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short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. that is what made the intimate connection between myself and drawn that diggers and merchants, and certainly africa direct on al jazeera. ah bolden untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah, free rapid covert tasks, and us military personnel deployed to help in hospitals. president biden is to announce new measures to tackle the surgeon, omicron variant while bars and restaurants close early in south korea as a new covered curfew kicks in their oh
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no, i'm marianne noisy. in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up in the program. if you're, if you're says it's army, is clearing to grind, forces from the am hora, and a far regions dismissing claims are leaving voluntarily on groups, mobilize in libby as capital as friday's presidential election looks increasingly and doubt. arms will fast my blank canvas is called take the money and run, drawing people to a museum in denmark. ah, it was president joe biden. it is about to announce a raft of measures to limit the spread of only kron, the coven, 19 variant. now, accounting for almost 3 quarters of all new cases across the country. $500000000.00 free at home rapid test will be made available for americans from next month. and
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a 1000 medical military personnel also gonna be deployed to help hospitals are overwhelmed. a rapid rise of infections is once again disrupting life in the united states with events in sports games canceled. the state of emergency declared in washington, d. c. and white house correspondent, kimberly how kit joins us live. now, what did these impending measures suggest about the expected strain on mc wrong could personally us health system? well, we're already experiencing it. what we know is that $48.00 out of the 50 us states now have cases of armor crime variant in their borders. and we also know that there are counting for about 75 percent of the new infections. and just the last 6 days. what does this mean? it means that the hospitals in the united states are once again seeing what many americans thought was behind us. and that was overwhelmed hospital's exhausted
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staff, and many people feel particularly anxious about the future. so we're watching very carefully to see what the u. s. president will say he's supposed to speak at the bottom of this, our suspect might be running a little bit behind schedule. but the president is expected to update his autocrat strategy. and this is really something he referred to initially as the winter strategy, but now it has been amended due to this highly contagious variant. and what we know will be the cornerstone of this new plan or amended plan will be those at home rapid tasks that will be given out to american starting in january through a website that will be set up. and this is a big deal because up until now it's been very hard for americans to find these rapid tests. and if they can find them, it's hard for them to afford them. so the president expected to announce that this will be available. what's interesting about this though is the fact that this very idea, when suggested to the white house press secretary gen saki just
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a few weeks ago with something that she laughed off, showing just how much things can change in a short amount of time. take a listen. wanted to make them free and give them out and have them available every week. should we just send one to every american movie, then? then what, then what happens if you, if every american has one test, how much does that cost? and then what happens after that only knows that other countries seem to be making them available for greater quantities for less money? well, i think we share the same objective, which is to make them less expensive and more accessible, right? every country's going to do that differently. so priorities pay a shifted from the, the cost of testing to really putting the emphasis on it. and also we've had these warnings from the president saying that if people don't go and get vaccinated, they could get very ill. and die yeah, and the reason the president is putting such an emphasis on vaccinations and
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testing is because he's trying to prevent what we're seeing in other countries and that is locked downs. so the u. s. president is hoping that by putting forward this push, once again to get people not only vaccinated but boosted, as well as give the availability of the task, deploying the military personnel with medical skills to help the hospitals. and also wrapping up the production of task for hospitals through the defense production act and tapping into the national stockpile for ventilators. that this will allow the united states to continue to move forward without some of those locked down, that many of the united states believe is an infringement on their civil rights. and something that the government doesn't have a right to implement. so, given the toxics of divided political atmosphere, that has really been a part of the coven strategy, or not the strategy, but the experience, if you will, in the united states. this is something the white house is really reluctant to implement, is really a last resort measure. and so that's why we're expected to hear from the president
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that this will not be about locking the country down, but will be about putting in place the tools the consumers need, in order to protect themselves from this highly contagious variant. now thank you very much. i white house correspondent, kimberly how kit following developments that. meanwhile, washer is recorded over a 1000 deaths from cove and 19, and the latest 24 hour reporting period was in 25000 new infections will confirm their including at least 41 of the on the chrome variant booster shots from the rush made sputnik the vaccine are being rolled out and almost $10000000.00 people have received a dose, but less than half a population is fully vaccinated. or scotland as council public new year's eve celebrations as part of post christmas measures to so the spread of army grant. also be new limits on the number of people allowed to mix in indoors and outdoors. first minister nicholas sturgeon's as she's concerned about the increasing pressure on hospitals. we need to get cases coming down again to relieve at that pressure.
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and that is the pressure dilate health pressure, but also the pressure that comes from staff absences in the week at quoted there was an exemption from a solution for any test there is no use. so that will help to some extent to alleviate that pressure. but the only we of properly alleviating that patient just now service, but in the economy more generally is to get the numbers of cases down, which is comes back to the reason for the difficult decisions that i'm sitting here today. we're central, you pay government as a mouse at $1300000000.00 support package for businesses affected by the only con outbreak. hospitality and leisure sectors have been left empty during what's know me. the busiest time of year businesses will be able to claim nearly $8000.00 each . the chancellor of the exchequer indicating more support would be offered if further restrictions were imposed. what country are appointed more than 90000 new cases on tuesday? but prime minister barak johnson is confirmed. he won't be bringing in any new restrictions before christmas. what i can say to light,
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is it naturally we caught without any further measures after christmas and we'll keep a constant eye on the data we'll do ever it takes to protect public health. but in view of the continuing uncertainty about several things, severity of omicron uncertainty about the hospitalization rate or the impact of the vaccine roller the boosters. we don't think today that there is enough evidence to justify any tougher measures before christmas. a government who believes to be considering a 2 week circuit breaker locked down, which could be brought in over the new year period or challenge has more in this now some from central london rejoice says the daily mail on tuesday morning christmas is looking safe. ministers defy gloomy scientists that affects the question safe from what on the con is ripping through the u. k. in a moment and london is the epicenter so much so that the mayor has declared an
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emergency situation. but the daily mail is a leading voice on the u. k rights and it shows the relief, particularly amongst the rebellious libertarian wing of the conservative party, that it's freedoms that have been prioritized or something said on monday night. we won't hesitate to take action. the problem for some is that it looks very much like the prime minister has hesitated from taking action. his position is that while they're still big questions, beyond that, about the severity of alma krohn, it's too soon to be shutting people off in doors. the camps position when those questions are answered and if the answer is a bad, it will be too late to do and think about it and the house service will be swamped . the opposition leader kissed armor whose labor party would have supported new restrictions. if the prime minister had gone for them, says the boris johnson is putting his fractious policy before the public. of course,
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the spectre of new business and social cubs hasn't gone away. it's just been deferred for another day. christmas may be safe, but new year and beyond certainly isn't thailand. as reimpose monetary quarantine rules incoming travelers, all visitors will have to isolate in a hotel for between 7 and 10 days. on the last month, the country reopened to vaccinated tourists and almost 18 months of strict entry requirements. the new measures are blows with battered tourism sector before the peak holiday season thailand is so far recorded more than 60 cases of the on the chrome very and well, there are new restrictions coming, a force in south korea with warnings. the countries health system could soon be overwhelmed. the next 2 weeks gatherings will be limited to afford vaccinated people and a coffee brought in false fatality. there's weeks after the government, due states living with coven 19 policy. as i bank reports o final drinks and a meal before the new restrictions take effect, restaurants,
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cafes and bars must now close by 9 pm gatherings, unlimited to 4 people. as long as they are vaccinated, those who are unvaccinated must dine out long or order. a takeaway, i assume them to her that she will work. so it's a little disappointing. but if we don't follow the government's policy when covered 19 is spreading widely, there will be more damage. so we can help it follow the policy which the new measures come just weeks after the government east restrictions in a policy called living with cove. it, it's left businesses worried about their future. you took her there to give her these restrictions that came with the living with coven 19 policy. a hide more people have prepared a lot of ingredients, with the hope of doing good business during the year and time. now, with a sudden change or the ingredients left unattended, nor have too many workers, my business is going very badly. the government doesn't really think through. i personally think those small business owners, like myself,
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should gather and protest in front of the presidential office. i hope there will be a big protest so our voices can be delivered directly. but the country is seen as the success case of spotting the warning finds early and controlling the spread of the virus. 80 percent of the population of vaccinated and the government is encouraging people to get boosted jobs. but despite that many businesses of feeling, the strength aside, beg, i deserve. ah, ethiopian government, as its military is in the process of clearing to grind, rebel forces from the northern am hora, and a far provinces. she p l. f. invaded them in june separate groups that on monday it was withdrawing to create an opening for peace. and to enable the flow of humanitarian aid around 400000 people are facing famine integrity. by the ethiopian government is rejected the dpi left statement saying, the national army won
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a series of victories. the current who, you know, noise with regards to whether it's a strategic retreat or not will inevitably reveal itself. we're still in the final low stages of for the slightest operation. if you recall the operation for national unity in diversity, the aim was to ensure that deep yellow forces were cleared out of the armada and offered regions. this is something that the still been undertaken because there's still some elements within certain pop pockets that need to be fuller or fully cleared out. all libyans are scheduled to vote in our presidential election on friday, but the head of the high national actions commission as dissolved the electoral committees ending their work and adding to the tension arrival arm groups have been mobilizing in the capitol mallet trainer brings us more now from tripoli were just 3 days away from the scheduled 1st round of presidential elections. and there hasn't been an official announcement by the high national elections committee that the vote has been delayed. or what we saw today was the elect elections
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commissioned decision to dissolve. the electoral committees are basically what that means is that it has stopped the work of the, of the workers, the temporary workers that are working in the polling stations across the country. the administrators of these points stations are as clear signs, a clear indicator that this election isn't happening. now we've spoken to various political leaders and political analysts, and here's what one of them had to say. or la helene, for the oil had the leisure the elections commission had no choice, but to start the procedure dissolving these committees because it is clear that the election scheduled for december 24. this is not happening. therefore the committee cannot have these committees continue their work for an unknown period of time. so this administrative procedure is normal, but it's an indication that libby will not see presidential or parliamentary elections in the near future. and yet, so i think the fear now for many libyans as that libya will now go back to square
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one. it took months and years for the un support mission to bring about this government of unity over negotiations over bring trying to bring lawyers rival sized together and, and the elections were supposed to bring, bring forth a government that, that has the legitimacy of the living people are so that the fear is now or that the situation in libya will worsen, or that the, that libyans will not be able to vote for, for those they want to lead them in at least in the near future. or the, the fear is that it may take a year or 2 and get back to the negotiating table. ah, which may takes a really long time, or for an election to possible. aah. but libyans want to be able to vote for the leadership. they also want a constitution or that identifies the rule, the governing system in libya and what kind of powers of president has are. so
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we're gonna have to wait and see how the political situation developed in the coming weeks or months. now you an aide flight into the jamini capital have been halted after the cities. apple was targeted by our strikes, saudi u. e. e led coalition bomb. the facility in santa, on monday, scribing as a military target. it said the airport had been used by who's the rebels for cross border attacks. officials a, the airport is now so damaged that it can't receive flights operated by the un or any other humanitarian organizations. watching al jazeera life london flatly on the program tack is near a rock. it's back from record lows optimizer, measure type out on this to protect people, savings proposals, economy say could fuel inflation. i'm thinking out the p says, although days after powerful typhoon hit the philippines and i was a desperate, a shelter in 8 ah
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hello. the weather remains colon quite across much of europe. at the moment sir, are blocking area of high pressure. we had just around the airport to shells us now sinking his wife for the southwards into continental europe to the east of that. this is where we got some bitterly cold weather coming in. temperatures running around $1415.00 degrees below average there for moscow over the next couple of days, minus 19 celsius in the heat of the day or wednesday it will gradually warm up. after that, we're already start to see these warming up cross western parts though, as i hi, just not is a little further east was so we could get up into double figures in london and paris as we go on into thursday nights. because about cloud and rain spilling in from the atlantic as the other way. it does warm up at this time of the year. the son of course, still very weak and he just reaching the wind to so. so now we are saying that
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where to whether making his way into island pushing across into a northern ireland, scotland, nor the parts of england and wales as we go on 3 way to stay and pushing through as we go into thursday some way. whether to just around the western parts of spain, southern may was a spade, into a good part of portugal. some of that rain would also affect parts of morocco over the next couple of days, and still looking very unsettled from ne, in egypt. ah, joined the debates mon, if some of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country, the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not a lock concrete. bleed back, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to get back. we must always pay for the stream on al
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jazeera lou. ah ah, welcome back. a look at the main stories now. u. s. president joe biden is about to announce a raft of measures to try and limit a spread of amik wrong. the coven 19 very now counting for almost 3 quarters of all cases across the country. $500000000.00 free home rapid tests will be made available for americans from next month. if you have been governance as its military is in the process of clearing to grind, rebel forces from the northern i'm hora and are far provinces. sap protest tpl f groups that on monday that it was withdrawing to create an opening for peace and to
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enable the flow of humanitarian aid. and libya's presidential election on friday looks increasingly in doubt. that of their high national elections commission is dissolved the electoral committees ending their preparations for the vote. now to tarkey, the currency has made a historic swing to gain much of the value. it's lost in recent weeks after president odo on and outs, measures to save, got people savings against currency fluctuations. but critics say it's essentially an interest rate hike without benefits. and they were fell to record low $18.00 against the dollar on monday. it's now trading about 13 against the dollar, but that's still much less than at the start of the year when it was averaging around or well, 7 turkish lira to the dollar. a central bank started lowering interest rates in september triggering the recent volatility president, i do on believes high interest rates cause inflation, which goes against establish economic principles. inflation has passed 21 percent
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this year, causing a steep rise in the cost of basic goods like natural gas, which is up a 102 percent or wheat, which is up by a 109 percent. on top of that, a lack of international confidence is driven an exodus in foreign investment. in a past 2 and a half years, have been for central bank chiefs and finance minister lofty l van quit at the start of december. oh, people in the country and tourists have been waiting in long lines outside exchange officers after the touch they were rocketed back from record lows and volatile trading with them. if you think about it, the turkish lyric came back from 20 against the $1.00 to $15.00. suddenly it was even up to 12 lira this morning. this is really good. we've been talking to people here with taxi drivers and other locals and everybody was struggling. i think it turned out really well was some people are encouraged by the low to stamps and live extremes, the dollars to turkish lira. we don't know how long this will last everything we
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went on certain. the u. s. decision was to learn. the interest rates are increasing everywhere in the world. the steps of some kind of railroad heights or, or so, solder is indo harn has more on how the turkish government is trying to rescue its currency. turkish lira has been losing value gaster dollars dramatically over the past month, and people who were paid in at the local currency were selling turkish lira and buy in dollar s, even to avoid the losses. so this was further weakening the turkish lira gas. the u . s. d and the government has attempted several times to stop this fluctuation and all the attempts so far, how failed, so the desperate times are call for desperate measures. president jeff, taper added on came up with a needy economy more though, and he got a very radical move. and he said that the losses are going to be compensated by the government. so it is given the a guarantee to the deposit,
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which means if someone has $100.00 lire in his bank account and at the end of the month, if they're turkish, they're a loses a value by 15 percent. then the government is going to add 15 lira to that account to compensate the, the loss. so this move is aiming to give it an end to the at bullet the de la position in the country and also encourage people to save in turkish lira rather than the that the that the u. s. d. so, but however many of the economists are seeing that these need economy model is not sustainable because eventually it will cause more losses, as it will require a more tremendous amount of turkish lira in their market. and also force the central bank to print more and more turkish lira, which will lead the losses of the wedding and turkish lira and also cause the high inflation in the philippines troops. dara,
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and our racing to deliver food and water to ravaged islands after typhon ry. pummeled the southern and central regions. survivors of the deadly storm, the stony returning to their destroyed homes. at least 375 people were killed. there are fears the numbers could rise on of the hardest hit islands was a hole where it's believed at least 96 people died. charities are appealing for aid to help the hundreds of thousands left homeless and man for him in the i can't express my feelings, i feel empty. it's painful. it's painful to see our house destroyed. what will happen to us now? we don't have a house any more. you'll know you own a, may that or is it because you're, there were people left behind even though there was a forced evacuation because for have livestock to take care of. they called me up telling me they're hungry. it's been 3 days since i've had food, so i had to find
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a way to reach them or borrowed a puddle, boats, or could reach them. wash and present. vladimir putin has blamed the west for current tensions in europe, saying it incorrectly assess the outcome of the cold war. vladimir putin told senior military officials that russia would respond adequately to any western aggression and would develop its army further. it comes and the tensions with nato u. s. and e. you who are concerned by moscow massing tens of thousands of troops on the border with ukraine. russian government is demanding that nato refused to accept the former soviet republic. as a member, just put his hoodie what is happening now, the increased tension in europe. it is their fault of every step. russia was forced to respond one way or another. look at every step. the situation was constantly getting worse, worse, worse, and more and more to greater today. and today we are in such a situation where we are forced to make a decision. we cannot allow the development to happen,
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which we wouldn't do. then marks parliament as voted to expel a former immigration minister who was convicted of violating migrants right by separating under age couples seeking asylum and go stolberg was sentenced to 60 days in prison after just last week, after a special court found her order violated the european convention on human rights, a wide majority in the parliament is now voted for immediate expulsion. judging the prison sentence incompatible with her status. as a parliamentarian stolberg has served as minister from 2015 to 2019 and pleaded not guilty. the 1st expulsion of a member of parliament in 30 years are more than are often divides those who experiencing experience it and rally more so than this museum in denmark, an artist who was given tens of thousands of dollars to produce a work featuring the cash kept the money instead and produced a blank canvas,
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a control vesee has drawn people to the exhibition in 3 months on the artist is still refusing to hand back money despite legal threats, as mamma jam june reports. now from i'll book. the debate is now whether the empty frame is modern art or theft. just these before new covered 19 restrictions forced the closure of museums across denmark, art enthusiasts, in the city of arbel, take a peek at pieces, questioning how happy we are with our jobs. and why there never seem to be enough hours in the day. the exhibit is called work it out, and museum director lassie anderson tells us one particular piece has created quite a stir. when you work with artists who they chelsor way we perceive the world. and you can, you can never know what you get. the constant museum of modern art certainly had no idea what they'd be in for when they loaned danish artist. yes,
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honey. more than half a 1000000 krona. approximately $84000.00. the cash was supposed to be placed inside these frames. an attempt to recreate an earlier work by hunting and to illustrate income gaps affecting danes. but when the canvases were delivered, they were blank. hunting had decided on his own to create a new work. one he called take the money and run. my staff was really worried saying, oh my god, we don't have the options. we wandered and wells, all the money the museum is displaying the piece, but they're also threatening legal action if the money isn't eventually returned. the controversy has both driven up attendance and sparked the debate in denmark about the true value of an artist's work. which means the constant museum now finds itself in a unique position, exhibiting a piece that some have called art,
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and others have labeled theft. when we meet haunting in his studio in another town, he explains how inspiration struck do something about the an average state income. now, why don't you do something about your situation so, so, so the next one? no, no, i'm gone to a fantastic piece for the show, harming, says, creating what the museum requested would have cost too much out of his own pocket. he considers the new piece a commentary on low wages and believes that makes it even more appropriate for the art show. i asked if he plans to return the money. no, no, no, no, no. the no strictly. that's not going to happen. back at the museum, we heard what visitors think. brilliant. if someone gave you a lot of money and i ask you to put them on a pain thing, wouldn't your bid some? it doesn't seem like an art to me. ever thought brett blank. an argument that won't
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be settled anytime soon. as viewers continue to ponder, how one piece can seemingly be as conceptual as it is literal. mohammed jim drew my visitor. i bought denmark. the 1st text message ever sent has been sold for just over a $120000.00 at an auction in paris. a message reading merry christmas was san on the 3rd of december 1992 from a computer i an engineer at the british telecoms company, vodafone, it was put up for sale by the company. text message was packaged in a digital frame displaying the code, the buyer will receive the replica with proceeds going to the united nations refugee agency. ah, look at the main stories. now. you as president, job widen, is about to announce a raft of measures to try and limit the spread of omicron with the cove at 19. very
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it now accounting for almost 3 quarters of all new cases across the country. $500000000.00 free at home rapid tests will be made available for americans from next month. and a 1000 medical military personnel will be deployed to help.


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