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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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ah here with me. ah, this is are the 0. these are the top stories, friday marks 2 years since china told the world health organization about an illness similar to pneumonia that since become known as covered 19 the city of g and is battling the biggest community. i break the country scene this year. global corona virus cases have hit a record high over the past 7 days with almost
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a 1000000 detected on average each day. the u. s. is the worst affected accounting for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. whereas some russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bit to deescalate tensions or will ukraine. the white house says the call between joe biden and vladimir putin lasted 50 minutes. biden repeated the threat of sanctions. if moscow invades ukraine, vladimir putin responded that such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. john handland has the latest from washington, dc. gen saki, the press secretary for president. joseph biden has put out a statement in that she says, president biden urged russia to de escalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for diplomacy and it goes on to say, the president reiterated that substantial progress in these dialogues can occur
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only in an environment of de escalation rather than escalation. yes, state of colorado, hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires driven by high winds in gulf to cities near denver being described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to leave their homes immediately. strong wings are reported. have brought down power lines leading to several grass fires in the area. the u. s. has condemned the killing of at least 4 protesters by security forces in sudan. they were shot in on demand for thousands of people voted against the military's involvement in politics. demonstrators in the capital cartoon approached the presidential palace, they want the military to stay out of government affairs during a transition to free elections. those are the headlines. these continues here on oliver's era in about 25 minutes time after witness. goodbye.
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celebration with just a insight into the diverse culture with nice together. g wedding. monday. on tuesday, april a. so before i believe that i have to go through get the chance to close to the was to work, got a copy if you get this book by the same time a global health greg a,
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a, this whiteman, here is your heart of out of this show might be the dirtiest, most unsanitary coroner of the united states. why? everyone called me or they touch it. they rode to like get to go to harvard. you don't want your kids to go to harvard, just like a name. they can go to any other university and it will be fine. again, i got it out of my sister. boom,
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everyone running around with the books going to the class. and i'm going to write comedy. when i tell people yeah, i'm writing comedy at harvard to like what and then have to explain it to you and i was trying to make people use them and they couldn't do it. so now i'm doing it through commenting. i'm so anxious on just a job and i left that on the commencement in a loony the humans the or the michelle really, i had this as you, but i had a telephone of data for your sound. greenville clone was delightful in envy. and oh, and i went to sleep anonymous. i woke up the next day, my phone was exploding all over the arab media zone is proposed has made the payment been selma
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with the 1st jewish comedian ever come to the stage here at the 1001 left comedy festival. so please help me welcome to i gave her arabic name, please on my welcome to the stage. now i may assist her. ah, good evening everyone. if you're not good night, a guide you just getting my name is no um, white liberals can't pronounce my name. so they call me chomsky my last name is stairs. so i have a name of a jewish european professor from mit in a body of
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a persian wonder woman. my parents are considered traitors, their left wing liberals. so they raised me in a mixed community, were jews and palestinian lived together. my best friend ronnie, and she's the palestinian. she looks like jiji. how did i look like emma didn't jot next to her. when we cross check points, the soldiers, they stop our car. they hit on her and they look at me. did i give mill id please? i found a letter that my father received to in the military detention center and he refused to serve in the fight her santo tories. i brought it with me here because i have this feeling like it's going to make it into my show. and these are like the 1st memories i have for my dad,
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just me and my mom kind of alone in the house and my father in prison. and i remember asking all the time questions like where his dad, where his dad this is the 1st appraising who the 1st intifada is very different outlook on those that are questioning the system. and that was a point where we could still turn things back today. it's much, much, much harder sunday, basically i think what i've been eating my whole life cruise injury college gone into the for the, my grandma and now my mom like read this pretty much i really only find i'm adding a few more healthy things to it. don't tell my ancestors, i'm changing the recipe. the 1st
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show i ever had was in english, and dot show was so incredible and amazing and people were listening to me in such a different way than i was used to. i love performing in hebrew also. but there's something about israeli audiences, sometimes i feel very anxious about and in a way thing, you know, kind of bring my home because from the beginning i kind of know that i'm not going to have a lot of space among my own community or even in hebrew like it's going to be limited because of who i am because of my messages. maybe i'm wrong, but i hope i'm wrong. but this is the kind of feeling so we have couple of building blocks of your show, right? so one big building block is like who your parents are,
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and then the next building block on the visual shuttle. and then you have a series of little things with innovation. and then eventually through this, i went to the un advocating to work more and more with those sections of society. they're usually not spoken to. yeah. that are like boilers of future piece of room . so there was a pushback from him from the one they didn't want to funded, they didn't want to be part of it. it was too risky for them. and they told us who needs to work with those extreme israeli who deposited in that's their responsibility and it ruptured my belief that there was like a traditional avenue to do piece work through. and it led me to start making jokes on every tv about m. b. s like, and i'm like, this rupture led you to that. yeah. getting ready to perform for the harvard. he lo chapter american
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jews it's my biggest responsibility to stick to my people. they're coming from a place where i believe they have more to learn. they can do better, they need to be part of the change in know the things that i'm saying. they don't come from an ignorant perspective. the press doesn't come from an ignorant perspective, never. i'm not telling them anything new. but the jewish audience is where we have to work. oh yeah, 9 am i have the various audiences following me everywhere. i have already the iran in here . any palestinian showed up tonight. thank you. i mean
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a year like 70 minutes, not 70 years. i. so my parents, when i was 7 years old, they decided to raise me in the only coin to distance community in israel. and 2 years ago, a big fire broke. and so a lot of security forces and fire fighters, which i rushed to rush to the community. and they, they tried to evacuate all the jews and all the arrows from their houses, but by the neighbors. no one moved from their houses and the fire fighters and that you have to evacuate your homes immediately and use of it. i and the firefighters go, you said you will be able to come back and use it like that was what i
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it was a good show. consider everything l surprises actually let you in because they would never like bring activists from jewish boys will be right. but it didn't bring you even though your view a more progressive than a lot of people. i know and still it's interesting. she got an invitation because she's just because she was doing something about that you know more approachable to them. well, that's what's radical about using cultural work. yeah. you know, she gets to use comedy and art to get in the door when you wouldn't otherwise be able to get in the door. what you did yesterday. it wasn't a photo level of and career as a comedian. it was the straightforward that what you did yesterday culture that going to go to new york to perform at the famous 30, rob flu.
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a i love you with the students in the audience were like, you know, i'm, we can believe that we're here for to see. and he's really community that i was like, all white god ah, the world health organization officially, the credit a pandemic. you cases are surfacing in new places every day with at least my teeth countries and territories. now, reporting infections and the map just follow as well because by the end of the day
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my inbox is a festival of cancellation and i have no idea what to do at harvard in an empty campus with no one around. literally no one is around i think i've come to terms that i should leave cambridge ingle. this is it. i am to rule it is back. ah. for the good if i get the ball hold on to it.
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and i've done this or some question on a much visual lunch. now it's are they get whole short fish formation? i'm cautious. i spoke with them with the name of this and
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then i'm an organization of the same with who i feel like god is looking at me and telling me, oh no you thought you're going to be a big shot in america this year? come come. i'm taking you back home. i have other plans for you. hi, but me my money. huh. i do . hello, this is anna from. from my shelter. there. how long shall on in a machine. it finally pull. mark management monday, monday, which can is just
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a moment. the said kind of fun clearly. no ken. my okay, what does ma'am go share with you know, any i don't that home with a dish. no. a shop, many new quality people in the world did a nail in i wonder how palestinians survived all these years. enclosures
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and restrictions of movements. this is pretty hired. ah lot. i guess there was any pull that down south. global care. come to warmer is vargas that off the volume shanice she mom. cliche to my left fell against you. don't dub, loanable. been like a for the shabba dasa should be cool. clinical warner,
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very zone. a collision, rochelle bob is mine will be sure to play with. okay. i got the i got, i'm on the ocean. i am live, monica. the could result is the minute i know less you'll zoom bah. my a proline, a simple to push. i cannot pull in baton with
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. 7 i am in one of the only places where people are gathering, hiking, meeting each other and no restrictions. hotel a, well, that's my stamps on the line with, i mean a lobby, right? know, micro calling them every all the ages, all the genders, all those religious spectrum of everything, everything with
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scenario with we're all year under very unique circumstances and we're getting the same. so we're getting, you know, same treatments and the talk, see identity issues and hatred and stuff that i'm used to seeing outside of that exist outside. it's just absent here. oh, in a utopian future, one state solution is not in apartheid state that doesn't separate us and doesn't divide us into higher keys. this is the closest i've seen. i don't want to sound
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like a cliche because obviously you know, the inequality and everything still exists, but i cannot find it here and i don't want to be looking under the ground to find it. i've got a living with my own. oh
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oh oh is she uh why you got to lie in the rest of the semester or something? yes, the middle of the service needs been at ashley oh ha. ah .
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anger and grief on the streets of occupied east jerusalem as eod hallock was buried late on sunday. my 32 year old e. hallock was chased and killed unoccupied. east jerusalem yard, who was autistic was walking to his special needs school near the alex. so most compound, when he was confronted by is ready security courses. the mccormick, so your coleman coleman with an kid a wife quest and the pissed them out with a bully at them. cormac away, mom forgot them. it follows him volume and said every day. mm hm. mahogany cody, sara will seem guess if me stand up of acceptable trims, holding belt. w doesn't fuss at me and buy and stick it off with a funny mr. get it the list in the piece to miss vivia. fill on shell my note, unless you force i'm of coloma club. i've heard lama cool benjamin
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netanyahu. he's promising to carry out the annexation. illegal is rating settlements as well as large parts of the jordan fashion. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ramped up surveillance with virtually no. this is also been a lag of some weeks between testing facilities being shut up in jewish areas. and a palestinian was speaking up here is scarier because there is a bigger price to pay. but i'm not going to shrink myself. i told you flowing to begin with. so i add to the idea that he's not here who said i lives now of a shiny manet to come back then avec he called robin chuck williams. swim. i human
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to him shiny, i love the i sure. minnesota. so the who of if not, and i would feel a bit sleep then stick. silly, so nice yearly. i always stuff that the beverly taca, the both the, i knew the vin and i got a busy day and you know, you did get to see my love that now the we believe not a real time with
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. mm mm. in on, oh, father, a mutual love of the art the stage is set to immortalize fading memories or in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a gina ah,
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rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration had been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the embassy national park. and i knew all ceremony has been launched the ha pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning. there was frank informed opinions . i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you
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think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel toss once the inside story on al jazeera. ah. ready i'm robinson and doha, the top stories on al jazeera global corona virus cases have been having new daily records. the u. s. is the worst affected counts for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. europe also seeing a massive rising cases with italy, france, spain, and the u. k. all reporting records daily infections in the past week, rory challenge reports from london dedicated, skyrocketing and cobit hospitalizations in england are about highest since february alarm bells of.


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