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speak out for those who cannot speak for the rights of all the destitute, speak out, judge righteously defend the rights of the pool and the needy. he was not to contend to decry upon tate at conferences or benefit concerts or international for us. he was there with a freedom fighter confronting their party gene and confronting comforting its victims. he was not content to preach about social justice from the pulpit. he was with the homeless, the helpless, the pest acute at the sick and the destitute in the street in the shadow test
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and in hopes he embraced them all who had ever felt the cold wind of exclusion. and they in 10, also embraced him. he sought to emulate jesus christ, who embraced all those who society looked down upon and reject it throughout his life. he became involved in causes both here at home and abroad. that went to the very heart of the quest for social justice through the desert, wanting to do h i v foundation. he was involved in the treatment and care of people living with h. i. v and aids in the provision of health care services to adolescence. and the empowerment of young women. he was an outspoken supporter of the palestinian
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cause. and in 2014 he wrote powerful article calling on the israelis and palestinians to find each other and to make peace. in his words, peace requires the people of israel and palestine to recognize the human being in themselves and each other and to understand the independence. he advocated for the l. g, b t q. i bless rides and decried all forms of violence and discrimination against this community. speaking of hate crimes perpetrated against the o g. b t q. i bloss community in a powerful video message mocking 20 years since the world conference on human
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rights. he said, i oppose such an injustice with the same caution that i oppose the appetite. one of the causes that was dear to him and less well known to many of us was campaigning together with head, royal highness mabel fun or i knew who is here with us today against child marriage across the globe. i have learned how the arch traveled to villages in ethiopia, in india and zambia to understand the said come senses i know which young girls were being forced into marriage. he also took up this course without us.
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married robinson. part of the old us is here, my, my gosh, i, my cell is also here. the group of senior leaders brought together by president nelson mandela in 2007. such was his stamina. such was his commitment to social justice for all that he took up the car jose on behalf of millions of people around the world. many would know his name, but many would not but he did make a difference in taking up their courses. he never stopped fighting. he never stopped speaking out and he never stopped carrie. since the passing of our beloved arch. we've been looking back on his life on the part he played in our
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transition to democracy. and to his towering role as the chairperson of the truth and reconciliation commission. today, 2070 is after the advent of our democracy. we can still say with certainty that what we have achieved to as a country was nothing short of a miracle. we could have chosen the path of retribution, but the project of national reconciliation, of recognizing the injustices of our past set us apart from many societies in transition. alongside president nelson mandela, archbishop desmond, to do to help to steer our nation through this very challenging and painful period. the heartrending testimonies of
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many who had suffered in lost loved ones were broadcast for all to see the account open to deep party to ones. but they also opened a window, not only for them, for molly, oppressed to know what had happened to their loved ones, but also to the white minority community. to know what times had been committed and perpetuated in their name. helping us to come to terms with the past was among the most od was tasks of our new nation. and archbishop desmond tutu played a seminary role in this whole process. at my dba request,
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he led to the truth and reconciliation process with integrity, dignity, and humility. while our beloved nemo was the father of democracy, archbishop desmond, due to was the spiritual father of a new nation in considering how fortunate we are as a country to have been blessed with these 2 global icons. with inc, i bowed to the la garza street in so where to the only street in the whole world that ross home to tune about peace laurie, and were think how both of these 2 icons of our country played a different but complimentary role in forging the nation that we are today
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i to bishop desmond to do has been our moral compass. but he's also been our national quanch's. even after the advent of democracy, he did not hesitate to draw attention, often harshly to our shortcomings as lead us of the democratic state. he saw our country as a vain bow nation, emerging from the shadow of our party, united in its diversity with freedom and equal rights for all the arch bequeath to us many things. the importance of having the courage of one's convictions, solidarity with the oppressed, delivering on the promises made by the constitution and many others.
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but it was with this 10 rainbow nation that he bequeathed our new nation, the greatest gift of, or how and forgiveness hope and forgiveness for a better to morrow hope for the country, free of tyranny and hope for a society where all the people of south africa irrespective of their religious affiliation, the agenda that raised their origin could live side by side in harmony. when he 1st spoke about us as, as the rainbow nation, south africa was a different place. and we were going through a very difficult time. we are still finding our feet on our long roads to
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nation who it he has left us at another difficult time in the life of our nation. problems and challenges abound. and they are everywhere. poverty and inequality, racism, homophobia. and the base violence, crime and corruption have left so many people dis enchanted. there are times when he felt led to down and yet he never lost hope that most fitting tribute to we can pay to him who ever and wherever we are is to take up the cause of social justice for which he tirelessly campaign. throughout his life. archbishop du du has left
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a formidable legacy, and we are enormously diminished by his passing his life steadily and a polk, in our country's history. that has now come to an end. though we say good bye to him to day where the heaviest of hearts we salute our beloved arch for all that he did to help and build this nation. we thank him for giving us hope for reminding us of our responsibility as a people. but more especially also as lead us and for giving us a reason to believe that we ah, and that we can be a to rainbow nation that he spoke about. we celebrate him for what he was
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life, be known to my, my layer, and the family. our nation share in your sorrow on behalf of the government and the people of south africa were thank you for sharing your husband, your father, your brother, uncle, and grandfather with us. we know it was not easy and you'd yet you did so willingly. he belonged to all of us, and it is all of us who mourn him. but to day we celebrate his life. i recently came across these words which provide a fitting end to any tribute to desmond to do tears i sometimes and in appropriate response to death. when
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a live has been lived completely, honestly, completely successfully or just completely the correct response to deaths. perfect punctuation mark is a smile. his was alive lived honestly and completely. he has left the world a better place. and he has left our country a much better place than we way prior to our democracy. we remember him with a smile. the type of smile that he would have flushed around and we say farewell father, servant of court. so my a got thought so hamburger say,
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will i look forward? rest in peace. thank you. a crusader in the struggle for freedom for justice and for equality and for peace. not only in south africa, but around the world that president of south africa around pose of delivering the eulogy of desmond tutu at saint george's cathedral in cape town. he described to 2 as a rares of souls who attain the stature of global icon in their lifetime. described him as a man of great moral stature, exceptional qualities, and incredible services to humanity. that she said the teacher was not spragans aboard on the palestinian cause and cold in general, calling on both sides to recognize human beings in each other. it was with homeless, the helpless, the sick and destitute. he was our moral compass to that and our national conscience, the man who coined the phrase rainbow, lay chief will. okay, let sir brigand from you to mila course. one who's live 1st and kate,
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jonathan listening in listening to the president's speech, there was a heart warming speech or that we heard that from the president from you. oh certainly was over the president also recalling how the archbishop desmond tutu was at the front and center of the fight against a party and racial segregation. how this wasn't a man who just preached from the pulpit, but he was on the ground with the people in many causes, were there, it was the racial segregation at the time, or even after the dawn of democracy in south africa and actually acknowledging some of the criticisms that the archbishop had against, against the existing african national congress. a government led by solar um, of course are talking about how there was still issues around our poverty and corruption in south africa and how some of the criticism and the complaints from the archbishop have been heard. and now he continues to be a moral compass. he also dealt with some of the work that the archbishop did
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during the transition to democracy, specifically as a co chair, person of the truth and reconciliation commission. and just how the archbishop responded quite emotionally to some of the testimony at that commission around some of the things that was said, the atrocities committed during apartheid. but essentially, and ultimately how the archbishop was a, at the, at the forefront of pushing people to forgive. and really allowing south africa to develop some sort of hope, despite the challenges of the country faced and continues to face. we've also been hearing that the sir. fact that goes from 2 to had this real ability to connect to the ordinary person. we have heard that throughout the funeral service to day a couple of anecdotes just about how humble he is. um, but he was brother and be heard again from president slid. i'm a poor sir,
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that i should. the archbishop have been active. his own funeral service. he would have looked around the room and said, why is everybody so glad i'm trying to elicit a smile from people then. and that is what the archbishop was known for that humanity or that sort of common touch and being able to connect with people. and this is also how he was also able to contribute to uniting a very divided south africa and coining the phrase rainbow nation. and he says, a legacy that ultimately was, is really just superior to wine, left by many other people. and as you mentioned, it's just simply not anybody who can attain that sort of global stature, global iconic stature, and that to desmond to, to we're certainly very special in terms of the work he did in south africa and globally with regard to oppression of people. anyway, in the world or from from there, thanks very much dee for that. the south african,
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the well remembers an extraordinary man does me to, to thank you. a tiny mostella head on these are including it, not greatly that kim, john talks food, not weapons, as he marks 10 years in power and starting the new year homeless, thousands wait to see what's left after false meeting. won't foreign. the usda in colorado ah so much the world is now welcome the new year, but the shadow of current of ours is still looming, large, or bud. miley reports on the scale back celebrations across the globe and how coded as crash the party again. ah, it did she dish and the dates back more than a sent me. and this year, 15000 ticket holders were back in new york times square to see the famous boat up at midnight. ah,
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mountain presented here because of the pandemic o in council cities around the world, new year's celebrations were more muted. and they would be normally in london officially, then it cancels. and so to in berlin, where a new year's eve party at the brandenburg gate took place without a live audience. as a tv show, only madrid was one of the few cities in europe to celebrate v a z. but there the crowd was limited, blessing half as it was. size thailand. welcome with fireworks display in bangkok on the heavy cove at 19 restrictions. oh, it was one a few paces in the country to host the end of the year. celebration of the other offense with comfort jason spread on the club. i. it
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is kind of compensation for the past 2 years that i don't get to celebrate. that's why i decided to bring the whole family here today. my kids are happy and we will come back again next year. so. oh, in one call only worked mason. what victoria hall the waterfront. ah, and the music concert by the cities philharmonic orchestra mocked the beginning of 2020 to better me better, haha. get it. yeah. go, we hope everyone will be healthy and happy and we hope to find the older through that we all can open the border and get trouble with career. oh, so by what i want to lighting out the night sky hours earlier. new zealand had been one of the 1st ring of the new year. it's neva,
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australia didn't afford that. tens of thousands of people gathered around sydney harbour bridge in a tribute also to the front line workers in the fight against coke 19 but elsewhere, there were banned from big gatherings in china were 2 years ago. crone of ours, thus emerged, events were cancelled with the national highlight in the city of shan under lockdown. since the 1st report, a case is more than 5400000 people have died around the world. and with the all the cranberry and taking hold. many governments of we impose restrictions to try to ease the strain and overwhelmed hospitals, even in those countries where gatherings are allowed. many people chosen to stay home one wish check by people around the world. this new year is a 2022 is better than the last 2 years and season and the pandemic
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north. i demand the algae 0 not currently that came along and has laid out his new year plan for the country without making any specific comments about the united states or south korea. state media report that his main goals are economic development and improving people's lives as the country faces. what he has described as a great life and death struggle. let's take this straight away. we can speak to robert kelly who's a professor of political science and diplomacy. the present national university joined us live now from goose on. welcome robert kelly, an unexpected tone from what we might typically expect. yeah, i mean, normally that our brians leader uses the annual speech to rattle the saver and talk about nuclear weapons and north prius and willingness to fight all opponents and things like that. and that's pretty typical renter from, from ne, in me you're going back decades initially. you really didn't get that, which is one of the reasons why i think that there's been some focus on this. there was some emphasis,
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particularly on things like food and growth and pretty big world development. and all that's great because actually i really need that right countryside, northgate most impoverished. and so kim jong and actually means that that would actually be a good thing. but it also kind of probably signals that north korea is back into security and malnutrition. right? but why the change in tone right now? because food security is always been an issue. there is no. you haven't tried to the last couple years, the north koreans and taking a really, really hard line on over they sealed off the water completely 11 or chris. international trade is already very difficult because of all the sanctions because of the nuclear weapons program, division. 2016, the sanctions on quite step. and so then our grams were really, depending on the border change with china and that has all been shut down. and our team is taking, like i said, it's a really strict hard line. and that's probably because northridge lacks the, yeah, the medical facilities, the grassroots, to deal with real co it outbreak that were to happen. and so the result though,
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of completely sealing yourself off has been the, the continued power to be of the rural sector and probably mount attrition. we don't know them or don't tell us much, but that's probably we're going to say, is it possible to gauge just how di the situation is not really right. and are things are very good about giving us information. and as we're misinforming us and giving foreign observers and un observers and things like that, the world food program and whether you want agencies to operate and work through. but a lot of that has really been restricted, north, principally kicked out a lot of foreigners in the last couple years. so we don't really know. we have some kind of information from north korean to escape across the border and interact with 3. and i think koreans live in northern china as we get some kind of informal price data through them. but i'm in a north korean don't actually keep track of their own g d p for example, right? in our turns, you barely functions rights. not all the use. and so no, we don't actually really have a good picture of it that a final thought do we take the speech as it sounds?
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do we read between the lines here, what's going on behind the scenes? well, i mean if you want to change the relationship with the rest of the world, actually say this would be the big moment to say it, right? that will make a deal and exchange for, you know, some kind of a package or something like that. but there, emphasizing food security and malnutrition probably tells us that there is an economic crisis of some kind of north credit, wouldn't be surprised, given the border shut down over co. what i mean, what we really can't we, on the outside the side mentoring issues, the strategic issues that we on the outside really care about. there was really no mention of that, right. and will be nice nor things that you know, maybe maybe we'll make a deal on new thing. we'll, we'll stop building if you give us x, y z. and him hasn't said that he hasn't said that for a while, right? we don't really have a good sense of what they might actually, you know, we would want months in exchange. so to find the pre, so, you know, we're still basically stuck in a strategic dilemma. all right, appreciate respect. if robert kelly, thanks very much sarah. tell you that from present national university. next,
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let's move on to the united states where it falls movie while father talk through several towns in the state of colorado, has now largely bent itself out. almost a 1000 homes that have been destroyed. heavy snow is forecast and it is expected to help put out any remaining embers john engine. as this, tens of thousands of colorado owns are waiting for the smoke to clear to learn what they've lost. things look ok from here, but there is a smouldering in there until you really get down there. it's almost impossible to know. david marks who lives in fire ravaged, boulder county knows 3 people who've lost their homes for home. and so 5060 feet high probably it was really i've never seen any like it. i mean just house after house fences. just stuff flying through the air just caught on fire. authority say they believe as many as 500 homes have probably been destroyed as the fire tor, through drought stricken neighborhoods. at least one 1st responder and several
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other people were injured. as winds of up to a 169 kilometers per hour, spread intense flames with terrifying speed. colorado governor jared poll is in boulder, county sheriff joe kelly toured the devastation from the air. this was a disaster in fast motion. all over the course of half a day, nearly all the damage, many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their, their patch, their kids into the car, and leave. last 24 hours have been devastating polish, says president, job wagon promised to free up federal funds with an expedited declaration of a major disaster. john henry and al jazeera i still had here, i'll desert. we look at how thousands of people displaced by 5 in the jury are preparing to leave comes in return to the hose and the evolution of the euro. 20 years since its creation. we take a look at one of the most important currencies,
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the wealth. oh, hello, thank you for joining in. here's your forecast for the 1st stay of 2022 for europe and africa, happy new year. so we've still got this mild surge of there across a huge chunk of europe. we are going to introduce some more wind for ireland and britain. so along that west coast of the island of ireland, we'll look for wind gusts here of about a 100 kilometers per hour. then we've got a steady stream of rain and snow pulling in to that southwest of norway. let's talk about those temperatures. so london, 15 degrees on saturday, but we know what goes up. must come down. so enjoy it while you can because just a high of 7 degrees in london on tuesday, which is slightly below the january average getting striped with some rain for northwestern sections of spain, but otherwise iberia in the clear plenty of sun for barcelona, with
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a hive. 21 degrees, high temperatures through the balkans as well. i mean these numbers are way out of whack. here's scope a 16 degrees. yes. should be at 6 for this time of the year. getting a few showers roland across the boss 1st. nothing major is stumble. 10 degrees, but we'll see there's rains pick up toward turkey's northeastern black sea region on sunday. and then meantime, for africa, we've got this area of low pressure, just spinning in a counter clockwise rotation across egypt. but cairo you'll be dry with a high of 16 degrees on saturday. ah, ah, co cater culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide eyed to reward, merit and excellence, and encourage creativity. the shape tomato award for translation and international understanding was formed to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co
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operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou dreams, johns and entertainment, a way for people to rise above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity a j select on al jazeera. ah, ah ah.


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