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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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the head of the high national elections commission and libya says these dissolving the electro committees and ending their work. presidential elections was scheduled for december, the 24th rebel from ethiopia to grey region. say they pull back from several northern territory to drive people's liberation front. has been losing its foothold in the regions of i'm hot and now turkey's lira has recovered some ground after the government introduced measures to ease the currency crisis. but the opposition says it's not enough. they calling for immediate elections following the string of recent economic problems. president rogers, i voted one, announced a series of steps including a promise to compensate favors for losses from inflation. acetic forces will also be protected is another mazin won't other good took did as well. learnin is the deposit earnings of the turkish, lar assets, and our pupils bank are higher than the exchange rate increase. they will get this
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return. however, if the exchange rate return exceeds the deposit earnings, the difference will be paid directly to our citizens. moreover, this income will be exempted from tax, so both all markets reacted positively to that announcement. the lira rebounded against the dollar, but it still far from recovering from its steady decline. over the past year, the drops sped up in september when under pressure from out of the on turkey central bank cut key interest rates by 5 percentage points. this was despite high inflation and take a look at the countries consumer price index over the past 12 months. it had an annual rate of 21 percent in november or so side of the r is covered turkey extensively for us. he joins us now here in the studio. good to have you here with us in the studio for a change, russell, and basically break it down for us. what does this mean? the program to protect savers? how and for how long? well, turkish,
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mira has been losing the value dramatically over the past months. and people who appeared in the local currency were selling to actually ro, an $1000000000.00 as saving. so it was a good way of investment and the government has several had several at which was also pushing the price of the lira or the downs of vicious or zachary. so the government has several attempts to stop this fluctuation, but all of their attempts were far how fail. so they did the desperate times call for desperate measures prisoner blind. just a yesterday came up with a very much radical move and says that from no one the losses are originated from did the depreciation of their currency will be compensated by the government. so it's simply given d guarantee to the deposit, which means if someone who has 1300 in his bank account and let's say by the end of the month and circular loses where to buy a 15 percent. so the government will automatically at 15 lira to that account to
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compensate a dead the loss. so simply, this move is trying to give an answer to the dollarization in the economy and also encourage people to make savings intellectually rather than dollars or kind of impact. is it having, is it working so far? people well, so yes, so they want roughly around 30 percent gain of the will do in turkish lira and it seems that the market is cautiously optimistic regarding to that $1750000000.00 savings have been converted to turkish lira, which is a very strong indicator, and we can see that now the did that the 3 thought of the turkish around the dollar is around 14, which is quite a dramatic, happy that this kind of sharp rise hasn't happened, interrupted little over the past 3 decades. is there any concern the about inflation and usually when government start printing more money, it doesn't usually help the very many economists. they say that this,
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this economy from measure this model is not sustainable because it will require a great amount of turkish lever in the market. particularly the banks are going to require more and more turkish lira, and their central back is going to be forced to print texture more and more by the so that it will eventually cause the dramatic losses in the turkish ran also lead their hyphen fission. the high inflation, this is what economy said, but the government said that is a tamper measure measure. it's not going to be permanent. and as the company is going to head to the election in 2023, the government definitely wants to stabilize the economy. because the economy economy is going to be the main indicator in there. the electro ought to be in a big issue. yeah. all right, thanks so much. russell, coming in, tens of thousands of people have marked the 20th anniversary of what is known as argentina's. great crisis in 2139 people were killed in a crackdown though
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a nationwide protests and riots after the government imposed measures to ease large scale that critics say 20 years on the situation in argentina is though different. the government is in the midst of negotiations with the fashion monetary fund to restructure $44000000000.00 it owes to the global fund . theresa bo reports from one as iris. oh. this building housed at disco prior to the cove. it pandemic. but the loved down and argentine has already shaky economy, forced owner, so i can mil to adapt to live. i think if i look at what he has now filled the room with machines used to mine crypto currencies. he's not only doing it for himself, but also for those who want to invest are busy, but i don't, we are good at elac and there what i, when you're in the beginning, it was very complicated and hidden. they sent us an email address and we checked to us valid. there were no phone ups. now everyone wants to do it yet. we rent space
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and the handling of the machines and we have to separate the funds because of heat and energy required to operate. and it's proven a success. neil has expanded establishing mining farms all around when a site is here located in restaurants, and on rooftops with a growing list of clients. crypto currencies have become a way for people in argentina to protect themselves from endless economic crisis that include inflation evaluation and now capital control. this crypto currency farms use enormous amount of electricity and they're profitable here in argentina because energy is relatively cheap if compared to other countries in the region. argentina is trying to recover from the economic effects of the ban demik. it's also well to close a 40000000000 debt agreement with the international monetary fund to stabilize the economy. but many fear the medicine could be worse than the disease. or yet the mom
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already said no, no. there is no agreement with the i m f without adjustments, said this protest is the beginning of a series of moments. we will do to reject which ever agreement our country and our preston signs with the i m. f. as in zebra, n, delaware at the for amanda says they're trying to close a deal that won't affect argentina's most vulnerable citizens. he also says an agreement is essential to get the economy out of the read economy. see a deal is necessary to give argentina credibility in international markets in both so part of the rent up on ethan gra. i think the political survival instinct, i believe, will make the government close a deal, argentina macroeconomy and all the problems we face cannot resist on of a crisis. the agreement with the i m. f is the only tool the government has to establish the economy and generate expectations, which is what the country needs. argentina has had over 20 agreements with the i m
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f. and people here have gotten used to living in crisis. and that's why they have started to find out turner gives like crypto currency mining that they hope would protect them from the fluctuations and instability of the economy at home. that he said, well, i'll just see that when aside is israel's foreign ministry has rejected allegations from church leaders that christians are being driven out of occupied east jerusalem's old city. ahead of christmas, christine groups of accused jewish settlers of harassment. they also alleged that border closures as a result of coven, 19 a targeting. only them. harry forces reports from old city and occupy these jerusalem. well usually at this time of year, the square here in front of the church of the holy separate would be thronged with christian pilgrims in the run at christmas. the omicron search and the very strong travel restrictions imposed. by the way,
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the government had put paid to that in its stead. though in the run up to christmas, we have a route of rep proportions between the church leaders here and the old city and the israeli government. last week, those leaders put out of statements in which they talked about what have been happening in recent years. they say pressure on christian communities throughout the whole land in the form of a tax on churches, desecration, a church, property, intimidation of christian communities. the purchase of christian property here in the christian quarter by what they call radical groups. a reference to the sort of sexual activity over the name it as such that we've seen in recent years. now they are careful in that statement to pay tribute to the israeli government's commitment to christian life to freedom of worship. nonetheless, there has been a very strong rebuttal coming from the very foreign ministry saying that these claims are baseless and distortion of the reality on the ground. they talk about that commitment to freedom of worship, and they say it's infuriating that these church leaders don't talk about pressure
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on christian communities elsewhere in the middle east. the strength of his response follows what we've seen published in the u. k. media in recent days. an article by the head of the latin patriarch it here in jerusalem. also by the archbishop of canterbury, the most senior figure in the anglican church in which he talks about a hot cry coming from christians in the holy land. i'll people in the worst flood hit regions of malaysia being moved to safety. 17 have died. 4 of them were found in sullen gall, the country's wealthiest and most populous region. the government has been criticized about its slow response, which is being blamed on the lack of boats and manpower. florence louis reports from columbia, missouri city villa. yeah. after more than a day trapped in her home by flood waters, this woman is finally been rescued. 2 days of torrential rain last week had caused
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waters to rise swiftly, inundating homes and damaging property. many couldn't leave their houses in time and ended up sheltering on the upper floor or roofs desperate for help. and the roads had become impossible, and the only way out was in boats. those who managed to escape barely had time to grab their belongings. i think i did, but they yeah, i mean we are left with only our clothes and important documents like our children's birth certificate. so that's all we brought with us. we can't bring a lot of things. so we just saved what we could carry with us. i know about some of the 1st on the scene were volunteers who drove to flooded areas and used their own equipment to transport people to safety. i was actually disappointed on the government to provide it for the long term when i not have a lot of people doing your work and all the mom was coming down everything. but is this slow slow, and all this recalls on the policy softener and the government has deployed tens of
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thousands of emergency service and military personnel to help malaysia's wealthiest and most popular states. the language is badly affected, which is unusual because the monster in floods typically affect state on the east coast of valencia. malaysia. tens of thousands are taking shelter in relief centers . some say they are worried about their future, give her baby will be very little in if you could say be a starting from 0. nothing else could be saved if possible. please help us right now. people are suffering due to the cold with 19 pandemic. we are living in the shelter week on working. those were self employed, cannot run their businesses. like my husband who works on his own. he has an ot meet a workshop, the because of the flood. it's a total loss. the government says it will provide more than $20000000.00 for the repair of homes and infrastructure damaged by floods. florence louis al jazeera
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column poor a d. frank american priest has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls and east. he more avi foyer, all richard dash back, abused them and his shelter for orphans and impoverished children. he was the frogged by the catholic church in 2018. thailand has announced its delaying the closure of bangkok, central station for a month. the station was due to shout on thursday to make way for a new high speed railway funded in part by chinese loans. tony chang reports from bangkok the more than a century. one upon station in bangkok has stood as a testament to tie independence in the face of colonial dominance. opened in 1916 at a time when thailand was threatened by british regional control. it says at the center of se, asia's 1st railway network. but while m pong is due to close,
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to make way for new grand central station, at the heart of a high speed rail network. that's caused considerable concern for many, particularly as china is the main investor. i need a little padlock i'm, it's important to make sure that when china makes investment, how are we going to make people of this country or of this region get benefit from an investment? china has long held ambitions for a high speed rail network in to southeast asia. as part of the belt and road initiative designed to bring chinese investment to neighboring countries. laos opened at high speed rail line in december. but the huge cost of the project laying, lying through difficult terrain, has left allow government with a debt to china. the critics say will be crippling. after the military coup in 2014, thailand's ruling generals quickly signed up to a chinese high speed rail project. but ty, negotiators bulked at the high interest rates and plans to construct
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a network that ran the length of the country were curtailed. but when you go into the details, i would say that that i, bureaucrats are very good at tardy lane projects. when are the terms and not favourable cars? civil servant, government officer, i'm a government officer. we are, we have been taught from the beginning that we have to do everything to protect the interests of our country. those delays a clear to see while the project well underway, work has been slow, and thailand remains reliant on its old rolling stock. the elevated shack has been raised, but there is still more than 200 kilometers to go before the final destination on the gulf of thailand. and those delays go all the way down the line. and this is bank up brand new grand central station below high speed trains arriving today. because the time government hasn't yet decided whether it's going to use china's high speed track. and the crowds arriving at the new station on coming to catch
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a train. this is now the ty, capital central cove, at 19 vaccination center, with delays and the vaccine roll out this year. that's a process. the government's far more interested in keeping on track. tony cheng l to 0. banker dow, how much would you pay for a blank canvas while a museum in denmark gave an artist more than $84000.00 to create a piece. the frame was supposed to be filled with the cash or in the office sent it back. it was empty and kept the cash for himself. bahama jumped june reports from all vogue. there is now a publican legal dispute about whether the empty frame is mon not or theft. before new covered 19 restrictions forced the closure of museums across denmark. art enthusiasts in the city of alberto, take a peek at pieces, questioning how happy we are with our jobs, and why there never seem to be enough hours in the day. the exhibit is called work
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it out and museum director lassie anderson tells us one particular piece has created quite a stir. when you work with artists who they challenge the way we perceive the world . and you can you can never know what you get. the constant museum of modern art certainly had no idea what they'd be in for when they loaned danish artist sienna honey. more than half a 1000000 krona, approximately $84000.00. the cash was supposed to be placed inside these frames. an attempt to recreate an earlier work by hunting and to illustrate income gaps affecting danes. but when the canvases were delivered, they were blank. hunting had decided on his own to create a new work. one he called take the money and run. my staff was really worth saying, oh my god, we don't have the options. we wandered and wells,
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all the money the museum is displaying the piece, but they're also threatening legal action if the money isn't eventually returned. the controversy has both driven off attendance an spark the debate in denmark about the true value of an artist's work, which means the constant museum now finds itself in a unique position, exhibiting a piece that some have called art, and others have labeled theft. when we meet haunting in his studio in another town, he explains how inspiration struck. do something about the an average stains in commer. why don't you do something about your situation as well? so, so the next one? no, no, i'm gone to a fantastic piece for the show, harming, says, creating what the museum requested would have cost too much out of his own pocket. he considers the new piece a commentary on low wages and believes that makes it even more appropriate for the
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art show. oh, i asked if he plans to return the money. no, no, no, no, no. did no strictly. that's not gonna happen. back at the museum, we heard what visitors think. brilliant. if someone gave you a lot of money, and i ask you to put the money painting, wouldn't your bid some to it doesn't seem like an art to me. if it's fine brand blank. an argument that won't be settled anytime soon. as viewers continue to ponder, how one piece can seemingly be as conceptual as it is literal. mamma, jim's room al jazeera elbow. denmark still had an al jazeera in scolds. we'll hear from see for the president yanine santino as he makes his case to hold the world cup every 2 years. ah.
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with a whole we understand the
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differences, familiarity of conscience across the route. so no matter how you take it out here, we're bringing the news and current to fast. a countess era. lou ah, let's cut off those walls. he is his father. family. thank you so much for president johnny infant tina was told al jazeera that holding a world cup every 2 years will benefit all countries. the european south american confederations are against the idea. i had of world hope all hosted an online summit with memory associations and don't have to discuss the plan fee, per se a by any a world cup will generate more than $4000000000.00 an additional revenue over 4
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years cycle al jazeera andy richardson's spoke to infant, you know, after that meeting, he said the revamped calendar should result in a fair distribution of footballs. wells, there is a gap which is, which is getting bigger and bigger. no longer club level, what it is already. huge, but also national team levels between some continents and, and it's our responsibility to work and to make proposals and how we can not close this gap by bringing those were up down on the country. those were up, we need to make them grow even more. but we need to bring those one up as well. and the proposals that are now on the table i think are going into the direction we have to discuss them. we have to debate them to can child, and we'll see where we end. you wait for obviously assuring their research painting a negative outlook for them. will your proposal undermine and the valley full in york? well, i think that the reserves, or has been commissioned to have to nielsen and to open
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economics demonstrate that there is a huge upside. and a great benefit for all, including in particular of course, europe. this is important because we need to encourage those who are working well and you a fine europe walks. well, i mean, i've been there for 16 years, so i know that i need to college them to work even better to do even more to generate even more revenues in this proposal is exactly going in their directions. i think it is a win win situation, of course, are a few things to fine tune and the few, how should i say, maybe more in depth, philosophical, big discussions to have as well, at least now we can discuss also based on some facts and figures and bring the discussion to a different level and you believe it is compatible with player welfare as well. not
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only is compatible with play effect welfare about this, it is actually positive for player one. i mean, if i don't trust our son langer and the medical team that we have in fever and network is about dead, then we have to stop here immediately or people will know to play it well for while it's actually them. and one of the keys of the proposal is to reduce the travels for a national team players, because that's what, where most of the injure, injuries and fatigues is happening um, and also to guarantee a mandatory recipe at the end of the seas. and another important element when it comes to players is that 2 players are competitors. so when you go to compatibility, want to play and you want to play big games to play big matches, big teams, big tournaments. so we offer them as well somehow this. so what i had of african
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football patrice mart sappy, and says his countenance biggest turn, men will go ahead as planned on saturdays visiting house country cameroon, and says the combinations is on target to kick off on january the 9th, by the clubs with african players wanted the event to be postponed due to the global search in corona virus cases. the national hockey league will take an early christmas break due to coven 19 this game between the minnesota wild and the dallas stars did take place on monday, and they'll be 2 more games this tuesday. 5 games set for thursday have been postponed. a total of $49.00 games have now been delayed due to pandemic. there are renewed doubts as to whether the lead will release players to compete in february's winter. olympics olympic thing i think gives, that is the case. i see my pin, your smart decision. i mean, i don't know who would really want to go and under those circumstances, you know,
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especially, you know, i just put myself in that situation with the family and that's not, is there a chance that you want to run the risk of being stuck over there? that alone makes it not doing enticing steph curry was once again in game winning form for the golden state warriors curries 30 points, help secure 113 to 98. when over the sacramento kings, most teams are missing players due to cope with 19, kronos. i'm more than 70 players out of action across the league, off balance, just being as smart as, as possible. wearing masks as often as you can and, you know, doing all the things that are recommended. so it's tough to be back in this this state, but tough for everybody over the world. there is a brighter prospect on the horizon for the warriors head. coach ker has been picked
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to lead the us men's team at the next to lympics that will be in paris in 2020 for us one the gold medal at the last 4 summer games. next year dak, our rally will break new ground for the 1st time in the rallies, 44 year history, spain mer, same r, t lead an all female team into the events before 1000 kilometer race starts in saudi arabia and next month we know that they are being drivers with diverse but never a whole team. and i think this is a good opportunity to get busy realty in one of the biggest platforms and what the sport and they encourage 2 other girls to be mechanics or to be part of the, of these adventure. okay, and that is all your sport for our back to you. sammy, thanks so much, father, and you can get much more news if you head over to our website at w w. w dot al jazeera dot com. i said, for this show, for the news our back in
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a moment with another with so stay with us. ah. mm hm. and i'll just the rule to takes a road trip across spain. spanish people love to tell you who they are and where they come from, and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage of covering new insights into christian spots of the muslim origin. it's a story that seems to have been her brush that from history in search of my groups
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on al jazeera, coveted beyond. well, hey, can without hesitation, fulton died for political power. defines how wild the laws lube babies were dying. i did it not for your baby. it's neglected babies to death. people empower investigators. expose is and question. the use and abuse of power around the globe on out is there is done with a a
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ah, ah. ready the us step self its commitments in the fight against darma cron pledging more than half a $1000000000.00 to the w h. o and other aid groups. ah, i'm sammy's a band. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, a surprise moved by the head of libby. as electoral commission races, doubts about where the fridays presidential vote will go ahead, rebels and ethiopia say there withdrawing from some territory call on the world.


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