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pressure from their young people, that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a chaff. swans that inside story on al jazeera from the, for various of correct us. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, human rights groups. i accuse me of mars military of a massacre. after dozens of burnt bodies are found in chaos state. ah, i'm so rahman you watching old is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up. hundreds of palestinian possess does are injured and the occupied west bank is tension escalates. ever attacked by
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israeli settlers. emotional scenes in the rocky city of her bill as the bodies of migrants who drowned in the english channel returned home. and we report from southern buck a song where a drought is pushing millions to the brink of starvation. but let's bring you some breaking news coming out to south africa with the nobel peace prize. winner desmond tutu, has died. appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town to, to rose, to prominence in the 1980s as a vocal opponent of apartheid. he was 90 years old. let's go to a correspondent to for me to mila in janice burke, who chose be on the phone. obviously desperately sad news about one of the most influential voices in african politics for decades. a said to me is quite devastating news, i think for many south african in terms of south africa history. this is a personality that had a huge role in the fight against the par tape. he was and also one that was up to
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purchase a specifically you one that always tried to unite south africa, especially during times of difficulty and tensions throughout the country. he had no problem in squaring up and eyeing up to the white minority government during the apartheid. yes, he wasn't scared and he gained international respect for that position. and that's and, and that again, also, you know, link to being on about one of the last surviving about these prize winners in south africa. and as i mentioned, the 1st black archbishop in south africa, of in cape town, he has his history within the apart date. the struggle against the part that began during these times as a student we initially he wanted to adopt and then turned to religion. you joined the, the pass code pad practice the group to unity mission. we served the delegates at
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the anglican catholic compensation and later on in academia. and of course, he was also true because of the truth and reconciliation commission, because very important apartheid came to an end in south africa. and that he wasn't afraid to call people to account and say things as they were. how much of a person was he in terms of being perceived as reconciling those very different voices and his very different communities a, what was a country that had been racked by division for so many years? i didn't, that's the important thing to know to give it a 5 to go back and give you an example. when we need to get on monday, la passed away south africa, the wife of nelson mandela even heard this was one that was controversial and was the one that was discussed along racial lines. and i don't believe dismal to, to have that same sort of response. he really was a figure of reconciliation in this country. he was part of
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a black consciousness movement, but he very much pushed for the rate the nation. i looked at south africa in terms of its people as a totality and not just one racial group or another, or having to deal with the pos in a way that felt any group left, any group feeling sidelined. so, i mean, there, we'll leave it there because we will continue to monitor the condolences that come in from, i'm sure not just across south africa, but across the world for this towering voice and image of south africa itself doesn't to, to start at 90 will jonah ho, looks back desmond tutu, life. ok. this is jasmine to, to hearing the news that nelson mandela would soon be released. he was seldom one to contain his feelings. it just to get me off. this to twos responses, head of south africa, the truth and reconciliation commission on hearing details of atrocities committed
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by both sides. if not to mention, then we'll do the fun desmond and p low to to was born in a mining town outside johannesburg. at a time of strict segregation, things would get much worse. as he grew up to 2 was 17. when the national party came to power in 1948, racial inequality became law. apartheid. he wanted to be a doctor, but became a teacher instead witnessing 1st hand the government's policy of depriving black south africans of education, consigning them to servitude. and the protests that followed the show like the sharp fil massacre in 196069 people were killed and most of them were short in the bag as they're running away, protesting against the past. i remember as a moment when you realize that black life was
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cheap, the to, to must have thought he could do more in the church. he joined the clergy eventually obtaining high anglican office as dean of johannesburg. and later archbishop of cape town, it propelled him into the public eye as an unflinching moral voice. why our struggle is going to succeed is not just because of number. i believe weight was a big because it is a just by 984 desmond to to had one global admiration. he was awarded the nobel peace prize. it was the kind of recognition that south africa's anti apartheid movement needed to become a global force for a very, very long time. i. i did hope that the world would, would hear a plea. and that is why we were to apply sanctions.
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archbishop desmond, to, to was one of the world's foremost human rights campaign. as an active member of the elders in the cause of world peace remembered as much for his unremitting optimism. an infectious laugh. when he introduced nelson mandela of south africa's new president in 1994 to 2 recalled that he whispered to god, if i die now, it would be almost the perfect moment. someone up there must really have been on our side or are betting for us when mandela died, many worried that south africa had lost its moral compass. they may now wonder whether it's lost its guiding light. yes, jonah, how al jazeera, this particular one for the news now and rights groups of accuse me of miles military of committing a massacre. the fighting with rebel forces intensifies the child remains of 38
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people have been found in chaos. state witnesses phase civilians including women and children who were rounded up and shot the children's as to the stuff a missing and private vehicle has been found. burnt, let's get more. this tiny changes monitoring events from bangkok in neighboring tiling. morning, tony, what will we know about certainly the these bodies that have been identified in k s state. well, i've just been speaking to a, a source from the current political party that operates in the area. he told me that on friday there had been clashes between them. yeah. my military and various different armed groups that had been operating in the area around most of village in kaya stays in the south of myanmar. and he said that late in the afternoon for soldiers from the p d. f went to try and negotiate with the mere mom military to for safe passage for the village villagers who were getting caught in the crossfire. they were then executed. the soldiers were told with then rounded up, people from the village,
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but also id piece, a de internally displaced people who've been fling a fighting in other parts of kaya state. they were then a shot and put on these lauras which are within burned the fires were burning so fiercely according to the villagers. they couldn't get near them until saturday morning at the charred remains, a very clear to see or we were told that there were the elderly women and children amongst the dead. save the children, say 2 of their staff have gone missing or we think they were distributing aid to those i. d. p. camps are people who are sheltering in nearby areas. we understand to medics have also gone missing as well. so oversee grave concern there from save the children that their staff are amongst the, the bodies that have been found on the course though it has been an escalation in violence. we have to put it all into context. there's been a rising number of tax on the,
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on the tie miramar border and it is worrying regional neighbors as well as the international community. very much who's seen a week of fierce fighting a little further up the border opposite mass or the in thailand which you see more than 5000 people flooding across the border reports there of the me or my military using attack helicopters and jets to bomb areas around one village that they conducted a raid and 2 weeks ago. and we've also seen a 2 weeks ago, reports of a similar massacre inside gang district and central man man. and we've seen these tactics used by the mere mar military against. there were hanger previously as well, so it does again, very difficult to get information about this exact case at the moment. but this is certainly a pattern near my military uses and seems to be part of an operation all along these dissident ethnic armed groups along the tie border think also because they
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have been sheltering members of the n u g, the national unity government government in exile which has been formed in opposition to the coo and clearly they're trying to move against them as the one year anniversary of that. who approaches? tony joining him bangkok. thank you. no israeli soldiers have injured more than $240.00 palestinian protested in the town of barker, north of nablus. that's according to the palestinian red crescent. security forces fight, tear gas live ammunition and rubber coated steel. bullets tension has been escalating in the area since it is rainy. settler was shot dead by 2 palestinians. on december, the 16th hundreds of settlers attacked the town in the occupied west bank earlier this week. neither abraham has more from bethlehem in the occupied westbank. there is a lot of increasing tension that's taking place in vertical and an older villages around the north of the occupied to a bank where palestinians are saying that they've been sending for themselves. and
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they've been organizing local committees to try and send off the facts that have been on the rise late happening pre things ever since last week when the have been in some policy and fight as a shot at. and it's really 2nd car in the hills. one sefner and injured others and ever since then the lives have been marching and trying to get to any legal is really in sacrament. for thomas has been the victim from settlers in 2005. but then 2nd as a tier than open some sort of a sensor there. busy and this is the location where the 2nd half has been killed and is waiting settlers. i've been trying ever since to get back to the mission. they wanted support from their political leadership to kind of have a 2nd. and instead of it being in and recognize our food 16th,
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they didn't get that for food. things been launching a few reasons prove that have been ending up going into policy and villages and attacking pinions. and these radio army has some trust, the palestinian protestants, who have been trying to stop the subtler tag. well, still had here on al jazeera like constellations, untraveled chaos will have more on the strain hospitals in the us under because of the pandemic. and i think what asian thank us laser telescope never bill sent, sold to unlock the secrets of all galaxy. ah, the getting going for sunday, december the 26. hello everyone. we still got that relentless rain across siberia.
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so northern portions of portugal into northern spain. this is concerning because earlier in the month we had extreme flooding in northern spain and southwest france . and that's where this rain is headed. and for the united kingdom, specifically scotland, we've got some weather alerts posted for blowing snow on sunday. and it's because we have this brisk wind coming off the nor see and for london wait for an air temperature is about to shoot up as we lead in to 2022. so by next wednesday, you're up to 15 degrees. the average is 9. so well above where you should be for the sum of the year. okay, off to italy, we may power up some thunder storms in rome at 15 degrees. unsettled weather across those eastern shores of the adria exceed, could see the winds wind up to 6070 kilometers per hour. we've got warmth here to save o 9 belgrade, 12, sophia, 10, all above average. so, so above average, in its stumble at 14, but that went through the boss 1st will gus to about 50 kilometers per hour. the rain is petering out across sam morocco robot at 20 degrees and we've got some
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exceptional heat in southern nigeria, lego set 36. you could set a new record. ok, i'm out of time. i'll catch up with you in a bit bye for now. ah . in the country with an abundance of results. right. i want to leave here. boom, we move to grow and fraud. we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest let it be possible in his growth and progress in here now. ah, ah
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ah, looking like you want challenges there with me the hill round the reminder of all top stories. south africa, nobel peace prize winner desmond to to her side at the age of 90. it was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town and became known by his vocal opposition to the countries apartheid system. human rights groups are accusing the amount military of committing a massacre. the charge remains of $38.00 people have been found in kaya said the save the children charity says 2 of its staff, a missing in the area. also the palestinian red crescent says israeli forces in just 240 protested mere novels. security forces, fire gaff lines on munition and rubber coated steel, bullets of the crown tension,
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spain escalating to palestinians killed in an israeli settlers on december. the 6th in the cave in 19 pandemic, and the airlines have to false and cancel flights to ship because of stat shortages us airlines alone called of a further 900 flights on saturday, bringing the total number of constellations globally 36000. the highly transmissible mccomb barian has seen an increase in employee sickness. airlines calling on governments to reduce the length of cove in 1900 quarantines to allow people to return to work. many us hospitals don't have enough staff to deal with the huge surge in infections about 70000 americans. we're in hospital with cave at 19 as a friday, and that figure is not 50 percent from early november, but the number of people hospitalized with the alma chrome very remains lower
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compared to other strains. health officials have repeatedly warmed the situation may worse and the 10s of millions of unvaccinated americans. daughter li roger, is executive vice chair at the department of emergency medicine, massachusetts general hospital. he says the us health care us health care system was already under pressure before on the con, emerged over the past 2 to 4 months, even before omicron. we had been seeing a surge of patients in emergency departments and hospitals around the country. patients who had put off care during covert, and unfortunately, patients who were dealing with the consequences of having put off that preventative care earlier, we're already filling our emergency departments and hospitals. and so now dealing with an oma, cron serge were stressing and already strained system. with these break through cases, what i'm seeing is when i bring a patient into the hospital for a heart attack stroke, a gunshot wound,
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something completely unrelated to cove it and they then test positive for coping because they've had a breakthrough case. even with the vaccination or because they didn't get the vaccine in one of the vaccines in the 1st place. what ends up happening is that we then have to isolate that patient in the hospital from other patients who don't have cove it we, every time we go in and need that patient, we have to don full personal protective equipment. even if we're just bringing them a tray of food and then unfortunately, that also means that they might potentially spread the virus to help their staff. what we're running into is that the staff who we are counting on actually can't come to work. the problem is that we don't really have, we don't have many backups in place. we were already facing nursing shortages and physician shortages and how and, and housekeeping shortages as workers had left for other industries just being burned out from cobit. so we don't really have a reserve force to call up when people call out l. now, that would be the motional scenes in northern iraq,
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comes to the bodies of 16 migrants were returned home from france. family members gathered at bill airport to receive their remains. the victims drowned in the english channel last month trying to reach britain. an age group has filed a lawsuit against french and nuclear authorities, accusing them of ignoring distress coles. my mood had joins me now live from baghdad, a very sad occasion for those many families. have they spoken to you about why their relatives left iraq with a tragedy? indeed, as the ambulance, his sirens were buzzing around bill airport in the early hours of sunday. hundreds of people, the relatives of the victims were waiting to receive the bodies of their loved ones . they say that unemployment because it cannot make decline. an instability in the region are behind this tragedy. it's ironic
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because could this to the region is considered a safe haven and a rock compared to other areas in central and southern iraq. but again, there are precautions of the coven, 19 upheaval, the lack of jobs, or uncertainty, instability, and disputed areas in northern iraq. as you know, that have been that have been reports about about the lack of it. he had the taishan and disputed areas, especially areas that witnessed a battles during the war against iso and in know that in iraq, these young people have fled unemployment because economic decline and instability . and that areas, of course, moved the authorities will try to persuade their own nationals not to make this hazardous journey across 2 continents. what are they doing to try and make sure
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people don't do that? well, the government has not been stating much in this respect. probably because it is, it is the government beer is part of the responsibility. the victims families hold the government responsible for this tragedy. despite the fact that the government has been warning, the young people not to travel through illegal ways, not to be used by people smugglers. but again, the government has also stated that it has been liaising with france in order to identify the victims. it has shown that it has been a very long process to identify the victims because the victims did not have
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any documents on them. so the only way they could recognise them is through cooperation between the could the region authorities and france only through finger prints. so the government is warning the young people again, not to be used by the people smugglers, but again, the victims families are holding the government party responsible for, for the tragedy that happened to their loved ones. most of the water in bagdad, thank you. now the government in bancwest on is spending $14000000000.00 a year on projects to help the country adapt to climate change in. but many in rural areas say the money is not getting to them and they're struggling to survive off of injuries. reports not from correspond in buckets of millions of capital migrate and water drives up in sudden market fun farmers and more districts filament on their phones and the dry spells are becoming longer and the movements
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more frequent. it's a long off road track to get to their villages, with no government support people in the going stand region are trying to adapt to climb out the changes around them. for generations, people and animals here have used the same water source. these ponds retain rain water from surrounding hills. now some non government organizations are helping increase their water attention capacity. so when it rains, it lasts a few months. 48 reservoirs, but some up to 18 feet deep have helped more than 74000 people in this terrain. the, in this trust says it's use corporate social responsibility funds from logical operations. and there's no government assistance to provide water to villages, bonds like these have help people adapt to the changing climate. but they're still angry at the politicians who represent them saying they only come here for votes and basic services such as health, education and accessibility are still non existent. activists say big landowners
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are still underestimating the impact of climate change with killing the abductions common here. they say it's risky to raise their voice for basic rights. is that is school. we need school, hospitals, and roads. the most important necessity is water. and about a month this water will dry up and we'll have to travel far to get some children cry if the when we run out. and when pregnant women travel for water, many faint. and there's no nearby health facility gave me life become tougher here as yearly rainfall has dwindled, a car says during the time of ancestors, water was plentiful, but now it runs out and many people are forced to migrate and then be delivered into you. you don't need to like 360, not even a road, but we are desperate for the water for ourselves. and our chaplain is minutes to say it's not possible to reach everyone focused on is among the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change. focus on cash strapped government says it's a victim of climate injustice. we estimated between $6.00 and $14000000000.00
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a year that we have to spend because a forced application. it's not a choice. we have to. we are forced to adapt to climate change. and these fund come come out of our priorities. i'll go out of education out of governance. so i think this is the area where the world needs to wake up because this injustice cannot continue with some help. people are adapting, harnessing solar energy has meant there's been diverse migration in some villages. having electricity is like a medical for the, with the family. they can finally book after daylight hours for grades and we have electricity now and the children can study. but we still have no water or gas, so we have to carry water owner heads. but despite all this, some of our villages have returned as there is electricity. here. small scalable projects can be adapted to a larger communities if there's political will and money. but focus on water
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challenges are complex, multifaceted and time is running out to address them from a result they are going to stand southern pakistan. the volcanic eruption on the spanish island of la palmer is officially over to 3 months of daily explosions. the declaration was made after 10 days of low level activity company. they are destroyed around $3000.00 buildings and damage vital farm irrigation systems. people are cleaning up, but it'll be months before many can return to their homes. the largest and most powerful space telescope of build has been launched into orbit from south america. scientists hope that the james webb telescope will help humans better understand the formation of stars and galaxies that are more than 13000000000 years old man will repel reports. now from the law sign in peru in french gonna get caught. it's a space mission 25 years in the making on the
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launch of the genes web space telescope, the largest and most powerful space observatory ever build is one for the history books. me as successor to the celebrated hubble mission, scientists say the technology board, the spacecraft, promises answers to questions. we haven't even thought yet of asking. in my dreams and my hopes i seeing signatures in monetary atmosphere is away from our solar system that could hand to the presence of life will be one of the most important discoveries ever using an enormous gold plated mirror. 6 and a half meters across and instruments that operate in the infrared spectrum. the web telescope seeks to lift the veil on cosmic realms that in the past were too distant or too cold for any previous telescope to detect. web is a marvel of human ingenuity made possible through the dedicated efforts of
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thousands of scientists and engineers, and the close partnerships between more than a dozen countries. the politics, of course, are always there, but there's a scientist which, you know, sense try to rise above that and say what, what can we achieve together as a common goal scientifically. and that's how we can achieve so much more together by pulling our results is pulling our expertise. but always with one goal in mind, let's do the most challenging things that are possible. 20 seconds into the flight . the web launch was carried out by the private space firm arianne space, a topic, ari and 5 rocket specially suited for this particular mission. deed, ions 5 as been chosen you to it's reliability. it's like we called but that so its capacity to performance. the very specific volume we can accommodate and also ferrying so 20 years ago in the early 2000. it was decided that web will belonged by i and well,
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celebrations are underway. following the successful launch of the james web space telescope. it'll still be a nail biting 30 days before it reaches its orbit. now on its way to its orbit at a location known as lagrange point to some one and a half 1000000 kilometers from earth. wet is on course to redefine astronomy and begin to unfold the mysteries of our universe. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera, carew, french, guiana. ah jojo 0 me said hill robin, a reminder of our top story, south african nobel peace prize when a desmond to to has died at the age of 90. he was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town and became known for his vocal opposition to the countries apartheid system. human rights groups are accusing mir miles military of committing and.


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