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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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ah ah archbishop desmond du du has been our moral compass. but he's also been our national crunches. wreck him for an icon, south africa says farewell to an anti apartheid hero. who is inspired resistance movements across the world. ah ha ha ha robin watching out. is there a locked my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes, testing times the u. s. struggles to identify crew virus cases as the country
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breaks yet another record for the number of infections. iran's top general ga sim, cilla mani. remembered massive rallies, take place in iraq, 2 years after his assassination and a new law banning plastic packaging on most fruits and vegetables comes into effect in france. ah welcome to the program may crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace. that's how south africa's apartheid hero. archbishop desmond tutu was described during his funeral service in cape town. his ashes are being interred at saint george's cathedral, where he preached against racial injustice for years. for me, the miller reports ah, to people around the world, archbishop desmond tutu was a champion of freedom and the fight against racial segregation in south africa. to
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others, he was simply a husband, father and grandfather. many of the messages we received have said, thank you for sharing him with the wall. well, it actually is a 2 way street because we share him with the will you share part of the love you held for him with and so we are thankful among the speakers at saint george's cathedral, michael newton, who served as tu tuesday pretty for many years for the chief mama, my dear america, many times with your husband, for the owner, the crying and the life of our country,
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both post and prison. he had my about the service for many was deeply personal. much of the proceedings down, according to archbishop to his last wishes. a plain pine coffin dawned with the symbols of the church while the eucharist service centered around to his anglican beliefs and spiritual leadership, his activism against global oppression. and as the leading voice against a party lost in south africa was to the full o. bishop doesn't want to do too much without question a crusade in the struggle for freedom, for justice, for equality and for peace. not only in south africa, the country of his best around the world as well. 0, one at times solemn. the service also celebrated the archbishop to his favorite
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hymns and scriptures. his last moments at saint george's cathedral, marked by final blessing. archbishop desmond tutu was loved by many, but coven 19 restrictions limited. how they would have liked to pay the final respect. instead, they participated in services of small parishes across the country. ah no, gee, and bishops form a god of honor as a final, goodbye to a remarkable man, simply known as the arch. he's ashes to be late to interred at the church, he called home for me. the miller al jazeera kept up in new york and washington dc, oregon. the epi centers of america's curve at 19 outbreak, recording the highest numbers of daily infections to date, as 1000 gathered in times square to welcome in the new year 2022 began with more than 45000 people. testing positive for the virus in new york alone. nationally,
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the numbers topped 647000. let's go over to washington d. c. who are correspond john 100 is standing by and john. not an entirely happy new year across the us. but it all, all the same. post the u. s. isn't the only country with the same woes? that's right. so hail it was a muted celebration. the biggest one of the year on new year's eve is of course, appropriately in the big apple, manhattan. and this year, new york kind of limped into the new year was neither the biggest, usually they have about a 1000000 people at that celebration, nor was it the smallest. because last year there were just a few dozen health care workers who attended this year. $15000.00 people were allowed to attend, they had to be vaccinated and wear a mask. it was as celebratory as ever, but definitely dampened a bit by the covert virus. a lot of people concerned that they shouldn't have had that at all because the new variant is crime is as contagious as
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any of the others. and then some. so there was a bit of criticism for the fact that new york held this event at all. there are, there is some good news on the coven front of the company makes one of those vaccines. pfizer says it's going to start making boosters for people 12 to 15 years old. that's a new thing here in the u. s. but all of the boosting and all of the vaccinations are not stopping the spread of this. and so people when they get sick are running into testing centers. now more than ever, and that means testing centers are over run, there aren't enough tests in the united states. president biden said he was going to try to solve this problem. he's offered 500000000 tests, more than one for every american. with that still not enough. and meanwhile, the industries have been hit one after the other. the airline industry, perhaps the biggest. there were 4000 flight cancellations on saturday,
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worldwide. 2500 of those right here in the u. s. and about half of those were the 2 airports in chicago, which has been hit by a snow storm. but it's not just weather that stopping those flights from taking off . they don't have enough staff and that is due to oma, kron lot of people usually would work over time for the airlines during the search the holiday season around christmas. and this year, a lot of them are turning down big incentives because they just worry about that virus and then universities. now, they are also starting once again as they did 2 years ago online rather than in person. i've got 2 sons in college. both of them are starting school online for the next semester. so year 3 of the covert hero was starting to look a lot like year 2. so hell fell engine force though washington d. c. thanks very much for the update. the france has reported more than 200000 positive tests for a full day in a row. it's the 6 country to report war than 10000000 covered 19 cases. since the
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pandemic began some of the bigger cities like paris and we'll have reinstated face most, the indoor and outdoor island is the latest country to cut the isolation period for people who tested positive to cove at 19 to 7 days. instead of 10 being portugal and greece of also reduced their isolation periods to a week knocked about upon connie and from the university of exeter medical school. as a specialist and infectious disease control, he says it's safe to come out of warranty. and if after 7 days of isolation, what i would say is we can be the change that we want it to be and. and it would mean be fully immunized. take your boosters and wear good quality moss and f. b to mosque and avoid those indoor closed, fully ventilated races. if we were to excise, all of those measures ourselves, we,
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by our own efforts, would bring down the case numbers. it is easier and back up to mix with people that you know and you've agreed to a given protocol. whereas when you are meeting and mixing with total strangers, you are going into a no. unfortunately, with the arrival of on the chrome, it has put us back several steps. and unfortunately, this was foreseeable because people like myself, i've been saying for at least a year. that unless we surprise infections in other parts of the world where i'm so concerned will arise and it will be a setback. and this is an example of what has happened. the good news, of course, is that the vaccine program in the richer countries is protecting the population and preventing the large number of serious illness and debts. but we've still got a long way to go, especially with immunizing the oral box of the world. now the united arab emirates
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is bending non vaccinated citizens from travelling abroad from january, the 10th, under the rule change fully vaccinated citizens will also require a booster shot to be able to travel. now the foreign ministry says the rules will not apply to those with medical or humanitarian exemptions. you gander is ripping after one of the strictest lockdown in the world. schools will start off again after being close for new 2 years. and time, can you also be lifted on january, the 10th? the presence of the high vaccination rate means it's not safe for the country to reopen, but cases have been increasing lately. i still owe was at home or was scared that we were worried about the future with coven 19. and then it became one of us, maybe 45 months into it. and we've stayed way too long. acting like we are scared of it in terms of the measures and all of that. yet in
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reality, we're ready to live with. it doesn't look like it's about to go away. ugandans of suffered are not that posture. yes. develop that, get you me nice. i'm quite optimistic that will stay open and never look down. now people run my me inclusive. i run lead. joseph katrina is a writer and commentator on you go to the fairs. he says the strict lockdown has had a devastating effect on children and young people. there has been a huge increase in a child molestation. typically team a pregnancies across the country reported to been huge cases of jasmine and about it could be argued that the government has rather regret the but i know there's not like that. but generally, if you look at the country like run, we had 110-0000 cases with just
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1300 debt. in fact, you find a country like k. yeah, we the, you know, doubled the number of the infection. so, you know, but then maybe 2000 let the point really is that you can get really very yes and population by and large. most people happy to believe in fact, some of them actually leave the president, save them from the bread and save them from infections in many ways. and because also on the other hand, ronda had to do to be possible those who can paint around the thing because they got they came out rather than rather repressive. so people were beaten and really po based. so generally people went ahead and paid. now generally does mean ok. why school, how to me close will this long is a question that bond life. nobody can even the government this outcome and it's been completely well still had. here on al jazeera,
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at least 12 pilgrims are killed in a stump. either the hindu shrine and indian administered to speed and after was destroy any 1000 homes in colorado. people a falls to dig through heavy snow to salvage what remains. ah, it is now snowing over what was just recently a major far in colorado, the wind direction change the temperature of dropped away in the snow could well pile up is not gonna be particularly heavy in the immediate future. indeed, much of the u. s. is free of a lot of dramatic cloud. the deep cold that's been around has been pushed away as snow comes in. the western side of canada, rain stretching down some the california coast and this stormy line. and we're talking about sundays for cassie will have wandered down to the southeast some
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pretty significant thunderstorm seemed likely. now, progress continues during monday. the storm system brings a lot more stern to washington. and right, the south of that and everything goes off shore on the east coast. and your next attempt has dropped down in calgary bismark at minus 4. in fact, this whole area is much wall and it was, but that code is arctic cold. in the middle of canada, it was on its way south again. bismark, santa miles 11, eventually even get down to again, minus 12 in minneapolis, which is 18 degrees celsius, below normal compared with 23 below normal in calgary. so y'all to cares around, and there's a border once again, where you will see by mid week thunderstorms forming in the middle of the u. s. which could well turn tornadic. ah, the african stories from african perspective. most of the day, one of our board wanted has not gonna go machine because of the voice of machine
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happy. my name is short documentaries, by african. the filmmakers from kenya, he reads homework, done and done into something back and ivory coast colors. i live here and scrap yard animal africa. direct on al jazeera lulu the talk about watching over there with me the whole rama. reminder of all top stories, archbishop desmond tutu, has been described as a crusader in the struggle of freedom, justice, equality, and peace. that is the anti apartheid here a died last sunday, the age of 90,
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the rapids spread of your career of ours on mccall variation in the u. s. is that to a shortage of test hit new york and washington dc. all the epi centers of america cope 9 outbreak are recording the highest numbers of daily infections to date. and you can do reopening after one of these strict is locked down, the wealth schools will begin again. after being closed for any 2 years and nighttime kathy will also be lifted on january the as to now to one of the top stories in the life of archbishop desmond to to that as his funeral, he was remembered as a crusader of freedom. but his fight for justice was not limited to his home country. he lent his voice to resistance movements everywhere else, notably occupied palestinian territories. 10 years ago, the late brought constant david frost interviewed archbishop to to on al jazeera and asked him what he learned during his visit to the middle east. you said that once you saw in israel, something that was quite attend,
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the situation is have africa before freedom came to the black people or south africa where in many instances was it's during quite a distressing for one thing. we didn't have a war, a war. and cruise show very seriously on the territory of other people. i mean it's really petitions either way that they can get away with almost anything because the west is key. it feels guilty. it feels guilty about what they didn't do in when the holocaust happened and they, they, they've given a cut off cut lunch. now, if they are penitent, they ought to be the ones who pay the price of the penitence,
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but the price is being paid by the palestinians. part of my own consent for what is happening. there is in fact, not what is happening to the palestinians, but it is what the israelis agreeing to themselves. they are not aware that when you carry out dehumanizing policies, whether you like it or not, quite inexhaustible. those policies be human eyes. the perpetrator told me no lie via skype from chicago's ali abernet, his co founder of the electronic intifada. it's really interesting hearing what the latest bishop had to say before we sort of focus on the the palestinian angle of our interview today. political activism is one thing to preach from a pulpit of marble in society. certainly when it was pertinent to him about
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racially segregated communities, but to take it onto the street takes courage to day. and i, i was thinking about, you know, when i could think of it last happening. so globally, as we did with the anti apartheid system, you know malcolm x, martin luther king that there's bit of a wide gap before we then started to hear more about what was going on in south africa. well it was wonderful to listen to desmond to 2 words, and it's why he was so loved all around the world and especially in palestine because of his unwillingness to shy away from the truth . and the few people of his high stature are high visibility in the world, willing to tell the truth, the way desmond tutu did so it's a moment to be very thankful and grateful for the lessons he taught us. and to
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convey, i convey my condolences to the people of south africa, but also gratitude for the steadfast message and clarity of desmond to to which is so rare. in this world, we often hear about men of the cloth from various face, taking a political stance on certain issues. certainly the church of england has on many, many occasions, especially about apartheid. we are hearing slightly more a mole voice, says influential voices talk about palestine in the palestinians. how important is it that sort of, you might say, the neutral position of men of the cloth. be it of any faith to get involved in such a political li, charged conversation and debate that continues and has continued for nigh on what over 7060 years. what, what desmond to taught us is that
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a religion? oh whatever it is. in his case, the anglican church is not separate from our politics and what happens among people, why the churches exist, if not to minister to the flock, so to speak. and desmond to, to, let's remember i'm, i'm old enough to remember that when nelson mandela was in prison, none of us had seen nelson mandela. none of us it had his voice until 1990 and so in the 1980s it was desmond to to who was the face and voice of the people of south africa. and that freedom struggle for much of the world. and he was that voice a while wearing the cloth, while archbishop ship of cape town wall an anglican clergyman. and let's remember that he had to push the anglican church to take a moral stance on a path. and remember the anglican church refused for
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a long time. to die fest from south africa. so he was pushing them and up to the present day. he was consistent. desmond tutu saw the clear parallels as we had between apartheid in south africa and apartheid today in palestine. and he has the same message. he was one of the tiny handful of people of his stature, who is willing to say, as we boycott to the pockets, south africa, we must boycott apartheid israel. he was very clear about that. he said that being neutral between those, the oppressor and the oppressed means in effect, siding with the oppressor. there is no neutrality when it comes to issues of justice. either you stand with the oppressed, you take action on behalf or you're guilty of complicity with the oppression. that's what desmond tutors,
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message one. and he was absolutely consistent about. there are many people around the world, many rights groups that support the palestinian calls. but when it comes to men of the cloth, i'm saying these in a very generic form of mr. benet. but is there anybody now that you can thing called the said we can't replace desmond tutu, but we'll take up the challenge. take up the mantle, take up the argument and the debate about the, the state of the palestinian people and where they are in terms of their relationship with the state of israel. look, there is no one of the stature desmond tutu. he was a, you know, we were, he's a historic figure. i think that he will be remembered and his name will be known hundreds of years from now when most of us have forgotten and that's absolutely well deserved. but he was, he was among the very fust international leaders to endorse the palestinian boycott
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divestment and sanctions movement. and he was at the time very isolated for doing so. there weren't many people willing to do that now and i think largely, ah, due to his willingness to speak out support for boycotting apartheid israel is very widespread. he played a very big role in pushing american churches like the presbyterian church, usa and others to finally begin divesting from companies complicit than israel's crimes. so i think the, the fact that that to support for the boycott movement is so wide spread around the world to day is a inconsiderable part due to the supportive of desmond to to. so i think that will continue. and i think we should say one other thing to say quickly may that what? yeah, that all the he has been praised in eulogies by wild leaders. ah,
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who as you know, say what a wonderful moral leader he was. but who refuse to follow the moral lessons that he teaches? and we need to call out that hypocrisy the people who sell weapons to israel to kill palestinians should not be eulogy ising desmond too, too. they should keep that his name out of the mouth. so to speak. interesting talk d as always. alley up a name a thanks so much for joining us from chicago. my pleasure. thank you. is there any forces of last all, tillery and astro exact garza after rocket fire earlier in the day? not they believed to have landed, an empty fields and no casualties have been reported. it seen as a show for the following. the launch of rockets that landed off the coast of television. it's not clear if the rocket fight was intentional or test launch egypt his media to diffuse the tension. at least while people have been killed in
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a stampede at a religious shrine, an indian administered kush made thousands of people had gathered at the sight to mock the 1st day of the new year, alexia bryan reports in the cold darkness of the early morning. tens of thousands of devoted tracked to the hilltop temple of motivational davy and indian administered kashmir. at about 3 a year, there was a surge in the crowd. witnesses describe a horrifying crash, and people trampling over bodies. as larry, it's a tragedy. many people are dead. ah, initial reports suggest an altercation between groups visiting the shrine, perhaps to offer special prayers for the new year. but security has also been called into question. the police were very irresponsible. they did not put up devices in the area or outside the cave. they mixed also those coming out of the
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shrine and those going in a saw it with my own eyes. police pushed the pilgrims and also way fashions and blue whistles to intimidate them, which spread panic. and there was a stem paid in no time. motivational davey shrine is one of india's most revered hindu sites. before the pandemic about a $100000.00 devotees would climb the steep winding track every day to the narrow cave containing the shrine. authorities had kept the daily number 25000, but witnesses suggest many more people were there going okay. corner somewhere there was mismanagement. when we knew that there was this type of rush, we should have stopped the public 1st. if we had stopped them earlier. this tragedy would not have happened and investigations underway into outs sparked the crush. all the injured and families of victims had been offered compensation, deadly stampedes. a fairly common during indian religious festivals as large crowds
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gather in small areas, often with few safety or crowd control measures. my progress, not everybody's had expressed my condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones and the sad incident of the same page. my sympathies to those who are injured, you know, one, a access to the shrine was halted for several hours, but later resumed alexia bryan al jazeera, thousands of people of options that he's across are all to mark nearly 2 years since he is a nation of iran's top general costs, even silly money was killed in the us. drones strike along with a leader of the rainy and back popular mobilization falls near baghdad airport. so the bodies killing was ordered by that, then us present donald trump, and justified as necessary to stop what was called an imminent attack. mahmud up there, we had sent this report from the capital baghdad. thousands of iraqis got out of here nearby dodged green soon tomorrow to the 2nd anniversary of the killing of
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iranian commander. awesome sleigh manny and obama. dim hunt is a tube commander of iraq. soon popular mobilization forces 2 years ago by an american john attack. and they say that they are demanding the clarity in the investigation. they say that there hasn't been transparency in the investigations. meanwhile, the demand immediate withdrawal of all u. s. troops and iraq. they say that any u. s. military presence in the country will be resistance. there have been leaders of the political protest pro iran political parties that they spoke here today, threatening to take matters into their own hands. they say they will take up arms again and resist the military presence of the us troops in iraq.
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thousands of come from other iraqi a province is to join the protest here. they're blaming the government for to what they consider collaborating with the us a troops. they say that the government should implement the resolution passed by the parliament in january 2020, stipulating that all foreign troops should leave the country. and they say that they will continue protesting until the government responds to their demands. buildable, bouncing homes have been destroyed by wildfire in colorado. heavy snow help bring the funds under control. the hundreds of homes were destroyed in several towns by the wildfire on thursday. a new law has come into effect and france binding plastic packaging on most fruit and vegetables present. manuel macro has called the move.


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