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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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teaching, now you can watch out to see we're english streaming light on light duty channels plus thousands of off programs. award winning documentaries and team debt supports subscribe. take you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. south africa pays tribute to anti apartheid hero and nobel peace prize. winner desmond tutu, recalling was being described as his persistent fight for justice and freedom. ah, i'll matheson, this is all to 0 alive from doha. also coming up marches in iraq to remember customs. so tamani, the powerful iranian general, killed in a u. s. jones strike 2 years ago. back in business, uganda lifts its covert. 19 lockton paving the way for schools barzon cinemas to
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reopen. and it's a rap for plastic packaging in france. a new law means it can't be used and most fruits and vegetables ah a crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace. that's how south africa's anti apartheid hero. archbishop desmond tutu has been described during his funeral service in cape town. his ashes are being entered at saint george's cathedral where he preached against racial injustice for years. farmer, the miller reports ah, to people around the world, archbishop desmond tutu was a champion of freedom and the fight against racial segregation in south africa. to others, he was simply a husband, father and grandfather. many of the messages we received have said,
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thank you for sharing him with the wool. well, it actually is a 2 way street because we shed him with the will. you shed part of the love you held for him with and so we are thankful among the speakers at saint george's cathedral. michael newton, who served as to tuesday, p. t for many years, for the chief mama, my dear go america, about many times with your husband. for as the owner, he cried easily and in the life of our country, both post and prison. he had my about the service for many was deeply personal. much of the proceedings down, according to archbishop to his last wishes. a plague pined coffin,
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go on to the symbols of the church while the eucharist server sent to the route to tis anglican beliefs and spiritual leadership, his activism against global oppression. and as the leading voice against apartheid laws in south africa was to the full, ah, bishop doesn't want to do too much without question a crusade in the struggle for freedom, for justice, for equality and for peace. not only in south africa, the country of his best around the world as well. 0, one at times solemn. the service also celebrated the archbishop to his favorite hymns and scriptures. his last moments at saint george's cathedral, marked by final blessing. archbishop desmond tutu was loved by many,
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but coven 19 restrictions limited. how they would have liked to pay the final respect. instead, they participated in services of small parishes across the country. ah no gee, and bishops form a god of honor as a final, goodbye to a remarkable man, simply known as the arch his ashes to be late to interred at the church. he called home for me, the miller algebra kept up, doesn't it? his fight for justice wasn't limited to his home country. albany ma is co founder of the electronic intifada. it's an online publication focusing on israeli palestinian tension. he says the late archbishop's advocacy for the palestinian people was brave and influential. desmond to, to saw the clear parallels as we heard between apartheid in south africa and apartheid today in palestine. and he has the same message. he was one of the tiny handful of people of his stature, who is willing to say,
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as we boycott to the pockets, south africa, we must boycott apartheid israel. he was very clear about that. he said that being neutral between those, the oppressed and the oppressed means in effect, siding with the oppressor. there is no neutrality when it comes to issues of justice. either you stand with the oppressed, you take action on their behalf or you're guilty of complicity with the oppression . that's what desmond tutors message was and he was absolutely consistent about it . he was among the very 1st international leaders to endorse the palestinian boycott divestment and sanctions movement. and he was at the time very isolated for doing so. there weren't many people willing to do that now, and i think largely due to his willingness to speak out
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support for boycotting applauded israel, is very widespread. and i think we should say one other thing. if i may, he has been praised in eulogies by world leaders who us, you know, say what a wonderful moral leader. he was, but who refuse to follow the moral lessons that he teaches? and we need to call out that hypocrisy the people who sell weapons to israel to kill palestinians should not be eulogy ising desmond too, too. they should keep that his name out of their mouth, so to speak. protests have been held in cities across a rock to mark nearly 2 years since the assassination of senior iranian general hussle sala money. it was killed in a u. s. jones striking, backed out along with a leader of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces president donald trump ordered ceremonies, killing, saying he was planning an imminent attack on u. s. interests. buckland, of the war ham has more. from the iraqi capital,
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thousands of iraqis got out of here, nearby dodge the green soon to market. the 2nd anniversary of the killing of iranian commander. awesome slay, manny and obama. dim hunt is a tube commander of iraq. soon, popular mobilization forces 2 years ago by an american john attack and they say that they are demanding get clarity in the investigation. they say that there hasn't been transparency in the investigation. meanwhile, the demand immediate withdrawal of all u. s. troops and iraq. they say that any u. s. military presence in the country will be resistance that have been leaders of the political part as pro iran political parties that they spoke here today. threatening to take matters into their own hands. they say they will take up arms
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again and resist the military presence of the s troops in iraq. thousands of come from other of iraqi a province is to join the protest here. they're blaming the government for what they consider collaborating with the us a troops. they say that the government should implement the resolution passed by the parliament in january 2020, stipulating that all foreign troops should leave the country. and they say that they will continue protesting until the government responds to their demands. uganda is reopening after one of the strictest locked downs in the world. schools
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will start up again now to be closed for nearly 2 years, and a nighttime curfews expected to be lifted. victoria getting their reports. the end of the look down means children in uganda will once again get to experience one of the most important parts of their lives. education schools. there have been closed since march 2020. shortly after the 1st case of cave in 19 was confirmed on the african continent. some classes reopened in february last year, but shut down again 4 months later as the country faced a surgeon infections. analysts say the last 2 years have had a devastating effect on children and young people wise, good hearted me and closed for this long is a question that bond lies. nobody can ask even begun to self convert. it's been completely. there has been a huge increase in a child sex malays molestations. ah, but see clearly in a greg lucy's or across the country reported. i had been a huge cases. awful child,
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marriages, bars, disclose, and cinemas are also due to open up in the coming weeks. much to the relief of people who work in the countries entertainment industry a will stay way too long locked in like we are scared of it in terms of the measures of them. but. busy yet morality we're ready to live with doesn't look like it's about to go away. ugandans of suffered the lot in the pastry us about what we can get you me nice, quite of misdirecting will stay open. you gander, impose some of the most strict and lengthy rules in the world to contain the virus . since the pandemic began, it's reported a 137000 cases of corona virus, and more than 3000 deaths. the president says a high vaccination rate means it's now safe for the country to reopen. but during his public address, he added that some measures could be reinstated, if cases rise steadily. victoria gate and be al jazeera, new york and washington
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d. c. e. r. again, the epa centers of america's covered 19th outbreak recording the highest number of daily infections to date. 2022 began with more than 45000 people in new york, testing positive for the virus nationally. the number top 647000, but health officials say the number of fatalities is falling even though cases have gone up by 60 percent. john hendern has more from washington dc. every country had trouble celebrating new years this year, but it was especially muted here in the us. new york was the biggest of all the celebrations usually. but this year, 15000 people came. they all had to be masked and vaccinated, but that's a fraction of the 1000000 who usually attend that celebration in new york city. also, there is a testing problem in the united states. so many people have either contract it omicron or have been concerned that they have that they've been flooding testing
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centers, president biden. his says bass has said, that's a problem that he will fix. he is made a 500000000 free home tests available, but that still has not quite solved the problem. meanwhile, industries are being hit. the airlines, especially on saturday, globally, 4000 flights, were cancelled 2500. those were in the u. s. and nearly half of those were in chicago. that was partly due to a major snowstorm that hit the midwest. but it was also due to the fact that airlines are having staffing problems. they can't staff as many plains as they usually would because many of their crew members have refused to accept over time. over the christmas holiday rush. also, colleges are beginning classes for the 1st time, for many of them in a couple of years, online rather than in person. so the beginning of 2022 here in the u. s. is starting to look a lot like the beginning of 2021. all the 1000 people are now in hospital with
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corona virus and the trillion states with the biggest population, new south wales has the highest number of cases since october, just over 18000 people tested positive that's down from more than 22000 on saturday . that all warnings to states hospital system could reach a critical phase. the health minister assigned to public health order reducing isolation rules for stuff. and that means they can go back to work earlier. center clocks in new saying queensland. she's got more in the situation in australia, victoria, which is the 2nd 2nd largest states. it also recorded plot big numbers in the 172 new cases and traded the decrease in dallas twice since christmas. having said that, the tissue numbers have also coincide with that drop. we had most testing centered across a bit choice shop. they use the high temperatures, we have with strain degree. and that also was a case where we had some testing centers close and therefore it was
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a drop in the south wells numbers the previous days. we've had 20 to 23000 cases where i'm in claims that we've had the highest number of daily testing for some time, 3587. and i should know that that is because there are so many people traveling across the board in the last few weeks with a claim that has opened order to troubles. so explained hundreds of thousands of people across the board. busy to come here, we expect to see that number here in claims and to continue to ride as a result. and on a side note, the prime minister potentially exposed to a positive case. last wednesday. he said at the moment monitoring your symptoms, but there was a press conference held at home in through billy as a result that have now confirmed that one of those people attending that press conference has tested positive. still, i had an al jazeera attention at the border. why the rift between russia and ukraine may be boiling over and recovering mexico's last treasures. ancient
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artifacts are heading home centuries after they were stolen. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle a ways well off the wet his day of the year. doha, just yesterday, there's more rain to come, possibly on and off overnight tonight and during sunday, but it's focus, i think would be further north and possibly bahrain is inside a saturday and then he concentrates really in iran during sunday. we're a title turn into snowbrite is quite significant. rain hits in some places, possibly the year's worth on average. but this is not a typical, it just hasn't been seen for a while. the same time the cold air has come across the black sea means more significant snow for eastern turkey. and possibly georgia was rein. training of the
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south of that running through the levant, alert is not the effect northern parts of egypt once more. and what happens across iran is the rain keeps getting eastwards, the ground gets higher, the air is colder. be a lot of snow for afghanistan and northern pakistan. the same time by the time we get to choose day, significant sherry rain on its way through oman leaving behind that shamal. shamal is a valley cold and brisk northerly winds. attempt at max 19 q 8, only 70. not a dusty one. your notice, but the sun has returned and when we see next rain, who knows? oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he wants thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from
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their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel child wants that inside story on al jazeera. ah ah, he watching or does it remind over top stories? this are a bunch bishop desmond tutu, has been described at his funeral as a crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace. the anti apartheid hero died last sunday at the age of 90 processor being held in cities across iraq to mark nearly 2 years since the assassination of
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a senior iranian general awesome sel. amani was killed in a u. s. drones trying him back. dad, along with a leader of the iranian back to popular mobilization forces. uganda is reopening after one of the strictest loc tons in the world. schools will start up again up to be close for nearly 2 years. and i time curfews expect it to be lifted on january, the 10th, ukraine's president has used his new year message to say his main goal for 2022 is ending the war in the east of his country. large parts of the region were taken over by a russian by separatists almost 8 years ago. now tensions over russian troop movements near the border of la to mutual threats by the u. s. and russia. nadine baba reports for little. now, will we not scared of any army on the other side of the border? that's the message from ukraine's president in his new year message, one clearly aimed at russia, and there was more defiance in my son, bookish, never again. surely, unfortunately,
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we have not ended the war in the east of our country yet. this is our primary goal . that's why i say not yet, because next year we'll definitely be better. according to ukranian officials, they're currently around a $100000.00 russian troops near the border. western government say that concerned about a full scale invasion. the fighting in east in ukraine between separatists backed by moscow and the ukrainian army started in 2014, a huge protest in the capital. kiev, lead to the pro russian government being overthrown. the conflict has killed more than 14000 people, devastating ukraine's industrial heartland known as the bus and leaving civilian. terrified to earlier this week, the russian and us presidents had a phone discussion lasting nearly an hour and involving threats on both sides. i was clear to the president that makes any more moves goes in to ukraine.
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we will have severe sanctions or increase our our presence in europe with our nato allies. and it will be a heavy price to pay for it. but our president immediately responded that if the west decides in this rather circumstances to impose the unprecedented sanctions mentioned that could lead to a complete breakdown in ties between our countries and caused the most severe damage to relations between russia on the west. rushes worried by what it says is the west's rearming of ukraine, and it will be taking part in a series of meeting starting in 10 days time. it wants legally binding guarantees that any future expansion of the nato alliance will exclude ukraine and other former soviet bloc. countries, it's not clear at this stage where any compromise will come from. lady barbara al jazeera sedans, military leaders called for unity warning that the country faces,
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existential threats. now under father albert hans televised address was to mind the country's independence day. would have been ongoing protest against the military takeover which he led on october. i knock them to the corner dameon. you're all aware of the difficult situation at our country's going through and the magnitude of the challenges and crises that threatened the entity of the homeland. and they are, in fact, existential threats. that cannot be ignored and can only be confronted with full awareness and pure actions and a sense of belonging to the homeland and putting its interest above any other interests. the leader of marley's interim authority says elections due to take place next month should be delayed. the transitional government initially agreed to hold elections in february, following a military coup in 2020. now it wants the polls to be held within 5 years. the west african regional blogger was as imposed sanctions on officials, and it's promised more of molly's leaders don't produce a plan for a democratic transition or than 1000000 venezuelans have fled to peru in recent
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years. they've been trying to escape poverty and political upheaval back home, but live in peru was just as much of a struggle. many of them are working for low pay and they don't have access to affordable health care. i on a sanchez reports. ah, a holiday gala far away from home. you visions of the road? i'm orchestra, give free concerts to promote themselves. ah, the musicians are mostly business, will em migrants trying to make it in be today. but it's hard, says lead viola player ye at melissa. ah. although he's a professional musician, the only job he's been able to land cleaning car tires has increased injuries to his back. most than his willen migrants are willing to do any job. and most without health care is the fear, the neil a thought in them out. i stopped eating some food to buy pills. one of my
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colleagues gave me part of his salary. so i managed to pay for $10.00 appointments . but for the most part, no one gives me a hand paper. oh, more than 1200000 venezuelans are displaced in they do. a national superintendency for migration says nearly 80 percent of them don't have health insurance or other benefits. at the santa rosa parish on the outskirts of the capital, at least 50 per venezuelan families live on handouts cannot be an impact on most don't have money for food or a stable job. and many have health problems. the low here says that only migrant children under 5 year sold and pregnant women can have free medical care. the rest must have residence card, but the majority doesn't have one. just an integral has his her son christian will soon turn 6 and lose his health care. however, she says it doesn't make much of
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a difference to have a work permit. well, i mean, i mean her, my husband has the residence he card, but he works in an, a formal job where he has no benefits. so we're simply up in the air without anything economist here, see venezuelans have contributed to bidders. g d p with 0.2 percent last year. but the challenges continue to be great, but it didn't work in that. we're talking about an extraordinary situation for which we have to generate extraordinary norms. we are talking with the authorities, so that was the paperwork. is the door opener for these race, but a boy, ah, nearly 30 percent of venezuelan migrants are professionals, that 9 out of 10 do not work in their expertise. among these musicians, there are security guards, cooks, street vendors, many say they hope they can soon play full time, but for now their contribution to peruvians is music that heals the soul. liliana
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santa sent us either lima beetle is no illegal to use plastic to pack his most fruit of vegetables and france. president emmanuel, my home has called the move out revolution showing the country is committed to phasing out single used plastics by 2040 larger parks and chopped or processed food will be exempt from the bank. later this year, public spaces will be forced to have water fountains to reduce the use of plastic bottles. and elizabeth will tame is a french journalist and writer. she says, has been a mixed reaction to the new law. it is a friendly because on the one hand, the french is very much aware of the need to reduce plastic use. those brought support to the general use sort of not using so much plastic and they complain about this at the same time. ah, the ones you buy the vegetables yourself, you realize that nothing has been calculated to find new ways of wrapping vegetables that doesn't sort of make them decompose too fast. in the case of a,
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i'll give an example that i've been through myself during your shop. i often by and when to on and on, which i will love french went to the table and they were wrapped only little plastic tray and wrapped in sort of thing. and now the plastic tray has been replaced in both of the, the, the, the cut off of the rule by a cobbled one and you put those in the fridge and the, the, the, the, the end of the moist and soon the cold bolt sort of melted them and the whole thing is completely rotten so that now i buy ziploc bags which are made of plastic to put them because otherwise i cannot keep than more than a day in my fridge. and the, the senator is very much aware of that. and they say they're all things that people will not touch because they can't keep them the same way. and the, you know, when, as long as it's something like bananas, nobody chose something that you have to peel. nobody cares. there's one implication . the other thing is that this comes right at the time of coded, and quite frankly,
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people were just happy not to have lots of people pulling the vegetables and trying them and spelling them, and then, and then buying on the buying them. so it's, it's, you know, people do not know exactly how to take it as plus and minus on this. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the state of colorado and at least 3 people. a missing heavy snow has helped to bring the fires under control. several times were hit by the wildfires on thursday, with strong winds fanning the flames. mexico has a wealth of ancient cities in tombs and artifacts and has long been a treasure trove for archaeologists. but many of the countries historical pieces have been whisked away and scattered across the world. now, the mexican governments trying to get them back. john holman, as more last treasures returned home after being recovered from abroad, the being shown off in a new exhibition called the greatness of mexico. some of the pieces are on display
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for the 1st time. this 1200 euro whoo relief came home from los angeles. these co hatchets, which were uses money in southwest mexico, 500 years ago, also returned from the u. s. over the last decade, the mits can governments mounted a big push to bring home the country's historical objects. more than 10000 have been recovered. christina talked to us from germany after voluntarily returning 27 figurines, that have been with her for decades now miss yesterday. but again, yes, as you may, i don't feel sad because if i die tomorrow, my children won't have this problem and they won't end up in a rubbish down, which is my biggest fear. the daughter on the call to feels the same example. her family comments iraq and thought along were convinced that all of the artifacts from every country should be given back to them. not just mexico for more than a 100 years they've been stolen. these are the pieces christine inherited from her
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husband, who got them as a gift from a met can student many years ago. many the recovered treasures had a circuitous route abroad, and it's tough to get them back using litigation. instead, the mits can governments relied on diplomacy, goodwill. we've been very successful in receiving voluntary returns of these pieces because people really want those pieces to go back to their um, or against meds, because long been a paradise for archaeologists. and collectors with temples tunes, jewels and ceremonial objects to be found and sometimes wished to way in if the momentum, the only radcliffe window may hico, mexico was growing and a lot of people were looking at it from the $940.00 to the 1970s. later then, with the law of 1972, our institute had more tools to fight the pillaging and it went down. now the river vaults fact flowing out the country seems to be reversed. what the exhibitions
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literature says is that when a countries are to fight for last, it erodes part the nation's memory. and that's why the big hunt to find that these are like little bits of mexico's memory that is scattered around the globe. the return of some of them is celebrated by this display, which marks 200 years since met, code gained independence from spain. john holman, al jazeera mexico city. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. a funeral has been held for south african archbishop desmond tutu is been described as a crusader and the struggle for freedom, justice, equality and peace. the anti apartheid hero died last sunday. at the age of 90. archbishop desmond, due to has been our moral compass but he's also been.


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