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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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those here including the archbishop's family. this is a tribute to a legacy that for many is immeasurable. i have spoken of his abiding faith and hope . but what of his love, which was the greatest of these? and the loudest of his lives, messages outside the city hall is lit up in purple, a color synonymous with the man, simply known as the arch who to funeral will be held on new year's day. and according to his wishes was as little pump and ceremony as possible ahead of that his body will lie in state for 2 days for people to pay their respects. from the miller ultra 0 cape town. ah, exactly how passed? you know, you're watching your life from the hall. welcome. if you just joining us, let's update you with the top stories delta and i'm a chrome variance of cubic 19 a feeling what the w h. i called a tsunami of cases sweeping across the globe. on average $900000.00 new infections
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are being reported each day around the world. this virus will continue to evolve and threaten our health system if we don't improve the collective response. right now, delta and omi crohn are tween threats that driving up cases to record numbers. which again, is leading to spikes in what's be televisions. and does, i'm highly concerned that army kron being more transmissible, circulating the same time as delta is leading to us when army of cases cronsa reported 208000 new infections, the highest ever recorded in europe. that 2 new infections every 2nd and in the us cases have increased by 60 percent, although hospitalizations and deaths do remain low. in other news,
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the jury has found the but she social angling maxwell guilty on 5 counts in a sex trafficking trial charges against the former associates of the american financing and convicts peter file jeffrey epstein, includes sex trafficking of underage girls. the trial included testimony by for women who said they were abused as teenagers, some as young as 14 years old. the 6 year old maxwell could spend the rest of our life in prison. how mass has denounced a visit to israel by the palestinian president monk abass. i'm a spokesman that at deepens the palestinian political division and complicates the situation of ass, made the trip to discuss economic and security issues. the u. s. and russian presidents will speak on the phone on thursday as tension surrounding ukraine. continue to mount the white house. national security council says president putin requested the call with the us president joe biden. up next africa direct. more news on this channel. in 30 minutes. i'll see you then, bye bye. from the al jazeera london broadcast intact to people in thoughtful
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conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is the most consequential decade in events is dull. fought to many companies that are doing bad things on the front. in part 2 of human rights activists. q, me 19 and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things changed studio be unscripted on al jazeera. ah
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i can promise you more. don't go look at it. i manase tab up when i got to eat cuba . obama had a tag. i had to cut an a o d r. yeah. when he was here. laboratories all leveling m as in tom a deal m. c. edward to, to act on the animated on the by you the t tell for a bed, the bed and busy dinner by to where when you put a portal to, to, to niga yonder. think i do need moodle or for the deanna de la bulus l barbara william bye. he the to
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look and you know, present, but you know, well as i can get up when they did yet mom and dad played in and out of any anywhere. it did about what would the good for pinnacle and i got a pole in them and with that that a poor and they were like it to be with your mind ever had to live again. i like to don't them isn't there be a ye basil bed and he needed it on the able work. i need to get to the local view. yeah. the libya is a little quote here sir. ah, when the guy i got my bill willa. yeah. when the guy that been data maya, lemme your way i did. he did. he did die by did or there been going to probably a coma? well, well, now be doing that my, i need lobby does go figure out what our
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legal out there within the circle. i'm thinking that would, that would legal department within tara freighted over, lowered to, to let it up and looking back were too lazy and at the airport. hm. but usually i think about to kill me like get him a bum bum bum bum. with me, my embassy meeting at him to visit him the lab by agreement with my other. so my dad would did to donna egan, me did on her bottleneck and i called them and told me his ams had ponder a big wooden my banner. i want to la man and amanda lab pointed to your
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la jessica. i think i did cut him off and i'm kind of miss how long helen king of sheila needed to tell me a libby, but even been but i'm dying mom and i you more let me get the money you want to let . i'm never here and what are you there? seeing on my, when i'm by suitable added a liberal i guess a me of the member number for isn't down for them on what easier for them down by to mom will isn't living there by my what he's a to me never vice in luck. i mean, if you didn't deb before we get there what to want you to get out to put me up with there's some way i want to look at his handy element. say all, but i don't want them. i'm not going to say that b i killers,
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i will it tobler. he says that i was given. i made it on the i'm a member, but still try again. a give me i'm brown, by the alba diagram pam. but dr. levy killing me. certainly give it a war, we'll have him here as an as entity. and then i did that. he had to get a letter to bassetti again. that all was like, yeah, but it's on the line. we'll walk my number, let me get out of your dog slobber. by members here that the louder getting out of bed in there. so was able to get them today on friday is actually yeah, but the delivery amber from but the amount of them had that was with them. i'm up, i'm you getting. she didn't never work on me. i never sent that over to them that make you a is
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a one of them being an obama in order to be able. yeah. i'm seeing i think i'm good to leave and telling out that ever or if they will go with another lender. yeah. a owner who was in as a lender and believe that i had a guy to come to visit with yes. yeah, the be no, no, call me. i think in a bad they are a they were but it really him to go under been an immutable mer to ha ha. you mean it? here we go. i we're going to live a waggle is enough to plan
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a good keegan. mm hm. ah, let elaina mob anita. hello. hello. yes. hello. hello, we are missing magwoods. oh oh . oh oh, i finally. oh hello. hello leah gazer i nevada miss hammond mckenna
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available the but i mean, as i read about bringing elaine, we sat godaddy, but it ah, ah ah ah ah, ah, ah,
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a with how cool made you doing it in there on the cool can i miss halifax? he did, he didn't jelic, i went to be younger can can. when the new york you mean that and zach and kayla police kilometer, you'll put joanna midra new cool marker. yeah. i think a pool. we didn't get the i'm backing up. we can, we can even be qualified by a tool that has a lot to do that we work
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with. then i go by, be more than, yeah, katina, nato quoted you, they'll go by, but random boy, one, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, alam, belma, b, w, a probably only on the, on the arm. a loo. what's up with a, with a by a barbara, by the billing that by time you, deborah,
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by and under here with burleson didn't get toward the door. the peer though, and i'm positive, you're good to go. they will go to linda and i got it as i'm out of band. i attended already. i know can well, i knew about that. a 2 man crew got into a pool lobby and upon realizing, i think i'm the school you the little additional day. i know what i need to get out in up old
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with with lives in the world. and you might have been a web home and been a amanda nick when i look on it a need to but would be the bus back. would you please validate if you could, if you could give me a lot of okay, but i don't want them don't normally get we,
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i don't keep b, like boy be jumped sometime getting them pretty open. i can move. but when you're done with d. b, you may have been done to please one moment and it might be new, perfect to symbol from the who can i do enough? if you own it and put a link to the medical clinic, right? is it a button a
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little mark on that then right in you know, but a man go yeah. a crack with one america. i knew them also. masha lumber long, long, long, long, long but to put it must have wonderful. ma'am. when i'm with a game. wonder i'm that's how you man, i'm baby i would imagine man alone with you. yeah. yeah. when i am lavender,
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a lot of our credit is a very wonderful day or a friend was like a big old. can they go, i did that in would move network dynamically that a full upgrade will be indicated on the wasn't your new guy to go home with him on his own end of being a little more, attend the new boy. my name is jennifer, and you know, not as much of a landing alabama, liam alma, who's a daughter this won't happen to them. i
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think but i don't know how to go now. good guy. i have no idea. i'm glad i did that. a good a. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
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that is. yeah, no, that's all. oh, i got a quote with what i love. i got here a
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wonderful. yeah, with a with a mom. i got more messy boy. this so it's all about shared
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with you to put it under that little bit of a little bit of of getting up and we'll, we'll go to your what on a bill was let go when did you collect well, but as being done really come on the camera you cannot also wouldn't make a pin and civil oh, there has been numbers well holler than they nichoela would you do, buddy?
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i am the son came to the one of them and got the link in miss hoover missouri. giblin. you will wake y'all from an ache. what is that in the hole? and you see it was a go for a b one that i will as a court finance. i figure a domain when on a local who i said he wouldn't want to do in don't know the whole burial thing. wanted to follow up. so i lot ah
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ah, well said little homework on mobile to you, jennifer diploma. did it, was he hold on to come pick or come to see us boil? i'm no combo. oh book or monica, visit it. no, no. local dish a . the
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c global you know, in, you know, good g and also with late books, she took id and shot a lot of mm hm. oh, if you've got with i think
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with a oh, she's a new good. why does it come by the good natured?
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why is it is how long would you gamble? i'm really a really good to you to be sure be on a different dimension. nick, what is it from acorn by mac, a . her african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought more than has not been a good machine because of the voice of machine i feel like in,
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i mean is short documentary spike african filmmakers from kenya. key rates, home of talent. talent is something that is about and ivory coast colors. i live here in scrapyard animal africa direct on al jazeera in 2002 coins and bank notes mark the launch of the euro today. if is the official currency of 19 of the 27 member states of the european union on the 20th anniversary of the euro entering circulation, al jazeera investigates how the eurozone benefited from having unofficial currency . like, i've always been fascinated by faith, but the story to base rate isn't just about the men who risk their lives to travel in the unknown, but the one to help those lives in their hands. your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they designing spaces 11 with his triumph around
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and the past week he design face to legacy putting man on the moon on al jazeera. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why me on the crone being more times mister booth circulating at the same time as delta is leading to us. when i mean of cases, the pandemic takes a dangerous turn in countries around the world, pushing health systems to the brink of collapse. ah, hello welcome. i'm.


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