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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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ah frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning though, it looks bank for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera, coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for political power, defines our wild launch loop babies were doyle. i did it, not that you're barish, it's neglected babies to deck people and power investigates, exposed is and question. so the use and abuse of power around the globe on out, is there lou?
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ah, they're watching out. is there a time to recap those headlines now? the world health organization is warning the army kron variance still poses a very high risk. corona virus. casey's world wide surge by 11 percent in the past week. the u. s. britain, france, and italy are all reporting record highs. the united nations is urging the indonesian government to accept more than $100.00 or hang refugees stranded at sea . in an unstable boat. mostly women and children became stranded in indonesian waters while attempting to reach malaysia. an independent online news outlining
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hong kong is shopping down after police raided its offices. 7 employees of stant news were arrested for publishing articles and fighting hatred against the authorities. samuel chu is the founder and president for the campaign for hong kong. he says private sector organisations across the region have a responsibility to safeguard freedom and democracy. i think that this is obviously a dark time for those was who are warner, who bender, who lived there, who has family. there's this is not a hawk on that. we recognize. but i think that this part of what makes this such a unique confrontation or are or, or campaign is that hong kong represent so much more of the intersection between the democratic free world, an communist china. and so there are gonna be opportunities. just the outraged that has been, you know, poured out over to east ross and all the attention that i've been focused on china,
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an upcoming beijing olympics. these are all opportunity that pressure can be applied and that's what we're trying to do here. and i think the fact that we're talking about it and that media outlets and government and politicians around the world are responding to it today. it's a sign that they're still home and they're still basis for advocacy a just a few weeks ago, the state department and the usaa updated a, the honk autonomy act report, which add an additional sanctions to officials in hong kong. i think that's one piece of the puzzle, but ultimately i think that beyond even just government or even angels and a non profit like ours is that we need a cross sector, the business community, the corporation that are continuing to operate, have to be held accountable as well, for in there, in action, in protecting and defending freedom and hong kong,
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hamas is denounced. the 1st meeting in 11 years between the palestinian president and the israeli government defense minister bennett dance greeted mahmoud abbas to discuss security coordination and economic issues. a palestinian official said the meeting stress, the importance of having a political venue to find solutions. let's go live to harry full sit in west jerusalem. so are they finding solutions? what's come out of this meeting? well, some of the nitty gritty of exactly what was discussed and what was promised on the israeli side has emerged in the hours since this meeting. the so called confidence building measures that israel has been trying to push. so we heard from benny gans that he had promised $32000000.00 worth in advance taxes taxes it israel collects on behalf of the palestinian authority. also nearly 10000 people who live
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in the west bank and gaza without proper papers. they will have the residency status regularized and more than a 1000 people who are senior business leaders, high profile, west bank and gaza. figures as well as senior officials will have special permits that will allow them to travel more easily in and out of israel and into the in and out of the west bank. so that is some sort of deliverables that presumably ma, what about can point to benny guns. also saying that he wanted to see the housing authority crackdown on an uptick and violence in recent weeks. similar calls from the other side, the palestinian saying they want to see an end to the recent wave of secular violence against palestinians also in easing in occupied east jerusalem in terms of demolitions and threatened evictions. a reversal of betty got his own decision to outlaw and ban 6 human rights groups, calling them terrorist organizations. and we have also heard this call about
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a political horizon and a possibility of making progress on the political issue. that is, something's gonna be very difficult with this government, which is an extremely broadly based coalition, israeli government, which has far right wing as far left wing is an agreement that they are going to move on major strategic issues during that time in office. most obviously the issue, the israeli palestinian conflict or thanks so much. hi, force it there. now hundreds were killed when super typhoon rise slammed into the philippines earlier this month and dozens more is still missing. the devastation is widespread. weather experts say it's intensity was unexpected. when it highlights the impact of climate change on extreme weather events. on or below reports from manila, typhoon ry packed winds of more than 200 kilometers in our mead landfall. 9 times
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last week. from the east to the far west of the philippines, central and southern islands, millions of people are having to pick up whatever slept up their lives. the devastation is unprecedented. state weather forecasters had predicted a powerful typhoon, but when it hit the country, it exceeded their expectations. it actually entered the period so sorry, the arrested development where there's really much, much, not much going on in the storm based on the satellite observations. and then it is after that, which is the interesting part after the arrested development period. it's sudden b ramped up it's development. and then that's the time that where it reach it's intention. typhoon right also hit about a 3rd of the country that has historically been spared the fiercest storms. it also
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sustained its strength threw up. the pattern that has emerged from this particular typhoon is that the damage can be relatively far from the eye or the center of the storm. usually when a storm barrels through our country, we know which provinces and which city, sorry, going to get hit ry is not the 1st super slack loan to devastate the philippines. in 2013 super typhoon high and left a trail of destruction and killed at least 6000 people. it, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded. many scientists and environmentalists say such a stream, whether in the philippines is the consequence of climate change. and they're afraid it's only going to get worse. barnaby low, i'll just euro manila, some of the heaviest rain for 30 years in ne, in brazil is causing a flooding emergency. more than 100 cities. water levels and by his state have
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continued to rise also to dams collapse. at least 21 people have been killed and almost 80000 people are homeless. more rain is forecast and state government is set aside $14000000.00 in emergency funds. i can, but i mean, this is everything to me, everything. the only thing i had was my home and now it's gone. i no longer have the courage to continue living here. my forest fires in july of destroyed farmers, crops, and homes. thousands of hag has a forest been raised south of the capital. santiago, a lack of rain is called the water shortage. that's was sending the emergency in several areas and causing the forest flames to spread faster. in 2021, people continue to cross international borders in their millions seeking protection or opportunity away from their home. lance and enduring hardship. un figures show the number of internally displaced, people is dramatically on the rise. as is the number of people fleeing the country
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for asylum, more than a 3rd of whom are under the age of 18. john holman reports one of the most searing images from 2021. u. s. border patrol agents chasing down haitians thrown across into texas. women white, patrick, even those words video provoked an outcry the u. s. ambien, but in some ways they were typical of another year in which people were on the move . doors were shut to them, locked him out of pocket law kills me about this is that everyone knows what we, haitians are going through. there's no president, crime as high students can't go to school. there's no work. the economy is down, people can put up with that he poor taishan is not good for us, even other people with other problems from the middle east trying to get into poland, neighboring belarus, that load them in and encouraged them to try and cross said the european union, it's not just a matter of political will putting up barriers to migrants. the protocol for
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dealing with them in many countries is also hopelessly out. they says the chief of staff for the iowa, the international organization for migration is the tools, especially from a legal point of view that governments have at their disposal. i are tailored or 60 years ago when that movement and the reason for moving were different. so right now, in most part of the world, ah, the only way you have to get legally into a country is requesting as ilo. but not all of those that are moving right now in the bed is region actually qualified for his island based on international or national law. ambrosia says that means both an overcharging of asylum systems and ultimately sending people back home. you might need help, but don't fit the limited set of rooms. but in 2021,
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there weren't just problems at the end of the journey. this year, so migrant stopped on route by natural. a man made hazards in the duddy gap. an area of jungle between columbia and panama record numbers of migrants across of trying to get from south america to the united states. but they confronted not only by deadly snakes and spiders, the gangs were systematically robbing and raping them. many finished the route traumatized or not at all. wanted me to have a good weekend and hopefully it was horrible because i felt i couldn't do it any more. my feet were injured and i was thinking of my children. i thought that my baby wasn't going to make it me mixed her further up the route. authorities paused . those who did get through their southern buddha to head nor from foot. people start walking before dawn because the heat that they hear in chopin's is intense, gets about 30 degrees and it's hard to cover these distances with that, some baking down those heading from the horn of africa,
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trying to get work in saudi arabia have to travel through wooten yemen, about many don't arrive here and there are still many libyans drowning in the mediterranean of to fleeing their country and over crowded boats. these people were rescued in november, but more than 70 died in a wreck. the same mon it's not just those heading overseas. the iowa reports a dramatic increase in internal migration. those fleeing within their own country, 5 and a half 1000000 in afghanistan alone, and 4000000 in, we'll wrecked him and we asked the head of the norwegian refugee count. so if things look better next year, i'm not optimistic really. number one, there is much more lie image. if you'd displacement natural disasters every year, 4 times more people are displaced by natural disasters. then by conflict
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at the time when there is record displacement also by conflict. and you also have at the same time, a waning international solidarity with those who are fleeing. so those who now tried to cross the border to escape violence, a meeting, barbed wire, oblique panorama for those foods to flee the home as we head into 2022 john home. and how does into mexico city the un secretary general says the world is becoming more unequal, but humanity can unite to find solutions in this pre recorded new year's message and tony, good tash colds and new commitments to tackle the crisis facing the world, including a bold plan to vaccinate every person everywhere. the world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested by deepening poverty and worsening
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inequality. by an, an equal distribution of coffee vaccines by climate commitments for short. and but ongoing conflict division and museum formation. these are not just policies, this is a moral and real life tests. and that guess that humanity can pass if it could need to making 2022 year of recovery for everyone. memorial services being held across south africa, fancy apartheid i called a noble piece prize, laurie at desmond to to south africa is observing a week of national mourning for 22 who died age 90. it was the 1st black archbishop of cape town and rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid to twos. funeral will be held on new year's day, still had an al jazeera in school. we look at how the crowd of iris is impacting the n b a is another depleted self is defeat.
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ah ah
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ah oh, fun for us to catch up with the game, his fall of old spool section. sammy, thank you so much. basketball stars, steph curry has become the 1st player and n b history to score 3000 career. 3 pointers for $33.00 old achieve the feet and his sides. last scans to denver nuggets he'd already become believes all the time. 3 points leader, 2 weeks ago when he passed re allen's mark of 2973 career triples. that record had stood for 11 years. cory's been in great form this season helping the warriors
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reached ta thought in the western conference despite this dis, defeat was staying with the n. b, a and kobe 19 continues to impact the league on tuesdays severely depleted. minnesota timber wolf side went down against new york, knicks, starlight, carl anthony towns, anthony edwards and deangela russell were all missing due to copays 19 protocols. minnesota, losing this 196 to 8, and they're not the only one suffering because of the pandemic. more than a 100 players are currently sidelined under the leagues coded 19 health and safety protocols. some teams. i've been hit pretty badly. time toronto raptors players, for instance, were missing for their game on sunday. the on bay, however, has not shifted from it stands, which was confirmed last week by commissioner adams silver that it has no plans to pause the season. in fact, on monday, they shorten quarantine for players that have tested positive, vaccinated players and coaches who are asymptomatic. now only need to isolate for 6
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days rather than 10 if tests show they're no longer infectious or joining us now from new york is league insider and be analyst for the bally sports network. brendan scoop, be robinson branded. you talk to a lot of and b, a players. are they with the league and it's protocols or against it? the mixed bags 97 percent of the league is vaccinated. ah, but the crazy part about it all is the number of players more recently a who have tested positive and who have sat out a wild, sad that was what to my desk early this morning is that there have been a league high $541.00 players and counting a who have played in the $400.00 plus ah, slots allowed now for players to play. and that's largely because of 10, they contracts and, and more so our players are upset that they still have the player as the is the varian has continued to ravaged through a league at large. so like i said, as
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a mixed bag, some guys enjoy plans. some guys are very cautious and been from executive perspective, some place, some executives are surprised that and be a commissioner. adam silver has not yet. i either gotten a bubble or postpone for little. so here we are. now. do you think the nbc integrity has been affected at all tarnished even while this is what i'll say when you look at the league overall, they were very ahead of the curve in 2020. and when the call with vaccination, i shut or halted the world for a bit. and you had the bubble. i think that in the eyes of many people, when are we going to go back to a bubble? it's not that easy at the m b a had the salvage a light. ah, when they. ready created a bubble in, they went to the walt disney world area to get it done. i think because we've lived through a pandemic for so long, i think the combination of, of money and advertising dollars within regional sports networks and more the
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perception of people right now. many people are upset. i particularly a commissioner, adam silver. and with that said, i don't think it's tarnished, but i think people are asking a lot of thought provoking questions. the question where they're going in the future and you know, it's a lot of confusion. do you think the league is concerned with the well being of the players or are there more pressing financial concerns for the and b a? do you think? i think it's a 5050 bag. i think that when you look at how many players look at the chicago bulls recently, where they're star players, i and you know, in zach levine and, and, and others all our were in the state health and safety protocols and they had to cancel games. there was a pause were concerned, and then you had other players like the brooklyn, matt who had the cancel games last week where you know, their star players in k d as well as carrier being and, and, and, and james hardon all were in health safety protocols i think there is concern,
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but it's difficult when you have these major odd dollars tie to regional sports networks, as well as with national games and you have to deliver on those promises. i think the n b is concerned, i think it's a slippery slope and i think that ah, more can be done. but the question is, what you mentioned in the said way about how much less time players have to quarantine before they can report back to the teams. they're hoping that that can kind of salvage, ah, you know, tickets and more his allotted, stay between tickets, television contracts and advertising, the more difficult position of b r a will leave it there for now. brandon robinson. thank you so much for your time. thank you for having me. fame, national football league coach and broadcaster john madden has died at the age of $85.00 man and laddie than the oakland raiders to their 1st super bowl victory over the minnesota vikings in 1977. he coach the team from 1969 to 978.
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following season madam became a tv analyst and $116.00 emmy awards. during his 30 year broadcasting career, he was inducted into the football hall of fame in 2006. on for more on this story, we're joined by you a sports broadcaster, michael carlson, and michael as a coach, john madden was described as legendary. what made him so memorable? do you think? well the, the big thing was with the oakland raiders, the end of the 60s. and in the seventy's he constantly produced good teens. although only one super or when what they were teams with such character. i'm really a cold kind of teen sort of like a motorcycle gang out of out of oakwood. you know, one tough player after another. and more importantly, he was able to stand up to al davis, who was the owner stroke of general manager of the raiders. and he got davis to let him put together a team the way he wanted to do it. not the way all davis wanted to do it,
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but i think that made a huge difference and that really built his image. and it was the image that then took him on to other things, which made it even more iconic. is there something defining about his career? how will he back be best remembered? well, it's depends really on what generation you're from. but for most people, um, he'll be remembered as a commentator because he was transformational as a commentator. he brought a coach's eye view to it, but expressed in, in simple language. he didn't do what, what people do now, to kind of prove they understand the game and use a lot of jargon and, and stuff. the audience can't necessarily follow. he was really down to earth, and when he did a replay, he would go, you know, and you watch, she watch big all every little come out here. boom. heated some there. and he was honest about what, what he saw as a, as a coach would be. and he was smart and he was funny. so he was really
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a great salesman for the game as a commentator. and after he a, after that, he came up with the e a, a video game, madden football, which really they, they relied on him to create the game the way he wanted it to be. he was the voice on it. and that was for a long time, the biggest sports game in the world. and it was such a good game that you didn't need to know american football to be able to play it. and it still is one of the great video games going after asked since 1988, and then the away from mad and for just the minute like the and gay the nfl is also struggling with kelvin. 1000 infections. how worrying is a considering where we are in the and if else season right now? well, i think the one blessing for the nfl in a sense is that they're about to go into the playoffs, which means fewer teams involved. there's only 2 weeks left in the season,
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which will make it somewhat easier to bubble the teams if or or do something like that, as you were talking about with the n b a. the time for vaccine players to isolate has been reduced as long as they test negative, and that's a good sign as well. and that follows c d c guidelines. but non vaccinated players are really the question the indianapolis, colts quarterback. cons carson, whence is tested positive and turns out to be non vaccinated. so he's going to face at least a 10 day isolation, regardless of a positive tests. and that's been the thing all through the season. and i think as you talked about with the n b a, it's partly player safety and partly keeping the game going in that crucial clock time. okay. mike, michael carlson, thank you. once again for joining us here on hold on for liverpool manager here can clock says he's doubtful his side will be able to catch premier league leaders. manchester city, especially after performances like the one on tuesday. liverpool were defeated away
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at lester city, slipping to just their 2nd leave loss of the season. mohammed salam missed a 1st have penalty, and lester took the lead after the break through through admiral i looked with and finished one l to lester. if we play like tonight, we don't have to think about catching up with city, but if you plan on football, become in football games and we have to see, oh, how often, how many points we can get. and then we will see what that means. but how said i don't have a proper explanation full tonight, but to find his explanation is my main concern and not in this moment the gap to city unfair torres is drawing barcelona from manchester city and a 60 $1000000.00 deal bar. so say the 21 year old forward has signed a contracts until june 20, 27900 hoping to buy the spanish international. during that term, we'll have to pay a release clause, an access to $1000000000.00. okay. and that is all your sport for now, sammy, back to you. thanks so much. ah, well, i said, so for this news,
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alba come all is back with another full shower. so do stay with us here in algebra . ah with then abrasion with al jazeera was gains re insights into the diverse culture of the money as it relates to different couples in buckingham and life together. g wedding monday,
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announce presented from the al jazeera london broker center, 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation. this dick, it is a most consequential dick in memphis, is she doth, for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front, in part 2 of human rights activists. q me, 19, and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems that are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on al jazeera roster clearings and now taking over what used to be priesthood. forest where giant trees once too tall and gypsies robed conservation to say the areas swarming with nico tim below. gazande butcher's, 4 years ago, the government, to city and the on the east, the ban on the timber trading at that decision only opened a floodgate of uncontrolled league looking sierra leone is home to more than 5000,
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was to possess more than $1500.00 of them, i found them the low moan to regional and they are far from safe cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of lugging on the return of ah wold records the highest weekly number of new current of ours cases as the balmy kron very continues to spread. ah, hello again on kim all santa maria here in doug ha with the world news from al jazeera, a pro democracy, hong kong news website has shut down after its editor and other journalists to arrest.


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