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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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about filling a promise of connecting the word connecting to the future on the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade. lou i'm marianne was in london, the main stories now people around the world of bidding farewell to 2021. but 2nd year, running many new year's celebrations are being held in the shadow of the pandemic. the official firework display was cancelled in you zealand. one of the 1st countries to ring in 2022 in its place was a light show on oakland sky tower and hump of bridge. but in australia, the traditional fireworks show their own sydney hall. the did go ahead, or then 6 tons of pyrotechnics for ignited for the display is by australia
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recording more than 32000 coven cases on new year's eve. this is a new daily high for the country, or here in the u. k. another record number of infections was reported on friday. it more than a $189000.00. a prime minister orest johnson has not been new years eve celebrations in england. instead, encouraging people to take a coven test, and to get vaccinated. the people who think the disease can't hurt the look at the people going into hospital. now. that could be you look at the intensive care units and the miserable legally suffering of those who did not get that booster. that could be you. so making your new year's resolution far easier than losing weight or keeping your diary. falling a walk in center or make an online appointment. get that job a do something that will make 2022. a happy new year. russell has been reco numbers of infections again in the us, nearly 650000 people tested positive. while in all the cities in france including
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the capital powers, mosques are now mandatory outside in india. daily infections of more than doubled in the past week. more than 16000 new cases reported on friday, the highest number of daily cases since october. and our all the top story this, our devastating fires of destroyed hundreds of homes in the us state of colorado, tens of thousands of had to evacuate. uria officials a warning that people may have died in a fire at a hotel shopping center and apartment complex. and for 2nd day, south africans have paid their respects to desmond to, to, to simple pine costs get. we'll spend the night in cape town before his funeral. on saturday, died on sunday, at the age of 90. a j selects is next with 3 short documentaries, including a look at rios vela ballerina is january on i just need i just rather than 5 year. we look back on us president joe biden bustios office 12 months
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on from the capital building by the part of the street. enjoy no social media community. s, sierra leone. so recovery from civil war continues. we mock 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most political complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year having 19, we go back to woo hm. where it all began and investigate how far we've come since the pandemic stuff january on a just a, you know, ah. ringback i
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ah oh, there's nothing in the corral, there's nothing in the text which actually prohibits done ah. 2 i receive turns right from the very beginning. 6 aren't you need to have need of speech? anybody questions? anything is termed rebecca mia. then you can begin. ah, a big section of the in the community lives around here. this tempo is one of the oldest settlers at the city just for safety and security. they're gated in
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bar c, chris jones, they were all mar them of the city, and it was a lot of diverse at blue in finding 83 i've been teaching and i've been before me. what i do is to try and create somebody that we can call our pakistani classical dance. that means something to me living in this society as a woman in this very patriarchal, very religious atmosphere. don't shy a bomb of got money, which is why not the glass of your nose off it. what? when these words gone to lunch, stop, their spines are not straight because they're constantly told that they might hide their bodies. they must not be expressive with their bodies. rita shamed up our bodies and that is what i want do so,
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but i want them to be proud of their bodies. ah . activism. that is what really important informing not that you provoke people to move them to question their own life. you somehow and power to then make proactive action ah, or up by little more dubious. i left the park a to them it all up. he bought me and then i'll maybe shadow job made it said, i don't go but, but your law been by young will i made us was right, but that you get may dance. you can adjust the sub local name, which mark. he's going to be late. you got to be gone. you may not
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use search worry about joining miss. you might get a money. give us a minute. you know that us a little book or family germonti. let's see. she must get money in america beside the gym. i get some job to take you off of me. my love to strategies that are you make your worship, do not go. i mean, if i lived near me, good day, cut off a death may be a garden near me get that. i don't get me eat that are even eat. i don't know that you might give a say he had met the go me. i go out there, said the southwest guys at the end. i got here monday kind though. i got here monday became a mini goes that big a big
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of you that this plan is about the health issues of women. how women are kept enclosed spaces and they're not allowed to go out. then there's another scene which is about this to like that to set up a hospital to treat this condition. that's where they will be going to perform a start to qualify as midwife's. this lady was pregnant during delivery. they did something wrong. i know she developed a fist, you know, this is a special condition that women have due to poverty and lack of good mcdaniel healthcare facilities. when goes or mattie doff at a very young age,
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when is forced sex on them? people come from afghanistan, rom, baluchistan, all sorts of places. because in this whole region, there is no one who was treating this condition. women are not living to their potential, then this surviving i. 6 got you okay, now your thoughts, dorsey on? thank you sir. heck, yeah, yeah, i guess that has there now. he's in the yard. he had always been in the game. it was a boy yet. i m yes. maybe got a yeah .
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a lot of assembly along with one of them. but also what on e as little as me and me because i will not fundable dealing with the needs of the title foot over dina. glad to know a little bit about what a no b o again. so i thought you had him do lead to month, the alone, this is do you know what it was? let alone but also with money and then it's near what you think you had so many b o to sets. hope you're all new to the new was this name you will have to clean out. so i don't give me the i'm going to sneak clayton minutes. 11 had set up because i don't want him to visit the quinn. you hello. she'd you have, she didn't say, but she's black. how me? well hi, kick my k laugh house. you can miss kimberly those musical. whether she was part of
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with with able to. so what us 90 in a fish when a good news is a small condition? very good. yeah, no and friday already. tickets to help pay my met up with a,
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with hulu in. ah ah ah ah hello, thank you for joining in your weather stories. going to begin in japan. nice to see
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you. we've got more snow on the way for western areas here. and i think actually the worst of it will be. it's where the northwest of han shoes and snow worn snow storm warnings here could scoop up to about 30 centimeters of snow. those northwind digging in across the northern china as well. so a harbinger, it's a high minus 12. you're also dealing with some snow there for the southeast of asia, the ne monsoon kicking into high gear here. so cutting across central areas of the philippines and the lazy into singapore. and i think the worst of the rain for singapore will be saturday into sunday should start to back off monday into tuesday . we'll keep the thunderstorm risk in there, and your temperature is a bit below average for january. now that we're into a new months. okay, for australia we've had that tropical cyclone form, just off the coast of queensland. it's going to stir up the waves here also for new caledonia. catastrophic fire danger toward the northwest stand, southwest of western australia and temperatures in adelaide. prepare for, they're going to drop over the next few days. we're in the clear across both islands of new zealand,
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danita and 20 degrees wallington 23. and we're going to keep that stretch of a beautiful weather going for wellington a bit more cloud cover though on tuesday. that's it, sir, sir. ah, ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello mario was the welcome to the muse. our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes while welcomes in the new year. but many celebrations are again,


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