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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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zambia as in bob, we sang some heavy south eastern parts of south africa, also seeing some heavy showers try and find for the most part in cape town. by the time we come to such day there the funeral, of course, the big funeral. we could see some wet weather, just weeping out of the clouds. ah, ah mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are willing to flourish. with tv, even supplied by tradition. noon were beautiful, possibly with are offered a rite of passage present to the generation. my cousin was laying down there actually claiming she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as docile cycle of paint for
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what fat my night meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the site eventually, but to those take algae 0 corresponding the cut? oh i welcome at al zera though we have for me to miller in cape town where mourners have been paying their final respects to south african anti apartheid icon. archbishop desmond tutu, i'm for media and looks i can, his body has just been moved. what's happening there? though that's just happened to moments ago from the archbishop desmond to tis
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buddies in a simple pine coffin with the rope handles as for his wishes. as grands as the saint george's cathedral is just behind us where his funeral will take place and are where he presided. as archbishop of for many years, he maintained that he wanted a very simple funeral service. he is lying in state for 2 days over thursday and friday at the end of the day. now, as we've seen his body taken away from saint george's cathedral, it will be returned on friday morning for mourners to return to the church to pay their respects, say a final farewell. and we are told people entering the church behind us once at the coffin and viewing his body has become very emotional. a somber moment for many people who are either devoted to the church or have respected archbishop desmond tutu for the work. he's done as a religious leader, but also a political activists. are we are expecting the funeral to take place on saturday
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from about 10 a. m local time. and we've seen hundreds of people come through in the last few days, many of them to day to see the archbishops of body. and we have that to moment to, to say good bye to someone who is considered not only a south african, but global icon. and for me to some hackers observing a week of national morning for 2 to dives, 890 on sunday. i mean, as you're saying, he was, it was a, an icon and a very important figure. for many people around the world, fierce anti apartheid are icon. what's the planet for the funeral? because obviously we're in the middle of a pandemic, or what do we do? we know what the planets whole. that is be one of the difficulties in terms of how the proceedings of wanted to us be observed. aside from the coven, 19 restrictions,
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which is also limited. the amount of people are able to attend a memorial service or just the night before, as well as the be in the church at the time of the funeral. on saturday. the archbishop, as i said, also wanted a very simple of funeral, and this is also dictated. some of the proceedings are we do know it will be led by the reverend michael reader are no saturday morning. but aside from that, the um, information from the to, to family has been somewhat limited being released to day by day. i think also just considering these covert 19 restrictions and to some of the preparations that need to go into what is happening then or thought, i thank you for that for now. from here miller, my frost there in cape town. or human rights group is accusing government forces in northwest me in more of killing civilian civilians rather and destroying the homes
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. the military hasn't commented song allegations. drone video, which matches satellite images, show smoke billowing from the town of standalone and chin station. trying to chain reports from the me in my border fires burn in the hill top town of tent, along and chin state northwestern. mamma, the destruction caused by artillery shells and fires set by mamma's military, appear part of a concerted policy of scorched earth. most of the towns, $10000.00 residents, have fled across the nearby border and to india. powerless to do anything to save their homes. others fled chin state for the simple reason. they couldn't find anything to the creek about what i mean. but especially in my 2 p, there was a here food shortage. the people couldn't access to farms also asked the military had placed my on away. no transportation was available and people couldn't go from
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one be led to another. internet access and phone lies were shot. satellite photos show how starting in september, systematic and coordinated attacks destroyed 580 buildings in the town. these tactics often associated with me and mas, military and all, because the residents had shown resistance to february's military coup. even in the berman heartland, home of mia mas majority, ethnic group opposition has been greatly put down in saigon. this woman shrieks with grief after finding the body of her grandfather, one of 12 villages reportedly murdered by the military, memos, government of politicians and exile, condemned the alleged war crimes. the military, everyday committee crimes terrorist act against the people by the die. and it is compromise comprised international crimes against humanity. so thank you for making
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statement. thank you for your concern. but the current situation remind you, ought, you know, more actions of concrete actions to stop that kind of military actions and to stop that illegal military terrorist. and as recently as christmas eve, 38 civilians killed and burned to work. as for the charity save the children, now confirmed to be amongst the charred remains. and the past month alone, there have been incredible stories of mamma's military perpetrating massacres in saga district and kaya state. in the past week, thousands of civilians and poured into thailand, telling stories of air strikes that have targeted civilians nearly a year after the military coup. it appears all the fears about an unchecked military rule inside myanmar. coming to fruition tony cheng al jazeera on the me on my border the damaged boat carrying were hanging migrants. now indonesia is being
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towed to shore. the bow says mostly women and children was left to drift off the coast of anti province for days while attempting to reach malaysia. indonesia government decided to give them shelter on wednesday, saying they were facing emergency conditions. hundreds of the most minority who fled me and mar, have reached indonesia of the years after a perilous journey, often lasting month of the us and russian president said you to ring each other, but ukraine expected to be discussed. the white house says that a person requested to call with joe biden, before talks in geneva next month, the graham and denies war games. now ukraine's border are prelude to invasion. a 2 month sitton is coming to an end. now baghdad. greene then rainy and back she had political parties have been protesting against the results of october's legislative elections. they say the vote with whigs and now disbanding the tense with all areas sent to be cleared by saturday. the supreme court ratified the election results off
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the 6 weeks of legal challenges. well, who, who i had joined us now live from back to my home. so why then, are they ending this session? what changed was they have been talks that have been talks over the past 2 months since they're a political upheaval that resulted from the election results that have been talks. they have been negotiations between the rival political parties in order to reach a consensus on forming the government. and also at choosing high profile posts, including the prime minister and the upcoming speaker of the parliament and to the p t s. now, remember these protests that they were a coupon in areas near the dodge green zone for 2 months. is this, the supporters of the prearranged and political part is the last many seats in the elections. and recently, these political leaders have been meeting with
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a clinic and the political leader looked at the southern who was block one, the majority of seats in the election. he 1st looked at it at the beginning. it did not want to take part in a government that includes the losing political part of those political parties, war affiliated with iran, that last many seats in the election. but eventually, after talks of the negotiations of mediations between the arrival political parties, they're now approaching a stage where a consensus government is going to be their choice. in order to appease that, put this on the ground and also appease the pro rainy and put. this is that took to the streets and co pied areas near by a green zone. mahmud, i bet law for us bank that thank you. environmental defenders calling on the
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colombian government to protect them. human rights launch says more than $150.00 were killed last year. as criminal groups try to get their hands on lucrative natural resources. president shave on to k says he's doing all he can to ensure their safety. the critic strongly disagree with the sounds around p at the reports she does in community leaders of the magdalena media region in central columbia have secretly gathered in this hotel conference room. they're meeting with government officials to ask for protection fleming. some leaders have been killed for speaking out against criminal elements in their communities. others have received death threats. no most because we've seen a further increase in violence for at 2021 from residual rebel group to near paramilitary groups that were politicians, business men, public officials, 3 face clashes and targeting oblique with killing us. especially my area is where
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fracking project underway in oscar told us that he's been threatened by criminals. he claims are responsible for dumping toxic waste in agriculture, oil, or protected areas near to city, but lack of better me. the government has provided him with a daytime body guard, a flat jacket in a panic button, but he says the security measures there are no match for the armed groups who operate with impunity. whichever folder we escape the government institution, they should be recourse like the regional attorney, general inspector general number many often you have a way because they have been co opted by the criminal group say human rights organizations say a 160 so called social environmental leaders have been killed in columbia in 2021. hold. oh, the government of elan duke. he says it's doing all it can to protect him. well if what is up all ago. but despite what the government's claims, critics say it simply hasn't done enough. that corruption and violence in the
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countryside is directly related to the 5 decades old civil war that officially ended in 2016, but still reverberates throughout the country. has to do more in terms of protecting communities more of this month, the group that are responsible for these 2 pointing fees are under the corporate the has been ignored. it has been forgot. then i went to columbia. national ombudsman recognizes there are difficulties in the implementation of a toro protection system. i think that we can't hide that there have been issues with the implementation of the 2016 pace deal with fox that offered more protection . and the panoramic is my things which for the protection of leaders, especially in remote areas. but this is the 1st government to introduce a public policy or design exclusively for social leaders. so we hope things will
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get better. but experts believe only a profound transformation of the institutions task with protecting these communities could really make a change in the life of these leaders who are the last line of defense for their people and the environment. allison that i'm 50. and jesse eda baron, better me, her the risk of food shortages is increasing in pakistan as a growing number of farmers fell off their ancestral land to property developers. housing is in short supply the pocket stones population. hence, the 240000000 has more hung. the bill calls the growing to slow, the highest rates, urban zation in southern asia. some of enjoy aid reports i, these decades, all mangled trees will soon become fuel fire. cutting down tens of thousands of fruit trees has made room for more housing society in focus on southern milton city . but from of here who are already struggling,
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the pandemic related locked downs and high diesel costs have made their lives more difficult, less liquid vitals out of the me data. i'm chopping them down because we don't get enough from these trees. we don't have enough to feed our families. we are selling because labor is expensive and profit very low. now it will be up to the buyer to plant new trees or build houses. all farmers who are giving up the creed believe they're cutting old trees, which are difficult to harvest, and they will have no impact on mango crops. but pakistan's rapid urban position is becoming a threat to its sources of food. predict fear the government doesn't have a line use policy or an urban development strategy that could improve its long term planning. buck is fun for that matter is, has the highest rate of openings ation. in south asia, it is being, it's accelerated because of the lack of development as well because you're just populated, or people are moving towards cities from really as in the need of economic opportunities. whereas the cities are not providing those kind of economic
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opportunities. what you'd really need to do is provide people with opportunities at the place where they live, to provide people with skills so that they can actually, you know, give benefits to their own local community. we say there are policies that i think policies are not holistic and not not comprehensive. it's a story repeated all over the country. it's not just the cities people are also moving towards doris hotspots in the north and that's rapid. uncheck growth is endangering focus on water supply as well as agriculture, with less fresh produce being grown locally. more foreign reserve is being spent on importing fruits and vegetables. and that's led to a price increase. columns, famous potatoes are becoming an exotic commodity. for small scale farmers who see no profits in farming, there's no real incentive not to cash in on their land. pushy, this leg can do, the people are moving to job and other parts of the country after selling the
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agricultural land. a good price is offline. here no very expensive and people from urban areas of buying and paying them good money out, people are migrating from here and buying lands in other areas at cheaper rates. this scenic valley is now being overtaken by new hotels. there's no real planning for sustainability. the government says it recognizes the dangers of unchecked loss of agricultural land, industries, and housing societies. we have banned at the expansion of how things is hated into farmland, are farmland, which is our big basket. it's a new law and we have boston, it started, but it grew, go down to the provinces. so the problem, it says now i have to put it into legislation and then i'd like to take it down to the local government level, gets implemented that process takes some time and, and to new laws are implemented by some st. we'll continue to be hacked away and found that we'll keep losing 2 concrete jungles,
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some of in java out of the or column northern pike stun. it's a dance borne deep in the heart of africa, which is spread worldwide. now the congo leaves rhumba has been recognized by unesco. the united nations cultural agency has added the downs moved to its list of intangible heritage. in my car as well. don't blow in full flight is the rhythm of the room but brings joy to the don't. but this is more than just the distraction of a hard day's work. the song, the band played is called the piece and unity which came about after the congos independence from belgium. ah, for the last 50 years has become an anti colonial anthem across the african culture . and this month, unesco recognizes the start of music or the living cultural tradition. and there were intangible cultural heritage for the band liter. it's a recognition of
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a life playing music me of a normal, but got it. that ability, remember, has many characteristics. it's existed for more than 50 years. i've lived my whole life with rumba. if you look at the rubber now we elevated and developed it. although we've kept references to the icons like the grand cali pup, a web, semarino, marcia tag, lay modem, ah, the start of music in some way, tells the story of one of the biggest crimes inflicted upon africa, slavery. the music's origins can be traced back to central africa, but it was bought to get mantic ocean between the 16th and 900 century, and was particularly popular among the slaves of brazil and cuba. cuban zuba in particular became big in african countries on approved by the time recorded music writing congo, congolese artists began to recognize their own rhythms and history in cuban simba and took that and the music came a full circle, becoming rhumba laws. all said,
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you did default, our ancestors were deported to the americas in the 15th 16th century and went to either north america, central america or south america. but the focal point was cuba in central america? well, so in cuba there was a surprising mixture from dos who came from africa. bah, but also from home to slaves have encountered one stair, the city so renew. oh, recognition is also important to foster an industry to not just only recognize talent, but to develop a nurture it. ah, this is in will blow, it is our creation. rumba is us, rhumba is our life. rumba is our vision. so, rumba is us. that's why we want room, but to be recognized as our own. it is our identity. rhumba is congolese. ah, one of the things you and recognition does is highlight the rumba. sound is as congolese
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just as reggae is jamaican and other all form recognized by the you and cultural agency. the music plays on louder and more proud of iran cock or dessert still had on al jazeera in sports, her practice session of huge significance for one, a basketball from biggest stars. and israel advanced or ah
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ah ah ah ah ah yes and a thank you. so much kim? well brooklyn that's play carry. having has been back in training with his team for
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the 1st time this season. the nets had sidelined irving after he declined to get a covert. 19 vaccination lets him have now decided to give the 7th time. we'll start chance he will have to be tested on a daily basis and will be unavailable for home games due to new york's corona, virus roles of in could make his return to action on january the 5th against the indiana peices. i knew the consequences. i wasn't prepared for them, but who should've imagination? you know, come into the season. i had my thought process on, on being able to be a full teammate. you know, i really had to sit back in and think and try not to become too emotionally attached to, to what, to what they were decided to do. it just, i had to sit down and really evaluate things and, and see it from their perspective. meaning the organization and my teammates, you know, i just really empathize and, and understood their, their choice to,
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to say if you're not going to vaccinate fully vaccinated, then you know, you can't be a full participant. i know this is hard not to pay attention, was me and said, you know about the, you know, the circumstances that we're under and, and everybody's opinion on it. and you know, just kinda just try to stay grounded, stay connected with the team engaged in just waiting for the time or to chance when things kinda settled. now another joke of it is serbian teammate said, well, number one is still waiting to hear if he'll be allowed to compete that next month . australian open joke of ich house pulled out of the a t p cup in sydney and is yet to confirm if he's been vaccinated against harvard 19 only place he was vaccinated or have a medical exemption will be allowed to play at the years. first grand slam tournaments, he said to you that he was trying to get to the trial. i mean, the decision said i'm not coming guys to d a t p cup. we'll see about the trillion open. i mean, he,
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he didn't specify is coming or not, but that he's waiting for the student stephanos, since the past reached the semifinals that the last australian has been, which was eventually won by joker, which sits across his part of the great team for the 80 cup which gets on the way on saturday, the world number 4 says joker, which is absence, is a big blow for any tillman's. the rules are rules and the rules are established for a certain purpose and the reason. so there are certain parameters that have to be followed in order to make certain things happen. so if, if some players decide not to pull them it's, it's their choice. i want to say there is right or wrong here. manchester city have gone 8 points clear at the top of the english premier league at gaudy all a side. b, branford war nail away on wednesday. they got the then international food and then getting the go. it was cities, 10th league when in iraq chassis in, in liverpool are more than exceptional. one is
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a champion from europe and the labor pool had been our big arrival in dallas 3 for years and, and we had the distance because not because they dropped pointers because we were in tank emptied neural. well, what are the path says it was a bad night, says city sadler, idle chelsea if thank brightness than for bridge. certainly there through romilly, la cocky, they couldn't hold on danny well bic scored an injury time equalizer. and the game ended won won despite the dropping points. chelsea did move up the 2nd in the table just ahead of live. we have 7 corbett cases. we had 4 or 5 key players out for 6 or more weeks. how should we compete in a title raisins everybody else? who has, who has a full squad and has everybody in training and is training every single day in full power to, to, to come through this lead would be stupid. if we can do it. if we can do it out of
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out of out of cove it and if we can do it just out of injuries or, and just play and, and everybody would be stupid to have to have $23.00 foot players and tributes continuing to poor international football league coach and broadcast at john madden madden left his mark as a super bowl winning coach award winning gab broadcaster and is the face of a famed video game franchise. he doubted tuesday, at the age of 85 i give you realize how much he touch the football world. and all of us made our job. you know what it is today. as a coach, made or honorable position to be and mom and her, it's hard to be all a favor very little on be all a firmer in 2 different areas such as phenomenal. ok. that is heis boys looking for . thank you very much. we're and a well, that is the news out. don't go away though. i'll be back in just
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a moment. plenty more of the day's news. ah. mm. a only al jazeera london fuel cost center to special guests in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we moved to do away with the what? evil, because it's got the conversation. where should we get? i land deposits on meets i asia. i can be. this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio. be unscripted on al jazeera.
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ah ah ah. a with a,
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[000:00:00;00] with the current of ours cases are inching to to 1000000 globally. the u. s. alone, accounting familiar? half a 1000000 infections. ah . other income vanelle, this is elder, they're alive from doha. also coming up we report on the flash of thousands and


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