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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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on taliban figures make up a part of with mary can only port within the taliban to leave it. there will be a howard. if you could tell about the inside story podcast. i frank assessment the div headline subscribe now. however you listen to podcast. ah, i'm a cronan, delta variance of coven, 19 dr. a dramatic increase in the number of infections across europe, or i'm the u. s. ah, i'm robot this, and this is all 0 life. and doha also coming up the leaders of russia and the u. s . threatened each other with consequences over an escalating crisis in ukraine.
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ah, the u. s. to says it stands with people and saddam after a lethal crackdown of protesters killed 4 people. bonfires and the usa to colorado, burn hundreds of homes and force and evacuation of tens of thousands of people. ah, and one of africa is old anti colonial. and so the congolese rumba gets major international recognition with and exactly 2 years ago, china told the world health organization about new and mysterious cases of pneumonia and han city know, the world's been changed by a pandemic that killed almost 5 and a half 1000000 people across and delta variance covered 1900 shattering new daily infection records in the us. across europe,
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france has reported 200000 new cases for a 2nd day in a row, the u. s. has been recording more than 300000 cases on average for days across the atlantic. the u. k is also broken. it's daily infection talley, with over 80809000 new infections. already challenged reports from london on the alarming developers. out of europe, dady cases, a skyrocketing hand, coven hospitalizations in england, or since during alarm bells ringing, there's an ami kron surge is about to crash over the already struggling national health service. so if we keep them increasing, especially it, of course the pressures are, again, my thing week on week when you've got workforce, as i said, that's already up to 550 for nurses on many more. and so 5 things then of course the pressures are building and building and building. so what will it be
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like in january? contingency plans are being put in place to cope with existing hospital capacity becomes overwhelmed with new temporary boards built the house patients. 8 temporary hub, being built at hospitals around the country, each one with a capacity of $100.00 beds more sites being planned for an extra $4000.00 beds. if needed, its hopes that none of this will ever be used. but if there just in case london is preparing for new year's eve, but with the big fireworks display cancel for a 2nd year, and only cron keeping people in doors celebrations will be much reduced. on the confidence, new infection records beaten almost daily. italy logged a 126000 on thursday up from wednesdays. 98000 testing centers are becoming overwhelmed and tempers of fraying. i've been calling since 9 30 am. i'm exhausted. it was madness to book in. it took me 2 days to be able to book it.
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the only available spots were outside central room. so when i came here and i spent 5 hours in line 5 hours, greece is brought forward new restrictions which have been planned early, january new year's eve aside bars, night clubs and restaurants will be forced to close at midnight with no standing customers and no music as dismay in the hospitality sector would have the blood much. this is certainly for us in the restaurant sector. it is a disaster. that's the key word here. but on the other hand, you can't go against the health situation. i can't say i want to stay then and work while people are dying, greece, italy, and the u. k. have all seen record numbers of cases in recent days, and it's likely that are more records to come re challenge. how does era london? while john has been battling to keep co cases at 0,
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but now 13000000 residents in the city of sean have been locked down. it's a hub of china's industry and technology, but it's struggling with the highest number of cases recorded in any chinese city this year. that are reports that people there are struggling to find food supplies to you has more from beijing. well, this is china's more severe lockdown since we're hon. the city where this pandemic originated last year, 13000000 people for the most part, unable to leave their homes for exercise, or even to collect essential supplies. so we've had about $1200.00 cases reported since the beginning of december. the latest figures on friday was 161 new infections documented by the authorities. and we've had some residents on social media increasingly complain of that lack of access to fresh food. now this seems to be a logistical issue. this city is under tide, control, transport in and out of it is very difficult,
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right now most businesses have been forced to close. it's very difficult to get food delivery and resident say they're very frustrated. now the government says they are aware of this issue. they are trying to respond to it, but people who live the say they're not responding quickly enough. and of course, the authorities are focused on trying to control this outbreak. they're trying to get those numbers now. and over 100 cases reported every day this week, the trying to get those down to single digits in the next few weeks. the government is under enormous pressure to get this outbreak under control. they don't want to be juggling this outbreak and she on which is a city not too far from aging. it's only about 2 hours fly away, while at the same time hosting the winter olympics, which opens in february for now, china say they are prepared to horse steel and picks when it opens. at that date, we would just ourselves in john lee jung jocko that area, which will be the venue for the olympics. all the facilities already, the hotels already. they will all shut to the public before january 4th,
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so they'll be a full month what all these results will be closed in order to prepare for this big event. now the difficulty is china is still maintaining it 0 tolerance approach to the bar. so the borders will remain shot and all those coming to china about $30000.00 to participate in the games that athletes and the support staff, etc. they will be confined to very tightly controlled bubble, and they will not essentially be allowed to interact with the wider chinese public . south africa says it's going to lift a midnight to 4 a. m curfew. the government relieves it's past the peak of the 4th wave of coven. 19. a spike was driven by the armor kron variant, which was 1st identified by scientists in the country. israel's become the 1st country in the world to approve a 4th vaccine dose. the booster shot will be given to people aged over 60, and those with weakened immune systems. the president of russia and the u. s. has
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spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bid to deescalate tensions over ukraine. the white house says the call between job guidance and letting me put in last 15 minutes. biden repeated the threat of sanctions. if moscow invades ukraine, vladimir putin responded that such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. john 100 has more from washington dc. in a 50 minute conversation between us president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin, the 2 sides laid out their diplomatic positions over growing tensions in ukraine. that is where a 100000 russian troops are amassed on the russian side of that border. after that, talk us press secretary for the president gen saki issued a statement saying, quote, president biden urged russia to de escalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for
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diplomacy. she went on to say that the president reiterated that substantive progress in these dialogues can occur only in an environment of de escalation rather than escalation. then we have the response from the russian side assistant to president vladimir putin. uri you shock, i've said one conclusion was underscored if the security negotiations are successful, it should naturally lead to certain normalization of relations and perhaps an improvement in bilateral relations. the conversation with entirely focused on issues of security guarantees. he said, and he went on to say that these conversations will continue at a lower level in europe in january. the russian position is clear. it wants to, once i legally bindings guarantee that ukraine will never enter nato when it wants to make sure that later weapons are never stationed in ukraine or other buffer countries around russia. the us position is that that is
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a decision between ukraine and nato. and it can't be decided in bilateral talks between the us and russia. ship, the u. s. is also threatened economic sanctions against russia if it were to invade ukraine with all of those troops. amassed on the border, president putin says that would cause a rupture in relations. nation of otto is a fellow with a foreign policy research institute, and he previously served as the last u. s. senate chief of staff to joe biden. he says the kremlin underestimated washington's response. to his tactics in ukraine and ga, this is a crisis of the kremlin making, and it is what is unclear in all of this is what constitutes in vladimir putin's mind. the security of russia and normalization that does not require a treating its neighbors such as ukraine in georgia, as satellites. and implicit in all of this,
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and in explicit in one of the demands of the kremlin, is that the ukraine and by extension, any other countries, such as georgia, that might be interested in joining nato to be denied that. and the administration is made clear that that is not acceptable, that sovereign nations are precisely that. i think that the right of the russians, by placing these troops on the border, sought to precipitate crisis, sought to force a back down by the administration and its later allies. and instead, what they have found is that now after 2 calls in the rob to this next set of discussions that the u. s. is organized western europe to agree to even stronger sanctions and have ever been in enforce before. and more importantly, perhaps, that forward deployment into poland been to the baltic states as well as defensive military assistance for ukraine are all on the table. and these are precisely the
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sort of actions that russia doesn't want to see happen. and so i think that is why couldn't initiated this call in new york city, colorado hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires driven by high winds and gulf to cities near denver. it's been described as a life threatening situation. these are life pictures from boulder in colorado. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate immediately. the strong winds are reported have brought down power lines, leading to several grass fires in the area. gusto 100110 miles an hour. cal lou is fire football field. it matters very little time to get out very little time to even get the most important parts of your life. and yes, difficult process with rebuild still had an al jazeera talks to revive iran's nuclear deal. reach
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a critical moment. we're going to have the latest from vienna and we'll look back at how the ballot, balls shaped events around the world. june 2021. ah, ah, look forward to brightest sky's the winter sponsored my cattle airways. oh, hello there. thank you for joining in. we've got some more rain risks across the gall, so right off the bat, let's go in for a closer look. we could see some downpours for eastern saudi into bahrain and cats are some showers for the u, a. e and also northeastern portions of o bond impacting moscow with a hive 24 degrees on saturday, off through pakistan right now, unsettled in the west also threw off contest on his wall, but prepare for it. is lumber bog. your temperatures are about to fall as we head in to 2020,
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to just the high of 13 degrees on tuesday. but because we got that rain hanging around your overnight low will be about 10. weather maker is swirling around in the eastern med that's throwing some rain towards cypress southern turkey, northeastern libya and northern egypt. and that's going to put a cap on temperatures as while central africa, we've got solid bands of rain from coastal gab on break into northern sections of angola on friday. and for the eastern portion of southern africa as some storms flaring up my food. so into at swa teenie close to johannesburg, never really too far away. same goes for durbin with the hive. $23.00, but plenty of sunshine to be found in cape town with the highest $26.00 degrees on friday. that's it. that's all, sir. said. oh, the weather, sponsored by katara always been a brazen tradition. life was
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gained rare insight into the diaper culture. the money coupling embarking last night together. wedding monday, announcing the the me you want to go to 0 reminder. i told stories. this are global corona virus cases. have it a record high over the past 7 days, with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. the u. s. as the worst effect, that accounting for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. the u. s. and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and
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a bit to de escalate tensions of ukraine. joe biden repeated the threat of sanctions at moscow invades ukraine. vladimir putin responded that such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties in the us state of colorado. hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires driven by high winds in gulf to cities near denver being described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate immediately. a group of refugees who spent days at sea at a damaged boat have been rescued by indonesian authorities. the boat was towed by a navy ship off the coast of archie, province, $100.00. 5 people, mainly women and children in box, and the port city is claimed. ok, but they've been given temporary accommodation. they have been trying to reach malaysian or human rights group as accusing government forces in northwest min, mom of killing civilians and destroying their homes. john video which matches the
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satellite images, shows smoke billowing from the ton of time playing in chin state. the military hasn't commented on the allegations or the chang reports from the me. a mar border fires burn in the hill, top town of tent along and chin state northwestern. man ma. the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns, 10000 residents have fled. across the nearby border into india, powerless to do anything to say their homes. others fled chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to eat in the creek about for i mean, but especially in my 2 p, there was a here food shortage that people couldn't access to farms also asked the military had placed my zondaway. no transportation was available and people couldn't go from one village to another. internet access and phone lies were shut. satellite photos
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show how starting in september, systematic and coordinated attacks destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these tactics often associated with me and mas, military and all, because the residents had shown resistance to february's military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mia mas majority, ethnic group opposition has been greatly put down in saigon. this woman shrieks with grief after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military. mammoth government of politicians in exile, condemned the alleged war crimes, the military, everyday committee crimes terrorist act against the people be by the die. and it is compromise comprised of international crimes against humanity. so thank you for making statement. thank you for your concern. but the current situation remind you
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ought, you know, more actions of concrete actions to stop that kind of military actions have to stop that illegal military terrorist. and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity save the children, now confirmed to be amongst the charred remains. in the past, month alone, there have been credible stories of mia mars military perpetrating massacres in saga district and kaya state. in the past week, thousands of civilians have poured into thailand, telling stories of air strikes that have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup. it appears all the fears about non checked military rule inside myanmar are coming to fruition. tony chang al jazeera on the me on my board. the u. s. has condemned the killing of these 4 protesters by security forces in sudan. there was shot in alderman where thousands of people have rallied against
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the recent military takeover demonstrators in the capital call tomb. i've been approaching the presidential palace and want the military to stay out of government affairs, doing a transition to free elections. hm. at, val has more from all to him earlier in the day. the impression was that to this day, sir, protest was a, a less violent and the numbers are full testers. less than during the, the, the previous occasions. but, you know, as the day progressed, it became clear that because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach cartoon to cross the ridges into thing. central cartoon ab that made the major consultation took place in on doorman itself, particularly in their street called sharon albin at. that's where of those are processed as were killed. 4 of them, according to medical sources. and also sources from the side of the year of the revolutionaries, the resistance committees, it, it's
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a major situation. they'll not only those 4 that have been killed, but also an unknown number of people aged. and that, that the indication of the, the, the big size of this as of this sir dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by 3 at doctors unions who called on their colleagues to go to the hospital in sharon, are buying the street of our buying and also in the under man hospital to help or with the treatment of the of those will have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations. also even the state, the captain state ministry of health has issue. there may a similar as statement calling on doctors to go to those 3, those 2 hospitals to help with the yet the treatment of the wounded odyssey. it has been told that an agreement to revive iran's nuclear deal with world powers is still far off. the 8th round of talks between diplomats commenced in vienna on monday. so as, as close to the negotiation,
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say those deep disagreements surrounding took rounds, demand for us sanctions to be lifted immediately. they said the talks are going in a good direction, but that they lack the momentum to achieve results within a reasonable time frame. well, as those talk, 2 talks took place. iran has launched a satellite carrier into space earlier on thursday state t v. air video of the launch, but he didn't see whether the rocket actually reached orbit. the u. s. is complained by previous launches because of fears. the technology could advance tech lines, ballistic missile program, while as another year draws to an end, we're going to take a look back at some of the most important elections in 2021 and how those plans for the new year will shape the news agenda. massena human reports in the world's most powerful country, a sharp turn away from right wing populism, you know, duration of democrat joe biden. donald trump became the 1st outgoing president in modern u. s. history not to attend. but 2 weeks before the inauguration,
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many of trumps loyal supporters attacked the united states capital building in washington, following an unsuccessful bid by trump to overturn his defeat. to day, we celebrate the drive, not of a candidate, but because the cause of democracy, the people, the world, the people has been heard and the world the people has been here. for the 1st time, a bi racial woman camel harris was elected as the u. s. vice president are sharing in with many c as a milestone across the atlantic. the end of in europe, after 16 years of leading her country and europe, german chancellor angle america decide that it was time to step down after general elections. she was replaced earlier this month by allah schultz, a social democrat. this coming year could see more changes in europe, incumbent french president in manuel in my conch is expected to face strong
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competition. in april. the leader of the right wing national rally party marine lipper has launched her 3rd bid for the presidency. she 2 faces stiff competition from afar. right? candidate air exema who has been compared to donald trump. in hungry rattling nationalist. victor orvin has held officers prime minister for the last 11 years, and in april he to face a strong electoral challenge. 2021 was marked by an alarming number of kuda taz and growing authoritarianism. there were coups in molly and guinea, a miller to take over in sudan and unsuccessful co attempt in niger and an arbitrary transfer of power in chad. in the new year, kenya and angola will hold general elections. and molly will see if the transitional authorities do, in fact hold elections as promised. in the middle east, serious president bashar al assad obtain 95 percent of the vote in the reelection
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that was widely described as fraudulent. while in iran, ultra hard liner, abraham racy was declared the winner in an election that saw the lowest turn out in iranian history. in latin america, 2021 was a turbulent year with nick rog was liter. daniel ortega assuring his re election last month after disqualifying and arresting the vast majority of his would be competitors ah, but a neighboring honduras, seal matter. castro, the wife of a former president who was ousted in 2009, was elected as the country's 1st woman president. a year ended with a 35 year old former left wing student leader. gabrielle bought each elected in chile with the largest number of votes in history. there's no indication the regions more authoritarian governments will be less so in the new year. but after
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a decade long swing to the right, the election of gabriel burridge in chile could signal the beginning of a new shift back to the left in the continent, starting with latin, america's largest country, brazil. the new year was it populous. conservative president, jade bull sonata, against his arch political phone. we see nashville lula da silva, brazil's left wing, former president, whose prison conviction for corruption was overturned in april and was now leading in the polls. but they were also compete against the man who sent lula to prison, former and to corruptions are said, your mortal. columbia could also shift from the right to the left in may bull's put former bulletin mer, gustavo petro, in the lead. south korea will hold presidential elections in the new year, but perhaps the most attention will be on the philippines, where current president rodrigo, to death day, could be replaced by ferdinand marcus junior. the son of the country's former
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dictator. and that this daughter sada, who's running as his vice president, there's concerned that the ticket aims to perpetuate their respective political dynasties. to see a newman al jazeera santiago, now it's a dance borne deep in the heart of africa, which is spread world wide. the congolese rumba has been recognized by unesco. it's adding the dance moves to its list of what's described as intangible heritage among common points. don't blow in full flight and the rhythm of the room but brings joy to the don't. but this is just the distraction, ultra hard day's work. the song, the band played is called the piece and unity which came about after the congos independence from belgium. ah, for the last 50 it is become an anti colonial anthem across the african culture. and this month, unesco recognizes the style of music as
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a living cultural tradition. and there were intangible cultural heritage for the ban. lita, it's a recognition of a life playing music. me doesn't know but got a better bill. it has many characteristics. it's existed for more than 50 years. i've lived my whole life with rumba. if you look at the rubber now, we elevated and developed it. although we've kept our references to the icons like the grand cali pup, a webber semarino, marcia tablet, a new modem. ah, the start of music in some way tells the story of one of the biggest crimes inflicted upon africa, slavery. the music origin can be traced back to central africa, but it was bought to atlantic ocean between the 16th and 19th century and was particularly popular among the slaves of brazil and cuba. cubans zuniga in particular, became big in african countries. on approved by the time recorded music,
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arrived in congo congolese artists began to recognize their own rhythms and history in cubans. and took that, i'm the music, came a full circle, becoming rhumba knows all said, you wanted depot. our ancestors were deported to the americas in the 1516 century, and went to either north america, central america or south america. but the focal point was cuba in central america as well. so in cuba, there was a surprising mixture from those who came from africa, but also from whom the slaves have encountered one stair. the sick you saw renew on the recognition is also important to foster an industry to not just only recognize talent but to develop a natural. oh not will. it is our creation. rhumba is rhumba is our life. rumba is our vision. so room, but is us. that's why we want room,
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but to be recognized as our own. it is our identity. rhumba is congress. ah, one of the things you in recognition does is highlight the room, but sound is as commonly just as reggae is jamaican and other office recognized by the you and cultural agency. ah, the music plays on louder and more crowded around costs are ah, and this is all just, these are the top stories. friday marks 2 years in china told the world health organization about an illness similar to pneumonia that since become known as covert 19, the city of shun is battling the biggest community outbreak. the countries, the scene this year, global corona virus cases of hit record high over the past 7 days, with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. the u. s. has the worst effected accounting
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for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. the us and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bit to de escalate.


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