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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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ah ah ah, back to square one, krona virus cases surge globally, but governments are divided on how to combat the new wave. ah, time sammy's a, then this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up in donation official se, they'll send a group of ringo refugees, bank to see after fixing their boat. oh, exhausted and fed on medical workers in india,
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protests and lack of support that government hospitals and russia supreme court orders the shot down of a group that documents abuses during the soviet era. ah, by the year is ending the way it began with a rise in global cove. it 19 infections, the only cron variant is driving up cases to alarming levels in many corners of the world. the u. k. has ruled out imposing further restrictions for now despite a record search in infections, krasier is also seeing more cases of koby 19 in the capital. there have been long lines of people waiting to get their booster shots or have more in that in a moment that 1st south america. it's become the most vaccinated continent in the world with 63 percent of the population fully inoculated. our correspondent,
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i'm a thunder. empathy reports now from barbara tar. latin america as a whole, has been one of the most affected regions by the pandemic. south america makes up for just 8 percent of the world's population, but it has accounted by may 2021 for over. a 3rd of all corona visor is related globally just gives you an idea of just how bad things have been here. especially during the 1st year of the damage and we have reported extensively on what happened across this region with bodies left on the streets and whether lack of oxygen for patients in a number of countries. and just how difficult the roll out of the vaccination campaign has been at the beginning with countries here struggling to get enough vaccines. but that has changed throughout most of 2021. this is the reason the most fascinating region in the world,
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overcoming europe with 63 percent of the population. why that, that, that, that happens. if you ask me all, would you still give you a number of reasons, but they all points through 2, in particular. first of all, this is a region that has been accustomed in the past. the 2 large and expansive vaccination campaigns, the, to the c diseases like yellow fevers. those have been quite successful. and people remembered that frances, further tighten covey 19 measures. after reporting more than a 100000 cases, the government dissolved people to work from home, at least 3 days a week. they'll be no curfew for new year's eve. children will return to school as planned on january, the 3rd and crecia has a low vaccination rate compared to the rest of europe. well, people have been turning out in the capital to make sure they're getting the jobs. and corrina savish,
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which has the latest from zagging to zagreb capitol. 3 so people are waiting in line to get vaccinated, but most of them are waiting to get for the booster. adults in general, crecia has one of the lowest oxidation rates in european union. only 55 percent of citizens are vaccinated. so creation government has a problem to convince citizens that vaccine is safe and efficient today increase shaw only or wrong. $4000.00 confirmed cases of probably 19 infection but the only 8 confirm cases of on the chrome infection. 11 more suspected cases of on the ground waiting to be confirmed. crecia was the 1st european country to bend all arrivals from south african countries. countries, gratian government, government, also administered florentine for all creation citizens who are certain from, from south african countries. so on is still not dominant. sorry, and of course 19 increase. shouldn't gratian government is trying to postpone?
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the revival of prime minister and minister held our respecting wave and high numbers by the end of january. so today, increase government prime minister means health thoughts, which scientists and management of hospitals, how to prepare, how to prepare health system for high numbers. and lots of patients. simon non clock is the head of division of biomedical sciences and biomedical engineering at the university of reading. he explains how the outbreak is different than last year . we are definitely not in the same place as we were 12 months ago. in the u. k. at least we actually have a much higher number of infections, but it's with a very which for some reason that appears to be less virulent, less able to cause disease, at least in younger people, be so far the ones who have been infected by but that reduction inability to the
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might be to in some or in title st. paul to the fact that we've had a large scale vaccination program. and we know that the vaccines reduce your risk of getting seriously ill with other variance. and it's perfectly reasonable to see that it's playing part with. i'm a chrome as well. so is that probably the main reason why we are in a rather different place to, to where we were a year ago. i thought he's got infection needs into all the populations and i'm really talking about people in the forty's up was not necessarily elderly people. then that situation might and i emphasize and some might change and that's what will have to be watched if it's not changing. if indeed it is relatively low level in terms of genetically in them, great. we can, i think start to list those restrictions that we already have in place. if not, then we may see the tightening. so it's a gamble when governments decide to do more than $100.00 wrangler refugees have
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been stranded in indonesian waters authorities, and che say bell helped them to repair the boat, but will not allow them onto their territory. the indonesian government has not yet commented on the matter is jessica washington reports from jakarta in indonesia waters off the coast of the island as to murderer. these fishermen are trying to do whatever they can to help people in desperate need. his vessel carrying more than a 100 for his refugees was supported the province on sundays. local fishermen said they felt sorry for those on board, particularly the young children and a good deal. according to our radio communication day a week, someone died some, a sick including many children on the elderly, a getting weaker according to our information. they've been at sea for 28 days, but i know you, but i am. the fisherman told out 0 they have been providing food medicine and water
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to those on board that have not been allowed to help them get to shore local authorities in our j say they will assist the retainer and give them essential supplies, but won't allow them into the country, so joe, he made so guessing i got a loan at the la la and i got a job of the navy, secure our border. 0 hinder, are not indonesian citizens. i cannot bring them in, even as if the geez is in line with govern policy. with police say the ringo we're trying to reach malaysia. thousands of for hanging have fled me in march, a neighboring hunger dash in recent years, escaping and military track down that the un says amounts to genocide, facing poverty and crowded refugee camp. many tried to reach safety in southeast asian countries. last year, a group of for hanging refugees was saved by fishermen and brought ashore after the
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boat broke down the j. some fishermen told al jazeera they were afraid of repercussions if they attempted a risky this time. denisia is not a signatory to view in convention on refugees and is seen as a transit country for refugees making dangerous journeys at sea. still, human rights groups saying indonesia must do more as a regional power in southeast asia. the post the boat back is, is a violation of international obligations of indonesia. i think international law clearly imposes obligations on states, including indonesia, to protect human rights, off refugees arriving on their shores. the indonesian government has not responded to out. his ear is requests for comment, and after so many days and to see these desperate people still face an uncertain future. jessica washington out to theora jakarta in may and mar, military offensive against the ethnic korean arm groups is intensifying. the merch
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trees seize power and occur in february. it's been accused of committing atrocities against villages. thousands of flying into thailand, tourney chang has more from the ty board, a town of me, salt the lot classes a day. we have had a few little clashes. we heard some bangs inside of the fighting seems to have moved in from the media border area. that's what the time military were telling us . they seemed a lot more relaxed, very different from yesterday when we saw fighting really right up to the river more. that's the, the border itself and village is pouring across. we even saw an attack helicopter operating along the border. a lot of villages said that that was the thing. they were really most scared about. the strikes that had been coming in to the places they lived there. still on the tie side, there are more than 5000 people who came across in the last couple of weeks. we
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spoke to couple of them who said they still don't want to go home. they're still concerned, but they want to monitor what's going on across the board. so they want to make sure that everything is secure. nonetheless, it does seem to be a little bit quiet today. so i think everything in the boulder seems a little more settled in the town, me a wadi and i was bought a chain going across. so some semblance of normality returning india is government is frozen. the bank accounts of one of the world's best known catholic charities. it says the organization that was founded by mother teresa did not meet conditions on the local law. it's been accused of trying to force people to convert to christianity. the charity denies the allegations. hundreds of health care workers in india have joined an ongoing protest by resident doctors of government run hospitals. this comes as many were dragged and beaten by police on monday night. problem. ital has more from new delhi,
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a job with the national cap. not every year, more than half of housing residents appeal for a national event, which be of a ne, in $702.00 for a month. to see that on one hand, this means that both of them have north south on the critical yard, in their education process. and on the other hand, over bud, in the many doctors who had been showing up to work in the middle off the pandemic . now several other medical organizations have extended best report to the doctors over yup. on monday night when they were marching with their demands to the head ministers home, thousands of them were detained. some of them even beaten by the police and charged with writing doctor say they were protesting peacefully. what this means is that in
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hospital like this one, medical facilities and services are down to a bare minimum as cases of all the convent continue to rise and look pretty just good morning. janice, chief minister now fresh restrictions including closing down of jim and a restaurant. we think capacity for meeting young phil. i have an al jazeera that a good said talks to revive the iran nuclear deals say progress is being made. will have the latest from vienna and rallying for a quality women in afghanistan, protest against restrictions imposed by the tommy bomb. ah, with hello there,
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let's look to the middle east and there's going to be some wet weather on the way for places that don't usually seen much rain such as the gulf states that thanks to this cloud that brook blowing the showers further south and to the east weather across the red sea pots of saudi arabia, as well as to wait and catan in the days to come. we are expecting showers by thursday. we could even see some thunder downpours over the weekend and the weather front is going to shift the wet weather further south and to the east and places like the u. a. and oman, in the days to come. it's also going to get wet. i'm a windy across that story. winds kick up just across libya and egypt. it remains rather cool for egypt with temperatures below the average. but it's a different story in the north west. we've got high pressure in charge. that's run a lot of the wet weather away from morocco. we've seen temperatures come up and a lot of warmth remains. now as you move to central africa, it's been exceptionally hot in places like nigeria was still seeing the storms and she was wont cross from the west. it dries up, however, further south,
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south africa. on wednesday we are going to see the wet weather return on thursday. with some thunderstorms in johanna book, the temperature at 27 degrees celsius. ah, ah. mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with tv even supplied by tradition. noon. where beautiful possibilities are offered. with
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ah, welcome back time to recap those headlines now. south america has become the most vaccinated continent in the world. 63 percent of been fully inoculated. governments are accelerating vaccine programs as armor crohn cases, serge. indonesian officials say they will not offer refuge to a group of ringer on a stranded boat. they say the vessel will be turned away, but they will help repair it 1st and provide food. it was 1st spotted by fishermen on sunday. villages in miramar, been flaying to neighboring thailand, is fighting between government and ethnic current forces intensifies. the violence was triggered by military rate last week. one of russia's most prominent human rights groups has been ordered to shut down by the supreme court. memorial
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international has been documenting abuses committed by the former soviet union for more than 30 years. prosecutors say it's distorting history and navigation. the group denies bernard smith now over the past 12 months. this is become a familiar scene for human rights groups and activists in russia. this time the axes fallen on an organisation made famous for identifying the millions of victims of starlings perches. as the judge finished reading the order to liquidate memorial shouts of shane came from a public gallery ah. * it is dealing to worse than russia is moving from the ordinary theory. and he didn't system for some kind of forced more than totally theory system in russia, which would be kind over linkage with the soldier for you and you and
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partly to the story. so it's a very dangerous more recently memorial has spoken out against the discretion of critics under president vladimir putin o. outside court as elsewhere, there's little room for that. in today's russian, prosecutors accused memorial of organizing large scale media campaigns aimed at discrediting the russian or forty's china. what happened today was very sad, although it will be untrue to say we weren't ready for it. it was one of the unfortunately predictable outcomes of the present judicial system. of course, nothing is over with us. we will appeal and the maria will live on with the people because it's the people behind it serving this great cause. first and foremost, the work will continue the move against memorial caps a year that is seen authorities jail or outlaw individuals or groups. the criticize
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vladimir putin. but the ban against memorial international stands out even in the current climate and would have been unthinkable. just a few years ago. bernard smith, al jazeera, a group of afghan women has been protesting in cobble to demand equal rights from the taliban. they march through the streets, days after the government introduce new rules for long distance travel. women must be accompanied by close male relatives if travelling for more than 72 kilometers. not to tell a bomb, went through eliminate women the same way. they abolished the ministry of women. the international community do not listen to us and do not stand without knowing what they say. do not enter any car without a ma. where can we get a man? what about widows? we don't have a man. this is not the proper way. we are not women of 20 years ago. we are educated women and will not keep silent until the taliban regime by hope a thought is a board member of the african women's network. she says the taliban continues to
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deprive women of their freedoms. people could not move around in afghanistan, women late without having a mad. i'm especially, you know, outside of the cover city or outside of their cities, whatever. there were we had to get my handling. but you know, but towards the end of the like, what's the, or in just before the ton of on arrived in afghanistan, all of this was, was really a lot more relaxed. and the real reason mainly was because most of these women don't have anybody to take as a matter, not a lot of these women don't have them. and their mom has, has actually, maybe some of them have died or the audio the parents went out of their families. so you know, they had to travel a bit harder to go and visit some family members, and they were doing it alone. so now this thing starting all over again is just that is just another way of, of putting restriction on women and, and for no,
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for no apparent reason. because you know, the, this is it, it's almost like, you know, when there is nothing else for the 21 to do then. oh, they don't want to do then pick it after the woman's cases. i don't understand which to tell you the truth. i really don't know what is going on and why is it that half of the in or the correlation of interest on all of the women or, or, or thieves and the tone about, or the thief catchers and or the police or whatever. and here we are. so why everything falls on the head of the woman? it's absolutely beyond me. i don't, i don't get and the woman, they're absolutely right. this is, this is partly to, to, to curb our, our, our freedom. iran says progress is being made. it talks to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. the 8th round of negotiations resumed in vienna monday, around one sanctions to be lifted and return for limits on its nuclear program.
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those jabari in vienna with more there's certainly a sense that this could be the most critical round yet. since the european signatories to the nuclear deal triggered the dispute mechanism in january of this year. because the u. s. luster deal, and iran with reducing commitment to the nuclear agreement. and the russian ambassador to the talk says that this could possibly be the final round, the e u coordinator, who's hosting the talk said that time is of the essence of course, are going to have to be difficult decisions made in writing and washington for there to be a conclusion to these talk. and of course the reading delegation, who arrived in vienna on monday morning. and they are saying that they're here because they know that their talks are leading summer, otherwise they wouldn't be here to begin with. i spoke to the deputy foreign minister from iran, who is the head of the negotiating team from the iranian side. and he had the
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following to say about where things stand after the 1st they concluded very much in my opinion, it's been a good beginning all sides emphasize the importance of lifting sanctions. and the issue of verification and guarantees should be on the agenda. so based on this, it was a great the 1st issue this going to be on the agenda in this round is the issue of guarantees and verification. and then the working groups will continue their work in the area of lifting sanctions in the banking and financial sexes. the main issues iran has now and they're hoping that that will be one of the main things address this week in the 1st few days of the round is the selling of iranian oil on the international market. since the u. s. imposed sanctions on iran in november of 2018. the radians have only been able to sell their oil to 6 countries, which guy got special waivers from the americans. and they haven't been able to be paid for that because their banking sector is under also strict sanctions. and that
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is one of the main issues right now before that the iranians were selling nearly $3000000.00 barrels of oil per day. they were opec's, 4th largest producer, syrian state navia is reporting israeli forces of carried out and strike on a major fault in the city of the attack is not clear if anyone has been injured. the reports haven't been independently confirmed. it's the 2nd report to detroit. the strike in syria this month. huh. jump. june reports in serious major port, city of latasha, the sound of air strikes thunder in the distance as fireballs, light up the night sky. this is the result of israeli missiles, according to syrian state media. the syrian government also reports that residential buildings, a hospital shops and containers were all damaged in the attack. details that could
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not be independently verified. the port of the talk here is in the west of the country and handles most of serious imports. this is the 2nd reported israeli air strike there this month. the earlier attack happened on december 7th and also targeted the container facility. it was reported to be the 1st on the facility since the start of the war in syria in 2011. is missile strikes on the talk yet were larger than the previous ones. israel's military has not commented on either of the airstrikes but it has previously confirmed conducting raids against iranian targets inside syria. ma'am, a jim jones, a does either. a protest is being held in garza city in support of palestinian prisoners, palestinian factions condemned won't the cold continuous violations in his railey jails. they say prisoners are often beaten some ass detainees recently began
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a hunger strike to rally against the abuses. the judge and the sanks trafficking trial of guy maxwell says she's concerned co 19 could stall proceedings. she's urging jurors to speed up deliberations to avoid the virus, which would delay a verdict. maxwell is accused of grooming teenagers for underage sanks with her light financier. geoffrey epstein, a private jets has crashed near san diego, california with no survivors, according to local authorities. reform say it took down a power line, leaving thousands of people without electricity, no fatalities or injuries were reported on the ground bite. the crash happening near a residential area that found the la mosque is facing a backlash in china, off the bay. jing said his satellites had to close encounters with its space stationary this year. the claims have not been verified, but begging,
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as complained to the un space agency uses of the why bo messaging platform of labeled space x satellites. a space junk companies in chile are turning plastic into products that have the same look and qualities as would the recycling method is so advance? it even uses types of plastic. they don't usually get recycled. our latin america editor lucille knew and reports from santiago and he defied fine, gave up her job as an executive secretary to become what she calls a transformer. making these mountains of plastic waste disappear is impossible. what at this small factory on the outskirts of santiago had fun and her partners transform it into wood, except that it only looks like it we are, but i thought on mighta recyclable plastic is everywhere and its properties even better than those of food. for example,
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can you believe that this plastic wood is more resistant? it doesn't chip or bend or allow micro organisms to contaminate her, and it won't swell because this waterproof has both up here. so no one up ready for that. we tested for our shells. we're going to see how strong this stuff is. not a scratch, no marks. the plastic waste is minced into minute particles and then melting before to turn it into these would like slabs. they're being used by n g o z for rollerball, boardwalks, or furniture. let's see what we've got here. this is a motor oil container, fabric softener chlorine, there's lots of that more and lots of little yogurt, liquid yogurt jars, tons of detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, the sort of things people use every single day. but the problem is there's no way to make it disappear. i want to put in for him for what plastic doesn't
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disintegrate, not even in hundreds of years. i've been looking at multiple temp with those little did his plastic number 7 because because it has polyethylene and aluminum. nobody cycles this. it goes straight to the rubbish dumped on ocean the river. laura foundation produces echo wood out of waste. no one wants. they can picnic tables, desks, flowerpots, while teaching children in schools all over chile, the value of recycling thought is muslim in approval. this is more or less what a single person chose out a week, and she'll be in by children to put it in the box. what the pris it in and we could have it there schools and we transform it into this which recall eco vote. collection centers are being set up everywhere. but critic say this type of circular economy has a fundamental flaw, noble and it doesn't promote a fundamental change in our consumption happens if we continue generating the same
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amount of waste without changing the productive model that generates it. we're just kicking the ball forward perhaps. but there's one important advantage to the still fledgling industry made from waste. it should help reduce the need to cut down more trees yet another environmental casualty of our times. you see in human al jazeera santiago. ah, let's thank you through some of the headlines here now, just are now south america has become the most vaccinated continents in the world. 63 percent have been fully inoculated. governments are accelerating vaccine programs, as on the con cases surge. i found that on pnc with more now from boca tar.


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