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work and across a boat for northern sections of egypt, at least cairo. it's going to be cloudy and cool on thursday with a hive. 17 degrees that sure update. season. ah, the gutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted, cato needed to oakland and development, international shipping company to become a p, middle east and pup. trade and money. skilfully, mcdowell. 3 key areas of development filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah, co cater culture of knowledge, openness, pluralism, world want us to reward better to excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was formed to promote
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translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bones of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches, hulu. lou ah ah, back is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the un security council is applying a sanctions exemption to afghanistan to get vital humanitarian aided governments and agencies can now send money and goods to the country. the 1st time since the taliban took power,
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the world health organization has warned wealthy countries that rushing to administer booster vaccines. they could actually be prolonging the coven lengthening pandemic because large portions of the globe remain on vaccinated. this, as israel becomes the 1st country to announce, it will give a force, vaccine doses and new infections in the u. k. of past the 100000. for the 1st time since the pandemic began driven by the army on very, but a new study by imperial college in london has found the risk of on the con, causing a hospital stay, is 40 to 45 percent lower than with the del cut very well let's talk more about this with dp. good. the sunny was an apd ologist and senior lecturer queen mary university in london. she joins us lie from cambridge by skype . let him thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera, as since on the conference became a parent or was identified in south africa. we've always been hearing, well, we just don't have enough data. the studies haven't been there. there hasn't been
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enough time for us to get a clear idea of how it spreads and how deadly it could be. now that we do have this study from the u. k and also another study from south africa. what picture are you getting about the risks from on the chrome? so it's a very impressive piece of work. i mean, both of those studies. and what they show is that in the real world on the chrome does seem to be causing a lower rate of hospitalizations. and this doesn't appear to necessarily because it's a virus that's less severe because of some biological property. but because of the people that it's infecting, so it seems to cause re infections more than parents radiance like delta, which means that people who are getting infected a higher proportion of their have previous immunity which, which provides a good level of protection against severe disease. and that means the overall impact in terms of hospitalizations and the risk of hospitalization is lower for this way. and simply because of it's sort of infecting
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a different demographic because of the way it can escape and unity much more than delta, it's more infecting people who have been infected before. that is so. so to just run that by me again, because obviously in a country like the u. k. there, there's generally speaking quarter high level of vaccination, certainly more than a south africa. so are you saying that this is, you know, has less of an impact because it is affecting people who, having had the vaccine, have more of an immunity anyway, or less likely to die from it. so it is a combination of it in infecting vaccinated or boost of people more. i want to see vaccines are highly effective. so the overall risk of vaccines is still reduced, but it's relative to delta. this made has an advantage in break to infections, and vaccines as one is in people who've been previously infected. so any one would previous immunity, which means that it's preference surely sort of spreading in groups with some level of prime unity which is protecting against severe disease. so the overall impact in terms of severity of this range is lower. if it were to spread and have
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a similar population of delta, the imperial cities suggest that the impact might be similar in terms of severity, but it is infecting a different demographic and group of people. we had them some very interesting comments from the head of the w h o. effectively those and you mentioned names, but saying that wealthy countries focusing on on boosting and extra vaccinations in some case 4th bosis is what israel is, is talking about that actually that's not the way to fight omicron or the pandemic . what do you make of that argument? i think overall we need a vaccine class approach. i mean, i don't think it's possible to keep boosting people every 3 months. i mean, i'm sure there will be a new generation of vaccines, but it's not going to be really effective unless we slow down the transmission, the evolution of the vice as well. so we need a globally coordinated approach of suppression as well as better vaccine equity. and that isn't just means of donating, you know, millions of dozes to lower middle income countries. it means fatal waiver
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technology transfer agreements. so we can get out of this of scar, city mindset and massively scale up domestic manufacturing in different countries. because, you know, this is now a case, the 3 doors vaccines are in many countries haven't even received single doors for the majority of their population. so we really, really need that sort of vaccine equity, which is going to be challenging, but needs to happen at very briefly. the eyes of the world are slightly on the u. k . because of the spread of all mcroy. and also, because for the 1st time since the sort of pandemic, we've seen a $100000.00 infections. no proper lock down has really been put in place some restrictions, but not much compared to other european standards. do you think more should be put in place? absolutely. i mean, ultimately the impact of this waiting will be determined by the rate of spread rather than a small reduction in severity. and with exponential spread, the fossil you act, the less pressure hospitals, and the more lives you save dp, good assignee epidemiologist than senior lecturer queen mary university here in
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london. madam, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us us self regulators. meanwhile, have given the green light to the 1st anti viral pill to treat covered 19 americans age. the 12 and older will be able to take, pfizer is pac slow, the tablet to fend off the worst effects of the virus. studies showed that it reduces the risk of hospitalization and best among patients with the most severe symptoms by nearly 90 percent, all previously on north authorized drugs rather against the disease require an i v or an injection. while nuclear via is another oral treatment being described as a game changer against covert 19 made by the drug manufacturer, merck, the anti virus pill was approved for use by the u. k. last month. now it's being given to patients at home as part of a major national study. jonah,
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how's reports from london? there's been many proclaimed game changes in the medical fight back against corona virus. this is the latest. the u. s. made drug mole new peter the it was initially intended to treat the flu. it works by inserting errors into the genetic code of the virus, limiting its ability to multiply in the body. in practical terms, it's the 1st coded medicine that can be taken in pill form at home to help the most vulnerable avoid severe disease. and last month, the u. k became the 1st country to approve its use and we're working on a new national. non kane thank holding you'd be interested in taking current researches at the university of oxford, a testing it in more than 10000 volunteers who recently contracted covered 19 like 51 year old lin telling i had to take, i think for him one guy twice a day, so with a 12 hour gap over here to 5 days, and nothing special about medication,
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literally just normal casuals that you take with water. so very straightforward. i had no side effects. there are already questions over the effectiveness of mole new peter thereafter. clinical trial results led the manufacturers to reduce the overall efficacy of the drug from 50 percent to 30 percent. if you look at the study, generally 30 percent is actually a very, very high level in terms of the, the benefits that we see on the large scale study. and that's what we want to replicate here as well. well, new period is one of several new home treatments for koby to be tested in what's being called the panoramic study. they're likely to include the pfizer produced packs lovin, it's a combination therapy based on old h i. v treatments the pfizer claims is up to 90 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations in high risk patients with half a 1000000 courses already on order here in the u. k. the focus for now is firmly
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own modem. peer review, if you catch could be 19 early on and you treated early on, you might then not be able. ready to develop any severe symptoms and this means reduction in the hospital admissions and possibly taking off some of the pressure on the chair. so quite an important study. i think, mole new peter there, and drugs like it could prove valuable additions to a fast growing medical arsenal. jona whole al jazeera london rescue teams in me and lar are searching for at least 70 people missing after a landslide and a mine it hit while workers were digging for jade in northern catching. states sweeping them into a lake. so far, one person has been confirmed dead. the area is the center of me and mars, secretive jade industry. we're minor is often work in dangerous conditions and slides of calls, hundreds of deaths in recent years. survivors of a devastating storm in the philippines are desperate for food,
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water and medical supplies. at least 375 people died when super typhoon ry made land for where the unexpected intensity last week and those left in its wake say they've been forgotten by the authorities from vinegar province jemila allan doggone reports sunni go city. what was once a thriving community in the southern philippines now reduced to this? everywhere we go, there is destruction. this police station was no match for typhoon rice, piri. even the local hospital has not been spared. and then again, maybe providing their seal united or walked up for miles desperate for drinking water. i asked about her family. oh, she says her home was damaged and she had to leave her children behind. romeo bernard is 2 fields. frustrating. a we are like children,
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abandoned by their parents. what papa at the government? please don't forget us. please help us. many survivors see they are now forced to scab inch for food. are we also not human? the asked me and wonder why help has not arrived. a few hundreds of meters away. city go airport. despite the damage, the ears trip is till operational and from here, military, reconnaissance flights and eat operations take off. from above. it is clear that type one right spirit, no one. but we need to be on the ground to see how bad it is. so we take a boat and duck onto nugget island. even for a con, she often battered by natural disasters. the magnitude of the destruction isn't
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precedent. it 20 in san jose, there is hunger and heartbreak. unicef also says close to more than $800000.00 children. are we need of emergency assistance, st by st. this pair, survivors say it feels like a struggle even to stay alive. while there are those who are still too shocked to share their or do you one woman approached me and asked if they had been forgotten . hello and look on me. please, please help us. it's christmas. she tells us. but what we're seeing is just the fraction of the devastation. at least 4 other provinces are suffering from the type would rise fury. this humanitarian crisis is only just unfolding jamal alan dog and al jazeera dina got province southern philippines, a hong kong university statue commemorating the 1989 kenman square massacre has
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been boarded up over fears could be destroyed amid a crackdown on the scent. the pillar of shame monument is now being patrolled by guards when not covered, the 8 meter statute depicts, twisted bodies piled on top of each other, cuz symbolize those who died the sped a surgeon cove in 19 cases then mark is expected to see strong economic growth it's unemployment rate is low, but job vacancies are at a record high. and as mohammed and june reports now from copenhagen, staff shortages are beginning to affect the hospitality sector. as the manager of this business hotel and copenhagen, susanna lund should not be checking guests in. you want to address, but denmark has more job vacancies than at any time in at least 10 years. so the added responsibility falls upon her at any given hour. susanna can also be found
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running the front desk, answering phones occasionally, even tidying up. to her, she says that at the height of the pandemic life, there was even more to do more cleaning rooms, sometimes flushing toilets there. i mean it's hundreds of toilets. we need to flush, we needed to clean that their whole public area. that's normally housekeeping. you do that while the labor shortage has made things particularly difficult for denmark's hospitality sector. economists say one thing that's helped both hotels and restaurants is the hiring of foreign workers to santa is swedish and says that makes sense for both employers and employees. we earn more money here in denmark. the number of draw vacancies may be soaring, but denmark is also experiencing low unemployment rates, economic experts believe those 2 trends showcase how well the danish economy had
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been emerging from the impact of coven 19 until alma crohn. the very it of the corona virus is beginning to darken outlooks. there's a concern that we going to locked down again. and on top of that, you also have the issue about increasing prices. and therefore, you see inflation around copenhagen masks are back along with signs on doors, making people question just how festive the season will be. capacity limits and stores and restaurants are being introduced just days before christmas. a time when danes look forward to doing their holiday shopping and gathering with loved ones, olivia ken rig work, serving food and drinks at this restaurant, which like so many others in copenhagen was already struggling to hire staff. now things are even more tenuous, i think, oh, there were people who work in the house, the selling business or of course of course concerned. it said that the christmas
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again, this year will be affected by by commit a time normally reserved for festivity, now filled once more with uncertainty. mamma, jim, jim and visitor company hundreds of lucky punters in spain, or celebrating after winning a share of $2700000000.00 in the country's christmas lottery rank the richest in the world. the biggest single prize was $450000.00 every year. millions of spaniards take part in the drawer, which dates back to 1812. but this year, dozens of lottery sellers have been protesting over their commission. they receive 4 percent of each tickets sold compared to 6 percent for draws throughout the year . how many it is, and then when i, it's been 17 years of getting the same commission. prices go up, taxes go up,
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but the commission stay the same. we have to pay our bills. we are up to hear that it is impossible. mm hm. what, what, what other we are ready to close if need be whatever it takes for them to listen to us because it seems we are nobody here still. i had this is our la cove at 19 serge takes the and a child out of the winter olympics in bay. jane fire will have that story and the morning and resurrected after 66000000 scientists find the perfectly preserved dinosaur and queen ah.
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with a whole ah
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ah and now here is far out with the sport. barbara, thank you so much. we start with football and more teams are booked their spot in the semi finals of the english lee cub. thought them advance with victory over london rivals west ham. antonio counties. teen beat the hammers to one brazilian star lucas more are getting the winner spurs arch. rivals arsenal are also went to the last 4 to bidding sunderland on tuesday. chelsea are also through. they beat bradford away, virginia, converting from the penalty spot to feel a to nail with egyptian side alley had won the cath, supercop, and they did it in dramatic fashion. the cairo base team were trailing roger casablanca for much of the game, but got a last gasp equalizer meant the match which was happening in kaz. our went to penalties pretty disastrous mis handling our alley. the shoot out $65.00. it's the
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8th time. they won a trophy the national hockey league is confirmed, it won't be releasing players for next year's winter olympics in beijing. the announcement comes as the regular season a suffered major disruptions due to a surge in corona virus. cases of at least 50 games having to be postponed. league is concerned that a positive test in china could lead to a 21 days sent in quarantine. and h o players did not compete in 2018 olympics as well. i definitely feel for the guys who have missed numerous opportunities since it's not something we're the next year push in a couple months like these are you know, opportunities and experience of a lifetime. you don't get very many of us not. you might only get one you know, it just might happen to fall on a new window. and if that doesn't work out, which unfortunate earlier we're supposed to have sports broadcaster, michael carlson. he told us what the olympic competition will look like without
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n h l players. it means they're going to have to dig around for players. the u. s. canada are in the same group. they would play each other, but there are and h all players from all of the major ice hockey countries, including russia, sweden, finland, germany. they have all qualified for the tournament. the russians are probably the best place because many of their good players play in the continental league. the continental league also has a lot of americans and canadian players, and there's a couple of americans to played on the national team yorker in finland. there are canadians all over russia playing. so they'll be able to take players from that. one thing we don't know is whether the n h l will allow players who on what they call to weigh contracts, who play in the minor leagues. what are under contract to n h l teams, whether they will be able to play. otherwise, the teams will probably be made up of those european players. other players from
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the minor leagues in north america and college players, there will still be a canadian team in american team. a russian team all play go just be without that star power. and the stars have been told they'll be no coven 19 shut down. and that it's time to learn to live with the pandemic. as despite more than 80 players being out of action across the li, due to corona virus. lebron james with games earlier this season due to hope in 1000 protocols for 34 points for the lakers in this defeat against the phoenix on the lakers. 3rd street la things in their ankle during the 3rd quarter, but insists he will be fit for his teams. next game with a bunch of games and eighty's out you know much guys and protocol hey, coach is out. so how can we really fully assess where we have? no, we haven't been home. we haven't come in the last time, you know, we, you know, play the same online about the same rotation time on the bench. it's been
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a long time. so if a team has 8 fit players, they're required to proceed with their game. teams are now allowed to sign one replacement for every player that has positive for coven 19. if a player has positive, he must spend a minimum of 10 days away from the team. or return to negative p. c. r. tests. bleak has had to postpone 7 games in the last week. at the embassy marquee christmas day games are still set to go ahead as plans. we've, of course, looked at all the options. but frankly, we're having trouble coming up with what the logic would be behind pausing right now. as we look through these cases, literally ripping through the country right now, putting aside the rest of the world. i, i think we're finding ourselves, we're, we sort of knew we were gonna get to for the past several months, and that is that this virus will not be eradicated. him. we're gonna have to learn
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to live with it. and i think that's what we're experiencing in the league right now . i would just say to, in our community, really to everyone, at least based on the data, the n, b a has, the boosters are highly effective and we've strongly encouraging everyone to get them. in fact, in our league right now, we're out, you know, we're around 97 percent vaccinated, but we're up to about 65 percent of our players have been boosted and we're in active discussions with the player association to look for ways to get that number . even higher and australian open organizers say they still don't know if defending champion no back job, which will play at next month. grand slam. all players at the event must be vaccinated or have a medical exemption granted by an independent panel of doctor's job, which is targeting a record 21st mens grand slam title. the 34 year old hasn't publicly declared his vaccination status. ok, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to barbara in london. far. thank
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you. now, scientists in southern china have discovered what they believe is the best preserved dinosaur embryo ever found. the specimen provides a better understanding of the way the dinosaurs involve, evolved into modern birds. the harding has brought to life after 66000000 years. scientists have recreated this toothless thereupon embryo after finding its fossil perfectly preserved through a hoss and also the 4th was, well, we can see it's posture rather clearly how those head lay on the belly with feet on you decide home in quite a special killing. the scientists say this is one of the best dinosaur embryo remains ever recovered and revealed a clear link between dinosaurs and modern day birds goes to turn the country. that's a pastry, similar to that bird embers before we believe the talking to the birds to help them
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settle hatching has actually evolved from dinosaurs from millions of years ago on this little life was named baby young man and is believed to have been buried after a mudslide, which prevented it from being disturbed by scavengers. the specimen was one of several egg fossils that were found in china, but forgotten in storage for decades. until now, to you now be with a paid half should you should the embryo fossil baby young. the young was discovered in the southern part of a china's jung see province. the embryo we previously found was not very complete. which of the embryo we found this town is the best preserved donna so embryo, fossil so far, it would have grown to be 2 to 3 meters long. and if it had live to be an adult, it would have likely fed on plants. now people from all over the world can feel their eyes on it. leah harding al jazeera. amazing. that's it for the news. our stay with us back in just
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a few minutes. ah ah leo could she to says he will bring you full of capitalism. what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera? weavers are trying out greasing land is shrinking and some roots long used by
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wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation and with the koran of ours condemning, keeping many visitors awake revenue from towards him. isn't enough here at the adversary. national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is of most consequential decade in events is shipped off for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front. in part to of human rights activists. q mean i do and environmental if, when own entity, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things changed studio be unscripted on out his era. you want to help
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save the world. sneeze into your elbow. oh, no country can boost its way out of the pandemic. the w h o warns wealthy countries could be prolonging the pandemic. as israel says it will offer a force coven shot. and the armor con variant pushes new u. k. infections past the 100000. but new studies show it's less likely than delta to put people in hospital.


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