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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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ah ah ah china looks down the city of 13000000 after a rise in corona virus cases. ah, phillips oh robin you're watching out. is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up hong kong university removes the pillar of shame. a famous statue marking the tenement square massacre through in
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relief works agency says, oh, the organization can't meet the needs of palestinian refugees in lebanon due to a financial crisis. these 37 people are dead in malaysia after some of the worst flooding of recent times, with maybe 70000 people falls from their homes. we began in china where more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the eastern city of shyanne, around 200 cove. at 19 infections have been recorded since the beginning of the month. only one person per household is allowed to leave home every 2 days to buy essential goods. china is on high alert for outbreaks as it gears up to host the winter olympics in february. katrina, you has more from beijing, the latest count we have now over 200 cases reported and she and this outbreak has spread to at least 5 other cities. and there have been at least one infection noted
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in beijing. so from thursday midnight authorities have said that the city of $13000000.00 people will be under strict lockdown. only one member of the household is allowed to leave the her every 2 days to collect groceries. only certified, essential workers will be allowed to go to work. schools has been closed for some days now. entertainment, then you have been closed, long distance transport that buses, trains flights, have all been cancelled. the city is currently conducting mass testing authority, say the already up to the 3rd round of mass testing. now it is unusual nowadays in china to see such a wide spread general lockdown of an entire. so if you haven't seen this kind of locked on really much this year. so this is really quite different. we have had sporadic outbreaks in china in the lead up to this point, but up until then authorities have handled it with really targeted targeted lockdown affecting just certain communities. what is more significant about she and,
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and why we're saying this lockdown is geographically. it's not too far away from the venue of the winter olympics, and it's in the north of the country and which is weeks away from the opening of the page in 2022 games. the government is really keen to have what they say will be a very safe olympics. they've said the spectators will be able to attend a lot. is at stake for china's international image when it comes to this event. south korea has recorded its highest number of current virus deaths in one day. 109 . people died in a 24 hour period of overwhelmed patients in critical condition. the delta variant as the dominant strain in south korea, but authorities say mcclung could soon take over the restrictions introduced on saturday. australia is recorded, its biggest ever daily jump in cases a day after prime minister scott morrison bowed to not return to lock towns. testing sites across the country have been swamped. more than a 1000 cases have been confirmed. most of them in the country's most popular state,
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new south wales, that's where mosque mandates are being re introduced. for the 1st time since the pandemic began, the united kingdom has reported more than 100000 new infections. and just one day, while scotland wales have both tightened restrictions to slay the spread of alma kron british prime minister, boris johnson has chose not to impose similar measures in england quite yet. re challenge has more from london it's one of london's best known restaurant chains. but you'll have no problem getting a table at the also lanky and spittle fields right now. it's normally that busiest time of the year, but like hospitality businesses, up and down the country. auto lanky, if desperate customers in the last week we had like, over a 1000 cancellations for lunch and dinner days. we do 100 roughly 100 lunch and then 120. but we're doing about 40 for both or micron has made is
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a brutal time for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, and theaters. the government ended speculation on tuesday promising no new restrictions in england decide of christmas at least. but people have been heating advice to limit social contact, and responding to alarm calls from hospitality. $1300000000.00 has been pledged to help the industry. it doesn't seem nearly enough brothers mer to be con, says that while any government support is welcome, what's on offer really does not concert. he says that a with them show closed for a week and cost $330000.00. an average nightclub say, is expecting to least have $34000.00 over the christmas period. so the government's offer of just a $1010.00 per business. he says, is just a drop in the ocean layer agrees and says they also need more guidance. tell us what to do,
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what is actually happening if we're going to close and if restaurants are going to close, they need to know us nor so that we can plan as well rather than just saying, okay, we're going to make an announcement on the 27th because it's, it's been a lot of rumors while england tries to boost its way out on the cross clutches, changes are being made twice, elation rules, the ease, crippling star shortages across many businesses and services. most vaccinated and vaccinated people can now ends their 10 day isolation, 3 days early. if they test negative 2 days running, as long as they test the negative through lateral flow tests on day 6 and they 7 take 24 hours apart, they can leave isolation. if you are someone that works in a care home or the chest even, you can return to work. but of course, those people will also be following the rules that affect by their workplace is where they test regulate. meanwhile, the u. k is infection rate push 3100000 a day for the 1st time on wednesday. the country isn't tacit,
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velma crowns clutches yet. by any means, we'll reach helen's out there of london. more than a 1000000 cove at 900 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say the doses had a short shelf life and had expired. they were native through the international kofax program and delivered within weeks of expiring that is and borrowed from the capital of future health officials. and journalists watched as more than the 1000000 doses of x pad. extract the make of roxanne with crushed. it destroyed vaccines, were part of the massive shipment of more than 2000000 doses received in october admission from developed nations by november, many of them had expired before the input into people's homes. the government was came to shore people that know expired vaccines would be given out in a bead to both confidence in the facts in program the head of nigeria is the
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primary health care agency says they procured the vaccines on the very difficult circumstances. adding that the step was taking to protect the public. we accepted the vaccine in an environment where despite the interest, despite consorted, are forced by the federal government to procure the vaccine. this vaccines were not available in the open market if you want civil, because they had largely be mobbed by the wealthy nation. and we had no choice ah, to accept this vaccines with short self life. because we are interested in protecting our citizens from corbett. my tape the government has made repeated efforts to get more people vaccinated, including restricting access for the on proxy method to some public buildings and events. but so far that made limited progress, the government has set a target to vaccinate more than half the population by next year were less than 5
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percent of the country's population of about $200000000.00 have been fully vaccinated according to health officials. authorities have blamed denoted out of eligible citizens to take the shock for the spread optical in a virus. at this vaccination center in admissions capital, some residents, i tried to encourage orders to get their shots. i think the best i can do also as a parent, it's not the only 2. i will baby could be 19 basic rules, but also coming out to think that my sin, because our missions are trying the best that i can to combat me, could be 19 despite of 90. and i've seen a lot of people lost their loved ones. so the best i can do is come out, take the lesson, we just got got out of the polar epidemic america because of the vaccination that was taken place. so this deborah, do i and i employ people to come and take this ticket. is that fair?
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less the country has witnessed a spike in cove inmate in cases in recent weeks. and health officials say they are prepared to handle the fort, waive, and we have the 3 products available now. we have the pfizer. we have them. we're dana, and we have us resenting all the boxes i is. so we don't have any shock. each on my g has recorded more than 200000 pieces of coven maintain. and nearly $3000.00 debts says the outbreak of the pandemic last year. fidelis member alger 0 at border health regulators in the u. s. has given the green light to the 1st pill to treat covey. 19 studies show that phases of packs livid, reduce the risk of hospitalization and death amongst patients with the most severe symptoms. by nearly 90 percent hong kong university has removed
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a statute commemorating the victims of the 1989 tenement square massacre, which is highly censored in china. the so called pillar of shame was made by a danish sculptor to symbolize the lives lost during the military crack down. the university says the decision was based on legal advice after the implementation of beijing's national security law in hong kong. now, the move has drawn criticism from activists and rights groups. i don't think either we expect this thing we had an in the university. so court with the most freedom of expression or freedom of speech. and they tried to become the 1st one to remove every history or parts of history inside campus. job jocasta is a professor of political science at hong kong baptist university joyce, nor via skype from hong kong. good. have you with this professor on the program. this does seem another fact that the chinese authorities want to eliminate from
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these social consciousness of hong kong is the removal of the statue. a surprise? well, that's been expected from some time. clearly the way instruction is coming from pacing and from the face of the central government, hong kong to remove the star to so show that today going to be harder and harder to talk about 10 and then and let alone to commemorate the massacre which took place in 1989 in tenements where the king so now the matter had become a kind of a taboo question in hong kong. so now it's clearly a signal that you won't be taught anymore at school. as you get me is going to be very hard and harder to teach about 10 and then massacre the university level in hong kong. that's what i was going to ask you actually because you are a professor of political science. the subject of gentlemen, is it on the syllabus as such to be taught?
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is it taught or do educational professionals keep away from the subject just to keep the peace farther? i'm concerned, i still teach the subject because that part of the curriculum history professors to teaching contemporary chinese history do teach about 10 on monday, it's part of the curriculum. but i know that more and more instructors are teachers coming from mainland china or from hong kong. i getting more and more hesitant to teach the subject because the worry that he's going to cross the red line. so they, the, there's been a already for some time in particular the last year when the national security law was an active, there's been more and more censorship among 2 in hong kong university. so that's pretty awesome because to the what the company's thought he wants to impose here. he's a kind of ne, yeah. what happened in china more than 30 years ago?
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do you think this is shorter called you might say the broadside you as a lecturer or any of your colleagues, would you be concerned? this is sort of a warning to you at the university of any university in hong kong, but this is what's happening. and this is going to be the new reality. well, i'm sure that some of my colleague put together one with family in china now, you know, on, on who maybe the tenure. so you have more leverage. they will be worried to teach that subject. they will, they won't, you know, they will, will refrain from doing, doing so. as far as i'm concerned, i will never stop because that's, i think it's part of the chinese history. so we have to teach it as a piece of very important piece of the recent history of people who republic of china. it doesn't come with any surprise about the removal of the statue, but it does come after the china patriots only legislative election took place. i
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believe on sunday with a record low turn out. what does this tell us about the way people feel about the direction that hong kong is going in? well, i think it's another nail in the coffin of hong kong democracies. after what happened yet erection, which took place 2 days ago, which was very much an democrat big because so many people sit away from the station for good reason because they feel that the action was needed to make the the pictures, which we call the page show the other people, the candidates been endorsed by the king and by the come these thoughts to anyone who criticizes the company's thought he is. now. the sideline has been excluded from any kind of political life. the job you can start from hong kong, back to scene of se, thank you very much, feel insights and thank you for your time. thank you. school still had
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here on al jazeera, a cheaper fast way to treat cove. 19 authorities, greenlight, and antiviral drugs for home used to treat early infections, plus iraqi st. artist, drawn history and tradition to transform one of baghdad, oldest neighborhoods. the stories after the break ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we've got mild weather, push against much of europe over the next couple days. says the good news. the bad news is there's going to be a fair bit of when she weather ahead of that some rain, some snow. add also some ice to watch out for the moderate come get cared. see this area of low pressure feeding in from the atlantic winds coming in from a southwesterly or even a southerly direction. so picking those temperatures up, but a lot of cloud coming in on that some wet weather, some rain freezing,
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rain ice issue for reports of the east of scotland, northeast part of england, rain, sleet, and snow and ice. also a possibility into good part of denmark as we go on through the next couple of days, easing up into northern germany and also into our parts of po, to some snow there to inter scandinavia basic pieces of re pushing in across spain and portugal will become heavy at times in that wet weather coming across much of france central hours. if you're vienna goes from 0 celsius on thursday to around 10 degrees on friday. as signs of that mulder weather coming in, snow and ice, further east, which as you can see, but turning a little mild as we go through the next couple of days. somewhat weather to into the far north of morocco, northern areas of algeria becoming somewhat dry. there for northern parts of egypt, but a chance of one or 2 showers around west africa. ah, the weather sponsored by cats are always killing the debate. 90 percent of the wards, ricky have come from
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a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now, not a lot campus is completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we had the tools to do to get back with all the stream on al jazeera, la the book about kill watching over there with me, the hill, rob reminder of all top stories, more than 30000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the chinese city of shan. 200 cove at 19 infections have been recorded since the beginning of the month
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. china is on high alert to the case of the host the winter olympics in february. hong kong has removed a statute commemorating the victims of the $989.00 gentlemen square moscow, which is highly sensitive. china, the university says the decision was based on legal advice. that strong criticism of activists and right scrape the you k has reported more than 100000 davy crow virus infections for the 1st time scotland and wales of tighten constrictions, but u. k prime. and both johnson has chosen not to impose similar measures in england. many are hoping antiviral drugs could ease pressure on hospitals as cases rise. the u. k approved a pill by merc last month, but it's joan whole report. some questioning it's efficacy. they've been many proclaimed game changes in the medical fight back against corona virus. this is the latest. the u. s. made drug mole new peter the it was initially intended to treat
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the flu. it works by inserting errors into the genetic code of the virus, limiting its ability to multiply in the body. in practical terms, it's the 1st coded medicine that can be taken in pill form at home to help the most vulnerable avoid severe disease. and last month, the u. k became the 1st country to approve its use on the we went on a new national. non kane thank holding you'd be interested in taking current researches at the university of oxford, a testing it in more than 10000 volunteers who recently contracted covered 19 like 51 year old glen tallying. i had to take, i think for a long go twice a day. so with a 12 hour gap over pair to 5 days, and nothing special about the medication, literally just normal casuals that you take with water. so very straightforward. i had no side effects. there are already questions over the effectiveness of mulner peter of ear after clinical trial results led the manufacturers to reduce the
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overall efficacy of the drug from 50 percent to 30 percent. if you look at the study, generally 30 percent is actually a very, very high level in terms of the, the benefit that we see on a large scale study. and that's what we want to replicate here as well. well, new period is one of several new home treatments for koby to be tested in what's being called the panoramic study. they're likely to include the 5 that produced packs loaded. it's a combination therapy based on old h i. v treatments that pfizer claims is up to 90 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations in high risk patients with half a 1000000 courses already on order here in the u. k. the focus for now is firmly own modem, peer review, if you catch could be 19 early on, and you treated early on. you might then not be able to develop any severe symptoms . and this means reduction in the hospital admissions and possibly taking off some
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of the pressure on the chair. so quite an important study, i think, monet peter there and drugs like it could prove valuable additions to a fast growing medical arsenal. jonah whole al jazeera london, now the head of the un released works agency for palestinian refugees has told us that his organizations on the verge of financial clans, phillipe, laza, leni, is warning. the unreal can no longer meet the growing needs of migrants in lebanon . silicone has morphin bay route in exile for decades. these palestinian refugees have long lived on the margins of society. they are among the most vulnerable and poorest community them, lebanon. the situation has been made worse because the economy is close to collapse . and now there lifeline faces a shortage of funds. the financial crisis of on one us being of an existential nature. and it's often existence in nature because we cannot properly deliver our
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services any more at the time the needs in to come have significantly increase. always providing access to education to all, to buy this and reproduce the girls and boys in the camp and in the country. we are providing assistance to more than 200000 people. and we are providing primary health care lebanon's. currency crash has hurt the palestinians as well. inflation lead to food prices increasing by 10 fold. oh, well, well, i mean, people are just buying the basics. they no longer buying kilos, but in grounds for many help from the un is vital, especially since the lebanese state denies palestinians basic services. i can only provide education and medicine by they should give us more help because many people can afford to buy bread. a recent decision by the lebanese authorities to expand palestinian rights in the labor market is welcomed here as
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a way to deal with rising unemployment. but many tell us it's limited and what is needed is to grant them basic rights. i. i can't resist my truck under my name. i can't even get a license to drive it. there are minimum rights which palestinians dont have. we sang the minister for the new decree, but i doubt it will resolve and in government shall palestinians have faced what rights groups call discriminatory policies since they 1st arrived in lebanon in 1948 successive governments, believe easing restrictions and providing them citizenship will encourage them to settle here permanently, that's why the majority rely on the informal labor market, but opportunities are drying up america. if you don't work, we can eat. and there is a much work nowadays because of the economic crisis. even before the economic collapse, lebanon's palestinians were struggling. it has still pushed more into poverty. the
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united nation says it now has to find money so that the crisis won't have what it calls a devastating humanitarian impact. santa hood or al shahida, beirut, the death toll from major flooding in malaysia has not risen to at least 37 flood waters have swamped citizen cut off major roads. but the floods triggered by days of heavy rain of also displays nearly 70000 people. florence louis house more from flood hit area, carrack, east of kuala lumpur, which is in this residential area down in center. malaysia's current state only began to receive today and that's when clean up. you can see this to so much, much, every check doesn't have to be brought in. and it will say that nothing on the ground floor once can be salvaged. they've had to throw everything out. furniture, electrical appliances. the water levels will so quickly so unexpectedly badly at
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times escape. one man said he swam to safety and had to cling on to his name is spelled a few doors away. people here haven't able to return home because also there's no electricity or water supply. taking shelton, i believe, is now already over many a questioning where government health is pretty slow. there also questions about why the government wasn't better with a disaster, like a hung is the worst affected state in malaysia and are still many areas that are still indian tourism industry has been hard hit by the over kong variance even though cases are lower than in many parts of the world government has imposed the restrictions on inbound travelers. just days after fully reopening its borders bark . balcony madonna has moved from new delhi. the famous hammer head was all set for a busy season. it's a favorite among foreign tourists who were expected to throng the storied monuments
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of rodgers time in western india. but now these rooms and hotel lobbies are empty during peak season. plunging the struggling industry into florida, uncertainty and heavy losses to put in dollars me buddhism and the business is dependent on it will not pick up this until foreign thought is come an inbound orders and starts properly even today, the situation is such that the clueless rushes only felt on elkins and the hotels live beacon on weekdays, injury opened its borders last week for the 1st time since the pandemic began in march 2020. but new restrictions and testing requirements for inbound travelers. fuel by fears over the omicron variant means many have stayed away. in 2019 tourism accounted for almost 70 percent of indian g. d. p. and 40000000 jobs. much of this income was generated before and visitors. but last year, as borders remain close to most travelers, the industry lost nearly 75 percent of its annual revenue. we know to the store in
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the heart of new delhi was once bustling with international customers. today, small businesses like his are struggling to survive what a shiny dr levy. business has been done, but i had hoped that there was science that international flights resuming woman. we thought we were going to start frequenting markets and business would pick up. but with omi grown, i don't know how long will have to wait before situation improves. many states including you, delhi, was, has one of the highest number of on the call cases have limited gatherings through the end of the some states having those nyesha and st testing requirements for travelers. the process a you'll need the long awaited recovery for the traveler and hospitality industry has been put on hold sharpening missile al jazeera, new jelly with rocky artists of transformed one of bank, dad's oldest neighborhoods into an opener. art gallery. it's been popular with locals on the district has attracted curious tourists. among con reports now from
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the rocky capital, they call themselves the butterfly effect, a collective of street artists with one goal in mind to beautify the neighbourhood . we're in the al amberin area of how the mia is one of the oldest parts of baghdad . it's also home to the a mom called the mosque, which dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. ali khalifa is the leader of the collective. he wanted to bring joy during the current of iris pandemic when people couldn't leave the neighborhoods. i had a dinner with our rational. we started by drawing on to school walls, but after the outbreak and curfew, people were imprisoned to these narrow lanes. we decided to shift our drawings to these parts of the city and waited for the reaction of people. it was accomplished, bryce. it brought joy to people, lay a very quickly, more people on the collective to pay their houses down upon within. while if natalie went up, the area was cold and neglected. but with the help of the guys and the creativity which they do for free is come alive again. alan bahrain is one of the oldest
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places in cut me a city. the walls were cracked and there was no life in them, but the guise of revived these walls with colorful pictures. i was very pleased with their ideas. i love the fact that these are history on the walls or an i know the idea behind a lot of the murals here is to reflect the local community, the residents that live here, the characteristics of the community. for example, this house belongs to a very famous local butcher. so what the collective have done is paint a street scene with a butcher in it. the way i may have looked centuries ago, the collective does all of this voluntarily, but they did run into trouble with the architect association, which said that they were destroying the character of the neighborhood, but support from the residence. quickly dismiss the accusation. the painting continues both with new work and maintaining the old. now that the crone of arist restrictions have been lifted, the autism residents hope the more people visit and it will become
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a defining motif of the neighborhood. the years to come. m ron con our desert claudia baghdad. ah.


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