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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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1st time ever highlighting its effect on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping. controlling, being alone together, episode to of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. ah, i marine site into your top stories on al jazeera, delta, and on the covariance of cov, 19 of feeling what the w h. i calls a su nami, of cases sweeping across the globe. on average, $900000.00 new infections being reported each day around the world. france has reported 208000 new infections, the highest ever recorded in europe. that's 2 new infections every 2nd. and in the us, cases are increased by 60 percent, although hospitalizations and deaths remain low. this virus will continue to
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evolve and threaten our health system if we dont improve the collective response. right? no, delta and or me, kron are tween threats that are driving up cases to record numbers. which again, is leading to spikes in hospital additions. and does i'm highly concerned that omicron being more times miserably circulating at the same time as delta is leading to a soon army of cases. jerry new york has found the british station like elaine maxwell guilty on 5 counts, and the sex trafficking trial charges against the former associates of the american financing and convicted peter fall. jeffrey epstein include sex trafficking of under age girls and trial included testimonies by for women who said they were abused as teens some as young as 14 years old. 60 old maxwell could spend the rest
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of her life in prison. the road to justice has been far too long, but today justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls now grown women who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. their courage and willingness to face their abuser, made today's result. and this case, possible april elizondo has been following developments from outside the courtroom in york. it was certainly a dramatic final day here is a little bit before 5 pm here local time in new york when the jury signal that they did finally have this verdict. 6 charges it was complicated. i'll quickly go down them. conspiracy to entice miners to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, the jury found going maxwell guilty, enticing, minor to travel, to engage in illegal sex acts enticement not guilty on that one. the 3rd count,
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conspiracy to transport a minor, to engage in illegal sex acts guilty, transporting a minor guilty conspiracy to commit sex trafficking guilty and the big one, the 6 count sex trafficking of minors. guilty in all that's about 65 years in prison. the keeling maxwell now faces in terms of her reaction. when the verdict was read lane, maxwell was stoic, she did not cry, and as the verdict was read, her lawyer put her arm around her. she whispered, some words that were inaudible to her lawyer took a sip of water as she was led out of the court room by us marshall's. she did not look at her family and gave no visible reaction. she will now be led back
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to the metropolitan detention center. a phone call between the us and russia. presidents is set to take place on thursday as tension surrounding ukraine continue to escalate. the white house national security council says joe bought and requested the court. vladimir putin and it comes head of us, russian talks in geneva, on january 10th, washington nato countries of express concern about russia's military build up on the border with ukraine. hum us has denounced to visit israel by palestinian president. mac newt abbas is meeting with israel's defense minister penny counts. was the fust in the country more than a decade. hamas spokesman said it deepens the palestinian political division. god's office said a series of confidence building measures were discussed. that is the headline news continues to opt out of their world. ah
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ah, i watch out of have asthma, tara toyota han, they're gonna get out and that i wish i got well about. like i said they are all i ever got out. i get in for me and an expert in and doing that i had and i hope to talk to you there we are, we're not sure that we're necessarily going to and we're going to talk about the one that had
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the i the the why the iowa i believe they're on the i let you all corner gather that again all because i know half of the follow up with another say the glucagon. they're still going to be that last period to have somebody call that, but i want to kill a lot with this because there yet my case has been well,
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a lot of care for us for a little anti ana will be all alone in the news. mercado silver hammer, consort, also awful arts and abs record to select. so i'm going to pillow kid to be in the phone here. look i up and look a whole are all the local or we're all set up. could demeka digikey their problem. hopefully we'll fulfill not our village soon. a lot of other but hello, good. okay. do you little can there? hello, there are
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a santa of barrels high at the bellagio. they are all you do. what are my regularly there is the mother but i'm a with alga, dominican literal and actually anatomical did. garland ortiz from sydney, could have done the school in office other day and oh and her doctor bears talent can be broken down and generous. but i me an unheard unless she could do tell alice
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. and are you gonna do one or 2 or 2? it will still be good. and not doing i said i was been asked. so hold on. i'm gonna do like a deadline. i got a lucille. so let you by numbers cuz collin, santa lucia have what they call high school, that on late facebook, i am still but only one. okay. if we had a local, if we give you leave either to fi and even ranks or we had visa, but that no say that i was thinking the face will get i get the one on level. they the bonus thinking they don't give you leave a little with the city in the good at guessing you meet your feet. ah
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ah, to hold a little fixing. i couldn't pick on both ends on oscar and all of these 2 in the living room need to handle machine. there was a cool, i hate for my 11 talk from long old having some can. if i am going to pick it up, i think we could this one ah with
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. c and in until christopher scenario, anytime everyone's got up and walked to work on it, it won't offset alabama. okay. and on top of it, did that would plan to do with it? do you try latanya, random across a lot of religion also on a lot of did i silicon? yeah. and i in maria and and in august and on top of the destiny and the penny. if i'm needed and i'll let the rest of them and i'll get my money on and then i'll fall as
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well as well as office and the commission did not as we are unable to put on a pallet to hold up, i will agree on this, but i'm an intentional christ got amanda, do it's going to be in tennis a wonderful, but i'm going to come by and have a lot of you who are going to see you one moment, but he's got how go we go to lead either hold on. mm hm. or the hood, or with a annually, would it? she goes to who is the co op? gotta allow mom on allow tata. well, it had been mohammed, it was to the to how do you switch it to that? and who do they have a bed to eat?
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the other 3 you do you and one is to not all day and i'm to you are how they want to be doing record up there for the sunny i'd. busy like to, i tend to you, sir, i'm a saint. i spoke about it elsewhere. with the mission, we got it till i wrote to pena. i up until seattle. it took about the kind of like did about us, little marya holding a get a oil. good veteran with me and look record and like to low sugar and they didn't talk about it and tell somebody to get it yet. so i couldn't think of it like a family and could do that literally with her while is selina kaya. oh, sure. the gillian with
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the whole allen, tony, when i came back a little later killer, hey, did they want to wait until like i did leave in k, the lee. i barely slept. got it heard from day and i'm cool. yeah. you, i, that well is no contract or so you can go for case after all of them here today. i will be heading a good job. all right, i'm so follow up with . they were record linda. yes, i had all based with to how your matter fact there about the one maralie. oh it says, yeah, i 40 away priscilla calling to ask them for her q i have a yes or data rella
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or you mark or the me as soon as my god me who know what can i mean in which way? school said no way, we could have a counselor.
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well, let us, let me have them. so we want to keep them very limited screen at the end of the screen that they gave me ah oh yes. i am on medicine well coil? i must say. all right, oh dear. i will ruffle miss. sue anderson. she went to san jose house on it for
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a local beer, monica added on alan garvey, girl world and all you and you can like i will and then we're gonna lay wirelessly . hello holly. uh huh. oh yeah, for for the daughter she me tell you the lead dog here. so by yeah. oh, do enter vasa. yeah. that's close to facility id become a to give me a call i am and will you send me an article cafe then? i don't know. could you know? i followed aunt julia a little. yeah. i've worked with a couple of me. austin lucy, so i got a soccer. you're only rucker my outward when i am odd 9 or 10 and or. gotcha. gotcha. okay. and i saw a local,
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fidel good said good george. so that do tell her she went, what asked about would i do that? how cool? sure. okay actually. so the other one was okay, a min won't go low, hold on. oh oh my god speaking soon. oh god, god, god, god, god, god, i a loved it. i had he can daddy
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at them up. i don't see why i luckily i don't speak i will. yeah. i can go to really soon. he gets that is the who did he may study of t hardy in allows to eileen well keep ah, with the land of the union as load it on. got it made that the moment a shuttle that will dorothy robinson bear with me what i tie. i like to say, i love to have been taught who door being occasionally welcome either can meet or you know, hey printing your what you can you and cut your mopping p. or, you know,
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he kept me for the challenging, i'll present that they local to add a few not talked. i'd be soon of a top one, but the other when i go into high, badly. hello la carton. hosting allotted over de la matthew lovingood manager did love to work with a lot of money, cash,
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more harmful in the middle when was forgot. they had oscar bennett and made their old li top. oh my goodness, hard to put all i along with slash go. i saga. godaddy ado city. i hate talk. keep call button bloomberg. got them, but they have other sr mcdermott because he had the old fulton, he had them at the shop for the hey, i look it up and the senate, they called book a full bulky month with offering them quickly. what out of top underneath the no one could the delivery actual weight had been a good. i got a had them under the illness, could the delay to back along with them one of those a $20.00. also should they the medical shuttle. ah, we can, i was with along with you,
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i have to missing a cd. was family. wish you all a bought on like ah ah ah, with
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the other part of the video, how to invest mot when bought the car. yeah. and to huddle, i had a 3, a 3, a scenario for bono, mostly mckesson serrato school. could we give you the level of the school staff? i would say it was not about hey, you're gonna michel fidelity up what is a something they up a day which not a bit to multiple hubbard, but they call them a full. but how do you put up with
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ah, i want to keep them n t. i slap kill. yeah, i slap yet. good is law. i can see 47000000 i sleep one could hear haley. i hope you have a nice me head. yes. was slowly below it. are you asking book see the lady with
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. 7 african stories by african filmmaker, turbo law. those are the dr augustine with
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all more than a bit of motherland. no real sure documentary from borkin of fossil and synagogue to do. and if you help with the, your company, my, you figure cuz i can give to ambient medical, the man who plant bow bob and i rest mystery africa direct on al jazeera, with blue ah, from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with
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diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera dreams dawns and entertainment a way for people to rise above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wars of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family, and gives hope and opportunity. ah ha select on al jazeera ah,
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knowledge is here. with you. oh, lou ah, i money inside and doha, he has top stories on al jazeera delta, and on the con variance cov $19.00 off fueling. while the w h. i cause ace unami of cases sweeping across the globe. on average $900000.00 new infections are being reported each day around the world. this virus will continue to evolve and threaten our whole system if we dont improve the collective response. right? no, delta and or me, kron are tween threats that are driving up.


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