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this is fish, and these was that it was before the effect. didn't sound bites and digging into the issue is a military advancement going to stop the family ticket i is under a company seizure. right now people are debating how will climate migration differ for those who have and those who don't have lots of countries say we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there. a port with me markum on hill, on out 0. ah, south africans began observing a week of morning for the anti apartheid icon. archbishop desmond tutu. he was a man of unwavering courage, principal conviction, and whose life was spent in the service of others. ah,
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good morning from joe. hi, everyone, i'm come all santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera somali, as president says, he had suspended the prime minister after trading accusations of a holding up ongoing parliamentary elections. also in the news, israel's cabinet approves plans to double the number of settlements in the occupied golan heights and peruse, hidden pandemic. more than 10000 children have lost a parent to decode at 19 ah, so south africa is observing a week of national mourning for the nobel peace prize. laureate desmond tutu, has died at the age of 90 people paying tribute to the man who, who rose to prominence in the 1980s says an opponent of apostates during white minority rule has been to also the 1st black archbishop of cape town. so let's go to from 8 am and who's outside the cathedral in cape town,
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where the archbishop's body will lines state the tributes. they're already funny to what's going to happen today. well, it's quite early in the morning and we've seen a trickle of people passing through laying flowers. i'm trying to pay some sort of tribute to what south africans referred to as the arch. and he was well loved, known for his compassion and also a very unifying figure in south africa. and i don't think we've seen tribute so an outpouring of tributes like this since the death of the former president, nelson mandela, south africans morning, the former archbishop, a saying that this is a person of who was a moral compass and even the dean of the anglican church saying that his legacy is exactly that one of moral strength that though this is what our presidents were um, of course i had to say a following the death of the archbishop. we have lost the person who carried the
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burden of leadership with compassion, with dignity, with humility, and with such good humour. we are comforted and the knowledge that he has left an indelible mark the lives of millions of people who had the privilege and honor of knowing him. and for me to one of the plans for the next few days given as were said, there is an official week of national morning hope people will continue to come to the church to pay tribute to the archbishop. or we know that the city of cape town is also planning some sort of memorial late in the week . they'll also be one held up by the anglican church in the capital pretoria on wednesday. following that, he will lay in state on friday in cape town, and the family has said that he will be buried on saturday. also one of the points
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and thus just talks to his humility. despite the role that the archbishop played in south africa, say some african politics, the fight against a part dates and also beyond south africa, even related to issues around palestine to bit essentially just injustices. what is key is, is just really the humility that the archbishop is described or by in that he didn't want a big show around his parsing and even hear his death. but it could simply can't be avoided given who he was. so there will be a state funeral on friday. we do expect people to come are thousands of people to come out to observe that just given how well respected desmond to, to is in south africa and globally. but for me to mila. they're reporting from cape town. thank you so much for that for meta. let's hear now from the river and peter story, who's the former president of the south africa council of churches. friends with
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doesn't tutor for 35 years. says to do was actually disappointed with the post to parties, governments which he accused of failing to live up to the promises of liberation will. the interesting thing is he never lost hope during the struggle against a party, but the most, most depressed i've ever seen him was in recent years when the very movement and the people who hoped to bring us liberation betrayed the vision of a rainbow south africa. and have taken us down the road of corruption and greed, and, and avarice and vitality. that is what has made him sad. and he has struggled with that. he said to me in a conversation all that long ago he said, you know peter, we, we, we know our theology. we understand that human beings are frail and fallen and therefore we shouldn't be surprised that this is but we are allowed to be
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very, very sad. and i think he struggled with that. he spoke out against them with the same strength and almost ferocity as he used against the apartheid regime. and he said to them, you are worse, you are worse because you could and should be different. we trusted you to be different and his words were strong. i warn you, i want you, he said you will bite the dust. and when he said that i remembered him saying that to be about reggie. and we all know that he's prophecy, looks like it could come true. because recently, the agency government has suffered some real setbacks, people are tired of their corruption and their inefficiency. and, and so i, but i, i don't want to leave him on that note because while he was deeply disappointed with the, with the generation that it should have liberated us and,
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and stayed faithful to the values of that, of that liberation. he had immense hope and confidence in the younger generation. we'll move on to other news and somali as president says, he has suspended the prime minister until corruption investigations against him are completed. president mohammed up the law, he found moscow and the prime minister mohammed has st. replay have been accusing each other of holding up the ongoing parliamentary elections. president obama has also suspended the commander of the marine forces are b smell. some author is professor at the university of minnesota and told us this move is controversial because somalis president and he doesn't actually have the authority to fight the prime minister. the prime minister has to be set by the parliament to the country. and that part is not no longer exist, it's tenure laps. that's why you have 2425 people in the lower house who have been
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elected and 54 senators who are already been elected. so the previous parliament could have sacked, the prime minister is no longer there. so the president doesn't have the authority, nor the institutional means to be able to effectuate what his claim. what the president has done is to dragons feet over the last year and have in order for the selections to take place legitimately across the country. he has appointed a prime minister. he thought he could man and all over the last year or so. the new prime minister have decided to do some things in ways that was unconstitutional. so we have to figure out we don't have the constitutional mandate who are playing the country and it's people as a political football, no to follow process is kind of take place. luckily, because the international community, which has also funnel is the one that has been supporting a financing this process. so what may legitimately out of this is that since the
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upper house, the senate has been completely elected. and that the 54 senators represent the different sort of states in the country. they are the only legitimate authority to guide this process. so it could be up to the chair or the court order, the chair of the senate to be able to act on the basis of that responsibility and save the country from could y'all to causes that may unfortunately lead just civil war? if these 2 individuals don't call back, the israeli government is planning to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied golan heights. accommodate endorsed a $300000000.00 investment plan for the region where $25000.00 israelis live. the golan heights, seized by israel from syria in the 1967 war, and then annexed in 1981. the u. s. became the 1st country to recognize israel sovereignty over the territory. grammatical, honestly, the golan heights,
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is israel. money? this is obvious, since 1981 israeli law was applied on it. it's the debate from the fact that the trump administration recognized it. and the fact that the biden administration clarified there is no change in this policy, is also of importance. after 10 years, the horrible civil war in syria, any sensible person, understands a peaceful and flourishing israeli. golan heights is preferable than any other alternative. will. tensions between settlers and palestinians lead to days of violence in the occupied west bank violence began after a settler was shot dead by 2 palestinians. early this month, the local red crescent says is ready. troops of locked down the area and injured more than $240.00 pounds indian protest. this report from harry forces. another night of violence in what's become in recent days, the most frequent point of friction in the occupied west bank is ready. troops sealed off the village of berker villages through rocks and burned tires. the
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military said shots were fired in the area. soldiers, fire, live, ammunition, rubber coated steel, bullets, and tear gas into the crowd. by sunday, quiet had returned, but after day is that what people here call unprecedented levels of attacks by israeli settlers. local activist honey describes how on thursday night settlers descended from the nearby illegal outpost of homage vandalizing a cemetery before moving on to the village itself. homes with stones, with a load going out, the dozens of settlers were attempting to get into houses. are cellar, says this level of threat against the village is something new. i don't know, danica don't listen. i've been sitting up till morning in case they come back and they're out of control. no government controls them. no army controls them. they attack you anywhere. earlier on thursday, thousands of settlers gathered in a mass rally at the entrance to homage to mark a week since the killing of yahoo,
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the demons, man. he was shot as he left the outpost in an attack attributed to the palestinian islamic jihad armed faction. on sunday, soldiers continued to guard the entrance. israel was supposed to withdrawn from here in a 2005 disengagement plan that a religious seminary has operated with military protection. ever since. since the shooting settlers have repeatedly fought with soldiers, as they tried to erect new structures within home, esh, they're calling to the outpost to be formalized once more. the military closures in recent days have happened when there been large numbers of settlers threatening the village. but villages we've spoken to say that the soldiers are here to ensure the safety of those settlers. when it comes to protecting burka from attack, they say they're on their own. the shooting 10 days ago has led to reprisal attacks across the west bank, but it's here in berker, where the threat has been most concentrated and most constant. the village remains
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on alert. hurry for sit al jazeera in the occupied westbank check on the world, whether an ex, with car, and then water wasn't everywhere. thousands of people in northern brazil front and side by side, but with very different agendas. we're taking a closer look at how the relationship between europe's powerhouse germany and france might evolve in 2020 ah, hello there, there's more wet and wintery weather to come for europe at the start of the week. the things are going to 10 miles in some places, and we will see the temperature come up, but we've got that wet weather that's plaguing the south. it's rather unsettled here. rounds of rain rolling across the iberian peninsula into southern areas of france. we could see some flooding from that heavy rain, and if we take
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a closer look, we're going to see it push across corsica taking heavy rain here. some snow in the alps as well, and it's going to make its way towards italy. we've got a warning up for heavy rain, so the companion region in the south and it'll edge on to greece where it remains rather wet in the days to come. it's going to get wet for the balkans, but ahead of that it is going to dry up in places like remaining of the temperature edging up in bucharest to 7 degrees now more centrally. it is looking better across germany and the low lying countries. but there are plenty of clear skies to be found in places like poland remains bitterly cold. similar stories for much of scandinavia, we've got those very cold conditions, some snow falling in western areas of russia. but for britain, an island within spells of rain pull in for both the south and the north, but it is gonna turn more mild with missy the temperature pick up in places like london and paris. 15 degrees by wednesday. ah,
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the coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, fulton died for political palla defines aloud, and honestly, babies were dying. i did it not for your baby. it's neglected babies to deck. people empower, investigates, expose is and question. so the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera ah ah, all of al jazeera, these are the top stories this our south africa is observing
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a week of morning for the nobel peace prize, laureate desmond to, to his died at the age of 90 he rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of apostate during white minority rule. so molly's president says he has suspended both the prime minister and the commander of the marine forces president and prime minister of accused each other holding out the parliamentary elections. and israel's governments plans to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied golan heights from 25250000 colon seized by israel from syria and the 967 war and annexed in 1981 flash flooding in the northeast of brazil. as though to the jets of 18 people with rescue teams now trying to reach those who are trapped. the deluge came up to 2 dimes burst following weeks of heavy rain solemn rivers flooded towns across the state of bahia, i sondra ramp yeti as our report. some residents have either buena ne brazil resorted to piloting jet skis to help flood his families,
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reach safer grounds. others like this men peddled an inflatable mattress to reach his home. water flooded this and other towns across the state of by year after 2 dams collapse. following weeks of heavy rains that had already displaced thousands and sunday afternoon residents. heavy warner surveyed the damage appoint them. i look good a lot though man. it's crazy. by the bridge, it looks like the ocean that are waves almost 2 meters high. we feel sad, thinking about our families, our responsibilities are debt, but you can't play with gods well out. or it does say they evacuated cows ins of residents from $67.00 towns still under flash, floods, warnings. while rescuers i'm doing is we're trying to reach trap families, bringing basic supplies. i'm a producer. very said to see our town like this. it's a very said, i never seen anything like this in my life. but yes, governor,
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we castro said some 400000 people have been affected by the flooding. the width is viewed as this. i've received a lot of videos of people putting themselves at risk, trying to save vulnerable people, the elderly children, throwing themselves into the water, up to their necks, using floats. this strength, this unity for life will help us rebuild the unprecedented rains 6 times greater than the historic average have continued unabated since mid november. more than 4000 people are now homeless, while i least 18 of died since the start of an emergency that could continue for weeks allison and under the officials in the philippines, they could take until february for power to be fully restored to areas devastated by super time for right. at least 378 people died when the powerful storm slammed into the central and southern regions last week. rescued slightly, 60 others still missing. about 10900 cities without l. tricity.
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australia's most popular state new south wales has recorded its 1st death linked to the amazon very into cove. at 19 testing sites across the nation have been overwhelmed. and a prominent lab in sidney as admitted it, sent out a negative cove at 19 report to close to a 1000 people when actually their results had not been determined its day after another. the archery apologized for informing more than 400 infected people, that they were negative. his catherine bennett, chair and academia ology, institute for health transformation at deacon university explaining why strayer is now struggling to maintain, sorry, manage the search in cases. well, we've actually really started to make the transition that makes the timing of the crime even worse than away because it's trying new. we couldn't take the virus app and the walls went out. vaccination rates were high enough and they were rates were hitting 90 percent vaccinated in 6 in an older population that we would then be
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ordered. some of the state 30 were doing that states that already had delta still circulating, were planning to get back to 0. and had hospitalizations but manageable levels, mainly and vaccinated people in victoria more than 90 percent awfully vaccinated. and i see you still. but other states were starting to then have their plans in place to open up and on the chrome really shifted everything for the world. it has that vaccine escape quality. that means that the way we put into vaccination might still protect people from going to hospital. but it means you're just dealing with much larger numbers of infection in the community. not only do you have that, have that risk, that you will say in and re cases. they will appear and be in hospital, but also people going into hospital for other reasons, taking bars with them and making the hospital system very, very complicated at the moment is i tried many stuff we've really pushed testing numbers up while some days was well over 150000 tests and you just can't keep that
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volume of tests up. and kate, the turnaround time, short in terms of getting those results back. so it's not to load the system. and on top of that, some of the states that were trying to protect their own board is because they didn't have on the chrome circulating at that stage. they were asking that every traveler in today's days should have a t c artist before they leave. and so that was adding somewhere between 25 and 40 percent more people into the cues for p c r testing. so she volume of infection in the community. hosp travel requirements, and hundreds of us flights have been cancelled for 3rd day in a row. airlines say they don't have enough staff to get plans off the ground as covered infection surge due to this highly transmissible. on the con, variance in new york, doctors reported an increase in the number of children needing hospital treatment. half of the admissions are children below the age of 5 are too young to be vaccinated. current of ours debts in peru,
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i've left at least $10000.00 children without one or even both of their parents. it has been described as the hidden pandemic, as if many poor families without their bread winner. madame sanchez, has our report from lima. when antoinette of i used lost her 34 year old husband to coven 19 last year, she had to move into a small room at her in loss with her 3 children and all her belongings. now she works nearly 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, a 16 year old son looks after the smaller ones. you're gonna think of all i usually make $10.00 per day, but sometimes there is no work. and sometimes i only make $7.00 in a day gun hardly enough for food and medicine. she says their life turned upside down. like for most poor families who have lost their bread winner to the pandemic . more than 200000 peruvians have died of corona virus. b 2 has the highest per
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capita death rate in the world. official government figures put the number of children who have lost one or both parents to the deceased and about 10000. but the lancet medical journal says, one of every 100 miners has lost a care giver. a total of more than $99000.00 children affected locally and i have family i added to the shop they already have because of the confinement they like face to face glasses. they have stress and anxiety. it's a critical situation and one in april, the government rolled out a grant plan is nearly $50.00 for each child, but families have to apply online. and for many that has proven difficult to the other young aberdeen. everything is virtual 1st. they told me the information was missing, then that it had already been paid. i feel like they're lying to me. by my family. the government says by june, only 3000 children were receiving the pension. children not only think of having
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lost the parent most are poor and it is unlikely they will receive psychological help to overcome work for many has been a pro magic experience and to emit, says the dance lima, constantly cry. but i mean, it's been so shocking. i never imagined losing my husband and especially shocking for my children. my daughter christ calling out for her dad, my little son cries in the sleep. covert analysts say it is still early to understand the scope of the problem. we are facing an incredible challenge that we do not seem prepared to assume. we are a country in morning and we are talking about the whole generation marked by the loss of their parents. it's get another great challenge post by the cobra. 1900 pandemic. the united nations children's agency. unicef says that while the majority of children may not get physically ill from the disease, their life will forever be affected by a sanchez, i'll just, he does limit
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b to iran has banned the entry of travelers from several european countries as part of measures to curb the spread development grown people flying in from britain, france to knock in norway won't be allowed into the country for the next 15 days. similar band imposed in november on travelers from 8 african countries has also been extended. now the un says it is horrified by reports of a mass killing in may. a dma write scripts of accused the military of carrying out the massacre. after the child reminds of $38.00 people were found in chaos, state witness to say civilians including women and children, were rounded up and shot the support from tony cheng trucks. fern. at the end of the track in kaya state, southern men, ma, after the fires have died down. the video showed charred bodies in the record on every 38 people. few including women and children, reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of most so. but the me, a mom military among those missing to work is from the charity,
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save the children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area there. burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those, destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children condemned this attack as a breach of international humanitarian law. were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who had dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need across miasma. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters and across the scene, operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians trying to escape the fighting men, most military seeming now to be in a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the border with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kind of atrocities because more military, when it faces resistance doesn't have any brakes. it can,
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you know, operate to kill anybody that it wants because it will not be held accountable by military command. there is no brakes on the car here and thousands more. refugees have now fled into thailand. in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis. the thailand doesn't want in the past, refugees have been pushed back into men. mom, when ty authorities deemed the situation to be safe. that now looks like a policy that will be difficult to justify. tony chang al jazeera germany marks the end of the year this year with spangler merkel stepping down as chancellor. after 16 years, her success, our love, schultz and his party have signaled the return of more left leaning politics across europe at the regions other powers. house france is hoping to keep the balance as it is. john hall looked at that story from paris. ah,
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it was the end of an era in germany and gala merkle, 16 years is conservative, chancellor, defined by economic strength, stability, and european leadership. in her place came a shift in tone and direction. if not pace, a quiet man from the centre left can accomplish it civilly take this guns from allah shulty and promises more merkel style stability. but with an accent on social justice. his offer of respect for the working class, one voters back from the puppy list, extremes, his vision to turn germany into a manufacturing power for the carbon neutral age. there is not just a change in style and communication, but this is going to be a domestic transformation. monumental task that they have set out for themselves. but in terms of foreign policy, it's not going to be simply an inward looking government. because the world
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situation doesn't allow for that for a country in the middle of europe with no country has more neighbors as in this. and so there's going to be a global agenda and there is more of a human rights based approach to foreign policy. so 2021 ends with change here in germany, the sense of the social democrats signaling the possible revival of the left across europe. while in france 2022 brings an election in which president emanuel mack cronies, hoping things stay more or less the same for him at least a few months ago. the deal seemed to be done. a call was going to say, smiling lapel, the far right candidate in the 2nd round. and he was that he was going to be the winner. as in 2017. now it's far more complicated because the, the far right is split between 2 candidates. and the 3rd candidate has emerged the right wing, traditional right wing, valero, because, and so the game is far more open,
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that it seems that the axis of french politics has moved to the right, dominated by issues like immigration and to succeed. micron will have to move with it, but like previous power, couples with political differences. think coal meter, all chirac. schroeder, that's no reason to think sholtes and macaroni can't see eye to eye on europe and the world. joe to hold al jazeera at paris. now, if you're spotty senses have been tingling, it may be cause the superhero film, spider man, no way home, is taken in more than a $1000000000.00 and ticket sales globally. the 1st pandemic era movie to reach that milestone. it is the highest grossing movie of 2021 right at the end. film industry, of course, hit hard by pandemic restrictions losing around $30000000000.00 in revenue in 2020, in the united states alone. ah.
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are past the hour and these are the top stories south africa observing a week of morning for the nobel peace prize. laureate desmond tutu his down at the age of 90.


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