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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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on al jazeera, it's the political debate, so that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement. going to stop the fan, it took it, i was on the other company since right now, people out of die. children are day upfront with me walking on hill on out 0. ah, a tommy grown being more times mister booth circulating at the same time as delta is leading to a soon army of cases. the pandemic takes a dangerous turn in countries around the world, pushing health systems to the brink of collapse. ah, hello and welcome. i'm peter w,
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watching. i was just here alive from headquarters here and also coming up the bridge socialite gillian maxwell is found guilty of grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused by the american financing. jeffrey epstein, fighting intensifies between me and mine military and ethnic armed rebels forcing thousands of people from their homes. also had a decade after kim john wooten came to power. will look at his rule of a north korea where the country may be headed next. ah, delta and ami chrome variance of coby 19 fueling. what the w h o called a synonymy of cases sweeping across the globe. on average 900000 new infections are being reported every day. no continent has been left untouched. many countries, including the us, australia, bolivia,
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and several jo nations are hitting new records. france, for instance, has reported 208000 new infections, the highest ever recorded in europe. that's to new infections every single 2nd. the government has made masks mandatory outdoors in paris, worried about the economic impacts of forcing millions of people to work from home again, several nations including italy, spain and the united states are shortening quarantine periods and easing isolation . rules. ne barker begins coverage from london. ah, across europe there accuse outside, coven, 19 testing centers. as a surge of corona virus infections takes home here in greece. planned restrictions have been brought forward up to the number of cases more than doubled in a day. the world health organization, the moral conscience of the crisis monk, 2 years since the start of the pandemic, with a warning to rich nations racing ahead with their vaccine booster drives. this is
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the time to rise above short term nationalism and protect populations and economies against future variants by ending global vaccine inequity. i want governments industry and civil society to work with us on a campaign that targets 70 percent vaccine coverage in every country. by the start of july, many world leaders, including the british prime minister, have thrown their weight behind, getting a 3rd dose of a covey vaccine into as many arms as possible. we know all microns, a mild ovarian, that those admitted to hospital a, spending less time. there, but it's highly contagious, meaning large numbers could still need hospital care. it's also affecting frontline staff numbers, absences tripled in london's hospitals this month. and nearly 10 percent of the
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cities firefighters called in sick. the overwhelming majority of people who are currently ending up in intensive care in our hospitals are people who are not boosted. i'll talk to doctors who say the numbers are running up to 90 percent of people in intensive care. we're not boosted. if you're not vaccinated, you're 8 times more likely to get into hospital altogether. in germany, an urgent appeal for people to rein in new year's celebrations. the number of cases there is no believe to be $2.00 to $3.00 times higher than official figures. better fire the guns, please celebrate in very small numbers and do not in danger each other. because the count reported incidents of cases undermine the danger we are currently in. the rise of alma chrome has dashed, hopes that the worst of the pandemic is over. but the w h o insists
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2022 must be the year. it comes to an end ne parker, which is era london. and in the us cases, there have increased by 60 percent, although hospitalizations and death do remain low. the cdc says new infections are being driven by the quotes, exceptionally transmissible on a chrome variant. hydro castro has more for us from washington. is the highest daily new cases ever in the u. s. were now a 267000 new coven cases. that's the daily average, 60 percent of which is now attributed to the omicron variant and the nation's for most infectious disease expert. doctor anthony thought she is predicting that it will only get worse before it gets better. he says the peak of this current surge will likely come in late january. we're seeing much of this happening now in the north eastern part of the u. s. with places like new york city here in washington,
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d. c. and surrounding states. people queuing for hours in search of coven tests, and then one in for, in many communities coming back positive. now if there is some silver lining, it's the evidence that here to the omicron variant is resulting in milder infections. because while those cases of jump to some 70 percent since a week ago and number, the hospitalization has not kept pace, that's gone up by just 15 percent. but when you just look into each individual case, those are still each person occupying hospital beds and hospitals are swamped with many counties declaring local states of emergency and warning that soon these hospital beds will all be used up. while the latin american and caribbean countries are also seen, arise in cases bought, health officials there say that could be a silver lining with figures suggesting south america has now become the most vaccinated continent in the world. manuel rap hello reports now from mexico city.
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a vaccination site in mexico city, in increase in coven, 19 cases linked to the holiday season, has also led to a rise in the number of people seeking the jap. unless it doesn't, would i feel safe about everything because of the support that the government is giving us what we believe that everything is going to be all right, because of the vaccine. but mexico isn't the only country in the region. stepping up vaccination efforts with the army kron corona virus. very it identified in almost a dozen latin american countries. a new push for contagion prevention is underway in brazil, which just a year ago, was considered the epicenter of the pandemic in south america. vaccine drives have become among the most successful in the world. i wish people to president by who, despite the fact that the president of the republic is one of the most vocal leaders against the vaccine. in brazil, the brazilian population is already used to many vaccination campaigns and is being
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massively vaccinated stuff. despite a long struggle to launch national vaccine programs, recent data suggests that south american countries now have the world's highest vaccination rates. world health experts have also applauded the efforts by argentina and mexico to jointly produce more doses of the astrazeneca jab seen as a milestone for vaccine accessibility. while these recent developments are hopeful, health authorities in the region warned the dangers of contagion are still high, especially as the army cron variant reaches new corners of the globe. federal abbey . they medical leave is to stance the coding. they've been it, be them. it is substantially the same. if a ford wave will happen because of all micro, what we might see a high number of cases bought a significantly low rate, the 1st at the leases years compared to what we have in the previous waves. because of the effects of the vaccine, experts from the pan american health organization warned that vaccine inequality
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continues to be a major challenge in the region. adding that several latin american countries are still far from the 50 percent vaccination threshold necessary to reach full cobit 19 immunity. manuel rap a low al jazeera mexico city. moving on a jury in new york has found the butcher socialite, gillian maxwell guilty on 5 counts in a sex trafficking trial charges against the former associate of the american financier and convicted peter file jeffrey epstein include sex trafficking of underage girls, gabriel elizondo reports. it took the jury 5 full days more than 40 hours of deliberations. elaine maxwell guilty on 5 of the 6 charges she faced convicted of grooming young girls for sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, jeffrey epstein, and even sometimes joining in the british social. i remained calm and whispered to her lawyer and drink
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a sip of water. as the verdicts were read out. outside court maxwell's friend, lee sat in a regular throughout the trial, and he left without comment. your chance to give a reaction to the verdict for the prosecution, the verdict was a welcome relief. the road to justice has been far too long. but today, justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls now grown women who stepped out of the shadows into the courtroom, their courage and willingness to face their abuser, made today's result. and this case possible. the trial attracted enormous global attention, wealthy an influential, epstein in maxwell, moved in elite circles counting the rich and famous even former presidents and britons, prince andrew, among their friends and associates. next was lawyers argue that she'd become a scapegoat for epstein crimes. he committed suicide while awaiting trial. in
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august 2019, the defense lawyers attempted to poke holes in the testimony of the 4 made witnesses and even brought in memory experts to undermine their accounts. but to no avail, we firmly believe and go less innocent. obviously, we are very disappointed with averted. we have already started working on the appeal and we are confident that she will be vindicated. delaine maxwell turned 60 years old during these jury deliberations. the sentencing will be at a later date, but she's now facing up to 65 years in prison. gabriel's hondo algae is either new york, the un security council has demanded accountability over the killing of 35 civilians, including children and me and mars chaos state member states are calling for an immediate cease fire. however, the fighting has escalated between the military and ethnic korean armed groups. thousands of refugees sheltering in neighboring thailand. tony chang reports now
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from the ty bought a ton of my salt trade resumes across the time in my border of the weeks of bitter plaiting. in the area, long boats laden with goods bearing their loads to and fro the molly river that divides the 2 countries has been quiet for several days. but further inside man ma biting has been fierce. the battle rages inside the grounds of this temple in the town of may totally fighters from the korean national liberation army against forces from mere mazama and border defense force. it's an uneven fight. the fight is for independence spacing, a fully equipped modern army. with heavy artillery and support, most weapons, they have a rocket propelled grenades. this man crossed the border with a group of rebels over night. he wants his identity hidden, but he says it's the attacks from above that most people,
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you know now when i don't know exactly what they are. but the throwing large bombs out of the helicopters and soldiers sitting in the shop is firing machine guns at the people below murder. despite being at guns, the parisian fighters moreover appears to be high. even though nothing compare with the side that major like that or bundle we don't care. well, we do believe that at the end of the day we, when it's clear, the cease fire that is held for a decade is now shattered. so we know we are clearly know that they make a very big golf, isn't to our you to take over our land, our country like that on the tiny side of the border, the state of high alert has been load time military and are considerably more relaxed after the fighting appears to have moved away, but they're still monitoring very closely watching any one who's going up to the border. but inside man, my an estimated 20000 people have been displaced by the fighting. they remain and
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make shift shelters with limited food and water. and despite the lull in the fighting, many don't feel it safe enough to go home. tony chang al jazeera, on the time near my border. plenty more still to come for you. here on this half hour of al jazeera will use, including the policy in president, goes to israel. we'll hear who thinks that was a bad idea. plus a memorial services are held across the country of south africa, remembers the antea party icon. archbishop desmond tutu. ah, hell i once again beg contrast the temperatures across north america at the moment,
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got some more, very warm air down towards the southeast corner record heat. it up towards the northwest states, record low temperatures coming back in temperatures well below freezing minus $27.00 celsius. therefore winnipeg plus $27.00 celsius there for new orleans. as we go one for the next couple of days, the malware will try to not a little further northwards, doesn't really make too much progress and we are going to see it sitting in a similar areas. we go on through the next couple days with more winfrey, weather coming in across the pacific northwest. western pass of canada, doubts water. se some severe storms for a time on thursday. be seen some live. the storms recently caught without the possibility of the or tornadoes. very strong winds as well as he's blustery conditions push over towards the carolinas. but there you go. we got some snow coming back into washington state coming into oregon. it will be heavy and widespread for time. and that disturb whether extent, a fair way south pushing down across arizona and new mexico to northern parts of
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mexico. so that's something to watch out for those. what to whether then it's a northern parts of the set central america region for the caribbean is generally fine and dry a few showers they were towards the lee was becoming little more widespread for friday. ah, ah, african stories by african filmmakers tobler. those are designed over with all the song models, no real short documentary from for keener fossil and synagogue to do with colombia, but of course the man who plants vow bombs and a western africa direct on al jazeera lu .
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ah, welcome back. let's update your top source for you so far this half hour, delta and omicron variance occurred with 9 seen a feeling what the w h o calls a coach. tsunami of cases sweeping across the globe. on average 900000 new infections are being reported every day. around the world, a jury has found the virtue social i. gillian maxwell guilty on 5 counts and a sex trafficking trial charges against the former associates of the american fancier and convicted peter fall. jeffrey epstein include sex trafficking of underage girls, the 6 year olds, maxwell could spend the rest of her life in prison. and the un security council has demanded accountability over the killing of $35.00 civilians, including children and me and mars chaos state. member states are calling for an
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immediate cease fire, but fighting has escalated between the military and ethnic corin armed groups. now exactly 10 years since kim jong owen became the leader of north korea, he took control in 2011 after the death of his father, kim jong il. while his leadership style is widely criticized. few dare to question his grip on power. catcher, lopez for yon reports. he became north korea's leader before turning 30 at the time many hope king jam own would lead the country into a new era. one though it opened the reclusive nation and its economy to the world isn't today. and i'm wondering if i got instead can steadied, empower, has been defined by brutal violence nuclear weapons and meetings with donald trump . it's my honor. he will have a direct relationship. i have no doubt it wasn't easy to get here. and all prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in a white forward, but we,
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i became all of them and were here today. and presidency meetings to gradually d nuclear rise. the north in exchange for sanctions relief, ultimately failed, and threats against the regional neighbors and their allies continued. you will want to generate the entire united states is within range of nuclear weapons. and the new killer pattern is always on my desk. but him, 6 station on nuclear weapons has come at a heavy price. the united nations and others have kept tough economic sanctions to ga, ga, cood book for north korea has been working towards to huge goals, strengthening, national defense and improving living standards. living situation got worse because of sanctions and the condemning april harvey and kim's appetite for international respect has led him to the global stage. but his leadership has been described as ruthless with reports of executions, including against his own brother. rivals induced it and say poverty and starvation
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rampant. ah, to mark 10 years since the death of his father, king john ill, north koreans were reportedly band from laughing, drinking or shopping for 11 days. him now leads a political dynasty, spending 3 generations. that few dare question me on this video for one of the game is emulating his grandfather because many people missed the past. so he tried to look at similar to his grandfather and shed tears while giving speeches. that's cost them. you don't get much of still unknown about the young leader, including his long term plans for north korea. katya a little bit of a young al jazeera. ok. let's talk now to bomb young shake. he's a research fellow for north korean studies that young saw university joyce's life from so long young check with north koreans be better off if it had been a different leadership set up over the past decade. well having
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a different leadership set or was not available in the 1st place for north korea because it is essential feature of those kansas then that the leadership only comes from the members who inherits the royal blood line of mountain with the right name came. so came john was the only choice available. how dangerous is he realistically, when it comes to the delicate balance of, i guess piece across the white region? well kim, dylan and north korea and their leadership are not the same as the international groups like so. neutral side is not an option acceptable to young. his goal is to bible about the way he pursues. flu was national
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security have has invited very harsh responses from the rest of the world, including united nation. it's a great cause the resolution than other extensions. so he has to make a choice, how to say the bankrupt national economy and provide, you know, living conditions to the population. and how he's going to choose to deal with nuclear warheads than long or in the mid. so he has developed as being leverages. and when it comes to that element of choice here, i guess that's kind of the key problem in his relationship with neighboring countries. i mean, why is it neighboring countries don't apparently, upfront and out there apply more pressure on him to do more for the people of the country? well, putting additional pressure on north korea is subject to the law of emission
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returns. because not many economy is like a dry towel. how much more water can you actually bring out of the drive? how already? so you could leverage north korea is quite limited for business. and in terms of military deter, provided by alliance between south korea and allies, which in japan are quite functional and solid. so status quo is not such a bad option for neighboring punches. at least for a while. in the run up to the summit meeting, we're showing pictures as you're talking to us, the summit meeting between donald trump, the, than us president and kim jong in. and there was a lot of speculation in the world media that his sister might have been positioning herself to take over from him. because it's very difficult because we're all by definition outside the country. very difficult to get
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a handle on how big their respective power bases are within the political mechanisms that run pyongyang. how likely is he to either be deposed or just turn away from the job that he, he now does? well, i guess the chance is so near 0 because they said that there's no alternative available. there is no money in ex dial and no consistent with the 2 separate line system only can have a certain type of a leader and it is very unlikely for his biological sister is ready to take that position because she lacks the experience and knowledge and training as there and those grades assumed and reclusive and you know, masculine society, so having a woman leader might not be such
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a natural choice for those korean, you know, politics. okay. we have to leave them anything strong young shake for joining us from. so i says that i missed a visit to israel by the palestinian president. muslim bass human. the else i eat has more now from gaza in an urgent meeting held in because of the 2 by the policy infections. they didn't know their strong condemnation to the meeting held by a boss and gannet. and they said the meeting comes in a time when the policy and territories are witnessing or illusionary situation. that worries the occupation and it lights off. the vicious attacks carried out by satler's story, the policy new residents, and also the fear attack all the ease really authority is on the policy of prisoners and, and in a time where wide range of supplement activities is being carried out in the
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territories of the west. bank because of the meeting of the palestinian authority president is really wor, minister guns is a crime against palestinian people. and the step to the revolution in the vessel bank and the motivation to to normalization occupations on palestinian authority must street from this position. they also strongly conduct the ongoing use railey palestinian security coordination stuff about duty, a secretary general that the palestinian national initiative and he was the palestinian information minister. he says the meeting has widened divisions among political factions in palestine. i think this missing a step back brokenness maybe for 3 reasons. the 1st season is that really sides insisted on discussing the economy issues and security issues . avoiding all possibilities of
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a political process that would lead to ending occupation and apartheid dep. stevens are subjected to and that means they are going to be an issue. second, this meeting is happening while it is a very large violence against the palestinian population and the framework of civil announcements by the head of this is that government ministers that is not played football is to the instate political process said this meeting is happening with the minister of a army and that means drinking down the level of relationship between the 2 sides and to make the relationship as if it's between the fire. i'm done to pipe and there is no equality in this process. finally, i think this meeting has increased the internal division. most groups have objected to this meeting,
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mainly because they see it as an israel track to bring palestinians into that trap, which is nothing but the implementation of the so called the essentially ending at liquidating the policy of the us and russian presidents. we'll talk on the telephone on thursday as tension surrounding ukraine continued to escalate the white house. national security council says let me put in, requested the call with the us president joe biden. it comes ahead of us. russian talks in geneva next month, washington. nato countries have expressed that concerns about russia's military build up along the border with ukraine, churches, town halls and landmarks across south africa or lit up in purple. this week it's in honor to the cultural icon, desmond tutu who died on sunday. the 1st black archbishop of cape town was also a prominent voice in the fight against a party for me to mila attended. one of the services held in his memory was easy.
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oh, a small and intimate affair. at cape town, city hall to celebrate a man considered a giant in south africa history. a city of cape town holds an interfaith memorial, cannot be human without one another. archbishop desmond tutu who despite being at the forefront of the anglican church, was known for embracing all south africans. and so people of different faiths and backgrounds gather albeit under cove at 19 restrictions. limiting the number of people in attendance in early learning were in the low hero john vividly from a law. do we come and beg team shall be all final, didn't we pray that the legacy of great leaders such as odd michelle didn't do too. oh, be kept alive ah,
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those here including the archbishop's family. this is a tribute to a legacy that for many is immeasurable. i have spoken of his abiding faith and hope . but one of his loves, which was the greatest of these. and the loudest of his lives, messages outside the city hall is lit up in purple. a color synonymous with the man, simply known as the arch to his funeral, will be held on new year's day and according to his wishes was as little pomp and ceremony as possible. ahead of that, his body will lie in state for 2 days for people to pay their respects for me to milan, alter zera, cape town. ah, exactly half past. yeah, you're watching al jazeera life from to are welcome. if you're just joining us, let's update. she was the top stories, delta and omicron baron, so could be 19 a feeling what the w h o calls a tsunami of cases.


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