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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah . global throne of ours cases saw to a record high for this positive news from south africa, which says its 4th covered wave appears to have piqued ah, dana, this is al jazeera life from london was coming up for protests as killed as soon as security forces cracked down on the thousands, marching against military rule, the u. s. and russian presidents hold their 2nd call this month with rising tensions over ukraine again topping the agenda, and south africans stream into
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a cape town cathedral to pay their last respects the anti apartheid icon. desmond tutu. ah, hello, new year celebrations around the world are hardly been scaled back for the 2nd year running as co infection saw global crew and of ours cases had a record high of the past 7 days, with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. or the 1700000 infections were registered on wednesday alone, due in part to a lag in reporting over christmas. the united states makes up nearly one 3rd of these cases. with almost 490000 confirmed health experts or warning americans to prepare for severe disruption in the coming weeks, as the virus threatens hospitals, schools, and other sectors. the search is being driven by both delta and ami kron variance,
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but hospitalizations and deaths remain well below previous peaks. europe is also seeing a massive rise in cupboard 19 cases, crowns recorded more than 200000 new cases for the 2nd day in a row. and the u. k is reported to another 189000 infections. some of the junk can be attributed to the christmas holiday period, but hospitals are still under huge pressure. and the u. k is now drawing up pans, her temporary field hospitals to cope with the surge, as were a challenge, reports from london. wow. cases, a skyrocketing home, that is ations in england, or event during alarm bells ringing. there's an ami kron serge. it's about to crash over the already struggling national health service. so if we keep them increasing, especially it, of course the pressures are, again, my thing week on week when you've got workforce, as i've said, that's already up to 550 for nurses on many more. and so 5 thing then of
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course the pressures are building and building and building. so what will it be like? and john, you re, contingency plans are being put in place to cope with existing hospital capacity, becomes overwhelmed with new temporary boards built a house patients, 8 temporary surge hub, being built at hospitals around the country, each one with a capacity of $100.00 beds more sites of being planned for an extra $4000.00 bed, if needed, it hopes that none of this will ever be used. but if they're just in case london is preparing for new year's eve, but with the big fireworks display cancel for a 2nd year and on, the kron keeping people endorse celebrations will be much produced on the continent . you infection records repeated almost daily. italy logged a 126000 on thursday up from wednesdays. 98000 testing sent his becoming
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overwhelmed and temp as a frame since then i've been showing since 930 and it was madness. it took me 2 days to be able to locate the only available spot. we're outside of central room. so that's why i came here and i spent 5 hours in like 5 hours. greece is brought forward new restrictions which have been planned for early january, new year's eve aside bars, night clubs and restaurants be forced to close at midnight's with no standing customers and no news. it has dismay of a hospitality factor the william glover must this be a food in there of certainly for us in the restaurant sector, it is a disaster. that's the key word here. but on the other hand, you can't go against the health situation. i can't say i want to stay open and work while people are dying, greece, italy, and the u. k. have all seen record numbers of cases in recent days,
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and it's likely there are more records to come, will reach helen's how to 0 london. russia has overtaken brazil is the country that the 2nd highest death toll from covered 19 as, according to a calculations by the reuters news agency. official data shows more than $87000.00 russians died from code 19 last month, bringing its total virus rated fatalities to more than $658000.00 people. the russian authorities are encouraging people to get their booster shots and have ordered hospitals to prepare for surgeon cases driven by omicron. some positive news from south africa, though the government is announced that it's midnight to 4 anchor. if you will now be lifted as the country is believed to have passed the peak of its 4th cove, it wave a spike was driven by the omicron variant, which was 1st identified by scientists in south africa. the government says it will also let alcohol shop stay open past 11 p. m. if their license is lowered, many people in locked downs, chinese city of shan,
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say they're struggling to find enough food. despite the authorities insisting enough supplies are being delivered. packages of eggs, meat and vegetables have been delivered door to door in the city of 13000000 officials. they've handed out hundreds of tons of free food and supplies in recent days. but they're asking people to show understanding and tolerance as they smooth out what they call discrepancies. young john one is a senior fellow for global health at the council on foreign relations. he says the shot knocked down is incredibly straight, because beijing is losing confidence in its vaccine compared to the previous lockdown some of the cds. this is a real hard lockdown and people are not allowed to step out the now the many of the us this, the stores by a closed you know, a schools a close the public transportation or being a cease to our to operate our so it,
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so basically her entire cd, right, is there being like, sees to operate in china, you know, already, right via the government and as seems to be less confident about effectiveness of their vaccines. you fact yang, they have more than 99 percent of the people vaccinate it, at least one dose of the neck to where it vaccines. but the seo year, rely on, are this extreme lockdown measures to contain the spread of the virus ah, to the security forces of kill it. nice for protest is during the latest demonstrations against october's military takeover and doctor's committee aligned with the protest movements. as the 4 was shot dead in under man, and dozens more were injured,
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tens of thousands of people have been running across the country, demanding the military remove itself from government, phone and internet services were shut down to try to disrupt the demonstrations. and val has more from coaching earlier in the day, the impression was that to this day's protests was a less violent and the numbers of justice less than during the, the previous occasions. but you know, as the day progressed, it became clear because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach cotton, to cross the hoods into that central hufton air that the mate, the major consultation took place in on government itself, particularly in their street called shara albany at thus, where our goals are protest as were killed, 4 of them, according to medical sources, and also sources from the side of the year. of the revolutionaries, the resistance committees, it's
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a major situation. they'll not only those 4 that have been killed, but also an unknown number of people injured. and that the indication of the, the, the big size of this, or of this a dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by the doctor's unions who called on their colleagues to go to the hospital in sharon, are buying the street of a, by an adult saw in the under man hospital to help her with the treatment of the those who have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations. also even the state, the cotton states, ministry of health has issue. the me a similar as statement calling on doctors to go to those 3, those 2 hospitals to help with the year. the treatment of the wounded, the u. s. and russian president, so spoken for the 2nd time this month in a bit to de escalate tensions over ukraine at the white house as the coal between joe biden and vladimir putin lasted 50 minutes. and they held
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a natural summit on december the 7th, and about a stain contact on the issue. russia has repeatedly denied its planning to invade its neighbor, despite massing tens of thousands of troops along the border, where john hendern joined his life from washington, d. c. john, what do we know about the that caught in the conversation so far? well beyond that, not a lot. it's not clear whether vladimir putin wants to escalate the situation or de escalate it. but he's the one who initiated this call. the kremlin confirms of that call took place but has not said more about it. the white house is expected to give us a read out within the next hour or so. but we know what the main issues were. yes, they talked about upcoming security conference talks in geneva in january. they also talked about probably talked about around nuclear program and in effort to rekindle multilateral effort to try to deal with them on that. but really the main topic was certainly ukraine. that is apparently why put in,
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initiated this call there a 100000 russian troops on the border of ukraine. right now. that's got the u. s. a and nato allies. very concerned. and i imagine what happened is probably not too dissimilar from what happened in the december 7th call over. there's been a lot of diplomacy behind the scenes. some of it just today, between the secretary of state antony blinking and reload. amir zelinski, the ukrainian leader. but in that december 7th call, according to a white house read out, president biden said we would respond. the us would respond with strong economic measures with increased defense aid to ukraine and increased fortification of nato allies on the eastern flank. the president in that call urged de escalation, but potent has initiated this gall apparently because he's not getting what he wants. he's very concerned about what he says is a u. s. re arming of former soviet republics near russia. that's his main
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concern, we should know within the hour what happened in that call and what they stand to get out of it to each side from, from this particular conversation, roger wants some security guarantees. it wants a guarantee, a legally binding guarantee that the u. s. will never allow ukraine to become part of nato. it wants to make sure that certain offensive weapons are not deployed in ukraine and for the us, the u. s. is right now really focused on those troops on the border of ukraine, wants them to, to be withdrawn. the u. s. is complaining, it had an understanding there would be $10000.00 and fewer troops on that reporter . and that, that has not happened. but what's really happening here is that potent seems to want to deal directly with the us about the fate of ukraine without involving ukraine. biden is said, each country has its own autonomy. when it comes to nato,
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it is up to those countries as to whether they want to join or not. we'll find out how that conversation went shortly. i think john 100, thank you very much. indeed. still come this half out, homes burnt, and found was forced to flee their towns new foot. it shows the men military attacks on its own people and fearing for their lives, colombia, environmental defenders, demand government protection as criminals. target natural resources. ah ah, hello. thank you for joining in the ne monsoon pepin up in intensity again. so let me show you what's going on that were seen those bouts of heavy rain for malays. it wasn't too long ago, we had some extreme flooding in colon port, so we could see some repeat scenes of that. also for the philippines,
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the ne bond soon cutting across central areas here. so bands of heavy rain to be expected, sebu has a high of $27.00 degrees. another shot of cold air come in for the korean peninsula . so just a high of minus 4 insole on friday where we have those low temperatures and precipitation. we're going to see a lot of snow across western japan, and in fact, for western horseshoe, we could pick up to 60 centimeters of snow that some disruptive snow. we may have some tropical activity cooking up in the coral. see here is it flips to the south in the east, this may impact new caledonia. and today's the council keep tabs on that. then it's all about the heat as we look toward adelaide at $38.00 degrees, but it's not going to last for much longer. a peak at the 3 day forecast as we head in to 2022. by monday, we're just at a high 25 degrees in breezy condition to be expected here on this weather report in new zealand right now, we're for a south western areas. we've got some rain rolling in on friday. that's it. we'll
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see again soon. take care. ah. the uses performance ought to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing shawnee card. $1.00 0, $1.00 east meets china's act with one out to 0. the listening post cuts through the noise, we're talking about competing now we're seeing monday schools use to perpetuate those competing. the listening post. your guide to the media follows just 0. lou ah,
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or one of the top stories you al jazeera, new year's celebrations around the world are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running. as coven infections saw, there is positive news out of south africa, which is now loosening restrictions. the government saying it's past it's only kron peak. sudanese security forces have killed at least 4 people and injured dozens more during a protest in the city of on demand demonstrations have been taking place across the country against the military takeover in october and years. president joe biden, and russian president vladimir putin of health a 2nd finkel this month, which lasted 15 minutes to believe, to discuss the increasing tensions over ukraine. but it has emerged of the destruction of a town and men laws northwest caused by foreign cars and artillery, launched by the military rights group say its further evidence of the armies brutal suppression of its opponents. the campaign in chins date has been taken place since september,
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causing thousands to flee tony chamber. fortunately tie me in my border fires burn and the hill top town of tent along and chin state northwest and mamma. the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns, $10000.00 residents, have fled across the nearby border and to india. powerless to do anything to save their homes. others fled chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to eat in the creek. i mean, but especially in my 2 p, there was a here food shortage. the people couldn't access their farms. also, as the military had placed miles on the away, no transportation was available and people couldn't go from one be led to another. internet access and phone lies were shut. satellite photos show how starting in september systematic uncoordinated attacks,
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destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these attack takes often associated with me and mars military. and all because the residents had shown resistance to february his military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mere mas majority, ethnic group opposition has been greatly put down in saigon, this woman shrieks with grief after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military, mere mars government and politicians, and exile condemned the alleged war crimes that military every day committee crimes, terrorist act against the people, the better to die and is, is compromise comprised that international crimes against the remedy. still, thank you for making stay meant. thank you for your concern. but the current situation. remind you archie, in our more actions of concrete actions,
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to start that kind of military actions and to stop their illegal military dairies. and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity save the children, now confirmed to be amongst the charred remains. in the past, month alone, there have been credible stories of mia mars military perpetrating massacres in saga district and kaya state. in the past week, thousands of civilians have poured into thailand, telling stories of air strikes that have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup. it appears all the fears about an unchecked military rule inside myanmar are coming to fruition tony cheng al jazeera and the me on my board. a damaged boat carrying were hanging migrants fleeing persecution from me and mar as arrived at a port in indonesia towed by its navy. the boat with most women and children on board had been drifting for days off the coast of the province while trying to
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reach malaysia. indonesia government decided to give them shelter on wednesday because conditions on the on board so bad. hundreds of ringing machines have been making the perilous journey to indonesia, a neighboring countries. in recent years. in afghanistan, millions of people at risk of famine as harsh winter conditions set in your nation's estimates. more than half the population already faces extreme levels of hunger. the country's economic crisis has been made worse by western nations, removing their financial support. also, the taliban seized power in august. on top of this, the worst drought in 125 years as ruined much of the wheat crop, and cent price is soaring when they are worried about how they survive the freezing temperatures with gas food. so i'm going to show my other near the girl film, there is no work for my husband. every day he goes to the market to find work. he carries rice and flour sacks for people. and some days he manages to make
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a little bit of money and some days he doesn't stuff old says you're the mother that have been big changes since the taliban took over. there is no work with prices have gone up and people have left the country. the problem situation is worse than before. there's no work at all. no sales people are jobless. everyone has lost the job and the price of every item has risen. environmental defenders, according on the colombian government, to do more to protect them. human rights watch says 160 social and climate activists were killed last year known as criminal groups, trying to get the hands on lucrative, natural resources. president even do case as he's doing all he can to ensure their safety. but critics strongly disagree as allison and get your reports from barranca or my ha, who does in community leaders of the magdalena may the region in central columbia have secretly gathered in this hotel conference room. their meeting with the government officials to ask for protection for some leaders have been killed for
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speaking out against criminal elements in their communities. others have received death threats. most people do and we've seen a fair increase in violence for at 2021 from residual rebel group to near paramilitary groups that we politicians, business men, public officials, 3 face clashes and targeting of leaders with killing us, especially in my area is where fracking project underway the oscar told us that he's been threatened by criminals. he claims are responsible for dumping toxic waste in cultural or protected areas near to city, but lack of better me. the government has provided him with the daytime body guard, a flat jacket in a panic button, but he says the security measures there are no match for the armed groups who operate with impunity. which as a folder, we scan the government institution, they should be recourse like the regional attorney, general inspector general. the numbers many often have
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a way because they have been co opted by the criminal regency human rights organizations say a 160 so called social environmental leaders have been killed in columbia in 2021. hold. oh, the government of you and duke, he says it's doing all it can to protect him. well if what is up all leeker. but despite what the government's claims, critic say, it's simply haven't done enough that corruption and violence in the countryside is directly related to the 5 decades old civil war that officially ended in 2016, but still reverberates throughout the country. has to do more in terms of protecting communities more of the month, the group that are responsible for these 2 point b, r o. under the corporate, the has been ignored. it has been forgot. then i went to
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columbia. the national ombudsman recognizes there are difficulties in the implementation of a toro protection system. i think that we can't hide that there have been issues with the implementation of the 2016 pace deal with fox that offered more protection . and the panoramic is my things which for the protection of leaders, especially in remote areas. but this is the 1st government to introduce a public policy or design exclusively for social leaders. so we hope things will get better. but experts believe only a profound transformation of the institutions task with protecting these communities could really make a change in the life of these leaders who are the last line of defense for their people and the environment. allison that i'm 50, and jesse ada, better and better me her warners in south africa paying their final respects to anti apartheid hero. desmond tutu. cape towns 1st, black archbishop has been lying in state in georgia cathedral and the lead up to
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his funeral on saturday, turning off reports from cape town. oh, honoring desmond tutu with song and pre, oh, hundreds flocked to saint george's cathedral where the archbishop once preached his message of peace and reconciliation. inside the revered anti apartheid hero lies in states. people of all ages, class and creed, sharing the hope of passing on the icons, torch to future generations to come was a big person that changed a lot of lives and even affected a lot of lives. and i feel it's important if you have the opportunity to come through pay your respects and you carry that message forward into future generations. and always remember, you know how to treat each other better. earlier in the day, his coffin was welcomed by the congregation. the archbishop family 1st shared
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a prayer other mourners soon followed. behind. the cathedral is engraved in south africa's history books as the people's church for keeping its doors open to all races during the apartheid era. the pulpit became a platform of power from where the freedom fighter spoke out against all injustices and oppression. eventually helping topple the brutal regime and bringing democracy to a nation. desperate for the end of white rule, the nobel peace prize winner will lie in state, allowing mourners to pay tribute and reflect upon his legacy until his funeral on new year's day. or he was everything to us. people reign, exile deep andre and robin island. if the country was bending, he was a hope at the time and haste in the hope to day. the simplicity of the services mirroring his selfless nature. crowds are expected to flow into cape town,
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saint george's cathedral, until the archbishop is finally laid to rest. and with just a simple glance, you can see that they represent the very ramble nation that desmond tutu fought so hard to sir. i'm also not that young no more. but i just hope that the younger folk, the children will take eat from what is done and i am. try and stand fool, fool, fool, fool. for the truth. stand for what is right and, and medical turn out. better for them. o, a faith in the nation's youth, the desmond tutu. so deeply shared join wolf, al jazeera cape town. a british soon become the 1st of its kind to generate renewable energy using animal waste. dropping us from zebras or ricks and other animals are converted into fuel using bio mass technology. he voc reports from
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hampshire morning at ma. well, zeus and dung patrols out eagerly collecting an abundance of bowel movements because where there's pu, let's power to generate heat and keep other parts of the sea warm. until recently, $600.00 tons a year. if the stuff was taken off site and composted with a significant carbon transport costs, but not any more, it's stephanie with us in the u. k. and as far as we know, it might well be the 1st in the world. i don't not azusa colleagues around the country all what she, what we're doing very closely. they're very keen to see whether they start work on it does work. they've also got the same problem. they've got lots of oil farm buildings. they've got lots of big buildings that need lots of hate and they've got lots of waste for, you know, how the 1st day works. food goes in waste. goes out as them brought by this boom, avail to their special energy center, and to get them picked up all the all bathing and manure. you can see an overall
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steam coming off already and, and dump it into this giant threader. after that, the manual goes through a series of pipes where it's dried and compressed into these highly combustible brackets that then fed into a furnace and use the heat, thousands of liters of water. sh. and these are some of the beneficiaries of all that posterior power. sant off the slot, native to the jungles of south america, could continue doing very little in the zoos. hot house, untroubled by the cold weather outside. and donnelly, the crocodile monitor, can stretch his scaly limbs and sub tropical climes. apparently, desert dwelling animals such as the oryx produced the best manure for making briquettes because their dogs generally dry. given the urgent need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. a similar systems in the pipeline to use human waste to
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power towns and cities around the world. for now, this zoo is leading the way in creating a self sustaining power station by simply harnessing some of the best fuel nature house to offer me barker al jazeera hampshire. ah. or one of the top stories on how to 0 new year celebrations around the world, hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running. as kevin 19 infections saw, global cases had a record high of the past 7 days with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. more than 1700000 in.


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