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living on the fascism was light. how much money did you make on here? breland believe rent and late that al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, sedans, prime minister resigns, after failing to form a civilian government as protest grow against military rule. ah, no baptism, this is audra 0 alive from doha. also coming up, the u. s. president tries to reassure your cranes leader of attentions with russia promising a decisive response. if moscow invades a man's, arrested in south africa after pod to the parliament building are destroyed by a fire and canyon conservationist richard leaky helped to prove that humans evolved
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in africa has died. ah, saddam is facing more political uncertainty. prime minister abdullah hum dock has stepped down his resigning less than 2 months after he was reinstated my a controversial deal with the military. that agreement was signed after coo and october. that sparked weekly protests on sunday demonstrations turned violent. at least 3 people died in the biggest city alderman earlier police, far tear gas at crowds marching on the presidential palace of the capital cartoon. hippo morgan's been following developments from the capital. he mentioned a lot of things including the things that he achieved during his tenure as prime minister just over 2 years. but he also said that the reason why he became prime minister in the 1st place was because of the constitutional declaration. that's the
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power sharing agreement. that was signed between the forces of freedom in change coalition and the military following the overthrow of president omar bashir. he said that political consensus was the reason why he was appointed as prime minister . and the lack of that political consensus is why he's resigning. now he had him emitted clear that he wanted to resign from more than 2 weeks now. but then over the past 2 weeks, he said he met with the various components of the transitional government including the military components. the political parties as well as the other part is that find a peace agreement with the transitional government to try to reach a consensus. that's because when he find that agreement, the agreement with the military on november 21st, after the takeover in october last year, many political parties were against it while very few supported it. and that created a deadlock with many people saying that they want to continue to protest. they want the military out of the political theme, thus placing prime minister hamburg in a very rough or tough position. now he had tried to and that deadlock tried to
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break that deadlock and ran the end by political crisis, saying if it's not averted than sudan will spiral into what he said was going to be a turmoil. and because he's not able to achieve that, he has resigned from his position. harding reports and dollar handbooks. political career have done. le hemmed up, emerged as leader in 2019 after the overthrow of su dan's authoritarian president. omar bashir, the country's main civilian coalition. the forces of freedom and change, so humbug as a man to help sudan transition from dictatorship to democracy. he had previously worked in the ministry of finance before taking up top jobs and african development fund and serving as the deputy commissioner of the us economic commission for africa in the as prime minister, hum doc oversaw a severe financial crisis during which inflation sort beyond 400 percent.
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but he still managed to end the civil conflict and r 4 with the jew, but peace agreement of october 2020. he also successfully lobbied the u. s. and the world bank to remove sudan from the list of sponsors of terrorism. and convinced global financial institutions to provide debt relief and economic aid. i put in october this year, the military lead by a bill fought the hand, but han staged a military takeover. placing prime minister hummed up under house arrest and putting members of his cabinet in prison. a month later, hum duke was released and reinstated, after international condemnation of the coup, he then agreed to form a government of technocrats and sideline political groups. but many sued meas, felt he had betrayed the revolution. anti military demonstrations have since led to the killings of dozens of protesters by police and security forces. hum duke has
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been unable to stop the violence, secure the release of political prisoners, or install a government that would remove military interference. and now it seems he is left with no choice but to concede defeat and resign. leah harding al jazeera. the u. s. president has renewed his support for ukraine as russia masses, tens of thousands of troops near his border during a phone call with his leader of leukemia. zelinski joe biden promised to back ukraine. if russia moves further into its territory, diplomatic talks aimed at deescalate, in the conflict, are going to be held later this month will involve russia and nato biden spoke to russian president vladimir putin on thursday, and defeated threats of sanctions. if moscow invades ukraine, john hamden has more from washington, jen, saki, the press secretary issued this statement, and she said, president biden made clear that the united states and its allies will respond decisively. if russia further invades ukraine,
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it goes on to say the leaders express support for diplomatic effort, and there are a lot of diplomatic efforts going on in europe. this week there was a meeting between the 10th and the 13th rush will meet with the us. it will meet with representatives of nato and it will meet with representatives of european countries. all of that churning the diplomacy, trying to stop what seems like a pending invasion with a 100000 russian troops lining the border of ukraine, seemingly poise to invade. that statement goes on to say that indeed the president promised he would do nothing about you without you. meaning he's not going to have a bilateral conversation, which seems to be what latimer putin wants. he is trying to have a conversation about the fate of ukraine without necessarily involving that countries. it's biden who keeps bringing lensky in specifically. biden has threatened economic sanctions. he's threatened to bring more military might in the
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eastern part of europe under the auspices of nato. and more military equipment in ukraine itself. all of those are things that russia doesn't want. putin seems to want a buffer there. and he wants to promise that ukraine will never become part of nato inviting. his told him as a decision between ukraine and nato. a father devastated south africa, the parliament building and cape times. finally under control. it broke out early sunday morning and damaged the national assembly chamber, where politicians said a man has been arrested and he's due to appear in court on tuesday. gillian wolf has moore from cape town, a national monument and symbol of south african democracy, up in flames. a fire tour through cape town, buildings of parliament sunday severely damaging the offices of south africa, the ruling party. and later spreading to the national assembly. south african president, several ram, oppose that calling it a devastating event,
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but insisting that the work of parliament must go on much as it is disappointing, devastating. there is something that can be grateful for. for these men and women in uniform. go into the danger that you can ever think of rescued limb and i live. the devastation occurred on the heels of the state. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu held a day earlier, just streets away. the presidents and many of south africa, high ranking politicians already in the city to honor the anti apartheid heroes arch. would have been devastated as well. because this is the place that he not only supported paid for and wanted to see the repository of the democracy that worked so hard. dozens of firefighters spent whole
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sunday tackling the blaze. police and medical units were also on standby, though no casualties were reported. this is a very, a thought democracy. parliament is the home of democracy and bonham and is also assist d g, a key point. the national assembly is a symbol of south africa. democracy here is where the president deliver to state of the nation address. and it's also where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. of course, it's a place that attract tourists from all around the world. next month, president sterile rum, oppose is expected to deliver that state of the nation address. many might expect that this will no longer be the theme, the incidence igniting a long time debate to move parliament to the country's capital pretoria. bought for a place that served such a pivotal role during south africa's apartheid era. that is
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a move many south africans feel would strike a painful chord. chilling wolf, al jazeera cape town, still hadn't al jazeera marches, continuing to rock demanding an investigation into the death of customs. philip bonnie, the powerful iranian general killed m a. u. s. jones trying to years ago we're in the gaza strip for the health ministers where we did won't be able to cope with a 4th wave of covered 90. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies. with sponsored point cuts on it weighs away. we go with your weather start for the middle east. hello everyone. thank you for joining in flooding continues to be a big story in this region. we side in northern, oh bon, deadly flash flooding and i think there is a potential to see it for southern iran. as this energy moves to the north and the
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east will track it out too, as it now makes its way into pakistan. on monday, just pulling into the west. but if we put this for monday into tuesday, we'll see a closing on karate. so some soaking rains here to be expected and again the risk is seen some flash flooding while the rain has made a clean sweep of turkey, particularly toward that ne black sea region. things have settled down, tribes on has a hive, 7 degrees in the sunshine, and it's symbol coming in at 12. on monday, through the tropics of africa, we got our usual storms flaring up, more specifically through central areas of the democratic republic of congo. north of this, the heat job at 38 bungie 34 leg us 36 degrees has been quite stormy into parts of the eastern side of southern africa. we still got downpours, not too far away from johannesburg and really into durban, but settled conditions in cape town. ah, your temperatures leave a little bit to be desired though with a high of just 21 degrees on monday. that's it. see again soon? oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways,
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the listening post cuts through the noise, we were talking about competing now they see monday schools being used to perpetuate there's competing narrative separating spin from fact all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth. but the full story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media on a j 0. ah ah, you want to go to 0 reminder about top stories, this art sedans. prime minister abdulla han doc has resigned less than 2 months
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after he signed a deal with the military following a qu, undock failed to form a government. he said, more talks are needed at the countries to move towards civilian rule. president no biden has told the leader of ukraine, the u. s. will respond decisively if russia moves farther into its territory. diplomatic talks later, this monster deescalate the conflict, will also include russia and nato. a mine's been arrested in south africa in connection with a fire that rip through parliament and keep time is due to appeal in court on tuesday. the fight extensively damage the national assembly chamber collapsing. parts of the roof. giant chinese property group ever ground has suspended trading of its shares and hong kong stock market value plunged by more than 9 percent after it failed to pay investors on thursday. it's missed several payments in the past months of a grant, always more than $300000000000.00. that's more than any other property developer in the world. and hong kong, online news outlet, citizen news,
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it says it's shutting down. i'm at a government crackdown on press freedom. it's a 3rd hong kong media organization to close in recent weeks. it follows a read on the premises of pro democracy website stand news. 7 current and former journalists were arrested to have been charged with sedition. media advocacy groups say china's national security law is eroding press freedoms. now, the only con variant and bad weather are causing serious trouble disruption in the u. s. many airline staff are sick, and after 2 and a half 1000 flights are being canceled every 24 hours. that's roughly half the total number of daily flights in the world. airlines are offering up to triple pay in an effort to boost staffing. during the busy close on to the holiday season, we'll armstrong cases continue to search across the u. s. but white house chief medical advisor, doctor antony foxy,
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says the number of vaccinated people and hospital remains low. mike, hannah has more from washington, well down to policy making very clear that the rate of infection is rising at unprecedented levels. however, he adds that given the case studies in other parts of the world, in particular, south africa. they could be a drop in the rate in coming weeks. this is the way that the virus, the army kron variant has been going. but dr. poaching says, as well, that hospitalizations remain high, but it's significant that the number of those being vaccinated do not necessarily respond to the amount of testing that has been done. in other words, the number of cases being entered into hospital is very low among those who are vaccinated, which doctor says is exceedingly significant. and because of that, he adds, may be one should start looking at the hospitalization rates rather than the
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testing figures. this is what he had to say. this is particularly relevant if you're having an infection that is much, much more a symptomatic and minimally symptomatic, particularly, and people who are vaccinated and boosted the real bottom line that you want to be concerned about is, are we getting protected by the vaccines from severe disease leading to hospitalization, i'm still very concerned about the 10s of millions of people who are not vaccinated at all. because even though many of them are going to get a symptomatic and mildly symptomatic, a fair number of them are going to get severe disease. but she also said that the cdc is reviewing its recommendation that the quarantine rate among those testing positive who are a symptomatic be reduced to 5 days. they announced that last week. but within that
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protocol, there was not a testing recommended after that 5 day period dr. pharmacy saying that incoming days, the cdc may change this more than 2000000 people crammed into the gaza strip in cases of corona virus, there are rising, the health minister is wanting. it's on the verge of a 4th wave human. i'll say it has more because the strip is facing another difficulty. it's complicated state. the densely populated in cleveland has detected the presence of the alma crow bar, yet which with extra burden on the health secretary, which is already deteriorated. health officials here are extremely worried in light of its rob. it's spread among the people. we are afraid that the capacity of receiving of these 2 cases will be in a big challenge. and due to the lack of oxygen as a nation, an auto accident robbie and a other a needed evan phillips. and that the, i see your bits. so we are an elite to support and his and the work tool
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and allow the israeli site to facilitate the influence of this machine. because there are many challenges facing garza but as israel continues to prevent the entry of station plants and other vital medical devices for the i c u unit. and with the escalation of the pandemic curve in gaza. this book, the life of many elder is especially extreme passengers in a cruise ship are finally able to return home after being stuck in port at lisbon in portugal for several days because of an outbreak of corona virus. the german crews operator has canceled the voyage. after 52 of the 1300 crew members tested positive. some passengers were also infected. those on board are spending one more night on the ship and began leaving early on monday morning. the transitional government in molly, once elections shuttled for next month to be postponed by up to 5 years. west
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africa regional alliance echo was, has already promised more sanctions. and molly and officials, if there are more delays to the democratic transition. victoria getting the reports in downtown damica molly ins or absorbing the news, the elections they were promised next month aunt. going to happen a may note for up to 5 years. opposition? leaders say the decision by the transitional government is unacceptable. it fed bizarre, sees, it will do to go holding meetings to say they want to be in power for 5 years. i think this is anti constitutional anti democratic and it hasn't got any legitimacy em syngenta liter kindly similar to the swooning last july following to military keys in less than a year. he sought to unite mullins and said presidential elections would be held. but on thursday, a conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should
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be delayed by between 6 months and 5, he is going to support his agree now is not the time for elections. osgood was heavy. laker is proposed in the garage doers post electoral crises are more dangerous than the situation we're in today because we've seen genocide, we've seen blood baths across the world as today. i think we need carnal to reassure the population here and elsewhere. larger funds, the international community must understand that the lesser evil today is addressing the concerns of molly and samarra city. despite criticism of the interim government analysts say it has managed to bring some stability to molly. the government in, in, by marco is, is, to a large extent, it is to buy it of every, every one. you just have to look at how the able to change you out on the, on the ground in a very incremental double base teddy basis. the west african regional block equis is expected to discuss the situation next week. it's already imposed sanctions on officials and has promised more if molly's leaders don't produce a plan for
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a democratic transition. victoria gate and be al jazeera, thousands of iraqis been back on the streets for a 2nd day to mock the 2 year anniversary of the assassination of a senior. iranian general, many of them support on groups which make up the countries popular mobilization forces, several of which was said to be linked to iran hustle, solomon. he was killed in the u. s. drone strike in baghdad, along with a rocket commander, i'll be mocked monte almo hondas and several others. it was ordered by former president, donald trump, who said slim on a was planning an attack on us interests. ma, mode of the war had, is in baghdad. he says the demonstrators a vote to continue pushing for an investigation into ceremonies. assassination it this is it the wreckage of the vehicles that were carrying that to command or is it the iranian command that a possum sleigh? many unable, madden mondays at up commander of iraq's popular mobilization forces when they were targeted by
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a u. s. a dislike. thousands. have been coming here in the same as pot need about dodge airport. to commemorate the assassination of the 2 commanders, people have been lighting candidates here and putting flowers. they have been chanting against the u. s. and against foreign troops demanding the expulsion of old foreign troops from iraq and reiterating. did the resolution passed by the iraqi parliament and january 2020, following the attack stipulating that all foreign troops should leave a rock. these protested to say that they will continue protesting across iraq, in many other provinces. to commemorate the death of the 2 commanders, they say that the demanding auction, they say that there must be conclusion to the investigation that is started 2 years ago. they say the key issue in this occasion today is this sovereignty
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of iraq. the attack happened on a rocky soil, an iraq should take an action against the perpetrators canyon. conservationist and fossil scientist richard leaky, has died at the age of 77. his work held to prove that humans evolved in africa, oregon gopro reports at the height of an elephant perch in crisis. in the 1980s, richard leak, he organized a spectacular publicity stunt. as director of kenneth wildlife authority, he authorized 12 tons of confiscated elephant tests with millions of dollars to be burnt. although the practice was widely copied, globally, critic said the ivory should have been sold to fund anti preaching efforts. we can burn ivory and all these things, but unless we can persuade the public why we're doing it will be wasting offer
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ivory must be seen as only valuable if it's on an animal. it should not be ever seen as a valuable commodity for trade. but his implementation of a sheet to kill policy against aunt patience made him powerful enemies. he lost both legs when the plain he was flying, crashed in the wrecked valley, in what he later said was a failed attempt to kill him. like his parents were the world's most famous finders of ancient hammond had fossils. he continued their work and it was in a dig in kenya's to corner region in 1975. that leak, his team discovered an almost complete skeleton of an early human known as homo erectus. the find help prove humans evolved in africa. it spread a lifelong campaign to preserve the to corner region. it's a natural heritage site with evidence of pre history. not just of the ancestry of humanity that the irish history of the african foreigners,
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better represent there than anywhere in the world. look at him. he was less successful when he tried his hand at politics. in 1998, he resigned after just 2 years from his position as the head of kenya's civil service. he had attempted a cracked and corruption, richard leaky was 77. and i break a bird so in israel's killed another. one sizing migratory trains in the hula valley, 5000 carcasses were fired last week in a reserve in the north of the country environment. ministers call it the worst blow to wildlife and israel's history anemic. a vicious alarm should lead pacific. i hope it won't continue spreading because as of now, we don't know, we came prepared to fix the entire group of 24000 cranes on but is not the case of the moment and upper control to stay this way. we don't know how wild animals behave with bird flu. loyalty for prices around the world are at their highest levels in a decade. many people that are struggling to make ends meet in serbia, rising fuel and power prices are also making the situation worse or
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a burden man. reports this new year, many in belgrade, a choosing carefully what they put in their food basket. and that because prices have stored, they're supposed to load up 20 percent on a year ago. them um, hold on a freight. we have to predict prices to get to the end of the month to go through the month without any debt. what was the thing that lay there must have if we don't eat what we want, but what we have here will. yeah, i was fair. i'm from that with a managed to put it together somehow to pay for utilities to pay for electricity to make ends meet. but many probably fail autumn login. i was pay where you according to the u. m. global food prices rose by 30 percent in the path here. it's in the highest level in almost a decade. that's because harvest had been hit hard in may 2 exporting countries, including russia, the us and canada. and that's partly due to bad weather disruptions to supplies.
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teacher cove at 19 factory closures and high energy costs are also to blame. in serbia, price is raised by 7.5 percent, but food with more than double that oils and fat rows by 22.5 percent. better of more than 20 fruits, nearly 17 percent and meets by 14 starts. and it seems to me that this wave will continue. it will not stop at the end of this year. on the contrary, i think we will have a new wave of price increases. and there are several reasons for that. the 1st is that all excise products will increase in january. there will also be an energy crisis on this madness with the prices of gas electricity. so on. in new them the, the government kept the prices of sugar oil flour, pork and luke. but that will expire at the end of january of you know,
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larger objectively this freezing of the prices of these foods didn't have any effect on stabilizing prices. it had a psychological impact on consumers and gave the impression that the government is protecting the standard of living. not many say price wise is exceed minimum wage increases and that's putting pressure. many people to put food on the table lower than man, the are 0. the to, to draw between livable and chelsea and sundays been the 1st top level football match in england in 30 years. have sections for fans who want to stand up. legislation enforcing sitting only venues and the top 2 tiers of english football was introduced in the wake of the hillsboro stadium. disaster in 190800. 997. liverpool funds died following a crush because police failed to control the crowds. david con, as an investigator football writer at the guardian newspaper, he says, sitting on the sections were not popular with many fans. partly is the passage of
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time and partly diaries recognition. standing the kind of stunning accommodation, but happy now is very, very much safe in the hills. and in fact the, the football supposed association that represents those courses, right? for clubs, right? through our england, they were always against the monday, 3 standing at, sorry, the mandate receipt thing. and they always argue that it wasn't something itself that was unsafe. it was the terrible unsafe stadium. hill's gra kopel, the police that was found by binding west in 2016 to love the killed the people due to gross negligence. and so many pauses prefer something deeply imbedded in the heritage and experience an atmosphere of, of english football, football all over the world. and even the and they grow the same day 3
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seating. but i low in english football, numerous food 2 years ago. very, very great number. the people are all the grounds continued to stand, right? 3 matches in the see 2 areas. people have just never, many people just never got used to fitting. ah, this is all. these are the told stories, saddam's prime minister, the hon. dock has resigned less than 2 months after they signed a deal with the military following the tooth conduct failed to form a government. he said more talks are needed if the countries to move toward civilian rome. when it comes to protest his class with security forces, once again bowing to continue their fight against military rule, at least 3 people were killed. police 5 cars at crowds marching on the presidential palace.


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