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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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my cousin was laying down this answer was claiming that she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as docile titles of pain, for what fact my naive meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the site eventually, but to please take al jazeera correspond the cut off when the news break side is tornado. just like everything it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story town, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports i get on my right the wind. b 3, g 0 has teens on the ground to when you award winning documentaries and lives on air and online move
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ah, i will get you what you are 0 reminder about top stories this hour and the pandemic has killed almost 5 and a half 1000000 people suits virus was 1st reported in the chinese city of wu hun, 2 years. global infections have hit a record high in the past week, with more than a 1000000 cases detected on average each day. but south africa says it will ease restrictions after infections dropped by almost 30 percent last week. the government believes it's past the peak of the. on the contrary, it's a different story in india with alien fractions have more than doubled over the past week. hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the u. s. state of colorado. of the wild falls, driven by high winds in gulf. 2 towns near denver has been described as
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a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to leave their homes immediately. so the already delayed united nations conference on nuclear arms control has been further postponed until august because of the pandemic. the meeting is meant to be held every 5 years to assess how countries are implementing the 1970 non proliferation treaty a $191.00 nations of agreed to eliminate nuclear weapons under the treaty. at this latest meeting was originally scheduled for 2020 a nuclear arms control groups concerned the near to year delay is needing some countries to pursue a nuclear arms race. recent events of escalate attentions, including the testing of hypersonic missiles by russian, by china, and iran's increasing capacity to enrich uranium. and let's take this on. we can speak to, to, to graph who's a former head of the verification and security policy coordination office at the international atomic energy agency. his at been an official delegate of every non
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proliferation treaty meeting since 1987 john just now from vienna. mr. of welcome to the program. if there is one conferences should not be delayed, it surely is one about controlling the world's top pile of nuclear weapons. yes, exactly. that's what we would think. but in my personal view, this additional delay, i think it's probably a good thing because the relations between the 3 main nuclear weapon states, china, russia, and united states are very problematic at the moment. and as you know, there will be that was whether a telephone call between president biden and put in guests yesterday to talk about the situation and the military build up on the border with ukraine. as you mentioned in your introductory comments, all of the nuclear weapons states are busy modernizing that nuclear arsenals. unfortunately, none of the nuclear states they heed to the nonproliferation treaties,
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nuclear disarmament obligations. so from my point of view, this further delay to august of next year probably gives us a little bit more time for temper stickle down. and for the 3 main nuclear weapon states to probably bring their relations to a better or more even keel. when you say countries of modernizing that nuclear arsenals does that concur with a view of that nuclear activists use direct say that these delays are enabling countries to pursue and nuclear arms race? no, i wouldn't agree that nuclear arms race was already on regardless of the nonproliferation treaty review conferences. although in the review conferences, particularly in 19952002010, all of the states agreed to significant steps to be achieved on nuclear disarmament . but most of these unfortunately have not been observed. so i would not agree that
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the, the delay and then the review conferences facilitating the nuclear arms race rather the other way around. the continuing nuclear race is actually endangering success at n p t review conferences. so what, in your view that needs to be done to, to try and ease off this, there's always race that is happening and what implications that these frayed relations is you, you put it between trying to rush from the united states have in that all better and what deals should be sought? well, it was good that the president biden and then met in geneva and june of this year. and earlier in february of this year, russia and they're now to state the further extended by 5 years. the new start greedy that limits their nuclear weapons. and now we would like to russia and the us to negotiate a follow on treaty that under which they would reduce the nuclear weapons further. and also for try lateral negotiations involving china, united states and russia,
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to talk about nuclear arms control and disarmament. and this usually has its own dynamic, the 5 nuclear weapons states under the nonproliferation treaty that include the 3 that i mentioned last step, fonts and china or russia, united states. they are obligated to reduce their weapons, but they haven't been doing so the united kingdom will actually not produce as many weapons at it as it had promised. so the 5 weapon states need to agree amongst themselves to come up with some new agreement to further reduce nuclear weapons. seems like there's an awful long way to go. rough appreciate that. thanks very much indeed for your time. thank you. a us led forces formerly and did that combat mission in iraq. early this month, the operation was the response to the rise of i saw some trips will remain in
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advisory and training roles. but as mom moved up to what had reports from bike that the president is, raises, concerns of further anti american attacks. a change of mission for the remaining us forces in iraq. instead of being on frontline combat missions, 2 and a half 1000 u. s. personnel and a 1000 troops from the international coalition forces have switched to training and advising their iraqi, our lies. the transition deal announced it earlier this month was sealed in july by iraqis, prime minister most of al cartler me. and he asked the president, job i it in the hospital, it stimulates that u. s. troops were to stick to only training iraqi forces and exchanging intelligence while a heavy duel and tackled himself to laura. both iran and the united states supported us in the war against terrorism, but they mustn't use our soil to settle scores. we can't let any of these parties
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target our people. we've addressed that message to all through diplomacy. and the strategic dialogue which stressed maintaining roxy sovereignty saralitos with a gradual downsizing view as troops was already happening on the orders of former president donald trump. but the brooks he wore in the region has been fermented by conflict between iran and you ass iraqis, prime minister muscle car, the me is facing increasing pressure from our mid groups and their political wings, which are allied to iran. they reject any u. s. foothold in iraq, no matter what the role is, a pro iranian onward group sounded this warning, and the mulatto hurtled. what the in her toilet in any u. s. military prisons in the country is considered an occupation model. we will go by asked number 51 of the re in charter, which gives nations the right to resist any military prisons on valence the fore.
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we will take up arms and fight them along. as we did before, harry, on the telephone of the conflict has escalated since the killing of iranian commander class, him slay manny, nab or madden mohandas, a leader of iraq sci popular mobilization forces. and you as to june, attack me about that a port last january. that triggered the iraq's house of representatives to pass a resolution demanding the old foreign troops leave the country. u. s. personnel, along with coalition forces used several military bases across iraq. since the u. s . led invasion in 2003 to depose saddam hussein. the foreign forces played a major role in the fight against i, sil, which occupied some parts of a rock before its defeat in 2017. now with the resurgence of iceland sleeper cells in some areas, as well as iranian intervention. the question is whether the pentagons mission
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shift will have an operational impact man without through a heads al jazeera, but that more than $100.00 ranger refugees who spent almost a month drift at sea in a damage boat. and now in quarantine in indonesia, group made up mostly of women and children was allowed to just embark and ha and they will be moved into him to temporary housing. once health checks have been completed, indonesia initially planned to turn the boat away but allowed its land after international pressure just got washington following the story jakarta. finally there exhausting journey is now over and the refugees are now safely in indonesia. so now we have a clearer picture of exactly who was on board $105.00 people in total, including asian men, 50 women, and $47.00 children. and according to the you and hcr, these individuals were at sea for at least 3 weeks. as i mentioned,
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their vessel was damaged and unseen, worthy and a short while ago we heard from the you and hcr in a statement which noted that it thanked indonesia for once again, proving its humanitarian spirit. and setting an example for the rest of the region . what happens now do you and hcr stuff are on the ground working with the indonesian government as well as community groups to assist the rank of refugees with their immediate needs, including food, medical checks, and other essentials, while they stay in this temporary government facility in north but beyond that, we don't know where they will end up staying. indonesia does not allow the permanent resettlement of refugees, but at least for now, we can say with certainty that this group of 105 people are finally safe aid is being sent from thailand. to people displaced by fighting in miramar, off to violence near the border ease in the past couple of days. but ethnic current
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fighters in mid marcell they'll only negotiate is see far if all government troops leave areas where fist fight is taking place. tony chang reports now from the border of thailand and memo bags of rice and beans loaded up from a warehouse in the tie town of mess up. it's emergency aid desperately needed by people who fled from fighting inside myanmar. the relief package has been put together by local businessmen who come from murmur, but live here in thailand. they're doing it because no one else will. this is their janese, our job, and our we're, we're just like a small groups and a we a grass route. we have not many capacity of like funding we're, you know, they're gathering this kind of aids. but operating in me, emma is complicated. first volunteers have to negotiate with tie, border guards, who are helpful, but whose 1st priority is security. then a call to a local contact on the other bank in men mom. while they're coming across the river . now to get the supplies, there are boxes of instant noodles, some water,
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and some sold to with more than $10000.00 people displaced inside mamma is only a very temporary fix. on the high side, everyone retreats behind the tape barrier and not to cope with 19 protocols. the swimmers then load the precious cargo on to make shift rafts. the waters shallow, so ferrying across the river isn't hard. that they can't afford to lose anything. looks of relief on the opposite bank and not just because of the food. fighting between government troops and the ethnic current fighters has eased over the last 2 days. and the time military say that come to the army. we'll step back because i got a little all this time. we've always received good cooperation when it comes to asking them to stop so that there won't be any threat to the safety of ties and their property and the career fighters on so sure. they've been in conflict with me, amazon me for decades,
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and there's little trust and we don't trust the ceasefire. they've been destroying villages killing villages and leaving only ashes. so how can you trust them? how can you have a cease fire? all of that bad news for more than 5000 refugees on the ty side. then now assembled in one temp. and the title sources are installing infrastructure, suggesting an extended stay. that could mean it will be weeks if not months before they can cross these hills and return home. tony chang al jazeera. on the time, ma'am ma border. the fallen president of south korea has been released from jail part. good, good. hey, has served almost 5 years, but more than 20 year prison sentence for corruption. president means i gave jay and gave the 29 year old a special pardon last week. south africans are paying their respects to our bishop justin to to is. but he lives in state for 2nd dead cape town. people are passing through saint george's cathedral where to do preached and served as archbishop for
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a decade. south africans lined the streets to say their final goodbyes to the anti apartheid leader who are railed against white rule in the country. as we teach who died on sunday, 890 pseudo will be held on saturday. italian government is committing billions of dollars to transform one of your largest steelworks into a hub for green steel is part of its plans to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions. but actually say the plants which has been linked to high country rates and toxic pollution, should be closed at a rainy reports now from the southern city. toronto still works. italy casts a long shadow over the southern italian city of time. unto courts have ruled at toxins from the complex are responsible for increased cancers in the area, but the foundries continue to pollute the air every day. not far from the still works flawed yano down the low self panasonic,
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italian christmas cakes to raise money for parents like him who have a child living with cancer and failure. ah, what my daughter was full when she was diagnosed with leukemia. we feel we have been abandoned by the state. a recent said he shows increased rates of child leukemia between 20172019. and people in toronto are 30 percent more likely to develop lung cancer than anywhere else in italy. the map reveals that cancers are especially prevalent in neighborhood close to the steel works like 10 body. that is not people leaving them board that they have some parents or some song or some thing. yes. i mean, guess you each family is a few more of the inside high levels of carson engines, dioxin have also been found in local sea food, not only damaging people's health, but putting another industry at risk. the italian government says it's now fully
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committed to cleaning up uva, producing so called green steel is central to its plan to tackle global warming using some of the you covered recovery funds. it is planning to invest upwards of 4 and a half $1000000000.00 to stop the steel works, burning toxic coal. it will take years to update the factory here to make green steel until that time doesn't ship like this one will arrive every month. they're carrying millions of tons of coal, that fuel the furnace is to make the steel here. and that cold point in the air for the locals to live here. back on land, we toward the perimeter of evil though with activists le channel manner. a former employee. he said overhauling the plant is not a good idea. invest the day in investing in a coal fired bond from the $960.00 is from money. why? they should build new plans,
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but they just keep spending money on this outdated plant should already be close down, like it would be in other parts of europe. those who faced the greatest risks, the workers are exposed to toxic fumes and dangerous conditions. day after day. recently, a worker who reported a safety failure was fired. his union is protesting, the decision of the safety situation is fitful in the planned the i don't even work has come forward to point dangerous conditions. they pin the blame on us and try to silence, oscillate. those who clock in and out of here every day know the dangers, but it's steady work in a poor part of the country. jobs they hope will one day soon become safer. adam rainy al jazeera pat unto italy cilla head here on out 0 gospel come. gemma will tell you why this is michelle with. that's man.
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ah ah ah ah, honest good struggles was for his gym. thank you. nick manchester city say they all shocks on a pulled after that play at joel consulate was allegedly assaulted by 4 attackers. he break into his heim, the defender posted a picture of his injuries on instagram. he suffered to cuts to his face after attempting to fight off the burglars, who he says it sto jewelry from him and try to hearts his family. police are investigating the incidents. counselor's portugal teammate christiana went out. i was on target for manchester,
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united as they beat burnley in the premier league bunny's last 3 games phones. jacoby 19 outbreaks. i'm 7 of the 1st team players out for this month's off the positive test, an injury. and they went behind 8 minutes in the home and making it 1000000. i said jayden sunshine want to change is that the united line up off of that jewel with new counsel for his shot, deflects in, need to send that been me as united, went to up or now then school his 8th in the make this season to make it 3 now suddenly pulled back before the break and there were no more goals. in the 2nd half finished, 31 hit enter, yet 6 in the table in the basin under, ralph rang off to the post. go with gold. we had control of the game in the 1st off, but then we gave away one goal. so whenever the ball was in our half, there is still some space for improvement, but offensively i agree that was so far the best performance that i have here in
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football is concerned about the damage to the women's game of faith as proposal to have the world cup every 2 years is approved. alexander, suffering to obs with the man in charge of wild football fee for president johnny in $15.00, a strongly in favor of the idea. the european and south american confederations have formerly opposed the plan. the tournament is currently held every 4 years in separate says the way for research shows, the majority of fans want to keep it that way. the problem is that the worker has to be every 40 years to be interesting. second, if it would be every 2 years, it would cannibalize women's football. because it would be at the same as women's football either or to leave the game. many mistake it simply a bad idea and it will not happen because it's a bad idea, not because we are opposing it. the n b a is now postponed 11 games for coded related reasons. denver time game again, golden state was called off just hours before tape off on thursday night as the nuggets didn't have the required 8 players available due to current a virus and injuries. while in new york,
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kevin duran returned for brooklyn after missing 2 weeks under the leaks health and safety protocols. and he showed no signs of rustic scoring 33 against philadelphia, but that wasn't enough to help them met. avoid defeats. 76 is one by 8, was joe l m b, the grabbing a 34 point right. jim b, washington top school, bradley be a little. i returned from cove in 1900 protocols that he took board with 29 points against the cleveland cavaliers. washington one by 17 and the game also marks the 1st home the and seems to be m b a. the time i should be k answering in the final minute 18 and 7 in the n h l. a surprising heavy loss for the team with the best record, the tampa bay lightning time defending champions. 193 by the florida panthers time today ending their full game winning streak florida. i have scored a mobiles and any other team please. in 11731 game i ever in college football, the university of south carolina. when the chiefs may bo,
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and the competition is sponsored by a mayonnaise company. so it was facing that head coach, st. b. my had a big hub of the stuff done the his head, and we'd often have pricing on out there. and while this next story comes from a racetrack in argentina, you will say, won't see any horses. that's because these jockeys gave the thoroughbreds the day off on the final day of the season, and they entertain the crowd with a sprint race of their neighbor, a 100 meters. i like any good horse rice. common treat is a month when i say the crowd is doomed, the track off for the race to congratulate the office jockey on foot. that was how i was afraid this kara next time i liked to see a couple of fences thrown in, that's make even more interesting showing the germans as well. thank you. now we just minutes away from the 1st nations in the well reading in 2022 is
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a look back at some of the biggest stories of al jazeera has covered over the past year. let's walk down pennsylvania avenue ah, the u. s. capital building under su cannot, however, tara, from our responsibility to validate with joseph robin by your new song with notions of what is known to go to is cherry always just me. i'm on democrat elected leadership retained as the military staged, a bit of a general thought of a bit bloodless qu. they couldn't have been more wrong. taliban has taken the final departure of the u. s. military
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up to 20 years. i believe this is the right to switch a violent day over dangerous days, still ahead. nowhere in gaza feel safe flight. i'll just 0 will not be silenced. didn't about him is ripping around the world. you see that right? and that by the tragedy of the lack of political will selfishness and miss the new all mccomb very and to spread it 2022 must be the year we end the funding i read at a much broadwell face no planet b. there is no sign of blah, blah,
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blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, i'm deeply sorry. ah, they threw up in government, us call the fight against the security levels and like the social to them general have paid a say they don't want committed. it is all there was always liked only we're brave enough to see if only we're brave enough
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and with that, that's it for me. for now, emily will be here. just my with with frank assessments this crisis. he's continue to, we can look a shan club even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he was informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think i should be facilitated? not show. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel chop swanson. the inside story on al
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jazeera foster clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and she would see you stroll. conservationist say the air. yes. warming with nico timber location, butcher's, 4 years ago, the government is here in the, on the east. the ban on the tim portrayed that decision only open a floodgate of uncontrolled leak and lugging sierra leone is home to more than 5000 was to gypsies, more than 1500 of them are found in the north of mount to range. and on. and they are far from safe cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of walking on the return of african stories by african filmmaker karbala the design of our with that all more than a modeler, no real sure documentary from her kina. fossil and synagogue do them,
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and i live in virginia, complete my, he feared recycling, give to ambia medical, the man who plants vow bombs and a rest mystery africa direct on al jazeera. ah, the only con and dell to variance drive a dramatic increase in the numbers of infections across the world. but a drop in south africa sees restrictions east, and new year's celebrations begin in the shadow of harvard 19 restrictions. zealand sees the 1st one of the 1st countries to ring in 2022. ah, hello i am emily. ang, when this is al jazeera.


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