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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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i don't we both. we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who can left behind. ah, paula called on delta variance of cobra. 19 dr. a dramatic increase in the numbers of infections across europe on the us. ah. roboson, this is all 0 alive from doha. also coming up the leaders of russia and the u. s. threatened each other with consequences over an escalating crisis in ukraine. ah, the u. s. says it stands with people of sudan after
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a lethal crackdown on protest was killed for people. wildfire in the us state of colorado, barn, hundreds of homes and force and evacuation of tens of thousands of people. and environmental activists in columbia appealed for protection after a violent purge of some of their leaders. with exactly 2 years ago, china told the world health organization about new and mysterious cases of pneumonia and hans city. now the world's been changed by a pandemic that killed almost 5 and a half 1000000 people on the crown and delta variance of cobra. 1900 shattering new delhi infection records in the u. s. and across europe. china has been battling to keep cova cases at 0, but now 13000000 residents in the city of sean have been locked down. it's a hub of china's industry and technology and it's struggling with the highest
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number of cases recorded in any chinese city this year. we're going to be having more from the city of the city of china from katrina. you in beijing? first we're going to go to rory. challenge for this report about what's happening in europe. david cases, a sky rocketing hand coded hospitalizations in england or event flyer. since during alarm bells ringing, there's an amik, ron serge, is about to crash over the already struggling national health service. so we keep them increasing, especially it of course the pressures are again, my thing week on week when you've got workforce, as i've said, that's already up to 550 for nurses on many more. and so 5 thing then of course the pressures are building and building and building. so what will it be like? and john, you re contingency plans being put in place to cope with existing hospital capacity
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becomes overwhelmed with new temporary boards built the house patients. 8 temporary hub, being built at hospitals around the country, each one with a capacity of $100.00 beds more sites of being planned for an extra $4000.00 beds. if needed, it, hope that none of this will ever be used. but if there just in case london is preparing for new year's eve, but with the big fireworks display cancel for a 2nd year, and only cron keeping people in doors celebrations will be much reduced. on the continent, new infection records the beaten, almost daily italy logged a 126000 on thursday up from wednesdays. 98000 testing centers becoming overwhelmed and tempers of fraying and i've been calling since 9 30 am. i'm exhausted. it was madness to book in. it took me 2 days to be able to book it. the only available spots were outside central room. so that's why i came here and i
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spent 5 hours in line 5 hours. greece is brought forward new restrictions which have been planned for early january, new year's eve aside bars, nightclubs, and restaurants will be forced to close at midnight with no standing customers and no music. as dismay in the hospitality sector will have the blood much. this is certainly for us in the restaurant sector, it is a disaster. that's the key word here. but on the other hand, you can't go against the health situation. i can't say i want to stay. i've been in work while people are dying, greece, italy, and the u. k. have all seen record numbers of cases in recent days, and it's likely there are more records to come, will reach helen's. how does era london? well, as we mentioned, millions of people and said china city of john are going to spend new years eve, confined to their homes that are reports that people, they're struggling to find food supplies that go live now to katrina you in beijing,
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just give us an update and what's happening in shan, 1st of all, tina well, this is china's more severe look down since we had the city where this pandemic originated last year, 13000000 people for the most part, unable to leave their homes for exercise, or even to collect essential supplies. so we've had about $1200.00 cases reported since the beginning of december. the latest figures on friday was 161 new infections documented by the authorities. and we've had some residents on social media increasingly complain of that lack of access to fresh food. now this seems to be a logistical issue. this city is under tide, control, transport in and out of it is very difficult, right now. most businesses have been forced to close, it's very difficult to get food delivery. and resident say they're very frustrated . now the government says they are aware of this issue. they are trying to respond
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to it, but people who live the say they're not responding quickly enough. and of course, the authorities are focus on trying to control this outbreak. they're trying to get those numbers now. and over 100 cases reported every day this week the trying to get those down to single digits in the next few weeks. and of course we're only a few months away. i think from the winter olympics, which are going to be held in china. this presumably is going to have some sort of impact on what's going to be happening with those that's right. the government is under enormous pressure to get this outbreak under control. they don't want to be juggling this outbreak and she, which is a city not too far from aging. it's only about 2 hours fly away, while at the same time hosting the winter olympics, which opens in february for now china say they are prepared to host the lympics when it opens at that date, we would just ourselves in john lee john jock code that area which will be the
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venue for the olympics. all the facilities already, the hotels already. they will all shut to the public before january 4th. so they'll be a full month what all these results will be closed in order to prepare for this big event. now the difficulty is china is still maintaining a 0 tolerance approach to the bar, so the boarders will remain shot at all. those coming to china about $30000.00 to participate in the games that athletes and the support staff, etc. they will be confined to very tightly controlled bubble, and they will not essentially be allowed to interact with the why to chinese public . now, there has been a lot of questions about what the authorities confident that this will help to control the spread. of course, they say that they've had test events over the last few weeks and months and older . the have been some cases that they have been able to, i guess, sealed lower cases off from the wider public. but the question is, how well we have spectators attend, which is something that beijing has promise to the olympic committee,
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having spectators attend the events. unlike during tokyo, we still don't know details as to how chinese spectators will be able to go. it will only be locals who were able to watch these events, not overseas participants, but we still don't know whether that means they will have to themselves quarantine after the events or before the events. there's still a lot of questions that need to be answered about that. yeah, certainly. katrina you in beijing? katrina. thank you very much. indeed. south africa says it's going to lift a midnight to for a m curfew. the government believes it's past the peak of the 4th wave of coven 19 . a spike was driven by the armor con variant, which was 1st identified by scientists in the country. israel has become the 1st country in the world to approve of force. vaccine dos. the booster shot will be given to people aged over 60, and those with weakened immune systems. the residence of russia and the u. s. have spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bit to deescalate tensions over ukraine. the bio says the call between joe biden
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of levy, a put in lasted 50 minutes. biden repeated the threat of sanctions of moscow invades ukraine. put in responded that such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. john henry, get more from washington dc. in a 50 minute conversation between us president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin, the 2 sides laid out their diplomatic positions over growing tensions in ukraine. that is where a 100000 russian troops are amassed on the russian side of that border. after that, talk us press secretary for the president. jim saki issued a statement saying, quote, president biden urged russia to de escalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for diplomacy. she went on to say that the president reiterated that substantive
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progress in these dialogues can occur only in an environment. de escalation, rather than escalation. then we have the response from the russian side assistant to president vladimir putin. uri you shock, i've said one conclusion was underscored if the security negotiations are successful, it should naturally lead to certain normalization of relations and perhaps an improvement in bilateral relations. the conversation with entirely focused on issues of security guarantees instead. and he went on to say that these conversations will continue at a lower level in europe in january. the russian position is clear. it wants to, once i legally bindings guarantee that ukraine will never enter nato when it wants to make sure that later weapons are never stationed in ukraine or other buffer countries around russia. the u. s. position is that that is a decision between ukraine and nato. and it can't be decided in bilateral talks
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between the us and russia. ship the u. s. is also threatened economic sanctions against russia if it were to invade ukraine with all of those troops amassed on the border. president putin says that would cause a rupture in relations. in the usa, colorado hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires, driven by high winds, engulfed to cities near denver. these alive pictures from boulder county in colorado. you can see the extent of some of the fires there. it's been described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate immediately. the strong winds are reported to have brought on power lines leading to several grass fires in the area. of cam is fire down all the old. it matters very little time to get out very little time to even get the most of your life and yes,
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process with rebuild still had on all, does it a thousands of people in northwest me him are trying to escape unrelenting attacks by the military and is the talk winds down on 2021. we looked back at some of the biggest stories covered by al jazeera. ah hello, here's your headlines for the americas. nice to see you. that warm push of air continues across the gulf of mexico pushing inland these numbers. way out of whack here in new orleans that twice have degrees. it's almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be for this time, the year potential to see some storms flare up across georgia on friday. so continue keep tabs on that temperature is also above average for eastern parts of
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canada toward the northeast. look at d. c. 14 degrees, quite mild, but if we head to the white straight now, this is where all that extreme cold air is, vancouver just a high minus 3 extreme cold alerts, a blanket, alberta, edmonton, just a high minus 27 degrees and all what whether that was in california has now pivoted toward the east. it's impacting arizona. we could get into some downpours for phoenix and heavy snow through the rockies to be expected on friday. some rain likely to stream in 2 areas of costa rica and panama on friday is wall acapulco stellar forecast. for you, with a high of 31 degrees, storms are bubbling up through the pay ruffian andes into the amazon basin out toward the south atlantic. but things are starting to dry out across by years stay, but still some thunder storms in the forecast for rio de janeiro. and so paulo on friday that said, see soon, ah, the coveted beyond well taken without hesitation,
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fulton died for the palo defines aloud, and honestly, babies were dying. i did it, not that your baby is neglected, babies to death, beeble empower, investigates, exposes, and question. so the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera ah ah, ah, watching or is it a reminder about top stories this our global corona virus cases have hit a record high over the past 7 days, with almost
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a 1000000 detected on average each day the u. s. is the worst affected accounting for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. the u. s. and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bit to deescalate tensions over ukraine. joe biden repeated the threat of sanctions of moscow in vanes ukraine put in, responded that such a move could lead to a complete breakdown of ties in the usa to colorado. hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires, driven by high winds, engulfed to cities near denver is being described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate immediately. a group of your hunger refugees who spent days at sea in a damage boat have been rescued by indonesian authorities. the boat was told by a navy ship off the coast of ha province, a 120 people, mainly women and children. this embarked in the poor city of coin grand. okay. but had been given a temporary accommodation. they had been trying to reach malaysia with jessica
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washington is joining me alive now from jakarta. jessica just took us through what's been happening on to the people on the boat. well, overnight, it was an exhausting journey to make it to the coast of anti province. we understand that it took around 10 hours in that effort of towing. the unsee worthy vessel, as it has been deemed by the you and hcr to the shore, took around 10 hours because of bad conditions, strong winds, and strong ways. but finally, their exhausting journey is now over and the refugees are now safely in indonesia. so now we have a clear picture of exactly who was on board $105.00 people in total, including asian men, 50 women, and $47.00 children. and according to the you and see these individuals were at sea for at least 3 weeks. as i mentioned, their vessel was damaged and unsee worthy and
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a short while ago we heard from the you and hcr in a statement which noted that it's thank to indonesia for once again, proving its humanitarian spirit. and setting an example for the rest of the region . what happens now do you and hcr stuff are on the ground working with the indonesian government as well as community groups to assist the rank of refugees with their immediate needs, including food, medical checks, and other essentials, while they stay in this temporary government facility in north archie, but beyond that, we don't know where they will end up staying. indonesia does not allow the permanent resettlement of refugees, but at least for now, we can say with certainty that this group of 105 people are finally safe. jessica, thank you very much. indeed, this just in washington in jakarta, human rights groups accusing government forces in northwest minima of killing civilians and destroying their homes. john video which matches satellite images,
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shows smoke billowing from the town of lang and she state. the military hasn't commented on the allegations. tony chang, reports from the me in law border fires burn in the hill, top town of tent, along and chin state northwest and mamma. the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns, $10000.00 residents, have fled across the nearby border into india, powerless to do anything to save their homes. others fled chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to eat in the creek about what i mean. but especially in my 2 p, there was a here food shortage. the people couldn't access to farms also, as the military had placed my zondaway, no transportation was available and people couldn't go from one be led to another. internet access and phone lies were shut. satellite photos show how starting in
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september, systematic and coordinated attacks destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these tactics often associated with me and mas, military and all, because the residents had shown resistance to february's military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mia mars majority, ethnic group opposition has been greatly put down in saigon, this woman shrieks with grief after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military. mia mars government and politicians in exile condemned the alleged war crimes that military every day. committee crimes terrorist act against the people be better die and is, is comparable on bryce that international crimes against humanity. sil, thank you for making stay meant. thank you for your concern. but the current situation remind you,
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aren't you in no more actions of concrete actions to start that kind of military actions? did you stop there, illegal military daria's? and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity, save the children, now confirm to be amongst the charred remains. in the past, month alone, there have been credible stories of mia mars military perpetrating massacres in sagen district and kaya state. in the past week, thousands of civilians have poured into thailand, telling stories of air strikes that have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup. it appears all the fears about an unchecked military rule inside myanmar are coming to fruition tony cheng l to 0 on the me or my border. united states has condemned the killing of at least 4 protesters by security forces in sudan that were shot in on vermont were thousands of people have
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rallied against the recent military takeover demonstrators of the capital. how to him, of it approaching the presidential palace. they want the military to stay out of government affairs during a transition to free elections. i am at val has more from cartoon earlier in the day. the impression was that to this day, sir, protest was a, a less violent and the numbers are full testers. less than during the, the, the previous occasions. but, you know, as the day progressed, it became clear that because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach cartoon to cross the ridges into thing. central cotton air that made the major consultation took place in on doorman itself, particularly in their street called sharon albin at. thus where of those protesters were killed. 4 of them, according to medical sources, and also sources from the side of the year of the revolutionaries. the resistance committees, it, it's
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a major situation they'll not only those 4 that have been killed but also an unknown number of people injured. and that the indication of the, the, the big size of this air of this dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by 3 doctors unions who called on their colleagues to go to the hospital in sharon, are buying the street of are buying and also in the under man hospital to help or with the treatment of the, of those who have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations. also even the state, the cotton state ministry of health has issued me a similar ass statement, calling on doctors to go to those 3, those 2 hospitals to help with the year the treatment of the wounded god. his ear has been told that an agreement to revive iran's nuclear deal with world powers is still far off. the 8th round of talks between diplomats commenced in vienna on monday. so as,
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as close to negotiations say there's deep disagreement surrounding tech trans demand for us sanctions to be lifted immediately. they say the talks are going in a good direction, but that the lack of momentum to achieve results within a reasonable timeframe. well, as those talks take place, iran's launched a satellite carrier into space earlier on thursday, se tv and video of the launch, but didn't say whether the rocket actually reached orbit. the us just complained about previous launches because of fears, the technology could advance trans ballistic missile program. defenders of the environment say they want the colombian government to protect them. human rights watch says more than a $150.00 activists were killed last year. as criminal groups try to get their hands in lucrative natural resources on a sandra ron pierre, to report from northern columbia to dies in community leaders of the magdalena may the region in central columbia have secretly gathered in this hotel conference room . their meeting with government officials to ask for protection. some
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leaders have been killed for speaking out against criminal elements in their communities. others have received death threats. most people do and we've seen a fair increase in violence for at 2021 from residual rebel group to near paramilitary groups that we politicians, business men, public officials, 3 faith clashes and targeting of leaders with killing. and especially my area is where fracking project underway in oscar told us that he's been treated by criminals. he claims are responsible for dumping toxic waste, cultural or protected areas near the city of butler and better me. her the government has provided him with a daytime body guard of flat jackets in a panic button, but he says the security measures there are no match for the armed groups who operate with impunity, which has a florida, we escape the government institution, they should be recourse about the reason or attorney general inspector general the bartman. often you have
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a way because they have been co opted by the criminal group to see human rights organizations say, a 160 so called social environmental leaders have been killed in columbia in 2021. although the government of you and duke says it's doing all it can to protect him, well if what is up all ago. but despite what the government's claims critic say, it simply hasn't done enough. the corruption and violence in the countryside is directly related to the 5 decades old civil war that officially ended in 2016, but still reverberates throughout the country. has to do more in terms of protecting communities that are more of the month, the group that are responsible for these 2 point b or under the corporate. the court has been ignored. it has been forgotten by the columbia national ombudsman recognizes. there are difficulties in the
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implementation of a toro protection system. i think that we can't hide. there have been issues with the implementation of the 2016 pace deal with font that offered more protection. and append demik is my things which are the protection of leaders. especially in remote areas, but this is the 1st government to introduce public policy or design exclusively for social leaders. so we hope things will get better. but experts believe only a profound transformation of the institutions task with protecting these communities could really make a change in the life of these leaders who are the last line of defense for their people and the environment. allison them, beauty al jazeera barranca, bitter mesa. mourners in south africa, her pay their final respects to anti apartheid icon. desmond to, to the archbishop's bodies lying in state is in george's cathedral. and cape town before sat at his funeral, south africans at observing a week of national mourning for today who died on sunday aged 90. it was the 1st
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black archbishop of cape town and rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid. as we can't done to 2022, here's a look back at some of the biggest stories al jazeera has covered in the past year . let's walk down pennsylvania avenue ah, the u. s. capital building under not however, her my responsibility to validate with what is known as her always just me. i'm on democratically elected leadership team as the military stage to
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the general sort of a bit less. they couldn't have been more wrong with the final departure of the u. s. military. opposite 20 years. i believe this is the right to switch a violent day over dangerous days. still ahead. no way with garza feel safe with i'll just 0 will not be silenced. ah, didn't about him is ripping around the world. you see there right? by the present via black of political will selfishness and miss to know the new all the comb barian to spread it. 2022 must be the year we end the funding
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code. read at a much oh wow. no planet. there is no sign in blah, blah, blah blah blah. i'm deeply sorry ah, the open government us call the fight against that to get a reference on the special down general to have a say they don't want me to hold
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it always like only we're brave enough to see only we're brave enough. ah, ah, this is all just here. these are the top stories friday box 2 years since china told the world health organization about an illness similar to pneumonia that since become known as covert 19, the city of chun is battling the biggest community outbreak. the countries, the seen this year global corona virus cases have it a record high over the past 7 days with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. the u. s. is the worst affected accounting for nearly one in 3 cases in the world. the u. s. and russian presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and a bit deescalate.


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