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ah, it's the political, the base show that's challenging the way you think is a military man. some it going to stop the fan that the guy is under a company who's united now people are very simply not based apart with me walk, lamont, who on out there. ah . ready on a cron creates travel chaos around the world airlines cancel thousands of flights because of record code 19 infections. ah, hello, i'm elizabeth problem and this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, a commissioner calls for gabby as former president yama, to stand trial for murder,
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torture, and rape. demands for answers and bangladesh after a fire kills at least $39.00 people on a ferry class. praise for a better here ahead is clothing. 19 dampens christmas celebrations around the world . for a 2nd year, coven mounting has proven to be the nightmare before christmas. the highly transmissible on a chron variant has forced air lines to cancel more than 4000 flights globally. and the u. s. second isolating airline employees, causing severe staff shortages. and that's left travelers stranded. gabriel elizondo reports from newark airport to new jersey. the serge at the army kron variant and not only affecting people on the ground, but also was trying to get in the air to visit loved ones for the christmas holiday
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. hundreds of flight cancellations in the united states united in delta, 2 of the largest carriers accounting for the most united sending out these alerts to passengers. your flight is cancelled due to an increase in coven cases, limiting cru availability. we have a really concern last night when i saw on the news that they had canceled a 100 white that i'm like, oh my god, we won't be able to get home. but luckily we kept checking the fight that a 2nd the fight that has got here and everything was fine that we were really grateful for that. had new jersey, newark liberty, airport passengers. mostly we're trying to remain calm a little bit worried about cancellation. so we see what happens. oh, my foreign cancer. i got the, the, you know, all the vaccines, 3 of omega. i got a mass. doesn't worry about, ready to go. all good. well, micron is surging. so 2 is holiday travel. officials say more than 2000000 people
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passed through airport security screening in one day. more than pre pandemic holiday travel with 2019 airport workers say they are feeling it does last are were other times i we get we get along great. it is lost, albert nonstop holiday season. yes, i was, it is crazy. i know who it was like this. aside from the check encounters, the longest lines in your work airport, where the kobe testing facility and airlines in the u. s. are already starting to cancel more flights for the days ahead and with the army kron variance and not expected to peak for at least another couple weeks. it likely will mean more canceled flights, especially if the flight attendants and pilots who operate them continue to get infected. gabriel's hondo. how does it?
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new new jersey jo late is the seal, the airline passenger experience association, and he says the surge of cases, court companies by surprise, what's affecting the airlines the most is the lack of available pilots in crude apply. like done a very good job in gauging aircraft wherever possible. but it's really consolidating places as much as possible to make sure people make it by christmas. here in fiji, where i traveled to 48 hours ago from the united states. it's christmas day here already. and from what i'm seeing, the reports from airlines over 90 percent of passengers are being able to be accommodated to get home in time for christmas. but it's sometimes taking an additional stop or a re routing to accommodate. i think that the airlines and done a great job and staffing up and maximizing the number of people that they have ready to work on the holidays. some of our airlines have done incentives as much as 3 times a normal pay for flight crews to get as additional workers,
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while their colleagues are backed by the new varian. but you can't really anticipate this type of search so rapid i think that's what surprised some of our airlines. and they've been as possible under the circumstances and making sure that they can get people home progress. and the u. k. government will send millions of text messages on boxing day urging people to get their booster, jans. if the latest attempt to combat the rapid spread of the arm across variant. more than 32000000 booster and 3rd doses have already been administered or a challenge reports. you might get a slide deck, how did you get to? they may be christmas, but the u. k. is vaccine booster program roles on without a pause. this is portsmouth on england, south coast and jobs are being given to people who slipped between the cracks. i know that are not portsmouth. i'm not fascinated. and we need to get the town vaccination to be able to go on. come get back to normal. is that particularly the
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homeless, the very vulnerable at this time of year, the co they sleep rough and they definitely need to be protected from some come by despite christmas day, the 25th and boxing day, the 26th being holidays jobs are still being given. it's just this sort of public service that boris johnson, thanks health workers and care is full and his christmas message. all those in the, in a chess, we're here for christmas. our coworkers, everyone involved in the incredible vaccination can pay those looking after people who have lost loved ones this year, that who would otherwise be on their end. he said been so many words. those getting vaccinated and boosted are doing what jesus would have wanted. getting jobs, not just for themselves for ourselves, but for friends and family and everyone we meet and that after all is the teaching of jesus christ, whose birth is at the heart of this enormous festival,
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ah, across europe, on a crown is rampant, but countries are responding differently, germans q outside shops to show their health passes. nightclubs will be shot after christmas. and major events, we'll have attendance limits. spain has brought back mandatory mask wearing outside now as well as inside. but the netherlands looked down is still something of an outlier, non essential shops, restaurants, hair, dresses, gyms, museums, and other public places are close until at least the middle of january. another christmas. and the shadow of cove with 90 rory challenz, advisor. but 2 other news down gabby as truth and reconciliation commission has recommended that former president yashimi stands trial for murder, torture, and rape. the commission began its inquiry in 2017 and jammy flew into exile after refusing to accept defeat in presidential elections. he came to power in 1994
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through a military coup and held office for 22 years. the commission heard testimony from hundreds of witnesses. it found that jeremy's henchmen, including a personal hit squad called the jungle as were responsible for $44.00 specific crimes. journalists, former soldiers, political opponents, and civilians were targeted in a series of killings, torture and rapes, president adam barrow received the report earlier this month or the findings have only been made public on friday. jamie hasn't responded to the findings or earlier i spoke to barbara jello. the executive secretary off the truth reconciliation and reparations commission. he says there's been widespread backing for the commission . the man that everyone was and but the idea, the strategy of making all the hearings, public openness to transfer into the deliberate study bite to come on to make so that the process is visible to everyone that everyone knows exactly
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what's happening in this country. that the process is credible and that no one can come around and say that the evidence was booked. so it is not meant essentially that everyone knows exactly what does buy it here. wonder that again is popularly important to be and we are hoping that the government that are already given commitment and i've made a commitment to implement that come in this coming sunday, been mixed on actually and as i head right now, the article in this i'm supposed to keep on, but of course the, i just got this on the use of not just have a profile again, anyone's sort of a guess on that. but i guess we hope that they would all have that they would qualify for misty. and then the more thought the read brody as a human rights lawyer who's been working with the victims of johnny's rule. and he
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says there's still a lengthy process ahead before his clients receive justice. the truth commission has recommended. ready that jam may and a number of his accomplices be prosecuted if presented the evidence. directly linking jam may and his accomplices to cases of torture, of murder, rape massacres. and it's even suggested what kind of court should be established to prosecute them. and so i think there's going to be now a lot of pressure, i mean that the t r r c hearings were very public and the testimony was very dramatic and it made a very big impact on, on gambia. and so there's, there's going to be a huge demand now from both within gambia and outside of the gambia for the
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government to move forward and establish a tribunal and bring yet jeremy accomplishes to justice. but there's lots to be done. yeah, yeah. jeremy is still in equitorial again, and it's going to require a number of steps the establishment to betray, you know, either by gambia or together with the regional partners, the laying of charges the request of extradition. so we're still, we still have a ways to go, but i think it's likely that in the near future. yeah, yeah. jan may will be facing his victims in a, in a court of law. now at least 39 people have been killed in bangladesh after a fire vips through a ferry carrying hundreds of passengers. please say it broke out on the engine room in the middle of the night. then smith reports this overnight ferry was packed with
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up to 800 people heading out of docker for a weekend, away with friends and family. many would have been sleeping in these crowded cabins as the fire took hold in the engine room. oh, the engine had been running for about an hour while on fire. later, the fire probably spread from the engine to the earl tanker and his tub with a loud bang at this spot where you're standing right now about that. it was not as flames whipped through the ferry, many passengers jumped into the river to escape. according to police, they believe the engine carried on running for an hour. as the fire took hold. many survivors of suff, a terrible burn injuries, and the death toll is expected to rise. i was on the 2nd floor. suddenly the engine exploded and caught fire. it had be malfunctioning from earlier on, but the negligence of the ferry authority resulted in the fight. the ferry was coveting curtains, all the heat from the explosion was trapped inside and that he'd made everything
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firm. dozens of bodies have been recovered so far, very accidents, a common in bangladesh, usually blamed on over crowding, and lacks enforcement of rules. fairies are a main means of transport and a country that's criss crossed by more than a 130 rebels. the government to set up 2 committees to investigate the fire. they've been ordered to report their findings in 3 dates. bernard smith, alger 0, still ahead on the bulletin cleaning up from political chaos, classes and so on this course the standard of living to summit and why rich a nation resistance to lift a vaccine patrons and how that could risk for longing. the panoramic ah ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways.
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it's the weekend. here's your forecast. hello everyone. we're going to start in india. a bit of a foggy start to the day for roger stuff. and then see this cloud around delhi that could generate some showers out of season showers. so we look at the 3 day forecast . the rain risk sunday into monday. your temperature is slight as well to below average. next we're going to se asia, the rain piling up southern sumatra, west java will power ups and thunderstorms call them poor singapore, jakarta, and bali with the high of 33 degrees. the ne monsoon active again, so that steering what, whether into central, northern portions of vietnam, getting striped with some showers as well for a high end on saturday. northern china, a cold blast of air. we'll talk more about this in a sec. but 1st, the winter wall up for the northwest of hook kado over the next little bit. you could pick up 50 centimeters of snow, the winds will be blasting. so visibility will be knocked down. ok now to that cold air we're seen at migrate to the south look, shanghai just for degrees,
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but this will be a short lived shot of cold air. so being minus 4 degrees on saturday, we look at the 3 day forecast. don't worry your pop up to 5 degrees on monday in the sunshine. can't wait for that. that's it. that's all. see again soon. take care . oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. oh, they travelled thousands of columbus or to pick berries. but do tie workers exploitation in the force was waiting when it went east investigates on al jazeera . ah, i will. josie, with
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ah, watching, i'll just the over with me, elizabeth, throw on him a reminder of our top stories. the foul, more than 4000 flights of a cancelled over the christmas weekend. major airlines suffering staff shortages due to corona virus infections. u. k prime minister boss johnson is urging people to get a boost of vaccine shot over the christmas holiday case of a surgeon across europe. and gabby as truth and reconciliation commission has recommended that former president yashimi stands trial for murder, torture, and rape. john a fled to exxon 2017, after refusing to accept defeat and the presidential election. we continue now with our see where he's looking at some of the biggest stories of 2021 and some that
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will shape the news in 2022. and one of the biggest issues is equal access to coven 19 vaccines. germany is one of the country's resisting calls to lift, to vaccine peyton's, which would allow poor nations to produce jazz for themselves. join a hall report from berlin. 2021 has been a tale of 2000 democrats, one in the global north where recovery became possible with the widespread delivery of vaccines. and one in the global south where locked downs have hit poor economies, harder with vaccines in much shorter supply. and the virus allowed to circulate more freely the result by year end of variant that threatens to turn the whole world back to square one. then overwhelming need for urgency to ensure that that same supplies are immediately inferior to countries in africa that are desperately waiting for profession supplies back scenes that are not about to
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expire. campaigners talk of empty promises and of vast profits being put before lives. like here in germany, where the start up beyond tech partnered with the american pharmaceutical spend, pfizer expects to have made $18000000000.00 in 2021 with much more to come. that's not point 5 percent of growth added to germany's bottom line from just one company. thanks to the domestic production of vaccines and sales to rich countries, while just 7 percent of the whole continent of africa have so far been vaccinated. if there is one thing we have learned, is that norwegian, no country, no community and no individually save until we are all safe. the arrival of the oma from very and should be a wake up call. the things need to change, but will they? let's not lose hope and put
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a lot of pressure on governments so that they change their position. and that they realize actually now with the kron that this is also going to, to last forever for germany, because they're going to be new variance. there needs to be new vaccines that needs to be new booster shots for forever. if we don't just start this. pandemic everywhere. $100.00 countries have joined the call for vaccine patrons to be temporarily waived. so the developing countries can produce their own britain and germany are among those firmly opposed with the g 7 instead pledging to donate a 1000000000 vaccine doses to the developing world a pledge that has not yet been met. so as the world battles, the omicron variant or the next one that comes along, it becomes clear that those vast profits are secure. while the health of the least well off remains at risk. and the pandemic looks set to roll on unhindered into 2022 and beyond. jonah whole al jazeera berlin,
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put francis as urged the world to embrace humanity and remember the pool over christmas. the head of the roman catholic church lead christmas eve mass at saint peter's basilica and the vatican. the number of people who could attend was increased from last year, despite concerns of spike and clothing, 19 cases in the city. and it's really, it's an honor to get to see this during such a big holiday like this is the, the center of christianity and the biggest hall day of the year. so i think i'm lucky get to get to see this. and especially during covert, you know, so, yeah i, i'm very, very honored to be here and i love it. very beautiful, very, i'm a little, not a we hope to return to what we call no mallets here, because this is not a life we can call normally by the stand it's. we are just to that. so 2022 will free us city. i'm ok. i don't have the fair about the copays because he's
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our life. we are john. so we need to, we need to to do something different. because if you are, we need to live, we need to live. that's right. what christmas comes in a challenging time in the philippines a week after typhoon ry left a trail of destruction. the storm displaced more than 600000 people. clover 19 has hampered relief efforts. well, barnaby lo is joining us live from the capital. and then that sounds barnaby like despite the typhoon, people are really looking forward to mocking christmas this year. hi, elizabeth, it is christmas morning here in the philippines. and this being a majority catholic country. you can imagine how special and important this holiday is. but last year, filipinos were not able to celebrate christmas the way they would have wanted to because of severe coven, 19 cases. and also
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a lot of restrictions that were imposed of by the government this year is a totally different story. especially here in metro manila, a capital as well as into rounding areas. because scott could be the 1900 cases have been low in the past several weeks, only in the 100 daily compared to our peak of more than 20000. just a few months ago during the height of the delta wave of infections. and so people have now been more confident to gather and be together with their families and friends. we have what we call here, the notch of wenna, which is the meal that families and friends share in their homes. during christmas eve going into christmas day. and a lot of families were happy that they were able to do this last night last night
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was the christmas eve here in the philippines. and you know, this is also true for the victims of the typhoon in the central and southern philippines. they may be in evacuation centers. they may be in make shift shelters even in hospitals. where right now there is a looming diary outbreak and they may just, you know, be surviving on relief packs, gathering and eating it in candle light, but christmas is not canceled. even in hyphen ravaged areas in the philippines. now, as i mentioned, filipinos are developed the are some of the most devout catholics in the world. and so it is important also, were filipinos to be able to attend church during the christmas season. they were not able to do this last year because of their restrictions. church and a lot of the churches were closed. but this year, churches are open. and so millions of filipinos have flocked to these churches in the week leading up to christmas. ah, inside and outside
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a crowd of worshippers. as far as the eyes can see, for most filipinos christmas is a sacred holiday that is incomplete without attending church, often daily in the week leading up to christmas. or the shanella, the nightly coolies must massis or an important really peanut through the shop. there were even some less here, despite the pandemic. although very limited. a friend in prison in the philippines is really different. i don't know just very, very happy with the philippines cobra 19 situation has improved considerably. daily infections have only been in a hundreds for weeks now and would most curbs lifted. the one place filipinos have not been hesitant to congregate. is here, filipinos are. some of the most devout catholics in the world. each year during the christmas season, churches are filled with the faithful,
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pre dawn for 9 days of masses. last year, however, coven 19 restrictions forced this tradition move mostly online. the services are still streamed, but churchgoers believe praying as a community could be more powerful, especially during this challenging time. the country is not just really from the pandemic, but it is suffering from the aftermath of typhoon right. this is really about us convenience. these are the doing the spirit of christmas, which is the cross over the decided, especially of those who are suffering and those who had been, ah, devastated by the pipe, particularly supporting victims of typhoon roy has become an urgent concern. church leaders hope this christmas, their lock can extend a helping hand warrant to below al jazeera manila. now to more universities
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in hong kong, have remove sculptures built for victims of the t. m, and square massacre. the chinese university took down the goddess of democracy, calling it an unauthorized statue like nan university also removed a memorial dedicated to the students killed in 1989 on thursday, the university of hong kong from of the sculpture. the pitter of shame. nearly 100 days after the comedy via volcano began spewing red hot lava authorities to prepare and to declare the eruption over it has been dormant. for the past 9 days, the volcano has destroyed 3000 buildings on the palmer and damaged non plantations . and people are still cleaning out the damage. many won't be able to return to their homes for months. now, said ons reinstated, prime minister abdullah hancock has been trying to appoint a new cabinet for more than a month without success. and people answered on said they paying the price for the political and economic chaos. bahama vall reports from cartoon.
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islam used to own 3 vehicles for rental and public transportation. just a few years ago, he considered himself a successful entrepreneur. but not any more. we drove with a psalm and his last remaining vehicle, which is also planning to sell in order to meet his family's needs. i rather fell of her sailor. the situation is different now. you can no longer pay for the education of you. children can't buy food because a loaf of bread is now 40 pounds. if a family member fall sick, you can't pay for the treatment. people have drained, their savings, likes become absolutely untenable. many sudanese share the same view that the crisis is a direct result of political chaos and the lack of proper government. the absence of government in this country is not a figurative expression. it's rather little. and as because over 2 thirds of the
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cabinet ministers have not been appointed so far, including those of interior defense. and our situation has been going on for nearly 2 months. there was been an explosion in prices soaring inflation and the huge rise in unemployment, leaving many people in a state of desperation. one of the few ministers remaining in his job after october military takeover is jabrisa by him. head of the dar for arm justice and equality movement. he defends the lifting of subsidies and an immediate plunge into a deregulated, free market economy that subsidies for, for example, for full air. for a wheat i fall gas or 4 foot at different commodities distorted their economy. i shall, it's a blanket for a subsidy there. each are getting the same as
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a pool. he believes more people will now be forced to find a job in the past. at 1015 passes. and if i extended formerly, i rely on a single working person. and that person was trying to feed them through his sad and then mega income salary. now practically cannot do that. and if people, if they're not working them going to feed themselves. so they have to go and look for work. that's what we're trying to do. but this approach is not popular among the sudanese and that doesn't seem better than what's happening in the country is affecting the market and people's ability to buy and sell merchants raise prices that they wish. while the government has given them free reign, it doesn't seem to care sudanese households or in a deep mis because of this policy in m. s to our basic services including sanitation and st cleaning. but in the heart of this, with any capital passers by,
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appear as indifferent to what they see as the authorities mohammed fun at the 0 cartoon. now, russian court has find 2 of the world's biggest tech companies of failing to delete content. the government deems illegal. google has been fined nearly $100000000.00 and method just over $27000000.00. they are reviewing the ruling. the government has introduced several new laws targeting on line platforms, human rights group, se moscow's campaign threatened freedom of speech. ah, hello again. i'm elizabeth bronman door hall with the top stories on al jazeera, more than 4000 flights have been cancelled over the christmas weekend. major airlines and suffering staff shortages due to corona virus infections. the u. s. is one of the worst affected regions. gabriel elizondo has more from newark airport
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and new jersey delta. one of the major carriers here in the u. s. is announced her over a 125 counselors.


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