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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 6:30am-7:00am AST

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ah, there is always liked only we're brave enough to fear only who are brave enough. mm. ah, this is odyssey with these are the top stories friday box, 2 years since china toward the world health organization. about unknown us is similar to pneumonia that since become known as covert 19, the city of shun is battling the biggest community outbreak. the countries, the scene this year, global corona virus cases have it a record high over the past 7 days with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. the u. s. is the worst affected accounting for nearby one in 3 cases in the world. the u. s. and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month, and a bit to deescalate tensions over ukraine. the white house as the cold between joe
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biden and vladimir putin last at 50 minutes. biden repeated the threat of sanctions of moscow invades ukraine. prudent responded, such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. john henderson's got the latest from washington, d. c. jen, saki, a press secretary for president. joseph biden has put out a statement in that. she says, president biden urged russia to deescalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for diplomacy and it goes on to say, the president reiterated that substantial progress in these dialogues can occur only in an environment of de escalation rather than escalation in the usa to colorado. hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires driven by high winds in gulf to cities. new denver has been described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to
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evacuate immediately. the u. s. has condemned the killing of at least 4 protesters by security forces in sudan that was shot and undermined with thousands of people, rallied against the military involvement in politics. demonstrators in the capital cartoon been approaching the presidential palace. they want the military to stay out of government affairs during a transition to free elections and group of radio refugees who spend days at sea in a damaged boat have been rescued by indonesian authorities. the boat was told by a navy ship off the coast of the province, a 105 people, mainly women and children is embarked in the port city of coin go quai, where they've been given temporary accommodation. they were trying to reach malaysia. those the headlines than he continues here on al jazeera, after people in par. we're going to be back in about 25 minutes. see you then bye bye. there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp
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is like nothing. you've ever seen access to healthcare or something, but we want to know, how does these things affect people we revisit play day even when they're no international headline. also there are really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, me, the greek island of symbols has long been a target for refugees and migrants trying to enter europe across the g and c. and the numbers have fallen recently because of cove. it fell taxes return when the pandemic proceeds. but what happens after they make it a show? in late 2020, a team of filmmakers went to investigate reports of atrocious conditions in the audience reception cam. this is what they found. ah.
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oh, samus. there's a small greek island in the gmc lying just 2 kilometers of the turkish coast. it's capital vasey overlooks a picturesque bay for a small town of $8000.00 inhabitants. it's well known for its speeches and cultural attractions. but behind this tourist paradise sits one of the largest refugee a migrant camps. in europe, we're over 3500 men. women and children are living here waiting for the authorities to accept their asylum
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applications, where the camp is divided into 2 areas. an official section and the jungle. an unofficial overflows on the greek authorities would not let us. and through the official section we were told this was due to cov 19 precautions. although we saw hundreds of people come and go from the camp every day in the jungle, supposedly a public space. the police frequently tried to move us on that one. several times they took us to the station to check our credentials. after 5 days of filming the message was clear. you were not one from anywhere near the camp. i thought the 2nd day. it's my job. i got sick, you'll think i'm today. oh, i see. i get the comma. yeah. without the only day. so what is happening
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here that they don't want the world to see? ah, ah ah, ah, when i am you coming, this is children. mom. what mouth? one use 6 mark. me, me me. this kurdish refugee fled the war in syria with his wife, 2 children and his parents. they have been stuck here on samara for the past 15 months. i was a student of the musket university, but now nothing but it does i eating and slipping?
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sims, an in house, so send that in. just a think. i'm slipping. nothing is not life in this family is no exception. all of them, regardless of nationality, are waiting here for their asylum procedure to be considered by the greek government. that there are mainly african afghanis and syria with over time. separate communities are formed in the jungle neighborhoods based on the most common languages, arabic, farsi, french, and english. new. originally the area was a military camp. you can see how it looked on this archive footage from google earth. in 2016, it was 1st transformed into a center for migrants. but in 2019, there was
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a huge influx of new arrivals. must be official, zone is only designed to house $660.00 people. all the other migrants are crammed into tents or whatever makeshift shelters they can assemble themselves. there is a little space. the $3500.00 inhabitants are densely packed into an area of around 0.2 square kilometers. the official camp is largely made of pre purposed shipping containers surrounded by barbed wire. it is supposed to shelter the most vulnerable people. one of them is layla, a 25 year old african woman who fled a forced marriage and escaped from people smugglers. she wants to remain completely anonymous. how many people in a container like 8 and the few beds we have to use few bed done like to 2 people on one bed. however,
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still 2 people in the same bed. and 2 people from the same so many different families, adults. if you don't want to stay there, then the till you go go to the jungle hurting one company. there was like 26 people. actually everything is possible in comp everything is possible with 26. so. busy even more than that, it is possible. there was no way for us to verify this ourselves because we were denied entry to the official come in, but migrants and n jose have given us videos showing what conditions are likely side. this isolation container is where coven cases are placed. ah, as where the video footage is of the camps, other toilets and showers, all of them,
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the lack of data and filthy i came in because they're not being cleaned the non disinfected. so which means the carry a lot of diseases and we, we are very many people who are using them. you can just imagine charisma is a 24 year old congolese national with a university degree. but he fled his country 2 years ago for security reasons. he says his biggest problem is having no control of his own life. is that only to pick a mentor? a says, what is it to fear? is your person i'm calling to tell you yet? no more. it's not fall, isn't. i don't think my pin in fuck it was i've it's, i've seen malaysia liberty mutual vis, young tracer overseas,
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up on lisa. here please. so we'll give you our found leister, gu calling for the official war basil playing w just on in and the new more will have coffee share. my content tells you how would you say, i mean, yeah, he's a long play. the la ziegler, if we did v, a vc, vc, and any sticky said that issue is such an initial fit. the dental music dollars rule delivery equipment that they develop of to dallas in a while. see what that all you figure is a concept. you'll see a whole point similar, some official bar is decision will are the functional deal as in song feed, build up player. when we pull for me off on inimical foreigner it bonds, you'd want to look on that next to tape question was, you know, kenya this your source offer better? you still are more of as for, we're in more as a nice less you swap the thank you. so is it a penny officials concern,
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but it covers it has to be on the dresser. it's because of the machine itself. i think i'm so no, as any money of cinema parties, ali bus it is all done with all doesn't suffice or pool. so only thing quantities changed in machine if i should, classic and you know, fan on last find in one me style e v i laquata she'll be, she'd be the, the miss smith. she plencik minus the of this comes up. can this curve goes to submit a so met you almost assume a with months of waiting of uncertainty in such an overcrowded space? it makes the camp into an unstable powder keg. a coffee? did he go? so he can we need to just pull up. yes, we'll see prophecy. yeah, just sofi cooler, last fall, thought to let me know if there is just that salt li certainly. but cindy impala
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shifted a force with shocked by the migration. so those are all in direct sources of information. we have to get them both to do this. we access the video meta data and use an ex if to program which allows us to analyze the source code. we then find the exact date of the videos creation. the fight in that last video took place on august 4th, 2020. that's not to be confused with the dates of the video transfer on our computer. this video was filmed the week before we arrived when it rains along the images show. the dreadful consequences for the camp few imagined what they find
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in samus village if i was on a phillip thomas. how do you determine this man is senegalese a stylist in his home country. he asked to speak with us on to the law. everybody in the money to see the up, the demand right in the here. not. yeah. mail us france. biscuit of nice home. right. is more you dum under come are always to put a 1000 pretty cost on down to the member a met. and i said more last a little marty. now fraud. yeah, yeah. but it, it yep. a to lou. so put in, i love it, said donna, i think law buffalo is in a self hot well, when i leave the camp, authorities do provide free meals,
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but many here consider the inevitable boiler knew it had gone on the memo. lashona must by madame one, would declare to learn how to seize a mazda, but as a part of his policy society brought it up, was economical. philip, or do you think what it ought to department empathy must pass as a public edible waste attracts rats that are almost as big as cats. they tear through the tent walls to steal the food and sometimes bite people as they sleep. it's fortunate that so far the camp hasn't been overwhelmed by cove it because it's health care facilities seem woefully inadequate. the syrian family has been in summers for 16 months. they wanted to tell us about their children. since none of them spoke english,
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a neighbor was called to translate are you thinking in english? so what is the problem with the children? one of them, the other one doesn't show it and get on a problem. the problem? no, at the big, i mean we did. 2020 killed, went to see the how the day then 10 years old. oh yeah. and the can they do nothing for you? come back a she a nothing coming. go to have been done for did you guys got it? let me begin video go and they, the doctor in the come one, the only one doctor for 3500 migrants with some additional care from and jose and
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volunteers. and all of them are sounding the alarm one another issue. the declining mental health for those they see a man comes up and takes off his sweater. he wants to show us his scores. it seems they are self inflicted. i. sam osborne, blue book. we're almost mom. you are alone here from your family farm. it is 40 a good one. he came alone from syria to samus 18 months ago. the n g o that had stitched up the wounds later confirmed it's not the only case of self mutilation. we've seen desperation and frustration are driving some of the migrants here to extreme acts. oh,
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a several fires broke out in some of the 2020 of 3 that happened to the alternate to were believed to be caused by arsenal. john lava, you knew, migrants told us they'd been able to video these fires from close range using the same tools as before. we found gps coordinates in the videos metadata. we were able to verify the images are over fire in the summer camp. on november 11th, 2020 fortunately, no one was seriously injured in that fire, but it caused much damage, and many refugees lost what little property they had. what makes these qualities unsafe living conditions? all the more disturbing is that since 2015 greece has received over 3000000000 euros from the blue to help at handle the influx of michaels,
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the bulk of that money is supposedly funding the management of the asylum and integration program. ah, there's no question. the 3000000000 euros is a large sum that the migrants on samus are puzzled. why none of it seems to come their way. i set out. yeah, the i can always see better. like i said, i was ideally, i, you know, the whole dollars. i see a video i was on the nino up in still not cold can only have one on the toilet is going on live on the new shows. what that on a lot, in dollars anger, i think the cellphone in the hollow killer will hit villa to configure that on a fairly far level. we would have liked to raise some of the same issues with the greek authorities. and we tried for several weeks to obtain an interview or comment . they said they didn't have enough time to respond to us. watch or
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do you think women on present or 2nd? oh please get wasn't there we should anyway. he oh, why does you didn't me? does rita and something you more shavaun l donetta? was actually that was explicate bukosa. paul tampa. yep. as soon for next, if you did, if you feel as you keep it, if you feel them, i am de la monica say land give us any political philanthropic vasquez or samples only. she said, not that, don't you clear comment. don't fall out of them as mom follows month and nothing changes, some seek comfort with their neighbors in this battered community. oh, [000:00:00;00]
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i . b as in night, falls early in the summer camp. after 6 pm, the atmosphere changes for those with families, it's time to eat together. if there's food that has all that. but outside the officials own, there's no lights. the paths are empty and for some, especially for women and young people traveling alone, the darkness springs fear this 19 year old haitian woman lives with her sick mother after fleeing the violence at home. now every night they hide in their tent. massage to balance. no, no, butler has to stand on that piano. was there mount?
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no swarthy livers of us. it's only got focus on deal at that. you're faced with bar sergio bar. so was it going down there tomorrow? the shapell service? the alarm nasal, if you would value a little, i need 5th kamala, last from feel valid, 0 with i get on last saw on the fair t r. then on my list then said if you seen up on that on hipaa, so then i know for layla such fears became real a victim of human traffickers and turkey. she managed to escape and arrived in samus, where she had to fend for herself. ah,
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how it works. they give you a tent. no, i was not given any taint, i was given a sleeping bag, a blank heard and told to go out there to look for a place like maybe the, the easiest. why they told me i got your friends, but i never knew anybody. a man offered to help and said he would put her up for the night. but it was a trap. i was a feel. reason being i never, i never had a place to stay. it was horrible, but i don't think i would love to talk about it. what she doesn't want to say is that 3 men took turns to rape her that night she took refuge with an n g o and reported it to the police. of course they had to enter a gave me several times like asking me questions which were hunting me. but you
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know that is their job. why should i say in that is when they did give me a letter to go to the main hospital, they needed proof. and from there that's when i was given a house outside the comp. what often to the people who make aggression do it on god. because me my own self, i didn't recognize them. layla story is not unique. in 202040 sexual assaults or rapes were officially recorded in the summers cow. but n g o c, that doesn't count for the many more victims who don't dare to go to the police. the feeling found entered a doward to so long a be see perhaps a feverish patient out of this is mr. ester darcy martin, men address pa see it, and it's on an as one artist better than he says. so his old twin bed really found
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vis. nissan, via m, from vmc on vacation, one towards was on, on, done held van is in a heard from familiar with 2 in pa, sir, this is out as a mr. any 1st name until fully ty, again. liska burnett has been in grease for 5 and a half years for the n g o glow co routes. in normal times up to 300 migrant women, a day might take advantage of the safe space. now it's closed because of covert. she says she has of hand, this is done sir. speakers t months of south in camp english 1st canada, she had small arms and one candied feed. a lloyd phillip name, silken and tongue among can they tell danish ups basin of thought this kind of toilet named amanda's house, had long vacate home if a habit of toilet gained to conan. am after oceans of neat options spar as a kiddo oft tuition managed? well and for hung hardwood and a to there was a skipped in mavita and on the skip yancey of he lay long ash long and with the found untouched in mr. doesn't alison's? he had tracy can as a listen, alyssa,
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soon in the in power. am you berkeley for 11 am on? does them come on eastern gain indian camp amanda cape. in the most serious cases, victims used to have the possibility of being transferred to safe houses outside the camp. the greek government has closed them down to other voskus arc vh one. does a youngest of your here give to tell us neu, a campus bald f, not bad and soil on thought this. alice talked to when he saw you found somebody but unbeknown didn't just make this up that you come in since march 2020. the greek government has been building this new facility 6 kilometers from laughing. when it's open, sometime this year it would be a closed unit, and the $3500.00 migrants on samus will no longer be able to enter or leave the facilities mitchell familiar program. i vulcan, nicole yet cannot,
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does this policy at em? ah shaka, she's think i heard from talking transit wouldn't to luca clocked in, i'm content not only matson and that meets and feelin onto she didn't from union to some of them treating lloyd's and he's in his compton. am from tyler schmitt manor, himself from container m. yeah, this is john jones here. tom of dish does. does this policy in layla was one of those returns as far as she knows she might see her unknown assailants every day. they don't know they're on, maybe they're watching me every day and that is what is hurting me. you know, i just still being hot every day, cry by myself a. lauren and this is not something that you can share with everyone you day with it. the conditions we've seen perhaps explain why the authorities didn't want those true meals. samus a new camp might make a difference. but for now it's clear that the old one has done,
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you're looking credit ah, a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people empower investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, or in fact, poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a jazeera al jazeera sets the stage lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bags and discussion telephone thing about the impact on the
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climate change is having on the fathers that you work with voices from different corners. when the whales are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to an alternative view. i them have collage people. i have my voice on al jazeera, healing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of climate impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now. not a lot can get into this completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to, to get back with a patient. this team on al jazeera, a war in afghanistan is now pull. will non taliban figures make up
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a part of that american you can report within the taliban and believe that there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now, however you listened to podcast ah, micron and delta variants have covered 19 dr. a dramatic increase in the number of infections across europe and the u. s. ah, number about this, and this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up the leaders of russia and the


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