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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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a, this is the official currency of 19 of the 27 member states of the european union. on the 20th anniversary of the euro entering circulation, al jazeera investigates how the eurozone benefited from having unofficial currency . ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i marianna mozy, welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a communications black house ensued on his protest as march on the presidential palace demanding an end to military rule. christmas travel plans are up in the air, the spread of the army called various forces, the cancellation of thousands of flights. a 3rd migrant boats sinks in the a g and c in as many days. it's 16 people are now confirmed dad. lift all from
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a tropical rain forest to the edge of time itself. and the world's most powerful space telescope bloss off on its mission to unlock the secrets of the universe. and then later on is for the french world cup winner insisting the africa cup of nations deserves more respect. ah hallo, and a very well welcome to the program. our top story today, protest as back house on the streets of sudan, calling for the military to leave power to enable a transition to free and fair elections in the country demonstrates his march through the capital and towards the presidential palace. in defiance of warnings, from the authorities to stay away from key sites in central cartoon. a security forces fired tear gas at people. all phone and internet services was shot down. all
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this marks a 10th day of major demonstrations. it's emitted tree sees power in a coo on october 25th. at least $48.00 people have been killed in anti military protest since the co civilian leader, abdullah ham dock was reinstated as prime minister last month after striking a power sharing deal with the military. which protested, se is a betrayal of the values of the revolution. they are demanding full civilian governance. mohammed val begins al coverage now from our tomb. the information we have and the college we saw indicate that they are having a huge numbers of protests as a cross come to me. some of them were in on demand some in binary. these are the 2 other cities are creating, composing with the car to me, sell the, the cop to my sudan, bought your phone. if you have taken unprecedented measures. yes to the night. they
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closed all the bridges leading to central comp time. and this time around, they deployed 3 times the number of troops and policemen, even though the trucks did not participate in the clock down the number of security forces 3 times more than in the previous occasion about a week ago. and that has given them some leverage in the manner in which they confronted the protest. today, we have seen the unlike the situation last time today, the protestant could not cross into a cup to him in any shape or form that could advise them to go to the presidential police. however, in fight come to them itself. the central company because it's a large area, millions of people living in it's processed as well able to march, also to about 2 or 300 meters away from the financial probably. and that happened on 2 or 3 occasions. but on every occasion, they were watered and disbursed by security forces. this is
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a part that we have seen over the last several months when protest as it became a little bit successful in approaching the presidential palace. but then they were dispersed. they are adamant that no matter how much time this will take, they will continue until they push the military away from power. i'm now joined by our aloe. an expert in international or in the horn of africa joined us from cause go via skype. first of all, how do you judge the minute trees preparations and responds to the protest today? i think the sudanese military seems to be very determined to cross the protest movement and hold onto her against all the political frame was an agreement that had been entered into between them on the one hand and the civilian collision. on the other hand, these are protesters, a young international student east,
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went to steven 2019 a year, opened up the space for the military to were. so she had the same group of people who start to put testing where the military came out to cool. not told her about it since october 20 since october this year. so they seem very determined, but the military also the same time seems very determined to preserve and protect this intrinsic political and economic interest. and i think this is putting down in a very different just to be care about this. you say this is a new generation of protest is prior to the military coup in october. there was a civilian, military, transitional government in place. now the people protesting today what the military to complete, stay out of politics, or do they want to go back to some sort of power sharing arrangement. now the military was initially supposed to be part of your power
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sharing arrangement. and on to infuse of october when they conducted that military cool. they were supposed to hand over. ready the chair, my sheep of the saw duty counselor to civilian head. so 2 weeks before that transition was to take place. they contacted the school now the civilian police and the protesters on the street have come to the conclusion that the military can be a reliable partner. in democratic transition incident and they are calling for. ready a complete civilian administration that would lead to down to critic pods and ultimately to the formation of freed fair societies does hold them, hold it for 40 civilian administration, not even a collision between the military. and it's really where is this going to lead?
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if you have civilians or at least a significant size of the population that wants the military to leave power, while on the other hand, the military have many no incentive to relinquish any control that they suggest they want to consolidate their grip on power a. so i think if the military is to continue on this part of this one puts done when a very difficult to not make political and security situation. the international community's response, when the military conducted on the 26th of october was very swift. not just, no powerful actors who have significant economic liberty is none, but also multiple trading institutions such as a healthy dance economy to transition. so the military underestimate that the responsible, the international community, i think that would put the transition process to military in
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a very difficult position. so my assessment is that they are highly likely to continue on the cause of the power. but at the same time, there is a significant international domestic pressure that will not allow them to continue to call sort of the power or completely sideline disobedience and control power. so ultimately, i think the military has to negotiate and find a way for harming the patient. and anger on the state in might exactly the same way they did on the 24th of november when they agreed to reinstate hum dog. ready and insert into that power sharing. being all i ask you then figure you say that the military will only be able to go so far because of international pressure. the economy was in very bad shape before the c panel is just
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emerging from decades of isolation on to the format need a model to share. it was just starting to perhaps recover in some way, but it was still deteriorating. now, how, in order for elections to even take place in a year's time, i think in 2023, they're going to need billions of dollars and an 8 and investment is that the is that the one bit of leverage the international community has that's the most important delivery that the international community has, but the traditional committee or so other tools of their disposal if they want to use it. but there are, you know, a number of things that need to be balance in terms of international intervention in, you know, conflict regions, society, so just dad or nobody in countries in the whole. ready of africa. but you know, when the sudanese prime minister, i'm dog, i read for example with 30 to come back to power. one of his concentration is the possibility that saddam economy would last and the program
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that had to be made would be lost. but at the same time, it is you that he has made with the military that was in the credibility and the supports that he has with. but i think ultimately the military has to us as to whether they would want to go in the pad that way. now and completely isolated, done with try and find a way forward. thank you very much. i appreciate your time. our joining us there from class. got at sure. were you some breaking news? we've been actually covering in the past couple of hours in the democratic republic of congo, where there's been an explosion in the town of benny. at least 6 people are confirmed to have been killed, including 2 children. your tap was carried out by a suicide bomber. it targeted a popular restaurant on the towns main boulevard. another 4 people are seriously
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injured, some of them in the critical condition of the no claims of responsibility for the attack. you're watching the news, our lie from london much more still to tell you about on the program. a grand entrance plan for the acropolis monument in greece. but historians are at odds over the best approach. cove at 19 continues to impact while sport as the n h l is forced to delay the return of the regular season. ah, more than 4 and a half 1000 flights have been cancelled around the world on christmas eve and christmas day causing travel chaos. as surgeon cove at 19 of factions cause staff shortages, u. s. airlines alone cancel close to 900 flights on saturday. it's opp, ended plans for tens of thousands of holiday travelers over the christmas weekend.
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this is typically a pink time for air travel, but a rapid spread of the army con variant is affected. many airline workers, on my counter joins us live now from washington. any indication as to how long these staffing shortages are expected to last, mike? well, no clear indication from the airline companies delta united. 2 of the big companies that have canceled some 10 percent of their flights again, in the course of today, they are actively seeking replacement personnel to fill in the gaps left by those who are contracted on the crop. this is the major cause of all these delays, the amount of staff who have tested positive for the new variant of covered. so certainly the airlines trying to plug the gaps, but they don't hold up much hope that they will be able to restore regular service within the next 24 to 48 hours. so basically, these delays are likely to continue through the weekend and possibly through the new year, some 109000000 americans were due to travel between christmas and new year. these
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figures were produced before the army crown very and took cold though it is 234 percent more than last year. but still, the airlines saying that they may not be able to deal with this massive pressure on all their hubs because of the ongoing ad cases occurring because of the army kron very and thank you very much. mike kenner, in washington or many u. s. hospitals also reporting staff shortage is about 70000 americans were hospitalized with covered 19 as of christmas eve. that figures up about 50 percent from early november, but overall hospitalization. so the only con, very, to remain lower compared to previous strains. health officials have repeatedly warned that situation may worse and for tens of millions of americans that remain on vaccinated. dr. alley raja is executive vice chair at the department of
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emergency medicine, massachusetts general hospital, joins us live from boston by skype. and i might just pick up on the point we were making there in the story. how do low vaccination rates affect communities and health systems? how much of a strain does it cause? it's a great question, miriam. and it really, as you mentioned, depends on the vaccination rates and the prevalence around the individual communities. for example, here in the u. s. we have really high vaccination rates here in massachusetts where i live. as of yesterday, 90 percent of our population had had at least one dose of the vaccine. so we're not seeing as much of a search as other parts of the country, but we're still seeing a served, especially with break through cases. i have to tell you though, and one thing that's really important to note is that over the past 2 to 4 months, even before on the crime, we had been seeing a surge of patients in emergency departments and hospitals around the country.
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patients who had put off care during cobit and unfortunately, patients who were dealing with the consequences of having put off that preventative care earlier were already filling our emergency department and hospitals. and so now dealing with an oma, kron surge were stressing and already strained system. it is interesting because in a matter of weeks on the corners become the dominant variant in the united states as we see elsewhere in the world. but maybe the thing that makes the severity quite difficult to judge is that you say using rise and people coming into hospitals anyway, because of ailment because of illness that they had a put off or because a little bit thanks giving holiday it's a good point. yes, it does make it a little bit harder to judge. but what's really interesting, miriam, is that when, when these break through cases, what i'm seeing is when i bring a patient into the hospital for a heart attack stroke, a gunshot wound, something completely unrelated to cove it. and they've then test positive for
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coping because they've had a breakthrough case even with the vaccination or because they didn't get the vaccine in one of the vaccines in the 1st place. what ends up happening is that we then have to isolate that patient in the hospital from other patients who don't have covered we, every time we go in and see that patient, we have to don full personal protective equipment, even if we're just bringing them a tray. of food and then unfortunately that also means that they might potentially spread the virus to health care staff, which is already a problem because we have, you just mentioned the airline shortages. we have health care shortage is exactly the same that or that or because of the surgeon break through cases and tell me how is that affecting your hospitals? there? obviously you are an emergency physician. what are you seeing? certainly with hospitals here in the u. k. they're already operating just close to the edge of will well beyond capacity. how is this, how is this diminishing your workforce?
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it definitely is, you mentioned a very similar situation in the u. k. where prior to this, we're operating at the edge of capacity now with, with health care workers who had gotten fully vaccinated and, and in many cases had already gotten boosted through a booster shot. still getting break through cases. what we're running into is that the staff who we are counting on actually can't come to work. and it's, it's valid that they don't come to work because they might get other staff or patients still even if they're a symptomatic, once they test positive. the problem is that we don't really have, we don't have many backups in place. we were already facing nursing shortages and physician shortages and how and, and housekeeping shortages as workers had left for other industries just being burned out from coven. so we don't really have a reserve force to call up when people call out l. i wish you all the best with a very important work, fair, dr. ali roger joining us from massachusetts general hospital and
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well, british officials are also give you a close eye on infections here after a new daily record that will more than 100. 22000 confirm cases across the u. k. on friday with london being the major hot spot cases also rising elsewhere in new york with france recording was day of new infections this week. andrew simmons has more exhausted french medical staff like last christmas. this intensive care units in ma say is struggling with the pressure the most seriously ill patients who haven't been vaccinated. like david supper, the vengeance. his wife esther says she thought she was going to be a widow a few days ago. david's grateful he's still alive. ringback usually, he says, if he'd been vaccinated, he wouldn't have been at this level of intensive care. while all the crony infections seem to have a lower rate of hospitalization,
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the extreme increases in infection rates mean the sheer volume of cases are quickly put in medics under pressure while frances breaking record. so to is italy. the u. k. has been running christmas day clinics to give vaccinations. the priority is on booster jobs. the government's heavy reliance on vaccinations to try and quell the armor. chrome infection rates is in question. christmas even reco daily figure of a $120000.00 was reached. allow the office of national statistics is bowling with warning 10 people in london may be infected with cove it in the coming days. oh, last christmas. queen elizabeth to show people suffering in britain. they wouldn't be alone. this year though, her focus wasn't on cupboard. it was the death of her husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. she expressed her grief on a personal level, talking of how she missed the man to whom she'd been married. the 73 years
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christmas can be hard for there shall have lost loved ones. this year especially, i understand why that for me, in the months since the death of my beloved phillip, i have drawn great comfort from the warmth and affection, the many tribute she, his life in my egg. at 95 years of age, the queen takes immense care to avoid any exposure to the virus. but for so many people, especially in london, that is the case of the health services. now warning, there's been a 40 percent increase in hospital admissions. this christmas is surreal. for so many people living in the british capital, the government says that it's watching that data before making any decisions on heavier restrictions. that prediction of one in 10 people here suffering from cove . it is a sobering statistic. the government may well introduce heavier restrictions,
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possibly before the new year. under simmons, how to 0. london, dozens of survivors of a migrant boats thinking of arrived on the greek island of paris. at least 16 people drawn when they capsized in the gnc lay on friday. it's a 3rd such as austrian greek autism. as many days, officials say people, smugglers are increasingly using a dangerous route from turkey to italy, which avoids heavily patrolled areas around the chin islands. petro molnar is the associate director of the refugee law lab at york university. and says, both tragedies are going to continue until governments across address the causes of illegal migration we needed a horrible tragedy is really, are a symptom of some of the increasingly hard line border enforcement policies that we've been tracking and seeing all around europe. and indeed, the world, and unfortunately with increasing border enforcement and the way that you know, different contexts across the world are developing,
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people are sometimes forced to take more dangerous route. we're really talking about open water. and oftentimes people resort to having to take a small boat that is often overloaded with people, and these votes are not really made to carry large groups of people, for example. and also, you know, just the basic kind of navigation that is sometimes very difficult is very hard for people who are desperately seeking safety. really important for us to remember that, you know, this kind of sharp border enforcement that we keep all around europe in the book called it fortress, europe. it will not stop people from seeking safety. instead, it'll compel people to take more dangerous route to try and circumvent being captured by border forces. and at the end of the day, it's really more about thinking about the humanity of it all. we're talking about human beings that are losing their lives at sea. and instead, it's incumbent upon all of us to think about how we address the root causes that force people to migrate in the 1st place, the largest and most powerful space telescope, as a bell to launch from south america. scientists hope it will open up
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a new understanding of the universe. so let zoom in for a closer look at the james web telescope. this is the largest and most powerful telescope ever built, and it's traveling some distance. it's final destination being one and a half 1000000 kilometers away. it's going that to stay cool at minus $233.00 degrees celsius. it's the optimum temperature for the telescope to use in fred to view the universe. that's wavelengths that we feel as heat a look into the universe is a look back in time. its mission is to be the very fast stars and galaxies that emerged after the big bang more than 30 and a half 1000000000 years ago. it also investigate the potential for life and on that galaxies, which is of course, the key question. monte rappa reports now from the launch site and crew, french ganna. death taught it's the space mission 25 years in the making.
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ah, the launch of the james web space telescope, the largest and most powerful space observatory ever build, is one for the history books. as successor to the celebrated hubble mission, scientists say the technology board, the spacecraft, promises answers to questions. we haven't even thought yet of asking in my dreams, and my hopes are seeing signatures in planetary atmospheres away from our solar system that could hand to the presence of life will be one of the most important discoveries ever using an enormous gold plated mirror. 6 and a half meters across and instruments that operate in the infrared spectrum. the web telescope seeks to lift the veil on cosmic realms that in the past were too distant or too cold for any previous telescope to detect. web is
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a marvel of human ingenuity made possible through the dedicated efforts of thousands of scientists and engineers, and the close partnerships between more than a dozen countries. i'm. the politics, of course, are always there. but as a scientist, which, you know, sense try to rise above that and say what, what can we achieve together as a common goal scientifically. and that's how we can achieve so much more together by, by pulling our resources pulling our expertise. but always with one goal in mind, let's do the most challenging things that are possible. 20 seconds in the flight. the web launch was carried out by the private space firm arianne space a top and ari and 5 rocket specially suited for this particular mission in deed ions 5 as been chosen you to it's reliability. it's like we called but that so it's capacity to performance. the very specific volume we can accommodate on delta ferrying, so 20 years ago in the early 2000, it was decided that web will belonged by i and for
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a while, celebrations are under way following the successful launch of the james web space telescope. it'll still be a nail biting 30 days before it reaches its orbit. now on its way to its orbit at a location known as lagrano point to some one and a half 1000000 kilometers from earth wet is on course to redefine astronomy. and begin to unfold the mysteries of our universe. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera, carew, french, guiana. still i had for you on the news hour. we meet the last light housekeepers in south africa. as the sun goes down on that historic job. and is what we hear from british cyclists, mot cavendish, as he reflects on a remarkable year ah,
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getting going for sunday, december the 26. hello everyone. we still got that relentless rain across siberia. so northern portions of portugal into northern spain. this is concerning because earlier in the month we had extreme flooding in northern spain and southwest france . and that's where this rain is headed and for the united kingdom. specifically scott, when we've got some weather alerts posted for blowing snow on sunday. and that's because we have this brisk wing coming off the nor see now for london. wait for your temperature is about to shoot up as we lead in to 2022. so by next wednesday, you're up to 15 degrees. the average is 9. so while above where you should be for this year, ok after italy, we may power up some thunder storms in rome at 15 degrees. unsettled weather across those eastern shores of the adria exceed, could see the winds wind up to 6070 kilometers per hour. we've got warmth here to san diego, 9 belgrade, 12, sophia, 10, all above average. so, so above average,
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in its stumble at 14, but that went through the boss 1st will got to about 50 kilometers per hour. the rain is petering out across the morocco robot at 20 degrees, and we've got some exceptional heat in southern nigeria, lego set $36.00. you could set a new record. ok, i'm out of time. i'll catch up with you in a bit bye. for now. the news, the news ah ah,
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while the water we listen design is are making serious efforts in order to in key and disrupt the trend. negotiate with what the story is talking about. you see a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al jazeera correspondence. gus will be strive to do, lou ah, ah, welcome back. main stories now have been more protests in sudan despite a communications blackout in the country. security forces fire tear gas to try and
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disperse the people in march the presidential palace and har to him in opposition to the military takeover in october. christmas travel plans have been thrown into chaos with more than 4000 flights council worldwide. 3900 of those, which is in the u. s. on saturday airlines. i. the only convent of the corona virus is causing my stuffing shortages. well, the variant is also driving up case numbers in the u. k. and europe. london remains the at the center here in the u. k. with more than a 122000, you infections recorded in one day while france is crossed a 100000 cases in a day. for the 1st time. we want to talk to me and mon now because the charity say the children is saying that 2 of its staff members are missing and me and mom after that.


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