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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah, a new world wide high the cave at 19 cases in a single week. as the alma chrome buried spreads rapidly. ah, hello robin watching old is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in denisia agrees to accept dozens of ringer migrants who are stranded at sea. another blow to media, freedom in hong kong, as the rest of senior staff force, one of the last remaining pro democracy websites to shut down. and the legendary
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american football coach and broadcaster john martin, has died. we'll take a look at the legacy that he leaves behind. ah, welcome to the program franz has just broke that another national and a european record for cove at 19 infections. the health minister says he's worried about the situation of hospitals, which are seeing the influx of the delta variant. if we go further, i doesn't mean we faced 2 enemies. the numbers all shall arise in infections. 290000 people have contracted the virus in the last 24 hours. meaning that without stopping day and night for every 2nd more than 2 people are infected with corona virus. natasha butler. these libraries in paris, sir, i'm ready that the government proposing to deal with those massive increase in infections. but how are they really going to do it?
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yes, sir. the french health minister, talking about a veritable tidal wave of infection sweeping across france. you heard him there 208000 new cases in the last 24 hours filled by delta fuel by all micron. and of course, those just the cases that have been detected because there are possibly many others he says that have gone undetected. and what the french government wants to do, of course, is stop at the spread of the virus they are trying to. and looking at ways to tighten restrictions. i even further most notably they want to try and convert the current cov, it pass into a vaccination pass. and what that means is that people would only be able to access certain leisure facilities, like restaurants, bars, animals, theaters, and even catch a train if they can prove that they are fully vaccinated. in other words, proof of a recent negative cova test would no longer be something that they could use. so really a tightening restrictions in that way. some people say that's
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a controversial measure, but what the government is saying is that there are some 5000000 people that are still unvaccinated in france, that they are really the ones that often end up in the hospital. and this is a way of trying to maybe motivate them to go and get jap, tightening restrictions, implementing new laws. natasha, we know there were certain parts of the, of french society that like to push back on this, they're not happy with that. you might say freedoms being curtailed, so 11 does how these restrictions all laws will be received in the long term will ever send sierra french or prime minister. i shall cast ex 1st mentioned the idea of a vaccination pass last week. there certainly been a lot of people who have voiced that opposition to it. it is a controversial measure. not there. francis, highest legal bodies even got involved are saying to the government that they need to be careful. they mustn't a road people's freedom. freedom, for example,
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of movement of people suddenly are not able to catch a train to get may to be or to see a relatives or many opposition. politicians also saying that this is just a thinly disguised attempt to impose mandatory vaccination on people. and people of course, i feel that that's not necessarily the part that they want to follow, but the french government are saying, look, you know, the best way out of this pandemic, they say is flu vaccination. and they say, look, if we don't go down the path of trying to force people if light to get vaccinated, then we are never going to get out the country butler in paris for his thanks very much. now the director of the world health organization says he's deeply concerned about the abra cronan adult variance of cove 90 and that the numbers are likely to rise further in the coming weeks. this virus will continue to evolve and threaten our health system if we dont improve the collective response
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right now. delta and or me cron are tween threats that are driving up cases to record numbers. which again, is leading to spikes in was be tyler's ations. and does, i'm highly concerned that or micron being more transmissible circulating at the same time as delta is leading to a soon army of cases must cross over to the united states which reported a record of more than 440000 new infections on monday, the centers for disease control, so both dells run amok on our behind the search. mike hannah has done by for us in washington dc and it seems that you know, the president is considering what more he can do and the focus seems to be travel issues. yes, the president biden, who's on vacation, was asked by a reporter whether he's considering making
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a vaccination mandate for people traveling on aircraft. his response was that he will follow the advice of his medical expert, but clearly this is something that is being discussed in the biden. administration, the federal government has already imposed some federal mandates throughout the country, particularly with regard to mosque wearing at the federal mandate is that mar, set to be worn on any federal put property in doors. so it is within the president's power to impose a vaccine mandate for travel within the united states. this is clearly something that's being considered, but everything is a balance. for example, the cdc has now harb the recommended quarantine period from 10 days to 5 days. this in response to businesses asking that the quarantine period behalf, because they are suffering a lack of workforce, but not all are happy with the cdc's decision employee organizations arguing that this is just following the wishes of big business, rather than cont,
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turning themselves to the care of employees, the nurses union in particular, has issued a very strong statement criticizing the cdc for following the wishes of big business at the potential risk of the health of employees. my kind of in washington dc. thanks very much for the update. now the indonesian government is giving shelter to more than $100.00, were hanging refugees who were stranded at sea. the mostly women and children were left to drift off the coast of archie province while attempting to reach malaysia. indonesia government says the refugees were facing emergency conditions. hundreds of the muslim minority who fled near my reach and leisure over the years after a powerless jenny, often lasting months. jessica washington has more from jakarta. these people will be towed to shore and they will be allowed to disembark in indonesia. what we have heard from local sources on the ground is that the process of towing the vessel to the coastline could take around 3 to 4 hours. the vessel as it stands is around 80
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nautical mile 80 kilometer, sorry, from the coast of b. it in austria, prov, out a province. and so it could take around 3 to 4 hours and that's without factoring in some of the difficult weather conditions. we understand that right now, there are heavy winds and heavy waves as well, which could complicate the effort to bring this vessel to shore. but what we can say with certainty is that they will be allowed to disembarked in our province after so many days of uncertainty. we heard a short while ago from a representative of the government explaining the process behind the governments thinking, well, what are you doing this year? or the non asian government today has decided in the name of humanity to accommodate growing a refugee shop. currently floating on a boat in the ocean near, i checked seattle. this decision was made after question during, during the emergency conditions experienced quite a few cheese on the ship. it's not altogether
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a surprising outcome in the past. indonesia has in fact, accepted ringo refugees that have arrived in waters near aunt j. but it is worth noting that in tenicia is not a signatory to the un convention on refugees. and so as a result, it's not really seen as a destination for permanent re settlement. these refugees will now join the hundreds of other refugees from many other countries on the long wait to be resettled into a 3rd country. media. freedom in hong kong has been dealt another blow has please rated one that the last remaining pro democracy websites stand. news says it's shutting down after his assets were frozen and senior staff arrested. now they're accused of publishing articles, inciting hatred against all. forty's, brit clement has more. hundreds of hong kong place rated the stan use office in the early hours of wednesday morning, using a warrant under the much criticized national security law to collect boxes of what was described as journalistic materials. on how 6 people linked to the independent
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media outlets were arrested under separate law on sedition from the british colonial era. by wednesday afternoon stand, news announced it was closing after 7 years. we are not talking to reporter, we are not talking the good though. the media, we just targeted national security law. the all frances among those arrested was well known singer and activists. denise ho and former politician margaret on both former stand use board members. so i know i'm to police turned up at the home of stan, use deputy a simon editor, ronson chan. office is telling him to stop recording as they arrived. chan who was chairman of the hong kong journalist association, stood by the now disbanded news organization. after them, oh no. johan ohio, extern users been doing professional reporting. there's no doubt about it. the whole world sees it. it doesn't matter what charges have been made. i nothing can change. that fact, the hong kong journalist association said it was deeply concerned why the arrests
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and urge the government to respect the media freedoms that a meant to be safe, guarded under the cities. many constitution, the basic law. hong kong chief secretary, john les shrugged off the criticism, saying journalism cannot be used as a tool against national security. they are the evil anemones that damage pres, rhythm chinese government in beijing says the security law in hong kong is necessary for stability following political unrest and mass pro democracy protests doesn't have been arrested, prosecuted and jailed since china imposed the legislation last year. 6 months ago, the last remaining pro democracy paper, apple daily was forced to shut down after its assets were frozen and its founder jimmy lie arrested. the closure of the apple daily left an use is one of the last pro democracy outlets in hong kong. now there are questions over whether smaller online outlets can survive the crack down on media freedoms, brick planet,
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al jazeera, hong kong, britain's foreign secretary says that russia's closure all of a 2nd. she writes group this week is another blow to freedom of expression. i caught in moscow all of the memorial schumann right center to shut down, but followed russia supreme court revoking the legal status of its sister organization. memorial has been internationally a claim for it. studies of political repression in the soviet union. still a had here on out is there the palestinian president visits israel will have those who think that's a bad idea and will be in terms of africa. attributes are being paid to relate. i do apologize here. osbourne doesn't suit ah ah, look forward to brighter skies with sponsored cattle airways.
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hello there, let start in south asia and we've had some unseasonably wet weather skirt across central parts of india. you can see the storm clouds there affecting places like muddy pradesh, but it is scooting across to the north east. places like a sun likely to see that rain in the days to come. it's also gonna pick up in the south, got showers blowing in from the bay of bengal across those south eastern areas. and we are going to see thunderstorms once again in sri lanka from thursday. but for that west coast, it does remain largely fine and dry. a lot of warms coming through here. it is cooler. however, up in the north west, we've got a cold air mass blowing down from afghanistan across pakistan and into that northwest corner. it's gonna bring temperatures down slightly in the days to come, and that was we moved to east asia. we've also got a cold air mass affecting northern areas of china. we're going to see the temperature come down in beijing as well as the korean peninsula is going to get bitterly cold in places like sol, we're dipping down to minus 4 by the time we get into friday. but for the real
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wintry weather, we have to look once again to japan. we had heavy snow up into the north, and west and areas will. it's going to scoot down to the south. we'll see the temperature sit net at nearly 10 degrees in toko, with clear skies through the weekend. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. from the al jazeera london bro cath, intact to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this dick, it is a most consequential decade in memphis. she doth, for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front, in part 2 of human rights activists. q me 19, and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working. but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on al jazeera. ah
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ah, what you all just bear with me, said robin doha, reminder of all top stories. the indonesian government has agreed to give shelter to ranger refugees who are at sea. their boat was stranded off the coast after attempting to reach malaysia. global code of iris cases of hits an unprecedented level. the average number of cases this week increase to more than 6500000 infections. and friends has just broken another national and the european rac old holding number of daily tavia 19 cases. the health minister says 2 people have tested positive every seconds while india is also saying a shop rise in code 19 cases fueled by the all become variant. the restrictions of non essential activities have been imposed in the capitol and some are to get
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booster shots early in the new year. bobby metal has more from the deli these factory workers are racing against time, trying to finish that day's walk before the coffee starts. so they don't lose their wages as the virus threatened to wipe out their livelihood. once again, i'm scared of the cough you, we eat as the own. i'm a person and migrated from a village to make a living. i'm scared of virus and the night go few at school with 1900 cases. why? sharply several states have imposed night curfew. and strict, her testing goals for travelers. new delhi, which has the highest number of omicron cases in the country, has been put on yellow alert. cool gyms and cinnamon have shot with new restrictions on restaurants and public transport. the capital is preparing cove in 1900, was and ramping up oxygen supply. as a 3rd wave of infections is threatened,
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despite that markets had been crowded, the chief minister has employed every one to follow. covert 900 protocol, need you to get enough fairly. we don't want to spread yet again, and that is why we are repeatedly making that if you go out or go to market or office please, where we have to be responsible. but at the same time don't be scared that the government has also signed it. if the vaccination drive is starting next month or the 15th will be eligible for a job, why frontline workers and over sixty's with health problems can receive booster shot. the government has approved to new jobs and an anti virus drug to treat covered 19 while india is showing some indication of renewed net attention to respond to i'm a graduate and that is their attention on including recognition coverage. and though wind up any testing. but as far as the appropriate behavior is, there is
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a lot of room or space for improvement. while infections and hospital cases remain lower than in other parts of the world, the government says restrictions will be increased if the infection drink continues to rise, while market readers like these feel financial losses. political rallies continue in states where elections are due early in the new york, that provoking fears of a repeat of so called super spreaded religious gatherings and election rallies. they went ahead in the summer, despite the doubt are variant infecting millions of indians. parliament, the al jazeera jelly, well, the parties to the raw nuclear talks all putting out conflicting messages, being round of negotiations kicked off again on monday, but statements made it a later agreed only on one thing that's movement is needed soon. possible reports are from the other where the talks continue. this is the revolutionary guards message to israel. war games in iran,
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including foreign ballistic and cruise missiles. one of the targets resembles israel's demona nuclear reactor. the head of iran's armed forces staff major general mohammed bovary says 16 ballistic missiles of varying classes were fired. simultaneously. darren has one of the biggest missile programs in the middle east regarding such weapons as an important deterrent and retaliatory force against the united states and other adversaries in the event of war. just days after those drills, world powers are back in vienna trying to salvage what is left of the 2015 nuclear deal. the joint comprehensive plan of action has been unraveling. since the u. s. withdrew from it in 2018 and impose the series of new sanctions on her on her own. and that prompted iranian officials to reduce their compliance with the deal,
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which means their nuclear program has progressed. robert kelly is a former director of the international atomic energy agency. and a nuclear engineer. he says aaron's been backed into a corner. each time there's a sabotage event that was of some of the facilities for the us as more sanctions. they've tended to push back and do something provocative, and i think they've gone past the point of reasonable provocations. there now they've gone to for world powers have been insisting veterans, ballistic missile program, needs to be part of that deal. and notion that's continuously dismiss buyer on as the 8th round of talks continue here in the austrian capital. israel opposes these efforts and has long threatened military action if diplomacy fails. and that is just one of the many reasons. time is of the essence. there is a sense of urgency in old litigations that this negotiation refreshed to be her
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finish in the relative ritual movie period of time. again, i would boot limits, but we're talking about which not about the head of a rounds atomic energy organization. mohammed islam you recently told a russian media outlet that iran does not intend to go beyond its current enrichment levels of 60 percent. a move, all western powers have warned would cross and red line. iran says this nuclear program has always been for civilian use, a statement, some don't believe while it continues to stop by a highly enriched uranium. officials here safe retentions to ease and for iran to limit its nuclear program. the talks fear must succeed, and failure will have far reaching consequences. dorset safari al jazeera vienna. the mass has denounced the meeting between the palestinian president and the israeli government defense minister betty guns hosting mahmoud abbas to discuss
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security coordination and economic issues. a palestinian official said the meeting stress, the importance of having a political venue to find solutions must have argued. he is actually general of the palestinian national initiative and was palestinian information minister. he says the meeting has widened divisions amongst political factions in palestine. i think this missing step back rather than brokenness maybe for 3 reasons. the 1st isn't is that really side insisted on discussing the economy issues and security issues. avoiding all possibilities of a political process that would lead to ending occupation and upper dep understands are subjected to and that means they are avoiding them initial 2nd, this meeting is happening while it is a very large violence against the palestinian population and the framework of several announcements by the head of this,
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is there any government ministers that that is not played football in state? no, yes. what, what is the current process? said this meeting is happening with the minister of a army. and that's me. bringing down delivery of the relationship between the 2 sides and it makes the relationship as if it's just that we've done a pipe and there is no equality in this process. finally, i think this meeting has increased the internal division. most budgeting in groups have objected to this meeting, mainly because they see it as an is really trapped to bring palestinians into that trap, which is nothing but the implementation of the so called the essentially ending at liquidating the policy the united nations as calling for sci fi in the mall following a week of faith fighting in the south. the battle between government forces and ethnic qur'an armed groups have full thousands of refugees to seek safety. in
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thailand, tony chang has more from the ty bought a town of my salt where attention remains high. trade resumes across the time in my border of the weeks of bitter plaiting in the area, long boats laden with goods bearing their loads to and fro. the molly river that divides the 2 countries has been quiet for several days. the further inside men mer biting has been fierce. the battle rages inside the grounds of this temple in the town of mayfield. halley fighters from the korean national liberation army against forces from amazon, me, and border defense force. it's an uneven fight. the fight is for independence spacing, a fully equipped modern army. with heavy artillery and support. post weapons, they have a rocket propelled grenades. this man crossed the border with a group of rebels overnight. he wants his identity hidden,
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but he says it's the attacks from above that most people you know now when i don't know exactly what they are. but the throwing large bombs out of the helicopters and soldiers, the sitting in the shop is firing machine guns at the people below. murder. despite being at guns, perrin fighters moreover appears to be high. even though the mother compare with those tried the major like that. but we don't care. well we do believe that at the end of the day we will and it's clear, the cease fire that has held for a decade is now shattered. so we know we really know that they make a very big golf as into our, you to take over our land, our territory like that on the tiny side of the border. the state of high alert has been load the time military and are considerably more relaxed after the fighting appears to have moved away. but they're still monitoring very closely watching any one who's going up to the border. but inside man ma,
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an estimated 20000 people have been displaced by the fighting. they remain and make shift shelters with limited food and water. and despite the law in the fighting, many don't feel safe enough to go home. tony chang al jazeera on the time your mom bought a memorial services are being held across south africa for archbishop desmond to to the saw. the city of cape town is hosting a special tribute for the nobel laureate. so me, the miller is for the summit for me to of course it continues to be a busy time for those wishing to remember the late archbishop what's happening and what's on the agenda for this evening's event. ah, well this evening we are in the city hall of cape town and this is also a very iconic place in the city. given this is where the archbishop welcomed nelson mandela once he was released from prison in 1990. the memorial service,
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taking place behind us, is quite an intimate and simple affair, really, and very much according to what the archbishop wanted. he said to his family, who is also present at this memorial this evening that he didn't want too much pomp and ceremony. and that is likely what we'll see on the day of his funeral on new year's day this evening. there is an interfaith service, which really is testament to the kind of message the archbishop are repeatedly expressed of 2 south africans in around the world that he said he didn't believe in a notion of opposing beliefs. and the really you was a unifying factor for many south african. so this evening we're going to see people from the muslim of the these law mcvey from the christian faith by high buddhist as well as quite son leadership. talking to the audience here and trying to celebrate the life of the archbishop hospital, a bishop, isn't it? for me. the miller in cape town,
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thanks to the update. now ever in the united states, some of our icon is also being remembered for his influence on american football, the famed coach and broadcaster legend john martin has died. at the age of 85, the national football league says sits forever indebted to him for making sport what it is today. so hell malik report. john madden wasn't simply a legendary american football coach. he was one of the sports greatest personalities. born in minnesota, he went on to be inducted into the nfl hall of fame. for his decade long stint in charge of the oakland raiders. he guided them to 7 fc title games and masterminded their super bowl triumph in 1977. for many, however, madden will be remembered for his exploits in the broadcast booth. he had a 3 decade long television career, during which he won praise for his ponder tree. an energy he fused into game was
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his efforts also translated into honors with madden winning 16 emmy awards. why? he was honest about what, what he saw as a, as a coach would be. and he was smart and he was funny. so he was really a great salesman for the game as a commentator. ah, madden's name is also used to brand one of the world's most popular sports video game. franchises. e a sports is nfl theory. a new edition comes out every year and continues to be played by many people that wouldn't have even seen matt and coat. i used to top wires you ever your real hard her brush thing. you can do guys laugher, marking you. even though he's gone, it's unlikely that madden will be forgotten soon. and you can follow all of the stories that we're covering on our channel by looking onto the website out there,
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or dot com, dated throughout the day. cuz it is on top story. ah, and you all watching over there with me. so rob, the reminder of our top story is record levels of cro virus infections are being reported in many countries. 6 and a half 1000000 cases are recorded worldwide in the past week. but the number of a virus deaths and patients leading hospital treatment is lower than in previous periods of the panoramic. that will help organizations, warnings. the comm barian poses a very high risk. this violence will continue to evolve and threaten our health system. if we don't improve the collective response right now, delta and army crone are tween threats that driving up cases to record numbers.


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