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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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exp produce the best manure for making briquettes, because their dogs generally dry. given the urgent need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. a similar systems in the pipeline to use human waste to power towns and cities around the world. for now, this zoo is leading the way in creating a self sustaining power station by simply harnessing some of the best fuel nature house to offer. need barker al jazeera hampshire. ah. or one of the top stories on how to 0. he is celebrations around the world, hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running. as kevin 19 infections saw, global cases hit a record high of the past 7 days, with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. more than 1700000 infections were
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registered on wednesday alone. the u. s. makes up nearly a 3rd of these cases with almost 490000 confirmed mike hannah has more from washington d. c. well, certainly the variance of the virus are sweeping through all parts of the united states in washington dc. here in the district, for example, there's been a 900 percent increase in infections over the past 2 weeks. now that's a massive impact. that's a massive increase and you can extrapolate that across most of the regions of the united states to give you just some sort of sense about how quickly the variance are increasing in terms of impression rates throughout the country. record case numbers are being registered across europe. france recorded more than 200000 new cases the 2nd day in a row. and you case reported another 189000 infections. it's drawing up plans for temporary field hospitals to help deal with the omicron sedge. south africa announced its midnight to 4 am. if you will now be lifted. government believes
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country has passed the peak of its 4th cove wave. a spike was driven by the only cross variant, which was 1st identified by scientists in south africa. she did need security forces have killed at least 4 protested during the latest demonstrations against october's military takeover. and the doctor's committee aligned with the protest movements, as the fall was shot dead and under man, and dozens more were injured. tens of thousands of people have been rallying, demanding, the military remove itself from government to the us and russian. presidents have spoken for the 2nd time in this month in it's a bit to de escalate tensions over ukraine. the white house, as the call between joe biden and bradley putin lasted 15 minutes. russia has repeatedly denied that its planning to invade its neighbor, despite massing tens of thousands of troops along the border. to stay with us yolanda 011 east is coming up next on his feet. after that i for now,
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americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like try to covered up what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera, smoky skies, polluted waters and migrant workers facing a big issue. a just a few of the issues facing chinese, the thighs today. but drawing attention to the masses in china can be risky. the been through performing fobs about are not said on the actual day wishing them you don't wish, as you were the most of us for our food. so a deeply personal basil, the pin scenario that joe made an uncle johnny phillip when
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i get down to the with the yo long giant fashion, one o one, a scholars, one man struggles is he confronts china's biggest problems and he's on dude, ah, which advisor show up with well, we'll put that aside. oh, i know with ah, it's 2015. it's awesome. turns to with
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a young man pushes an industrial that kid cleanup along the streets, evasion, mace, not brother, one of the most active performance art in china today. they will feel met in toys, and she knows and issue he's on a fit on me. and she got today, he's trying to until one of the capitals, most iconic building, beijing's olympic park to a
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with me not brother, attracts attention every way he guide after 100 days of vacuuming up smoke, he makes a brick out of the dumb. he's collected months ago, son bill saw you. i'm in town for like i go for a, a shelby on with my name a
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this with our project not brother, who shot a lot on one of the biggest issues facing the china today. a me and they talk to the normal go and not say it's a lot of the funds. i used to live with a you know, what is a 3 is leisha, a village in china. it's shawn, she province catches not brothers attention. local say it's environment has been severely pollution by coal and gas marketing. b a g o 2. now go. sanchez and funny about
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him also. not more, you know, send me well then you should aladin puzzle and beautiful good when you know, and i hope you would hold that shit out of funny. would i to what i would on some issues at all. you thought i got the from a she is so you want to say it was a way to look for volunteers will say came with all the all knowledge division obvious knowledge not. mm hm. a village is tell not brother livestock to drunk polluted water for more than a decade
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really where the total was anxious, whatever the casual shirt being lending young here the you know the to the actual oh, i think you could you hear me one on a truck so much here i the visual
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with me the told you kind of like you told me i should hear that julia show me where she could get to to talk i am
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guessing, you know, i mean genius time or either those are sent out they say they complaints to the government have gone nor where the artist is determined to draw attention to. they bought a lot with you know what, so what is your goal? you want to go in? jump on. so what i'm all about so you obviously not listen to these are not chem moods. i mean you don't know what us know. then you had to sign
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it? yes. just so you're just the millions and you had a sponsor coma hood of either good or no. no massage annual. why didn't we do? yes, i do come for yeah. so as little than 2 months ago so. so on the surgeon santo was such an issue, senator and she had come though to do and when you go to some illness, i mean are curator shayhan home been is here to help not brother with these projects, but they've struck resistance around in general with jim what engine? wonderful, yes. but meanwhile, the village chief says,
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the artist will be arrested if he continues his work. but it doesn't stop. you could please, with a local villages help fill up the bottles of wine of china's most populous greenwater brass with their own local water with a dazzling air. wish it turns out it was alma. now ma'am, anyhow. but with local pressure, magic not brother knew he had to act fast with any advice nor holligan's. it means to load all shell normally that out. so when you look engine rebellion
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a with after evading the authority, the secret cargo finally arrives in beijing. not brother. can now prepare his exhibition of 10000 bottles of pollution border it quickly attract visitors with the military. those down the mall says with but just over a week later, the exhibition is forced to close optic appliance by the water brand and the landlord to florida. yeah, we've been, i was visiting the thing ah, in the, in the all you are,
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you gave it got, how are they in on sunday to fall? thought all of you say all but dollars hotel. i did i old saw nobody will hunt. you wanna to sing the song despite the exhibitions short run, it attracted nationwide media attention and prompted the authorities to start an investigation into the villages water quality. one year later, not brother returns to the village in shank, she province. although the government gave the farmer's water purifies and dug them deeper wells, he believes the root cause of the pollution has not been addressed. near the gas wealth, not brother waves, a white flag in a symbolic act of surrender, to highlight the company's power. and let us
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know was how michelle has the valid through the slide. so me and a guy and john dot a u engine in junior pretty well. yeah, i don't want to run you. should you try julia junior. v ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i'm with old woman. luck will be area because of that. how america are correct. holly children, i'm hired a lot of people that i don't know. all right, just a month ago, i heard about a lot of good up said
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on the yet you that they wish and grandma you'd and wish you had your the wasn't a syllabus at all. a a good mind workers not only followed not brother, but also send intermediaries, who he says offer here i us will literally that will here. ah, you here to look very good though. you got a lot easier for you. she wasn't, she had awfully read. she's all with her and to love, you know i, i did not ever push a good idea since i was young about that. oh,
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it was a lot better. so one solution, the she ways anemia, causal ta see go you got the dog be outside of good talking sales on on enjoy that i chose a tile ones in sales. i so wish and anemia jeweler, earl rollison, she cheered, and she sighs. so wishing on him it's yellen, gelatin? oh, it didn't take long for not braga to become involved in another issue that was causing a stir. oh, can you can i help you with sins in was once a wired fishing village in southern china. bit in just
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a few decades, it's become china's blooming silicon valley with 13000000 residents. most of the migrant workers leading densely packed apartment building. but now the residence of shin didn't buy shoes or district addiction. the government plans to demolish their homes to make way, believe we did new development in the areas migrant families giving not brother toys belonging to their children. when they are evicted, they sons and daughters will be forced to drop out of school. the artist wants the whole country to know what's going on with water nunez. this war,
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what it does is it films window into not values when you go by. and so any questions about 920 those i'm yes is allan does not look good. but did all you saw judah again telling me this young one in the west of the woods up? i little with tool now was this in another one on these on the news to hold us on the children's no, don't play with it can gotcha. and she got in, i mean i can, you know, that was with goes on to any ave goes on john donald or she put in the sugar said yeah, yes. yeah. yeah, they are. yeah, that's a bothers all iowa
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. i am. a realtor with this is miss. yeah i you are not brother and he's take place hundreds of the donated toys across an open spice and use an excavator to throw them one by one over the c border
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to the you guys. johnson. as soon as i know that you want to tell them face in terms of culture or you know, sentence a lot it doesn't take long for lauren force meant to arrive in the american house. yeah. then on a day to day. so you wouldn't see anybody on the minutes a meal put on a job for you don't just tell you the with
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twotango with a no no, no a by showing it almost always. yeah. so on, on a home jordan, are you there were on sentences and kind of crazy. now we just always have 2 officers out there. yeah. without the necessary permission from the village committee. not brothers project is shut down . i was on either can't do that, but here's another i had. so i had so high his art performance shins in doles only lasted 4 hours. a week later, not brother was taken in for police questioning. he was released without charge 24
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hours later. the public outcry slowed down the demolition plan full barshan joel. the government also promised to make arrangements for the areas children to continue their school a year later. some of the students a still attending school, but most of already been forced to late to lay low for a wall, not brother, head back to his hometown, a small village in who bay province. se china. good. so it was, shall the thought and thing as the digital job you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll humble that song on your honey old
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thing. good thing a soul is elwoods on say, funny fund i now shall i miss cynthia badge. what's any good? so no one's in. bah to day not brother is helping. he's try chilly. but it's a beast. sweet family reunion. a good tin to nat geo that you're a new song. sends an email to digest you the full mouth out. that'd be it. how will somebody, i'm isabella's, you know, somebody to non tells how m isn't turned in. this is angela was made an uncle john emma julia. when i get down here,
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she is on c l a. d o i a long time dash in his father. he's too shy to speak on camera, but not brother knows he's worried about chosen china will fail. who is that? i'm is a well away. we'll waive on. well, we will honestly, and that was on, you know, not knowledge in will mail funds will choose to reality here the choosing. got to talk to you. i just not brothers family like he's out one of them. you are happy to see him home, but they struggled to understand his life as an artist. just
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quickly. i think it will all. he's a you not them that okay. yeah. oh yeah, it will make give enough unless they withdraw my god with ah, no problems. art has brought attention to some of the biggest issues facing chinese today, but perhaps his biggest challenge is bonding away to balance his work with the responsibility he feels towards his family. who has, you know, family room. so i believe, well, if you go to school shows,
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you got a job, you know john sawyer, the jail and joe joe with josh on other thomas, yoko ah, ah, sales on tiffany. dr. village was in the old notes. oh john. oh. then you knew, are you a shout to close it out as that? ah, ah, even though he's been threatened and obstructed, not brother hasn't stopped creating ought to shine alive on controversial issues.
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he continues speaking, ask about society, he's ill. the best way he knows how bald brush and defiant mm. from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guests in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get a land to port son meet i asia, i can be this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera in 2002 coins and bank notes mark the launch of the euro today is the official currency of 19 of the 27 member
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states of the european union. on the 20th anniversary of the euro entering circulation, al jazeera investigates how the eurozone benefited from having unofficial currency . oh, be the hero in the world news for washer, for, ah! for the 2nd time this month, the u. s. and russian leaders talk by phone at a time of rising tensions between moscow and the west. ah, and money inside this is out there, life and doha will. so coming up, corona vars cases inching to to 1000000 globally with the u. s. alone accounting for nearly half a 1000000 cases.


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