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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on m. j 0. ah . so don's prime minister resigns, after failing to form a civilian government does protest grow against military rule? ah, clem, 40 back savoy watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up. india begins cove 19 vaccinations for teenagers as it struggles with wising infections you to the army crohn variant. another news outlet in hong kong is shutting down, raising questions about the future of independent media. and
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a man is arrested in south africa in connection with a fire that destroyed the parliament building in cape town. ah, thank you very much for joining as we begin in sudan, where prime minister abdullah ham dock has announced his resignation, throwing the country deeper into political uncertainty. he was arrested in october after military takeover, but then read fated when he signed an agreement with general abdel for to albert hon. but hm. dog's been unable to form a government and says political deadlock, threatened sudan survival, heber morgan reports 2 weeks after the news of his intention to resign emery's and amidst a dead log between sedans, political parties, prime minister of the lamb, duke announced he was stepping down from his position, what omar was it, despite my efforts to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to deliver to our
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people on the promise of peace, justice and no bloodshed fed did not happened during the past few days. i met with all the civilian and military officials of the transitional council to explain and put the put shortage and historic responsibility in front of them. and following what i stated, i have decided to return to you on what you entrusted me with. sure. and they announced my resignation from the post of prime minister. good abdullah ham dog emerged as leader in 2019 after the overthrow of to dance authoritarian president amaral bush here. the country's main civilian coalition. the forces of freedom and change saw him dog as the man to help sir dan transition from dictatorship to democracy. he had previously worked in the ministry of finance before taking up top jobs in the african development fund and serving as the deputy commissioner of the you and economic commission for africa. as prime minister ham doke oversaw a severe financial crisis during which inflation stored beyond 400 per cent. but he
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still managed to and the civil conflict in various parts of the country with the juba piece agreement of october 2020. he also successfully lobbied the u. s. and the world bank to remove the down from the list of sponsors of terrorism and convinced global financial institutions to provide debt relief and economic aid. but in october, this year, the military led by abdel for to help her hon. state a takeover lacing prime minister ham dog under house arrest and putting members of his cabinet, imprison a month later. hum duck was released and reinstated, after international condemnation of the coo, he then find a deal to form a government of technocrats sidelining political groups. but many for denise felt he had betrayed the revolution. his removal as far as they're concerned, it was the last fig leaf that was covering this regime. and what remains is a full fledged military military dictatorship. so i think the international
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community will now will likely increase is pressure on the military regime with the hope of heating the demands of the city streets and installing a pull civilian rule demonstrations against the military and the deal have signed with them. have led to the killings of dozens of protesters by police, and particularly for ham. joke has been unable to stop the violence or install a government that would remove military interference. and now it is left with no choice but to concede defeat and resign hebrew, morgan august era. and mom, it van has reaction now from cartoon to hum dogs resignation. but luckily, it's very clear that all the parties to this political game will today will have to face the situation as it is. there is no longer the man who has been the middle man who has been there between them, the catalyst,
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so to speak. everyone pin their hopes on handbook to try to bring everyone to the session table that has that option has been removed. now they really have to speak to each other, or they have to get concessions. we will see during the next few hours and days whether this within, if politicians will see the danger of what's going on. and the only option for the only alternative to that coming to the negotiation table will be more bloodshed, more protest, and more so than east joining the rocks of that committee. their committee is just told me as well that probably those who were not willing to join might join. for instance, the forces of freedom. a change could not change their mind and see that the only option left for them is to unite their ranks with with us it's committees and take to the streets. early i spoke to a lead. my depot, who is the founder and president of the sudan policy for him?
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he says, the military underestimated the consequences of its factions. this is, i don't know if this vacuum is likely to cause divisions along this. if you go a lot for as of yesterday night, there are some serious very these agreements are the military officers, especially among literally your that was moving the country. it seems that they are a consequences of good italian. so, and they feel that they are now being secluded from international support from national and support. so in the coming few days, likely to see so these agreements among the video platform,
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but most likely that is going to be your none of us agreement on the fact that it has to be a complete the city of a city anymore. india is starting a campaign to vaccinate 15 to 18 year old against $1219.00 the expanded drive comes as only con infections on the rise. several regions have introduced restrictions including a nighttime cafe in the capital, new deli schools and public places there. and in other states are closed by to have many town. who's that a vaccination center in new delhi? just how big is this vaccination drive for teenagers?
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apologies, we seem to have a sound issues there with pathname ital in new delhi. we'll try to reconnect with her and get back to her to tell us about the latest or about the coven situation in india there. in the meantime, let's move on to china, where to senior communist party officials have been removed from their posts. as the city of she on wrestles with a coven 19 outbreak, the removal was said to be part of an effort to strengthen the work of epidemic prevention and control. 13000000 people in she on of been under locked on for 2 weeks. now 16, you covered 19 infections where recorded on monday, more than 1600 cases have been identified in the city since early december. katrina, you has more from b. g. chinese authorities had confirmed that they were to district level senior official fact from the city of she and for the mishandling of the current outbreak . that according to a government's statement, they were responsible for a lax approach to inspections and testing and,
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and coordinated approach which hindered contact tracing. now this follows the announcement last month that $26.00 officials from that same city were punished for not doing enough to prevent the current outbreak. now, this is unsurprising since the beginning of the pandemic 2 years ago. whenever there has been a significant flare up of case numbers, the have been officials who have been held responsible and either punished or fired from the purse. now this goes to show how serious beijing is taking it 0 tolerance approach to the coroner doris. even now 2 years on and it also is an example of what paging is trying to do to ease frustrations due to the inconveniences caused by these outbreaks. the city of she, 13000000 people, is the population. all of them now are under severe lockdown. unable to even leave their homes and this lockdown is entering its 3rd week now. and there are been many
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complaints that because of this locked on, many residents are not able to access fresh food or other daily necessities. i was unclear so far how long this looked on will continue. but authorities, the under extreme pressure to get the case numbers down before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics in february. so far since the beginning of december, that have been in total more than $1600.00 cases, the covey cases of the delta variant. and the latest figure reported on monday was 60 cases added to that number. hong kong, online use, side citizen use is shutting down a 3rd media organization in the territory to close. in recent months, authorities have moved to silent composition after china introduce a national security law following pro democracy protesting 2019 media advocacy groups. say china's controversial law is voting price, freedoms great, candidate has more from hong kong. citizen use announce late on sunday night,
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that after 5 years it would be closing down. citing the safety of its journalists. the media outlet described itself as a little boat facing tremendously rough seas. it comes less than a wake up to independent out of stan, use close following a raid of its newsroom and arrests of several people linked to that outlet. it closed down several hours after those actions were taken by national security place . now chris young, the founder of citizen knew said that although that outlet had not been contacted by national security police, it was impossible to continue. the indications are clear that overall media is facing increasingly pop varman and for those who who are being seen or could critical or trouble makers, well, they are more they are all wonderful. so. ready this is what we are facing, and i think that's why we made that decision. young said he hopes that young hong
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kong journalists won't be put off by the decision to close citizen you saying that there's still a role for journalists to play in the city. however, this is the 3rd hour to shut down off to apple daily and stand news, and they're all serious fears over whether other outlets will be able to survive in this intensified media environment. hong kong was once known as a thriving, vibrant hub for media outlets. but a chill has been sent through the industry since begging impose the security law in the city last year. the hong kong authorities. however, ab deny that there was a crackdown in the city saying they are not targeting the media. still ahead on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden reaffirms support for ukraine, promising a decisive response if moscow invasive and canyon conservation is richard lee key, who helped to prove that humans evolved in africa as dies ah
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ah, look forward to pearly to skies. with sponsored my cattle at ways last year ended this year started across a good part of here. pretty mild to be honest, new think from the way the classes moving. it will stay that way. the west winds coming from the west, north from the north, but it won't. there is a change on the horizon dot immediate for today and tomorrow, a good part of central, some your it will be enjoying this sort of weather full plus degrees above average . this stretches from spain well across the balkans and through it's lead up through france. but the change is obvious from this line. it is a cold front and now starting to move south was behind. it will eventually reach, i think the northern part of italy. but it won't be on monday. you'll start to show itself on tuesday. in fact, the rain tends to snow the higher ground, the colder ground in spain, in the pyrenees,
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dividing spain from france. this is rain here because eventually things will happen . it western austria as an example, innsbruck goes down to sub 0, weather with snow falling by wednesday, and it all starts up here. the story, whether the norwegian c catching iceland, dropping temperatures all way down through the british isles. so london goes from 16 to record on you used a down to 6. i'll time you get to choose the scandinavian, not so badly affected. the big picture continues on wednesday. the cold floods south for the weather sponsored by cats are always it's the political, the bay show that's challenging the way you think. have agencies fail, hayton, this is fusions was in before the f isn't a sound bites and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family to guy is under a company right now. people are dying. how will find that migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries, we will pay poor companies to keep up with me,
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michael mont hill on out there. ah ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera live from doha reminder of our top stories . so dance, prime minister, abdullah ham dock has resigned less than 2 months after he signed a deal with the military following of hoo. i'm don't fail to form a government. he says, war talks are needed if the countries to move toward civilian girl. hong kong, online you cite, citizen use is shutting down, is referred me the organisation in the city to close in recent months. maybe advocacy group say china's national security law is eroding press freedoms. and
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india has started a campaign to vaccinate teenagers against over 19 expanded vaccination. dr. come says only corny infections are wising, several regions have range deuced restrictions. well, let's get the latest now on that vaccination drive in india, poverty, me time joins as for me, vaccination center in new delhi, this is a huge drive poverty to vaccinate the 12 to 18 year olds. yes and here we've met many, many happy and relieved teens parents. so we're a few hours into india as expanded vaccination drive 15 to 18 year olds of started getting their jobs. big getting co vaccine, which is to job in made vaccine, administered 20 days of fall. so big expansion and also a much needed one. you know, schools have been shot and it's been a really difficult time for parents and students. we were in fact talking to a parent a while ago,
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and she said that she has been waiting to register her son. the minute prime minister in the range movie made the announcement off this on christmas day. and that she's been really worried about the tool the pandemic has taken on her on mental health. now the prime minister will be in that address also said the booster, those, those will be available to health care cars and people about 60 who have underlying health conditions starting january 10th, which is next week. public health experts say this is a welcome step, given the sarge, incorporate 900 cases across india. and what is the covey situation like across india? right now? we're seeing cases by get an alarming with just this morning. the government says that india recorded about 33000 new cases, a big jump from 10 days ago when india was recalling 1012000 cases a day in many cities, cases are rising and doubling almost over night. mom by which is in just financial
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stop. that is the hardest hit, new delhi is also see a big fight. so cool. cinemas, engines have been shot and there are restrictions on public fonts for restaurants. and, and i tell you, is also in place, in fact, the state of bingo has just shifted slide from moved by in jelly because of the cases now of public health. but have also off the government to consider turning down electioneering, you know, in just headed for elections in a couple of months, but political values continue. the government says it will look at hospitalizations and death to decide on for the cubs. because as of now, it says that cases have largely been mild and a symptomatic. thank you for having a time live in new delhi. the u. k. has imposed new measures to avoid the spread of corona virus. the only con, very interesting record daily cases over the weekend. and that's putting pressure
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on factors like education and health care, a deem by report from london. return to school just days away. many a wondering how they'll be able to stay open in the week to the 27th of december, an estimated one in 20 secondary pupils in england that those aged over 11 had corona virus. the rise in cases is driven by the more transmissible ami con variance. now 2nd, re, pupils in england. we'll have to wear a face covering, at least for the next 3 weeks. and the education watched or offset says go be no inspections in the 1st week of term was 2 thirds of adults have been boosted and obviously children have not. and so that's why we brought in some additional measures within schools at web play making available things like ventilators and extra, some 1000 ventilation units for those classrooms where it's difficult and to ventilate, that's largely backed by school leaders. biggest threats education. and since they is not having those members of stamps teach young,
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and if the way we try and use our schools more reassuringly, safe history place to bring this route changes to austin is to improve ventilation . then that will be definitely a process i. i think the government's clearly worried about staff absences due to covered 19 it's our boss's in the public sector to plan for up to a quarter of the workforce being off it will light heavily on an extensive program of boosters or 3rd vaccination doses to drive down corona virus rates, but that's being outpaced by omicron o, one of the key tools for keeping the economy going. regular testing isn't working properly. there have been severe shortages of all types of tests, including the rapid lateral flow test problems in acts. i think of it 19 tests are increasing concerns in important sectors such as the health service. the main doctors union here says it's members are having trouble getting test, which means they're worried that they're infecting that patient. the you k
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government insists more restrictions must be a last resort, but with hospitals warning coverage, placing immense pressure on them, experts say the tentative is changes in behavior be fully immunized. take your boosters and we're a good quality mosque and f b to mosque and avoid those indoor closed, poorly ventilated places. if we were to exercise all of those measures ourselves, we by our on ethics, would bring down the case numbers. for now, the only certainty that only cons having an impact on workplace is around the country. what isn't that? how well the measures in place will deal with it? the d baba al jazeera london. now the news, the u. s. president has reassured ukraine at washington will respond decisively if russia invade the country. joe biden spoke with me. it's lensky over the phone to reaffirm his support for ukraine. russia has mass thousands of soldiers near the
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border with ukraine. if magic toxeme that de escalating, the crisis will begin next week in geneva and involve the us russia, nato, and the organisation for security and corporation india in europe. patriot we're kosky is senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation, i think tank. and he says, negotiations are destined to fail. well, there is a principle established in 2015. that's nothing about your grant is discussed behind you. great. and you, graham president, expects that the american president would sure. what's the information that they exchanged with? would you, what threats, direct threats were voice within, and what warnings were sent to, to kremlin, and the warnings about that sanctions and whether it be awarding about attention about heard by william. and of course, i think that kind of part of talk,
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although it's all the confidential, none, but the most confidential talk would be what you would do. and you decide that to, in the way the brain we see are these occasions as they are pre destined to be fruitless. since we think that we think associations are used by russia only to buy time in order to stop the military assistance from anita countries including the united states, canada, britain and other countries and prevent this military systems happen before ration there are and therefore we expect that to using these talks, the rest of partners with that the russians are now, i'm always attacked your brain and that we expect that after the fruitless dogs and the level of military assistance, the brain would be increased and that it will be done very,
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very innovative manner. protesters in jamara post a military vol, have adapter their tactics to avoid confrontation with authorities in the past. security forces of use lie, fire and mass arrests to intimidate them. johnny chad. tony changes the following. developments from neighboring thailand all across miramar, in the last few days protested, have been out showing their opposition to the military government in insane township in yang. go and put a flash mob protest as hit the streets, holding up banners, calling for an end to dictatorship and shouting out slogans. calling for power to be returned to the people. they moved very fast. they don't protest for long because the military have used brutal oppression against protest as in the past 11 months. but it's not just in urban areas incent, show men, marin, sorry, gang, which is an area which has generally been past, been very supportive of the military, retest, as came out to an in some cases,
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protest as of taken up arms a were the peaceful protest against the military is not working, it seems that is the one year anniversary of the military coup approaches the people of mir more than one their voice to be silenced. to south africa now where a man is due to appear in court in cape town on tuesday, in relation to a fire that devastated the parliament building in cape town. it broke out early sunday morning and destroyed large parts of the national assembly chamber where the politicians sit. gillian wolf has more from cape town, a national monument and symbol of south african democracy, up in flames. a fire tour through cape towns, buildings of parliament, sunday severely damaging the offices of south africa, the ruling party. and later spreading to the national assembly, south african president, several ram, oppose that calling it a devastating event. but insisting that the work of parliament must go on much as
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it is disappointing, devastating. there is something that can be grateful for. for these men and women in uniform. go into the boat again, going to places that you can ever think of limb and i live. the devastation occurred on the heels of the state. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu held a day earlier, just streets away. the president and many of south africa, high ranking politicians already in the city to honor the anti apartheid heroes arch. would have been devastated as well. because this is the place that he not only supported paid for and wanted to be the repository of the democracy that worked so hard. dozens of firefighters spent whole
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sunday tackling the blades. police and medical units were also on standby, though no casualties were reported. this is a very said, a democracy condiment is the home of democracy and bonham and is also a g, g, a key point. the national assembly is a symbol of south africa. democracy here is where the president deliver to the state of the nation address. and it's also where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. of course, it's a place that attract tourists from all around the world. next month, president sterile rum, oppose is expected to deliver that state of the nation address. many might expect that this will no longer be the seen. the incidence igniting a long time to be to move parliament to the country's capital pretoria. but for a place that serve such a pivotal role during south africa, apartheid era that is a move many south africans few which strike a painful chord. chilling wolf,
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al jazeera cape town. an outbreak of bird flew in israel has killed another 1000 migratory cranes in a hula valley. 5000 carcases were found last week and he served in the north farmers have been forced to come hundreds of thousands of chickens, canyon conservationist sen, fossil scientists, richard leaky, has died at the age of 77. his work held to prove that humans evolved in africa. i wrangle perhaps more at the height of an elephant poach in crisis in the 1980s, richard leak, he organized a spectacular publicity stunt. as director of kenneth wildlife authority, he authorized 12 tons of confiscated elephant tests with millions of dollars to be burnt. although the practice was widely copied, globally, critic said the ivory should have been sold to fund anti approaching efforts. we can burn ivory and do all these things, but unless weakened, the slave,
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the public while we're doing it, will be wasting offer ivory must be seen as only valuable if it's on an animal. it should not be ever seen as a valuable commodity for trade. but his implementation of a sheet to kill policy against aunt pushes made him powerful enemies. he lost both legs. when the plane he was flying, crashed in the rift valley, in what he later said was a failed attempt to kill him. leak, his parents were the world's most famous finders of ancient herman, had fossils continued their work, and it was in a dig in kenya's to corner reaching in 1975 that lake. his team discovered an almost complete skeleton of an early human known as homo erectus. the find help prove humans. if walton africa, it spread a lifelong campaign to preserve the corner region. it's a natural heritage site with evidence of pre history. not just of the ancestry of
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humanity that the irish history of the african foreigner is better represent there than anywhere in the world. he'll get them. he was less successful when he tried his hand at politics. in 1998, he resigned after just 2 years from his position as the head of king of civil service. he had attempted a cracked and corruption. richard leaky was 77. ah, hello again, i'm fully rateable with the headlines on al jazeera sedans. prime minister have done. mm hm. doc has resigned less than 2 months after he signed a deal with the military following it, cool. and dark failed to form a government. he says, more talks are needed. if sudan is to move toward civilian law, what alarm was it? he was at the level and we should. we needed a round table for the salvation of the country to come to an agreement. i tried to spare my country the does.


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