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to turkey, those winds will be winding up through the boss 1st. about 50 kilometers per hour, is stumble, has a height of 14 degrees storms once again, bubbling up or round kinshasa into congo, a gabon southern portions of cameroon, lagos, exceptional heat at $36.00, pretty close her record. you may get there. so we'll keep tabs on that. also seen storms through botswana, zimbabwe, eastern portions up south africa, cape town at 29 degrees, but prepare for your temperatures. are on the way down. that's it soon. ah. from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this dick, it is a most consequential picket in memphis for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front, in part 2 of human rights activists. q, me 19 and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working. but the longer that you fight them,
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the more that things change studio be unscripted on out his era african stories by african filmmaker turbo le let it doesn't drive up with all we're the resume motherland. no really short documentary from booking to fossil and synagogue boone, lily and bullying going with the man who plants vow bombs and a rest history africa diagram on al jazeera. ah, ah. ah.
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the top story on the auto renew dollar credit for your god. they attempted the 1st protestors in the capital for 2000 have been on the street to rally against the military take over the number of people have been injured and internet services have been cut almost a 1000 flights of been canceled across the us on saturday, throwing christmas travel plans in to k off the haile transmissible on the chrome variance of the current virus has affected flight crews of major airlines. the largest telescope ever a sensor of space to successfully launched from south america science. it's also james. what telescope will help human better understand stars and galaxies that are over 13000000000 years old gum us truth and reconciliation commission has called for a former president, john a face trial for human rights abuses based this investigation on hundreds of testimonies from people spanning decades of violence, alexander, alerts reports
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a 3 year long investigation in the gambia has recommended former president. yeah. john may be put on trial for murder, torture and sexual violence. yeah. johnny, this responsibility for the killing, for both my more money on moment to me, where the former president seized power in 1994 and for 22 years over. so a regime that has been accused of committing hundreds of human rights abuses in 2017 sharma was forced into exile and equitorial guinea after losing an election to adama barrow under president barrow. the gambia as government set up the truth reconciliation and reparations commissioned to prob allegations of jeremy your abuses. the panel heard from hundreds of witnesses who offer testimony about alleged human rights violations. their stories were broadcast on radio and tv for the country to hear. the government now has 6 months to decide it's next step.
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we're hoping that got me to give me commitment and commitment to implement the recommendations of the commissars makes on actually, and as i heads right now, the article in this i was present on. but of course the, i just got this on the use of not just have a profile again, anyone sort of i guess on that. but i guess many at home and abroad hope to see the former president on trial though he remains in exile. but gambiola weren't the sole targets of the re, jim j. i. jeremy's victims include over $44.00 gun eons who were massacre. they include nigerians, they include senegalese. and the thinking is that if all of these countries got together and help gambia to create a court, it would also provide the political impetus for equitorial guinea, where j jam is living on the commission is intended to promote healing and
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reconciliation for victims and survivors. but y'all may still retains considerable support in the country. the possibility of his return from exile was a key election issue. earlier this month. on the rock concerns, his political supporters could hamper efforts to put the former leader and his associates on trial. jeremy has yet to reply to the commission's findings. in the past, he's promised to return to the gambia, but he's been barely seen in the years since his exile. the report may make him question whether he would even want to alexander lurch, al jazeera, saturday march, 30 years since the fall of the soviet union. mikhail gorbachev. resigned the soviet president on this day in 1991 marking the end of nearly 70 years. of the ussr that was after failing to contain the fall out of an attempt to 2 months earlier and the independence movement among soviet republics. so sure,
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the events that led to the end of a world power at all began with the 1917 russian revolution. workers on soldiers overthrew the roman empire and established communist rule. the new government was led black by vladimir lennon until his death in 1924. joseph stalin took over for almost 3 decades, which contributed to its status as a world power. by the time mikhail gorbachev became communist party leader in 1985, the economy was weak and led to industrial strikes and military tanks, taking over red square to challenge his role. a crew was attempted, but president boris yeltsin, let a successful campaign against it. in 1991. gorbachev resigned and the red flag was lowered over the kremlin as the russian flag was raised. samuel romani is a tutor and specialist on russian foreign policy. the university of oxford, he says, mikhail gorbachev reforms were the most far reaching and many have been reversed. since putin overshoot legacy initially all to the jet transition towards an
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attempted democracy, the transition towards a free market privatization, the easing of cold war tensions was followed by an improvement of us russia relations intermittently over the next 15 years. but now under vladimir hooton's leadership, we've seen the exact reverse luciana, torturing consolidation. we've seen di, status companies taking over private enterprises and even more importantly, you seen a return to systemic confrontation between russia and the last that was arguably sharper than it wasn't. 19 it is the former soviet republics when a multiple different trajectory sound like the baltic states estonia, lapierre, lithuania, were able to enter the european union were able transition towards market economies were able to develop dynamic, innovative, private sectors if those that were presented by corruption, others like bella roost largely stayed the same as the as always has done with minor tweaking the planned economy, so largely in place and sound like russia and ukraine. i do on partial reforms in russia in particular, it was a cute economic depression. and deb,
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organized crime and a breakdown of law and order in the 1st decade after the so the claps. and now we've seen a degree of stabilization, least on the streets, but also a resistance to diversification or resistance to reform as early resemblance of the late 19 seventies and early 19 eighties came in. it is a northern pockets on say, melting glaciers are putting their homes on livelihoods endanger. the country has more than $7000.00 glaciers more than anywhere in the world except the polar regions. climate change means some are disappearing and fast in part 2 or for a special series on pocket funds, water challenges with someone. bon jovi reports from ocean the 1000000 mountains living 2500 meters above sea level. there are no grocery stores nearby presented day begins with getting milk for her family. she lived in the idyllic possible village with 3 delicious meats in northern parts. but under the 3. com isn't ever
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present dangerous because those glaciers and melting and a different rates. because of land erosion and floods are house, is not only 12 meters away from a riverbank present family. lived in constant fear, not knowing where the another flood will sweep it all away. is that john said that this used to be our agricultural 9. when i was a child, we had fruit, orchards, and field after massive glacial outflows became more frequent. it's all become part of the river. the whole area in the summer is submerged. we face constant danger. our village has lost cattle and lots of agricultural land and this area has become more dangerous. 7000000 people at risk from glacial league outburst floods of gloves as they locally known. out of the 3000 or more glacier lakes in northern pakistan, the united nations development program says 33 dangerous to prescript any more than 600 acres of arable land when lost to the river. many people living in the past who
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are angry at the government for not doing enough. they say they talk about warning systems and protection was never going to action. a couple of things and it's working with international partners who invest 40000000 dollars into saving lives and property. these don't just affect the 70000000 people. in fact, the 30000000 people who live in the fun. we have a project which is looking at setting up early warning systems so that we can at least get, you know, humans out of harm's way. but the challenge is the infrastructure. the infrastructure gets damaged. 70 percent of the damage caused by these racial birth is on infrastructure. and that creates and creates an economic costs for august on scientists. so assessing glacial fluctuations to understand the complex and direction involved in climate and leisure response for it's far reaching impact on global weather. focus on $7000.00 plus known glaciers make it home to more glacial life than anywhere on earth outside the polar regions. and within the himalayan
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region. i'll find glaciers as sensitive to climatic changes due to their variable altitude and debris covering the ice on the foothills of the himalayan mountain range. there is erratic weather, excessive rain caused flood, and a lack of rain means that waterways and springs such as this have dried up. and there's very little snow on the mountain tops and that, but most of the population that risk is more than 80 percent of focus on fresh water comes from glaciers. this is a huge challenge for bargain on. it's not a lot of work on making started because the progress on the missions because of what is happening around the world on climate change. and we are getting affected by this. an average country store about 40 percent of the water. but in pug saw, the figure is 9 percent and the rest goes to the sea. and environmentalists say, unless water consumption is reduced in farming and in urban areas, the precious resource will become increasingly scarce. as the planet forms from
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jared under the ocean near to him in mountain system. and in part 3 of our series, sama takes us to call his don in southern pockets on where a decline in your, in the rainfall has devastated the regions water supply. you can watch from o 200 hours gmc on sunday at least 4 people in bob had been killed. after a bus collided with the fuel tanker and burst into flames. the crash happened on a busy road, connecting the eastern city of monterey to the capital herrera. witnesses reported some people to scan before the explosion. dozens of others are being treated in hospital for serious injuries. the volcanic eruption on the spanish island of the palmer is officially over after more than 3 months of daily explosions. the declaration was made following 10 days of low level activity from the company. we have ok now. it destroyed around $3000.00 buildings and called huge damage to vital farm. irrigation systems on the islands. the clean up is ongoing. many people won't
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be able to return to their homes for months. the government has so far promised 225000000 euros. an aid funding to recovery efforts technology spelled the end for millions of jobs, including the centuries old work of the lighthouse keeper and south africa. only 6 are left to keep ships and their crews safe from a demo or spoke with one of them in cape columbine. 45 lighthouse is a dotted around south africa coastline. and for passing ships and fishermen, they offer a vital beacon for navigation. this lighthouse had cape columbine on the west coast was both in the 1950s. it's one of just 60 manned by a keeper. it's the 1st landmark on the southern african coast, seen by ships traveling from europe. wayne brown has been here for 17 years, but to be like, does keep it. this is actually a blessing for me. for,
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for personal point. does that does that might be, but times change and so does technology. wayne is one of the last few lighthouse keepers in south africa. we. we had a radio beacon with the old moscow with people with the most scope that changed. then they, at the g p. s. and from the gps, you change to yes. yes means what a medical dental patient system. what happens if the supposed by the identifying she out to the light dose into light doesn't defy even to the that the possible. the light from the 15 me to tool lighthouse is magnified by a lens which appear day can be seen as far out of 32 nautical c miles. that's almost 60 kilometers. when says he takes great pride in keeping berlin clean and working at its best. the lighthouse stands above the west coast village of pots,
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and auster known for its heavy gales and thick fog. that obscures the coastline is likely return to modus. but in the old days, it works like a grandfather's clock. the light does keep a must come up during the night to the hours. he must wind it up for this light to turn it on. but nowadays we have 2 motors that could do the old insert on the light is now also automated. and if anything goes wrong, head office is alerted via an app. even the traditional fog who doesn't require manual labor, it automatically misses of the is humidity, blasting warnings when necessary. but wayne says nothing can replace the human touch. it's a sad thing and also a bad thing. because if you most of the space we then know like us keep us on the look bay, to be honest. the 1st lighthouse in south africa dates back almost 2 centuries.
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this lighthouse in cape town is the oldest in south africa. and the 1st slide people began working in 1824 back then the light was powered by oil and lay to gas and all the work was done manually. but advances in technology mean a light keeper is no longer needed, definitely a diesel that i. and so does our duty to our fellow staff members that we do educate and up skilled him to change direction, change the career direction so that they can get involved in different other projects. it may be difficult to tell how many lies have been saved by the diligence of members of this humble profession. and for one of the last generation of keepers like wayne, this is more than just a job for me. davila al jazeera cape columbine, south africa, and some breaking news. a bomb has a clue, exploded in a popular restaurant in the democratic republic of congo. that block happens in the city of benny and it's killed at least 7 people,
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including the bomber. an unknown number of people had been left injured. following that explosion. government forces have been fighting the adf rubble, who's in that area. however, there has been no claim of responsibility as of yet. still i had on the al jazeera news, our oh, for better, your head is covered. 19 duncan's christmas celebrations around the world. around is the, the route about releasing players for the africa cup of nations rumbles on. one of manchester cities star names is heading to the tournament more louder and sports after the break. ah, coven 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali rate navigates the big questions, raised by the global pandemic power, the system based on private ownership in the pursuit of profit. so the world in
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a ton of price capitalism is the pandemic back. it causes so much of the suffering exploited protected people or the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out is there al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bugs and discussion color. something about the impact from the climate change is having all the fathers that you work with voices from different corners. when the whales are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to remote tentative view. i don't have collage people. i have my voice on al jazeera ah ah
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ah. hello guns. have the sports news here is jello. thank you. as the worlds at top football leagues raise concerns about releasing players for the africa cup of nations, french wild cup, when an awful legend, patrick vieira, as the tournament deserves more respect, the crystal palace manager who was born in central things. the competition is as important as the european championship european club, threatening not to send players to cameron for the tournaments off the racing doubts about the career of our protocols in place that he ever says he would never stop any of his polish squad members from competing his comments come off to the organization representing the world's leading domestic leagues, right to fever and the confederation of african football to say that teams shouldn't have to release place until january 3rd. i'll be on the 6 days before the start of the tollman, that complaining that it's starting earlier than usual. and they're also concerned
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about the corona bar protocols in cameron. but the tone of the letter perhaps go down badly in parts of african football because the world leaks for me do say you're getting these players for nothing. basically incense of that being paid by the clubs and they're helping to generate the revenue for asking football while lamb going out to play in the african. but of course clubs in countries like england, you benefit from players being developed in africa. so they get the talent, but this is a rumbling round. now when to build up the start of the account with clubs determined as well, not to lose their ret players too early for liverpool. they could get that plays for an additional 2 games if they aren't released until the 1st week of january, for the african combinations. and the as such an influence potentially on things like the title, rice, but no word back yet from caff over. how they're going to respond to this demand from the world leaks for manchester. cities or rad marez is one of the biggest
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stars competing at the tournament. he's been named in algeria squad and will capture the defending champions. morrison wasn't part of jerry aside, who on the fif carbon car last week. as i was 19, it continues to impact world sports. the n h l is decided to delay the return of the regular season. the holiday break started 2 days early after a rise in cases and the season was choose to begin again on monday. but this is now being pushed back by a day to allow the lead more time to analyze testing results and to assess if clubs are ready to resume playing. it means all 14 games scheduled for december 27th, have been cooled off. now a total of $64.00 statements so far this season is been a pretty incredible 2021 of her british sprint. cyclists mach having issues described it as a fairytale after tea absence from the sports most prestigious race with 36 year old. one full stage is that this is a total from the equal the also record held by $80.00. his achievements made all
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the more walkable after battling back from depression, and epstein ball virus, which meant he could hardly walk up stairs, let alone ride his bike. felt like before i was, i was going out fishing, but with holes in my net. and i was being told to catch fish on your like with lock, i could probably catch fish. but that haldeman that if you make my job water is making it quite impossible to catch a fish. and i just wanted to get a net that was a net been, i'm an old in it, you know, i suffered from depression and how somebody that fought with an excuse. and that's why i'm so happy to talk about it now. because if i for that, i know i'm not the only one thinks, you know, am i really like, what would think some of you could snap out of and think it's just people being weak and it's really not so many people are being through bad times. last year and
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slide by times, connie was come close to, to, to what people have been through in the last year and put to know that people can take hope. and you know, understand that if you, if you persist with something you can, you can get back in and get what you want. and then i said job well done more than more than the winds. i guess. speaking of great, come back to england. cricketers will certainly need one of those to rescue the ashes. that's who no doubt and must win the blood test to keep the series alive. as well as a confident australia side to contend with the $18000.00 strong crowd at the malware cricket ground the boxing day will of course largely be reaching the home team that both sides looking forward to the special atmosphere. it was for somebody who locked out for getting the hardest thing could actually years. well, i'd like to grab a bit louder and for 40. i taught wide of both boxes to pick up the families around
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and lloyd better or ashes got a brilliant event to be involved. and i mean, just the nation series out here is if someone in every player wants to be paul book to get a chance to plan a book that much very special and ways where the, the series is post currently. it's really exciting opportunity. and clearly we're gonna have to pay a lot better than we have to find in the 1st 2 games. but i expected to do this. and that all important a 3rd test, it gets underway in just a few hours time. that is all your fault from me for now. thank you. jemma. well, people around the world have been celebrating christmas day, and it's jillian wolf reports many sure at the same wish. an end to the pandemic. o people around the world are celebrating christmas, with many refusing to let the impacts of coven 19 affect the fest of cheer in
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australia, the 1st part of the world to ring. and christmas day people flocked to sydney's glistening bondai beach as summer temperature sort strain of expect you made the most of it. there's no flights harm aba. i'm celebrating new, the bestbuy arcade albino strategy. i'll, i've been in bumble. i been on the base for christmas guys to drink. i'm thrown em . well, what low kid you want? you got fit buddy's running up and down the b. you've got to stand, you've got the water, you've got the sunshine. whereas if you want to be people also gathered in bethlehem where christians believe jesus christ was born ammonia. i better place to come with a joy to the word ah, in india christian communities celebrated across the country from hyderabad to new
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delhi. as did those in south korea, china thailand and the philippines, january messiah disguised. but i'm happy, at least we can now hear mess at our church before and there was no chance to go to church. well, and that's why we are taking the opportunity to go to the church while it's still allowed. firefighters and mexico became santa's helpers for the day, delivering toys to vulnerable children and their families. while in venezuela volunteers gather to feed people facing hunger in the united states, shoppers pack stores to get their last minute gifts. but not every one made at home in time. travelers were stranded at airports across the u. s. and the world as thousands of flights were cancelled. a result of staff shortages as coven 19 infected crew members. ah, this year's christmas wish shared among most people who couldn't, could,
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could eat that. there is no more covert that we can go back to how we were used to living. that's if we're done. in the vatican, po francis reminded the faithful to be humble and used dialogue to resolve conflict and in the gulf regions. big as roman catholic cathedral welcomed its 1st ever christmas mass. in bethlehem, a smaller than usual crowd gathered to celebrate with a similar message as everywhere else. i got on on my la joy, a slab. bethany, although the situation is hard with coded people, one to live and spread joy all around this year. we hope the corona virus will disappear this lease upon own nation. the violence within our society will end and the atmosphere will stay as it is now full of love and joy between every one and a message of hope reverting across nations around the world. gillian wolf, al jazeera, thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera,
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we had you ever writings in london with much more of the day's news, but by ah mm. a and a blue, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera, the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing narrative, the modern day being used to perpetuate there's competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and then some element of the truth. but the
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full story of the amazing content. unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media. on a, jesse, you, ah, each and every one of us had to go to responsibilities to change our personal space . for the middle a, we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in constituent assembly here and getting these people begun to collect the signature, the same, the recycle business, extremely important service that they provide to the city i. we need to
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take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind me. ah, a communication black out into don is protest in march on the presidential palace demanding an end to military ro. ah, hello, i'm sorry i'm in my v in london, you're watching algae 0. so coming up on the program, christmas travel plans up in the spread of the only kong very forces the cancellation of thousands of line. i saw my group both things in the a g and c and is 90 days. 16 people are now confirm.


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