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would convict a white police officer who shot a black man at a traffic stop in minnesota winning way land hold free competition is empowering the youth and my boy. and we hear from england, cricket captain joe rouge on what hugh side must do to wrestle control back from the ivy in the ashes. ah hey there, here's your weather in a minute 15. hello everyone. good to see you quite the temperature divide west 1st is east london double digits at 10 degrees. moscow minus 9, and then caught in the middle here we've got warming cold air fighting it out and eventually that cold air will win out. so for example, probably goes from 10 degrees on friday, down to just 3 on saturday and for that southeast corner of germany could see some
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ice secretion about a fingernails worse and some dangerous conditions there. and these high temperatures are coming out of costs for ireland and britain seen a scattering of showers both on friday and also saturday, more organized. rain can be found across siberia. we got rounds of it's ago. so very soggy. weather pattern here was been a high 15 degrees, could see some pretty intense downpours for northwestern sections of italy, concentrated rain for croatia, and may just get us spirits of rain. 4th, herana with a high, a 10 degrees temperatures on the way up for its stumble. but this too is coming out, it costs those winds picking up through the boss for us could see them gus, to about 50 kilometers per hour when this weather report in africa. right now. those winds driving down temperatures in cairo as one and hard to me. hard to just a high of $29.00 degrees that's below average for the sum of the year. and now you're up to date. see you soon. the
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african narratives from african perspectives now, but now we're about his big daily y shift, blue, short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you please. what made you the intimate connection between myself and drawn dot diggers and merchants, and certainly africa direct on al jazeera, the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing narrative, but seeing monday tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some elements of the truth. but the full story of the news and content on the parking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a jesse utah. ah
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ah hello. are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily angland, a reminder about top stories. this l u k prime minister bars johnson is urging the public to get a boost to show show the christmas holiday. johnson has it largely resisted coles with tight restrictions over the festival period. despite the fastest spread of the only crime variance, police in northern indian state of auto rec hand have launched a hight speech investigation. following a meeting of hindu religious leaders, videos from last week's of and showed them calling for genocide and the use of weapons against muslims and south korean government. his pardon, former president,
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pass one hey, who's been serving in 22 year sentence for corruption. the justice ministry says the decision to release her after almost 5 years behind bars is to help heal national divisions. christmas celebrations have begun in bethlehem the biblical birthplace of jesus christ. ah, but the outbreak of the new variant only con has meant if he were events to see in the town in the occupied west bank has been almost deserted because international travel has slowed needed. abraham is following this story for us live in mangers square. hello there need out. what's the mood like in bethlehem this year? it's definitely more festive this year than it was last year when people weren't even allowed to come here to the manger square and celebrate christmas season. so
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we're seeing hundreds and hundreds of people gathering here to start celebrating christmas. but one thing is missing that bethlehem has always had tourists. haven't been able to cross into the west bank because israel, which controls the board. there's or who actually can enter the occupied westbank, and israel has a stopped the flock of tourist ever since the emerge of the alma crone virus. this has been the situation for people for the past 2 years and to talk more about tourism. i'm joined here now by miss that abraham salamis, the tour guy. these been working in the city for years, but for the past 2 years, you've been jobless right? road throat. so 1st of all, i would like to, ah, wish everybody merry christmas and happy new year, and i hope next year will be better than this one. ah, yes, the tourism industry has been hit hauled by this pandemic. ah. guide. so to lorna's
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oral to writers. so both companies and et cetera, those who were directly involved in tourism and those who were losing their, lost their jobs from one light to the other from one day to the other. they were jobless. and of course, that resulted in immediate, a cut in the income, nor income at all of the main problem is that we because of that, many of them had to go somewhere else and do something else. so we lost a lot of good guides or to construction worker. we lost them to agriculture and other sections and a lot of skilled employees. they left the tourism industry. mainly the main problem though. the 3rd main problem is that um we lost trust in the tourism industry. nobody has the trust to stay because nobody knows how things were developed in the future. so when tourism comes back, we have to see how we manage things in the future. and you mentioned your them
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coming back for a brief moment in november for 2 weeks. is there a has allowed a tourist to come in, but then soon after they flew the board, as did you manage to get any tourists? i was lucky actually to get a tour at the beginning of november our, which was a very short which some days and it were, it was only 10 people. but anyway, it was better than nothing in comparison to many colleagues of mine who had no chance to lose anything. but we just started breathing a little bit and then everything was gone. and this year we're seeing the situation better than last year in terms of allowing people to attend celebrations. how do you feel this year? i mean that, to be honest with you, it's very nice to see some people around here. however, this is only the 10th of what used to be here in normal years. in comparison to last year, of course, last year was everything was closed and the pandemic was still there, nor people were afraid to come. but anyway, this gives me a little bit hope things will gets better, hopefully in the, in the soon in the,
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in the near future. and if things got better, how much time do you think beth lamb will need to recover? we know it's a city that has depended on tourism for years. do you think it is going to be easy? i don't think it will be easy. it will be a slow process which might take at least half year. all i was talking to some friends are working in the industry and we think, but things will probably normalize if everything goes back to normal by next see not next season that the season after this me september 22. so we still need some time to recover fully. thank you so much mr. rains. the la, he's a tour guides in bethlehem and many people here would tell us that they are proud that they are from bethlehem and they call it the cradle of christianity. and the capital of christmas and certainly looks like a beautiful place to be. thank you very much needed abraham that live for us in bethlehem to the us now. and
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a former police officer has been found guilty of manslaughter for killing a black man during a routine traffic stop. kimberly potter shot 20 hero dante right. last april. she is now facing up to 15 years in prison. as john hanjin reports from minneapolis find the defendant guilty fine, which a fan tend to kill tea again in minnesota, a white police officer is convicted of killing a black man. kim potter lowered her head as she was found guilty of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. for fatally shooting 20 year old dante wright, as she was taken into custody with no chance of bail, her husband shouted his support as police ought to arrest right on a warrant. after an april traffic stop, potter says he resisted arrest and she fired, which he thought was a taser. oh, the weapon she drew with her gun powder,
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expressed remorse and tear filled testimony. i remember yelling taser taser taser and nothing happens. lou, the shooting came as protestors, some of them violent filled the streets of minneapolis. during the trial of derek shaven, a white police officer ultimately convicted of killing another black man george flor protesters rushed to the scene of the right shooting. as the verdict came inside, the court house rights family celebrated outside the moment that we heard guilty of manslaughter, one emotions every single emotion that you can imagine just running through your body at that moment. am i kind of let out a yelp, some residents to expressed relief? i'm really excited. it's a good day. it's a good christmas gift florida bill. no more. me import
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a family of the say right now that he got his us is i feel no more any eddies. like definitely when ever happened, i was scared to even get in the car. minnesota attorney general seemed to feel vindicated. we have a degree of accountability for dante's dep. accountability is not justice. dusted, justice is restoration. justice would be restoring daunting to life and making the right family whole again. justice is beyond the reach that we have in this life for dante but accountability is an important step. the critical necessary step on the road to justice for us all. that road he says is a long one. potter faces a maximum of 15 years sentence on a 1st degree charge and 10 on the 2nd. but guidelines call for substantially less than any case potter is likely to spend years in prison. as potter awaits sentencing on february 18th,
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outside the court house were looting an arson followed george floyd's death. in the summer of 2020 the streets were mostly quiet. john hendrick, al jazeera minneapolis 5 months after flights devastated towns and villages in germany. many people have still not been able to attend to their homes. the governments come under criticism for the response with volunteers stepping in to help steadfast and reports from the german town of r. viola. 5 months ago to be a shot left his business as an event organizer to help victims of the flood. he wants to ensure those literally left in the cold after flops damaged. their homes didn't have to stayed that way for too long. with his team of volunteers, he started to collect air conditioner can be used as well, with the temperature dropping below 0 until ground floor destroyed. daniel coatings home has been camping in her bathroom. the hot food stay to you all we have is this
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room. we sleep here, we cook here. everything happens here. downstairs, the situation has not changed since a night in july when she and her 3 children had to escape from the water. she has no insurance and a government's offer of help us yet to be seen of him and have him every day on the top of my days when you think things are going well and it's moving forward. but then something happens. and you have these days when you just fall apart than everything comes back and living in this construction site where freezing and it's always the valley in the western part of germany was hit by floods after days of torrential rains, almost $200.00 people were killed for survivors of the floods winter has not only brought darkness and cold, but it also as we find there too much memories, while thousands of volunteers have held them to cope so far due to lack of government support. many here feel 5 months on have been forgotten. or be shot blames this on long and complicated government procedures. gill,
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i'm lang portez cut for the government has a lot of bureaucracy, so it takes too long to provide help quickly. we have an immediate help program from the government, but that takes too long to reach people. immediate help means that if someone calls us for heating, we have to install it the next day. we need to reassess disaster protocols in germany. more than 100000 fallen p s k to help they build a camp where hundreds of people receive meals have access to a laundry surface and get mental health support all paid for with donations. for now, we talk about round about 8000000 euro only. we get from what go everywhere from germany. we have to say no from everybody. we have something from switzerland, from netherlands, from. look some book. it's the power social media around $1000.00 heaters have now been and i'm sure mentalist guidance have learned again about humanity and
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solidarity and sticking together. so i have a lot of hope. the pilot project in our town can be spread through germany and with this period spread throughout the world. thanks for thank goodness, over it means winter will just be a little bit warmer. fastened al jazeera in our international communities, maintaining pressure on the taliban government to enough kind of found rather to honor its promise to respect the rights of women and girls. women in the media say it's getting hotter to keep their jobs from mcbride reports from the capital cobbled many weeks after the taliban takeover. zara not b, has been dismantling the tv station. she found it carefully packing away studio equipment in the hope of one day restarting in the, in the future. we'll have some opportunity to re open it up for you or try to re
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open it started 4 years ago with a staff of 50 by new t. v was run by women making programs for women. it was seen as evidence of the more progressive policies of the previous government. i was really happy, especially the day that i said, now our game comes through and now we have some, some station that is running by foreman by them. unfortunately, it's the end. can see the tower a thorough man was one of the stations, journalists splitting her time between reporting and studying at college. now she does neither. that's all i could come with understand. i feel we achieved something under the last government. but with the taliban rules, i think the percentage of female journalist is going down day by day. another recent directive means women will no longer be able to play leading roles in
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television dramas like this one that's still popular and streaming online. it appears that taliban is against women featuring to prominently in the media, but the government says across the board, many women have returned to their jobs and did stresses that its rules are still far less strict than those imposed by the 1st taliban administration. 25 years ago, this old women radio station, for example, is thriving, producing current affairs and educational programming. but its growth in audience could possibly be the result of the decline and on screen competition. and because many girls now have to study from ho backup. this ism of this government's remains time will cut out to get to know why they cannot get bashed right. but they are trying to create an environment where women feel suffocated. i don't believe the taliban will stand by any of the promises about keeping up the pressure. the
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international community says it will judge the taliban government on its actions. many women here it seems of already reached their own verdict. robert bride al jazeera couple still. hey, dawn al jazeera, as the premier league shed jewel intensifies, we hear from manchester, united. the interim boss on what can be done to stop play a bonus. ah, there's a lot more to al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and podcasts. al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content and portal bring view the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to levy to go somewhere else. the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you miss it online, caps it here with me. sandra. gatlin on al jazeera. yeah,
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lou. ah, it's now time for sport. he's jim. thank you. emily, manchester city boss. back while the ada has put the premier legal notice by suggesting players should consider going on strike, to demand a lie to work late play a while for has once again become the hot topic during the created 19 crisis affecting the league at the moment. 12 latches have been postponed in the past. 2 weeks and the congested shad jonas led to concerns about the demands being put on swaps. you know the players or the manager altogether and make a strike omega something because if just for the worse is no going to be solved.
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because the way for the fee for the premier leaks of broadcasters, the business is more important than the well for the simple example the or under will. if i substitution he is still 3. tell me 11. our human to take care to be more well for to the players for this one. and here for every one decides when themself with and do it. so, we talk about the well for a, just for the players associated a blessing. okay. we don't play any more until we solve that situation and after maybe the people below the people are going to take attention to pay that. but you have to decide for the broadcast for the premier league for the rest. the ticket decisions on behalf for the welfare for the players is now going to up korea less comments to have regarding of 5 substitutions were echoed by manchester, united in 3 manager at routh, lang neck. the german says it was the right decision when the pandemic started and same is true. now a similar situation to the one that we had one and a half years ago. and therefore, i wouldn't see any reason why it shouldn't be as it was one and a half years ago. and as far as i know in europe,
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england is the only country where they only allow 3 subs in all other leagues. in the, in the 4 big leaks in the other 4 big leaks in europe, you can substitute 5 players in the abby a washington god spent said in when he says there's no way the league was going to cancel the iconic a christmas day shadow because of k with 19 the wizards are among 75 percent of teams affected by the emmys, health, health and safety protocols. and on thursday, washington played out to see with their stances including top score bradley bill against the new york next washington. it didn't confirm if either player tested positive but there was, it's overcame the sat back to win by 7. no way. who would they beg? has an christmas day go judge driven? we rather short cobra, cosmo. sure. we plan a christmas gala. now mcmurry is on, we're restart been laid on it again when the people had given back their bread and then b a in all the so as players run a check bag right now, you know, it's kind of tough because some time you just never know if you're going to play or
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not, you know, you never know it's if you have it or if it's of all positive or you might have contracts tracing. just given a keep norway, router 11. it isn't, isn't they know gay. is this again, is i know, okay. i know game is days it doesn't lie baby, me a bit and that money back. so los angeles lakers were missing a 6 players on that coach because of cave in 19 protocols and injury. but they did have le bron james when they hosted at san antonio. he tops called with 36, but it wasn't enough. as the lakers fell by 28 points, that force consecutive loss literally, this always comes to facility in the homes and i like to have been out and about what i know, you know, and just give me a positive test you know, knock on wood. i hope all i wanna run into it again, but as soon as we are known,
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you don't know where's coming from? you don't know where said the shadow since how it is possible. steph curry delivered another shooting master class for the golden state warriors. he managed $46.00 points against the month, his grizzlies including $83.00 pointers, the warriors and just behind phoenix for top sports in the western conference. and good news for the brooklyn ads with kate, steve nash can filing they have enough players to face the lakers on christmas day . the nets have to spend their last 3 games because of the embassy covered regulations. what we've been able to do is there was a couple days where we should have, i can't remember how many days now we're interested in everything down as a precaution. but then, you know, once we got back to a kaden's healthy guys could, you know, do one of the workouts, but no group work counts him were, you know, in space he just started on yesterday today the guys are back on the course. so it's nice elation so it's, you know, it's tricky. we haven't been able to do a lot,
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but we do what we can do and we'll continue to just adapt as the rules and mandates come in. england and cricket captain j rate says his side must eliminate basic mistakes to have any chance of wrestling control back from australia in the ashes. the tourist a to know down after a couple of crashing defeat and go into the boxing day test, much in melvin needing to win to keep the series alive. i think he's asking all of our buys. who hasn't ever, is it does play to do basic things very well. get yourself into an, in a give yourself an opportunity to go make big runs and, you know, build those big partnerships. i mean, i bang on about that all the time. but it says it's a fundamental batting, being willing to concentrate for long periods of time. and for your support for me, for now i'll have for later i don't like england chances that old jim go was these slam poetry and seneca alleys getting nationwide attention. the spoken word
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competitions are a blend of hip hop music and politics and a popular across french speaking africa. nicholas hack reports from the capital, the car. a moment of hesitation. perhaps stage fright before delivering a message from i remember a 16 year old number who says when she was like the earth to me like a father to me like the ocean to me. she loved protected me before suddenly disappearing and owed from a son to a mother that left the earth too soon. in this national school slam poetry content teenage students speaking french arabic were mixed of all of them. there is no barrier of language, no theme or rules to follow new mistakes to be made. number, this is slam poet. moving to your freedom of expression. fall as for chummy g ring,
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gave a declaration to announce her love for god, for women, for the city and her ancestral libra culture only by a common thread. faith. trust her words speak to her riveted crowd of hundreds of teenagers who for a brief moment are not distracted by their phones. but captured by poetry. the you to judge or famous lamp, which we already know my love just as the crowd grows into the night. silence spread is broken by the echoing voice of poets beneath the car's monument of their own. nissan. slam poetry is about the delivery, the diction and the depth of the woods. i'm really amazed the level of these students is pretty impressive. senegal 1st head of state lou bolted us anger known as the poet president, a prolific writer sanger devoted a 3rd of the national budget to arts and culture. despite most people living in
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poverty and being illiterate. sanker was following the countries long tradition of using poetry, music and art to transmit knowledge and faith. though res just necessary to promote the some portrait straw that completed. mm hm. that can help them develop beer mitigation bed edition in their talent education develop their righteousness and best we can still. over a 1000 students took part in the event with only a dozen left and competition. the judges have to decide a winner and runner up. oh mama do is announced runner up, leaving the trophy to 18 year old, chummy jing garrett? good me. slam is democratic poetry. she says it allows our soul to travel a gift of simple words for the masses to just be present and feel the moment.
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nicholas hawked al jazeera de cork when he's coming up with so hell name. ah ah. a genuine. just 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate how the euro then benefited from having an official currency be part of the st. enjoy im out. social media community at sierra leone to recovery from civil war continues. we month to decade since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the
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rest of the world as we enter the 3rd year with covey. 19, we go back to woo hm. where it all began, and investigate how far we come. since the pandemic january on a just you know why i've always been fascinated by space. but the story, the space race isn't just about the men who wish their lives to travel and see or know. but the ones who held those lives in their hands. your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they, designing spaces of 11 was his triumph or all around and the perfectly design space suits for his legacy. putting man on the moon on al jazeera, informed opinions, there was a need, fabulous federal government take action to really facilitate aid right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera,
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i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike, and it's my job to shed light on how and why i ah the u. s. in europe report, record cove is 19 infections, but more evidence suggests the aldacon berry and his milder than other strains ah. columns the harmony watching on their life while headquarters here in doha, coming up in the program. south korea's government pardons, form up president park gay, who, who's been serving a 22 year sentence for corruption. police india have begun an investigation into a video showing hindu religious the.


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