides 40 just over 40 percent of the worlds are oil supply. and this meeting today was just another reiteration of their position that they will continue to increase production of 4 of $400000.00 barrels of oil per day. for the month of february, and that will continue monthly until they meet again at their next meeting will be next month again. but by doing just a month away from hosting the winter olympic games, the city will become the 1st to host over the summer winter jones. but the upcoming
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event is of course been played by challenges including diplomatic boycotts and the corona virus. operating katrina, you reports from january, tao, on the outskirts of pigeon weeks away from the opening of the beating winter olympics. the slopes are full of avid skiers and snow borders. many are looking forward to the games and go, ha, ha, ha ha, of course i am very excited and proud because the winter olympics will be held in my motherland. it will be here, you long. it makes me very happy. these small hope become very popular in china. in recent years, the chinese government has poured billions of dollars into preparing to host the games in february, including investing in italian snow making equipment to help build up its fledgling winter sports industry bid. create a whole culture around the winter sport. we create a whole mindset off in the attorneys head as the mountain time has those aspiration of re entry 100000000 people on slow in eyes. $30000.00 international athletes and
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support staff will be among the 1st to stay in a new olympic village and trial. a chinese digital currency. these resorts have had their busier season this winter because of the olympic games, but they will be forced to close the week, leading up to the opening of the event. this entire area will be sealed off to control the spread of the corona virus. doors taking part will be restricted to a tightly controlled, then you bubble china is battling the delta variant in its more severe flare up of curve. at 19 for months with 13000000 people in the western city of she and under lockdown. authorities are anxious to contain that and prevent any outbreak of the on the cross strain from spreading across the country. the pandemic isn't the only challenge organizes face. some western governments, including the u. s. the u. k. and canada had announced diplomatic boycott in protest against the treatment of wiggers and she's young. beijing accuses them of
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politicizing the games and as warn they will pay the price over hasn't made clear how analysts say additional boycotts by you or asian countries. would be very embarrassing for china. no dreams are going to boycott games themself. but if d english speaking democracies are being followed by other major countries, then you fact will be much bigger. but those here say they won't be counting the number of foreign officials who attend the games. instead, they'll be keeping an eye on the number of metals one by china's team. especially the goal. it's katrina, you al jazeera junk, jocko beijing. ah. your vouchers here and these are the top stories united states to set a new global record of more than a 1000000 coven cases in a single day.


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