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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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the test bed for controlling our crisis was no goal deposit. so why is it one of your walks biggest exports counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is the news, our live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, over 19 cases, continue to search world wide as the young a targeted for vaccination. while experts warn cloth masks may not provide enough protection against only crohn's or the 5 his sees the united arab emirates cargo ship of yemen. the saudi led coalition denies carrying weapons and claims medical supplies were on boards. sedans, prime minister, quits just weeks after
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a power sharing deal with the military, which has been met with a wide spread protests. and another news outlet in hong kong is shutting down, raising questions about the future of independent media. i'm devin ash, with sport chelsea fight back from to goes down to draw with title arrivals livable in the premier league and concerns over the mental health of nfl san antonio brown following a premature exit for tampa bay with the world health organization says the number of corona virus infections globally has again surged these time to more than a 1000000 in one day. many countries are scrambling to contain the only con variance u. k prime minister barak johnson has warned pressure on hospitals will become considerable over the next couple of weeks in england, secondary school children are being advised to wear masks when they returned to the
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classroom. india has begun a vaccination drive for teenagers and inoculated nearly 4000000 on monday alone in the us, some experts recommending paper where double masks or surgical masks to stop the spread of the highly infectious omi con variant, will have more on that story a little later but 1st, let's head to rory, challenge whose life for us in london. hello there. warri. thanks for joining us on these news. our parents have their school students returning to school over the next couple of weeks. what are they being told? well, they've been told by the governments that this is a situation that the government hopes is not going to last longer than is absolutely necessary. but what secondary school pupils are going to have to do when they enter schools again tomorrow for the 1st time since the christmas holidays is 1st of all, take a cova test,
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a lateral flow test. every secondary school in the u. k is going to be having to do that, but also they are going to have to wear mosques for an undisclosed period of time while they're at school. it's basically the one change that the government has made to the rules and regulations in england over the holiday period. johnson has just come out and said that the mixture of meshes that the, that england has in place all the right ones. and the government is going to be sticking with them. essentially, he took a gamble just before christmas and then again, just before new year, not to heights in the restriction is not to make the most, most of in england is in a kind of system of measures called plan b, which doesn't really amount to much more than wearing mosque on public transport and in shops and also working from home when you can. other parts of the u. k. have
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gone much further than that, but england with forest johnson in charge chose a different path and it's a gamble that you have to say was risky. one, because you have surging numbers of infections. you have 12000 people, at least in hospital with covert at the moment in the u. k. the pressure that's being put on the n h s national health service. he's testing it severely. it's probably too late for borrow johnson to backtrack. now, he is going to have to write it out. it will say, how the following weeks and months or say that rory, tell us a little bit more about what's happening across europe in terms of the corona virus and the infections. what in france there were some new measures announced just before new year that we're sure to come into place on january the 3rd. so that is now happening and they involve limitations on the number of people that can
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gather indoors. 2000 people indoors, 5000 people outdoors. amanda tree working at home rule for 3 days a week for anyone that can. and also this measure that it's being put through parliament for the moment to tighten up the health path. is that a use to get into restaurants, etc? what has been the case up until well, when the new law goes through this re, legislation goes through is that you can get into a restaurant by showing either you've been vaccinated enough or that you have a negative kind of a test. they're going to change that probably so that it is now just about vaccination. will be a vaccination path in the netherlands at the moment. so which is an outlier in the you pretty much at the moment being quite tightly locked out. it went into a locked down on the 19th of december. there were protests yesterday that ended up
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with clashes with broad police and c locked down protests and the government at the moment looking into whether they will allow school kids to go back house sometime next week. quite extraordinary saying thank you very much for for that update. we're a challenge live for us in london. passengers on a cruise ship in portugal have december daft to being stuck on board for days following the code of dante outbreak. the german cruise operated cancelled its voyage after $52.00 cases were confirmed among the crew. on wednesday, another 12 people have tested positive sins. well the full 1000 people were on board the ship. passengers were allowed to leave after testing negatives to india now, which is starting a campaign to vaccinate 15 to 18 year olds against coven. 19 the drive comes as omicron infections are rising. several regions have introduced restrictions and a night time curfew has been imposed in the capital, new deli schools and public places there. and in other states have closed happening
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. mitchell has more from a vaccination center in the capital. and with that, another teenager has gotten their job with the vaccination center in new delhi, which is dedicated to inoculating teenagers between 315 to 18 year old. that the age group that started getting that it's a huge bracket, a population of about 70000000, a big expansion for in just vaccination drive. and a big relief of parents and students who had a particularly tough, fun damage. fools in india have been the 1st shot and last to open. in fact, as we speak, many schools were closed again. over $900.00 cases started searching. as of now, the population is only getting cool vaccine, which is it to job engine made vaccine, given 28 days a box. i have a lot of restrictions on my phone. remember, so me to for the goal with the goal properly. so i didn't go with my friends and
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get to watch movies in the hall. so yeah, i'm excited to go to my goal is to i didn't think there was any point waiting. we discuss it with the couple of doctors as well. and they would've been in that we could get it done as soon as possible. and it's not just children starting next week. health day walkers and many people about 60 who have underlying health conditions will be eligible for booster shots. now as we speak, india is seeing a massive surge in over 900 cases, largely fueled by the army on various the hardest hit cities are mom by in the financial capital, which saw restrictions being tightened this weekend. new delhi has also seen cases such positivity rate is close to 5 percent. and as of now, schools, gyms and movie theaters are shot and restrictions have been placed on restaurants and public transport. the government says the hospitalized zation, those remain low, and that cases have so far been myers and them to magic. they say they will look at
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these metrics, hospitalization, and death to decide if new restrictions ought to be placed. while new restrictions had started in the philippine capital is daily cases continue to rise day in person classes, contacts, sports and life performances are banned. capacity limits have also been lowered to restaurants and businesses. as barnaby low reports from manila, philippines, capital region metro, manila is back to strictly quarantine levels. after cases of corporate 19 spike over the holidays. so from alert level 2, it's been raised to alert level 3. what this primarily means is that goals, age, 17 and under. and those who are 60 years old and older are not allowed to leave their homes except for outdoor exercise or to go out and buy essential goods and access essential services. now there are discussions among local authorities about also restricting the movement of unvaccinated individuals. what,
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what's clear right now is that businesses are allowed to operate, but at the limited capacity, for example, restaurants are only allowed to accept customers at 30 percent there in lord capacity and at 50 percent, their outdoor capacity businesses of only started to recover after the government east restrictions back in november. it is of course a huge blow to to the business because for a monday, a, it is usually a full house at lunch. and on this is only the 1st day of a alert devil 3. and we already have mp tables for lunch. now over the weekend health department officials also announced the detection of more on record cases, a number of which were local cases. which means that these patients had no prior travel history. and they said that this means that there is high probability of
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local transmission that felt secretary francisco. lucas said that it is safe to assume that the new virus variance is already circulating in local communities. encourage people to stay at home as much as possible and get back to needed. the philippines vaccination rate remains below 50 percent. okay, let's bring in doctor krishna coma. he's the director at the global health innovations center and joins us from north carolina. thanks for being on the program, dr. cases of only krona now surging across the globe, and some medical professionals are even recommending double masking. tell us a little bit about that. do you think it's necessary? yeah, we do know that the ohm icon variant is highly transmissible, much more so than the prior variance that we were dealing with. which means we have to be that much more careful about ventilation and masking. now we do have a higher ability to access high quality and high filtration mask like k 95 k n
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95 or k f. 94 types of maps. if not, then we can use surgical math or if the only thing available or clock mass, then certainly multiple layer cloth mass are adequate, but not anywhere near as good as some of the other high quality mass that are available. so because of the high transmit ability of oma crime, it really matters the type of mass that everybody is wearing. now, i guess a lot of people opt for the kaufman because they try to do the right thing by the environment and reuse it. but what you're actually saying is that we need to use these disposable surgical masks in the, in 94 in the life. is that right? if at all possible, the higher quality mask is the one to use. and there are now ways to recycle those types of mass as well, if we want to be environmentally conscious. so it is going to make a difference, especially over the coming 4 to 6 weeks where we're seeing tremendous uptake in cases of omicron variant to make sure that the right and best getting master or
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what we're all using. dr. the army, chrome very and has only been around for about what 4 to 6 weeks outside of south africa. do we need more dr. about it and just how easily it spreads to make these informed decision? yeah. oh my god has probably been around since mid october. or so, and is now likely the dominant strain in almost every country around the world. we now have pretty good data from not just south africa, but also parts of europe and in the u. s. and what we are seeing pretty consistently is that it has a much higher rate of transmits ability. there does seem to be a trend that it causes less severe disease, but that's not born out fully yet. but we do know that with then level of rises that we're seeing in cases, it's much more likely that even with a small percent of people becoming ill, we're going to overwhelm many health systems around the world. if we don't take
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more aggressive measures, we spoke to our correspondent worried challenge in london at the top of the bulletin. he was saying that many parents are getting ready for the children to start school. what would be your advice or recommendations to parents ahead of the new school term? yeah, my own to kids went back to school today. and i think it is important to make sure that we can safely keep kids learning in person in school, if at all possible. and i think what rory share it in terms of making sure that everybody tests, if they have access to tests before going back to school is very important. making sure that everybody in that school masks as much as possible and to increase the rates of vaccinations to make sure all of the adults in those school settings are vaccinated. and as many children that are now eligible in their local setting, also get vaccinated as soon as possible. i don't think i'm alone in asking this, and i've asked a few medical professionals when are we going to come out?
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the other side of it will mosques and tests and vaccinations be part of life for the foreseeable future? yeah, that's a good question. i think that's the question of the year going into 2022. i'm optimistic that we can really turn the corner on the acute phase of this pandemic over the coming 12 months. but that doesn't mean that cobit is going away forever. it means that we will find a much more feasible way to live with cobit going forward when it becomes endemic, which means that we can have better approaches to public health. we can also have better access to testing to treatments and make sure that we increase the rate the vaccination significantly, especially in those parts of the world that are currently struggling with their rates of vaccination. while we appreciate your insights, as always, thank you very much, dr. chris nor would a coma, the director, the global health innovation center. appreciate your time on this news. our thank you by the more ahead,
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including how protest is in me and my changing the tactics to ensure that i can continue to avoid their opposition to military rule and enforce contained if a goal of this season in the premier league as chelsea fall back against the title, rival, liverpool, ah, humans who the fight is say they have seized a united arab emirates ship. the cargo vessel was taken off the empty port city of who day. the rebels say the vessel was carrying military supplies, but the saudi led coalition says medical supplies were on board. saudi arabia is leading a military coalition that battled the who these for more than 6 years to give us more analysis on this. let's bring in mohammed al tab,
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who was lived for us now in santa hello that mohammed. thanks for joining us on these news. our. can we break this down for us? what happened today? and who's telling the truth? this so we couldn't tell. oh exactly. he's telling the truth of the how these military spokesperson, they are said during his pressure, has revealed some pictures that he said, show the, the u e flagged cargo cargo ship a carrying weaponry, armored vehicles, and also the marine boats. but, but we couldn't confirm such pictures that had been revealed by the how the spokesperson also the year. these are the other side of the high quality and saying that it was carrying medicines or, or other civilian stuff. the, the situation is really developing rapidly. the whole, these are during his,
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the pressure during the pressures explained about the operation, how, how they have conducted this operation of the, the cost of al hernida, where the have monitor kept to this ship according to the statement of the how these are the spokesperson. he says that the have kept monitoring this ship for their for weeks, according to him, and also the, the, the, via the, the ag kick used it all for carrying out hostile activities and the along the red sea. and also that the, the, the, the have care committed or have carried out these are these measures in order to protect what the, what he, what he said, the material water, especially as this ship has entered the territory of water of human. and he said that the ensuring human, he's that the from now and on that the, the will keep an, an open i to protect what these with, he said that you have any territory of waters. so the, the do these, the 1st operation to be carried out by the host,
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these are along the red sea to capture this big military ammunition according to to him. we couldn't, i didn't fi otherwise from, from another source to view i the, his words. so the, the situation is developing specially after the how these have captured the, the areas of the retreat after the so the internationally recognized government backed forces have withdrawn literally from a long swells along the red sea. so this has enabled the how these are ordered to try to keep an eye on the red sea and also to, to, to, to have their upper hand on the roots in also they are the latest developments and also victories of what, when they are captured big swats near my robe and i'll jove. so the, the, the situation is developing on both sides, the quality of the how these are still going on for now. they are entering the just
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the we are just 3 months ahead to enter the, the month. they'd sorry, the eights years of the war that hasn't yet ended and the, the impact is really all the civilians who can keep the keep keep, keep suffering from the, for the impacts of this devastating war. indeed it is. the civilians that are impacted. thank you very much for that update mohammed al at tab in santa. appreciate that thank you. appreciate it. i now where pro democracy groups have called for more protests on tuesday following the resignation of the prime minister della ham dog. he was arrested in october after a military take over, but then reinstated, when he signed an agreement with general abdel fatter hand, but hemlock, spain, unable to form a government since and says political deadlock, threatened sudan says, our survival if morgan reports 2 weeks after the news of his intention to resign emery's and amidst a dead log between sedans, political parties,
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prime minister of the lamb, duke announced he was tapping down from his position. what amount was it? despite my efforts to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to deliver to our people on the promise of peace, justice and no bloodshed that did not happened during the past few days, i met with all the civilian and military officials of the transitional council. to explain and put the put shortage and historic responsibility in front of them. and following what i stated, i have decided to return to you on what you entrusted me with. sure. and i announced my resignation from the post of prime minister 30 at the lamb duke emerged as leader in 2019 after the overthrow of to dance authoritarian president amaral bush here. the country's main civil in coalition. the forces of freedom and change saw him duke as the man to help sudan transition from dictatorship to democracy. he had previously worked in the ministry of finance before taking up top
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jobs in the african development fund and serving as the deputy commissioner of the you and economic commission for africa. as prime minister ham duck oversaw a severe financial crisis during which inflation stored beyond 400 per cent. but he still managed to end the civil conflict in various parts of the country with the uber peace agreement of october 2020. he also successfully lobbied the u. s. and the world bank to remove the down from the list of sponsors of terrorism and convinced global financial institutions to provide debt relief and economic aid. but in october, this year, the military led by abdel for to help her hon. thanks a take over placing prime minister ham doke under house arrest and putting members of his cabinet, imprison a month later, duck was released and reinstated, after international condemnation of the coo, he then find a deal to form a government of technocrats sidelining political groups. but many for denise felt
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he had betrayed the revolution. his removal as far as they're concerned, the last fig leaf that was covering this regime and what remains is a full fledged military military dictatorship. so i think the international community will now will likely increase is pressure on the military regime with the hope of heating the demands of the city streets and, and installing a pull civilian rule demonstrations against the military and the deal have signed with them. have led to the killings of dozens of protesters by police insecurity. forces. ham duke has been unable to stop the violence or install a government that would remove military interference. and now it seems he is left with no choice but to concede defeat and resign. he but morgan august era. alright, let's go live now to mohammed valley who's in caught soon. hello there mohammed, well handled resignation, was expected as we heard in the package. what has been the reaction to the moon?
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we know that the resistance committees have expressed their non concern about the ignition of the primary sob, the lamb duke. they said it has nothing to do with the process of revolt against the military and the program of protests. they are going to stage a major protest tomorrow, the beginning they said it will be only an on demand, but now it is going to spread across cult to him. the other committees, and i think that they will participate in this nationwide protest. it has, it has not been shuttled before, but this is a fine for them of you know, moment and they say they are gaining. they said that is a nation of primary top. the handbook only strengthens their staff and shows that they are on the right path. they have called on this with the needs to joined the vault and the protest. some of them were even lukewarm about the continuation of
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the protest. they said that a chance should be given a 2nd charles should should have been given to the duke. this is that this is a position during the last couple of weeks. they said, handbook in his political agreement with the military could have been given a chance to find a solution for the, the issues of sudan. but now all the, the qualities are united and they are even hoping that the other political entities in the country will join them because there are no other options. according to them they, they, they, they have always been adopting this very radical stuff. no negotiations, no compromise. the only solution for sedan is the complete withdrawal of the military from power and allowing civilians to rule the country on the political level, the other, the other entities, the, the, the national suffering council, the ruling constantly meeting. it has been meeting for
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a few hours now. no announcement has yet been issued. so that could mean that the meeting has not yet ended. also, the head of the counselor of the photographer hahn is expected to deliver an address to the nation tonight during the next few hours. so more official reaction is expected to about this issue, which may really means that sedan is now facing only 2 options, either a continuation of protest, more bloodshed, more people being killed, or they sit around the negotiation table and try to find a solution. but that is a long process, because at least at least at the beginning, there should be a replacement for prime minister in the handbook. there should be a government and it's not clear who will be the choice. they are the need a man who can at the same time reconcile the sudanese, which is a very difficult prospect twice now. and also talk to the international community, be able to bring more concessions or more help from the outside world. so that the,
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the, the economy could, could be better so that the country could get out of the impulse. mad. he spoke briefly, then about general abdel father albert hon. what impact will hum dogs resignation have on his ladyship and does it give him more validity? well emit analysts talking about the fact that the handbook has been used by general lab to photography behind as a fig leaf. he, he's been use of the cover for what everybody says was a military court against democracy or against the process. the democrats process is a country, so he was really helpful for the military to show that they have a assemblage of you know legitimacy because they are still in the kind of partnership with the civil is represented in abdulla handbook and a few others who remained in the government was not being housed during the call. right now. the military have no such cover to use to
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legitimize the course. so they are in a more difficult condition right now. and that's probably explains the meetings today, the long, long meetings that are taking place right now. and the urgency of finding a convincing reply from somebody replacement, somebody who will be likable. acosta than somebody who could replace handbook. and that will give them again, a kind of cover of legitimacy. ok, well thank you very much for that update. keep us updated as to how things progress . mohammed val live, press ok, is a fire at south africans parliament in cape town, which has flared up again. you can say these live pictures here are firefighters tackling the blaze on sunday. fi got the national assembly where parliamentarian sit. extensive damage was caused to the building with parts of the roof caving in. yes, today, a man has been arrested in connection with that fire. the cause of this new blaze
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is not yet known and will bring you more details as they come to hand. still, head to own al jazeera, burnt out, but covered in snow, signed his blame climate change for colorado's winter wild fires. and a lucky escape for an nfl pie in philadelphia all the details later with jemma in school. ah, it's nice to talk about some weather isn't just hot sunshine, evening, winter in the middle east and there's been some very active weather flooding weather recently. the actor system now is this thing thing here. you call a winter front, the air coming behind is effectively colder that in, in front of it. but really the actions all along that line. if you see orange, think heavy rain and that's affecting the far south of iran and southern pakistan
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during tuesday, west of all that is a quieter looking picture. but what's being brought down behind it after living a bit more flooding enough, the emirates or man is this strong wind. it's the shambles normally. and it blows quite often for days on end in the winter. if you get it the wrong time, the it could be very sandy because it's been raining in iraq. the origin of this wind probably going to be a clear one. but you feel in the cold that a high temperature of 17 and q 8. and 60 in demand be lucky to see 23 though harder to get a feel that way at all. it laughs into wednesday, a more realistic 17 absolute best in there. ha, capital cutter. the picture in turkey is recall, a quiet one, considering what we've had recently in the north, just a few showers around the south, around syria and lebanon. egypt looks fine. and in iran, just a few showers. it could to that to be a snow though. not actually interrupt. ah,
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a right of passage in preserve to the generation michael, he was laying down. there was claiming she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as go through cycle of pain, for what fact my name needs to women affect my f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the eventually better take al jazeera, corresponding the con, a mineral central to the quest for clean energy? a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to sky rocket. people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material, needed for cleaner energy, or in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of cobalt people in power on i'm just 0.
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ah ah. hello, you're working out here. i'm emily angland. reminder of our top stories this, our indian starting a campaign to vaccinate teenagers against coven. 19 dr. comes, is all meconium fictions arising. several regions have introduced restrictions including a nighttime curfew in the capital, and usually yemen through the fight is say, live has seized the united arab emirates ship off the yamani port city of hotel, the rebels to say the vessel was carrying military supplies. the satellite coalition says it was a medical equipment on board saddam's prime minister of dela hm doke has resigned
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at less than 2 months after he signed a deal with the military following a qu, i'm dog failed to form a government. he said more talks unaided. if the country is to move towards civilian role, returning to the stores in a panoramic now and in china to senior communist party officials have been removed from their post as the city of shyanne russell's with the code 19 outbreak. officials say the move is part of an effort to strengthen the work of epidemic prevention and control. 13000000 people in shyanne have been under locked down to 2 weeks. 60 new infections were recorded there on monday. well then 1600 cases have been identified in that city since early december. katrina, you has more than the story from by james chinese authorities had confirmed that they were to district level senior official fact from the city of she and for the mishandling of the current outbreak. that according to a government statement,
6:34 pm
they were responsible for a lax approach to inspections and testing and in and coordinated approach which hindered contact tracing. now this follows the announcement last month that $26.00 officials from that same city were punished for not doing enough to prevent the current outbreak. now, this is unsurprising since the beginning of the pandemic 2 years ago. whenever there has been a significant flare up of case numbers, the have been officials who have been held responsible and either punished or fired from the purse. now this goes to show how serious beijing is taking it 0 tolerance approach to the core of iris. even now t is on and it also is an example of what paging is trying to do to ease frustrations due to the inconveniences caused by these outbreaks. the city of she, 13000000 people, is the population. all of them now are under severe lockdown, unable to even leave their homes. and this lockdown is entering its 3rd week now.
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and there have been many complaints that because of this locked on, many residents are not able to access fresh food or other daily necessities. i was unclear so far how long this locked on will continue. but authorities that under extreme pressure to get the case numbers down before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics in february. so far since the beginning of december, that have been in total more than $1600.00 cases. they're covered cases of the delta variant. and the latest figure reported on monday was 60 cases added to that number. the 8th round of talks on the iran nuclear deal, i resuming on monday in vienna. they ain't to revive the 2015 agreement with world powers around foreign ministry spokesman says western nations have realized that they must back down from maximal demands. dalso jabari has been following developments from vienna. this week could be one of the most important weeks, and that is because the talks until now i've been dealing about what the talks will
6:36 pm
be about. they were talking about the agenda. now there seems to be a agreement of some kind about what they're going to discuss. there are still hurdles and there have been solutions before us for all sides, mainly the americans and the rainiest were at the heart of this dispute about how they can proceed and overcome those hurdles this week. we're expecting to find out whether or not that can actually happen. the iranians have said that they want the u. s. sanction lifted since the americans left the deal in 2018 and impose a series of strict sanctions on her aunt oil and banking sectors. the rate, the americans for their part have said that the ranges have to go back into full compliance since 2019 they started reducing their commitments to the nuclear deal. and further advanced their nuclear program. there seems to be incentive from all sites to decide whether or not this deal can be salvage. this week, the coming talks will be the most serious, since the negotiations began in april of last year. and that is because the,
6:37 pm
a dispute mechanism was triggered by the european signatories to the deal. that is germany, france, and you pay in january of 2020. so this has been going on for a very long time. it seems it's now this week that will decide whether or not the parties involved will be able to come to some kind of an agreement about whether or not they can revive this 2015 nuclear deal. china france, the u. s. and the u. k. have pledged to ensure and nuclear war is never fought. the 5 nuclear armed countries released to joint statement vowing to prevent the further spread of atomic weapons. the country say it's a war that cannot be won and should never be fought. the new york stock exchange has opened for trading for the 1st time. this year. all of america's main stock index is financed at 2021 with the rep who gain despite
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uncertainty caused by rosie rising corona virus cases. the s and p 500 grew by 27 percent. it recorded its biggest 3 year advance in more than 20 years. along with the nasdaq and dow jones for more on this story, let's bring in gabriel allas under a joint this live from the new york stock exchange. hello that gave thanks for joining us. what can we expect from this 1st day of trading? well, the market spent open just a little over an hour now, and we can see that there are already starting to be more gains on this 1st day of trading, of 2020 to the market opening very much in the green. that's not unexpected. it usually the 1st few days of trading of a new year here to new york stock exchange usually have a tendency to be pretty good. so that's not unusual in terms of what we're looking ahead to after his store a gains last year, inflation and some sectors up to a 40 year high here in the united states. traders will be looking at that closely
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over the coming days, weeks and months. supply chain issues continue to be a problem around the world, particularly here in the united states will be watching that close see to see how that could be affecting the markets as well in the coming days, weeks and months as well. certainly the supply chain issues seem to be continuing unabated in some parts of the world. and then of course, markets don't like uncertainty. and they were hoping to have no uncertainty going into 2022. but then someone knocked on the door and said, nope, we're going to change that. that's ami kron variant. that is clearly having a concern on the markets. we saw that with thousands of flight cancellations around the world during the holiday season, due to staffing shortages. and we're seeing it here, particularly in the northeast to the united states. traders that want to know how many chronic stating don't have to look too far. because several wall street banks
6:40 pm
have gone back to work from home for their employees through the 1st few weeks of january because army chronic hitting so hard here in the united states just in new york state, they're averaging about $70000.00 new positive cases per day. if the trend lines continue, new york state could hit 100000 new krona virus cases per day by the middle of this week. that gives you an idea of how bad it's hitting here and neighboring new jersey as well. the number of positive cases up by about 25000 a day. that's over 800 percent higher than just a month ago. lots of numbers there, but the bottom line is the markets have are doing well to start off 2022. but there's certainly a lot of headwind here in the coming days and weeks. as the army kron variant and cove, it in general continues to loom large over everything in the united states,
6:41 pm
but particularly the markets as well. indeed, gabriel, there are extraordinary numbers. thank you very much for that update. gabriel alexander live for us in new york still in the us and after hurricane force winds sparked destructive fives in the state of colorado. a winter storm has now heat just days later. scientists say climate change is to blame as laura, but a manly report child remnants from people's lives peak through a blanket of snow. a winter storm hit colorado's boat county days of the fire had engulfed entire neighborhoods. the fire began in northern denver, and within hours they destroyed a 1000 homes of the sweeping through superior town and the city of louis school. you know, these a quiet little box were his play hid this
6:42 pm
local resident and his dog were lucky not to lose their home. walking through that devastation yesterday was on one hand. heartbreaking because you know, there people lost. are there the other, their belongings there? memories that were in those homes, families that were raised there us present, joe biden has offered funds to help with the recovery. and the county sheriffs, as such, is continuing the victims. the scenes are still hot or still, you know, deep in debris, hot debris cover was snow. so as a very difficult task assigned to say, unusual weather had a domino effect. early trench or rain, let to prairie gross his growing hide a try, winter tongue ground to kindling and powerful winds down, power lines igniting the grass. they blame climate change. this kind of event
6:43 pm
that happens in december with a lot of rain to increase fuels early in the year and then no rain later in the year that dries them out, is very much associated with climate change. some lives have been lost and thousands more appended. if climate changes to blame many will question, how can they prevent this destruction from recurring in the future? laura had manley onto sera, chinese property giant, ever grant has suspended trading on hong kong stock market. its value plunged by more than 9 percent after it failed to pay investors on thursday. it's missed several payments in the past months. ever grand owes more than $300000000000.00. that's more than any other property developer in the world. victor gao is chair professor at shoot town university. he says, ever grands dad will have huge repercussions to customers, but he doesn't believe it will affect the global economy. ever. grant is the
6:44 pm
largest property developer in china, i am possibly in the world. and it's debt in total is also mind boggling. so it's restructuring, or reorganization or liquidation eventually will be painful for itself or its shareholders, for all the stakeholders of ever grant. because it not only has borrowing from banks, but also huge kinds of liabilities to its suppliers and also many ah, people who bought the apartments fryeburg grant have pre paid for their apartments . and their legal status is also very much in the lean ball. so this will be a time consuming, very painful process in ah, china. on the other hand, i think the debt incurred by immigrant is mostly one. no one debt. that is a debt between ever grant has a borrow versus it's lenders, a debt between ever but grant versus is
6:45 pm
a priors. and also problems between ever grant as the property developer versus its customers. now, in sharp contrast to the financial crisis in 2008, which was caused or mostly by the subprime, which is a derivative ah, product, sol, to many financial institutions ever grants. debt is mostly $1.00 0, $1.00 egg and it could be more easily restructures. one of the last remaining independent publications in hong kong has announced a will close journalist that citizen you say they don't feel they can work safely after colleagues at separate pro democracy news outlets were arrested for sedition, for clinic reports from hong kong in hong kong, shrinking media space, another loss in a statement on social media, independent, online news sites. citizen, you said it would stop operating from tuesday, saying it needed to ensure the safety of its stuff. it described itself as a little bows in the middle of tremendously rough seas. that announcement came less
6:46 pm
than a week after stan use announced it was closed down. alas, off to the independence publication had been raised by police and 7 people were arrested. in october, hong kong security bureau accused citizen news is misleading its readers. when reporting that free speech was no longer guaranteed under the national security law . found a chris young, settle those who to send news not being contacted by national security police. it was impossible for the small outlet to continue. overall media is facing a increasingly tough environment for those who are being seen as critical or troublemakers. they are more on the revolt. young said he hoped young hong kong journalists wouldn't be put off saying there's still a role for media to play in the territory. a sentiment echoed by other journalists, full. c'mon, doyle. they have been a lot of media workers who express their sadness on social media,
6:47 pm
and i don't think we are the only ones who started in this industry. there were still a lot of journalists who are willing to try hard. i still have the hold and citizen uses the 3rd outlet to shut down after stan news and hong kong. last pro democracy paper apple daily that was forced to close in june last year after tacit was seized and found a jimmy lie. arrested. authorities have also blocked programs on public broadcast, the radio, television, hong kong, and issued directives to stuff. it's now uncertain how remaining outlets, including hong kong free press can survive. the decision by citizen used to close is another sign that the media environment here is becoming increasingly difficult . yet hong kong authorities have repeatedly rejected claims of a crackdown. thank they are not targeting the media. journalism is not sedition, but seditious action activities and inciting other people through public access nativity is, could not be con, don't. under the guise of news reporting,
6:48 pm
hong kong chief secretary, john les criticized a recent editorial published in the wall street journal title. no one is safe in hong kong, saying that recent arrests had nothing to do with me of freedom. hong kong was once known as a vibrant hub for media outlets, but a national security law imposed on the region and 2020 has changed that and left many faring independent journalism is being crushed for clinic, i'll just 0. hong kong for test is in man, man who are opposed to military rule have adapted the tactics to avoid confrontation with authorities. security forces have previously used a live fire and mass arrests to intimidate them. tiny changes following developments from neighboring thailand. all across ma'am, or in the last few days protested, have been out showing their opposition to the military government in insane township in yang. go and put a flash mob or protest to hit the streets,
6:49 pm
holding up banners cooling for an end to dictatorship and shouting slogans. calling for power to be returned to the people. they moved very fast. they don't protest belong because the military have used brucell oppression against protest as in the past 11 months. but it's not just in urban areas in central men, marin, sorry, gang, which is an area which has generally in the past, been very supportive of the military protest is came out to. and in some cases, protest as have taken up, arms aware the peaceful protest against the military is not working. it seems that the one year anniversary of the military who approaches the people of mamma that when their voice to be silent, a powerful as crank has struck taiwan. the effie center of the magnitude 6.2 quake was off the ac coast of the island. the trim she'll buildings in the capital tie pay, they have no immediate reports of damage. at least 6 people have been killed in
6:50 pm
a suspected l. chabad attack in kenya. it happened in the coastal move region, the board of somalia. the county commission says security forces are pursuing the attackers who have also torched houses. the popular tourist destination has suffered frequent attacks by the al qaeda linked groups. an outbreak of bird flew in israel has killed another 1000 migratory cranes in the hula valley. 5000 campuses were found last week in a reserve in the north of the country. farm is in the region has been forced to call hundreds of thousands of chicken's prime minister in this tale. bennett, sat down with experts last week to discuss efforts to contain the outbreak and prevent it from being passed on to humans. still ahead on al jazeera will bring you the story of how an eagle eyed fan saved the life of an ice hockey manager. all those stories and more coming out with gemma in source. ah
6:51 pm
mm. mm. mm
6:52 pm
pool. ah ah ah. it's time now for sport his jammah. thank you emily. we start with the premier league and chelsea for back from tier goes down to drill tool with title arrivals. liverpool that i am on a pound on a chelsea mistake to give the lead off a minute. that was the senegalese trying because a 1st colon over a month on a pallet or off the camera for the nation. it also signed off with a go live a few up back in south sea with a contender. goal of the season with a,
6:53 pm
with a level a to make it see what he does for money. this one a little bit special. see where level 4 minutes later christina to fit completing the come back just for fun. result leave months. 10 points clear the top of the table, reco signing romania dropped the game off the thing. he was unhappy at chelsea in an interview. his book explains why he left him out. it's not chelsea like but it's also not the worst thing in the world. not. it's not the 1st time that, that the interview out there causes some, some noise that nobody needs, but we can handle it. i'm not, i don't to personally attacked and i don't feel like personal angry, but the noise was too big on the last totally the focus for the match. you need to talk and understand the situation better and, and from there and we go, and what is the situation is clear, he,
6:54 pm
he is no doubt that he will stay our player. the match also marks the start of a face standing trial in the premier league championship. more than 12000 spaces has been created at stamford bridge with home and the way found both using the new area to watch sundays. game standing has been banned in england's top 2 divisions for almost a 30 years following the hills for dissolved in 1989 which led to the death of 97 liverpool supporters. manchester, united, manchester, city, tottenham, and card if the other clubs are taking part in the trial. liverpool. why without managing young cloth for that gay mazda, he tested positive for co 19 but boss, and i know we're missing 17 players for that match with the juicy current of virus and injuries. coach chaffey called his size f, a titanic because they managed a one know when the are with the only goal of the game just before half time boss. and i one point of place and the nfl is seen plenty of bizarre moments. but on thursday, brown's late his behavior might be one of the strangest,
6:55 pm
the enigmatic wide receiver attempts they decided to abandon his team. during the 3rd quarter against the new york jets brown appeared up on the sideline in new jersey and passed before throwing his undershirt and gloves into the crowd. he then left the field while waving a piece to sign. after the game of buck and his coach brief ariana with a no need talk about brown's antics, he is no longer a book. right? that's the end of the story to talk about guys who were not there. and one guy we, everybody should find, you know, hopefully do what they can to help them and ways that, that, you know, he really needs it and, you know, we all love them. we care about them deeply. you know, i think everyone should, should be very compassionate and empathetic toward, you know, some very difficult things that are happening. fiance, brown drama, eva shadow, tom. today's biggest come back when of the season orchestration, of course, advice on brady. the balcony is a trail to new york, get by for seen before. brady free the winning touchdown with 20 seconds remaining
6:56 pm
. the green bay packers will have a buy in the sitting around the office is doing conference with dallas moving earlier in the day. the package looks away, the number one seed in the se 27 point when the minnesota vikings. there was a scary moment for eagle quarterback, stayed in hudson, a small group of friends in philadelphia whenever washington remained voice, health and supporters back to their feet. and some the opportunity for sophie with a stall play in the m b a. it was, i'm lucky for the late because against minnesota, after leaving twice to the symbols this season has got some present to the 5 point victory of on james to top 4 to 26 of families and now back to 50 percent. when last record 7 in the western conference and we finished with an incredible story of an ice hockey fan who saved the life of a manager nadia public. each was watching her team as the actual crack and play
6:57 pm
vancouver canucks. when she noticed a suspicious looking mole on the net global vancouver employee and decided to warn him, just seeing him walk by the plexiglass multiple times, my eyes were immediately drawn to the back of his neck. she put her phone up to the glass and on the phone, it said the mol, on the back, your neck is cancer. it had a regular borders. different, you know, discoloration, it was pretty large in diameter. she extended my life than words, other doctors and elsewhere. i ignored that for 45 years. i wouldn't be here. clearly have volunteer work in hospitals and paid off. it's all happened in october and on saturday the to got the chance to meet when the sides played again. and the thank you, the franchises giving the 22 year old, a joint gift of 10000 dollars to help with her medical school expenses. every kelly a bright future and the medical profession awaits emily. what a gorgeous story. thank you very much. jim m m, and so for this news our, i'm emily angland stick around though i'll have more news in just
6:58 pm
a moment. mm hm. with step beyond the comfort zone, where assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary, but also a perception witness. on a, just the euro. weaver's a,
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drying out grazing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration. have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours im isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched, the ha parisha than individuals pay 5000 years dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. from lagos, to jerusalem, to buy 'em on the government is francis my own home milestone man. history my right. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time the
7:00 pm
arrest. i was 11 years old, a jason next on al jazeera. ah, south africa's parliament catches fire for a 2nd. can take the consecutive day. we'll have a live update. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up. india begins cove at 19 vaccinations, detain ages as it struggles with rising infections due to the all me con, very ends yemen. suki find his seas and emerald he cargo ship.


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