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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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is above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can lead the wards of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family, and gives hope and opportunity. a j select on al jazeera. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, lauren taylor, that is the al jazeera news. our live from london coming up global credit of ours cases saw to a record high, but as post of news from south africa, which says is 4th covered wave appears to have piqued people in the lockdown city of shan, say they're struggling to get enough food elsewhere. in china,
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the public shaming the 4 men who broke current rules causes an outcry for protests as killed as to, to need security courses, crackdown all the thousands marching against military rule and the u. s. and russian presidents hold their 2nd call this month with rising tensions over ukraine, again topping the agenda in school, the head of european football hits out of fans a house. the woke up every 2 years will not happen because it's a bad idea. not because we are opposing alex on the chair for an insist, the vast majority of fans are also against the idea. ah, you, your celebrations around the world are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running as code infections saw global corona,
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virus cases hit record high over the past 7 days, with almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. more than 1700000 infections were registered on wednesday alone. june part to a lag in reporting over christmas. united states makes up nearly one 3rd of these cases. with almost 490000 confirmed health experts are wanting americans to prepare for severe disruption in the coming weeks. as the virus threatens hospitals, schools, and other sectors. the search is being driven by both the delta and omicron variance, but hospitalizations and deaths remain well below previous peaks. europe is also seeing a massive rise in covered 19 cases. france recorded more than 200000 new cases for the 2nd day in a row. and the u. k is just reported another 189000 infections. some of the jump can be attributed to the christmas holiday period, but hospitals are still under huge pressure. and the u. k is now drawing up plans
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for temporary field hospitals to cope with a search as well. retrans reports from london. wow. cases, a skyrocketing home ations in england, or at that point during alarm bells ringing. there's an ami kron surge is about to crash over the already struggling national health service. so if we keep them increasing, especially it, of course the pressures are, again, my thing week on week when you've got workforce, as i've said, that's already up to 550 for nurses on many more. and so i feel as saying, then of course, the pressures are building and building and building. so what will it be like? and john, you re contingency plans of being put in place to co existing hospital capacity becomes overwhelmed with new temporary boards built the house patients. 8 temporary surge hub, being built at hospitals around the country, each one with
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a capacity of $100.00 beds more sites of being planned for an extra $4000.00 bed. if needed, it, hope that none of this will ever be used. but if there just in case london is preparing for new year's eve, but with the big fireworks display cancel for a 2nd year and micron keeping people in doors celebrations will be much produced on the continent. new infection records repeated almost daily. italy logged a 126000 on thursday up from wednesdays. 98000 testing, sent his becoming overwhelmed and temper as a frame. since then i've been showing since 930. i am on the job. it was madness. it took me 2 days to be able to locate the only available spot outside the central room. so that's why i came here and i spent 5 hours in 5 hours. greece is brought forward new restrictions which have been planned for early
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january, new year's eve aside, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants were be forced to close at midnight with no standing customers. and no music has dismay in the hospitality sector. see what the blood must certainly for us in the restaurant sector, it is a disaster. that's the key word here. but on the other hand, you can't go against the health situation. i can't say i want to stay. i've been in work. and while people are dying, grief, italy and the u. k. have all seen record numbers of cases in recent days. and it's likely there are more records to come, will reach helen's. how does era london russia has overtaken brazil is the country with the 2nd highest death toll from cove at 19, according to calculations by the waters news agency. official data shows more than $87000.00 russians died from kevin 19 last month, bringing its total virus relations fatalities to more than $658000.00 people. the russian authorities are encouraging people to get their booster shots and of
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ordered hospitals to prepare for surgeon cases driven by omicron. there's some positive news from south africa though the government is announced that it's midnight for am, if you will not be lifted. and countries believe to have passed the peak of its force covert wave. the spike was driven by the o micron variant, which was 1st identified by scientists in south africa. because it says also net alcohol shop stays in the past 11 pm if their licenses allow it release in southern china, a facing a widespread backlash for parading for men through the streets. in a public shame exercise, the menu accused or transporting undocumented migrants or the countries borders remain largely closed because of coven 19. they were paraded and has not suit carrying plaque cards with their photos and names surrounded by police in riot gear . shing she city, critic say it's a heavy handed approach, probation correspond katrina, you have more videos were circulating on white board,
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chinese version of twitter, but they have since been taken down for the most part after spock and quite a lot of backlash. them mixed comments? think a lot of people were shocked because these public shaming exercises very unusual to see today, but they were very common during china's cultural revolution. the period of the 961970 is a very chaotic time. and for those alive who can remember it's a period that they would rather forget. and since then, public shaving has actually been outlawed here in china and i was just going back to those videos what we can see, a police parading for people around before a crowd. these people are in the hazmat or protection gear. they are wearing black cards around the next that seem to have their photographs. now these men have been reportedly sentenced for trafficking people across the vietnamese border. and just for a little bit of context, this is taking place in the city of ging, she,
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china's province of wong. she. this is relative to china is a very poor area. it's quite a small city on the border. and in recent months, ging, she is actually arrested incentives, dozens of people for similar crimes of trafficking. now in china we have this 0 tolerance approach to covet 19, but the border areas in particular are very vulnerable to outbreaks because of the poor smith. there have been a lot of outbreaks around different borders in china, and so the authorities in these areas are under extreme pressure to keep coven 19 cases down. many people in the lockdown, chinese city of shan, say that struggling to find enough food. and despite the authorities in assisting and supplies are being delivered, packages of eggs, meat and vegetables have been delivered door to door in the city of 13000000. officials say they've handed out hundreds of tons of free food and supplies in recent days. but they're asking people to show understanding and tolerance as they
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smooth out what they call discrepancies. well, the outbreak and sean is the worst trying to has seen this year. $155.00 cases were reported on thursday, taking the total recorded since december the 9th to more than $1100.00. since the virus was identified exactly 2 years ago, china has officially recorded just over 130000 cases according to the w h. o, that's more than 50000 few cases than the u. k reported on thursday alone. we're trying to says fewer than 6000 people have died during the pandemic. the vast majority of them were in who bay province, whose capital city will hand is thought to be where the virus originated. we angel one is a senior fellow for global health at the council on foreign relations interest extensively on china. he joins us by skype from new jersey. thanks very much for being with us. it. can you tell us why china is, is so keen to stick with his 0 cobra strategy? well, i think there's a couple, couple of reasons you know, 1st do this before,
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right. before the winter olympics, you know, they want to make sure you know, these, the, the, any outbreaks actually on the control at content. and secondly, they want to make sure that saw as a play booked on the pandemic control continued to walk in dealing ways. now the delta baron and possible a, in the coming of the attack of the, the army, chrome barron, and they want to use that to showcase that chinese approach continue to work even though many of the countries are moving away from that approach. and on that, i mean in charlotte is 13000000 people locked out and sometimes the phrase lockdown is used without spelling out the level of restrictions. how, how strict is it them? it looks, it looks pretty strict. yeah, it is arguably the the most a stringent since the high lockdown because, you know,
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compared to the previous lockdown of the cds. this is the real hard lockdown. and people are not allowed to step out the now the many of the stores by a closed schools, a close, the public, sensible teaching being ceased to, to operate. so basically in entire speedy right is there being like fees to operate is part of the problem in china that they've realized that the effectiveness of the vaccines isn't as good as it, you know, perhaps ought to be. and that's part of the reason why they can't, or they can't decide like other countries to, to allow you to allow people more freedom. right, right there. but we know that the vaccines by even the best of axes now, right and less effective in dealing ways that they have very not to mention. right
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. the upcoming are the only chrome baron and in china already. right. the, the government seems to be less competent about effectiveness of their vaccines. you fact that they have more than 99 percent of the people vaccinated at least one dose of the activated vaccines. but the feel you rely on are this extreme locked down measure or to contain the rate of the virus just to show by this, their lack of confidence of vaccines come we were just reporting on, on the south africa. and the fact that they, there seem to decided that they've actually passed the peak of their 4th wave that's from the cabinet meeting coming out today. and it was a study which showed that 4 and a half percent of patients admitted to hospital died during the on the crone wave compared with at 21 percent and appeared before the strain arrive. that was in a study that was published by the infectious diseases journal,
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international journal of infectious diseases. i should say it was a small study, but they've extrapolated from that. they say it's a pattern continues and is repeated globally. we're not going to see a complete decoupling of case and death rates. a suggesting that on the cone, maybe a hobby owner of the end of the epidemic phase of the code pandemic ushering in its end make phase. what do you think of that conclusion? i know specialist on a small study, but the suggestion that that she only might be an advantage advantageous variant which leads to the end of the, the demick phase. well, we hope that you know that, that, that is the case. you know that, ah, weighing the, the, the virus mutates why the typically mutates into less rural and varied. and this seems to be the case for the chrome bearing, which is much seems to be minor than the delta variant. and we also know that the
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pandemic in a kam ah, comes in waves, and we hope that is the last way we, that is the case. but you know, that we still don't know whether this represents a permanent train because again, you know, where that they'll be new bearing coming up. but you know, whether you're, we're going to expect another way, i think that remains to be seen. thank you very much indeed. the young one fertile interest, your time. thank you. thank you. a large crowds have been gathering on the beaches of go for new year's celebrations despite india imposing tough restriction is to slow the rise in current virus infections. all major cities must not enforce night curfews. and go, hotels and restaurants can only admit guests with vaccines certificate or negative test result in the suspension of international travel is based in domestic tourism with goes hospitality sector. seeing huge increase in trade a bird flew
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outbreak and israel is killing thousands of wild cranes and epidemiologists when the disease could infect humans. israel's agriculture ministry says the avian flu, h $5.00, and $1.00 was also detected in chickens from northern parts of the country and suspended the sale of meat and eggs from effected farms. the country says this is the deadliest one, locked in its history. coming up on the news are from london, homes, burnt, and thousands forced to free their towns, new footed shows the min more minutes, whose attacks on its own people, south african, the stream into a cape town cathedral to pay their last respects to anti apartheid icon. desmond to 2 and it's 4 to practice session of huge significance for one of basketballs biggest stars. ah,
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city, new security forces have killed at least 4 protested during the latest demonstrations against october's military takeover. a doctor's committee aligned with the protest movements as before, was shot dead in on, dorman, and dozens more were injured. tens of thousands of people have been rallying across the country, demanding the military, remove itself from government, phone and internet services were shot down to try to disrupt the demonstrations, ma'am invalid, more from courtroom. earlier in the day, the impression was that to this day sir, protest was a, a less violent to and the numbers are for testers, less than during the, the, the previous occasions. but, you know, as the day progressed, it became clear that because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach cartoon to cross the hugest into thing. central. huffman air that made the major consultation took place in on doorman itself, particularly in their street,
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called sharon albin at. thus, where a goals are processed as were killed, 4 of them, according to medical sources. and also sources from the side of the year of the revolutionaries, the resistance committees, it, it's a major situation. they'll not only those 4 that have been killed, but also an unknown number of people aged. and that, that the indication of the, the, the big size of this, it of this dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by 3 at doctors unions who called on their colleagues to go to the hospital in sharon, are buying the street of are buying and also in the under man hospital to help or with the treatment of the those who have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations. also even the state, the cotton state ministry of health has issue. there. me a similar as statement calling on doctors to go to those 3,
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those 2 hospitals to help with the year. the treatment of the wounded the us and russian presidents are currently holding the 2nd call this month is hopefully this will agree on a diplomatic pass to de escalate tensions of ukraine. joe barton and letting me put in held a virtual summit on december the 7th. and vowed to stay in contact on the issue. russia has repeatedly denied it's planning to evade its neighbor. despite massing tens of thousands of troops along the border, the white house says putin requested the phone call before talks in geneva next month. john 100 joins us live from washington, d. c. so i guess ukraine is also on the agenda what, what else that you need is discussing? well, the 2 meters started that call just a little over a half an hour ago. we expected is still ongoing. this was a call that was initiated by russia extensively. it's about a number of different things. they're going to talk about. re launching the iran nuclear agreement, which president donald trump pulled out of,
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and biden would like to get started. again. there's also some upcoming security talks. next month. there is a u. s. russia meeting on january 10th than on the 12th. there is one between russia and nato. and then after that, on the 13th there's one with european countries, washington and moscow. but really what his prompted, this is, the russian president, requesting this call largely over ukraine. there is speculation that he's trying to de escalate a situation that he escalated. and that is the 100000 russian troops that are on the border of ukraine. russia, of course, has already taken over crimea, and is supporting a separatist movement in eastern ukraine. they have some very serious concerns on the russia side, about the us influencing ukraine and expanding nato's sphere of influence. and of course, the u. s. is very concerned about the security of ukraine,
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so that is likely what the 2 are spending most of their time talking about this follows 3 weeks of furious negotiations behind the scenes and ahead of this call. anthony blinking the secretary of state here in the u. s. spoke to the ukranian leader, a president of a lot of mirror. so lensky, apparently trying to set up ahead of these talks, getting the u. s. and ukraine on the same plane, trying to de escalate that situation, which is what putin says he's doing the u. s. isn't so sure. the u. s. had an understanding that there would be $10000.00 and fewer troops along that border. and that simply hasn't happened to that is res. tensions on the u. s. side. ines is what, what was each side want to get out of this particular conversation? russia wants guarantees, once guarantees that ukraine will never become part of nato,
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that the us will not move offensive weapons into ukraine and other former soviet territories in a news conference earlier, a spokesman for the kremlin, in fact, they wanted to roll back some of the offensive weapons that have already been placed around europe for the us side. the u. s. wants security for ukraine. they're very concerned about the russian presence there. and this 100000 troops ringing that eastern border has by been very concerned. of course, this comes at a time when biden's popularity is under water. more people are not approving of his performance van approving of it. this could help him improve those numbers. but at the same time, it's a very tense and difficult situation in acting to aggressively with potent could mean some kind of intensified conflict, where the u. s. hopes that those talks in january will de escalate the situation. but that, that
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a much lower level. this is where some of that progress really could get made content and thank you very much. indeed video of is immersed of the destruction of a town in mid miles northwest caused by 5 now terry and launched by the military rights group. say it further evidence of the armies brutal suppression of its opponents. the campaign in chin the state has been taking place since september, causing thousands to fleet. 20 sharing reports from the time in my border fires burn and the hill top town of tant, along and chin street, northwest and mamma. the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns, $10000.00 residents, have fled across the nearby border into india, powerless to do anything to save their homes. others fled, chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to eat. the plague ha,
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i mean that, especially in mighty p, there was a, he is food shortage. the people couldn't access their farms, also asked a military had placed mice on no way. no transportation was available and people couldn't go from one be left to another internet access and for lies were shut. satellite photos show how starting in september, systematic and coordinated attacks destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these a tactics often associated with mia mars military and all because the residents had shown resistance to february's military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mia mars majority, ethnic group opposition has been brutally put down in sa gung, this woman shrieks with grief. after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military. mia mars government, and politicians and exile condemned the alleged war crimes that military every day
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committee crimes, terrorist act against the people. the better to die and is, is compromise comprised that international crimes against the remedy. still, thank you for making stay meant. thank you for your concern. but the current situation. remind you, archie, you know more actions of concrete actions to start that kind of military actions and to stop that illegal military daria's. and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity, save the children, now confirmed to be amongst the charred remains. in the past, month alone, there have been credible stories of mere mars military perpetrating massacres in saga district and kaya states. and in the past week, thousands of civilians have poured into thailand, telling stories of air strikes that have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup that appears all the fears about non choked military
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rule inside myanmar are coming to fruition. tony chang al jazeera and the mayor. my boredom a damaged boat carrying ring and migrants, feeing persecution from me and mar is arrived at the port in indonesia are to being towed by its navy. the boat with mostly women and children on board had been drifting for days off the coast of ha province. while trying to reach malaysia. indonesia government decided to give them shelter on wednesday because conditions on the boat were so bad. hundreds of ringer muslims have been making the perilous journey to indonesia and neighboring countries. in recent years. on kong, chief executive carry lamb has defended a raid owner pro democracy media outlet saying the police acted within the law. 7 current and former journalist from stan, news were arrested on wednesday to been charged with sedition and denied bail by hong kong court. the others were released, pending, and investigation. media advocacy groups have criticized the raid as
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a further erosion of press freedoms says china imposed a national security law in june 2020 gamble tight on a limb, which i told your mare hung don't. yeah, it's not like what you said that we're targeting particular media organizations or media organizations with a certain stance. what we target is activities that contravene the law and the action is taken based on investigation or the decision is made by the department of justice. and then the case will be given to call to make a ruling and impartial ruling results more still to come this hour, including, fearing for their lives. colombia is environmental defenders demand government protection as criminals. target natural resources. kim jong earns decade in power 10 years of nuclear weapons, unprecedented meetings and abject poverty. and a sport, one of know that joyce rivals has his se about as well. number one is prospect appearing at the australian.
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ah hello good to see the big story crowd. syrup continues to be that mild surge. if they're let me show you what's going on london, we've got you in for 15. i mean, the numbers here are way out of whack brussels at 14, that warm air, extending toward the east, slightly to see some showers in warsaw with a high of 9 and look even minced above freezing at 2 we could keep talking about these mild temperatures. but of course, there's other weather as well. we've got some rain over denmark potentially heavier burson, copenhagen with the hiv 10 degrees. also a few showers for edinburgh, but you're in the double digits as walls. and for the south of spain, we've got temperatures in the 20s. here's the bill. 22. lisbon. i think you'll get to 20 as wall in port to 23, with an abundance of sunshine. after the bulk ins we got cloud drifted around here,
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but temperature is also above average for this time of the year. very a vote. 10 belgrade, 13 sophia at 8. now we're all the energy is the action over the eastern med here. we've got an area of low pressure that swirling around some brain over a cypress southern sections of turkey into the northeast of libya and also northern areas of egypt. so that's going to put a cap on temperature. so for a cairo, just the high of 16 degrees on friday, but by saturday you'll start to dry off that season. ah, the frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken a look of shanker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning. there have been informed opinions, i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's
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a really simple question. let's give time. your child swanson. inside story on al jazeera, coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for the power defines al wild alons, new babies were dying. i did it not in your bed. it's neglected babies to deck people and power investigates, exposes, and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on out there. ah ah,
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top stories here i'm 0. do you celebrations around the world are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running. as coven infection saw this post of news out of south africa, which is now loosening restrictions. so the government saying it's past it's on the crone peak. sudanese security forces a field at least for people and injured does is war during a protest in the city of on demand demonstrations have been taking place across the country against military takeover in october and years. president joe barton and russian president vladimir putin currently holding this 2nd phone call this month. the leaders will agree on a diplomatic costs to de escalate tensions over ukraine. samuel greene is director of the russia institute at kings college london. he joins his live from font and by scott, thanks so much for being with us. what you think they decided to go ahead with this cool getting they had only had one on december the 7th. i heard you know, what exactly the reason for it was it was.


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