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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2022 11:00am-11:30am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah oh, a funeral service for archbishop desmond to south africa proposed to say good bye to its anti apartheid hero. we live in cape town. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up from new
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york to see the major cities across the world. welcome in the new you some honda heavy car, good restrictions. hundreds of homes destroyed and thousands evacuated, bought a fast moving wildfire in the us state of colorado. he's almost out and tribute poor in for better wives, the legendary hollywood actor, comedian, who's died, just wait shy for 100th birthday ah, south africa is beating farewell to its leading angie apartheid hero. archbishop desmond tutu with a funeral service in cape town, has been an outpouring of tributes for 2 to since his death. on sunday, his body was lying in the state. it's in george's cathedral in cape town, the sangh venue, where he preached against racial injustice for years. president sewell ram, oppose
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a will deliver the main eulogy for me to mila is lie for us in cape town. hallo! there for me to. the service has just begun. what can we expect from today's farewell? all the funeral service has begun or with him. and just before that, we saw a procession made up of bishops and clergy from the church. and the anglican church is very much emphasized that the entire proceedings to day really centre around the archbishop desmond tutu and the wishes he had around how he would be laid to rest. in fact, he will be cremated later in the day, and that's following his body being taken from the church following the funeral service. we are expecting a eulogy from president lamar poor, so as well as a vote of thanks from his daughter, naomi to, to on behalf of the to, to family, but very much share the proceedings today have been centered around an anglican symbolism and also taking the form of a rick we're mass, which is
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a central feature of anglican spirituality. so we expect a number of hymns and prayers and also 2 of the choirs that will be performing to day one of them will launch g, a gun to a very important to the archbishop with a history that goes back to the struggle days. the struggle against our party to affirm relationship between the choir and the, the archbishop. and from that, how is the public able to say, go back and say from that background shot, there aren't any members of the public outside the cathedral? well covered 19 restrictions have impacted to our public participation. instead, those belonging to the anglican church or south africans who, who went to say a final goodbye have been urged to either view the funeral service from the grand parade with their big screen set up. also visit their local parishes and churches. i'm to participate inside the saint george's cathedral where the funeral service is
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taking place. there are limited number of people just 100 because of covert 19. and so it's really impacted just how people can participate, the archbishop or was the not just the archbishop of cape town, but also represented southern africa, which with the an anglican following throughout the region. ordinarily outside of cove. at 19, we might have seen a stage impact with people from south africa and neighboring countries, but due to the times and due to these restrictions, the a funeral service really has had to be adapted or just to allow for people to remain safe and food before we let we let you go. can you tell us a little bit about who desmond tutu was and what we're expected to hear today. busy about the kind of man and the legacy that he had. what we've heard a number of statements made from general south africans to the, to prominence of africans including president seller. i'm
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a poser out talking about how this was a giant of a man despite his small stature. he led, he was very vocal during the anti party struggle in that he also kept the fires, learn to the fires burning when a struggle. heroes like nelson mandela were imprisoned on robin island. he really continued to be the voice of the voiceless. that is what we hear from everybody wanted him to pay tribute to the archbishop. in that he stood against injustices and oppression both locally and globally. he was very outspoken and also what is emphasized over and over despite the prominence he had. he was also very humble and was also known for his great sense of humor. but really playing a pivotal role in the struggle, the fight against a party. but also within the anglican church, a huge spiritual figure, a huge leader for people of the anglican faith. or i will cross her across with you throughout the day as the procession gets underway,
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the memorial gets under way. thank you very much. from in a mil alive for us in kept him moving on now and most of the world has now welcomed in the new year. but the shadow of the all me covariance still looms lodge. victoria gave me reports on the scout back celebrations across the globe. and how covet has crushed the party again. ah, in capital cities around the world, new year's eve celebrations were more muted than they would be normally in london, official events were cancelled. so too, in berlin, where uneasy party at the brandenburg gate took place without a live audience. as a tv show, only madrid is one of the few cities in europe to celebrate new year's eve. but there the crowd was limited to less than half its usual size. thailand welcomed the new year with the fireworks
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display bangkok on the heavy cove 19 restrictions. oh, it was one of the few places in the country to host end of the year celebrations. after other events were cancelled due to the spread of all mcclellan about 20 days kind of compensation for the past 2 years that i didn't get to celebrate. that's why i decided to bring the whole family here today. my kids are happy and we will come back again next year. so. oh, in hong kong fi works. little the victoria hobble waterfront with the music concept by the cities for the morning orchestra marked the beginning of 2022. a better me better home hall medical visit to go. we hope everyone will be healthy and happy and we hope to find the older food i. we all can open the border and travel in north korea that will say fi
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works ah tie one to lighting up the night sky. ah, i was the uneasy land had been one of the 1st to ring in the new year. its neighbor, australia didn't hold that tens of thousands of people gathered around sydney harbour bridge in a tribute also to the front line workers in the fight against k, the 19 but elsewhere there were bands on big gatherings in china where 2 years ago, corona virus. first emerged, events were canceled with the nation on high alert, and the city of shan on de locked down. since the 1st reported case, more than 5400000 people have died around the world. and with the omicron variant taking hold, many governments have re imposed restrictions to try to ease the strain on overwhelmed hospitals. even in those countries where gatherings are allowed,
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many people have chosen to stay at home. the one wish shed by people around the world. this new year is that 2022 is better than the last 2 years and sees an end to the pandemic. victoria gates and be al jazeera and new york has marked the arrival of 2022 with the famous bull drop in times where only thing 1000 people were able to join the party juicy, surging on me on cases. for monet, bill de blasio faced criticism for going ahead with the scow down festivities that he said it sends a message that he all is fighting through the pandemic. gabriel alison's, i was in time square for the show. we saw a lot of what we've seen every year with bits of gold, new year's eve celebration here, dime, square the ball, dropping the down, the count down the confetti when the walk struck 2022 people hugging and kissing
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each other. those were the scenes that we saw that we are accustomed to over the years, and we saw the sea being as well. what was different though, not as many people were here. and that's because of the spread of the corona virus serge. here in new york, they were expected to have 60 to 70000 people here. they scaled it back to only 15000. everyone had to show proof of vaccination, mostly where a mask as well. and this was all because of the spread of corona virus here in new york city. new york has become the u. s. epicenter of the pandemic once again. and just in the last 24 hours, 43000 people in new york city alone have tested positive for corona virus. it's spreading like wildfire here. the positivity rate is 22 percent. one
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in for new yorkers is now testing positive for the virus, given all of these scenarios. and all of these numbers, if you will. that is why the new year's eve celebration was scaled back dramatically. here. you still saw the scenes or celebration, but it was certainly not nearly the numbers or the, or the, or the size that we have seen in previous years. the philippines recorded almost 3000 clover 19 cases on friday. that's about a true folding. crates in just 24 hours. the spy pumped, concerned about another wave of the virus at a time where millions of people as to reeling from a devastating typhoon banner below reports from manila filipinos packed malls in shopping districts. during the holidays as cases, colby late teams appeared to be dropping to new lows. the government had east most restrictions had one of the busiest seasons. but experts warned that there was no
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room for complacency. every thing, december, 19th we, we somehow had that alarm alert that there's already like a switch of that in, you know, and the increase in the positivity rate is very, very fast. and in terms of patterns we see that most of the gave this currently are . i think the might be in mild and the are coming from the 23rd is age group. so somehow, somehow weekend quarterly this, this kind of, they not mix to the mobility of people because of that highly, the more on the current patient had been identified. this week, but the health department, well, a traveler from the united states, tested positive, had reached quarantine regulations in order to party, at least a dozen of her close contacts. now have the virus on record. various is driving the 1900 cases to record numbers. in many countries, the philippines has largely been spared,
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but daily infections are on the right and all this possible, the virus variance is reading health department official. it's too early to make that conclusion. a new wave of the virus is likely not only to stream the country's health care system. it could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in regents, still suffering and the impact of super typhoon ride as it is. there are already outbreaks of diarrhea and gastro enteritis in those areas. or st hit by the store. we have nbc of the show room at sam's or an increase of h as in the urea, cough and cold. but, but, you know, caught in call i, among the symptoms. losey money aren't offered there. i know offered the shandra davis, i'm in the bathroom. so i oh, there is an air why i'm, since i just, nbc,
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also i spent 8 workers hope an increase in covered 19 cases would be the last thing they would have to deal with as they're still struggling to provide basic needs like food and clean drinking water to the millions affected by the typhoon. barnaby low al jazeera manila, still head on al jazeera. we look at how thousands of people displaced by fighting in nigeria, preparing to leave camps and return to their homes. and the evolution of the euro, 20 years since its creation, we take a look at one of the most important currencies of the world. ah, ah, look forward to pearly to skies the weather, sponsored by cattle airways. hello, thank you for joining in. here's your forecast for the 1st stay of 2022 for europe
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and africa, happy new year. so we've still got this mild search of air across a huge chunk of europe. we are going to introduce some more wind for ireland and britain. so along that west coast of the island of our land, we'll look for wind gusts here of about 100 kilometers per hour. then we've got a steady stream of rain and snow pulling in to the south west of norway. let's talk about those temperatures. so london, 15 degrees on saturday, but we know what goes up must come down so in try it. well, you can because just the high of 7 degrees in london on tuesday, which is slightly below the january average. getting striked with the rain for northwestern sections of spain. but otherwise i be area in the clear plenty of sun for barcelona with a hive. 21 degrees. high temperature. it's through the balkans as well. i mean these numbers are way out of whack. your scope, 16 degrees. yes. should be at 6 for this time. you're getting a few showers rolling across the boss 1st. nothing major is stumbled 10 degrees, but we'll see there's rains pick up toward turkey's northeastern black sea region
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on sunday. and then meantime for africa, we've got this very low pressure, just spinning and counter clockwise rotation across egypt. but cairo you'll be dry with a high of 16 degrees on saturday. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always. the listening post cuts through the noise like whole king about competing now they seeing monday tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some elements of the truth. but the full story of the news and culture unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media on a just 0. ah
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oh, you're watching out a 0. i'm emily anglin, a reminder about top stories this hour. a funeral services being held for south africa's anti apartheid later. archbishop desmond to 2 in cape town, president, so rem, oppose that will deliver the eulogy at saint george's cathedral, where churches preached against racial injustice fees. a 2022. the famous ball drop in times square, and $15000.00 people were allowed to join the party g. surging on the con cases to the u. s. now and a fast moving wild 5 at tor, through several towns in the us state of colorado. has largely burned itself out. almost a 1000 homes have been destroyed. heavy snow is forecast and it's expected to help
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put out those remaining embers. john henderson reports, tens of thousands of colorado ins are waiting for the smoke to clear to learn what they've lost. things look okay from up here, but there is some smouldering in there, so actually really get down there. it's almost impossible to know. david marks who lives in fire ravaged, boulder county knows 3 people lost their hopes, full home golf in flames. so 5060 feet high probably it was really i've never seen anything like it. i mean just house after house fences. just stuff flying through the air just caught on fire. authority say they believe as many as 500 homes have probably been destroyed as the fire tor, through drought stricken neighborhoods. at least one 1st responder and several other people were injured. as winds of up to a 169 kilometers per hours. bread, intense flames, with terrifying speed, colorado governor, jared colors in boulder,
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county sheriff joe kelly took the devastation from the air. this was a disaster in fast motion. all over the course of half a day. nearly all the damage, many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their, their patch, their kids into the car, and leave. last 24 hours have been devastating poll says president, job wideman promised to free up federal funds with an expedited declaration of a major disaster. john henderson, al jazeera, more than 500 homes, have been destroyed by a large fire in western peru. it swept through a settlement into bow tie on thursday. the residence was through the night to put it at hundreds of people. and now i'm the israel's army. these 2 rockets have been 5 towards the country from the gaza strip. one of the rockets fell into the sea off the coast of television video circulating on social media shows an explosion in the
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say of the coast of jaffa, the military says, investigating the incident. there are no reports of casualties or damage. not can rain that later. king john own has laid out his new plan for the country without making any specific comments about the us or south career that maybe is reporting his main goals are economic development and improving people's lives. as the country faces what he's described as a great life and death struggled at least 12 people have been killed in a stampede at a religious shrine and the indian administered cache me. it happened that the hindu rational shrine and the countries north where devote heaps were marked in the new year. at least 13 others were injured. the incident is being investigated. 16 camps for people who displaced by fighting in niger is born, stays being closed down. the government has set
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a new deadline several months ago. tens of thousands of people are set to return to their homes, but rights groups. some of these places as still under attack by armed groups, fidelity member, has more from a boucher thousands of idp, is in these 16 godly around comes have been here for some years. some of them have stayed here for about it's yes and i do that. we used to live in this go, may run, comes where government tries to give them some form of support after running away from our been uprooted by at the book of her i'm from the ancestor homes. now the government is asking them to return to the towns and villages. where do i expected to start a new life? some of them will be going directly to the villages, which are not really on danny security threats. and those was villages on towels. i see been occupied by on groups i expected to leave. i did look on the headquarters where government will provide a mixture accommodation arraignment, and also provide security for them pending when the villages and towns are safe for
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them to return that the each household at yeah, of the $10000.00 households were given to $100.00 each to be able to settle back when they return to their villages. some have collected this money. i stayed, please break into that package to take you back to cape town, and the funeral of archbishop desmond to cheer his daughter. non tom b, naomi switzer, is speaking on behalf of the family. let's take a listen call on ha ha. i am standing to convey our family's thanks for the many ways in which all of you has stepped forward. to tell us all how much you love, daddy, i want to 1st apologize for all of us as a family. because we have received so many messages on all
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kinds of media. and we haven't been able to respond to all the prayer and good wishes that we have received. so if you sent us a message and you haven't heard from the person you sent it to it is not because we are ignoring or i'm grateful for the message. we have just received so many. and we have just been overwhelmed with daddy would say the love god has shown has warmed the cove of our heart. and he then he would say, i don't know what a couple years, but whatever it is, it has been warmed. and since he was an english teacher, and if you didn't know what to calculate, i definitely don't know what a capo is, but our cockle ha warm. we thank you
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for loving our father, grandfather, husband, uncle, brother, brother in law. many of the messages we received have said, thank you for sharing him with the world. well, it actually is a 2 way street because we shared him with the world. you shared part of the love you held for him with us. and so we are thankful, and we are thankful that all of you have gathered in your many places in person or by the wonders of technology to be a part of celebrating daddy's life throughout this week. and lastly,
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to him who had had the us here would day d with dad, dad. we say thank you daddy, for the many ways you showed us love. for the many times you challenged us. for the many times you comforted us law to end up finding were jolanda. we couldn't w lan hood. oh, thank you. that was a tribute from jasmine to his daughter known tom, be naomi to to who is funny just like her father. actually. she gave
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a heartwarming speech. let's cross now to our portia for mr. miller, who's been covering developments in cape town. that certainly was an emotional speech by his daughter. we could certainly hear the emotion of voice, especially as she bid farewell to her father and simply that for her all. so beside the fact that this was the, the archbishop desmond to, to revered around the world. but at the end of the day, it really came down to a family man as well in the role he played with in the $22.00 family and also in south africa on tom b. and i or me to, to giving thanks to them for people for their support and the attributes they've paid in the last few days. and that's very much what we've heard from the 22 family over the last 4 or 5 days since the death of the archbishop, religious thanking south africans for the outpouring of tributes. and she even took a moment to apologize. and that also,
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i think testament to the humility of the entire family in terms of despite what they are going through as a family and the emotions they're feeling still recognizing the role their father played and not being able to perhaps be respond to all the messages of condolences they've received so far, it was very cute anecdote about the cotton, the warming of the cottle. they thought that was quite a sweet mention. what else can we expect from today's service femina? well, just to add to just some of the personality around archbishop desmond to too much of the service. the fuel services is of course centered around him and anglican traditions. but just to add a to that sort of anecdote, one of them is the, are of the performance of a require at today's proceedings, milan g, a gun to which the archbishop had a very close relationship with, throughout the struggle against
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a party to and during his life he was known to have said that should the choir not perform at his funeral, he'll jump out of his coffin, and that's the kind of thing that the archbishop was known, or it was fame for in terms of just the sort of sense of humor. he had and just how you reached out to people regarding the rest of the service, we are expecting a eulogy to be delivered by a president solar. i'm a poor sir. he seated in the same pew as a lee or 2 to the wife of the archbishop. and we also see in terms of former presidents who are also here in a very sort of tone down presence in terms of the important gets here. and again, the focus here, the religious aspect of proceedings to day and really just the archbishop. thank you very much. for that coverage for minimal life for us in cape town or cross to you throughout the day. thank you very much. tribute so also being made to hollywood actor and comedian betty white,
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who's died 3 weeks shy of her 100th birthday she'd been acting for over 80 years and how the world record as the female entertainer with the longest television kareem, barbara and copper reports in a youth driven film industry. betty white was a rarity. she was one of a few actresses who maintains top power well into her ninety's. oh, this is something you did to mrs. miller that she began her career in the 19th thirty's on radio. and in variety, shows. i'm sorry, this is a very critical test. she want to best supporting actress emmy awards for her role in the mary tyler moore show in the 19 seventy's. oh oh. oh. but her portrayal of sweet and quirky rose nyland and the 1980s sit. com, the golden girls shot her to super stardom and aunt her new legion of fans. she won an emmy in 1986 for the role playing
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a widow living and retirement with for all the ladies and the antics in miami. she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. ah, he was a response when she unveiled a wax work officer at madame to sorts. you know, the only thing that hurts me. why did they wait to do this till i was 90? i mean, a few days ago would have been, well maybe she was starring in the t v show hot in cleveland at the age of 92 until it was cancelled in 2014. betty white continued to make new audiences smile. doctors saying a glass of wine a day can extend your life and that perhaps was the secret of her lengthy


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