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to us remains the largest consuming market in the world. and, and yet despite those tariffs, china, so it's global trade surplus increased by 50 percent between 20182021. so it is good, overall goods trade surplus. so china simply moves the ships around as it were, ship the boxes to malaysia and b at 1st. maybe they were transformed and then they again ended up coming to the u. s. so they use this to their own advantage whether it works to the advantage of these other countries. i think it's an open question. they're really taking to our phrase, a dragon by the tail here. i think they're going to be careful about the implications for their own economies in their, their future. okay, we must leave it there. robert scott. many thanks. come here on the news awful. you tensions on the board or why the risk to russia and ukraine may be boiling over and
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i'll to, to exit see hundreds of migrants arrive safely in the italian port, or was all ah, hello, thank you for joining in. here's your world's weather report. will begin in the middle east, and by far the weather stay of the year in they'll have we had some sundry downpours. in fact, probably the what is stay in about 2 years. those winds blowing around as well. so quite fierce weather and we have all of this activity around the gulf by sunday it's moving more towards the north end, the east, very likely to see some flooding for southern areas of iran. and this energy will continue to move toward the east into pakistan in the days to come. so let me put this forward. here we are on tuesdays, it scoots across southern areas. this will play karachi then at the same time toward the north, we've got instability, and that's going to press down your temperatures off to turkey. right now,
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we're going to see the rain pick up toward the northeast black sea regions and snow over a higher elevation. and this will also push in to georgia as well. now, through the tropics of africa, we've got some heat to be found here. job at 37 bungie, 34, and as we had towards nigeria lycos with a high of 37 degrees, we are seen some storms flare up around this eastern portion of southern africa. so my boot. so as it's moving into southern sections of zimbabwe as while bulawayo has a hive 29 degrees, and in cape town, you're coming in at 21 on sunday. that's it. happy new year. see again soon. ah, from may goes to jerusalem to my am on the go with my own miles to man history my and background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested
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me. i was 11 years old, a j select on now does era news? ah ah ah ah
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ah, welcome back here watching the news on line from the top story so far today the archbishop doesn't to to has been described by south africa's president as a crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, and peace. your hero has been no doubt a special funeral service in cape town. these 12 people were killed in a stampede at a religious shrine and indian administer kashmir. it happened that the hindu fashion, dobbins, right in the countries northward depot to use remarking the new year island spain, portugal in greece to cut the installation period for people who test positive coated 19 to a week or less as ami chrome rapidly spreads. you, governments are worried along isolation periods will affect essential services. the great president has used his new your message to see his main goal for 2022 with ending the war in the countries east. big parts of the region were taken over by
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russian back separatists almost 8 years ago now. now tensions due to russian troop movements close to the border of lead to neutral threats by the us and russia is not a baba. we are not scared of any army on the other side of the border. that's the message from ukraine's president in his new year message, one clearly aimed at russia and there was more defiance in my son, bookish navigate shirley. unfortunately, we have not ended the war in the east of our country yet. this is our primary goal . that's why i say not yet, because next year will definitely be better, according to ukrainian officials. there are currently around a $100000.00 russian troops near the border. western government say they're concerned about a full scale invasion. the fighting and eastern ukraine between separatists backed by moscow and the ukrainian army started in 2014, a huge protest in the capital. kiev, lead to the pro russian government being overthrown. the conflict has killed more
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than 14000 people, devastating ukraine's industrial heartland known as the dog bass and leaving civilians terrified to. earlier this week, the russian and us presidents had a phone discussion lasting nearly an hour and involving threats on both sides. why not? clear to the president that he makes any more moves goes in to ukraine. we will have severe sanctions, will increase our our presence in europe with our nato allies and the heavy price to pay for the solutions. but our president immediately responded that if the west decides in this or other circumstances to impose the unprecedented sanctions mentioned, that could lead to a complete breakdown and ties between our countries and caused the most severe damage to relations between russia on the west. rushes worried by what it says is
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the west's rearming of ukraine, and it will be taking part in a series of meeting starting in 10 days time. it wants legally binding guarantees that any future expansion of the nato alliance will exclude ukraine and other former soviet bloc. countries, it's not clear at this stage where any compromise will come from letting baba al jazeera, thousands of people have gathered across iraq to day to mock nearly 2 years since the assassination of iran's top general chasm, sal amani. he was killed in a u. s. throne strike along with the leader of the iranian backed, popular mobilization forces. so the money's killing was ordered by the then us president donald trump, and justified as necessary to stop what was called an imminent attack. mackwood abdullah had asked this update from backed out thousands of iraqis got out of here, nearby dodge the green soon to market. the 2nd anniversary of the killing of iranian
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commander. awesome slay manny and abu madam hunt is a tube commander of iraq. soon, popular mobilization forces 2 years ago by an american john attack and they say that they are demanding get clarity in the investigation. they say that there hasn't been transparency in the investigations. meanwhile, the demand immediate withdrawal of all u. s. troops and iraq. they say that any u. s. military presence in the country will be resistance that have been leaders of the political part as pro iran political parties that they spoke here today. threatening to take matters into their own hands. they say they will take up arms again and resist the military presence of the s troops in iraq. thousands of come from other iraqi,
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a province is to join the protest here. they're blaming the government for what they consider collaborating with the us troops. they say that the government. busy should implement the resolution passed by the parliament in january at 2020 stipulating that oh, on foreign phillips should leave the country. and they say that they will continue protesting until the government responds to their demands. as i don't, alkahottie is an iraq analyst. he says the electoral defeats is a great reflection of the decreasing popularity across the country or challenging an accumulation of many defeats. most recently, the major electoral defeat that the parties that are affiliated with these groups in the early election last october, which also led them to another crisis where they failed to convince the leader of
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just movement to create a consensus government wisdom instead of a majority government and then the last and other battle where their appeal, which was rejected by the supreme court, where they claimed the elections where rick, so the accumulation of the 50 defeats is what push them to signify. their strength and presence on the streets as though preparing themselves for 1000000 protests and remembers of the assassination of some sort of money. and while i'm this, the government has been struggling a lot in managing a such type of test on my should. these groups are not a coaching, be the political system with, with the government for the 1st few weeks ago. it was a bass saying groups that most reports believe that they talk the house with the minister. what the government can do now is just wait for the government to before because they know it's a current government. although a lot of sources claim that the suggest movement might push for
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a problem that they're calling me for another term. but they are dealing with the messages here. they know it's not really something, but they're actually trying to do what we're actually attacking therefore, in forces are the us forces of the always claims to do the main messages here that they do. they still enjoy a powerful fan base across the country. it's messages to the suggest moving that they want to be a part of the, a consensus government to start from georgia government. and the electoral defeat is a great reflection off of their extremely decreasing across the country. they can get hundreds of thousands of people protesting, but they will never be able to whitewash or what should wait. the memories of the lexical violence that a committed against civil society, activists and, and, and i activist them all just there is a since october 2019. meanwhile, iran is also commemorating the 2nd anniversary of ceremonies killing. it's the 1st
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and a series of a week of events to mark his assassination. 5 days after his death, iran retaliated, are in missiles at a u. s. airbase in iraq. irish has become an official language of the european union. all documents published by the e. u will be translated into irish making at the blocks 24th official tongue. language has only around $100000.00 native speakers, but is a compulsory subject and schools. almost 2000000 people or around 40 percent of the population of the republic of ireland responded in the last census, saying that the can use the language to some degree. let's bring in putter, mac lanika, he's an assistant general secretary at couldn't rotten or gail gar, that's a cultural organization which promotes the irish language and ireland world wide. he joins us from galway, powder, mich lanika, welcome to the news our so the republic doesn't have enough native irish speakers who think in gaelic as well as can speak gaelic to pull this off at the moment. so
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does this mean that speaking irish becomes, i guess, a massive growth industry now? yes, and they did di da, christine or philip jobs in the european union. and it's not an issue that the to the people are being recruited that the to work will be done as of as up to day. and what this will give a huge, huge boost to the language. there is no, there is no question, but that is increases the status of the language. and from a practical point of view, it is creating am good, high quality jobs in the european union, which works his way down to the school system. and particularly today, the term leather system, we would do a lot of work and with toward lever students in terms of promoting the language and explain them the opportunities are no arisen as a result of today's to live development. okay, so this improves the status of the language and the status of,
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i guess what we're saying here is irishness. but working as a translator that's, that's not, you know, they're not going to all of a sudden employ a 150, or 200 translators to work between strasburg and brussels. and that in itself is kind of an academic job. but if you're talking about getting to the stage of say where canada has been for many years, where everybody in officialdom, every one in the public, i say when they hold a news conference, they have to do it in english. and then they do it in french and then they do it in english, and then they do it in french. not only do they speak english, they also speak french and they live. and they think in french as well. and that's paying lip service to the whole french keep a quart aspect and the from the eastern coast of canada. so that aspect of it is a long way down the line. surely, for island there is no question that does if the similar situation to, to canada describes, does not apply an ard. and at the same time,
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the irish language is the home language of people in the good dairies. it is been used in the main domain suburbans that centers the greatest number of gayety speakers is actually in the dublin, dublin city and suburbs. and people who go both their lives who read their lives like you will be. what is there in their language? if we go back to one of the managers of european project is the district of europe license diversity. then we just like ireland have a huge role to play and play languages and culture in general european union. and that is the point that we would be making. we do have a language, it is what the oldest languages in europe. it has one of the oldest written dispatcher in europe. it adds to the entire fabric of european and use the word in general. and we would see that that language is entitled to,
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to status is entitled to the services that we as citizens of our system, the europe, that we are entitled to the same services as any other than the speaker. any other language european union give give me a sense if you can pay to of what the, the dublin government's attitude is towards storm and on this because the dublin government essentially signed off on this storm and has signed off on it the administration based in belfast. of course, northern island is still part of the united kingdom of great britain in northern island. there abraxas issues over the border. that's a different compensation of course. got the unionists at storm and a dead set against this cause. they see this as mission creep towards unification. of the island of island at something, it's almost like a line in the sand for some of them. it, there are certainly the stuff we have no control of. we have no control over this part is what we are saying. we're going to go with the language moving to general
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and is that the language belongs to everybody. and again, bit dirt is working on the are being are in the union communities, particularly and nice. but there, there is huge work being done, where people realize that the lang i was language belongs to them. even even recently that was war carried out. a research carried out that showed a significant number of the, the men who thought the 1st war war from the spend fast were new to speakers. that is part of the vision does been hidden from the union. i think we have to do. you have to divide you have to realize the difference between what is being pushed by the official union parties. far a political reason, and that is a political reason. and we are saying that they are making, making use of the irish language for political reasons. we disagree totally with
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that said, which belongs to everybody. ok. just to ask you kind of a more personally color question. i'm on my part. i'm scottish, when i'm sitting at home in the u. k. i channel hopped through bbc america, bbc gaelic channel. i can maybe pick up one or 2 words and that's it. now, as a scott, i'm very happy that the b, b. c does a gaelic service that i can sit at home and watch and kind of absorb and enjoy it. but it doesn't. it doesn't have to come into me. i'm not all being a gaelic speaker, but i had good x because in my family a couple of generations ago. but i'm quite happy for it to exist in the space that it occupies. why does it have to be an expression of the scottish notice? but say someone like me, i guess to you should be able to speak gaelic or why does it have to be an expression of irishness and an expression of irish loyalty to irishness. but it has to be enshrined into law because to basic fact if
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something, if that my nursing language or your language is not in trying to know if it does not have a support thing, it would disappear. gosh, we see that in terms of the language in our depart, apart from the european question aside without the legislative to support the sandwich has in the irish constitution, we would have no rights. it is, it is a simpler, vast, we've time to go through that. i can go through and i'm caught you every example or unless my never see i just use language has as instead of support and it cannot progress and it's what it is. it is a simpler button. okay. i'd love to hear all those examples paid, but then you'd be reading the headline to the top of the not somebody sitting in london really good, really good to talk to really interesting conversation. thank you so much for coming on. we do appreciate your time. pretty much the north korean leader kim
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johnson has laid out his new year plan. so the country without making any specific comments about the us or south korea, state media report, it's his main goals as being economic development and improving people's lives as the country face is what he's described as a great life and death struggle. robert kelly is a professor of political sciences and diplomacy at the pusan national university. he says kim's speech signals the possibility of severe food insecurity in rural north korea. normally than our brians or leader uses the ano speech to rattle the saver and talk about nuclear weapons and north prius and a willingness to fight all opponents and things like that. and that's pretty typical rhetoric from, from ne, in me, you're going back decades initially. you really didn't get that, which is one of the reasons why i think that there's been some focus on this. there was some emphasis, particularly on things like food and growth and, and really world development. and all that's great because actually i really need
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that result. the countryside northgate most impoverished. and so kim jong and actually means that that would actually be a good thing. but it also kind of probably signals that northgate is backing pre security and malnutrition. last couple years the north koreans are taking a really, really hard line on over. they sealed up the water completely 11 north korea. international trade is already very difficult because of all the sanctions because the nuclear weapons program for 2016, the sanctions are quite stiff. and so the north koreans were really dependent on the border change with china, and that is all been shut down. and our team is taking, like i said, this are really strict, hard line. and that's probably because northridge lacks the, yeah, the medical facilities, the grassroots, to deal with a real co it outbreak that were to happen, strategic issues that we on the outside really care about. there's really no mention of that, right. and will be nice, northridge, so you know, maybe maybe we'll make a deal on nuclear. we know we'll stop building if you give us x, y z. and kim hasn't said that. he hasn't said that for a while. right? we don't really have a good sense of what they might actually would,
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would want money in exchange. so finally free. so you know, we're still basically stuck in a strategic dilemma. israel on the says to rockets of inside towards the country from the gaza strip. one of the rockets fell into the sea of the coast of tele beef video circulating on social media shows and explosion. and the water off. jeff, the military says it's investigating. there are no reports of any casualties or damage. a german charity boat has arrived in the italian porter position with hundreds of migrants rescued at sea last week. those on board, mostly from africa, include around $200.00 minus most of them on a company. they were rescued in 5 separate operations in the mediterranean. italian government says the number of migrants that have arrived this year has nearly doubled. more than a 1000000 venezuelans have fled to peru in recent years in search of a better life because of poverty and political upheaval at home. many lives precariously putting their well being at risk,
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while nearly 80 percent do not have health insurance. you unofficial, see they're trying to resolve the situation, but for some help can't come fast enough as marianna sanchez, my report. ah, a holiday gala far away from home. you visions of the road, a market struck get free concerts to promote themselves. ah, the musicians are mostly business, will em migrants trying to make it in they do but it's hard says lead viola player yet mullens high. ah. although he's a professional musician, the only job he's been able to land cleaning car tires has increased injuries to his back. most honest will and migrants are willing to do any job and most without health care is the fear, the neil. a thought, a lehman. i've stopped eating some food to buy pills. one of my colleagues gave me
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part of his salary. so i managed to pay for $10.00 appointments. but for the most part, no one gives me a hand. ah, more than 1200000 venezuelans are displaced in they do. a national superintendency for migration says nearly 80 percent of them don't have health insurance or other benefits. at the santa rosa parish on the outskirts of the capital, at least 50 per venezuelan families live on handouts cannot be an impact on most don't have money for food or a stable job, and many have health problems. the law here says that only migrant children under 5 year sold and pregnant women can have free medical care. the rest must have residence card, but the majority hasn't joselyn wrote her, says her son christian will soon turn 6 and lose his free health care. however, she says it doesn't make much of a difference to have a work permit. when i,
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when i met her, my husband has the residence he card, but he works in an a formal job where he has no benefits. so we're simply up in the air without anything economist, hearsay, venezuelans have contributed to bidders g d p with 0.2 percent last year. that the challenges continue to be great, but it didn't work. and then there were talking about an extraordinary situation for which we have to generate extraordinary norms. we are talking with the authorities to advance the paperwork. is the door opener for these rice, but a boy, ah, nearly 30 percent of in his willen migrants are professionals. that 9 out of 10 do not work in their expertise. among these musicians, there are security guards, cooks, street vendors, many say they hope they can soon play full time, but for now their contribution to peruvians is music that heals the soul. medina center so to cedar lima biddle tributes have been pouring in for the hollywood
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actress and comedian betty white, who died 3 weeks shy of her 100th birthday are for career of 80 years. she held the record as the female entertainer was the longest ever. t b courier around the world as barbara and cooper. in a used driven film industry, betty white was a rarity. she was one of a few actresses who maintains top power well into her ninety's. oh, this is something you did to mrs. miller that she began her career in the 19th thirty's on radio and in variety shows. i'm sorry, this is a very critical does she want to best supporting actress emmy awards for her role in the mary tyler moore? show in the 19 seventy's. oh oh. oh. but her portrayal of sweet and quirky rose nyland and the 1980s sit com,
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the golden girls shot her to super stardom and aunt her new legion of fans. she won an emmy in 1986 for the role playing a widow living and retirement with for all the ladies and the antics in miami. she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. ah, he was a response when she unveiled a wax work of herself at madame to sorts. you know, the only thing that hurts me. why did they wait to do this till i was 90? i mean, a few days ago would have no idea she was starring in the t. v show hot in cleveland at the age of 92 until it was cancelled in 2014. betty white continued to make new audiences smile. darker saying a glass of wine a day can extend your life. and that perhaps was the secret of her lengthy career. was like we're
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a little live forever. it wait on london's next. i'll see you soon. bye bye. ah ah. the listening post cut through the noise, we're talking about competing night, the modern day tools being used to perpetuate there's competing narrative separating spin from fact all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth . but the whole story remains and content. unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media. on a jesse uta,
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january on a jesse i hear, we look back on us president joe biden supposed be in office 12 months on from the capital building by the part of the stream and join our social media community at sierra leone recovery from civil war continues we mark 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most political complex. the bottom line div clemons dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year period 19, we go back to woo him where it all began and investigate how far we've come. since the pandemic january or not just the europe and talk to i'll just see a wild alarm. we listen, design is are making serious separate in order to in
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t talk with i to be sure. does monte do, do has been our moral compass. but he's also been our national quanch's, glowing tribute to south africa beads, a final farewell to one of its anti apartheid heroes at a modest funeral in cape town. ah, hello and barbara sarah. this is al jazeera life london, also coming out at least 12 pilgrims are.


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