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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and debt news reports subscribe to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah . global train of ours cases soar to a record high fronting governments around the world to scale back new year's celebrations. and people in the locked down city of shand in china say they're struggling to get enough food as elsewhere the public shaming of 4 men who broke covert rules causes an outcry. ah, lauren taylor says al jazeera live from london, also coming up ah,
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for protests as killed as soon as security forces crackdown over thousands marching against military rule. homes burned and thousands, forced to flee their towns. new footage shows the miramar military attacks on its own people and south africans stream into a cape town cathedral to pay their last respect to antibiotic icon. desmond tutu. ah, hello. new year celebrations around the world are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running. as curb infections saw, global corona vars cases had a record high over the past 7 days. we almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. more than 1700000 infections were registered on wednesday alone. due in part to a lag and reporting over christmas. united sates makes up nearly one 3rd of these
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cases with almost 490000, confirmed the surgeon being driven by both the delta and our macro variance, but hospitalizations and deaths remain well below previous peaks. my can joins us live from washington, d. c. my cat does more about the situation in the u. s. well, certainly the varian soft, the virus are sweeping through all parts of the united states in washington dc. here in the district, for example, there's been a 900 percent increase in infections over the past 2 weeks. now that's a massive impact that massive, massive increase and you can extrapolate that across most of the regions of the united states to give you just some sort of sense about how quickly the variance are increasing in terms of impression rates throughout the country. are the cdc says, though that the death rate has dropped slightly, it's dropped by some 7 percent over the last week. and the cdc says is because of
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the amount of people who've been vaccinated, those have been vaccinated, particularly those of the booster shot. i suffer very less side effects from the virus than those who are not vaccinated. bearing in mind as well that some 35 percent of americans remain unvaccinated and they form the vast majority of those who are in hospitals in recent days. but still health officials deeply concerned about in particular the lack of available testing at present, there's been supply chain issues. the biden had ministration had assured american households that every body would be provided with free tests at home. this has not been the case, the administration now says it will take a couple of weeks to get these tests out and just to stress how important the testing protocols are. it's the only way that the data can be produced to actually track the variance as it may move through the united states. and without this data,
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very difficult for health experts to begin to understand exactly how the variance ami crohn and delta are actually impacting on the us population as a whole. so all these issues compounding to create a pretty grim new year with a large number of cities scaling back completely or new year's celebrations and families who wanted to get together impacted by that lack of testing, which they would have wanted to have done before celebrating the dia with family members. my can i thank you very much. indeed. europe is also seeing a massive rise in coven 19 cases with italy, france, spain, and the u. k. or reporting reco. danny infections in the past week. or must have jumps and testing results can be attributed to the christmas period. hospitals are still under huge amounts of pressure, or a challenge reports from london. i cases, a skyrocketing hospitalizations in england,
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or event berry alarm bells ringing. there's an ami kron serge. it's about to crash over the already struggling national health service. so if we keep them increasing, especially it of course the pressures are again, my thing week on week when you've got workforce, as i've said, that's already up to 550 nurses on many more. and so 5 things then of course the pressures are building and building and building. so what will it be like? and john, you re contingency plans of being put in place to cope with existing hospital capacity becomes overwhelmed with new temporary boards built the house patients. 8 temporary hub, being built at hospitals around the country, each one with a capacity of $100.00 beds more sites of being planned for an extra $4000.00 beds if needed. it hopes that none of this will ever be used. but if they're just in case london is preparing for new year's eve,
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but with the big fireworks display cancel for a 2nd year and on, the kron keeping people in doors celebrations will be much reduced. on the confidence you infection records beat and almost daily italy logged a 126000 on thursday up from wednesdays. 98000 testing centers are becoming overwhelmed and tempers of fraying and i've been showing since 9 30 am and it was madness. and it took me 2 days to be able to, the only available spartans were outside. essential, right? so that's why i came here and i spent 5 hours in line 5 hours. greece is brought forward new restrictions which have been planned for early january, new year's eve aside bars, night clubs, and restaurants will be forced to close at midnight with no standing customers and no music. as dismay in the hospitality sector would have the blood must
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certainly to after the restaurant sector, it is a disaster. that's the key word here. but on the other hand, you can't go against the health situation. i can't say i want to stay. i've been in work while people are dying, grief, italy, and the u. k. have all seen record numbers of cases in recent days, and it's likely there are more records to come, will reach helen's. how does era london russia has overtaken brazil is the country with the 2nd highest death toll from covered 19 according to calculations by the rushes, news agency official data shows more than 87000 russians died from code 19 last month, bringing its total virus related fatalities to more than $658000.00 people, the russian authorities are encouraging people to get their booster shots and have ordered hospitals to prepare for surgeon cases driven by on the chronic. and the last few minutes, there's been some encouraging news from south africa. a statement from the cabinet
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says the midnight to 4 am. if you will now be lifted as the countries believe to have passed the peak of its 4th wave of coven 19, which was driven by alma kron. the variance was 1st discovered by scientists in the south africa. many people in the lockdown chinese city of shannon say they're struggling to find enough food. despite the authority to assisting enough supplies, are being delivered. packages of eggs, meat and vegetables have been delivered door to door in the city of 13000000. officials say they've handed out hundreds of tons of free food and supplies in recent days, or they're asking people to show quote, understanding and tolerance as they smooth out. what they call discrepancies. police in southern china are facing a widespread backlash for parading for men through the streets in the public shaming exercise. men are accused of transporting undocumented migrants. one of the country's borders remain largely closed because of coven 19 paraded in hazmat suit,
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carrying placards with their photos names surrounded by police in white gear. engine g city. critic say it's a heavy handed approach. operation correspond, katrina, you has more videos were circulating on white board chinese version of twitter, but they have since been taken down for the most part after spock and quite a lot of backlash. them mixed comments think a lot of people were shopped because these public shaming exercises very unusual to see today. but they were very common during china's cultural revolution. the period of the 196970 is a very chaotic time. and for those alive who can remember it, it's a period that they would rather forget. and since then, public shaving has actually been outlawed here in china and i was just going back to those videos what we can see police parading for people around before a crowd. these people are in the hazmat or protection gear. they are wearing black cards around the next that seem to have their photographs. now these men have been
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reportedly sentenced to the trafficking people across the vietnamese border. and just for a little bit of context, this is taking place in the city of ging, she, china's province of wong. she. this is relative to china is a very poor area. it's quite a small city on the border. and in recent months, ging, she is actually arrested incentives, dozens of people for similar crimes of trafficking. now in china we have this 0 tolerance approach to covet 19, but the border areas in particular are very vulnerable to outbreaks because of the poor smith are been a lot of outbreaks around different borders in china. and so the authorities in these areas are under extreme pressure to keep coven 19 cases down. large crowds have been gathering on the beaches of go for new year's celebrations, despite in your imposing tough restrictions to slay the rising current of ours infections. all major cities miss now enforce night curfews and then go hotels and
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restaurants can only admit guests when vaccines certificate or negative test result . india, suspension of international travel has boosted domestic tourism with goes hospitality sector. seeing a huge increase in trade. ah, she knew security forces have killed at least 4 protested during the leisure demonstrations against october's military take over. a doctor's committee aligned with the purchase movement, says the fall was shot dead in under man, and dozens more were injured. tens of thousands of people have been rallying across the country, demanding the military, remove itself from government, phone and internet services was shut down to try to disrupt demonstrations. my man has more from counting. earlier in the day, the impression was that to this day's protest was a, a less violent to and the numbers are for testers, less than during the,
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the previous occasions. but you know, as the day progressed, it became clear that because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach content across the bridges into thing. central huffman air that made the major consultation took place in on gorman itself, particularly in their street called sharon albin at. thus, where our goals are protest as were killed, 4 of them, according to medical sources, and also sources from the side of the year. of the revolutionaries, the resistance committees, it, it's a major situation. they'll not only those 4 that have been killed, but also an unknown number of people aged. and that the indication of the, the big size of this, or this dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by the doctors unions who called on their colleagues to go to
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the hospital in sharon, are buying the st of a by an adult saw in the under man hospital to help or with the treatment of the those who have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations or so even the state. the cartoon state ministry of health has issue there. me a similar as statement calling on doctors to go to those 3, those 2 hospitals to help with the year. the treatment of the wounded at least 8 soldiers have been killed. and molly, in what the army describes as a targeted attack. 7 others were injured in the attack on wednesday in the west to narrow region. molly's armed forces say, government have previously attacked his troops in that area. the last 4 days of summit has been underway. molly, to address national challenges, including future elections and ongoing fighting. still to come this off out could foreign policy help save jo biden's administration. we look at what the new year holes for the u. s. president. and why lepers, traditional bathhouses
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a back in fashion again. ah hello good to see the big story crowd. syrup continues to be that mild surge if they are let me show you what's going on london, we've got you in for 15. i mean, the numbers here are way out of whack brussels at 14, that warm air extending toward the east, likely to see some showers in warsaw with a high of 9 and look even minced above freezing at 2 we could keep talking about these mild temperatures. but of course, there's other weather as well. we've got some rain over denmark potentially heavier burson, copenhagen with the hiv 10 degrees. also a few showers for edinburgh, but you're in the double digits as well. and for the south of spain, we've got temperatures in the twenty's here. seville 22. lisbon. i think you'll get to 20 as wall in port to 23. with an abundance of sunshine. after the balkans we
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got cloud drifting around here, but temperature is also above average for this time of the year. ferry f. o. 10 belgrade, 13 sophia at 8, and where all the energy is the action over the eastern meg. here we've got an area of low pressure that swirling around some rain over a cypress southern sections of turkey into the northeast of libya and also northern areas of egypt. so that's going to put a cap on temperature. so for a cairo, just the high of 16 degrees on friday, but by saturday you'll start to dry off. that's it. ceasing ah, a rite of passage present to the generation. my cousin was laying down there actually claiming she was helpless. a woman after indoors as those 2 title of paint for what i mean, the women affected by f g m and those reshaping perception,
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do you think people will abandon the algebra corresponding the cons her oh the me one of the top stories 0 nice celebrations are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running escalated virus infections, saw global cases, his record high over the past 7 days for almost a 1000000 detected on average each day. countries across europe registering record case numbers occurring in italy, which is confirmed another 126000 infections over the past 24 hours. the u. k is
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drawing up plans for 10 pre field hospitals. help deal with the microns edge and student security forces to kill a nice for people and injured more during approaches. and if you undermine demonstrations have been taking place across the country against the military takeover in october. video who emerged of the destruction of a town in mid miles northwest caused by 5 and artillery launched by the military rights group say its further evidence of the armies brittle suppression of its opponents. a campaign in chin states has been taking place in september, causing thousands to flee. tony cheney fortunately time in my border fires burn and the hill top town of tant, along and chin, state, northwest, and mamma. the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns,
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10000 residents, have fled across the nearby border into india. powerless to do anything to save their homes. others fled chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to eat in the creek. i mean, but especially in my 2 p, there was a here food shortage. the people couldn't access to farms also, as the military had placed my on away, no transportation was available and people couldn't go from one be led to another. internet access and phone lies were shut. satellite photos show how starting in september systematic uncoordinated attacks, destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these attack takes often associated with me and mars military. and all because the residents had shown resistance to february's military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mia mas majority, ethnic group opposition has been greatly put down in saigon. this woman shrieks
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with grief after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military. mammoth government of politicians and exile, condemned the alleged war crimes, the military, everyday committee crimes terrorist act against the people by the die. and it is compromise comprised of international crimes against the remedy. so thank you for making statement. thank you for your concern, but the current situation provide you ought, you know, more actions of concrete actions to stop that kind of military actions and to stop the illegal military terrorist. and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity, save the children now confirmed to be amongst the charred remains. in the past, month alone,
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there have been credible stories of mia mars military perpetrating massacres in saga district and kaya states. and in the past week, thousands of civilians have poured into thailand. telling stories of air strikes would have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup that appears all the fears about none choked military rule. inside myanmar are coming to fruition. tony chang al jazeera and the mirror ma border. a damaged boat carrying ring, a migrants fleeing persecution from me and mar, is being towed towards indonesia by its navy. the boat, mostly women and children on board, had been drifting for days off the coast of ha, province are trying to reach malaysia and easiest government decided to give them shelter on wednesday because conditions on the boat was so bad. hundreds of ringer muslims have been making the paris journey to indonesia and neighboring countries. in recent years. hong kong chief executive carry lamb has defended a raid on a pro democracy media outlet saying the police acted within the law. 7 current and
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former journalist from stand news were arrested on wednesday. gamlee tight donnelly and we paid your your mer hung donna, the, it's not like what you said that we're targeting particular media organizations or media organizations with a certain stance. what we target is activities that contravene the law and the action is taken based on investigation. the decision is made by the department of justice. and then the case will be given to call to make a ruling and impartial ruling get fund. the u. s. and russian presidents are due to have a phone call, and just over an hour from now, it will be the 2nd time this month that he does have spoken to biden. and rather may putin, you're expected to discuss the ongoing military tension over ukraine. russia has repeatedly denied its planning to invade its neighbor, despite massing thousands of troops along the border. the white house, as putin requested the phone call, i had of talks in geneva next month. president biden is going into his 2nd year and off as well down in the polls with the pandemic, dragging on
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a recovering economy and an unpredictable supply chain. it's these domestic issues which will help determine his success or failure in november's mid term elections. but foreign policy challenges also behind the agenda, as our fisher explains, ah, it's the white house was a circus. joe biden would be plate spinner in chief as he enters into his 2nd year in the oval office. good afternoon. he's got a lot to do with internationally and domestically. this is a worldwide challenge. and the consequences if one of the plates fall could be the effect of end of his presidency by the end of the year. top of the list of challenges like it was when he was sworn n as covert after, confidently claiming he was in his was kicking the viruses. but in july it came roaring back. and i oma crone has to be dealt with a lot, don't, is unlikely. another economic shock isn't and with job numbers not really should be
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on the cost of basic goods rising, president biden need some good news for american families. he delivered to an infrastructure built his build back better bill is essentially dead. but he still believes he can get parts of it through congress, increasing help to american families. but some washington watchers say he still has other campaign promises to deliver. democrats have been so badly out messaged in their messaging a so atrocious that are even with bill back better, they're going to have a difficult time. they have lost the bad old messaging battle on inflation. and inflation is indeed hurting a lot of americans then brings midterm elections normally considered a referendum on those in the white house. i'm not recommending for every future president that they take a shall lacking, like very like i didn't last night. biden has an approval rating of under 50 percent. that could mean him losing the house, maybe even the senate. they tried getting anything done in washington with both houses,
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not in your control happening crap. so he could turn to foreign policy to get winds before the 2024 presidential election, where those closest to one say he will run again. the pictures of the frantic withdrawal from afghanistan haunt by white house. the country again becomes a base for islamic militants. he'll be the button for the failures of his and other administrations. he wants a new nuclear deal with iran. there are talks, but the half the deliver america is worried about china's growing influence is expanded military, it's economic power. talks between the 2 leaders effectively went nowhere. ari and then there's russia with cyber attacks, increased activity on the ukraine border. biden's white house seems to be waiting to respond to what comes next. i think he's already has some important foreign policy successes. i think that the united states has sent a strong signal to russia with european partners out of russia invaded ukraine, would pay major costs. and i think that's likely to continue to deter russia from
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invading ukraine, going forward as bike and hedge into the new year. he's hoping, delivering big domestic success will make americans feel better about where the country is going. we can deliver real people, results that are going to affect our lives. but if they don't, they could decide they don't like the act. and it's time for the bite and circus to move on. alan fisher, i'll just either washington mourners in south africa in paying their final respects to anti apartheid hero desmond to 2 captains 1st black archbishop is lying in state in saint george's cathedral in the lead up to his funeral. on saturday, shannon wolf reports from cape town. oh, honoring desmond tutu with song and praise oh hundreds flocked to saint george's cathedral where the archbishop once preached his
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message of peace and reconciliation. inside the revered anti apartheid hero lies in states. people of all ages, class and creed sharing the hope of passing on the icons, torch to future generations. to come a was a big person. it changed a lot of lives and even affected a lot of lives. and i feel it's important that you have your opportunity to come through per your respects and your carry that message forward and to future generations will always remember, you know, how to treat each other better. the archbishop's family 1st shared a prayer. other mourners soon followed the cathedral as engraved in south africa's history books as the people's church for keeping its doors open to all races. during the apartheid era. the pulpit became a platform of power from where the freedom fighter spoke out against all injustices and oppression. eventually helping topple the brutal regime and bringing democracy
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to a nation. desperate for the end of white rule. the nobel peace prize winner will lie in state allowing mourners to pay tribute and reflect upon his legacy until his funeral on new year's day. oh, he was everything to us, people, reign, exile disciplinary and robin island. if the country was bending, he was of a hope at the time and haste in the hope. today. the simplicity of the services mirroring, his selfless nature. crowds are expected to flow into cape town, saint george's cathedral until the archbishop is finally laid to rest. and with just the simple glance, you can see that they represent the very bramble nation that desmond tutu fought so hard to sir. i'm also not that young no more, but i just hope that the younger folk are children will take heed from what is done and i am. try and stand fool, fool, fool,
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fool. for the truth. stand for what is right and, and medical turn out. better for them. o, a faith and the nation's youth, the desmond to to so deeply shared join wolf, al jazeera cape town. iran says it's used a rocket launch to send 3 research devices into space. state t v and video the launch, but didn't say whether the rocket actually reached orbit. washington impose sanctions on aaron's civilian space agency. 2 years ago saying it was being used to advance the country's ballistic missile program. the devastation caused by 11 years of war means taking a hot shower at home is a luxury for many syrians. so going up for a dip in a traditional bath house is now popular again in the leper i sent. beg your votes on the revival. ah, going to a public bath is
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a happy occasion here in syria. the hammock hours is where these men come to relax . have a chat with their friends, have something to eat, perhaps. pockets in the city of a lat pole mean taking showers is a luxury. men have lost art, did you return to these ancient buildings to continue this tradition? i am oh, it's for us to have fun and hang out with our friends. on the eldest here, we come here to enjoy the warm atmosphere because we can't do that at home. just the lack of fuel and the power outage, keeping warm. it's a little hard through these narrow corridors are saunas and pools. customers can spend hours here, hello, and will had virginia. sure. now, then people leave work tide and go home to find no electricity. here at the bath house, people can gather with their friends and shower. is a poll is a sauna, and a massage room. they can forget all about the tightness and enjoy
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a luxury. they may not get at home. this particular bath house has recently reopened in the discrete cobbled streets of repose, old city, the entrance does it give a hint of the marble floors inside the dorms and fountains? it's one of many bath houses in the city, diesel, fuel and firewood are used to power the furnaces at home. these men make sacrifices, so their children can take warm baths at home. here, it's a sanctuary from the troubled outside and the civil war that has raged for almost 11 years. i said, beg, i'll da 0. ah, i'm under the top stories around, which is era. you, your celebrations around the world are hardly being scaled back for the 2nd year running as code 19 infections saw.


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