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condemn a keeping many visitors away. revenue from torrison is he to now? here at the embassy national park. and i knew all ceremony has been launched the ha creation then individuals pay 5000. yes, dollars to me. and i think the aim with yet is to raise one megabyte on this much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, try to lock down a city of 13000000 after rising corona virus cases. ah . hello sir. oh rahman you watching of 0 life. we're headquarters here in doha, also coming up, putting out his show rushes president urges more people to get vaccinated in his annual end of year press conference with foreign affairs in the economy under
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scrutiny to un relief and works agency head says his organization car meet the needs of palestinian refugees and lebanon due to a financial crisis, plus the dollars are changing lives. i'm with some of the job in northern by august on and i'll tell you about the efforts to cultivate more of them. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in china where more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the eastern city of shan. that's after more than $200.00 cove 19 infections were recorded since the beginning of the month. the country is on high alert as it goes up to host the winter olympics in february, our correspondent, katrina you has more from china's capital beijing. chinese authorities have imposed them most severe, locked down in almost a year. 13000000 people living in the northern city of she. anne have been ordered
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to stay home from midnight on thursday. only one member of each household is allowed out to get food every 2 days. and only certified, essential workers can head out for work. here should have the measures prompted crowd to rush to grocery stores and markets earlier this week. more than $200.00 cases have been reported in the city since the beginning of the month. the outbreak of the delta variant began with just 9 people and quickly spread, hulu. deep yoga trajectories of deny cases were complex involving transportation services and public places, including hospitals, commercial complexes, restaurants as goes. hundreds of thousands of tourists flocked. she an, a former capital and historic hub to see the terror caught a warriors every year. now, almost all transport in and out of the area has been cancelled. residence must apply for special permission to leave. the city authorities are currently conducting that 3rd round of mass testing. so far, no cases of the on the con,
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there have been locally transmitted in china. but officials here on my alert, the baited winter olympics opens in february. and chinese leaders have promised a safe and secure games where spectators will be able to attend or receive spectators. however, warrant be attending. china has maintained it. 0 tolerance approach to the virus. and borders has been closed since march last year. the was that during the winter olympics, there will be a large number of olympic affiliated in the reduce from different countries and regions coming to trainer. there is a high possibility that a certain number of covey 90 in positive cases will arise. more than 80 percent of the country's population have received 2 doses of corona virus. vaccines. officials are now encouraging people to get a 3rd shot. but some studies are found that chinese vaccines have lower efficacy and protection rates against the on the chrome strain. baiting has not approved the
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use of some other vaccines such as pfizer or astrazeneca, katrina, you out 0. they ding well, south korea has recorded its highest numbers of crowd of ours deaths in one day. $109.00, people died and 24 hour period. hospitals overwhelmed with patients in critical condition. the delta variant is the dominant strain in south korea, but authority say amok on could soon take over. new restrictions were introduced on saturday. australia is recorded, its biggest of a daily jumping cases a day after prime minister scott morrison bowed not to return to lockdown, testing sites across the country, a be swamped more than 8000 cases have been confirmed. most of them in the country's most populous state of new south wales, thus were musk mandates are being re introduced. so africa, hers approve booster shots of johnston, johnson's cro virus vaccine. it's one of the most widely used across africa because it's a single dose shelf and doesn't need to be kept in ultra cold storage. recent data
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suggests the con outbreak in south africa may have pete about a month after it was detected. that's all correspond to me. the miller has more from jams, but the health regulator had said that would indicate that at least earlier in december, that it was looking at both pfizer and j. j as a booster shots. but now i was given a cure a time line saying that people who have received at least one dose, probably j and j, qualify the in for a booster shot 2 months after that. while people who have had 2 shots of 5 would then be eligible in the new year, possibly 6 months after receiving the last dose that they had received. then. this is encouraging in terms of what experts are saying is the ami con, via very and being wiring, but also not necessarily perhaps of potentially not as severe as delta variant. but you know, that hasn't been officially said, but it's the sort of information that's being put out there and then linked to that,
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the importance of vaccinations and also previous in fiction which then brings in the element of the protection. while the booster shots may become available in the coming months are likely to become available then the concern also though, is that only 44 percent of south africans awfully vaccinated. so while they will, once to allow people to get booster shots, the is still that concern that there are people who are kindly hesitant and haven't received one shot at all. british pharmaceutical giant astrazeneca is claiming a 3rd dose of its cave in 1900 vaccine, provide significant protection against the mccomb barry. and now the results have been published in a study by the university of oxford. both madana and pfizer have also set a 3rd dose of their vaccines were effective against on the chrome. and for the 1st time since the pandemic began, the u. k. has reported more than 100000 new infections in just one day. while
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scotland wales have both tightened restrictions to slow, the spread of alma crohn, british prime minister boris johnson has chose not to impose similar measures in england, yet, where we challenge has more from london. it's one of london's best known restaurant chains, but you'll have no problem getting a table at the also lanky and spittle fields right now. it's normally the busiest time of the year, but like hospitality businesses, up and down the country, water lengthy, if desperate the customers in the last week we had like over a 1000 cancellations for lunch and dinner days. we do 100 for lunch, roughly a 100 for lunch, and then 120 for dinner. we're doing about 40 for both or micro and has made it brutal time for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, and theaters. the government ended speculation on tuesday promising no new restrictions in england this side of christmas at least. but people have been heeding advice to limit social contact and responding to alarm calls from
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hospitality. $1300000000.00 has been pledged to help the industry. it doesn't seem nearly enough from his mer to be con, says that while any government support is welcome, what's on offer really does not cost it. he says that a with them show closed for a week and cost $330000.00. an average nightclub say, is expecting to lose, perhaps $34000.00 over the christmas period. so the government's offer of just a $1010.00 per business. he says, is just a drop in the ocean layer agrees and says, i also need more guidance. tell us what to do, what is actually happening. you know, if we're going to close and if restaurants are going to close, they need to let us know or so that we can plan as well rather than just saying, okay, we're going to make an announcement on the 27th because it's, it's been a lot of rumors, while england tries to boost its way out of all microns clutches,
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changes are being made twice, elation rules, the ease. crippling star shortage is across many businesses and services. most vaccinated and vaccinated. people can now enter the 10 day isolation, 3, early. if they test negative, today's running, as long as they test the negative through lateral flow tests on day 6 and they 7 take 24 hours apart, they can leave isolation. if you are someone that works in a care home or the n a chest even, you can return to work. but of course, those people will also be following the rules that affect by their workplace is where they test regulate. meanwhile, the u. k is infection rate, push 3100000 a day for the 1st time on wednesday. the country isn't tacit. microns clutches yet . by any means. reach helen's out there of london. the president vladimir putin says he hopes russia will achieve collective cave in 1900 heard immunity by next year, putin citizens to get in or q lated during his annual end of the press conference
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for brandon. a few monitoring exactly what the russian president has been saying enjoys me now from london broadcast center. we know that cobra was going to be high on the agenda pool because the figures coming out of russia or i watering lea worrying. yes, and i have vivid recollections of the stars of the pandemic as well when it was the mayor of moscow, who in russian terms was very quick on the uptake and realized this, the dangers that the current of our service 19 virus would have it in russia with its economic difficulties and with its spread of population. and so it's proved recent days have seen daily statistics of in excess of a 1000 new vaccinations. and clearly, president putin is concerned about this because he was asked on 2 separate in 2 separate questions so far in this ongoing news conference about the situation in corona virus terms. and he said, looked at the level of vaccination in russia at the moment is simply not good enough. he said that there are around 59 percent of adult russians who are so far
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vaccinated. and we want that figure to be somewhere in the high eighties, low ninety's, by the end of the 1st quarter of 2022. what was interesting that was that he harken back to soviet the soviet era. and he said that actually back in soviet times. and people would have just been ordered to get a job and he says, you can't do that anymore. there has to be education. there also has to be an explanation, has to be transparency in our health service. he said. but at the same time, he was saying that for russian people, it was almost a patriotic duty to go out and get back to nathan against corona virus to help russia with, withstand the onslaught from the, from the disease. his address is an annual thing. we all watch it intently every year, but perhaps some western capitals, a more eagerly watching exactly what he says and when he says it with regard to some issues that pertain to, to both areas today. i mean, there are things like, for example, energy stability, gas, the pipeline that brings rushing gas into europe. there are issues over ukraine and
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nato, and i'll come to them in a 2nd. and there's also issues about president putin himself, how much longer is he going to go on as president, after changes in the constitution during the early part of this year, theoretically he's their own, he could go on until 2036. you can see that, you know, the west and the world of trying to i up exactly what he might do with those extra years in charge. but as far as you carrying nato, he was asked by western journalists to whether he would get guarantees that the build of a troops on the border of ukraine is not going to lead to some kind of russian invasion of the east that ukraine and president putin. became very forceful, animate to the practice. they said, look, our actions will not depend on the ongoing negotiations. any further nato movement for the each is unacceptable. the u. s. is to point it's myself on the porch of our house, said president putin. what would the american think if we, for example, decided to put myself in mexico?
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is that the nato guarantee in 1900 was not to move to the east. they fooled us, it's you who must give us guarantees, not the other way route. so you can see our president putin's perspective on the situation in ukraine and that kind of eastern the nature neighbourhood is very, very different from the perspective that is perceived in, in the european capitals, while the president continues to speak. and moscow will continue to monitor that with you as the day progresses full. brandon, in our london broadcast center. thank you. still had him on al jazeera, more on why a hong kong university has removed a famous statue mocking the tenement square massacre and dozens of died in malaysia . after some of the was flooding of recent times, we follow the clean up operation after the break. ah
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look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by kettle airways. hello, we got some very cold air pushing in across the korean peninsula and japan over the next cover day. something of a siberian blast filtering here. whence come again from a general, normally direction there be a fair amount of snow coming in on that as well. deceptive snow, 80 snow support with a top temperature of minus 3 degrees celsius to celsius. therefore, so didn't see that line of snow there. pushing, crossing to northern parts of han shoe and as we go on into sat stay. so when a top temperature in the heat of the day, if we can call it that minus 7 degrees, not back compared to valdosta though, or s minus 70 look a little further north. even colder, still wanted to share was down towards the far southeast of bird china. but not too much to worry about here. could see some wet weather coming back into where taiwan, having said that, not too much whether in the forecast across india and shall anchor over the next
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day. or 60 majority of the cloud is a little further northward. something of a westerly develop, a wesley disturbance developing here as we go through the next day or so. so was he temperatures in the hoard around 19 celsius? a $24.00 there for new delhi chances, some showers just running towards the foothills of the himalayas. and they will become more expansive, more disruptive with heavy snow for sunday, or the weather sponsored by catera always. ah, mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are willing to flourish. with tv even supplied by conditions. do you offer me?
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ah welcome back. you're watching al jazeera with me so hell, robin. reminder of all the top stories, more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the eastern chinese city of shyanne. 200 cove at 19 infections have been recorded since the beginning of the month. china is on high alert that gears up to host the winter olympics in february. the united kingdom has reported more than 100000 daily crow virus infections for the 1st time. scotland, the whales have tightened restrictions, but you k prime minister boys johnson has chosen not to impose similar measures in england. our present, vladimir putin says he hopes russia will achieve collective coven 19 had immunity
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next year. boots an urge citizens to get to talk you later during his annual end of year press, conference, novice weekly, out of town, or somewhere. an explosion has taken place outside a passport office in the afghan capital of cobble security forces, say that they were able to kill the attacker before he entered the building, but could not prevent the bomb blast. several people were injured by the head of the you and relief, and works agency for palestinian refugees. us told us his organizations, on the verge of financial collapse, felipe plaza, lini is water and raw, can no longer meet the growing needs of refugees in lebanon. did a hotter, has more from beirut in exile for decades. these palestinian refugees have long lived on the margins of society. they are among the most vulnerable and poor as the community them, lebanon. the situation has been made worse because the economy is close to collapse . and now there lifeline faces
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a shortage of funds. the financial crisis offer on one us being of an existential nature. and it's often existence in nature because we cannot properly deliver our services any more at the time the needs in to come have significantly increase. always providing access to education to all the buddies and refugees. the girls and boys are in the camp and in the country we are providing assistance to more than 200000 people. and we are providing primary health care lebanon's. currency crash has heard the palestinians as well. inflation lead to food prices increasing by 10 fold. oh, well, we'll amish. people are just buying the basics that they no longer buying kilos, but in grounds for many help from the un is vital, especially since the lebanese state denies palestinians basic services. i did my own wrap or vice education and medicine by this should give us more help because
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many people can afford to buy bread. a recent decision by the lebanese authorities to expand palestinian right in the labor market is welcomed here as a way to deal with rising unemployment. but many tell us it's limited and what is needed is to grant them basic rights. i. i can't register my truck under my name. i can't even get a license to drive it. there are minimum rights which palestinians dont have. we thank the minister for the new decree, but i doubt it will resolve and in government shovel palestinians have faced what rights groups call discriminatory policies since they 1st arrived in lebanon in 1948 successive governments, believe easing restrictions and providing them citizenship will encourage them to settle here permanently, that's why the majority rely on the informal labor market, but opportunities are drying up america. if we don't work,
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we can't eat it. and there isn't much work nowadays because of the economic crisis . even before the economic collapse, lebanon's palestinians were struggling. it has since pushed more into poverty. the united nation says it now has to find money so that the crisis won't have what it calls a devastating humanitarian impact center there al jazeera beirut to this is for president wolf bazooka has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. his absentia, the court charged more suki, who lives in france with assaulting the security of the state. and that's because of recent comments he made as in france to and support for tennessee as government current president, i saw you'd suspended parliament in july, which marcy has called a qu, hong kong university has removed a statue commemorating the victims of the 198th 19 elements square massacre, which is highly censored in china. the so called pillar of shame was made by a danish sculptor to symbolize the lives lost during the military crack down. the
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university says the decision was based on legal advice after the implementation. the basic national security law in hong kong. the move has all criticism for activists and rights groups. i do think people would expect this thing we have in, in the university. so the court with the most freedom of expression or freedom of speech. and they tried to become the 1st ones to remove every history or parts of history inside. candace jean pierre is a professor of political science and hong kong. back to the university, he says the move is likely to impose educational challenges. been expected from some time. clearly the instructions coming from pacing and from the face of the central government, hong kong to remove the tattoo. so it shows that today going to be harder and harder to talk about in and then and that alone to commemorate the method which
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took place in $9.10 and square. so now the do matic has become a kind of a taboo question. in hong kong, so now it's clearly a signal that you won't be taught anymore at school. and you is going to be very hard and harder to teach about 10 and massacre the university level in hong kong. as far as i'm concerned, i still teach the subject because that part of the curriculum history professors to teaching contemporary chinese history to teach about mandate part of the curriculum . but i know that more and more instructors are teachers coming from mainland china, off on call, getting more and more hesitant to teach the day. because the worry that he's going to cross the red line. so they, to, there's been already, for some time in particular the, when the national security law was an actor,
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there's been more and more shape among t, so in hong kong university. so that's pretty worrisome because to the what the commit party wants to impose here is a kind of ne, yeah. what happened in china? more than 30 years ago, rescue teams and mamma recovered 3 bodies after landslide, that the j mine authority say at least 70 people are missing. they were swept into a lake in northern country. and state of the area is the center of the most secretive jayden industry. where mine is off to work in dangerous conditions, landslides, of course, hundreds of deaths in recent years. the death toll from major flooding in malaysia has now risen to at least $37.00 flood waters of swamp cities and cut off major roads. the floods triggered by days of heavy rain have also displaced nearly 70000 people. probably slee has more from the flood hit area of rock east of quality, which is in this residential area down in central asia. only going to be c,
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t. and that's when you can see so much my time check this week. and he'll say that nothing on the ground floor can be salvage. they've had to throw everything, furniture, electrical appliances, the water levels so quickly, so unexpectedly bad, yet county escape. one man said he swam to safety and had to cling on to his name is about a few doors away. people here haven't able to return it. electric water supply shelter. lisa is now already over many, a questioning where government health is slow. there also questions about why the government wasn't better at disaster. like hong is the most effective date in asia. there's still many areas that are still the number of people killed
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and a shipwreck in madagascar has risen to $85.00, including 5 children amongst the dad that happened off the northeastern coastal monday. the coast guard says 138 people were on board. the wooden cargo vessel which was not fit to carry passengers. only 50 people have rescued so far. australia will begin withdrawing its troops from the solomon islands after days of unrest last month. well than 200 peacekeepers from other countries such as fiji and pap when you guinea as well as new zealand. we're also deployed as a request from the islands government in november protested storm parliament in a bit to topple the prime minister. china has announced it will send a team of advises and provide equipment to the pacific island nation. a flourishing wild olive industry in northern pakistan is providing much needed jobs. the government have, it'll shift people away from join the armed groups and it could also see families pay less food. a san vince levin has more from badge or
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high in the hindu kush mountains near the gone border. the street slowly changing lives in budge or district alone. there are millions of wild olive trees and with some old science and new interests had been grafted or joined with more than varieties. these mostly european type of olives produce more quantity and better quality olive oil. little than it on my son in 3 to 5 years. the new variant of wild trees becomes a source of revenue for local tribesmen who had very few prospects in these remote areas of pakistan. by jord is one of the poorest districts and many people migrate to largest cities to look for jobs. the rugged terrain is unforgiving for most crops, but it's right has been able to successfully draft 10000 while trees in just over 10 years. and he's written books to educate farmers and also established a small nursery to help others around him improve their livelihoods. logo. hey mob
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. now, many of the people who went towards militants, who did so because we had no jobs. no, but you metes him. nobody knew we a blizzard, god, given resources, and if the government take serious tips, we can have enough work here that people from other countries would come to us. economists believe locally produced oil can bring financial relief to the country. a spike, assignees consume an estimated 24 kilograms of oil every year. olives are not just providing opportunities, but are also meant to bring down the import bill of a cash strapped economy and enabled plantation in areas where there's very little water. government miseries give out saplings and seeds to promote polio farming. but critics say these initiatives, lack awareness, have insufficient facilities, and mostly rely on imported seeds. the wind olive tree project offers more live with over pos on i'm a do our main focus for the olive plantations is the marginalized lands, especially the tribal areas, but jour, north and south was interesting. these were militancy hit areas where people were
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jobless and faced extreme poverty. but now this all of initiative will bring prosperity to their lives. the minister says homegrown olive cultivation and production will save $3000000000.00 a year on imports. it could also have re base some of the $100000000.00 debt between pocket son and italy. in recent years, 9000000 fees have been planted pockets on his 8000000 acres available for all of trees. that's larger than spain, the largest producer of olive oil. government officials, environmentalists and farmers agree, and the positive impact growing olives can have on the economy, deforestation in jobs. yet pakistan still spends billions of dollars a year to import commodities. can potentially be produced at home from a job without the era by george northwest by his son, one of the earliest known references to jesus christ. as the good shepherd has been found on a ring, it was retrieved from shallow waters off the coast of israel. now the peace was
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amongst the whole of hundreds of artifacts discovered over recent month. same area rich and archaeological treasures. as bernard smith explains, these mediterranean offers rich fishing grounds for roman and mum will come ticket is if something glints in the water. it's often gold become ashamed this find by israeli, archaeologists of coins gems and other artifacts was scattered along the sea, but just 4 meters on the water. one piece stood out a ring showing jesus christ as the good shepherd. the good shepherd was one of the earliest christian symbols in used by the christian community in the east. the image sort of tells that jesus is the shepherd who protects the christians. yearly christians, it for the ring would have made around the mid 3rd century. evidence of a christian community in the region. the archaeologists believed the whole is from
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2 ships wrecked by a storm of the coast of the holy land. they found hundreds of silver and bronze roman coins, as well as figurines, pottery vessels and iron work. at the time the ships went down, the area was known as caesar ear. it's here that the acts of the apostles describes peter baptizing the roman centurion, cornelius in an area. that was one of the earliest centers of christianity. bernard smith al jazeera. ah, he, what's your desert with me said rama. reminder of our top stories. more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay at home in the eastern chinese city of shan. 200 cove at 19 infections have been recorded since the beginning of the month. china is on high alert as it goes up to host the winter olympics in february. katrina, you has more beijing,
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the latest count we have now over 200 cases reported and she and this outbreak has been to at least 5 other cities. and there have been at least.


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