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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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the progress of the on the cron variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only cons advice when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h. o. do it all ah, never before have we seen the world collectively come to its ease, right? americans, voice, their frustration is 1000000 cubic 19 cases are recorded in one day, the highest for any country since the pandemic began. deli, impose is that we can curfew s infection saw the state chief minister test positive a day off for addressing a political rattie. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete, adobe. you're watching out to see or alive from do are also coming up. protest is
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back on the streets of sudan after new turmoil triggered by the prime ministers resignation. if they are fearful off for not being able to comply with the north end, they have to make up their mind. a warning for the media by hong kong leader. as another news outlet shuts down. ah, the united states to set a new global record of more than 1000000 cubic 19 cases in one single day. that number has nearly doubled in 4 days as elsewhere. it has not translated into a big death rate, but testing and other services are getting overwhelmed. live now to washington and our correspondence there, john henderson, johns the medical authorities, can they can they or can they not cope with this? now the way it's going peter, it's pretty bad, one out of 4 medical centers with an intensive care unit now reports that they are
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95 percent full or more. so this new variant is incredibly infectious. the good news is it seems to be less deadly, but with more people actually contracting the virus that still threatening to overwhelm hospital. president biden is going to be getting a briefing from his covered 19 team later today. he may get information that we don't know, but what we don't know, what we do now rather is pretty bad. that is that the positive testing rate is at 18 percent nationwide. that's unusually high in new york city where it was 3 percent a month ago. it's now 33 percent. this new variant is incredibly infectious. it's spreading throughout the country. it is closing down businesses, restaurants, that sort of thing. there are new masking requirements. interestingly, the centers for disease control is actually contracting the period for people who
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are quarantining from 10 days to 5 days. and it's not requiring a negative test before you go back to work or, or school. and the reason for that is there is a testing problem in this country test simply aren't available, president biding has said that he would resolve that problem. he has passed out $500000000.00 test sets, about one and a half tests for each american. still not enough, so people are are, every time they get sick, they're going out to get tested in my neighborhood. there used to be 2 or 3 places you can go that same day. now it's days or weeks before you can get a response. we'll hear later from the president when he's going to address the american people on what he knows. but from what we've been told from the white house, basically he's going to emphasize masking, getting vaccinated, and getting boosters. those are all things that are helpful if you contract omicron virus in minimizing the effects of the disease. but as we know, it doesn't stop it from spreading. it's not a potentially dangerous policy. people don't having to test negative before they go back into the workplace and work with their colleagues john. i mean,
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clearly some people simply cannot work from home because they're truck drivers or their airline pilot say, you know, that got those kind of jobs, but every expert on this channel has set the same thing about army kronon. it's this, people get sick, people get better, but then some people think, oh, i'm getting better. i'm on the men. but then they get sick against if they're sick again, they're shedding cove. it that's true. some people don't even realize they're having it because it's so much milder disease, particularly for those who are vaccinated or boosted people either don't know, they have it or they know they've got to make a living and they just push forward anyway. and that's the main things difficult for schools right now. schools in the u. s. are many of them are delaying opening. some of them are opening online only, but they're because we have 50 different states and each state is a different county with a different school district. they're all making their own decisions and it's a bit of a mass. frankly, there's no uniform policy in new york city, the schools chief there where they've got
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a 33 percent. one in 3 testing positivity rate has said the safest place for kids or school will find out how that goes. but it's certainly going to be dangerous to have everybody going back to work, particularly after the christmas holidays. when many of us have been gathering when large groups and then we're going back to work or school. and there's a pretty good chance at this will spread. the good news is, according to columbia university. this virus should peak this variant in a couple of weeks. okay, we'll have to leave it there. john, thank you so much john. internet john is live from washington. india has imposed a weekend curfew in delhi, after seeing the highest covered 19 infection numbers in months. the measure means non essential movement in the city is banned. dell is chief minister, is among the laces to test positive the day after speaking at an election rally where few people were seen wearing masks. experts suspects the more transmissible omicron berry and has begun to overtake delta. happy, michelle has more for us from you daddy. at this point, you know, dad,
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he's covered or 900, is that where the massive, the numbers that we're seeing now have not been seen in several months. so what is going to happen to solving this weekend? you can't really move around, shops will be shots, and this is, as i said, in addition to already existing restrictions that people are of the thing, not happy, but given then the on the on very government says it had no choice to do that. it has got locked down for now, and that's probably because of that migration have been low now. many of the cities in the country are on some form of restriction in one by, for example. and that is in your financial, got this one of the hardest reviews there is it cap and public gathering and in go which has enlarged as a major over 900 for schools have been shot colleges have also been shocked to the end of the month and a nice guy, a few has been imposed to the end of the month to the u. k. children,
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they are going back to schools the 1st time this year, but with a number of positive cases, a curve at 19 rising exponentially last week. heads of schools for your staff shortages. the 1000000 people in phil i solution re challenge has more on that from london bridge train station. this is the big pack work event rush hour in london's main train stations again, then, well, i must have missed it and i've been standing it since about 730 this morning. well, in time for russia, there are many reasons why people haven't come rushing back to the office pace again. one is that they've been told not too far. as johnson, as the prime minister said, that anyone who can work at home should work and add to that the fact that over the last 7 days more than a 1000000 brits tested negative. so he says positive because of a 9 team, a huge, huge number. and the government has asked ministers to put in plan
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a worst case scenario of one in 4 brits being off work sometime soon. now, if that actually happens, then the prospect of keeping vital services like the transport network and the health service running properly is going to be a real uphill struggle. the authorities in sudan have closed bridges leading into the capital in the hope of preventing more protests. however, crowds have already begun together in various districts of the capital cartoon to demonstrate against the military sedans. army june was calling from urgent care take a government off the prime minister resigned. adela hum dog stepped on on sunday saying the political deadlock is threatening to dawn. survival, life now to bow, who's in on demand outside, caught him, well have it so the protest is a trying to maintain the pressure on the military here,
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not cited. let me start with the describing to you where i am now. i'm in the lab. i see a district on doorman and this is where we are just a few meters away from the highway called an albino street. this is where most of the clashes and killings happened during the last couple of weeks. but now the biggest a huge crowd has passed us, but we are in the middle of some chasing by the security forces. and you might have heard some explosions while asking your question. puffs of tear gas coming, where i stand and you have a number of people here trying to hide away from the main seat because that's where the police vehicles are trying to chase them. and this has been going on for 2 or 3 hours now. and this is a pattern every week or every day when they states a process, this is what happens. the march gets disrupted by the security forces and then they go to the, at those small lanes next to the highway and police chased them in those they in those side streets. and it continues until the night, as you said, yes,
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that protest us saying they are going to continue this type of, of action to put more pressure on the government. and they say that they are gaining momentum painting because the resignation of prime minister bella handbook has given, has given them more, more excuse to continue their action, saying that apparently there is no way of talking to their military. and the man who has been there in the middle trying to create that approach. mom has gone and there is no replacement for him. so far they are saying that it, even if there is someone appointed by the military today or tomorrow, not, not, it's not that's not interesting for them because they're not even go to sits in negotiation table with the, with the military. so that, that bullets can action is disconnected from what's going on here in the street. these are called it assistance committees. they don't even have to do with the they have nothing to do with the forces of freedom and change were in that partnership with the government. we have the majority of these people are young, very young and they, they say they don't even understand politics. just want democracy,
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they want the military to go away and they're going to continue like this until they realised or achieve their goals. just to be clear mohammed, when the military talks about a kid take a government or they seeing themselves as part of that administration. and would that come before free and fair elections? because if they held elections and they didn't take part, presumably that would be precisely what the protest is or looking for is a little can run by them. yes, but there is no tossed out. there is a huge deficit of trust between the 2 sides. and what did they say about the transitional government? a caretaker government for the protest as they don't believe in that they set up because that doesn't include 8 a decision by the military to see paula to that take care, take a government care, take a government is something the cabinet is something and us the sovereignty counsel
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at my door is ruled by a majority of military lead as generals, as something else. it doesn't, that there are, these are 2 different thinks on the majority. the sovereignty casa, is not going to, to, to design or disband itself, and leave her the earl of the country to that can take a governor. so people here understand that this is just another game. they say that the, the, i mean, the participation of the partnership with handbook and the forces of freedom. a change gave that fig leaf to the military for a while not fig leaf has now been removed. and the confrontation is now very much for that eyes between the 2 sides, between the those in the streets and those in the presidential palace mode. thanks very much shirt mohammed raleigh. talking to was life from near cartoon. the leader of hong kong kerry lamb has rejected claims the territories press freedom, faces quotes, extinction. it follows the closure of a 3rd independent news outlet on monday, at authorial chief sense that the news that they were worried about the safety of their journalists in october. the outlet was accused of misleading people about the
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national security law as imposed by beijing. i read news about because of the closure of online medium press freedom in hong kong faces extinction or hong kong, free free press faces collapse. i just cannot accept that sort of allegations, but nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong. and journalists and media, when i say sions like, or of us, have to respect and comply with the law if they are fearful of not being able to comply with a lot. and they have to make up their mind and take the necessary decisions for clinic has more from hong kong. citizen uses winding up its operations and the building behind me and will now stop updating its website after it said it could no longer continue sizing the safety of its staff. it's the 3rd media outlet to close
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after stand use. last week. the arrests and raid of its new for and the 4th closure . 1 of apple, daily and june, last year, citizen news described itself as a small boat and tremendously rough seas. it's found a chris young said that he hoped it would not deterred young journalists from taking part in the industry. and that there's still a role for media here in hong kong. however, it's still unclear whether the remaining outlets, like hong kong free press can survive in this environment. chief executive carry lamb said that it's not about press freedom that it's about upholding the national security law. while hong kong authorities deny there's a crack down here and say they are not targeting the media. the hong kong journalist association says that attacks on the press threatened the status of hong kong as ages world city. hong kong was once known as a thriving hub for media outlets. but since the national security law was introduced in 2020, that changed. and now there are big fears over where the independent journalism
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here is being crushed. a court in hong kong has sentenced a lawyer, child hung tongue to 15 months in prison. she was convicted of inciting, an unauthorized gathering to commemorate the gentleman square massacre. char was arrested last year a day before the june anniversary of the 1989 cracked down in beijing. she was convicted on similar charges in december. the police have been the annual gentleman vigil for the past 2 years, citing corona virus restrictions still to come here on al jazeera disgrace. silicon valley saw elizabeth holmes bases. he is in prison for invest a fraud, and conspiracy, and fighting against a landfill site leads to the death of a mexican activist. ah, northern sea marshal, the rain's, been pretty heavy throughout this season,
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although it's lightened off now by the satellite evidence. the still flooding in the air and bender eci and there could be more showers. but the folks, the heavy stuff seems to be further sas the next day, or 2 in some sumatra. java and borneo, as all right, it's going to move around this focus. winter proper has hit japan, as you well know, there's been significant snow in her carter honshu. however, wednesday sees the wind not as strong. so cheryl is not as many. there'll be a few in northern home, she does rain the fast casual record. well see that right edge in, by the end of wednesday, it having been in shanghai for the previous 24 hours. and yes, you do get right in shanghai in january. it's not that unusual, but that band on its way out, leaving a dry spell for china and most of india's dry as well, where you are expected to be wet in town another and even sri lanka, rob showers lashley, because the energies in this direction. this is the frontal system that brought flooding throughout the gulf states. and iran is now bringing grain to sudden
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pakistan and this western part of india. because it's doing that the air calls in places like new delhi where that as been still for a month to. so that will be churned up. yeah. call to improve whether not ah, healing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a climate impacted country. the climate, the emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future, it's now not a cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do this to you are now to sierra move
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ah, welcome back, her almost 18 minutes past the hour. your top stores the u. s. to set a new global record more than 1000000 cubic 19 cases in one day. that number has not translated into the big death rate, but testing and other services are getting overwhelmed. india's imposed a weekend curfew and daily after seeing the highest could with 19 infection numbers in months. experts suspect the more transmissible omicron barrier has now begun to overtake delta. one of the story security forces in sudan have 5 t a gas crowds demonstrating against the military and cartoon saddam's army chief is calling for an urgent caretaker government. days after abdullah ham dog resigned, as prime minister torrential rain has forced more than 20000 people to leave their homes in indonesia,
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several districts in north ha province had been inundated with water. the authorities say one child has died. his jessica washington. he thought in indonesia, archie province, days of unrelenting rain has forced thousands of people from their homes. at least 15 sub districts are affected. many parts of indonesia experience flooding during the monsoon season from november to march. but some people here hold on to 0. they have never seen floods like this about our landline, this time it's really bad. we are taking refuge. some of us are going to our relatives houses because the war is up to 2 meters high in our homes. local authorities are providing food and other essentials. only is legal fees, i believe we have resources in our warehouses and so far it's still enough. we distributing it to the people today and tomorrow. he says it is difficult to know
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how many people are impacted by the floods due to communications being affected. logan will hear the number of people taking refuge is in the thousands. we do have some issues because many areas are currently experiencing blackouts. thousands of homes have been damaged in north r j, as well as a school. many have been evacuated to a near by prayer space, anxiously waiting for waters to receive the head of north arches. disaster mitigation agency told al jazeera the region has flooded several times in recent months, and that deforestation has made the area more vulnerable to severe flooding. as people struggle to cope more rain is being forecast for later this week. jessica washington al jazeera jakarta. well, rain and flooding have also devastated thousands in neighboring militia. the rain started on sunday,
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causing rivers in several states to rise to dangerously high levels. at least 50 people have died in flooding since the middle of december, more than 125000 people have been displaced. the man accused of setting fire to south africa, the parliament building as appeared in court before the case was adjourned until next week. the fire started on sunday at the back of a complex. that house is the old assembly chamber if lead up again. on monday, julian will have more from cape town. i'm here outside the magistrate court in cape town, where the man accused in connection with the fire inside the parliament buildings has made his 1st court appearance. he is facing 5 charges, and i'm here with eric the spokesperson for the national prosecuting authority to tell me more. eric, what's the latest? the latest that is, london murphy appeared to the court, and the case has been postponed to next week. and niche next tuesday. we us for the 7 days, was one minute because we want the to confirm fees, bill application, bailey information which includes confirming his dental address and whether he's
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got pending cases. i can see him also one to be given the opportunity to investigating officer to visit the crime scene as you know that it was bidding until late yesterday. so that he's able to assess the damage. now you have to remember for our audiences, the importance of this building is that it is a heartbeat to south africa democracy. it is a place where parliamentarians meet and debate about policy and legislation. it's where the president delivers his state of the nation address. and it's also where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. so it's also raised concerns across political parties and the general public about easy access to key monuments like this in south africa. now, once a young rising star of silicon valley, elizabeth holmes is now a convicted criminal. the 37 year old was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy. she falsely claimed her now defunct tech company could test for diseases using one
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single drop of blood. that wasn't true. rob reynolds has the story from los angeles . the story of elizabeth holmes became a cautionary tale about the limits of technology and the boundless notice of greed and gullibility homes is start up thera, nos promised devices that would revolutionize medicine by screening patients for a vast variety of illnesses with only a drop of blood she adopted the attire and manner of silicon valley disruptors like apple founder, steve jobs are actions that will determine this new stereotype around women being the best in science and technology and engineering. and it's that, that our little girls will see when they start to think about who do they want to be when they grow up. accepting the hype, homes was lauded in the media investments poured in from the likes of news.
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corporations, rupert murdoch, and oracles, larry ellison, former trump education secretary, betsy divorces, family sunk $100000000.00 into the venture to elderly secretaries of state. henry kissinger and george sholtes were sufficiently beguiled by homes as blandishments to join the company's board of directors. but it was all a fake. the blood testing machines, homes promise never worked. investigative journalists and prosecutors began poking holes in her claims. eventually the whole enterprise toppled like a house of cards. there are nos closed down in 2018. prosecutors argued holds performed. thank demonstrations falsified reports and made misleading claims. the 37 year old homes testified in her own defense, blaming everything on her exboyfriend co defendant and former thoroughness
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executive, ramesh bonnie. but in the end, unlike so many before the jury wasn't buying it, homes faces a maximum of 20 years in prison for each count. she is expected to appeal. prob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. haiti's prime minister says he survived an assassination attempt area on re says it happened during national day celebrations . over the weekend. his office says bandits and terrorist tried to shoot him at a church. he took off his last july, after president juvenile, noisy, was assassinated activists in the central mexican states of marin loss, a demanding accountability over the death of an environmentalist, had spoken out against the reopening of a landfill site. supporters of rodrigo vasquez morales say he was killed by gangs involved in the waste management industry. manuel or pollo, explains trash can be a dirty business anywhere, but in mexico,
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it can also be deadly. last year grow that he got morales and environmental activist who often criticized the reopening of this land. and the city of gwyn lavaca, was shot and killed by an unknown gunman. many people here believed that he was death was a direct result of his activism nor thinking unless it goes fancy as the circumstances of the connection, not clear. but it is evident that this occurs in the context of the reopening of this landfill. of the fact that he has expressed things on social media and made comments, making it clear that rodrigo intended to continue the fight against the landfill. the low mother may he, a landfill, had been shut down for almost 10 years after studies found the site had contaminated a local aqua. when the landfill reopened, in april of 2021 activist and local residents took to the streets and protest, jackie said the own elk that the last old cation here was very violent. residents say i was even gonna ha local say each time there were protests,
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there was violence. human rights observers safer that he goes. case is not uncommon in mexico, adding that a dangerous intersection exists between waste management and criminal enterprise. billing wizard, setup if organized crime, because it implies this collision of interests. corruption of officially with those companies that are sometimes front organization. one is because they arrive here and they have no experience providing a survey at a recycling center in cuernavaca, friends of rodrigo morales say he was a recycling advocate and an active proponent of sustainability from apple. yahoo! he supported me and my mother more than anyone. i was always calling out and what did he go? what illegal? but now with like, who has gone now, what do we do without when we go? the company that operates the low mother, me, he a landfill, did not respond to al jazeera, his request for comment. but in investigation into the road that he goes dead is underway by state authorities. little that he, alice was one of 25 human rights and environmental activists who were killed in
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mexico in 2021. the united nations human rights office here in mexico city has condemned the violence and has called on the mexican government to do more to guarantee the rights of activists. the mexican government has struggled with waste management policies for years, a growing population and increased garbage imports from the united states almost guarantees. the problem is only becoming more complex. in the case of the low, my, they, me, he, a landfill questions over ties to organized crime, remain unanswered and justice, and the death of one activist remains elusive. but one thing is for certain protests and demonstrations against the landfill itself, have not resumed manuel ref hello. al jazeera mexico city. not beaches in gonna have reopened 2 years after being close the public because of coverage bought. only people who were vaccinated will be allowed on to them. here's victoria gave me. oh, the pleasure. beach resulting gone is capital i cry. is once again welcoming,
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visited, beaches across the country were placed to the public in march 2020 because of clayton 19 people here were thankful to be back and eager to make up for lost time . don't go out lodge, could they be there? says the law, i think that's a day in that new year we decided to come in half on ye. yeah. by we al devin, every protocol, the strict rules are in place only vaccinated people are allowed on to the beach and there were plenty of police officers around to ensure compliance. but for those not yet vaccinated all is not lost. a temporary vaccination center is operating just outside the resort. once people have had that jap, they're allowed on to the beach. organizes safety initiative has been a big success or people going to fit your wife. that gets you directly to us. they don't have to do just agree, and then the yes, so you devices will be one. and the yes to gashodi. gwinnett enjoyed himself,
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despite the optimism whose id numbers and not back to pre pandemic levels in the extra government restrictions all frustrating today's working in the tourism industry. this long time that it was closed for today because it out. yeah, i can hear about not unless we have separate. bah, will buy deck was are they will come about this and nobody is annoy inches. so does that sound affordable? got the i canceled. you have to go back home. sancho, judy, i've been thinking this also is greatly a problem. this me, susan say they're still waiting to receive financial help that was promised by the government. but they're taking comfort from the fact that she has caught off to a much better start than the one before victoria gay to be al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, the.


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