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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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take care of everything, the calf, our ways, the airline you can rely on ah hello am i am minimizing, i'm going to put look at main stories now. protested, have been back out on the streets, have sued on calling for the military to leave power. and for a transition to free and fair elections, security forces 510 gas, it demonstrates is due march to the presidential palace in defiance of warnings to stay away from key sites in central cartoon. lambert, val is in the sudanese capital the information we have and the college we saw indicate about the they'll have in huge numbers of protest as a cross costume. some of them were in on demand some in binary. these are the 2 other city is creating, composing with the car to itself, the,
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the capital of sudan. bought your phone. if you have taken unprecedented measures since yesterday night, they closed all the bridges needing to central cartoon. and this time around, they deployed 3 times. the number of troops and policemen, even though troops did not participate in the cracked on the number of security forces 3 times more than in the previous occasion. about a week ago, after the democratic republic of congo has been an explosion in the town of benny. at least 6 people are confined to have died, as well as the attacker. a targeted popular restaurant on the towns name boulevard for people who have been seriously injured. christmas travel time to try and take help with more than full 1000 flights cancelled around the world. nearly 900, those were in the us on saturday. airlines have only convert to the crone of ours is causing mass shortages. well,
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the variant is also driving record case numbers in the u. k and europe. london remains the u. k. hotspot with more than a 122000 new infections in a day. while frances crossed a 100000 daily cases, for the 1st time dick garage lift door from a tropical rain forest to the edge of time itself. james, where begins are void, back to the birth of the universe. the largest and most powerful space telescope have a bill, has launched from south america, signed his hope. the james web telescope will help humans better understand stars and galaxies that are more than 13000000000 years old. it's final destination is one and a half 1000000 kilometers away. performance is nominal. have a report on that story in the news hour in 25 minutes time. i'll see then ah, my name is paula palazzios and i'm on
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a journey research in my groups. it's become clear to me that a number of spaniards can trace their unit. the maurice goes, these were muslims. when 15 o 2 were told to convert to christianity or face expulsion. a few stayed and remained under the radar by changing their certain names to nondescript names that would not attract attention. to days, madrid has many close to its muslim past. my mother's name kasanya means that type of tree. good. these be a maurice, gus, cover name. i love it here. is that i have it on there for them. i up that i lobby of them for the half of my body way. let me go there under myself. serious enough when i think i'm we're under, but it didn't make it. uh huh. and the 1st interesting figure given up. well, i found it on federal c meeting that had been bought dunphy. yes. so this was like one case that could his piano in an annual meet a 10th a think about about the lay of forces. i still can, i don't, i mean audio,
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let me come. we bought authentic, which i put on and on the last, but can i remind her that i be actively doubtful, but don't you just look at us a 2nd? i don't calla calla bonnie from that us, but that love that he laughed wished yeah not you don't him will they had his it doesn't really how to stand emotive, phenomena element. anybody that i'm what area let me get answers. will the hottest 2nd be darren? what he's cause he may, i mean they put a gate and let me know. yeah. and so my hear about them like what if we gotta at the santos her lady face and said i missed that e. alice forgot to ask the scanners machine. that is how i came get after she was out this channel all the money to ask what he forgot. it was what he's cautious to read on beando and in mighty there's they amuse, gideon dollars most as to aspen. she'll never meet the museum of medic until she didn't gave sick uncle about my yodi. i still on money that i love to latin. yep. i think i understand completely caught up all of the young christina sick alga williams hadn't done understood, intelligent they november 15th or marina dallas. monty caught up were shallow when he scores that he can grenadine ok. you have anybody. we book a dimple for gay. many though millennium you can insert, hadn't the unit for the latter without a helpful hot rush. there's. but again,
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it's 1st time we didn't than seller's agent. the few colors illustrate of monty scores. very thing. it on video is dement dumbfounded us caliber. let him go back to come in to say, but america got those. ah, in a city like madrid, it's hard to know exactly where a 1000000000 muslims under descendants. the maurice goes mightily. they kept a low profile, but throughout the city there are clues everywhere. district names and architecture point to a strong art up influence. i've been reading about our region where there is the strong evidence of the maurice suppose united maria, self of spain. it is said that a group of maurice was found refuge in a castle where somehow they were protected from the explosion decree. it was time for another wrote,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with leblanc latanaya immune, kansas, a cynthia tune up of las young. the $123.00 perfumed to the credit channels be a host. he wants to synthesize portent or deck morty schools. apopka, yada marcus alcantar. monsak econ will not accredited. could his general via hoyle, toronto canada and moody school you enough? amelia formed them entirely. his own loss, aladdin ivan ahmad, lost our sin more late then that on this familiar scale that he ended in crusoe. that arena morocco's as he kissed almost are he and it will look the only important if amelia's for that also us. e dad would out we wanna a clinics young on the rest of media us and we'll discuss the i type water mia. and
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i know that another one on one of his little bill of upper micha is ha, sophia, either. okay, what i, what i'm on, i'm back from one of the others that are in school plan political and i wanna start the here. didn't. what did he set up? well, maurice got cuomo contra bissell contract with him. christiana viva is conceded coma. but alicia the lorraine espana, he lexical, who know who we are, the thing with us, it's a persona convenient, but i'm an anthem into is with him and, and billable. and what little? filmy shasky liquid, cynthia and marcus is with maurice, goes you i one out of mosque is i would put them into believe either he had a one been if you see other, i will put a de la english jackie that some guy would ever. blanca sick, a comcast was maurice, was even canada. most people will come on alice, courtesy, vehicles equal to lithium. it's armano, wasn't office and i for yellow host. i'm in denise to castillo ethan, when i saw us last and foremost in this to castillo safely. robin thumb rossi layla's last notice. and if he got the m. c got that i saw. no. you spun almost
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ramana. he is the law of he is lateral seem will. odessa. soneta hecky existed at ailment, the nose owner. the glad i feel now more you know, is when i, when i leon study and that aces. now leanne's up up in monica, low, millis, sample, metallic, one healthy mentos, equinox units in love is inadequate. the company got young. this was what he schools. you know what he's ghost was an appetite on one milan and yet eagle eyes like a somewhat casala. but it was on country that others could be taught us for the fun of not that alice in the little civil diesels and liberals, their mother munoz, or india, la misty, gothic assistant and tunnel. this he is that william de las maurice goes, oklahoma, nekky i eva what i thought of. so, but we've been fiesta, eminent and done the water, la jolla, if you feel or india and quit and went with it all equal. but adam just went to the event, it put it in fia. did it, that is die. we had the roast. woody schools, better than him was like he is that we eat up. what was the most threat as he came in? it was, but he was in these years khaki. seek it out, one nuclear and, and what he's coast,
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i'm in the middle of blanco equal. i'm almost almost open of him yet. must on this he hamilton. you know what it, what i said a little, he's in comes with that have even, or in the atlanta the in ah ah, once it has become clear and are trilogy furnishes dorians architects, an anthropologist. the marine corps who stayed were very skilled at covering the trucks. i suppose it's because they had to. there are many clues as to their
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existence that little from evidence. i'm heading to andalusia. the cradle of the arab hurried that in the peninsula. and they the category to be much higher land the way they did and i the name of a minus looper, gave me my money, hoping to get one done. sheila, if you see that goes on in the future for me. and so i got even cooled off and we know a lot about it the, somebody other than leasing the modem phenomena gave me a little bit and it gave me the money. yes. solar new the new another, the 1000000. and if i media money, bit of money, call him on the bus and somebody said, and we believe important that at 130 social cl meant them with 11000000. when presented some global level guessing the different cassie, that the federal cornell command people in law. and at this,
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i'm going to say the whole law that come you mind getting one of his family for the could you say that it really must have a she gave me a call. you get some kayla went and documented if you can come to the office, you have a bit of a young concede. ok. and nobody can call i'm in as well, if you know, rather in the well, it will get, you know, we will, we'll have to look at them in the area where it was when i was not the and it would be to see, i guess when you get, i'm part of the radio working back again because i didn't put up if we put on the single ticket or if you want to. but i'm, you know that i'm a community in las vegas. i read no one days ago and done this game in bottles. of the album, but the when we got to was every month. yeah. yeah. the like, i need to be to whatever money it will see in the $1.00 thing of the important the
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united future is he ended up once the thing they will and always will be the one that will see them on time to me i there's is a story that is like peeling a spanish onion layer by layer until eventually you reached the core. but i still don't know if i have a place in the story. my surname for last year's comes from the word palace. but does it have something else? when then if we can begin to relapse and how that goes with local life is when we when did the what if you'd like to take another call, i would recommend what i would want to go now for what for one of the stuff,
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i mean i could give you the, the, when the will my, through my daughter, the all but out, if he's actually into the center and we have decided on the level and it will be, it has become invoicing them, a solution that maybe ariel then pull that. so let me let the laguna alsa, but i believe the dog only the america the like video. so like having somebody him don't while i feel so want to him block with our community to push the like will shield them. you can go to them that want to put out money for an hour. yeah. so i mean, i think i from this unbeatable. gotcha. so monica, but y'all didn't global sorted gay. go right now, but others are there for me that he loves having them be sung professionally. important to me and all the following feelings. professional, 11 minority equal to something after another single future. save all, we don't have enough enough. connect on what eco barajo cassandra shackle. now gordon. i from the off amelia. one of well then i won't have a my family come can they wouldn't get on them without that. got? absolutely, i'm okay. i'm with jimmy moore. yes. the familiar and they call our faith that latham emma phil, of putting that off of i'm in them. i see me now that eat development that got
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donica, or deluxe at e. a. be there in the month america to re mobil gale with young bay, though i think i'll go now for sound bogo. a virus is every there for him. he is sick. i shall come on. gone, gone, fear fear, little. this won't go move bought in bay. let me fund there for until the more thought k english way. so from india, north hayman bernasconi lather, they made her go get him up. he could do it on a travel interview. so it seems that i'd come from a family of elite maurice goes. what are their relation and what a journey the accepted version is that most, if not all of the maurice, cuz we're forced out in the 17th century. but now it's clear that many managed to escape the expulsion process. today's research suggests that ignorance of the true history for a country is not just due to the utter failure of our historians to reveal it. but
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also because of efforts to hide spain's muslim pastor if dcc indeed the case, it means that islam was present and a barium peninsula for far longer than we saw. ah, we fall must come full circle to the mountains of granada in the south of spain. ah, i guess said i've been the hardest cousin why weeks when the templates to get an idea. okay. awesome. she bought the all, i'm not a they said and they were either one. thanks jamie. you don't wanna say they this one i've been jasa. and like i said, echo, echo onboarding. i mean the wednesday that way about what about the antibiotic that about monique, called the white out, hopefully. darcy on the leveling it,
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are they gonna, madam? but i did that because of darby at law, a joseph wake, safeway. the i'm all i did my band though or before my little but out we be in that i read while that i'm already gotten yes at whatever. i said also america and i got another more to that up while avoiding a tool. awesome. what are those ceo on what it will pull? talk about a full field. i did that last few lit up teeth, yet. there wasn't liquors tiana that will be sent out a cmp. pick it up on guadalcanal. monique. okay. good. are you sound really bad? i think. awesome. awesome cleveland another magdalena, i will neither my they like to know that if you can finish that if a lassie navina had asked on by that thing, spelling modica giving in his tongue lying by the explore or from the call hour
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iniesta almost a relief he guy as he fainted when i woke up with you out in a good way to get another equals to your main thief and alice williams sienna, monique, like i said, let me ask you, and i don't need honestly how all, let me say it did. they like hold on, i little i don't, i say they failed. are they be we left you galloping medium. they manifest us having a hard, i your thought, my did it by law theos, for him will, will side on this. i'm in favor. who's the paramount of hearing what ian in are they gonna synthetic will settle what a table not. this is emilia egg or indicates what am i equal to put him? this one was a little when he had asked him to sort of, he already said that he takes what he expresses. i mean thing, but not only that, i'm not the one. yeah. like luther because i don't comedy cause he saw that in a better than what he called to montgomery to know. i think. but i your lower monthly manion. it apple. he did a they on killer. is monica civilization? co lady think it is general eva iraq. anything on a 2nd opinion thought one is for my 31,
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your me thought the for me not. is it possible money for? ah, it's a story. we're nothing ease as it seems. my own ancestors may have been influential . people who made their way in spanish society, but always needed to watch their backs, to find out more. i'm on the way to me, the historian, with an interest in the story of the palazzios palm. he lives in album horrors, and that's where in 1567 yell horace, rebellion begun. ah, large numbers of maurice goss living in the kingdom of grenada took up arms in protest against sanctions restricting their freedoms. it didn't end well for the maurice ghost were eventually the port that from grenada and other parts of the
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peninsula. ah, la familia, palazzios. he will not like it on the familiar monica committee that i became a yo a she called him the interlocking block, the luckless head. it i'll thought it worked up. don't leave it in natalie frolic. we la monica with in it. the theater. i love for her rock luck, emilia, or laurie foot, or look a lead it out. own lively william full day lane competence. he all little vehicle say that all a little, but your cell phone 8 home portal deanna. okay. deanna or eco fatal. she didn't vertical l briefly, but he will know
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a little for so i will not go back to the some of the you'll see, i think in april climbing, reno elderly, nobody raised us to, to i would, i'm on a kia in the gospel c dot or near to the mit leader, they love the radio. normally the the victim of done. yeah. of course. have it in shit. i don't think we talked to that. i mean it was in the at the law nicky. lucky on the road, the margaret brought it during your me interested didn't tell you a lot, but you notice i didn't, we didn't see it. our math in a level. great, you know, or a lot of money. and now by the last year, it is from actually my pretty to hear from the la familia, just have a case where they ok,
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what i would like to not simpler the level or money thought you would have a lot faster. you didn't, that caught, i would say, look, give us, they bought them. they don't. i mean, if you have to get in touch to see and take a like a 3 that are hardly met the, i'm not a she could for molly like ever considered are lucky to dc but feel don't be well, it really says have a photo of it but i don't love who we are in. we're yeah, that is which i lead another shabrika. you don't know me. yeah. angel casa, the woman. collateral. they are clara showy, nice. he'll call me about it. if he panted a party, i ah, that's as much as i could find out about the policies plan. they clearly had muslim
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routes, but nobody knows for sure. if they took the christian or the muslim side, the out, the hires rebellion. what i find most eye opening is that this story of those maurice cos who state is largely unknown by today's his spaniards. it's a story that seems to have been airbrush that from history. most people still believe that all of the barriers muslims were expelled and that none remained. oh, oh. oh i of course, today's his spain has a sizable muslim population with many spanish converts to islam. ah, i wonder, is this in some unseen way an act of connection with the conscious muslim past?
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a 21st century revival of the maurice cas. oh ah, i layla a la layla with those with yes. first the manner or no a lot sickle me of than a little on dental michael. read me a man affordably made. oh me mother felicia. well no. your dad are there mass but katie are in papa mama. yeah. on the world. maggie december. no this. yeah. cuz my mom is here monday margot kiss or away la or the choice so so mandate letters now with the lack of today dollar circle where he had i feel like i believe and piloting him out. yes, i look a similar norm area gone down. are you, sam? plethora. come on,
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board call. come fly. i see on the boogie. dunno in the de la. la hin. they know night mom we normally until i hadn't there then boy lawyer. i was in brooklyn, new berlin for them. if you can play some political me, that minister knowing wonder how long she did that i am fiddle either way going in for law on the unity, a unity or law said of those who were little said kelly hero. thank you. the last year for that in law, martha ansel, instead of inner city montalvo potter meadow, chopped off hello, is it a desk and a 0? so the guy is going to get in as an as monument just going to see them. but cassie doors, commerce or be man e. com. okay. yes and young as i am a man of it,
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but then if he hadn't ah, in another moon, wins of an impossible, dim sienna from all, i'm immediately done. alma sat down, put a note from the bazaar for luck. are you telling bitterly this alden from okay, i didn't know you many that no, no, the st. the sullen fell on but this solar nodded henderson. ah slash
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ah, it's the end of this cultural journey of discovery. one where i met many people were able to shed light on to spans muslim past. as to my own maurice classroom, i never found definitive proof. there was no sign certificate of heritage. yet in many ways, the practical discovery of my likely muslim origins was something i had long suspected. searching for my roots has given me a deeper understanding of where i came from. more importantly, i now look differently on the place i called han ah.
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a celebration with al jazeera was canes red insights into the diverse culture of somalia. as it follows 2 different couples in bucking on land life together to weddings. some money on l 20 ah, a, a,
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a guest with a we set a new record temperature in perth, australia, hello, everyone will talk about that in a 2nd. first we've got to start in indo china because the ne monsoon particularly active again. so what, whether hanoi rate through to denying and over high 9 is wall and same goes for lose on island in the philippines. we'll see some intense bursts of rain here. it's not rain, but it's snow for western japan, so honshu and ho keidel. and look at the winfield associated with this. we'll see
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wind gusts here of about 80 kilometers per hour. so the snow is just blowing around that impacts the visibility some dangerous driving. that cold snap we had while it's all gone beijing up to 6 degrees on monday. well above the average and we've got an abundance of sunshine. i did promise you, we would get australia. so here we go. but 1st, we got to talk about this mess toward the top and a lot of rain, lot of wind and darwin in the line of fire there. now look at pers 44 degrees on sunday. i'll show you the 3 dave forecast is set a new record. christmas day. you could set a new all time december temperature record. it's 44.2. so if we get you to $44.00, you will have done it often who's ceiling brain moving across to tasman. see into that? south island may see a shower and gives bin with a hive. 27 degrees on sunday. that's it, susan. ah, ah,
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in 2002 coins and bank notes mark the launch of the euro today is the official currency of 19 of the 27 member states of the european union. on the 20th anniversary of the euro entering circulation, al jazeera investigates how the eurozone benefited from having unofficial currency . ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello i marianna mossey. welcome to the news out live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes of communications. black house in sudan is protest


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