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it's the political debate, so that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement. going to stop the family to get i is under a company, says united now people out of die. children are day up front with me while i'm on hill, on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah alarm clock. this isn't use our life window coming up in the next 60 minutes protests in iraq nearly 2 years after iran's top general costume. sumani was assassinated by us, trained strike near baghdad. south african say good bye to the national hero, anti apartheid activist, archbishop desmond tutu, at least 12 people are killed in a stampede of the shrine in india. administered cash not currently they came jargon,
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talks, food, not weapons, as he marked 10 years in power. and the evolution of the euro, 20 years since it's curation recreation, that we take a look at one of the most important currencies in the world. ah. so we begin in erotic where thousands of people are rallying to mock nearly 2 years since the assassination of iran stopped general. custom sumani, he was killed in a u. s. drain strike. along with the leader of iranian backed, popular mobilization forces. the protest taking place across 4 major cities, including the capital bank that sumani was widely considered to be the 2nd most powerful person in iran and was treated as hero. he was the commander of the revolutionary guards, couldn't force an elite unit, the handles foreign operations. but he was killed in a targeted operation at baghdad, international effort on january the 3rd 2028 was ordered by president donald trump
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and justified as necessary to stop what was called an imminent attack. death from 2 protest across the region and widespread condemnation of the united states, the tax push tensions between the u. s. and iran to new heights and fears of open conflict. when i speak now to margaret, otherwise had a joints now from baghdad. margaret tell us more about these protested and why they're still happening when they care that protest her has just disperse it. thousands of protesters as members of iraq's popular mobilization forces that were here a little while ago. chanting against the s chanting against the presence of foreign troops in iraq. and they say that hasn't been any clarity that hasn't been any transparency in the investigation over the past 2 years. since the killing of iranian commander customs lay many and double my did him hundreds that of commander
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of iraq's popular mobilization forces, as you know, or by a u. s. during attack, or 2 years ago. they say that they take this opportunity to retreat their demands of our full was through will of us and foreign troops from iraq. they say that they're blaming the government for what they consider collaborating with the u. s. forces they say the government should implement the resolution passed by the parliament are following the attack 2 years ago to guarantee a full withdrawal of u. s. some for a troops from iraq leaders of the are the military wings and political wings of the popular and mobilization forces. these are, there are political blocks, some parties the what, which are affiliated to iran. they spoke here up there today saying that there is no way the popular mobilization forces can be dissolved. as you know,
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that have been news that the reports about the government, the probably the, the, the upcoming government should look into dissolving unofficial military groups. but they say that at the popular mobilization forces there have played a major role, the fight against isolate. and again, they say that the, the, they consider the beginning of this year. the hope that is going to be the end of any military foreign. and especially u. s. military prisons and the country as you know that by virtue of this strategic dialogue that has been conducted between the us and the government of iraq. the about 2500 u. s. the troops along with a 1000 troops from the collision, or from the international collision, have to turn it into advisory and training rules. so at the beginning of this year, is the end of the combat, all of the us troops in iraq. but these protests are still reject
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any military presence in the country in the foreign military places, no matter what the role is remembered is really go to the year ahead. we expect these type of protests to gain momentum. will there have been thousands of protests including get people from other provinces, but that also depends on the other factors, namely the conflict between iran and, and the us that the conflict of interest. but we know that many of these troops, the popular mobilization forces are unofficial. and they are in conflict with the state authorities, namely the government here in but the dud. but again, it depends on the settlement. it depends on the arrangements between the u. s. and
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iran, as you know, that these are protested as most of them are affiliated to iran or affiliated to the political parties and political blocks that are going by, decisions that come from iran. so as long as there is conflict, as long as the conflict between iran and do as is escalating, so it doesn't seem that these protest her as well back off anytime soon. bobby, thanks about some of the had the like, i think you know, a crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, and peace. that's how south africa's president has described. archbishop desmond tutu who's been honored at a special funeral service in cape town. the pod hero died on sunday and 19 so robin posted, delivered the men eulogy called him the spiritual father of the nation. to him, he was not content to preach about social justice from the pulpit. he was with the
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homeless, the helpless, the persecuted, the sick, and the destitute in the streets, in the shallow test. and in hopes he embraced all who had ever felt the cold wind of exclusion. and they intend to embrace him while it's here now from from the miller has more from cape to the hearse, carrying the remains of the archbishop esmond to has left the saint george's cathedral. and he is expected to be cremated. and then his ashes later in turned at the church, the cathedral just behind us. but to tell us more about the service and just what it meant tor, south africans. and those within the anglican church were speaking a, to a reverent him castillo, jabber of the anglican church, and who was also part of the planning of this funeral service river. and certainly
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a fitting tribute to a global icon for march. we had to make sure of that because much of what has happened in the service itself because of all was the wishes of the archbishop. we had to make sure that we put together in a way that reflects and most accurately what he desired and who he was saw in the 1st place. people were asking why in a formal church service as such. and the response immediately which we gave or thought or that is with the archbishop was the service, was in the context of a eucharist in holy communion, were from which was a fitting way of firm and giving thanks for a life of this nature. the eucharist is really a central feature of our life or faith because it takes us back to the heart of both christian remembrance and as part of his own life and spirituality. the archbishop placed that eucharist at the heart of we was and his legacy,
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certainly one that will always play a central role in the future of the anglican church and south africa. but only because, as you rightfully served late on the ashes, it will be in turn and the choice of in turn it back up the route that the dean and ashby shop explained that this wasn't home. the church was his home. he gave himself several of the from the put from beginning to end. and so it is a fitting legacy that it is especially if good blessing that he's ashes will be here and everyone can pilgrim to all to see where he's and to be a flight of prayer and continued and thanksgiving for him. thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. we're speaking there to reverend, concealing your job there from the anglican church explaining some of the rituals and traditions around the fe. well, to the archbishop desmond to, to, we know that the presidential convoy is also left the church now alongside the
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family of the late archbishop and, of course that africans are really a sad day. one with the last of the generation of both political and religious leadership or has been lost a proposal ahead of the news our including we look at how thousands of people displaced by fighting and nigeria preparing to leave comes from return to the homes from new york to sidney cities across the world. welcome that you. yeah. some under heavy covered 90 restriction. ah no. currently that kim jong has laid out his new year's plan for the country without making any specific comments about the united states or south korea. estate media report, his main goals are economic development and improving people's lives as
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a country faces what he has described as a great life and death struggle. robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy. and to son a national university, he says kim speech signals a possibility of severe few food insecurity in rural north korea. normally than our leader uses the annual speech to rattle the saver and talk about nuclear weapons and north prius and willingness, white. all opponents and things like that. and that's pretty typical renter from, from ne, in me you're going back decades initially. you really didn't get that, which is one of the reasons why i think that the focus on this, there was some emphasis, particularly on things like food and growth and, and pretty world development. and all that's great because actually really need that re book the countryside. northgate most impoverished and so kim jong and actually means that that would actually be a good thing. but it also kind of probably signals that north korea is back in security. and now in the last couple years, the north koreans are taking a really,
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really hard line on over they sealed up the border completely 11 or chris. international trade is already very difficult because of august sanctions because of the nuclear weapons program for 2016, the sanctions on white stuff. and so the north koreans were really dependent on the, the borders change with china and that has all been shut down. and our team is taking, like i said, it's a really strict hard line. and that's probably because north relax the yeah. the medical facilities, the grassroots deal with real cohen outbreaks that were to happen. and so the result of completely sealing yourself off has been the, the continued a power to be of the rural sector and probably mound attrition. we don't know or tell us much, but that's probably what and our things are very good about giving us information. and as we're misinforming us and you get making foreign observers and you want observers and things like that, the world food recommends whether you want agencies to operate inside market. but a lot of that has really been restricted, north, reasonably kicked out, a lot of foreigners in the last couple years. so we don't really know. we have some
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kind of information from north korean to escape across the border and interact with 3. and i think koreans live in northern china as we get some kind of informal price data through them. but in the north, koreans don't actually keep track of their own g d p, for example, right now turns you barely functions rates that will be used on. so no, we don't actually really have a good picture of it if you want to sort of change the relationship with the rest of the world. actually say this would be the big moment to say it, right? maybe we'll make a deal and we'll reference an exchange for, you know, some kind of a package or something like that. but there, emphasizing food security and non attrition probably tells us that there is an economic crisis of some kind of work rather wouldn't be surprised, given the border down over co it what i mean, what we really can't we on the outside humanity is the strategic issues that we on the outside really care about. there was really no mention of that. right. and will be nice, northridge, that, you know, maybe will make a deal. i knew we stopped building if you give us x, y z and kim hasn't said that. he hasn't said that for a while, right?
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we don't really have a good sense of what they might actually would would want from us in exchange. so finally free. so we're still basically stuck in a strategic dilemma. the world has welcome the new year, but the shadow of current of ours still looms large, nor about manly reports on the scale back celebrations across the globe of how cove it is. crash the party again. ah, it did you dish and the dates back more than a sent me. and this year, 15000 ticket hold it went back to new york times square to see the famous boat up at midnight. ah, mountains invented here because of the pandemic, blue intensive cities around the world, new year's celebrations were more muted, and they would be normally in london officially, then it cancels. and so to berlin,
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where a new year's eve party at the brand, the burg gate, took place without a live audience. as a tv show, only madrid was one of the few cities in europe to celebrate v a z. but there the crowd was limited, blessing half of it was you size thailand. welcome here with fireworks display bank hook on the heavy coat 19 restrictions. oh, it was one of few places in the country to host the if and to hear celebrations of other offense with comfort jesus spread on chrome. i today's kind of compensation for the past 2 years that i didn't get to celebrate. that's why i decided to bring the whole family here today. my kids are happy and we will come back again next year. so oh, in home home only worked masonry victoria hall,
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the waterfront ah, and the music concert by the city philharmonic orchestra mont. getting a 2022. ah better me better, haha. benco visited yeah go we hope everyone will be healthy and happy and we hope to find the older 2 though we all can open the border and get trouble. yeah. is new career. oh say fire, what i want to lighting up the night sky hours earlier. new zealand had been one of the 1st ring in the new year. it's neva, australia didn't afford that. tens of thousands of people gathered around sydney harbour bridge in a tribute also to the front line workers in the fight against coke 19 but elsewhere there were bands on big gatherings in china were 2 years ago. crone
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of ours 1st emerged, events were canceled with a nation on high alert in the city of shan under locked down. since the 1st report, a case is more than 5400000 people have died around the world. and with the all the cranberry and taking hold, many governments of we impose restrictions to try to ease the strain on overwhelmed hospitals. even in those countries where gatherings are allowed, many people have chosen to stay home one wish shared by people around the world. this new year is that 2022 is better than the last 2 years and sees an end to the pandemic. lori ladyman, the al jazeera. well, let's get an eye witness accounts of what went on a new york's times square. gabriel is on there was a we saw a lot of what we've seen every year with the typical new year's eve celebration here in time square the fall, dropping that down the count down the confetti when the clock struck
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2022 people hugging and kissing each other, those were the scenes that we saw that we are accustomed to over the years, and we saw this evening as well. what was different, though? not as many people were here. and that's because of the spread of the corona virus search. here in new york, they were expected to have 60 to 70000 people here. they scaled it back to only 15000. everyone had to show proof of vaccination, mostly where a mask as well. and this was all because of the spread of corona virus here in new york city. new york has become the us epicenter of the pandemic once again. and just in the last 24 hours, 43000 people in new york city alone have tested positive for corona virus. it's
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spreading like wildfire here. the positivity rate is 22 percent. one in for new yorkers is now testing positive for the virus, given all of these scenarios. and all of these numbers, if you will. that is why the new year's eve celebration was scaled back dramatically. here. you still saw the themes or celebration, but it was certainly not nearly the numbers or the, or the, or the size that we have seen in previous years. argentina is feeling the impact of the new current of ours ferentz reporting a record $50000.00 cases day. people waited in long lines to be tested for the virus that centers in the capital. one is arizona, new z, as in tina recently reduced the number of quarantine days from 10 to 5 to not to meet with you if we can do it. i have been heading for a month and a half and confidential case exploding and did you expect it not to happen here?
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you 30 should have foreseen all of this. had people come to tit altogether? the vacation period and the end of the prisons were coming. and we are here because we want to gather tonight with the family. we came from the coast and we want to be sure we don't have covered the philippines recorded almost 3000 cave in 1900 cases on friday. and that's about to, to fold increase in just 24 hours. the spike prompted concerns about another wave of the virus at a time with millions of people still reading from a devastating typhoon. while below has this report. now, from manila filipinos packed malls in shopping districts during the holidays, as cases colby 18 appeared to be dropping to new lows. the government had east most restrictions had one of the busiest seasons. but experts warned that there was no room for complacency. every thing, december, 19th we, we somehow had that alarm alert that there's already like a switch of that in,
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you know, and the increase in the positivity rate is very, very fast. and in terms of patterns we see that most of the gave this currently are . i think the might be mild and the are coming from the 23rd, each group. so somehow, somehow, weekend quarterly this, this kind of, they not mix to the mobility of people because of that highly, be more on the current patient had been identified this sleep. but the health department will a traveler from the united states, tested positive, had reached quarantine regulations in order to party, at least a dozen of her close contacts. now have the virus. entrepreneur variance is driving home bit 19 cases to record numbers in many countries. the philippines has largely been spared, but daily infections are wrong, the rise and all it's possible. the new virus variant is spreading. health
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department officials say it's too early to make that conclusion. a new wave of the virus is likely not only to stream the countries health care system. it could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in regents, still suffering and the impact of super typhoon right. as it is, there are already outbreaks of diarrhea and gastro enteritis in those areas. or st hit by the storm. we have nbc of the shipment or at sam or increase of e. s in the urea. cough in cold. but, but you know, hot and cold. i among the ceiling dumps will see minute aren't effect. oh, there i know partition going to be shine evaporation center. so i oh, he had been an air boy, i'm the see since i just nbc or so, i spent 8 workers hope an increase in coven 19 cases would be the last thing they would had to deal with as they are still struggling to provide basic needs like
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food and clean drinking water to the millions affected by the typhoon. barnaby low al jazeera manila. at least 12 people have been okay. i'm sorry about that. we're going to move on to the weather now jeff, it's danny. by here we go. hello, welcome. see or worlds weather update for asia? happy new year. everyone after a stretch of more than 2 weeks of dry weather, we've disrupted the weather pattern in the indian state of time when they do this was a scene in janai, scooping up to more than 200 millimeters in some cases. so that led to water logged roads sunday into monday. we still got more rain coming. ouch it. thanks to that northeast spawn soon, but i think the heaviest pockets will be over for lack of all of the weather alerts dropped across the top end of india for both that cold snap and fog is temperature is now start to come up. your deli got a high of 20 degrees after se stage, and that ne monsoon pepin up in activities. so dose with rain,
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believe the singapore top end of sumatra, the risk of seen some flooding here. central china looks like this. we've got high pressure and that is carving out some sunny conditions, but a bit of cloud basically will have to shanghai, shanghai got a high of 11 degrees and more snow coming out, shift for western areas of japan, but 1st a bit of a breather. it's late sunday into monday that next round works in here, and really this west coast of japan has been walloped with snow and again, more to come. but for tokyo, it's a high of 8 degrees on sunday. that's it. happy new year season. i jeff, as to lead her down there attributes portion of her, betty white, the golden girl of comedy whose digest weeks short of a one ah, the war in afghanistan is now told will non taliban figures make up a part of them with
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that american youth can only port within the taliban and leave it there will be a powerful to tell about the inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now. however you listen to podcasts. a rite of passage present to the generation. my cousin was laying down there. i'm to was claiming she was helpless. the woman or after indoors, if go so far, coat of paint, for what pat, my naive meets the women affected by f, g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the so even thought about to things take i al jazeera correspond the conte sentiment and development have altered the course of the river. it no longer flows to the sea and around 10 years ago it became more susceptible to red tides. the
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bloom of l k, calls as discoloration in the water ominous group, some of his water out. and you can see there's a rough color tinge to it. texts by the fisheries department, show the l. he in the getting river is of the alexandria species which produces toxins. ra, sleep in a bro, him is a fisherman from malaysia don't. but district in collect that. in the 1990s the giddy river was clear. you could see the said, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. fisheries officials have issued notices, banning people from selling or eating malice found along the getting river. the area affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area. ah
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ah ha, you're watching al jazeera, remind about top stories. this and thousands of people have been marching across iraq to market really 2 years since the assassination of iran to top general has some sort of money. he was killed in a u. s. drones strike along with the leader uranium back to my station forces in 2020 south africa's president 0 ram, oppose this is delivered the eulogy through archbishop desmond tutu at saint george's cathedral and came to to was the leading voice during the anti apartheid era. and is also being remembered for his service against social injustice throughout the world. at north korean leader kim jong own has laid out his new year plan for the country. state media is reporting his main goals are economic development and improving people's lives as the country faces. what he's described
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is a great life and death struggle. all right, let's returned to our top story where thousands in iraq have been marking the 2nd anniversary of the assassination of iran's top general customs to the money. to take this on joining us from here at doha and said on, i'll can nanny his or an analyst on iraq politics zaden. welcome to the program at the bottom line. what is the message that we can draw from these protests toothache? well, as you rightly mentioned, the current voters are, that'd be a good point about infections on the piano. however, it's not all of the factions on the piano, as there are many do from the umbrella organization that are not affiliated with iran, but be protests. and so today are protests that are led by a supporter of the pro wrong time. any rocky politics. and they're challenging an accumulation of many defeats, most recently the major electoral defeat,
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the parties that are affiliated with these groups in the early election last october, which also led them to another crisis where they failed to convince the leader of just to create a consensus government with them instead of a majority government and then they lost another battle where their appeal, which was rejected by the supreme court where they claimed the elections were rick . so the accumulation of these have been fixed. these are the fee is what push them to signify. their strength and presence on the streets as though preparing themselves for 1000000 protests and remembers of the assassination of some sort of money in y. m. this would you say on january 3rd, 2020. so re main message. they would like to send jump. just moving forwards. how can the government manage this? how can they build bridges? well the, the government has been struggling a lot and managing
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a such type of test on my, should we use groups or not a coaching be the political system way where the government for the 1st few weeks ago, it was a very same groups that most reports need that they talk the house of the prime minister. what the government can do now is just wait for the government to before because they know it's a current government. although a lot of sources claim that this i just movement might push for a problem. this they're calling me for another term, but they are dealing with the messages here. they know it's not really something, but they're actually planning to do, or we're actually attacking the, the foreign forces or the us forces they always claim to do. the main message here is that they, they still enjoy a powerful fan base across the country. it's messages to this i just movement. they want to be a part of a consensus government to start from the georgia government. they are ensuring that the my toilet character sitting money in mind. this is still very significant.


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