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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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profitable, with global demand set to skyrocket. people empower investigates, claims of industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal bolts, people in power on a jazeera ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully by t bowl ly, from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. 3 protesters killed in donna's security forces confront demonstrators angry over the military's role in
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government. protestors against covered 19 restrictions in the netherlands. clash were police in amsterdam, defying a ban on demonstrations. also this hour of fire causes serious damage to south africa. parliament building in cape town, and recovering mexico's last treasures ancient artifacts are heading home centuries after they were stolen. ah, thank you very much for joining as we begin in sudan where medical sources say at least 3 people have been killed during demonstrations in om dorman. it is the 12 major protests since the military cease power in october. earlier, internet services were cut and armed officers, bras, bridges, connecting the capital to the suburbs. they were trying to revenge the planned demonstrations, which were called in memory of protesters recently killed by security forces. will
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cross live to our correspondent mam advantage in cartoon in just a moment for the latest. but 1st, he but morgan has been out speaking to some of the protesters in the sudanese capital protest. the call once again making their way to the presidential ballot incidence. capital harpoon, now thunders, protest were called for by one of the resistance committees in bas southern parts of to dance capital. and eventually was joined by other resistance committees. committees that have been mobilizing people to take to the streets and boys, their opposition to the military takeover that happened in october. i last year as well as to the deal that followed in late november between the army and prime minister alba lam. doke, i'm out to end the regime of the military into down and to hold the army and those in power accountable for the dead student protesters. we want justice for our brothers who were killed. we want a civilian government, we want peace,
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freedom and justice. why don't we damage, you know, i, mothers are crying during the last protest i, one of the protesters who was killed was an only child, but the head of the army is doing is terrible. so we'll continue protesting. security has been increased there on the capital for to with major bridges and roads closed ahead of the plan protest. and with security forces deployed around government facilities. c so down sovereignty council on saturday, stated that people have the right to freedom of expression, as long as it is within the law, and that it respects people's rights to demonstrate sweet fully. now, despite the statement from particular sovereignty council, sanders protests were also met with tear gas used against protesters to disperse them away from the vicinity of the presidential palace. the sovereignty council has amount that there will be investigation into the incidents of violence and that those who are responsible will be arrested and held accountable for the protesters
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who continued to take to the streets. the use of force has not been a deterring factor. my protests are planned for in the coming weeks by resistance committees who say that they will continue to voice their opposition to the deal that was signed between the army and prime minister ham dog. and they will continue their demand for civilian government until they see that happen and live not to another of our correspondents in cartoon mohammed fall, mama's reports of several people killed in sundays, protest bring us up to speed with the latest. yeah, the latest full is that as we speak, like now that progresses petering out on the according to people in the field. they're telling us that the small groups in, on berman and particularly in on demand and also in southern cult from, i'll be chased away by security forces. the heavy presence of security forces that have prevented protesters from reaching the presidential police. they made 2 or 3
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attempts to they as usual, but they were pushed back by those huge horses, huge numbers of police and military police. the military are not participating in the action, but they are visible industries out of block industries blocking the bridges. and that has, that has prevented the us from gathering on the presidential policy. they try to march from undermine. they also tried to miles from, from battery, but it didn't, it didn't give ended a fault because of this heavy press was head of the security forces on the political level. now before i reach a political level, i to i, yes, i confirmed 3 have been killed. that brings the number of people killed since december, 3281 5th of those killed in sympathy for him to his wounds. today, the political situation is also very confusing. lots of initiatives, lots of lots of meetings, but there is
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a complete disconnect between the political level and what's happening on the ground because the committee is on the ground that leading research just don't have no, no readiness to compromise, noted enough to, to come to a negotiation table, they say there wouldn't be no way out of the impulse and what's going on right now and on this the military seat power to civilians. thank you for that updates mom advice life force in khartoum. well, let's discuss the situation in sudan for the now with theodore murphy, who's the director of the africa program of the european council on foreign relations. and he's joining us of, i got from berlin. thank you so much for being with us. as we heard from our correspondent, they're very complicated political situation. the protest continue, 1st of all, realistically, have these protests and these demonstrations that we've seen these past few weeks and months, in fact, have a cheap anything. and can they achieve anything realistically? what i think they have, i think they've demonstrated that the power and the will of the cities,
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people to come out on the street in order to demonstrate what they're willing to fight for that has been verified. the protest movement 1st started in the run up to april 2019 and led to the overthrow of then president. but sheer, there was some question about whether that protest movement would still be so active, so virulent. but we've seen in the last months and it's continuing today that the protest movement is galvanized and ready to take to the streets when necessary. but yet we're still at a political impasse here. the protesters have some very st. strict and strong demands, but they have no leadership that could negotiate on the ad on their behalf. it seems as a correspondent was saying earlier that, you know, we wonder who's talking to home right now and where the key to the solution to this crisis is, is a fact that the protest movement is leaderless. is that,
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is that something that is working to their disadvantage? you think? i think that makes it a bit more complicated to engage with them. you know, for, for negotiations you like to have clear parties and a single individual focal point. but this think this is coming to the crux probably today, or even tomorrow around the question of whether the civilian prime minister i'm dog is going to stay or whether he's going to resign. right. he is, it's true has the complicated relationship with the protest movement, right? now, but he remains, you know, the recognize leader of the overall civilian political grouping. right? he has indeed threatened to, to resign if political parties don't reach consensus and form government by, by sunday, today's the deadline. in fact, i want to ask you about the role of the international community in this crisis. ah,
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i may be wrong, but we haven't heard much. what more should the international community be doing right now to, to try and end this crisis incident? well we've, we've got some clear signals actually, i think when, when the, the military side 1st undertook at school from october 25th, the international community, particularly let's say the greater western group of states. and the african union made it clear that they were stopping their support financial material to the government until the civilian part of the government would be restored. so there, there's been a huge enmity there, and there's been a clear signal in terms of a withdrawal of support. you are right though in that there hasn't been any sticks . right? there haven't been any course of measures that have been yet announced. that's true . and so what, what then is the solution here because that the whole scenario of
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a military and civilian led government that was tried after the share was ousted, hasn't really works. what else could work right now? well, i think you put your finger on it the. the problem is that this, this awkward marriage of a civilian military government that was launched in 2019 honda paradox. at its heart, both sides, the civilian and military, secretly thought that they deserved to rule the country, that they were representing the will of the people. and so that conflict has never really been overcome. and i think what's happened is it's just bubble to the surface in a more aggressive way recently going forward. i mean, i think the preferred way in terms of the international community view is that the prime minister on the remains and that they work to build out, strengthen and, and encourage the political agreement that's in place between hum,
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dock and general bar on that may not work though, we may have to be prepared for a plan b for another scenario where the prime minister, honda steps back when he's gone, because he's the only signatory to that new political agreement. there really isn't a transitional government anymore. there will only be the military, and at that point, there will need to really be some very serious and hard work from the international community. figuring out how to combine together something new. there will have to be something that takes the place of this political agreement that's now being rejected by the street. thank you so much for talking to us. thank you for your insight. theodore murphy, director of the africa program at the european council on foreign relations to south africa now where one person has been arrested in connection with a massive fire that ripped through the parliament building in cape town. the fire has extensively damaged the national assembly chamber way. parliamentarian, cit,
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5. find his battle to bring the blaze under control to lot. the de parts of the roof collapse as the fire swept through the new assembly wing, no casualties have been reported. we need to go a lot deeper and lots deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measures we will need to take going forward. but for now, i think we should be grateful that the national assembly parliamentary lead been raised, ashes into the bowl al jazeera is jillian wolf has more now from cape town. well, the situation is very fluid here, around 6 and this morning, about 70 fire fighters were rushed to the scene within a matter of minutes to combat this fire. now, parts of the old assembly building had been completely burned down and now the fire has spread over to the national assembly, which is behind me. as you can see around me, there are
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a lot of fire crews and police officers still on the scene as well. as medics, luckily no one was hurt because it happened so early on a sunday morning. no one was in the building at the time. but the reason why this is important to south africans is this building represents democracy to south africa. a lot of politicians come here to debate. this is where the president whole has state of the nation address. and it's also a building where nelson mandela was elected as a 1st black president of south africa. so it's really a place where you see democracy in action. so it's also a place where a lot of tourists come to, to honor this building and really see how democracy unfolds in south africa. french morehead, on this news, our including marches in iran to remember catherine for the money. the 40 radian general killed in the us, jones trying to go molly's in time. government proposes delaying elections by 5
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years, despite pressure from his neighbors to restore democracy and coming up in the cold if the game in any channel history way the ice needed to be heated. the only con variant has covered 19 is driving up the number of cases in the u. s, which continue to reach unprecedented levels. but the president's chief medical advisor says hospitalization cases of vaccinated people is very know given infection rate live to my cana in washington dc. for as my tell us more about what doctor anthony thought you said about the overall situation in the u. s. o, dr. foul, she described the rise and infections as absolutely unprecedented. this arise that is being reflected throughout the united states hospitalizations have also increased, but most of those being admitted to hospital,
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if not all of them are people who are reported to be an vaccinated doctor found. she said the fact that the infections were so high, and yet the fact that the hospitalization rates were relatively low, is a strong indicator that the oma kron variant has less serious side of x and other various of the virus. he also quoted research that has been conducted in other parts of the world, such as in south africa, are saying that the virus, the current upsurge could start flattening out within the next few weeks. if the statistics from other countries could be taken into account. so dr. 40 insistent though that this, the relationship between the infection rate and the rate of hospitalization actually makes clear that it's the hospitalization rate that should be focused on rather than the number of infected cases. this is particularly relevant
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if you're having an infection that is much, much more asymptomatic and minimally symptomatic, particularly, and people who are vaccinated and boosted the real bottom line that you want to be concerned about is, are we getting protected by the vaccines from severe disease leading to hospitalization, i'm still very concerned about the 10s of millions of people who are not vaccinated at all. because even though many of them are going to get asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic, a fair number of them are gonna get severe disease. now last week, under pressure, it seems from big business. the cdc reduce the quarantine rate of people who are asymptomatic from 10 days to 5 days. now this created a degree of blow back, particularly from employees unions who said the cdc was bowing to big business. but
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there was also criticism of the fact that the cdc did not stipulate that those returning off to the quarantine period should be tested. dr. found, she says, now that the cdc is reconsidering this, and within the next few days, it's likely to add to that quarantine protocol and insistence that those are returning to work or to school after a 5 day quarantine period be tested. the only issue here, there are still simply not enough tests for people to self test at home within the united states. this is something that the biden administration says will be rectified within coming weeks. my thank you very much for that. my can lie for a st, washington, d. c. while it's not that jesse us, governments around the world, a grappling with how to control surgeon cases of corona virus. but there's been a backlash. a tough restrictions in the netherlands. thousands marched in amsterdam defying a ban on protest to rally against the measures the government imposed nationwide drunk down 2 weeks ago, shutting all non essential stores,
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bars and restaurants. and that's expected to last until january 14th in england, secondary school students who will have to wear masks when schools reopen after the christmas break. and in bangladesh campaign has been launched to vaccinate $40000000.00 people each month is hoping to inoculate 70 percent of the population by april. while nadine barbara is or the vaccination center in london, he says the corona virus response is being stretched. the government harris stressing the restrictive measures such as you are seeing in the netherlands must be a last resort. now they have been trumpeting the success as they see it of the vaccination and booster program, which is carrying on rapidly here across the u. k. but they also have asked people to continually test before they socialize and go to work. but most people, many people around the u. k. have experienced problems doing so. in the last couple
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of weeks, the government is under strong criticism right now, including from some of its own policies for not preparing better as we come out of the holidays. some of the national health service have said that their members should be prioritized for those lateral flow tests. and also the more reliable p c . r tests saying that people like nurses have struggled to get a p c r test before going in for shifts really worryingly for them because of course, the more cases there are in sectors like that it leads to stuff shortages on those shortages. there are reports that have been confirmed by the government that they've asked bosses in the public sector to prepare for shortages of up to 25 percent of the workforce in coming months. if on the current continues to rise as deeply as it is now, one area that's worrying people in schools,
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it was reported that in december as many as one in 20 primary school pupils tested positive for, for coffee 19. and let's not forget that because of the problems with getting tests, the real figures in the population could actually be worse and more now on the vaccination drive in bangladesh is tanveer chandry indica. fearful of the new on the conversion bunger. those governors start a major vaccination drive all across the country. it is targeting $40000000.00 people to be vaccinated by january this year. and he also wants to vaccinate 80 percent of the population by june this year. by day a good day by day people taking the vaccine has slowed down a bit. now the government is undertaking a major campaign to encourage people to take their job jericho militia, with the high. the government also started a booster program for senior citizen and the front line workers. it has also
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started vaccinating school children from the age of 12 to 17 years old adagio mother emma wife. today i'm here with my wife and my mom who's 60, to get booster shots. i'm a physician, we've already had to, and now we have to take a food dose of them by it again, lose by leather, so far received on 100000000 doses of vaccine through unicef under caution agreement between the asian development bang bungles gunman and unicef. it also received other millions of doses through bilateral agreement so far only 29 percent of the population have been vaccinated. the challenge remains for government to get the vaccine from the manufacturers to the recipient hands in the remote rural areas of bangladesh. the densely populated gaza strip the seeing an increase in crone of irish cases. the palestinian health ministry is wanting. the territory is on the verge. of a powerful 4th wave you've now side has more because the strip is facing another difficulty. it's complicated. steve densely populated in clayborne has detected the
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presence of the alma crowed bar, ian, which with extra burden on the health secretary, which is already deteriorated. health officials here are extremely worried in light of its roberts spread among the people. we are afraid that the capacity of receiving of these cases will be in the challenge. and due to the lack of oxygen and generation auto accident and other needed evidence that the i see your but so we are a really to support and it has and worked or allow the israeli site to facilitate the influence of this machine. because there are many challenges facing garza but it's, israel continues to prevent the entry of station plants and other vital legal devices for the i c u unit. and with the escalation of the pandemic who in godsa
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this put the life of many elder is especially extra current of irish cases are also surging across australia. the number of people in hospital in new south wales has passed 1000 for the 1st time since the only crime variant emerge. a lack of rapid test size increase the pressure on the health system far clark way for some queens that the cues at p. c. r testing centers are long waiting times for processing results can take days. rapid androgen tests or rats are nearly sold out . those that are available are selling at high prices. every state in australia is now recording a growing number of cases with one and 5 people in new south wales testing positive . at the moment it does not appear to be any song that is abiding. the numbers which are big reported in terms of positive cases. clearly under reporting of the number of cases out there. now that means that a lot of people are getting picked up very quickly. so hopefully that means we get
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through the community very quickly. but really, to some degree, that's not really the way you should be doing it of the last way. the number of cases being recorded has climb to more than 10000 a day across a stria. and he says, well, there are 5 times as many people being treated in hospitals compared to mid december plains that recorded its highest number of dilute cases since the outbreak began. so won't be a surprise at all if in the next couple of days we see a significant increase in, in cases as more, more samples of tests that are more people come forward to that won't be a surprise in the next few days. if we say, i see a significant rise in cases with borders now open across all states except western australia, the spread of current of bars is rapid with different generations mixing over the new year holidays. this is about tempering managing the spread. it's not about trying to stop it and, and it's, it's, it's an awareness this while when you ultimately probably would be exposed to,
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to kind of virus anyway. this is now spit out that process. so it is really just trying to manage it, particularly while we're still rolling out the businesses to the people who are quite honorable. testing centers in some states were forced to close over the new year due to high temperatures. that combined with a lack of rapid energy tests across the street area, is putting the health system on the even more pressure. the failure of this is actually breaking the pandemic worse and causing potentially the infection to be spread much more quickly at the my room. so we've got these gaps, we're just when we needed it, we don't have these rapid edge interests, which is directly contributing to the chaos, but also the potential for increased transmission of the bar. so the community chaos that's unlikely to be averted with a holiday season. still on the way, sarah clark out 0. queensland,
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australia. now south african tradition that goes back more than 200 years has again been disrupted by the pandemic for a 2nd year. family military force from cape town on the minstrel carnival in which tens of thousands of people take part to it and leave a yard or the 2nd of january is when communities in cape town take to the streets ushering in the new year. the musicians and dances are part of club, so or clubs. they ban coma drums creating the unique sound and rhythm, singing songs of hope and good luck, often take in pop songs and making it their own. as a mind blowing experience, mind blowing, you cannot imagine. people start to fly, the music drives them, me more, give me more and every one was saying to me, more melvin has been brought to these parades since he was a child. some of his earliest memories go back to the 19 fifties and sixties
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freedom that's expedient in the parade. but there's much more than than than what, what people can imagine. the carnival goes back more than 200 years. when the dutch colonized the cape in, what is today? south africa? slaves would come out on the 2nd day of the new year to celebrate the day off. it's evolved since then, while the 1st formal carnival was held in $19.00 oh $7.00. this is book off in cape town, where the parade of musicians and dances would pass through, surrounded by tens of thousands of people who have come out to watch the spectacle . but for a 2nd year in a row cove 19 interrupted the long standing tradition. despite the event being cancelled, some troops continued to practice whenever covert 19 restrictions i eased. this is
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just one of the dozens of clubs that participate with more than 20000 other musicians, dances and singers. people are devastated with any feeling very little less that we have been waiting for us as we come from the most marginalized parcels of society. yet in the western cape the attitude to the earlier that we need to get the carnival going as quickly as possible. while the carnival's origins go back to the days of slavery, people in this community say it's now symbolizes far more utilized as well. to that i left forward into the new year and, and we use it as an inspirational effect as we become positive again, positively. after the jo strife for now the usual celebrations have been put on hold. but still, with the hope that the global pandemic will not rail the passing on of a centuries old custom. for me,
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the miller al jazeera cape town fil a head on al jazeera, with food prices at their highest level. you know, for decade we look at how people in striving to make ends meet in for b, n b a champions continue winning streak thanks to their nbc. ah, away we go with your weather start for the middle east. hello everyone. thank you for joining in flooding continues to be a big story in this region. we side in northern o bond, deadly flash flooding and i think there is the potential to see it for southern iran. as this energy moves to the north end, the east will track it out to as it now makes its way into boxed on on monday, just pulling into the west. but if we put this for monday into tuesday, we'll see
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a close in on karate. so some soaking rains here to be expected and again the risk of seen some flash flooding while the rain has made a clean sweep of turkey, particularly toward that ne black sea region. things have settled down, tribes on has a hive, 7 degrees in the sunshine, and it's symbol coming in at 12 on monday, through the tropics of africa, we got our usual storms, or not more specifically through central areas of the democratic republic of congo . north of this, the heat, juba, 38 bungie, 34 lagos. 36 degrees has been quite stormy. and to parts of that eastern side of southern africa, we still got downpours. not too far away from johannesburg and really into durban, but settled conditions in cape town. ah, your temperatures leave a little bit to be desired though with a high of just 21 degrees on monday. that's it. see again soon? ah, the sun ah, the father. ah,
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a mutual love of the on the stage is set to immortalize fading memories ah, in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know, news world. ah, ah ah
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ah, welcome back here watching the news on al jazeera with me fully back people a reminder of our time stories, medical sources in so don say at least 3 people have been demonstrations in mon and the capital cartoon. early a soldiers were deployed and was caught in an attempt to prevent the protest in south africa, a man has been arrested in connection with a fire that the parliament building in cape town, calling extensive damage. the place broke out on sunday morning, part of the roof and thousands of people have defied
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a ban on protest in amsterdam in a valley against strict corona virus measures. the netherlands imposed nationwide laws found 2 weeks ago, shutting all non essential stores, bars and restaurants found 2 other world news and us present. joe biden is said to call his ukranian counterpart voting easily in school today to discuss rushes, military built up near its neighbour, thousands of russian troops have a mass east of ukraine, prompting fears of an invasion. the phone call conscious. 3 days after biden and russian president vladimir putin spoke, biden has warned of new sanctions against russia if it takes military action against ukraine. fill in ski, and by then we'll also review plans for an in person diplomatic talks in geneva, between russia, nato and ukraine. when i speak to petro kosky about this, his senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation, i think tank in kiev, and he's joining us 5 kind of thank you very much. better for being with us. what are the ukrainians hoping to hear from the biden administration during this phone
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call today? well, there is a principle established in 2015 that nothing about your grain is discussed behind you. grain and you, graham president, expects that the american president would share what information they exchanged with what threats their threats, voice put in, and what warnings were sent to to kremlin. and the warnings about sanctions. and whether these awarding about attention about heard that by william. and of course i think that that's a part of talk. although it's all the confidential top, none, but the most international talk would be what you would do. you decide to in way the brain. right? so we, we are expecting a very important meeting on january 10th in geneva,
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between russian and american officials, ukrainians, and nato will also be fair. of course, is this, the dispute really, most of it has centered about around nato, ukraine's possible membership to, to nato, which not just russians are against, but even some members of nato, like the amount of the french and the german have voice, some sort of opposition to what is ukraine a going to be hoping will come out of that meeting in geneva, on january 10th. what are the expectations when we see these agents as they are pre destined to be fruitless? since we think that these think associations are used by russia only to buy time in order to stop military assistance from a major countries, including the united states, canada, big written and other countries. and prevents this military systems happen before
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rushing better and the rock and therefore we expect that the union, the stocks and partners would see that the russians are now. i've always said technically that we expect to, after these fruitless docks and the level of military systems would be increased and it will be done very, very in a manner petrow, you know, you talk about russia talking ukraine and that, of course, has been the concern in many corners, but, you know, russia, experts that you speak to say, that's not likely to happen because russia, it's not in russia, the interest to start a conflicts right now and to invade ukraine because it will cost them way too much . so realistically, what, when you know you being on the ground, what would you say? the possibility of that happening? russia actually invading and attacking ukraine the,
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the reality of the process because all the data and the active grain sees crania, regular russian station in the mouth. and just recently, there was a court decision in the thought on don, this is a russian speaking, the 1000 part of russia very close to the guy on board it. and there was a court decision. the one of the military official was sentenced to the prison because he demanded the bribes for transferring food to the russian troops in the territories. and according to the estimates, the amount was so and that it would be enough to eat $26000.00 tooth. so the reality that the russian troops over the, in your brain, we speaking about the new russian offensive, which is directed at the grand army, not only but in other places. so actually we preparing for this attack and
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we are building defense not only in the bottom, but also in other parts of the country. thank you so much for talking to us and giving us the view there from ukraine, petro but kosky senior fellow, the democratic initiative, foundations in kia, thank you for your time. now, global food prices are at their highest levels. in a decades many people are now struggling to make ends meet in serbia. rising fuel and power prices are making the situation worse. lower bird manley has more this new year, many in belgrade, a choosing carefully. well, they put in their food basket. and that because prices have food that was alone or 20 percent on a year ago. we have to predict prices to get to the end of the month to go through the month without any did. what was the most of the we don't eat what we want, but what we have here,
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we always pay on from that. i managed to put it together somehow to pay for utilities to pay for electricity to make ends meet, but many probably fail. awesome morgan, i was paid for you. according to the u. n. global food prices rose by 30 percent in the past year, hitting the highest level in almost a decade. that's because harvest had been hit hard in may 2 exporting countries, including russia, the us and canada, and that part due to bad weather. disruption to supplies to dakota, 19 factory closures and high energy costs are also to blame. in serbia, prices room by 7.5 percent, but food with more than double that oils and fat rows by 22.5 percent. better off more than 20 fruits, nearly 17 percent and meets by 14. and they start to, it seems to me that this wave will continue, it will not stop at the end of this year. on the contrary, i think we will have
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a new wave of price increases. and there are several reasons for that. the 1st is that all excise products will increase in january. there will also be an energy crisis and this madness with the prices of gas, electricity. so on, on the eliza the government kept food prices of sugar, oil, flour, pork and milk. but that will expire at the end of january or with a few more or 2 objectively. this freezing of the prices of these foods didn't have any effect on stabilizing prices. it had a psychological impact on consumers and gave the impression that the government is protecting the standard of living, looking oh, mary, here say price wise as far exceeds minimum wage increases and not putting pressure . many people to put food on the table. lore about among the al jazeera than liverpool and chelsea's to, to draw on sundays the 1st top flight match in england to have standing sections.
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so fans for nearly 30 years, legislation enforcing sitting only venues in the top. 2 tiers of english football was introduced in the wake of the hillsboro to stadium. disaster in 198997 livable fans lost their life falling a crash due to the police, his failure to control the crowds. let's speak to david con about this. his investigative football writer at the guardian joins us from the u. k. thank you so much, david for being with us. so as we said, it's been since z hillsborough disaster, that standing at top level football matches was banned. first of all, how significant is this decision and why now? but it's very significant because as you say, it became law in england, fox and all football stadiums in the top 2 divisions. so the premier league championship has to be all seats of stadiums. and obviously it's been very,
9:42 pm
very emotive, given the fact that as you say dot legislative nation came in after that the, her effective astro hillsboro, in 1959 in which 97 people were unlawfully killed. why now, i mean partly is the passage of time and partly diaries recognition and standing, the kind of stumbling accommodation, but now happy now is buried safe in the hills. and in fact the, the focus supposed to association that represents thought, those courses right for clubs, right? through our england they were always against the monday, 3 standing, sorry, the monday, 3 see thing. and they always argue that it wasn't something itself that was unsafe . it was a terrible unsafe stadium at hillsboro, right. could provide the same with the police that was found by fighting questing
9:43 pm
2016 to love, the killed the, the people gypsy gross negligence. right. david explained to our international audience why, why it's important for fans to be standing? i mean, what is it about standing that makes the experience better? i guess so many focused pools is prefer standing is deeply, deeply imbedded in the heritage experience, an atmosphere of, of english football, football all over the world. and even though they grow chain monday to re see thing, but i law in english football as you said in your introduction almost 30 years ago . very, very great number. the people are all the grounds continued to stand, right? 3 matches in the see tonight, areas. people have just never, many people just never got used to sitting because it's always been a tradition. they right, if you like, the corrective experience. right. but,
9:44 pm
but as we know, david english football is plagued with hooliganism. and the problem hasn't really gone away. we saw significant violence that european championship finals between england and italy, the standing up not pause a greater race, especially now also with the corona virus. not quite sure how corona virus has any impact from hooliganism, right, but, but i mean safety called the crumbling the seating areas, the law to bring and see things grow sane after a terrible disaster in which innocent for those who killed due to thought due to police gross negligence, and yet the argument which has been made by authors is terran and obviously your framing it in that way and questioning. it's somehow, but it's, it's about the hooliganism, it's process, right?
9:45 pm
but that's a separate issue issue. there are still problems with the behavior of some people, you know, all kinds of events that take place and that has to be policed and people people's behavior has managed. but the correlation between standing fuko match and fixing to match it was not, it was supposed to be about hooliganism. it was about the safety of what about the reaction a david of police and also people who have lost loved ones at hillsboro. what are they saying about this decision? vera and there are many of the bereaved families who are upset by this because the introduction of all fee to stadiums was warner with coupled with a revolution in face day. so,
9:46 pm
so it wasn't just seating that was brought him by law in english for it was also a much, much stronger safety regime. full time sake, the officers and all manner of legislation which before about 400 years been left to the football clubs. and so little parties and there was a series of disasters, culminating hillsboro, and many, many people died in crushes every few re generation if you like. in football, in england and scotland notoriously so many bereaved retails for family. the always felt like that supposed to like say that came out of the terrible death and grief that they suffered. but as i said earlier, the wider football supportive association always argued that tragic can obviously terrible and devastating is that the last was at hillsboro. it was not caused by standing, it was by unsafe ground, but that standing accommodation was actually in breach of many of the regulations
9:47 pm
of the time and gross negligence by the police. we have responsibility for safety and i think that in the end they the better accommodation that we can have the standing, the increase safety legislation that let's be on the passage of time has men and bill starts in is quite surprising because when anyone has taken this game, but they decided that the arguments have become compelling, at least how trials in the ground then as you say, today's match with the 1st one and then to see how it goes and to see how if, if there is any impact on safety. and in general, i think in general it has welcome back to school. says thank you so much for talking to a spot this david kon, from the guardian. joining us from the u. k. thank you for your time. and the leader of molly's in trey mythology is calling for elections to be delayed. the
9:48 pm
transitional government had agreed to hold the bold next month following a military co in 2020. now it wants them out. within 5 years, the west african regional blanca wise has imposed sanctions and officials and its promise more if molly's leaders don't produce a plan for a democratic transition. fidelis and bow has moved from a butcher. last thursday, there was a, at the end of the national dialogue, had recommended that elections, that's presidential and legislative elections will be held between 6 months and 5 years. but then in the countries a foreign minister had in meeting with the neither off the echo or so a block which is the regional block lead. that's the president of ghana. after the meeting, it broadcasts on national tv where the foreign minister now said that so that they expect to hold elections in 5 years. and because in previous times they had actually complained about a lack of logistics. and also the fact that we take country steegal and true
9:49 pm
serious violence because syncing continued attacks by and groups, especially in the central and northern region of the country. so they're now saying that the head because they only do that after 55 years. so that will be able to hold elections because even the national dialogue that was held last week had been of boycotted by the position. who said that whatever it was being said is just a waste of time and that they don't see elections happening soon. the it, it's looking, they are likely that these elections are going to hold next month. so where, expecting for the functional is as promised by the regional block because they had threatened that if this elections don't hold, that they're going to impose another round of like a sanctions against the transition committee members. and the effects or the supporters as well. people in cities across iraq have gathered to mark nearly 2 years since the assassination of senior iranian general cas emsella money. he was
9:50 pm
killed in a u. s. jones rank in baghdad, along with iraqi commander, apple. medea ma hondas, and several others. at least 6 people have been killed after heavy rains in oman, strong winds, and fighting began on thursday, and the psalm is expected to continue until wednesday. he will have been warned to stay away from high risk areas now to mexico, which has a wealth of ancient cities, tools, and artifacts. and it's long been a treasure trove for archaeologists. but many of its historical pieces were scattered around the world, or the government is now trying to get them back john, home and has the story. last treasures returned home after being recovered from abroad. the being shown off in a new exhibition called the greatness of mexico. some of the pieces are on display for the 1st time. this 1200 euro whoo relief came home from los angeles. these copper hatchets, which were uses money in southwest mexico, 500 years ago,
9:51 pm
also returned from the u. s. over the last decade, the mexican government mounted a big push to bring home the country's historical objects. more than 10000 had been recovered. christina tossed was from germany after voluntarily returning 20, some figurines, that have been with her for decades. no monsieur, the deductible. again, yes, i don't feel bad because if i die tomorrow, my children won't have this problem and they won't end up at a rubber sto, which is my biggest fear. the daughter on the key to pills, the same sample has almost convince you. okay. so the laws were convinced that all the artifacts from every country should be given back to them. not just mexico for more than a 100 years they've been stolen. these are the pieces christine inherited from her husband, who got them as a gift from a met can student many years ago. many the recovered treasures had a circuitous route abroad and it's tough to get them back using litigation. instead,
9:52 pm
the mexican government relied on diplomacy and goodwill. we've been very successful in receiving voluntary returns of these pieces because people really want those pieces to go back to their um, or against meds, cuz long been a paradise for archaeologists. and collectors with temples tombs, jewels and ceremonial objects to be found and sometimes wished to weigh in if the momentous, lonely radcliffe hinder. may he cool? mexico was growing and a lot of people were looking at it from the 1940 to the 1970 sweater. then was a law of 1972, our institute had more tools to fight the pillaging and it went down. now the river of artifacts flowing out the country seems to be reversed. what the exhibitions literature says is that when a countries are to fight for lost, erodes part, the nations memory. and thus, why the big hunt to find that these are like little bits of mexico's memory that are scattered around the globe. the return of some of them is celebrated by this
9:53 pm
display, which marks 200 years since met could gained independence from spain. john holman, al jazeera mexico city cilla head on al jazeera, got best piece of mascot magic in the end to yay. i will explain next ah, from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guest in conversation, this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we moved to do away with the white evil because it stops conversation lash at i land to put sun meats i aisha i can be. this is the beginning of friendship. this is the for getting of law right. like getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio, be unscripted on al jazeera. as soon as the sun goes down, charlotte,
9:54 pm
russia is a very challenging place to work from. i think journalist, even though the authority of say you can't do it, it's not allowed. we are still pushing. we're always pushing our boundary father to central, most always on to a lot of people are being detained for be fully marked here for the city. we are the ones grappling the extra mile where auto media go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. lou. ah, ah. tam knockers 40, sorry. we thought with football in paris, sandra, man of confirmed and l messy has tested positive for cove. it 19 knowledge and time
9:55 pm
is among 4. p s g plays in quarantine off the contracting the virus, the quotes. i will miss monday's french cup match, but could be back in the squad for next sunday's league game against leon, real madrid boss collar. and she lottie doesn't believe games should be postponed because of cov, it thus despite his team affected by the virus and the lead up to this weekend's fixture, 3 hour away tickets are failing. and sunday on the back of 15 matches on beets. and in all competitions without st. disappeared with the one nail last turkey strike. and as you know, scored after just 8 minutes real madrid, suffering only their 2nd lost in the league this season after 20 matches. now the new winter class to conduct h. l is supposed to be cold, but imagine the temperature being so low, the ice needs to be heated. well, that's exactly what happens in minneapolis when minnesota was hosted, the st. louis blues, the game entering the record of the coldest outdoor game in league history is minus $21.00 degrees celsius, when the conscious gone the way and it goes even colder throughout. unfortunately
9:56 pm
for the municipal fans that brave cold scene suffered sick for last words. like it's embarrassing. i think the 1st 2 periods, you know, have 40000 people coming and then it's unfortunately happened on a great night like this. i mean, a lot of people leave their house and is called and to support us and we give them the performance or that in the day a frustrated kevin's. iran has question the attitude of his brooklyn teammates, after a surprise lost to the late clippers. the nets were expected to have little trouble over coming severely depleted. missing several players through private protocols and even injury led by 13 midway through the final quarter before the clippers mounted an unlikely combat its legs posted when desert, when his game came out to the star. when you walk into a w,
9:57 pm
relax, no thank. you can lose in be a game like this. how many guys playing guys? from the g li? no such problems for m b a champions in the walkie box. most of it has their stolen is running hot. janice and say take room for 35.16 rebounds and 10 assists in a big win over the new orleans, pelicans in the 4 games since returning from covey. 19 for holes yanez has average a for to free point. as i get older, i gotta, i gotta take a moment and i, you know, leave in the moment and enjoy this moment. you know, have 27 sure doubles it's. it's insane. i remember, and i got my 1st one, know my in my that in my 3rd year. really. so it's, it's been a longer journey, a long way to go. just keep enjoying every moment. then dawn, if you keep playing that either way, go thanks up and unlocks
9:58 pm
a box mascot bongo celebrated his birthday by nailing a half court shots while facing away from the banks. get home and not soil sports. now more later, sarah, thank you. that's it for this music on al jazeera from me for the batch of when the whole team don't have to. thanks for watching. ah, mm hm. a wild alarm. we listen, a zionist, are making serious efforts in order to and t and disrupt the tendency. we meet with
9:59 pm
global use maintenance. i'm talking about the stormy stuck on how many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was burned, looted, or blown up a small group of people who risk their lives to save the national archives. they managed to preserve the films, and these records of all of the other afghanistan's that existed saving decades of history. they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19th sixty's, afghans cinema was born filmmakers on the way, if the dangers to come on counting the cost of the
10:00 pm
climate, emergency the price of going green and why it doesn't need to cost the earth, the legs, and unlikely meter and economics become the test. bed for controlling our prices was no gold deposits. so why is it one of your walks biggest exports counting the cost on al jazeera. ah. mm hm. at least 3 killed in sudan is security forces fired tear gas said antique, who protest theirs, marching towards the presidential palace. ah, hello and barbara sarah. this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up thousands the fi abandoned protests in the netherlands to
10:01 pm
demonstrate against corona virus restrictions. south africa parliament in cape town suffer.


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