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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] a with awe nigeria destroys up to a 1000000 vaccine doses after they're used by date expires. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. israel becomes
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the 1st country to announce it will offer a 4th quarter good shot, but it's not likely to be the last with afghanistan facing famine. the un security council ease has sanctions against the taliban, making it easier to send. and after months of warnings, the a new tag steps to punish poland for what eco's violations of a key, tracy. ah, more than a 1000000 coven! 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say the doses had expired and they were buried to reassure the public about the safety of the country's vaccination program. vaccines have now be a problem in time for trips from agency.
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in our problem is to all nigeria to be transparent. you know, i did the re, fax, and actually did not expire before we took the decision to read through them. today. it's an opportunity for nigeria as to how far the vaccination program for dallas in law has more in this story from a boucher according to health officials in the capital c t. m. i hear these racks seem to soft in october and some of them had just about 2 weeks to expire before they would give it to the country. and so they tried as much as we could to get to distributed across the country, especially to route setting where some of these people needed them to be vaccinated . but it couldn't be only succeeded investigating about the media and people with it. and above 1500000 people,
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or rather that they had to be immediate on 66000 teams because at the health officials tend to be aware, hamilton, i didn't, and they would want to take that route given that already people have been very reluctant in coming to go back today to decided to go public in trying to more like to show us because i did a lot of the conspiracy theories about vaccination and people have been saying or thought. so they needed to tell more like reassure and that dyslexia we have put in, they've been cutting out test before the vacuum distributed minutes that on a student. so this public display or the public because all of this expired vaccines is just show people that the health authorities were on top of me. again, i were making sure that whatever vaccine were given to people were actually of good quality. and israeli government panel has recommended
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a full dose of the coven. 19 vaccine e needed for people older than 16 minutes is give to go head. the country would become the 1st nation to roll out of fort jab. harry faucet were poor. israel was an early leader in mass, vaccinations against covey 19 the 1st country to go for the booster shot. now it's looking to break new ground again. an expert panel is advised the government to offer a 4th shot to everyone over 60 to those who are especially vulnerable and the frontline medical stuff. i don't know. i think that there's a lot of a lot of confusion and i feel at that point what i do for myself and my children is part of advice about personal dr. israel's prime minister has called the recommendation. wonderful news and says he's impatient for final health ministry approval. his campaign to increase the vaccination rate among younger children though, and for the double jabs to get the 1st booster. the sofa full ensure of its targets combined with
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a hundreds of thousands who refused vaccine altogether. it means about 40 percent of the population is estimated to be under or unprotected against ami chrome. we are made a lot of fe, interview interviews with doctors with the nurses. a will go to the schools to convince them to come to have a vaccine. yet not all of them are conference, like much in the world's response to the sudden breakthrough of on the chrome. this is a decision that's being made without the full information. one small is really study into the effect of a 4th vaccination has yet to report its results. nonetheless, it's been decided that this is an opportunity, the greater protection that's worth going for. one public health expert says, with the efficacy, untested promoting a 4th injection could add to the mistrust of those hesitant to be vaccinated. so we are doing something that is unusual. reverse epidemiology, we 1st duty intervention, then we studied it. it's not done in preventive medicine. you may do it in severely
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sick patients that you have nothing as to offer and you say ok, we need to try something. it's make sense, but you don't do it with preventive medicines within the government panel though, the counter arguments when the day 86 percent of its members voted in favor of the additional booster, not for the 1st time the world will be watching israel results. hurry for sit out 0 west seriously and germany's house minister says a full dose will be necessary because if only crohn, the government ordered 10000000 doses of vaccine made by 5 by and take specifically targeting that new variance. it's also getting millions of newly approved novak's and yet to me all through arrived from neva, jazz arrive early next year. they so comes is the world health organization has once again highlighted vaccine inequity. it's calling on rich nations to share jobs with developing countries. while some countries i know
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rolling out blanket booster programs only have of w just member states, i've been able to reach the target of facts in 1840 percent of their populations by the end of the year. because of distortions in global supply. enough vaccines where adams that globally this year, that the 40 percent target could have been reached in every country by september. if those vaccines had been distributed equitably. several callbacks and albert to the us and president joe biden has announced measures to limit the surge of omi chrome cases there. they include expanded tests, support for hospitals and more vaccinations, but he stopped short of calling for more restrictions. kimberly healthcare has moved from washington, dc. what we're seeing in the absence of an aggressive approach by the federal government is cities, municipalities,
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states doing their own efforts. in other words, oh, what we're seeing in boston in new york in chicago are a number of different measures and varying forms. for example, some are asking you to input your vaccination status into an app on your phone. and then to show that before you go to a venue, or also seen the cancellation of some sports events, performances on broadway, for example, in new york city. but here's the challenge, is that the economy is still not where it was and, and still trying to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. and there's a real shortage of staff. and so what we're seeing are private businesses trying to implement some of these rules and having difficulty doing it, given the fact that they're already short staffed, they don't have a dedicated person that can police these different health regulations. and so it's led to a lot of confusion, a patchwork of regulations and a public that in some cases as ignoring them altogether,
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which certainly is not going to help in terms of trying to turn around the outbreak of the under current barriers in the u. s. which right now accounts for about 3 quarters of the cases. if you are planning to travel to thailand in the next few weeks, be aware of new restrictions there. and she rules have been tightened once again due to the spread of omicron. the government says the measures will be reviewed in early january, but attorney chang reports from bangkok that may be too late for many struggling businesses to survive. the beaches. a pickup may look busy, but this is as good as it's going to get less than 2 months after fully opening its borders. thailand is once again shutting down luxury gun. for now, we will issue no more commission, and this is the same for ties up with her from now, we're back to the old system of quarantine. when entering with her in an attempt to slow the spread of the oma chrome varian visitors to thailand will once again have to quarantine for
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a period of 7 to 10 days. depending on vaccination status will or relatively few cases of the new there into been detected only 63 percent of the population a fully vaccinated. but the health benefits may be outweighed by a tourist industry that struggling to survive. this measure it sir flagger almost like a bits intent for the choice industry. i think it had them so math. we've just been opening for a few months after the cross shall fall on 2 years already. on bangkok, famous cow son road, a few tourist arrivals. those who are already have approval can still enter on the thailand's test and go scheme. but with so much uncertainty surrounding international travel, many will choose to stay away. be runs a hair breeding business. she's just surviving the things a going from bad to worse. if they ever delay feel all of this net get worse,
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of course it will and it's never been the same since before the country shut, tao. this do have a few customers, but they are all tight. it's high season for the tie tourist industry. many had been banking on a busy holiday season and a fresh start in january. but the promises of the ty government to live with cove at 19, now seem a shaky as their hopes for the future. this is normally the busiest time of year on the cow san road. these new regulations mean the tourists won't be back. and so the tie tourist industry. 2022 is unlikely to be a happy new year. tony chang al jazeera, thank up to the world news now, and the un security council has agreed to a resolution to provide humanitarian aid in afghanistan. it said the support would not be in violation of sanctions against the taliban, which now rules the nation. afghanistan is facing food shortages that may trigger
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another refugee exit is christian salumi has moved from the un. the situation was getting extremely dire in afghanistan with so many people in need of help due to a lack of cash flow in the country. china has said that this meeting, leading up to the vote on this resolution, which kind of clears the way for, for the money to get in that you know, those, the sanctions are against individuals or against entities. humanitarian aid should automatically be exempt from that. this is for the people not for those who are on the sanctions list, but the united states said that agencies had a right to be concerned and that by passing this resolution, it would clarify that there are in fact exemptions for humanitarian aid. through this resolution we have proposed to do the security council can decide to exempt humanitarian assistance to enable more life saving, aid,
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and other activities to meet face acumen needs of the people of afghanistan. the resolution was welcomed by the humanitarian chief here at the united nations. martin griffith. he said he's been calling for the council to do something to help the situation there. he said this will allow the un to bring in much needed aid according to plans that they've been developing a just when they most crucially need it. the you ends world food program, meanwhile, has announced it will have to reduce the rations for 8000000 people in yemen due to a lack of funding. the cutbacks will start from january and the un agencies warning of serious consequences is hunger, rises. the country has been on the brink of famine since 2016 because of the civil war. and deb, you have pay, says 5000000 people are close to starvation. a beer ativa is a senior spokeswoman for the world food program. she says the i budget set aside for yemen has shrunk, could shoot to multiple global crises. these cuts the coming of the worst possible
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time for the 13000000 people who are dependent on the welfare programs, assistance to survive. $5000000.00 people are on the brink of a fan of famine, and these are the ones that were going to keep their food rations in tax. but that is a huge risk to more millions, more. who are basically surviving every day on very meager resources. the wilson program needs $800000000.00 to maintain the current level of food assistance for the next 6 month. at this in 2022, w a f t needs at $2000000000.00. that's huge amount of money because we're assisting over 13000000 people and that's just with, with the badly enough food basket to keep people alive. now, donors have given and provide the funding in, in this year,
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around with funds. the 1400000000, but the nice growing piece that's, you know, that's higher than our ability to continue to generate resources. also that a lot of humanitarian crises that on the world, you know, type food hurricanes. food crisis from south to then of gun is which is making gets extremely difficult for, you know, situations and emergencies like yemen to stay on the funding. you know, on the, to get the generate funding at this very level of competition for sure. or small resource. still ahead on al jazeera, hundreds killed and thousands displaced as storms and flags and devastating large parts, se asia and brought to live up to 66000000 years. scientists create and model designer embryo after finding its perfectly preserved fossil
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ah hello, the weather remains a little unsettled for parts of the middle east, many northern areas of the middle east. if the truth be known, you can see this large area cloud here, little band cloud a little further south to that sinking its way further south is spent to shower or to into syria, lebanon jordan, once again, not as war, let or restore me as it has been recently having said that, some showers they are just making the way into iran, heading over towards the caspian sea. see that where to weather just nothing. a little further east was as we go through friday. now just retry for the levant by the state. i'm pleased to say, but cool enough, 11 celsius there for damascus and for jerusalem, and co within of late to hear and cut much fresher, temperatures around 25 degrees celsius. meanwhile,
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the dry weather that stretches its way down towards the horn of africa. still the usual showers there across the equatorial belt majority of the showers are south of the equator. they are running out of angola, pushing towards zambia, zimbabwe saying some lively showers, not quite as wet throughout western side of south africa as it has been recently. but still some pretty wet weather into central and eastern past the wettest weather will make its way a little further east for the coming in behind. turning increased the weather for southern mozambique. ah frank assessments, this crisis just continue to recon llc or show up, even though they're cap cbd, of them the beginning of the spectrum, informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most things to come out of these critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated?
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not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swanson. inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily, angling a reminder of our top stories, the sound. more than a 1000000 coven. 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say the doses had expired and were buried to ratio on the public about the safety of the countries in vaccination program. israel may become the 1st country to roll out a full dose of the coven 19 vaccine. a government panel has recommended people
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above 60 years of age be given a full job. and the un security council has a grade to provide humanitarian aid in afghanistan. it said it would not be in violation of sanctions against the taliban. the nation, all of a 38000000 is facing severe food shortages the european union is taking legal action against poland over a court decision that violated one of the blocks key principles. earlier this year, poland constitutional court ruled that polish law takes precedence over a year law. the court is dominated by judges loyal to the ruling euro skeptic. lauren justice part in warsaw has called the you action an attack on its sovereignty. we also consider that the constitutional tribble no longer meets the requirements of an independent and impartial 3 well established by law as required by the treaty. the european union is
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a community of values and of law. and the rights of europeans under the treaties must be protect, no matter where they live in the union. boycheck shall welski is the editor in chief of visegrad, inside a political current affairs magazine. he says there seems to be no way out of the stalemate for the moment in order to reverse the order to get out of the deadlock, which results for now in suspension of the funds for poland, polish government would need to change the judicial law and provide independence for the court system in poland, bigger independence than it is now because it was limited by the government. but part of the government minority fraction in fact, is blocking that on building its popularity of about up to 10 percent of the electorate. on that you exit guard and then it is blocking the government for him
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to to any action including any reform. the government overall is afraid of losing majority. one year had scheduled elections. so that is a deadlock. there is no way for you to blink on this issue. there is a fundamental issue for the whole of, of the block on values and rules. the ones that you has agreed upon. all member states agreed upon it, including the polish government, which is reforming the, the, the formula under which the funds are being dispersed among the member states that need that, and polar should comply to what it as obliges itself to it is not possible for the you to withdraw unless he wants to lose all credibility. malaysians are living through one of the worst floods the country has seen in recent times. dozens and missing. after days of torrential rain, at least 27 people
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a day more than 70000 has been displaced. the military is rescuing people, still trapped in the home. food water and medical supplies are being delivered to survivors on a typhoon ravaged islands in the philippines. at least 375 people were killed when super ty phone rye, devastated southern and central regions. shamella ellen dougen reports from dinner . gatt province in the southern philippines. sunni go city. what was once a thriving community in the southern philippines? now reduced to this? everywhere we go. there is destruction. this police station was no match for typhoon rise, fury. even the local hospital has not been spared. and then again, baby boom, their seal united or walked up for miles desperate for drinking water. i asked about her family. oh,
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she says her home was damaged and she had to leave her children behind. romeo bernard, list 2 fields, frustrating a we are like children, abandoned by their parents. what papa? the government, please, don't forget us. please help us. many survivors say they are now forced to scab inch for food. are we also not human? they asked me and wonder why help has not arrived. a few hundreds of meters away, city go airport. despite the damage, the ears trip is still operational. and from here, military, reconnaissance flights and aid operations take off. from above, it is clear that type one right spared no one, but we need to be on the ground to see how bad it is. so we take
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a boat and duck onto nugget island. even for a con, she often battered by natural disasters. the magnitude of the destruction is unprecedented. in san jose, there is hunger and heartbreak. unicef also says close to more than 800000 children, or we need of emergency assistance. st. vice treat despair. survivors say it feels like a struggle even to stay alive. while there are those who are still too shocked to share their ordeal, one woman approached me and asked if they had been forgotten. hello, no miami police, please help us. it's christmas. she tells us. but what we are see is just a fraction of the devastation, at least for other provinces or suffering from the type would raise fury. this humanitarian crisis is only just unfolding to melinda. again, al jazeera dinner,
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got province. southern philippines floods have hit the northwest syrian province of italy, but the area controlled by rebels is home to thousands of internally despised syrians who have fled. the civil war. many of those are still stuck in camps. agencies say people burning plastics to keep warm through the winter is putting them at risk of arrest rec tree diseases. but as acid bag reports, syrians have very little choice. the homes bombed, displaced in their own countries, and now these syrians must endure floods. on her years, on the, at about a year, we've been called for 4 days now. the heat is long working and the tensor leaking water in our situation is miserable. we've been displaced for 3 years and have no idea whether we will return or not. people have lost hope to return home at. it's not just the water they have to contend with. temperatures in winter can drop below
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0. this struggle is to stay warm as well as dry o leather. so roughly, only a little common known every morning i wake up and find that my children aren't near me, shall they go out early to collect scraps of plastic from the streets such as bags and shoes, holes, whatever they can find to feed the furnace hero m riots which we can use to keep warm and cook her meals, wiley. but what the children collect to burn is bad for their lungs. i don't like any mother. i can't afford a boiler, and fuel is expensive. we need fire to do everything. i can't feed them because i don't have an oven. the winter is very hard. welcome home. at least there's something to keep them warm. one day, she early, we don't get any aid or anything and that's our situation. it gets crowded with around 15 people crammed in 110th where they eat and drink and set them. but some a beginning to feel the effects on their health. lori hacked, the, the smell is strong and there is a lot of smoke. yesterday my chest started hurting and i wanted to go to see a doctor,
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but i couldn't afford it well now. as the adults tried to repair the damage done by floods, the children who have known nothing else except this camp. try to make the most of what they have a sad beg. i'll 0. libby is elections, commission needs proposing elections take place on january 24th. the vote had been scheduled for this friday, for the ballot has been marred by disputes over rules and regulations. are correspondent malik traina has more from tripoli. in the last couple of weeks, it's been clear that the 1st round of presidential elections weren't going to happen. and that's because there wasn't a constitutional framework agreed upon by the rival legislative houses, according to a previous agreement of previous political settlement. others to legislative houses in libya, the parliament in east, in the east basin that eastern eastern libya and the high council state. based here in tripoli, they were supposed to come together and agree upon a constitutional framework that never happened. or, you know,
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they would decide on who can run for 4 elections. what kind of, what kind of powers as a president have are, so are really there what, there wasn't a chance for this election to happen? you know, the un, the international community were painting or the presidential election as something that would unite the country. but what we've seen on the ground is that libya has become more divided than ever, or because of these elections. and what many are seen now is that a libya should move ahead with parliamentary elections and a constitutional framework. and then after that, we can move ahead and, and vote for a president. once we decide, once the living people decide on what kind of governing system or libya would have and what kind of power the president would, would it would it would have. or then we can vote for someone who we believe can lead the country. are forward. scientists in southern china have discovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur, an embryo fossil,
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even though it never hatched as providing more insight into the evolution as beds there. hanning has moved brought to life after 66000000 years. scientists have recreated this toothless thereupon embryo after finding its fossil perfectly preserved through a hoss and you've also, the father was well kept. we can see it's posture rather clearly. it head lay on the belly with feet on either side, coming quite a special, curling posture. scientists say this is one of the best dinosaur embryo remains ever recovered and reveals a clear link between dinosaurs and modern day birds. biggest tanner can see that's a poster similar to that of modern bird embryos before hatching. we believe the talking postures that modern verges to help them with successful hatching has actually evolved from dinosaurs from millions of years ago. this little life was named baby young man and his believe to have been buried after a mudslide,
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which prevented it from being disturbed by scavengers. the specimen was one of several egg fossils that were found in china, but forgotten in storage for decades. until now, to get you now be with a paid half should you should the embryo fossil baby young young was discovered in the southern part of a china's jung see province. the embryo we previously found was not very complete. the embryo we found this ton is the best preserved donna so embryo, fossil so far, it would have grown to be 2 to 3 meters long. and if it had live to be an adult, it would have likely fed on plants. now, people from all over the world can feel their eyes on it. leah harding al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily. angry with the headlines on al jazeera, more than a 1000000 co. good 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say
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the doses had expired and they were buried to reassure the public about the safety


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