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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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london little cow center to special guests in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what? evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get? i land to port son meets i, asia. i can be. this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of law, right middle school getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio be unscripted on al jazeera ah mosque mandates and vaccination drives, as governments across the world grapple with surgeon cove. in 19 cases i'm 100 shaw. they live in front of a hospital and should i messed it up again? ah,
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apologies about that. i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up at least 6 people. i killed as intense rain triggers, flash floods in our mom, and tensions on the border. president joe bought and sakes to stop a rift between russia and ukraine from boiling over governments around the world are grappling with how to control surgeon cases of corona. virus infections is searching again in australia with more than a 1000 people in hospital in new south wales. that's the country's most populous state. and the health system is now being pushed to its limits. in england, secondary students will have to wear masks when schools reopen after the christmas break. a daily record of more than 162000 cases was recorded there on saturday. largely driven by the army con variant and in bangladesh campaign has been launched
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to vaccinate $40000000.00 people each month. it's hoping to inoculate 70 percent of the population by april. that's bringing tamya chandry. he joins us now from deca. hello, there can be a thanks for joining us. just how is the government going to vaccinate so many people? ah, well, it's a major challenge, a population of 165000000. that's about half the population of united states, but it is making a major effort to do so. so 529 percent of the population has been vaccinated in a major. dr. had received $20000000.00 vaccine last week from through unit several, rather under color sacramento. bangladesh dealership, so 500000000 dosage of vaccine. also under bilateral agreement, iterative baxon from other sources. but the united states in china has gaped at a 1000000 doses of vaccines to bangladesh and recent times. now the government is
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fearful of the new via ryan. so it has started a major dr. campaigned rather to vaccinate about 40000000 people by january this year. now you can see a major line, though it has slowed down little bit, but in every hospital and clinic center, that is a drive. it wants to take it to the world level in a rural areas. the target is the gum and said is to vaccinate 80 percent of the population by the june this year. and it's a major challenge in the supply chain, getting it from the manufacturer to the recipient arms. but it is willing to take the challenge. it feels like it have adequate amount of vaccine. it even started to have boost dose for senior citizen, about 60 and for the front line workers. now it also started to vaccinate children from 12 to 17 years old, mostly college school student. that program started from october. despite everything, if you look on the city, you wouldn't think there's any kind of a pandemic going on. people are taking pictures from that, do wear masks, but it's
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a normal business. as usual, schools are open, shops are open, but people are apprehensive and fearful of the new omni chron various because it doesn't want to go to the same challenge of it, facing a pill to august last year with the delta very. and so the government is very cautious and he wants to boost stop the process. that's why the vaccination drive is on again from this month in day. thank you very much for that update. tammy, child, you live rest in dot com and sarah clark is in the news to queensland for us with the lightest from australia, victoria, which is the 2nd a 2nd largest states. it also recorded plot big numbers in the 172 new cases and traded the decrease in dallas taste others in christmas. having said that, the tissue numbers have also coincide with that drop. we had most testing centered across a bic toya shop. they use the high temperatures,
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we have with strain degree and that also was a case. 1 where we had some testing finished close and therefore there was a drop in the south wells numbers the previous days. we've had 20 to 23000 cases where i'm in claims that we've had the highest number of daily testing for some time, 3587. and i should note that that is because there are so many people traveling across the border was already in the last few weeks with a quiz that has opened the board to troubles. so the st. hundreds of thousands of people across the board to come here. we expect to see that number here in claims and to continue to ride as a result. and on the side, those the astronomy class, mr. potentially exposed to a positive case. last wednesday he said at the moment monitoring your symptoms, but there was a press conference held at his home into billy as a result that have now concerned one of those people attending that press conference has tested positive. in the philippines,
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the government is tightening restrictions in the capital laughter a spike in coven 19 cases last week. starting monday in person classes, contact sports in live performances will be banned in the mila cinemas restaurants, and other commercial businesses will also have restricted capacity in the 3000 people tested positive for the virus. on friday, $130.00 tre died. new york in washington d. c, i re gimme a piece inches of america's coven 19 outbreak, recording the highest number of daily infections to date. 2022 began with more than 40. 5000 people in new york has been positive. nationally. there were 647000 new cases. but health officials say the number of fatalities is falling, even though cases have gone up by 60 percent. john, hindrance has more from washington d. c. every country had trouble celebrating new years this year, but it was especially muted here in the us. new york was the biggest of all the
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celebrations usually, but this year, 15000 people came. they all had to be masked and vaccinated, but that's a fraction of the 1000000 who usually attend that celebration in new york city. also there is a testing problem in the united states, so many people have either contract it omicron or have been concerned that they have that they've been flooding testing centers, president biden, his says, bats has said, that's a problem that he will fix. he is made a 500000000 free home tests available, but that still has not quite solved the problem. meanwhile, industries are being hit. the airlines, especially on saturday, globally, 4000 flights, were cancelled 2500. those were in the u. s. and nearly half of those were in chicago. that was partly due to a major snowstorm that hit the midwest. but it was also due to the fact that airlines are having staffing problems. they can't staff as many plains as they
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usually would because many of their crew members have refused to accept over time. over the christmas holiday rush. also, colleges are beginning classes for the 1st time, for many of them in a couple of years, online rather than in person. so the beginning of 2022 here in the u. s. is starting to look a lot like the beginning of 2021. to france now, which is relaxing its code, the 19 isolation rules fully vaccinated. people who test positive will be required to quarantine to 7 days instead of 10, but they'll be able to end their isolation on the 5th day. if they test is negative, the government is hoping this change will help ease disruption to the economy. the countries seeing a search infection, so it reported more than $200000.00 cases for 4 straight dang! uganda is reopening after one of the strictest lockdown in the world. schools will start up again after being close for nearly 2 use. and not time kofi will also be
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lifted on january 10 to come into effect. in march 2020, the president says a high vaccination, right means it's now safe for the country to reopen the case. it has been increasing lightly in just over wake, the united arab emirates will ban known vaccinated citizens from travelling abroad . the new rules will also require those. busy who've had to jabs to get a booster shot. if they want to travel, the policy goes into effect on january 10th. but the foreign ministry says it will not apply to those with medical exemption. to other world news now and a large fire has broken out at south africa, parliament building in cape town, columns of smoke could be seen doing from its roof. flames have also spread to the national assembly. building. the minister of public works says i could have the situation under control as spokesman for the cities emergency services says cracks
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have been opening in the buildings walls. at least 6 people have been killed up to heavy rains into a man strong winds in flooding. the again, on thursday and the storm is expected to continue until wednesday. it's prompt in warning for people to stay away from dangerous areas for me on the store like bringing whether present to jeff harrington. jeff, he's got the latest on the storm just how bad to get. well, emily, we need to remember with just 3 months ago, the tropical cyclone. shaheen made landfall in northern oman, and it brought about 2 years worth of rain to musket. so here we go. again, we're going to go in for a closer look. we'll see some of these solid bands of rain here in boss. got the drench the area in and around. so this time around, we picked up about a quarter of a years worth of rain, but the bottom line with this that is still too much rain too fast. and it's a bit of a one to punch here because this is
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a mountainous area. so you got all that rain falling high above it just rushes right down to the ground and the ground just cannot hang onto it. so that's when we see those scenes of flash flooding. now let's try out where this energy is going on sunday, because i think we could see more images of flooding emerge across the middle east, a potentially q way. look at this, the darker the yellow, the more intensive rain is also through eastern saudi as well. and southern sections of iran, but that threat for iran not just sunday in some monday as well as this energy moves more toward the north and also toward the east. now want to peel out, give you a wider look, because this is really something that we're going to be dealing with for the next few days, or this it transitions into southern sections of pakistan. the risk of also seeing some flooding here as well. so we look at the next 3 days in karachi, and it really rainy forecast here. so about $10.00 to $20.00 millimeters of rain each day. but we need to remember these areas simply cannot deal with this much rain that fast. so emily, really over the next little bit soft flooding,
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a very likely scenario in many countries as the storm system continues to hang over the area. all right, jeff gave us updated as to how things go. thank you very much. you're welcome. ukraine's president has used his new york message to say his main goal for 2022 is ending the war in the east of the country. large parts of the region were taken over by russian back separatists almost 8 years ago. now taishan over a russian troop movements in the border have led to mutual threats by the us and moscow. as nadine baba reports were not scared of any army on the other side of the border, that's the message from ukraine's president in his new year message one clearly aimed at russia. and there was more defiance in my son, my bookish, never again, silly. unfortunately, we have not ended the war in the east of our country yet. this is our primary goal . that's why i say not yet, because next year we'll definitely be better. according to ukranian officials,
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they're currently around a $100000.00 russian troops near the border. western government say they're concerned about a full scale invasion. the fighting and eastern ukraine between separatists backed by moscow and the ukrainian army started in 2014, a huge protest in the capital. kiev, lead to the pro russian government being overthrown. the conflict has killed more than 14000 people, devastating ukraine's industrial heartland known as the dog bass and leaving civilians terrified to. earlier this week, the russian and us presidents had a phone discussion lasting nearly an hour and involving threats on both sides. why, why? why there's not very clear to the president that he makes any more moves goes in to ukraine. we will have severe sanctions, will increase our,
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our presence in europe with our nato allies. and it will be a heavy price to pay for it. but our president immediately responded that if the west decides in this or other circumstances to impose the unprecedented sanctions mentioned that could lead to a complete breakdown in ties between our countries and caused the most severe damage to relations between russia on the west. rushes worried by what it says is the west's rearming of ukraine, and it will be taking part in a series of meeting starting in 10 days time. it wants legally binding guarantees that any future expansion of the nato alliance will exclude ukraine and other former soviet lock countries. it's not clear at this stage already, compromise will come from the d baba al jazeera, still held down now to sierra recovering at mexico's last treasures, ancient artifacts are heading home centuries after i was stolen. and it's a wrapped in plastic packaging in france and you know,
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bands it from being used to have a most fruits and vegetables. ah, now a lot of people ended last year on a particularly wall note. and this more or less continues. the weather in europe has caused some big swells of clan, an area of stormy low pressure that will drop temperature the some. but beyond just not gonna make progress that you might expect. it will become windy though windy in ireland and scotland and the coast of norway and you see where the cold is lurking . but everything south of wick really is temperatures, at least as high as they should been in many places higher than his average. his time the year is cold talking in through scotland, answered norway in particular with snow for the mountains. not on the big surprise . some of that rain will catch the far north of the portugal or spain probably on
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monday, but everywhere else again, we see tempt typically 6 degrees above average in some places like salzburg 12 above average. now that weren't necessarily lost in some parts of central europe, but i'll tell you through monday, for the south. and it has lasted. so in the middle that and let's take place in austria as a case in point, this cold will penetrate to some degree at an ins. brooke, you go down to 6 degrees, then 0, then minus 3. now that is proper winter but doesn't return until wednesday, but what it returns it bring some welcome snow ah informed opinions, there was a need for the federal government action to really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on our jazeera and talk to alger 0. while the
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warranty, as we listen, design is, are making serious separate in order to drop the terminal. because we meet with stormy ah, ah ah, hello, are you watching? 0, i'm emily, angling reminder about top stories this hour. more than a 1000 people and now in a hospital with corona virus, in the astronomy in state, with the biggest population you south wells, just about 800000 people tested positive there warning the state health system could reach a critical phase. at least 6 people have been killed after heavy rains triggered
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floods in i'm on strong winds and flooding began on those day and the storm is expected to continue and to wednesday. it's from to warning for people to stay away from dangerous areas and to lodge fire and broken out in south africa. parliament building in cape town, columns of smoke could be seen billowing from its roof. but the minister of public works is by cruise have just situation under control. as simple and solemn ceremony marked the state funeral accorded to south africa's leading figure against racial injustice, archbishop desmond tutu who died a week ago was praised for being the moral compass of the country and a global champion of human rights. mila reports from kept the 2 people around the world. archbishop desmond tutu was a champion of freedom and the fight against racial segregation in south africa to others. he was simply a husband,
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father and grandfather. many of the messages we received have said, thank you for sharing him with the world. will it actually is a 2 way street because we shared him with the wall. you shared part of the love you held for him with us. and so we are thankful among the speakers at saint george's cathedral. michael newton served as to tuesday, p t. for many years. first one might call an edited church many times. why is it your husband? for as we all know, he cried easily. and in the life of our country, posts and prisoners, he had much to cry about the service for many was deeply personal. much of the
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proceedings down, according to archbishop to his last wishes. a plain pine coffin dawned with the symbols of the church while the eucharist server sent to the wrong to to the anglican beliefs and spiritual leadership. his activism against global oppression. and as the leading voice against apartheid laws in south africa was to the full i to bishop doesn't want to do without question a crusade. in this struggle for freedom, for justice, for quality and for peace. not only in south africa, the country of his best around the world as well. 0, one at times solemn. the service also celebrated the archbishop to his favorite hymns and scriptures. his last moments at saint george's cathedral, marked by a final blessing. archbishop desmond tutu was loved by many,
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but coven 19 restrictions limited. how they would have liked to pay the final respects. instead, they participated in services of small parishes across the country. ah no gee, and bishops form a god of honor as a final, goodbye to a remarkable man, simply known as the arch. he's ashes to be late to interred at the church. he called home for me, the miller algebra cape. no protests have been held in cities across iraq to my community 2 years since the assassination of senior iranian general got some sort of mining. he was killed in the us drone strike in baghdad, along with the later of the iranian back to popular mobilization forces. president donald trump ordered ceremonies, killing, saying he was planning and an imminent attack on us interests. they don't. alco, nani is an iraq analyst. he says pro ronnie infections losing support
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or challenging an accumulation of many defeats. most recently, the major electoral defeat the parties that are affiliated with these groups in the early election last october, which also led them to another crisis where they failed to convince the leader just movement to create a consensus government wisdom instead of a majority government. and then they last and other about where their appeal, which was rejected by the supreme court, where they claimed the elections where rick, so the accumulation of 50 defeats is what pushed them to signify. their strength and presence on the streets as though preparing themselves for 1000000 protests and remembers of the assassination of some sort of money. and while i'm this, the government has been struggling a lot in managing such type of test on my should. these groups are not a coaching, be the political system with, with the government for the 1st few weeks ago. it was
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a very same groups that most reports believe that they talk the house of the finest or what the government can do now is just wait for the government to before because they know it's a current government. although a lot of sources claim that this i just movement might push for a problem this, they're called me for another term, but they are dealing with the messages here. they know it's not really something, but they're actually trying to do, or we're actually attacking therefore, in forces or the us forces of the always claims to do. the main message here is that they still enjoy a powerful fan base across the country. it's messages to the suggest moving that they want to be a part of the, a consensus government to start from majority government. and the electoral defeat is a great reflection off of their extremely decreasing opportunity across the country . they can get hundreds of thousands of people protesting, but they will never be able to whitewash or what should wait. the memories of the
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little violence that be committed against civil society activists and activists on protesters assumes october 2019 israeli forces have launched a strikes in gaza. they believed to have landed in empty fields and no casualties have been reported as yet. it's seen as a show for following the launch rockets, atlanta off the coast of television. it's not clear if the rocket fire was intentional or a test launch. egypt is mediating to diffuse a situation. palestinian factions in gods have been demanding the release of a prisoner on the hunger strike. the u. s. has blocked 3 african nations from a judy free trade program. washington has accused a t o b and molly and guinea of human rights violations. the african growth, an opportunity act, or e a g o, a allows countries to export some products to the us and avoid taxes. a p o p is
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urging the bottom administration to reconsider its decision. the later molly's interim authority is calling for next month elections to be delayed. the transitional government initially agreed to hold the folks in february, following a military coup in 2020. now it was supposed to be held within 5 years. the west african regional block eco was, has imposed sanctions on officials. and it's promised more smileys late. it is don't produce a plan for democratic transition. it's now illegal to use plastic to package you most fruits and vegetables in france for them to manual mccolan has called the move a revolution showing the country is committed to phasing out single use plastics by 2040 large packs and chopped or processed fruit will be exempt from the ban. later the c public spaces will be forced to have water fountains to reduce the use of plastic bottles. and elizabeth mood. hey, is
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a french journalist and writer. she says it's a mixed reaction to the new law. it's a friendly because on the one hand, the french is very much aware of the need to reduce plastic use. those brought support to the general use of not using so much plastic and they complain about this at the same time. but the ones you buy, the vegetables yourself, you realize that nothing has been calculated to find new ways of wrapping vegetables. that doesn't sort of make them decompose too fast. in the case of up, i'll give an example that i've been through myself during your shop. i often buy and when to on and on, which i will, the french went to the table and they were wrapped only little plastic tray and wrapped in sort of thing. and now the plastic tray has been replaced in both of the, the, the of the cut off of the rule by a cobbled one. and you put those in the fridge and the, the, the,
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the end of the moist onto the called bolt sort of melted them. and the whole thing is completely rotten. so that now i buy ziploc bags, which are made of plastic to put them because otherwise i cannot keep than more than a day in my fridge. on the you said it was very much aware of that. and they say they're all things that people will not touch because they can't keep them the same way. and the, you know, when, as long as it's something like bananas, nobody chose something that you have to appeal. nobody cares. there's one implication. the other thing is that this comes right at the time of coded, and quite frankly, people were just happy not to have lots of people pulling the vegetables and trying them and spelling them, and then, and then buying on, buying them. so it's, it's, you know, people do not know exactly how to take it does. plus and minus on this, mexico has a wealth of ancient cities, tunes and artifacts. and its long main, a treasure trove rocky alleges that many of the countries,
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historical pieces were whisked away and scattered across the world. now the mexican government is trying to get them back. as john holman reports lost treasures returned home after being recovered from abroad. that being shown often a new exhibition cooled, the greatness of mexico. some of the pieces are on display for the 1st time. this 1200, you're a woo. relief came home from los angeles. these copa hatchets, which were uses money in southwest mexico 500 years ago. also returned from the u. s. over the last decade, the mexican government mounted a big push to bring home the country's historical objects. more than 10000 to been recovered. christina talks to us from germany after voluntarily returning 27 figurines, that have been with her for decades now miss anthony, but again, it was him. i don't feel sad because if i die tomorrow, my children will had this problem and they will end up in a rubbish down,
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which is my biggest fear. the daughter on the quote to feels the same sample has promised comments you. okay, so the last were convinced that all of the artifacts from every country should be given back to them, not just mexico for more than a 100 years they've been stolen. these are the pieces christine inherited from her husband, who got them as a gift from a met can student many years ago. many the recovered treasures had a circuitous route abroad, and it's tough to get them back using litigation. instead, the mits can governments relied on diplomacy good will. we've been very successful in receiving voluntary returns of these pieces because people really want those pieces to go back to their arm. or we just met because long been a paradise for archaeologists. and collectors with temples turns jewels and ceremonial objects to be found and sometimes wished away in if the momentous, lonely radcliffe hinder mer, hico, mexico was growing and
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a lot of people were looking at it from the 1940 to the 1970 sweater. then was a law of 1972, our institute had more tools to fight the pillaging and it went down. now the river of artifacts flowing out the country seems to be reversed. what the exhibitions literature says is that when a countries are to fight for lost, erodes part, the nation's memory. and thus, why the big hunt to find that these are like little bits of mexico's memory that are scattered around the globe. the return of some of them is celebrated by this display, which marks 200 years since met, code gained independence from spain. john holman, al jazeera mexico city. ah, hello, are you watching on his ear? amazing. the top stories in salem, more than a 1000 people are now in the hospital with corona virus in east rallying state with the biggest population. new south wales just are the 18000 people tested positive
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authorities of wanting the states health system could reach a critical phase.


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